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Follow the dark path or use the light

Play Career Mode

Forza Motorsport 4 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Play Career Mode

As with the previous games, Career Mode represents a set of races that you must compete in and complete in each calender year.  There are 10 calendar years in total, but the number of races will be different; fewer in the first few years but as you progress there will be more and different types and levels of race as well.  Before we discuss that though, we need to address the system that is used by the game to assign the races in each year...

You might be thinking that these will be a set list of races, but that is not the case at all.  In fact despite the fact that there is a set list -- and they have an Achievement associated with completing all of them -- the game will often have you replay a race you have already driven and won!  Why does it do that?  Well, the answer is because it is the nature of the World Tour Mode.  But that is not a very informative answer is it?

The reality has more to do with the car you are sitting in when you get to the next race than it does with any logical scheme for which is the next race.  Put simply, if you just finished a race in your S-Class car and there is an S-Class race available in the next set, you will be offered that race.  If there is not, you will be asked to change cars.  The races it shows may be an E, D, and an R2, so you will need to change to a car in those classes -- or -- a car that can be upgraded to one of those classes.

Once you do that, if you have automatic upgrade enabled it will be upgraded when you enter the race, otherwise the game will ask you if you want to upgrade your car.  Note that while the game will upgrade a car automatically it will NOT downgrade one.  That being the case it is a good idea to have a number of cars from your preferred maker in your garage at any given time, with the Class types spread out so that you always have at least one car in the required class.  Note that if your preferred make is Volkswagen (or any other make that does not have R-Class cars) you will still need a couple of R-Class cars to use in your alternate make.

The end of a career or just the start?

-- The Races --

You will encounter a variety of race types from standard races to challenge-type races -- in fact as far as I can tell you will eventually complete ALL of the different types of races in the game as you work your way through World Tour (AKA Career Mode).  That is a good thing, but you should be aware that there are some exceptions you need be aware of, as otherwise you may not find this an enjoyable experience, so we need to cover those now.

First:  Always upgrade your car.

When you are using a Class for the first time or bumping a car up to the next Class, you should always upgrade it to the highest number in that Class that you can because otherwise you will find yourself losing a lot of races. 

The automatic upgrade feature works OK for the most part, and will make the right choices for most races, so you can trust to that if you are not comfortable devising your own upgrade path.  You need to understand that all of the AI cars will be upgraded to as close to the top range of that Class as they can be made to go.  If you fail to do that as well, you cannot compete with them.

Second: You can lose a race.

I know that is obvious, but it needs to be said.  The AI racers in Forza 4 are a bit smarter than the ones from the previous games, and they will capitalize upon your mistakes when you make them.  Sadly save for specific and limited cases, you rarely get to capitalize upon THEIR mistakes.  A case in point is going off-course -- you do it and you will find that your car is profoundly effected by the process, going from fast to 3 MPH in a heartbeat.  When your AI competition does it, nine times out of ten going off-course has abso-bloody-lutely ZERO impact on their speed and handling.  They simply drive back onto the course and continue as if nothing happened.

This may be frustrating, hell it may even be a bug!  But it is the way that it is, and as there is nothing you can do about it, you should make an effort not to let it upset you.

Third: This is not a Weekend Game.

You are looking at a game that, in order to play it fully, will demand a minimum of 150 hours of play time plus.  I say plus because while you will be able to unlock all but two of the Achievements in this game in that 150 hours, the Affinity Achievement and the Bucket List one (and maybe the one for owning the most expensive cars in the game) are going to take you way more than the base 150 hours.  Way more.

Considering the variety of game play options here, you are likely to be best served by adding this game to your regular gameplay rotation list and then letting the Achievements pop when they do.  You are better off NOT boosting for them, as that will likely cause you to burn out on this title, and that would be a shame.

2012 BMW M5 DLC Car

Fourth: Affinity is like chasing a bad roll in Craps.

One of the new additions to the game is manufacturer Affinity -- put simply it is how well they like you and is based on how many miles you have driven in one of their cars.  The magic number for Affinity is Level 5, because at Level 5 you get the cash reward from them AND your parts discount is now 100%.  After that, any upgrades (save for a few) are free.

When you add another Affinity Level above Level 5 you get a cash reward, and of course when you get any maker's Affinity to Level 50 you get an Achievement -- but that is really not something you even want to think about mates.  Seriously.  Just keep it in the back of your mind, let it come when (if) it ever comes, and leave it at that, because if you set out to boost that Achievement you are looking at perhaps months of play...  Certainly not weeks.

Fifth: You do NOT have to turn your racing into a Grind to gain credits.

In past years the only real way to gain the large amounts of credits required for purchasing the high-end cars was to grind out races with high pay-outs.  This naturally had the effect of changing the way that the game was perceived - from a fun and entertaining to a boring series of race after race whose only purpose was to build up a bank of credits with which you can purchase the cars you want.  While you can do that here if you want, the game was actually designed with an alternative...

