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Follow the dark path or use the light



Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Map of the Brigadoom

Monsters in this area
024 - Drackmage
025 - Bodkin Fletcher
027 - Cumaulus
028 - Skeleton
029 - Healslime
030 - Blinkster
031 - Leery Lout
032 - Lunatick

The direct way to the end of the dungeon is currently blocked until you get there from inside the dungeon. Before heading into the dungeon fully climb the tower on the right side of the map. At the top you'll find a Trailblazing Bandana. It's a nice item for Healer such as a Priest to have. The entrance to the actual dungeon is at the top of the map and to the left. This leads you to the first basement. Just go up and around to get to the next set of stairs. Look at the map and the path is pretty clear. Make sure to get the Pair of Clogs and the Mini Medal before moving on.

Continue up until you get to the Red Door. Make sure to unlock this and it's a quick way in and out of the last part of the dungeon. If you need an healing feel free to leave Brigadoom and make a quick stop back in Zere. With the Red Door unlocked you'll be able to start right back where you left off.

Continue through to the second floor and take the immediate stairs to your right to get a Gold Bracer. Get that and then come back  up and work your way to the front door of the throne room. Make sure to Heal and get ready and then go inside and talk to the woman.

BOSS: Morag

BOSS: Morag

Morag can be a pretty heavy hitter. I typically take control of my main and the Mage so the right spells are cast. If you put your Priest on Healing then they typically do a pretty good job. It's up to you, some people like to control everything. So first off you want to Sap the first two rounds with your Mage while everyone else gets in as much damage as they can. Then start to Accelerate your own team after that. Going first with your whole team help rack up damage bonuses and makes sure Heals go off before more damage is stacked on.

After the battle is over you get her High Heels and a thanks from the Wight Knight. Time for a quick trip back to Stornway.




Once you get back. (Probably by Chimera Wing) talk to the King a final time. He'll give you full access to the treasury as thanks! Go up the stairs behind the King and it's to the right. You'll get Phial of Aggressence, 1,000 Gold & a Gold Rosary. I think he might of taken some stuff out before we got there or else this is a pretty poor country.

After all of that make a quick trip to the Starflight Express in the Mountain Pass to see if you've done enough to get it up and running. Doesn't seem like it's working yet so let's move on. Next destination Coffinwell. We get there by heading East from Stornway to the upper right.