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Designing Your Store

Bakery Story Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Designing Your Store

A key element to Bakery Story is designing and decorating your shop. The main thing is to make it an attractive place for customers to come, but also to ensure you expand its capacity to encourage new business. To do a lot to your bakery you have to buy add-ons for the game using Gems.

In addition to the actual bakery, you have the crucial seating area. This is where your customers sit down and eat their nosh. For every customer, there needs to be a chair next to a table.

To be able to cook, you need more than just ingredients and a recipe! This not only includes an Oven, but also Deep Fryers (yum!), Drinks Mixers and Ice Cream Machines. Obviously not all of these appliances are necessary to make each item, but you will want to get them all eventually to keep a nice, diverse menu. Your recipe list expands as you get new appliances, while the number of appliances you can have increases as your level goes up.

When considering new appliances, remember that you can remove one to storage and place something there instead, if you begin to run out of room. There are some special ovens, such as the Sonic Oven, which reduces cooking time by 20 percent, and the Forever Oven. With this one, items cooked in the oven never spoil or go off.

Some appliances have to be built using tools, indicated by the hammer icon when buying them. These items are shown as cardboard boxes once you get them in your bakery. Hit the box and you will see the tools required to construct it. If you are missing any of the tools, you can use the ‘Ask Friends’ button to request them from other bakers. You can use gems to finish building appliances more quickly – simply hit the ‘Finish’ button and they will be constructed straight away.

When requesting help from your neighbors for appliance parts, remember that you can only do this with each once each day.

As well as tables and appliances, you need a storage area to put food that has been cooked. It rests here until ordered by a customer. You can store all recipes that are the same on one counter, but different ones need a new counter for each individual recipe. This makes it a good idea to cook as much as possible of an individual item, though obviously you are then limiting your menu for your customers.

Design Menu

The design menu is accessed by hitting the ‘Design’ button at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. You can then use the bottom section of this new menu to buy furniture for your bakery. This includes things like appliances, counters, tables and chairs, as well as wallpaper and flooring.

There are some items that can only be purchased with gems. These are very exclusive items that only hardcore Bakery Story gamers will be able to receive! To access them, use the tab next to the red ‘X’ in Design Mode. See the Gem Items section for a list of some of these.

You can also trade your coins for gems in this menu.


The most important thing while playing Bakery Story (except to have fun!) is to expand your bakery. The need for this to happen will occur very rapidly and early on in your game.

Expansions to your bakery must be purchased. You can do this using either Coins (the in game, free currency) or Gems (which you have to buy with real money). You can’t buy the biggest expansions early on in the game, but have to level up through experience first. Gems can be used to speed up this process, making the waiting game a lot less tiresome.

Buying expansions is not as simple as just purchasing the add-on. You will need to decorate the new space, so be sure to factor in extra costs such as flooring and wallpaper.

To purchase an expansion, touch the Design icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. The expansion menu will then be selectable in the shop. The menu is found as the last tab above the merchandise menu. Select the one you want, and it’s as simple as that!

Expansions also provide you with XP. This means that it can be worth leaving expanding until you are close to another level, to allow it to push you over the edge.

Storing Items

It is worth storing any appliances or counters that you no longer need so that you can place a more vital one in its place. Bear in mind that if you store an item that has food or drinks on or in it, you will lose the produce – so be sure to move that first.
When you place an item in storage it is put back into the slot that you originally purchased it from.

Cash Register

You are able to purchase additional cash registers after the first one. This is just for decoration however, and customers will not use it.


Comments for Designing Your Store

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38 comments, latest first.
Oct 12th 2015 Guest
Actually you can use more than one register. You just need to purchase another worker/character to stand behind it and customers will go to both.
ID #616110
Aug 26th 2015 Guest
How can i create my another account
ID #602747
Jul 15th 2015 Guest
How do you get something out of storage? Thx
ID #584910
Jun 6th 2015 Guest
plz add me alyami1
ID #566550
Jun 3rd 2014 Guest
If you buy a person from the section with the pot plant and put it behind your new register coustemers will use it
ID #393168
Mar 24th 2014 Guest
hi my name in bakery story is sweets i'm at 24 but going to 25 my id is gvnhjnhg I am quiet good at the game everyday I think of designs once I made a place with just tables that looked like a dog I have 39 neighbour's I am still going add one person which 40 or I am going to add you! so be ware I have 2 neighbour's that are at level 99 one name is BBs and BB's cookies and my other neighbour's are under level90 and have not tell you that I am not like other people I can do install pet shop story winter and play it for about 8 germs I can do it I am just expanding with germs not money . I have one cheat to do this you need a lot of ovens doesn't matter what kind of ovens then those that unlocked the pumpkin pie make it its mos 2 days and one more cheat always check the xp before you bake something any body can do that even people at level 0 can to that and that's all for me to say !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ID #367722
Jun 29th 2015 Guest
I Like pie my bakery's awesome baker a im LVL 87 I am hot
ID #577328
Mar 11th 2014 Guest

I changed my wallpaper in my store to achieve a goal but now I want to change it back to my previous wallpaper and because I leveled up there are all new wallpapers in my design menu it doesn't give me to option to choose my previous walls HELP!

