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Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies


Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Map of the Quarantomb

Monsters in this area
038 - Lost Soul
042 - Mean Spirit
043 - Magus
044 - Mummy Boy
045 - Earthenwarrior
046 - Metal Slime

Let's leave Coffinwell and then head West to West Coffinwell. The dungeon is the in the upper middle of the map.

Quarantomb has Metal Slimes running around it. These guys do little damage to you and only have 4 HP. The deal is you need something that can hit metal so hopefully you've upgraded your sword with Metal Slash. Why are these guys so awesome? They give out 4,000 exp. That's 1,000 per character. So knowing that make sure to attack every and all metal slime you see. This is good exp for many levels so its up to you if you want to boost some levels or not.

Anyway once Phemy lets us inside it's a pretty straightforward dungeon. We need to activate the 2 statues that is in both top corners. That's really it. Big dungeon for a simple solution. There are also 4 chests. One over and up for a blue random and then top of that same column and finally 2 on the far right column. Once you've gotten all of those head back to the middle and into the main chamber.

BOSS: Ragin' Contagion

BOSS: Ragin' Contagion

Once you activate the 2 statues you can leave and go back to town and heal. Phemy will complain when you get back but he's really just a big whiner. Ragin' Contagion gets 2 actions and he only does 2 things. Direct damage to 1 character or Deaccelerate you. So start with the Sap and then Accelerate every 2nd or 3rd turn to counteract Contagion's Deaccelerate. You don't have to do it every turn because his spell doesn't hit everyone every time. Keep up the pressure and it's the end of that.

Ragin' Contagion

Coffinwell For The Win

First off head back to the Phlemgy's house and talk to his wife. Then head up and talk to the Mayor who is outside his house. Next we have to rest at the Inn until evening. When you wake at night head to the grave in the lower left and talk to the woman there. Then go back to the Docs lab and knock on the door. After this you have to take the Doc to 3 buildings.

1) Immediately below the Doc's house is a door. Talk to the old man in this house who is in bed.
2) In the Inn talk to the girl in the Bunny Outfit standing by the bed.
3) At the house on the right side in the middle talk to the Dad downstairs and then the daughter upstairs.

When you leave the 3rd house the Doc will leave the group. Now talk to the Mayor to get your prize.

[video6012 title=Checking on the Sick]

Take Me Home Starflight Express!

Head back to the Starflight Express in the Mountain Pass one more time. Probably faster to teleport to Stornway. This time the train works and you finally get to go back to the Observatory. Once the conversation with Major is done work your way back up to the Tree for another scene. You'll talk to Apus Major after that scene automatically and then get back in the Starflight. It's directly to your back left at the top tree area.

The Staflight LIVES

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