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Elizabeta’s Missions
Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and Damned

Elizabeta’s Missions

Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and Damned Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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GTA 4: The Lost and Damned Guide

Elizabeta’s Missions

After completing “Action/Reaction” in Billy’s mission line, you’ll receive a text message from Billy, instructing you to see a woman named Elizabeta in South Bohan. Follow the “E” symbol on the GPS and hit the yellow marker there to accept a mission from Elizabeta.

Mission 1: Buyer’s Market

Make sure you have a fully-loaded Micro-SMG before beginning this mission. From Jim’s phonebook menu, select “Weapons” and then “Micro-SMG” to have him leave the weapon for you in The Lost clubhouse. Once you’ve spoken to him, you can find the weapon on a table in the arm-wrestling room on the second floor.

Follow the marked route to meet with Brian in Cerveza Heights, Broker. Once you have the package, head for the apartment in Schottler. The deal is going down on the third floor. A shotgun can be found leaning against the window across from the entrance, so swap it with your Sawed-off Shotgun or other weapon if you wish. Take the stairs up to the third floor and hit the marker by the window. Wait here for Niko and Playboy X.

As your radar lets on, the place is now crawling with SWAT members. Keep behind cover and hit the officers in the room across from you. There are more off to your right, so once you’ve dealt with all of those in the room ahead, move away from cover, enter Free Aim, and mow down every enemy in the hallway. Before leaving this room, be sure to grab the Body Armor through the doorway at the north end of the room. You’ll surely need it.

Stay in Free Aim and start descending down the stairs. Mow down any SWAT member in your sight and keep moving until you’re back on the first floor. There are cops waiting for you outside, since you’ve now amassed at least a three-star wanted level. To complete the mission, you’ll have to escape from the cops. Nudge open the door and clear away enough of the cops outside to give yourself some room to operate. When the way is relatively clear, make a beeline for one of the parked police cruisers, hop in, and tear out of there.

Mission 2: Heavy Toll

Complete “This Shit’s Cursed” in Billy’s mission line to unlock this mission.

When you’re ready to set out, make your way to the toll both on Charge Island and hit the marker there. After the cutscene, lie in wait as the convoy draws near. You’re after the white van, so keep behind cover as the two cars in front of it pass through. When the van reaches the toll booth, wait until Malc draws his pistol before springing into action.

You have a fantastic weapon in the Assault Shotgun. Use it to blast the goons that step out of the target vehicle, and then quickly get in the driver’s seat. Since you’re under fire, drive a bit away from the mayhem and let Malc catch up on foot. With Malc in tow, shake the cops and start toward the lock-up in Chase Point. Drive the van into the lock-up to complete the mission.

Mission 3: Marta Full of Grace

Make sure you have a suitable weapon before starting this mission. You can get a fully-loaded Micro-SMG from Jim. From Jim’s phonebook menu, select “Weapons” and then “Micro-SMG” to have him leave the weapon for you in The Lost clubhouse. Before setting out, it might be a good idea to give Terry or Clay a call to have them come along as backup.

Once you’re all set, head to the Francis International Airport to meet with the drug mule. Hit the marker to trigger a cutscene

You have to get Marta out of there, however you first have to deal with the police force in front of the terminal building. A helicopter is flying overhead; if you acquired a fully-loaded SMG from Jim, use it to shoot down the copter from behind cover. It takes a considerable amount of gunfire to bring the helicopter down, however you should be fairly safe behind the cover you’ve been provided with. Luckily, the two-star wanted level ascribed to you won’t climb any higher until after the fight.

Once every marked target on the GPS has been eliminated, regroup with Marta. You should now have a three-star wanted level, which means shaking the cops will be a bit more difficult since there are now helicopters flying overhead. Your best bet is to take Johnny’s Hexer; though it’s not as safe as a car, it’s much faster and can easily out-manoeuvre the police cruisers. Drive up to Marta, wait for her to hop on, and then take off. Just be extra careful not to crash.

Lose the cops, and then take Marta to Elizabeta’s place in South Bohan to complete the mission.

Mission 4: Shifting Weight

You definitely need Body Armor for this one. You can buy Body Armor from Terry. Just select “Gun Van” from Terry’s phonebook menu and then make your way to the “T” symbol that appears on your radar. You can purchase Body Armor and weapons from Terry for a reduced price.

Before going to the deal, give Terry or Clay a call to have them along as backup. This is an entirely on-rails mission, so it’s your job to fend off the cops in hot pursuit. You’ve been  outfitted with an Assault Shotgun that has unlimited ammo and never needs reloading. Just keep RT held down and pepper the police cruisers with bullets. Aim at the windshield, with the intent of killing the driver, or at the cruiser’s hood to disable it.

At the start of the circuit, a helicopter will appear and begin flying alongside the bike. Immediately focus your attention upon downing this helicopter. It shouldn’t take much.

Only police cruisers will pursue you during the next stretch. Keep an eye on the right side of the road for clusters of red gas tanks; blast them as your pursuers near to hopefully wipe them out, but be careful not to detonate them too soon. Eventually you’ll pass a gas station, which automatically explodes in a cinematic fashion as you whizz by. Immediately after the gas station, face forward because a pair of heavily-armed enemies will appear in the back of an armoured truck. Blast them before they can do too much damage.

Shortly after, the police will have you cornered. Blast the windows of the nearby showroom and Malc will drive the bike through there. Sometime after, Malc will hand over some Pipe Bombs. Hold on to a Pipe Bomb for three or so seconds before letting it go. Once you’re out of the tunnel, an attack chopper appears overhead. Immediately start hitting it with gunfire. Shoot down the helicopter to complete the mission.

No worries about the Hexer; you can call Clay and have him deliver another bike to you. Select “Bikes” from Clay’s phonebook menu, and then choose the bike you want from the menu. He’ll deliver it right to you.

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