Bakery Story Walkthrough and Guide

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Below is a list of all the ovens that you can buy in Bakery Story, along with their cost and any special features:

Blue Oven: Costs 15 gems
Easy Oven: Costs 10,000 coins, Needs to be Constructed, it has a special ability which means no preparation is needed.
Forever Oven: Costs 42 gems, food cooked in this oven never spoils
Green Oven: Costs 5,000 coins
Orange Oven: Costs 15 gems
Pink Oven: Costs 15 gems 
Purple Oven: Costs 15 gems
Sonic Oven: Costs 42 gems, food cooked in this oven is finished 20 percent faster
White Oven: Costs 5,000 coins
Yellow Oven: Costs 15 gems

Drink Mixers:

For a list of all the Drink Mixers available in Bakery Story, their cost and abilities, see below.

Blue Mixer: Costs 15 gems
Drink Mixer: Costs 5,000 coins
Forever Mixer: Costs 42 gems, recipes made using this never spoil
Green Mixer: Costs 5,000 coins
Pink Mixer: Costs 15 gems
Sonic Mixer: Costs 42 gems, recipes prepared on this are completed 20 percent faster

Deep Fryer:

To build a Deep Fryer (which needs constructing), you first of all need 10,000 coins. You also need 10 of each of the following parts: Gear, Metal Sheet, Paint and Screw.

Ice Cream Machine:

To get an Ice Cream Machine, you need 10,000 coins and the following parts, before you are then able to start constructing it:

You need to collect 10 Gear, 10 Knob, 10 Paint and 10 Screw before you can begin.


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My samsung's bakery story has less appliances then an apple's bakery story. Why?

Added 22nd Jun 2015, ID #574147

Because Apple is better than Samsung

Added 15th Oct 2015, ID #616778

Why won't it let me build an appliance? Also I can't request parts.

Added 12th Jun 2015, ID #569414

How do you block people from commenting on your wall?

Added 18th May 2015, ID #557975

why i dont have any mission or can buy pueblo oven? i want pueblo oven too :(

Added 26th Apr 2015, ID #548418

You have to buy the fiesta bundle in the store under the expand tab. Go all the way to the back, it's the last thing.

Added 31st Oct 2015, ID #621260

I see a new neighbor has boxes for the pueblo oven. When I look up the gifts they would ,need those things weren't an option for me to gift, there's one that says oven Element. Will that work to fill in the oven pieces someone might need?

Added 20th Apr 2015, ID #545750

Add my 2 accounts please: macrzo / chelsearoemee

Thanks! ;)

Added 7th Apr 2015, ID #539325

To unlock goal items, do any and all of Pierre's goals. Usually you have to complete e previous ones to continue three ahead. To unlock other goals some are by level number. Try not to get discouraged, these goals seem to open when you have given up all hope that they ever will! ā¤. Make sure you keep doing the Pierre's goals, they are usually about how to impress him. Many of us tried to pass over without doing them only to have to! o.K. I have made my point clear! Good Luck new bakers!

Added 6th Apr 2015, ID #538616

Please add me guys..notjustarandomgirl

Added 9th Mar 2015, ID #526437

hi, does anyone know what the new commercial oven requires to build it... And what does it make exactly?

Added 5th Mar 2015, ID #524462

Add me: Livlivstar

Added 15th Feb 2015, ID #516441

Add Me! jesskill21

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492914

Add me ladybug954 and how do I unlock santas shop oven?

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Added 18th Dec 2014, ID #486242

Please add me: Charlotte7_7

Added 18th Dec 2014, ID #486152

Love this game I'm am thebearbaby what ovens are best to buy

Added 18th Nov 2014, ID #473259

This is Chelly111218...please add me. Need to build an oven and have no idea how to...thanks!

