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Golden Eggs
Angry Birds Friends

Golden Eggs

Angry Birds Friends Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs are essentially 'Easter Eggs' that you may find while exploring the Angry Birds Friends levels. The used to be regular easter eggs, but have since been re-painted in a fetching gold color. Each egg, once you find it, opens up a new level for you to try to perfect. Below is a guide to where to find these eggs, as well as tips for the resulting Golden Egg levels:

Golden Egg #1:

The first egg, which is the easiest to get, can be found in the Shop. First, use the Shop link in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to open the Shop itself. With that done, select the 'All in One Bundle'. Don't worry, we will not be spending any money on anything! This will take you to another screen where ordinarily you would select the amount you want. Instead, look at the picture on the left. You will see an easter egg located next to the Angry Bird icon in the medley image, just above the 'un' of Bundle. Click on it and you will return to the home screen. Select the Golden Eggs game mode and you will see the egg added to the list of eggs that you've previously found, if any. Select it to begin the extra level.

Golden Egg Level #1:

This level involves Blue Birds. These split into three when you click them after launch. They essentially act as cluster bombs, allowing you to hit multiple targets with a single bird. Click to activate the cluster just after you pass between the gap in the wall. You should try to hit the TNT boxes at the back of the level to do a clean sweep on the pigs.

Golden Egg #2:

To get this egg, open the Bird-O-Matic screen, which is indicated by the Avatar text and image in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You will see your avatar depicted in the image on the left of the Bird-O-Matic screen that will then open. In the top left of this image, you should see the second Golden Egg.

Golden Egg Level #2:

This level has a giant pyramid of pigs. You should fire your black bird, which explodes on impact, into the ground just before the pile of bricks that is at the bottom of the line of bricks. The bird will explode, sending bricks to the right and into the pyramid. Repeat this using the bricks above, if necessary, until all the pigs have been killed.

Golden Egg #3:

This egg is sneakily hidden in the game's credits. To access them, click the 'i' icon to the left of the Shop button on the main level selection screen. The credits will begin to play. After about 10 seconds, you should see the name Ari Arnbjornsson under 'Lead Programmers' - the first 'o' in the name has been replaced with a golden egg!

Golden Egg Level #3:

This level features Yellow Birds, which are great on wood and build up a lot of speed - there's no need to worry too much about that for now. This level is fairly straightforward. Simply aim at the great mass of pigs and objects and let the edge of the arena do its work to bounce you around.

Golden Egg #4:

For the fourth Golden Egg, you need to click on the 'Inbox' icon, which is located in the set of four buttons at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Once the Inbox opens, look to the left of the 'Send Free Gifts' button, and you should see a Golden Egg.

Golden Egg Level #4:

More Yellow Birds on this level, and you want to aim at the wood that is supporting the metal balls. Hit the underside of this and you will send them shooting up into the cluster of pigs in middair. That's all for this level - it really is quite straightforward.

Golden Egg #5:

While playing any level where you have Red Birds to fire, click the '?' help icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Ignore the first screen instructing you on the Red Birds, it is the next one that you want. On this second screen, you will find the egg in the lower of the two pictures, next to the pig that is about to get splatted!

Golden Egg Level #5:

Black Birds are the stars of this level, which features some pigs driving along in some tractors! It's pretty simple still, however. Just aim at the first vehicle in the convoy to take them out - you should be trying to flip one up so that it blocks the others and they all pile together. This will allow your exploding Black Birds to take out multiple targets at a time.

Golden Egg #6:

This egg can be found in Surf and Turf level 6. You will see it near the entrance to the cave underneath the pigs. Knock the wood out of the way to get to the egg - you can hit it with something to pick it up.

Golden Egg Level #6:

This level has a variety of birds for you to use to take out each of the pigs. For the mostpart you are just aiming straight at them but using some of the bird's specialities to take out the pigs. With the first Red Bird, aim for the main, large pig at the top of the middle island. Throw the cluster next, at the three pigs diagonally above your slingshot. The green Boomerang bird you should fire over the central island, then click to activate its boomerang feature when it is just over the right-hand cavity of the island - it should go inside and take out the pig within. The Yellow Bird you can fire straight at the left-hand cavity of the central island. With the White Bird, aim it at the ground and activate its explosive egg to push yourself back up into the pig underneath the island. With the Black Bird, aim over the area that the three pigs were in above the slingshot. You want the bird to come down next to the pig in the square prison - explode it with a click when you are alongside. The final bird, the Big Brother Bird, you can bounce off the edge of the island and back into the cavity underneath you to destroy the last pig.

Golden Egg #7:

For this Egg, you need to play Surf and Turf level 37. As soon the camera pans to the slingshot, look beneath it and you should see the golden egg. Simply fire the White Bird backwards and drop its egg bomb by clicking to send an explosive egg down to collect the Golden Egg.

Golden Egg Level #7:

This is a nice, simple level. Fire the Red Birds at the TNT to send the stones firing at the pigs waiting inside the wooden cage.

Golden Egg #8:

Might Hoax level 12 hosts this particular Golden Egg. You will see it all the way up in the top right hand corner of the level (you may need to zoom out). You'll have to fire a Yellow Bird in that direction and use its extra boost of speed to reach the egg.

Golden Egg Level #8:

This level presents you with a pit filled with pigs! Instead of trying to get the Big Brother Bird to reach the pit, you should aim it at the pit filled with glass and roll it up the next hill and into the pigs. It should take them all out with one effort.

Golden Egg #9:

This egg is on Poached Eggs level 62. As with the last egg, make sure you are zoomed out and you should see the egg on a pedestal up high in the right hand corner of the level. It is quite tricky to get to - you need to wait until you are given a White Bird to use. Click to activate its egg bomb which will push you up further and hopefully into the Golden Egg.

Golden Egg Level #9:

This level requires brute force. You are given a horde of Black Birds to use, so just blast your way through the obstacles, using the TNT to help out wherever possible.

Golden Egg #10:

To get this egg, you first need to play Poached Eggs level 3. On this level you will see a smiley face with an egg sticking out of it. Simply hit the egg to unlock the Golden Egg level.

Golden Egg Level #10:

An easy level awaits now - just aim at the 'Space' writing that is made up of pigs with each of your shots and you should find it easy enough to take them all out.

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ID #331205 | Dec 19th 2013 Guest
Thank you! You're the only site I've found that gave me sensible directions for finding egg No. 5. Life is so much easier when people don't overcomplicate things - especially for the hard of thinking like me
ID #313188 | Oct 7th 2013 Guest
heY,, thankx a lot.. itx help me so much that i have found all the golden eggx
ID #255520 | Feb 17th 2013 Guest
thanks so much for your help in finding the golden eggs! Have looked at other sites and did not have any luck at finding the eggs. Now I have them all! Thanks again!
ID #253677 | Feb 13th 2013 Guest
Thank you very much for your help, I looked on several other sites before I found yours. None of their instructions made any sense, but yours was clear. Thanks so much.
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thanks dudes for the golden eggssss