To get started, you first need to buy an oven. Tap the paint brush icon in the right corner to do this. Hit the book above the oven and you can select a recipe to attempt. Tap the ingredients twice to begin preparing the food.

When cooking, you will be able to tell how long it takes to make by examining the number in the clock. You can see how expensive an item is to make, by looking at the number at the top. The number of servings from each batch is shown by the figure with the ‘x’ sign next to it. The star icon, when picking an item to cook, lets you know the amount of experience that you will receive from completing the task.

The coin icon, rather than depicting the cost for you, the owner of the bakery, it displays the cost of the item to the customer, multiplied by the total number of servings – it is essentially the amount of money you will get once you’ve sold out of the new batch of produce.

Simply tap the recipe image to begin making the product.

If you cook a certain item enough, you level up for that particular recipe. This earns you coins (at level 1 and level 3) and gems (at level 2 and level 4 mastery).

The more people an item serves, generally the more expensive it is. You can use this information to balance cost (in time and money) versus reward, but it is also nice to have variety for your customers – it is pretty boring to keep churning out Chocolate Cakes for every hour of the day!