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Angel Falls
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Angel Falls

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Angel Falls

There are a few minor items to pickup if you are interested. There is one down the well, one in the item shop, and one to the house to the far right. After you get those it's time to do a few minor quests to help out the citizens of Angel Falls.


Interact with the dog that is by the item shop. The dog will run over to a spot and dig up a keepsake ring. That this ring to the Church on the left side of town and give the ring to the woman who is praying. 1 Benevolessence.


Next head to the far left to the Stables. Inside is a very tired man who simply can't stay away. Let's let him sleep and clean up the Stables for him. You need to pick up all the horse manure. FUN! Afterwards he'll wake up and 1 Benevolessence.


After you complete both of those tasks it will be night time. I guess it takes a long time to clean up manure. Head to the center of town and Aquilla will be there. He'll tell you that a ghost in town needs your help going to the other side. Head over to the right side of town and search for the ghost. All you need to do is talk to him and he'll realize what's up. After that its back to the Observatory after another hard day of work.


Not much to do but you can talk to everyone if you want. The main goal is to head up to the Great World Tree and give it your Benevolessence. A big cutscene comes and I don't think everything really goes as planned. Once the scene is done you'll find yourself back in Angel Falls.

Angel Falls

An Angel Falls to Angel Falls

Angel Falls Item Shop
Medicinal Herb - Restore 30 HP to 1 ally - 8G
Antidotal Herb - Heals poison from 1 ally - 10G
Chimaera Wing -  Teleporter to towns you've been to - 25G
Copper Sword - Att 7 - 150G
Soldier's Sword - Att 13 - 240G
Leather Whip - Att 4 - 95G
Feather Fan - Att 9 - 110G
Pot Lid - Def 1 - 40G
Leather Shield - Def 3 - 90G
Bandana - Def 1 MagMen 2 - 45G
Plain Clothes - Def 2 - 30G
Wayfarer's Clothes - Def 4 - 70G
Leather Armor - Def 6 - 180G
Cotton Gloves - Def 5 - 50G
Boxer Shorts - Def 2 - 30G
Cotton Trousers - Def 2 - 80G
Sandals - Evas 0.5% - 18G
Leather Shoes - Evas 1.0% - 40G

You've lost your halo and most of your power and everyone can see you but you don't really know what's happened. You'll get a cutscene to welcome you to the land of mortals. Once that is done your only real goal is to to the Mayor's house on at the far upper left to listen in on his conversation with Ivor. Then to Errin's house in the far upper right to go to sleep and end the day.

The next day Ivor comes and convinces you to go with him to the Mountain Pass to see if you two can clear it up and save the day. Ivor joins your party but at this point you are only controlling yourself. Let's head out of Angel Falls to the south and check out the great outdoors.

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ID #27849 | Feb 3rd 2011 Guest
what do you do after you cant leave the town