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Follow the dark path or use the light

Dante's Inferno Guide

Dante's Inferno Walkthrough and Guide

by Swaggers  

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Dante's Inferno Guide

Unoffical Dante's Inferno Video based Guide by swaggers for


Welcome to our video guide for Dante's Inferno. We'll take you through each level and show you how to get through them with ease (well relatively anyway). On our journey we'll be taking on and defeating all the baddies and bosses standing in our way and showing you how to get all the Relics, Shades, and Pieces of Silver in the game.

What more could you want from a guide! To accompany the videos we have some text with the more crucial bits of information and at the end we have video cuts with just the collectibles.

Please enjoy the guide.


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35 comments, latest first.
Aug 3rd 2013 Guest
I dont know which lever to jump in greed help me
ID #302434
Dec 19th 2012 Guest
To perform this glitch stand close to Virgil when he appears near a save point and then press R. When you do this Virgil will then tell you a part of the story and give you Souls. Save the game, intentionally die and then continue from the save point repeating the process as many times as you want. Each time Virgil will say something different and give you Souls. I have problem defeating Cerberus.How do I kill it?
ID #224318
Dec 19th 2012 Guest
I have problem defeating Cerberus.How do I kill it?
ID #224315
Dec 1st 2012 Guest
how do i pass the slippery inclines in the wood of suicides in the river phlegethon level?
ID #214100
Nov 22nd 2012 Guest's so hard,was thinking of something else,say god of war chains of olympus like games
ID #211204
Jul 22nd 2016 Guest
Right, me too. It's hard, very, and it does remind me also of the "God of War-series. And that's just why I love it. Allthough the PSP - game version of Dante's Inferno is easier than the X-Box version (or Playstation??)Luckily ther's a very beautifull Guide Book coming with the X-Box game which you can buy very cheap now, year's after it's release. Check it out, it's worth it!! Greetings froim BIXIS, Amsterdam
ID #668832
Nov 21st 2012 Guest
how do you beat that part when dante drags a box and then lava falls down please tell me
ID #210863
Oct 7th 2012 beargloves
I cant pass through the reaper on the first level.When im about to knock him down by pressing R (in PSP)and circle but it just loops and i cant inflict damage and seem to have no end. I thought that the difficulty level has something to do with it, i tried playing them all(difficulty) but it does the same thing.please helpppp save me
ID #192521
Aug 19th 2012 Guest
i am having trouble with one of the puzzles. i dont understand which levers to pull and then which portals to run through.
ID #177795
Aug 15th 2012 Guest
Can't find a walkthrough for "dark forest

ID #176329
Jul 18th 2012 Guest
eu adoro dant's inxsh aghjscdghhghse
ID #165592
Jul 16th 2012 Guest
how do I get up the walk on level gluttony after defeting the damned with the golden bats

ID #164674
Jul 15th 2012 Guest
i have problems with defeating the first boss death
ID #164349
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
Bagamana cara melewati Heresy
ID #150943
Apr 21st 2012 Guest
This is feedback for >forbess | Member | Joined: 04/02/2011<
How to gain unHoly Levels? Easy, you just go round killing all the small fries and strong demons and the bosses(if you want to) by using "O". When an enemy is going to die he/she/it usually has a O symbol on its head. You go near it and press O. This will initiate a option, whether you Absolve or Punish. Since the are demons, the wise choice is Punish unless you're a saint. Ver weak enemies can be killed straight away with O. Dante will pull them near and you can hack them away. This is for PSP players. I don't use other consoles so any difference in controls is not my problem.
ID #135780
Mar 7th 2012 Guest
ID #121257
Feb 13th 2012 Guest
hi how i can pass through the thing like gears that keep spinning.tq
ID #114612
Jan 25th 2012 Guest
in greed level i dont know where to jump next on the rotating floor
ID #109163
Dec 16th 2011 Guest
I am having trouble with one of the puzzles. i dont understand which levers to pull and then which portals to run through please someone help me.
ID #95513
Dec 4th 2011 Guest
idk wat poratles to go through and wat levers to pull
ID #92744
Oct 21st 2011 Guest
What is the easiest way to get the poetry in motion achievment. I can't seem to get it...pretty hard, can you help me out?
ID #81845
Oct 4th 2011 Guest
Hey friends, have a part that looks not able to move on, is after we talk to the guy in the ice he's a new power, power that is the first win in the game, there after we fought a monster in use it to open a gate further after that it goes all dark and I can not find the exit
I have changed the game and thinking that was with more defect're not someone help me?
ID #78346
Sep 16th 2011 Guest
Cant finsh off cleopatra L down L up Cant get the next roration to the left Help.
ID #74734
Aug 29th 2011 Guest
how many waves are there in the gates of hell?
ID #71168
Apr 17th 2011 Guest
How do I jump from rope to rope before it catches fire(descent from lust) ??
ID #37967
Apr 16th 2011 Guest
code to in the cold mud
ID #37803
Feb 23rd 2011 Guest
how do i complete flaming tombs on zealot? im stuck at the part where dante pulls a lever and spills lava and the statue rises revealing a door and theres a block i can move but i havde no clue what to do after the cutscene please help.... if u have a cellphone my number is 207 315 5628 you can text me but please just once after today please do not text me i just need help
ID #30131
Oct 23rd 2010 Guest
Hi I just started the game , PSP version , and i have death at the door
i press R to start the finishing move then the O button comes up in the top middle of the screen, it flashes 4 times , and then death just appears
back where i just started, i have tried to push the O button repeatedly 4 times, but nothing happens , what the F%%%^
ID #15998
Sep 21st 2010 Guest
ok im in one of the rooms and there is a lever that makes the monk looking statue go up. Theres a block that you can move around but i dont kno wat to do with it?
ID #13271
Sep 15th 2010 Guest
i am having trouble with one of the puzzles. i dont understand which levers to pull and then which portals to run through.
ID #12682
Jul 29th 2010 Guest
How do you do you stay in the air for 8 seconds when Beatrice tests you?
ID #6512
Jul 19th 2010 Guest
how to single combo
ID #5200
Jul 14th 2010 Guest
the game is easy i complete within quite complicated
ID #4507
Jul 4th 2010 Guest
I am having trouble with the descent into lust with the swinging to rope to rope.
ID #3049
Jun 13th 2010 Guest
how do i kill the queen of lust after i have killed the man that walks out of her mouth?
ID #467