Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Guide

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Guide

Unofficial Dragon Quest IX Guide by swaggers for SuperCheats.com


Welcome to our complete Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies walkthrough. When you first start the game you need to create your hero. Man, woman, tall, short, spiked hair, whatever you want. These choices are purely cosmetic and do not affect the gameplay in any way. After creating you hero you will name yourself and then be placed in the opening cutscene.

Dragon Quest IX starts out showing you as a Celestrian Hero. You have just taken over as guardian of a small village called Angel Falls. The previous guardian Aquilla is showing you the ropes. As you look over the village you'll see two villagers about to be ambushed and the two of your will spring into action. Because of your Celestrian powers this won't be much of a battle and simply serves to show you the basics of combat. Just keep attacking and they will go down. The villagers will say a prayer for you which will provide you with Benevolessence. This is the manifestation of the people's appreciation for your deeds.

You and Aquilla will then fly up to the Observatory. The Observatory serves as the Celestrians home base. Feel free to wonder around and talk to the other Celestrians. The Celestrian to the bottom left with give you a free healing and you can read a book in the library to the left if you want. There is also a minor chest in the room to the right. The prayer room to the far middle contains a priest who you can talk to when you want to save your game.

When you are ready talk to Apus Major via the first stairs at the front of the map. He'll tell you to take your Benevolessence to the Great World Tree. Exit via the south doors on this floor and the guard will let you head up the stairs.

Climb the top the top of the area to see the Great World Tree. Approach the tree and give your Benevolessence to get a short cutscene. Afterwards talk to Aquilla and then back down and inside to talk to Apus Major. He'll tell you to return to Angel Falls to do some good. When you are ready head to the opening on the bottom of the map and talk to the Celestrian there and she'll send you down.

Learning The Ropes


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You guys should have a video for the legacy and normal grotto bosses I was looking for how to beat baramos I can't yet

Added 5th Dec 2013, ID #325291

Cool, I didn't know Slime Hill existed till I found this guide! Now I'm winding up my friend (he is also an addict) with my knowledge!

Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #169384

U get to go to locations u couldn't go before u had it
Like slime hill by angel falls, tower of nod, etc.

Added 20th Jun 2012, ID #154947

[quote][/quote] what do you do when you have got full control to the starlight express

Added 5th Mar 2012, ID #120637


victini meeni
Added 28th Jan 2012, ID #109976

tryn to complete quest 123 having trouble someone plz help me!!!!!

Added 27th Nov 2011, ID #90745

By 'could kill one og your charecters' i meant kill one of your charecters

12. if you want to level up quickly, zoom 2 angel falls and use sterlins whisle and go on the hill bit, and run around a lot and eventually, you can find liquid metal slimez.

Added 24th Nov 2011, ID #89770

You Need the Full Control Of The Starflight Express Which you can get by following these steps.

1.Kill Corvus (2nd form)
2.after the rather boring credits, zoom 2 porth llafan.
3.Find Jona and complete the quest she gives you. - you will need these Flowing Dress-alchemy/buy it from upover armour shop
Watermaul Wand- Gleeba Wepons shop
Silver Shield- Stornway armor shop (oh, by the way, speak to the female owner and, you can buy it there also, go to the weapons shop and speak to the blonde bloke and he has stuff like Gladius-knife demon Spear Falcon Blade and other cool weapons)

4. equip them on a sage or any vocation that can equip all of them (I did sage.)also if the guy/gal has a better weapon, in the battle with levithan who is some how super-powered or somethin' like that, go on the Misc. menu in the fight and equip the better weapon. you can't change armour in battle so, thats a downside.

5.Have a Team Of Lv. 55 or more (reccomended) or else the boss could kill one og your charecters in 1 hit (like he did with my guy who was about lv. 47 and i lost)

6. go to the place where you killed levithan the first time.

7. Own Levithan

8. Speed through the lame cut sene

9. you get a fygg. you have to eat in order to con tinue or you will be there for ages gett punched by something invusible.

10.you wake up & see stalla again!!(About time in all)

11. scene with stella + sterling

Added 24th Nov 2011, ID #89769

how do you put in a cheat on dragon quest 9 ds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PPPLLLSS ANSWER!

Added 18th Oct 2011, ID #81155

how do you deefeet equinox?

Added 10th Apr 2011, ID #36669

it is easy to defeat hootingham-hore(gore)
have a magic resistant armour and a someone who knows bounce or antimagic

worked for me kind off although my thiefs assassins dagger killed those annoying bad karmours

hope this helps!!!

Added 20th Mar 2011, ID #33455

cant wait tell dragon quest 10

Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #23123

Dragon quest 9 is AWESOME i defeat every boss first time, but i bet a lot of other addicts can do that...

Added 26th Dec 2010, ID #22478

i don't play but my brother dose and loves it, :(

boyo 34
Added 17th Dec 2010, ID #21280


Added 5th Dec 2010, ID #20247

im a 7 year old ha ha ha

Added 2nd Dec 2010, ID #19955

l.a. rush

Added 20th Oct 2010, ID #15730