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Surf and Turf
Angry Birds Friends

Surf and Turf

Angry Birds Friends Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Surf and Turf

This is the oldest episode available on Angry Birds Friends, having launched with the game. It is based on a beach theme, with the Birds' eggs having been stolen by Pigs.

Level 1:

This level is very straightforward. You are given a Red Bird to start - just fire it at the lower of the two wooden planks supporting the main tower. If you're lucky, the bird should rebound into the wooden structure below, while taking out the Pig in the tower itself.

Level 2:

This is another easy one - just fire the Blue Bird at the smaller pig wearing glasses. As it's a Blue Bird you are using, you should click to split him up near the glass section - this gets you maximum points and should assist with taking out both pigs on this level.

Level 3:

You will need multiple birds for this level. With the first, destroy the wooden beam holding up the bottom of the structure (the diagonal beam). With the next bird, aim for the center of the remaining structure.

Level 4:

You can manufacture a satisfying end to this level by aiming the first Red Bird two wooden planks above the TNT that you will see towards the right hand of the structure. Bounce it off the wood and it will drop onto the TNT and should see you through the level.

Level 5:

Take a good look at this level. See where the stack of TNT is? You should notice a couple of wooden walls which you can aim a single Yellow Bird through to detonate the TNT and take out the whole level with a single attack.

Level 6:

Zooming out should be the first thing you do on this level (and most levels, actually). To the far right you should see some boulders held up by a single wooden plank. Use your first Yellow Bird to hit that wooden plank and send the boulders crashing down to take down pigs and part of the structure. Next, fire the Blue Bird into the glass that is holding up the lower left hand of the structure. This will cause the rest of it to collapse.

Level 7:

This is a simple level which just takes a bit of thinking about. Use the Red Bird to damage the upper section of the stone wall - you can't go above it. Having weakened the wall, you can then send a single Bomb Bird through that particular section and it will explode right in the middle of the pigs.

Level 8:

Level 8 is tricky to do with a single Bird, but it is possible. Send the Black Bird skimming over the head of the first pig. You are aiming for the lower left support of the central structure. You need it to impact and for the structure to fall to the left, taking out the first pig with the collateral damage.

Level 9:

Use a high trajectory on this level to land in between the two tower-structures on top of the hill. The Bomb Bird will explode, taking both towers out and collecting the first pig down the hill with the aftermath.

Level 10:

Fire the first White Bird just above level and drop its egg as you pass over the second pig. This should take out that pig, and send the Bird into the structure above and to the right. You can then use whatever tactic you find easiest on the remaining pigs - dropping an egg bomb on them from above is a straightforward way to finish them off while taking out more of the structure.

Level 11:

For this level, aim the Blue Bird towards the pig at the far left of the structure. Detonate so that you take out as much of the glass structure as possible. Ideally, you will now only be left with one pig, which you can despatch by dropping a White Bird's egg bomb on the TNT to the right of the structure.

Level 12:

This is another one-bird level. Fire the yellow bird at the second stone beam from the left-hand side of the structure. To reiterate, from the solid land pointing diagonally up from left to right you have one stone beam, then one wooden block, then another stone beam. It is this second beam that you want to aim for. Hit it flush on and it should collapse into the level, taking everything else out.

Level 13:

To the far right side of this level you will see a pig in a stone room. Aim your first Red Bird over this pig, cutting the rope that is stopping it from tumbling into the other pigs below. Once all the carnage has subsided, you should be left with four pigs remaining. Notice the next tower along which is also held up with rope. Aim your second bird, which should be a Blue Bird, at the glass structure to the left - split it just before and the debris should carry down to cut the rope of the final two pigs.

Level 14:

Although you start this level with a White Bird, the most effective way to pass with only one throw is not to use its egg bomb. Instead, aim at the pig in sunglasses on the first structure on this level. Because the White Bird is heavier having not laid its egg, the additional force should bring down the first structure, taking out the TNT and sending debris to the right to finish off the rest.

Level 15:

Send your Red Bird into the bottom of the large tower to the right of this level. The tower should hopefully collapse to the left, taking out all of the structure below, except for that dastardly helmet-pig and perhaps a few of his cohorts. Use the Yellow Bird to slam into the structure supporting the helmetted pig to take him out (you should be aiming for the wooden plank directly to its left).

Level 16:

Using your Blue Bird, send it in a high arc so that it is coming down just over the glass in the center of the main structure on this level. You should see a series of glass blocks making a 'T' shape - aim for that. Split the bird a little way up so that the spread of damage is larger. You should then be left with two pigs - a long way apart from each other! The tactic here is to use the White Bird - drop its egg bomb above the first pig. The explosion will ricochet the bird itself up and into the remaining pig up high. You only need to hit part of the tower and you should be able to take it out.