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Added 13th Nov 2014, ID #471212

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Added 13th Nov 2014, ID #471210

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tipped and please add my new account ; misscakeboss96

Added 22nd Apr 2014, ID #377689

[size=18][/size] I think that they should add an easy mixer, like the easy oven. This would help because some bakeries have all or most mixers to cook a lot a of Jasmine Tea. If they added easy mixers, Jasmine tea or other drinks would be faster to serve and/or prepare. This especially helps with people with many appliances. I have seen around 100 appliances cooking Jasmine tea one time. Just a thought to out it out there, you think they'd add Easy Mixers.

Added 18th Mar 2014, ID #365719

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Added 23rd Feb 2014, ID #358429

How do I figure out what my storm8 ID is plz help

Added 23rd Feb 2014, ID #358125

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Added 23rd Jan 2014, ID #346996

IF YOU PUT AN appliance in storage, you dont have to rebuild it, it will come out ready like it was before you stored it :-)

Added 15th Jan 2014, ID #344001

Add me I am finechefn1

Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #329177

if you put an oven that you had to build away in storage and then you take it out again will you need to get the parts to build it all over again??????!!!

Added 24th Nov 2013, ID #321718

Please add me!

Added 30th Oct 2013, ID #317069

For the wanting a list of oven recipes, please see the next page of this guide.

Now if only there was a list of recipes for ALL appliances!


Added 26th Sep 2013, ID #311207

How can we unlock apliance for

Added 19th Sep 2013, ID #310254

What is a world oven?

Added 15th Aug 2013, ID #304972

What do you need to make a frozen banana stand?

Added 13th Aug 2013, ID #304653

I have a question. If you place an appliance and have a collected a few of the parts can you delete it or do you have to finish it? I decided I really do not want this appliance anymore. Thank you! Id: ileana_v

Added 8th Jul 2013, ID #296024

I had the Tea Time teapot and must have sold it by mistake. It is no longer in with my appliances and it doesn't show that I can build another. What can I do about it? Thank you

Added 28th Jun 2013, ID #293395

ID: XMamaFox does anyone know what oven makes the Caramel Supremo Cupcakes? I can't seem to find the right one. Thanks for any help. Add me if you like

Added 16th Jun 2013, ID #290831

add me please and send me gift everyday, i bought deep fryer need screw, paint, metal and gear. lets help each other...

Added 11th Jun 2013, ID #289475

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Added 19th May 2013, ID #283933

I have the same questions on the ovens. I noticed others had different food than I have at level 45. I canno figure out which appliances to buy to get different menus. ID Lee48sweet Appreciate any help!

Added 24th Apr 2013, ID #277286

Altogether I have bought 2 drinks makers, 7 ovens, 3 sweet co's and 1 bread oven. When it said you can't buy any more appliances until you get to level....?...I just put some of the others into storage, so I could buy new ones!!

Added 24th Apr 2013, ID #277117

Hi storm id letsgolet im trying to find the oven that makes miche please help

Added 17th Apr 2013, ID #275044

I bought easy stove and easy oven, I built them and started prepare food, but it's just like normal stove and oven ? :o

Added 16th Apr 2013, ID #274634

Plz add me LindaAshNguyen8888 I give tips and gift everyday! ....Well depending if you're not full and you have your max # of gifts.

Added 7th Apr 2013, ID #271361

Do you think team lava will bring back the ovens that aren't available any more?

Added 3rd Apr 2013, ID #270279

add me if u need anyparts divalove082501 or divadoll1012

Added 30th Mar 2013, ID #268919

I want to buy a display but I don't want to buy it if it is just there for decorations. Does it serve food as well? šŸ†”JadoreVierre7

Added 25th Mar 2013, ID #266938

My storm ID is Mooeyt. I have the max appliances for now and when I have them all out a sign appears saying that I can unlock to get more for 49 gems. Does anyone know how many more appliances I would have access to use at one time? I don't want to pay 49 gems to only get one more appliance to put out.
I sent a message to support from team lava. I received a message telling me to search their forums which I did and still didn't find my answer. I would appreciate help if anyone knows the answer. I'm not trying to be snarky but I really think if they offer support they should answer the question!

Added 28th Feb 2013, ID #259480