Newid Isle

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide by swaggers  

Newid Isle

Monsters in this area
001 - Slime
043 - Magus
047 - Bodkin Bowyer
048 - Slime Knight
049 - Cyclown
050 - Badboon
051 - Slime Stack
052 - Mudraker
054 - Drackyma
055 - Walking Corpse

You have a lot more freedom of movement now. These large blue glowing trees are landing points for the Starflight Express so if you want to get somewhere new come to the Blue Trees. Stella suggests checking out the Abbey so let's go ahead and do that. It's the building in the middle of the map right by the Blue Tree we landed at.

Alltrades Abbey

Alltrades Abbey Item Shop
Medicinal Herb - Restore 30 HP to 1 ally - 8G
Antidotal Herb - Heals poison from 1 ally - 10G
Chimaera Wing -  Teleporter to towns you've been to - 25G
Iron Broadsword - Att 27 - 1000G
Long Spear - Att 29 - 1400G
Poison Moth Knife - Att 24 - 1250G
Staff of Sentencing - Att 11, MPA 2.0% - 1600G
Battle Whip - Att 17 - 960G
Oaken Pole - Att 22 - 780G
Razor Claws - Att 28 - 1750G
War Fan - Att 24 - 920G
Iron Shield - Def 10, Blc 1.0% - 900G
Iron Helmet - Def 11 - 1100G
Iron Armour - Def 18 - 1200G
White T-Shirt - Def 11 - 520G
Robe of Serenity - Def 9, ManMig 5, MagMen 5 - 950G
Iron Kneecaps - Def 9 - 640G
Springtime Skirt - Def 6, MagMen 2 - 440G

As you head inside the Abbey you'll come across a conversation that the the Abbot isn't available. After that head to the top and talk to the minister again, saying No to his question, and learn that the Abbot is missing. Then head downstairs and talk to the Maid in the dining room to the left. After that you need to find the Martial Artist who is wandering the downstairs. Rest at the Inn if need be and then head back upstairs. Stella will have a scene and then back to the Minister. He'll teach you the Bow party trick which you will need. (Misc - Assign Party Trick) Then it's off to the Tower of Trades.

The Abbot Is Missing


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