Level 17:

Fire the Yellow Bird into the bottom of the first tower. Hopefully the debris will fall to the right and take out one of the two pigs in the center of the level. The White Bird you should aim just above the middle of the level and drop its egg bomb roughly where the first pig in the valley section was (where you now may have one remaining). You are trying to use the egg bomb to ricochet the bird up and into the boulders on the cliff-edge in the top-right hand corner of the level. These boulders will drop and should take out all of the remaining pigs.

Level 18:

This is a nice, easy level. Simply send the first Boomerang Bird up over the structure and activate its boomerang feature so that it curls round and back into the bottom of the structure, causing it to collapse and taking out the pigs within.

Level 19:

Send the Boomerang Bird up high and get it to boomerang into the right-hand side of the structure. Use the Yellow Bird, which rips through wooden obstacles, to take out the last few pigs. If you aim at the pig on the far left, the debris should carry to the next one along.

Level 20:

For this level, send your first Blue Bird at the central glass block on the first tower. Split it just beforehand so that you take out as much of it as possible. The Bomb Bird doesn't take much thinking about - just lob it at the center of the rest of the pigs - the mess of stones should move around sufficiently to take out all of the remaining pigs.

Level 21:

Aim for the right-hand structure, specifically targeting the second supporting wooden square of it. The building will collapse and should hopefully get rid of the majority of the pigs in the middle of the level. For the left-hand tower, fire a Blue Bird at it, splitting it before it hits the glass for maximum impact. This should rid you of the rest of the pigs.

Level 22:

On this level, aim for the boulder sitting on top of the pig in the glass square to the right. You want to hit it on the left so that the boulder drops to the right and rolls into the big, ugly pig below. Use the glass-breaking Blue Bird on the two remaining pigs, aiming for the left-most one first - the debris should take care of the other one.

Level 23:

This is a tough level but it is possible with just one pig. Split the Blue Bird almost as soon as you fire it. You want one of the birds to hit the bottom piece of glass in the structure, and another to hit the next piece up. The structure should collapse and take out all of the pigs.

Level 24:

Notice the cute pig bouncing up and down on the pile of boulders, held up by ropes on this level. Aim your first bird at these ropes to use the boulders to take out some of the pigs below. Next, use a White Bird and its egg bomb ability to ricochet up into the bottom of the higher structure. You should be aiming to send this structure collapsing into the valley below, to finish off any remaining pigs.

Level 25:

Using the Blue Bird, split it so that it hits the first glass block on the left side of the structure. Tidy up any remaining pigs using a Red Bird - hitting just to the left of the right-most pig (aim for the stone block) next to it.

Level 26:

Split the Blue Bird just before it hits the wooden beam above the first glass section to take out most of the left-hand structure. Send the White Bird so that it is almost going to land onto the mass of glass bricks in the center of this level. Drop its egg bomb just before you hit the structure so that you ricochet into the right-hand tower. Use the Yellow Bird to remove any stragglers.

Level 27:

Send the first Yellow Bird slamming into the first pig at the bottom of the structure. Split the Blue Bird as early as you like to deal with the glass in the middle of the level. Finally, send your Yellow Bird into the stone part of what remains to make it sway and cause it to come tumbling down.

Level 28:

For this level, fire the first Yellow Bird into the very first beam of wood at the far left of the level. Aim the second one into the middle of the level. The third, you should be aiming to crash through the wooden beams into the TNT towards the right-hand side. This will normally deal with that entire side of the structure.

Level 29:

The Yellow Bird should be sent up very high. On its way down, it will gather up an incredible amount of speed. You want it to crash through the wooden edge of the first structure, and into the valley below. This will take out a good portion of the level's pigs. It is possible to find a diagonal trajectory that splits right through all the pigs around the center of the level. Use the Boomerang Bird to reach the right-hand side of the level and call it back so that it hits that side of the right-hand structure. Fling the Yellow Bird into the small matchsticks of wood at the bottom of the left-hand side of the level to finish things off.

Level 30:

Aim the Yellow Bird into the wooder supports holding up the wheel with the pig in the middle. The wheel will drop down, at which point you should fire a Bomb Bird at it and blow up the strong outside of the wheel. This will take care of the pig in the center, and cause it to unfurl and squis all the other pigs on the lower level. Send a Yellow Bird into the wooden structure up on the right to deal with those enemies.