The source of the alternate approach is represented by two factors -- actually four Achievements -- the Ferrari Collector, Factory Driver, Bucket List, and Exclusive Taste Achievements to be specific.  What do I mean?  Right, well the first factor is the massive increase in Driver Levels in Forza 4, which has 150 Levels as opposed to the 50 found in the previous games.  The second factor are those three Achievements, which serve to promote the need for obtaining credits in large numbers.

Fortunately with each Driver Level comes a cash reward, and like unto that, with each Affinity Level comes another Cash Reward!  So presuming you are interested in unlocking the Bucket List Achievement you will doubtlessly be working your way through ALL of the outstanding events after you attain Year 10, right?  Right! 

So...  Instead of grinding out the same races over and over again to gain money, you can do something that actually has a feeling of progress to it, and offers a different set of challenges with each race!  Seriously...  Think about it...  You will be completing each of the racing series, which gives you the cash purse for each, plus the rewards for Affinity and Driver Level.  To put this in perspective for you, all of the Driver Levels above Level 50 include a sizable cash reward (more than 100,000 credits), and that number increases with each Level.  The reward for attaining Level 55 is 115.000 Credits, while Level 56 is rewarded with 117,500 Credits so you can see the progression...  Likewise with the Affinity Level, this also increases, so every so many races (which you are also gaining money from) you get a sudden infusion of cash in big chunks -- for example the reward for Affinity Level 20 is 95,000 Credits, while at Level 25 it increases to 105,000 Credits and so on. 

I don't have the math handy, but I can say with reasonable confidence that following this alternative to grinding will take you to the same point -- enough funds to manage the purchases you need to manage in order to unlock those Achievements -- than if you forced yourself to do the Grind route, which really, who wants to do?  The important thing though is that it will take you to that point while, at the same time, completing the various races on the large chart and so get you ever closer to the Bucket List!

Grinding Credits and the Legendary Battle Achievement

-- Grinding Credits --

On the off-chance that you decide that grinding out the credits is preferable to the longer (but far more entertaining) process as outlined above, there is a method that was widely used in Forza 3 that can be employed in Forza 4 to generate around 300,000 Credits or more in an hour.  It works like this (you can also follow it along in the video above):

(01) Select Community
(02) Select Race Online
(03) Create Race
(04) Game Setup
(05) Change the Environment to "Test Track"
(06) Change the track to "Test Track Layout A"
(07) Change Max AI Players to 11
(08) Change Max Players to 12
(09) Change AI Difficulty to "Professional"
(10) Change Laps to "50"
(11) Change Car Class to "Any"
(12) Change Damage to "Limited"
(13) Change your car to one of the fastest R-Class you own
(14) Turn all of the Assists off to maximize your Credit Rate
(15) Start the race

Now once the race begins, instead of following the course as the other drivers are doing, you simply make all left-turns, basically going in a very tight circle to around the inside section of the track.  I am told that this can be completed in 20 minutes or so but I found 30 to be closer to average...

As you can see, I combined this example with the Legendary Battle Achievement for convenience sake.

-- The Career Decade --

There are ten years in the World Tour of Racing.  Each of these has a different number of events, and each has an Achievement associated with it.  Those are:

Year 01 Amateur (25 GS)
Year 02 Clubman (25 GS)
Year 03 Sportsman (25 GS)
Year 04 Semi-Pro (25 GS)
Year 05 Expert (25 GS)
Year 06 Professional (25 GS)
Year 07 Masters (25 GS)
Year 08 Elite (25 GS)
Year 09 Champion (25 GS)
Year 10 Legend (50 GS)

It may look simple enough, and it is certainly a goal worthy of working towards, but would it surprise you to learn that a fair percentage of the gamers who play this game will never unlock the Achievement for Year 10 during their first 6 months of play?  It is true.  The reason for that has to do with the fact that with each progressive season you have to complete more races -- for example in Year 1 there are  5 races, in year 2 there are 7, but by the time you get to Year 9 there are 24, and in Year 10 you have to complete 27 races! 

The hundred-odd races in between often present a significant challenge for casual gamers...  But that does not describe YOU!  You are a professional gaming driver, so unlocking all 10 seasons will be a cake walk for you!

One minor suggestion that I wanted to make -- most players, once they get above Level 50, tend to stick with the S-Class and above cars, and because of that spend their time racing at speeds above 150 MPH for the most part.  Now, don't get me wrong -- this is cool and fun -- but since you have already been doing that for a fairly long time, now would be a great time to take one of the low-end cars from your preferred maker and convert it to, say, a D-Class ride...

