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Wight Knight Needs A Friend
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Wight Knight Needs A Friend

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Wight Knight Needs A Friend


Monsters in this area
014 - She-Slime
016 - Bubble Slime
017 - Wooper Trooper
019 - Meowgician
020 - Ragged Reaper
023 - Boppin' Badger

Zere Item Shop
Medicinal Herb - Restore 30 HP to 1 ally - 8G
Antidotal Herb - Heals poison from 1 ally - 10G
Chimaera Wing -  Teleporter to towns you've been to - 25G
Holy Water - Keep weaker monsters away - 40G
Scale Shield - Def 5 - 150G
Bronze Shield - Def 6, Blc 0.5% - 370G
Leather Hat - Def 3, MagMen 2 - 65G
Hardwood Headwear - Def 4, MagMen 2 - 120G
Leather Dress - Def 6, MagMen 3 - 290G
Leather Cape - Def 8 - 320G
Silk Robe - Def 3, MagMig 3 - 210G
Leather Gauntlets - Def 2 - 60G
Linen Gloves - Dfs 10 - 90G
Leather Kilt - Def 5 - 110G
Blue Knickers - Def 5 - 260G
Leather Boots - Def 2 - 70G
Clogs - Evas 1.5% - 160G
Bunny Tail - Agi 5 - 240G

This time we are going to the town of Zere which is just above where we fought the Wight Knight. It's a pretty small town but there are a few things we're going to want to do. First head into the big tree in the middle of the town. Inside is a SAD SAD woman and she needs cheering up. You will get the Cheer Party Trick.

Your actual goal is to meet Alanna and she's in her friend's house in the upper right part of the town. Talk to the two women there and they will sing you a song. Then it's time to leave Zere. You'll get a cutscene as you leave and learn you need to go to Bridadoom which is to the north in Doomingale Forest. So let's head up there.

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ID #52169 | Jun 25th 2011 Guest
how do u kill the white knite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1