Level 31:

Send the Big Brother Bird into the crane above the main structure of this level. Hopefully, the Big Brother Bird will fall into the rest of the structure and any pigs left down below.

Level 32:

This is another easy level. Send the Big Brother Bird slamming into the left-hand structure. It should tip to the right, squashing the helmetted bird and setting off the TNT to take out the final part of this level on the right.

Level 33:

Use the first Red Bird and aim it at the forth pig along from left to right (aim for the stone beam to its left). The rest of the level should majestically crumble, taking all out beneath it.

Level 34:

Fire the first Black Bird into the first pig. Keep it rolling and detonate it between the first two structures, while still in middair if possible. You should be able to use the beastly Big Brother Bird to smash through the central tower and use the collateral debris to flatten the one on the right in the process.

Level 35:

Send the White Bird in a very slight arc, dropping its egg bomb directly in the center of the cluster of boulders. You should ricochet into the first tower, taking everything involved out. At this stage, there should be no more than 3 pigs remaining. Your next White Bird should land in the gap between the second and third towers. Drop an egg bomb into the gap before you hit it to be left with just one pig standing. Use another White Bird and egg bomb to ricochet up into it - you want to collect as much debris as you can with this if you are trying for three stars.

Level 36:

For this level, send the Blue Bird up high and split it so that the birds break the glass blocks of the upper structure on this level. It should fall down and clear the structure below as well. Next, use a Yellow Bird to break the wooden support holding up the structure on the left.

Level 37:

Launch the White Bird low over the first pig, dropping its egg bomb just to the left of the second pig, and ricocheting up into the high structure on the right. Use Big Brother Bird to decimate anything remaining to the right.

Level 38:

Using the Red Bird, hit the wooden blocks supporting the stone triangle at the top of the level. Next, send the Blue Bird splitting into the glass on the left-hand side. If anything remains, use the Boomerang Bird to clean it up. Don't forget to include the TNT if you are going for a 3 star rating.

Level 39:

Ignore the first structure and send your initial Yellow Bird over it and into the side of the structure to the top right. You want it to collapse to the right, detonating the TNT there. Debris should fall down, exploding the TNT beneath, and sending more debris into the center structure. Aim your second Yellow Bird at the small pig left-most on this level. It should destroy the first tower and finish the level for you.

Level 40:

This is a level where you should go for a single-shot, and it is a tricky one. Look for the traffic cone to the top-right of the level. You want to aim to land right on the side of the wooden beam protecting this cone. This should start a domino effect that clears the level.

Level 41:

Send the Blue Bird up towards the higher structure, splitting before you hit it. You want the split birds to hit the structure and drop down into the glass blocks beneath. They should be penetrated completely, taking out all of the level in the process.

Level 42:

Use the first Red Bird to knock through the wooden wall of the first structure, just above the first set of TNT. You should then have a route to aim through to the second set of TNT, which you can reach using a Yellow Bird - the explosion will hopefully take out the rest of the level.

Level 43:

Split the Blue Bird just in front of the bottom left of the first part of this level - you want some of it to hit the glass block and the rest to pass through and take out the pigs beyond. Send the Yellow Bird through the pigs to the top-right, and finish off the remaining pig using the second Blue Bird - split it when it is relatively high up to increase your chances of a hit.

Level 44:

This level requires some very accurate aiming. Send the first Yellow Bird through the gap on the right-hand side of the level (you may have to look carefully to see it as it's a little camoflaged) and into the structure beyond. Note that you have to make this shot first, as it is sealed off later on. With your Blue Bird, aim up and into the glass blocks of the top structure, splitting just before for maximum damage. Use the next Yellow Bird to finish off the remaining pigs, with the help of any TNT that you haven't already detonated.

Level 45:

You can use the first Blue Bird to cut the rope on the first hanging structure up high. If you like, detonate early so that two of the birds miss the rope and go into everything beneath - but the real damage is done when the hanging structure plummets into everything else. Next, use the White Bird combined with its egg bomb to ricochet up into the second hanging structure. Use the Blue Bird to mop up the pigs that are left.

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ID #524560 | Mar 5th 2015 Guest
It says "Walkthrouth" for Angry Birds Friends, but there is no video or description on the recommended way of doing the weekly challenges. All it does say are the basics of Angry Birds Friends which is good! In my opinion, the title needs to say "Baisic Walkthrough" instead of "Waltkthrough". NEEDS WEEKLY CHALENGES!!! If you want to find videos, go to "Angry Birds Nest", they have really good quality weekly walkthroughs that are announced every Sunday with tips and what power ups and slings you need.
Just please insert videos.