now I have no coins left so I can't cover all my walls :(
ID #363317
Feb 17th 2014 Guest
Guys I play bakery story daily and faxgion story also plx add me khansashouakt
ID #356253
Jan 10th 2014 jaynie111
Hi, I am jaynie111, I tip and gift daily, and if you require a specific gift, i will always help, on the understanding you will help me too, thanks
ID #341952
Dec 29th 2013 Guest
Can I move tables and chairs after they are placed?
ID #335874
Aug 28th 2013 Guest
Why doesn't it show in Game Center that I have played tr game when I have. It says. "Never played"
ID #307167
Aug 9th 2013 Guest
Answer #1 If people do not accept requests, you can simply delete them. Tap on the list of pending invites, and tap "edit" to delete.
Answer #2 When completing the goals, the tables/counters unlock after
goals are completed in the order they have them in.
Hope it helped! Happy gaming! =)
ID #303711
Aug 4th 2013 Guest
add me.; dottie_haines96. i tip and gift everyday. (:
ID #302602
Jul 25th 2013 Picchioblu
I purchased the Digital register and sold the other one now I don't have the lady how can I get it back?
ID #300308
Jul 25th 2013 Guest
[color=red]I am trying to complete an objective by buying six chairs and six tables, but only the tables are locked by the "Goal" marking...

Does someone know what objective/quest I'm supposed to do? It would help a LOT~!

(I know this sounds dumb, but I just want it to get it over with so I have more time to bake silly cookies~!)
ID #300292
Jul 7th 2013 Guest
Is there anything that can be done about neighbors who do not except the invite to be neighbors,they ask you to invite them,then they never accept the invite,and you have a ton of pending invites on your wall very annoying Thank you
ID #295673
Mar 3rd 2013 Guest
I have just started BakeryStory. But I just don't know how to move stuff around.
ID #260384
Nov 22nd 2012 Guest
Plz add me on bakery,restaurant,fashion,city,farm,empire,nightclub and pet story and vampires live all or any plz plzzzz i am regular and gift n help evry1....
add me: AnuEd
ID #211201
Nov 6th 2012 Guest
ID #206051
Aug 19th 2012 Guest
I keep trying to change the. Color of my floor but whenever i try the game exes out and it takes me back to home on my iPad
ID #177827
Aug 17th 2012 Guest
If you want them to sit down faster then place all of your seating near the door and all of your appliances and counters away from the door. That way the first few customers eat and get out of the store before the last few can get mad. New people can't sit down unless the table it clear, and the plate disappears when the person who ate it exits.

I think the clock over their head doesn't mean they want to see a clock, it means they're waiting for food.

Add me: AlanohiTreats.
ID #176912
Jul 11th 2012 Guest
I am trying to expand my store and have brought expansions through the candy jar to go to 15 x 18 in size. So far I have used this 8 times getting the items from the jar but have no expansion. Is there a trick to this. It only needed 40 gems to get the expansion and so far I have used 4 times that amount and have got nothing. Can you help?
ID #162997
Jun 21st 2012 Guest
how do i sell things?
ID #155252
Jun 10th 2012 Guest
If you expand your shop is it 100% free if you DO NOT use gems? Just wondering because on the game it says "cash" and not "coins"
ID #151287
Jun 2nd 2012 Guest
The costomers that come in my bakery don't sit down very fast at all and then they pile up get mad and leave when there are 5 spots open how do I get them to sit down faster or hire more help to "seat" them faster?
ID #148181
May 23rd 2012 Guest
Add me name is sweetcakes or dlbarnes
ID #144854
May 22nd 2012 Guest
What happens if you request items from neighbors more then once a day?
ID #144334
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
how do you play
ID #137961
Apr 29th 2012 Guest
What do you do if they want to see the clock. I already have a clock but they don't look at then they leave with there hearts broken.
ID #137958
Apr 5th 2012 Guest
You can not trade your coins for gems!
ID #129731
Mar 4th 2012 Guest
I have placed a second cash register and my customers do use it.
ID #120545
Feb 2nd 2012 Guest
Just to be clear: I have never bought a single gem, used a cheat beside the door trick, or used my ten added gems to buy coins, and I have had 700,000 coins in total. I could make an excellent bakery with just that amount of coins. You do NOT need to buy coins- don't fool yourself out! Instead, earn coins with the newly added goals, and from getting to the 3rd level of making stuff. You get +1 gem every time you get to level three of making something (its the little # on the bottom..) and you are good!
ID #111506
Dec 9th 2011 Guest
In the guide above, it is listed that "You can also trade trade coins for gems in this menu" referring to the design menu.
I cannot find this trade anywhere in the design menu - suggestions? You can only trade gems to get more coins.
ID #93778
Dec 3rd 2011 Guest
The appliance limit applies to the amount of appliances you have in the shop, not including what is in storage. Store others, then you can pull the ovens out. You only generally get one additional appliance possible per every four or five levels.

You are incorrect about the cash register, however. Your customers WILL use whichever one is closer. I have two doors in my bakery (I bought the additional one) and have a cash register by each. Customers use both.
ID #92355
Nov 19th 2011 Guest
[quote][/quote] I LOVE THIS GAME XD
ID #88571
Oct 30th 2011 Guest
Can I send a food or drink request to all of my neighbors using only one message or do I have to send it individually to each one?
ID #84173
Oct 26th 2011 Guest
I have stored two ovens. I can't access them until I reach the next target level. If I retrieve one will I lose my opportunity to buy another type of appliance? Can I retrieve both at my next chance to access appliances?
ID #83115