Doing that will expose you to some race series that you have not been exploring up to now, and will set the pace speed back around 75 MPH or so (certainly less than 100 MPH), which gives you a different perspective and experience of racing.  This is especially valuable and entertaining on the European tracks... I am just saying.  Plus, some of these races pay quite well considering.


Comments for Play Career Mode

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52 comments, latest first.
Oct 8th 2015 Guest
Can you redo a race after completed in your world tour?
ID #614886
Oct 8th 2015 Guest
Well of course!!
ID #614905
Aug 31st 2015 Guest
I got a Car from completing Season 1 I also looked up you can get Porshe And More cars by career is that Correct?
ID #604366
Jun 25th 2015 Guest
There are no "test tracks" in environment....
ID #575525
Mar 16th 2015 Guest
i personaly think that the Mitsubishi lancer evo is the key car to beat thhis whole game.i use the evo and i have not lost many races.i didnt nenecessarily lose the races...i just restarted them cause of the yeah i recommend the evo for any seems very easy to ajust and get used to..ummm yeahh so in my opinion its a very good car.
ID #529369
Feb 23rd 2015 Guest
How many races total are there in world tour?
ID #520334
Jan 10th 2015 CMBF
The assists are one of the tab options in the menu just before you start the race. Select that tab and turn off any assists you do not actually need and use.
ID #499526
Dec 24th 2014 Guest
(01) Select Community
(02) Select Race Online
(03) Create Race
(04) Game Setup
(05) Change the Environment to "Test Track"
(06) Change the track to "Test Track Layout A"
(07) Change Max AI Players to 11
(08) Change Max Players to 12
(09) Change AI Difficulty to "Professional"
(10) Change Laps to "50"
(11) Change Car Class to "Any"
(12) Change Damage to "Limited"
(13) Change your car to one of the fastest R-Class you own
(14) Turn all of the Assists off to maximize your Credit Rate
(15) Start the race

so in my point that i dont see where (14) Turn all of the Assists off to maximize your Credit Rate, but where can i see that because i cant see it anywhere so can you help me where i find that please...

Xbox 360
ID #489525
Nov 7th 2014 Guest
What do you do when you get to the part of the game and a screen pops up and says, "There are no events available that match any cars in your garage. Purchase additional cars and/or level up to continue with your world tour".... But the thing is ive leveled up atleast 20 levels and it still wont let me move on.... Same with the cars, right now i have an X Class, R1 Class, R2 Class, & R3 Class and again, it still wont let me move on.... So what kind of car am supposed to have to finish the tour ???
ID #468462
Nov 3rd 2014 CMBF
Thank you for sharing guys - that's great advice.
ID #466769
Oct 21st 2014 Guest
For the one that got stuck on championship series 13/24 use the pagani zonda R. It helped alot.
ID #461313
Jul 27th 2014 Guest
Dang fellas if your not finding the right cars for your classes then u must not have played forza b4 every bit of info u need is right there on the screen just gota look I had the same problem till I started to read the thing lol
Happy gaming
ID #425826
Mar 2nd 2014 Guest
Am also stuck on 16/19 what car do I use
ID #360218
Mar 1st 2014 Guest
I was playing the career mode on FUJIMI KAIDO and ended up in 2nd place, then pressed continue instead of restart race, and now I can't find that event, do any of you know how to find it or can I even re-play that event?
ID #360018
Feb 18th 2014 Guest
I like forza its fun but sometimes its frustrating and Im mainly talking about the gates. they are actualy really frustrating and yet fun at times when you want to fail on purpose
ID #356485
Feb 1st 2014 Guest
For everyone saying they have a problem with career mode saying they don't have any eligible cars, I've had this problem.. you need to buy a corvette either the c6 grand sport or the c6 Z06 I believe.
ID #350485
Dec 9th 2013 Guest
Use the Bentley Speed formula car! you can tune it to go 242 mph!! it is the best formula car i have. not to mention its x class
ID #327431
Jun 25th 2015 Guest
Porsche gt3 Rs build to s class It's unstoppable if you can drive, This car will never fail it beats any old car or new.
ID #575307
Aug 8th 2013 Guest
I used a the bmw race car the one on the end of the showroom in "buy cars" however do not purchase the car as you can recieve it as a gift for passing one of the levels between 45-50. Unless you really want to spend 2'500'000CR after you have passed affinity level 4 fully upgrade your car for free to turn this beast into an X-Class racer this car may be the answer to all of your forza 4 dreams
ID #303527
Jul 26th 2013 Guest
I'm currently on elite series but nearly finished , I've only had the game for a week and I'm level 40. How long until you think I can be earnings lot of money from average races
ID #300382
May 30th 2013 Guest
hey guys when you beat the world tour and it gives you to chance to do the tour again do you lose all of your cars?
ID #286532
Nov 12th 2012 Guest
What car for the masters division 3/17
ID #208149
Oct 30th 2012 Guest
Hey I need help I have no clue what car to use and like a guy said it won't give no hints on what type of car or making of the car and I am on race 10/27 on league of legends what car should I buy?
ID #203225
Sep 29th 2012 Guest
im stuck in 21/24 what car do i use
ID #189996
Sep 14th 2012 Guest
hey guys i'm stuck on the second race in the masters division it keeps telling me that i dont have any "legal" cars in my garage to qualify for the race but i 2 or more cars from each class what do i do? or is there a specific car i need to use?
ID #186092
Jul 5th 2012 Guest
Thanks for that.
ID #160633
Jul 1st 2012 Guest
i would use a pagani zonda-r
ID #158969
Jun 30th 2012 Guest
i am stuck on race 16/19 in the elite division, this is the same for two others as well so we could do with some help?
ID #158559
Jun 30th 2012 Guest
i just did a career race but when i paused it one of the cars were called top secret gtr?

what do you think?
ID #158556
Jun 26th 2012 Guest
Heyguyss for r1 i want to upgrade a car to it but i dont know which one, im thinkin of either a lambo sesto, a mosler mt or a pagani zonda r. Your comments Smile
ID #157012
Jun 24th 2012 Guest
What car do you use on race 16/19 in the elite year because its really bugging me?
ID #156365
Jun 18th 2012 Guest
I am trying a new approach to help my fellow gamers with the Ferrari Collector achievment by periodicaly giving away several Ferraris. This week it is the F430gt #83. If you are interested, I have a few left. It will cost you 25K for a nice tune but that is it. Just message me on XBL or see my storefront.I don't monitor this board, but you can check sellers forum at the Forza site later if you miss out. Keep on racing!
ID #154188
Jun 17th 2012 Guest
What car can you use on year 8 race 16 cause i keep getting a message saying o have no cars available and i have bought almost every var
ID #153777
May 8th 2012 Guest
to the people posting about not having eligible cars for a race: reading the restrictions well tell you what to use. You can also view opponents to get an idea of what to use
ID #140419
Apr 27th 2012 Guest
cars for elite series?
ID #137429
Apr 22nd 2012 BlkWlf88
When you complete the game you can redo the career for more money and xp. This is mainly for just something else to do once done. This also lets you roll through the race list for the bucket list achievement.That is great to here about the 2.5 million bc i keep spending every little money i have. Last night i blew over 5 million and still have just under 300 cars. If you want an x class car you have to get an R1 class and fix it up to 999 instead of 998. Hope this helps.
ID #136175
Apr 4th 2012 Guest
For the masters division race 3/17 what car do you use
ID #129190
Apr 4th 2012 Guest
For the masters division race 3/17 what car do you use, i cannot find one that is accepted
ID #129185
Mar 25th 2012 Guest
Long game but fun and worth it Smile
ID #126163
Mar 23rd 2012 renaultmegane
I've finished the World Tour, season 10. It rolled credits and then started back at amateur level??! I have all my credits, cars, stats, etc. Your comments.
ID #125435
Mar 1st 2012 brandyyn292
im stuck on race 16/19 on the elite series i dont have the right car can anyone help?
ID #119486
Feb 19th 2012 Guest
Help cannot get past Silverstone in year 10
ID #116365
Jan 10th 2012 Guest
you can also do rivals and make millions, i made 2.5 million doing rivals for about two hours last night
ID #104754
Dec 25th 2011 Guest
im stuck on race 13/24 in the championship series and have no available cars.....can someone recommend a car??
ID #98415
Dec 9th 2011 Guest
If you do not have the car needed, it is usually the green ferrari f430 race car, it is used for multi classed events, i had tge same problem, and had to reset my career, but my second time through i sometime had races where i could only use that car, hope this helped.
ID #93654
Nov 18th 2011 Guest
Im stuck on the Professional Series 6/14. what car do i use?
ID #88356
Nov 17th 2011 Guest
I got to the League of legends (year10 - 50 GS) but I was still at level 57. The game credits rolled up and the game started back at year 01 Amateur ?
Very confusing.... but still had the credits and level 57...
Races were shorter and the intro (anouncer) did not match up with the races...
ID #88009
Nov 17th 2011 Guest
i am stuck in leave 21/24 wat car do i need please help it is driving me made?
ID #88002
Oct 28th 2011 Guest
What happens after you finish year 10?
ID #83593
Oct 27th 2011 Guest
Pretty sure it was a Chevy?
ID #83262
Oct 26th 2011 unstoppabull
im stuck in the legends division race 4/27 at silverstone and i have no idea what car to use, its not giving me any hints either, what did you use?
ID #83150
Oct 26th 2011 Guest
what car did you use for the legends division race4/27 at silverstone, i cant find a car thats eligible
ID #83146