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Mighty Hoax - World 4
Angry Birds Friends

Mighty Hoax - World 4

Angry Birds Friends Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Mighty Hoax - World 4

These levels follow on from Poached Eggs, and is more of a classic Angry Birds set of levels.

World 4

Level 4-1:

Fire the first Red Bird into the top triangle of the three on the left. This will cause it to tip to the right and fall onto the three pigs below.

Level 4-2:

Send the Blue Bird towards the first wooden barricade, splitting it to cause maximum damage. This should deal with the first set of pigs. With the next Blue Bird, split it over the middle two pigs - the helmetted one and the one with the moustache. If you aim correctly, you can tip the stone block to the right, squishing the last three pigs. If not, use the Yellow Bird to finish off.

Level 4-3:

Use the Blue Bird's split ability to crash into the left-hand side of the glass roof of the right-hand structure. This should cause a lot of damage and take out the helmetted pig below. To deal with the first pig, send a Red Bird into the stone wall at the start - it will tip to the right and squash it. Finally, ricochet your White Bird into the part of the structure next to the final pig to eliminate it and complete the level.

Level 4-4:

There are lots of helmetted pigs on this level. Use the first Yellow Bird to puncture the wooden roof and take out the first pig. With the next one, aim for the exposed wooden support that is holding up the next pig along. Finally, send the third Yellow Bird into the side of the next pig so that the platform it and its friend are resting on collapses neatly.

Level 4-5:

With the Red Bird, knock the side of the first stone block that is resting on top of the glass squares. This will have an effect on the integrity of the wooden structure, and the Red Bird will bounce back into the first pig below. Using the Blue Bird, split it so that the flock smashes through the top of the glass bricks and into the wooden structure - this will cause a few of the pigs inside it to be eliminated. You now have a free shot with a Yellow Bird into the heart of the wooden structure. Any pigs that remain can be destroyed using the Black Bird.

Level 4-6:

Send the first Yellow Bird into the wooden triangle just above the first pig. This will cause much of the left-side of the structure to collapse. With the second Yellow Bird, plough through the next section of wooden triangles so that this all falls to the left. Repeat with the third bird to hit the next pig, and finish off with the final Yellow Bird aimed at the last pig.

Level 4-7:

Launch the first Red Bird up into the section at the top right of this level. You want to hit the wooden post on the left. This may not look like it has had an effect, but it will have weakened the wood sufficiently that when you send your Blue Bird in the same location and split it, the flock will smash through and decimate everything within. Fire the second Blue Bird in the same place to gain points from the debris that remains. You need the Yellow Bird to take on the lower structure due to its strength against wood. Fire it, aiming towards the first pig which will blow up the TNT and the other pig down there.

Level 4-8:

Aim the first White Bird on a very high arc. You want to drop its egg bomb down the chasm to the right of the helmetted pig, setting off the TNT that lies at the bottom. With the next bird, use a lower arc and drop its bomb down the left-hand chasm, setting off that TNT. Try to use an arc so low that when the bird ricochets having laid its egg, it continues into the central tower. Use one more White Bird if necessary to finish things off.

Level 4-9:

The pigs on this level are very well protected. To deal with the first pig, fire your Red Bird up high so that it drops down with maximum force onto its helmet. You then should be able to penetrate the side of the tank using the Yellow Bird, which will take out the helmetted pig, and cause the one above to fall to its doom.

Level 4-10:

See the long wooden plank that is pointing diagonally upwards next to the first set of stone blocks and boulders? Fire the Red Bird into the topmost section of this. If you get lucky, it will bounce up, over the first TNT, roll down the slope below, and into the next TNT, destroying the two pigs down there. You can then fire the Yellow Bird into the higher TNT, which will send boulders into the other two pigs.

Level 4-11:

Use the first White Bird to hit the long wooden plank that is above the first pig from the left. If you lay the egg bomb as late as possible, most of the tower will be destroyed. You can then focus the next White Bird on any remaining pigs - remember to lay the egg bomb on any important structural beams to get maximum points for damage.

Level 4-12:

Fire the first Yellow Bird up high so that it gathers speed and impacts between the first two towers. This should cause the left one to collapse, and will deal some structural damage on the middle. You can then send the next bird on a low trajectory, smashing through the lower section of the middle tower and taking out any pigs en route. Finally, finish off the level with another Yellow Bird aimed into the last tower.

Level 4-13:

Send the Red Bird into the wooden square in the middle of the left side of the main structure. Follow this up with a Yellow Bird in the same location, which should detonate the TNT. Only the right-hand side should remain now, which a well placed Yellow Bird to the wooden square in the center should deal with.

Level 4-14:

There are some tough shots required to get the most out of this level. Fire the Yellow Bird almost along the ground, so that it skims through the wooden blocks right at the bottom, supporting the pigs above. The Blue Bird should be used where it is strongest, against the glass blocks up high. Split it to take out the first two pigs up there and do some damage to the rest of that section. The next Yellow Bird can be aimed at the third pillar along the bottom - the one with the large wooden section. This should eliminate the last two pigs downstairs. Use the net flock of Blue Birds to split into the right-side of the glass section above and take out the remaining pigs.

Level 4-15:

With the Black Bird, launch it into the gap between the middle and right towers. Blow it up and you should eliminate the pig to the right. Use the White Bird on the wooden section of the left tower to take out that pig, before firing the second Black Bird into the central structure to weaken it. This should leave you open to cut through the wood using the next Yellow Bird.

Level 4-16:

Lob the Black Bird into the third stone square going diagonally upwards from the bottom left. Next, fire the Yellow Bird up very high so that it comes down fast into the wooden blocks above the cavern that houses the pigs. You can follow this up, if necessary, with another Yellow Bird in the same location as it will slide down the cavern and into any remaining pigs.

Level 4-17:

Using an accurate shot you can complete this level with just one bird. Fire your Yellow Bird up high so that it lands through the three consecutive wooden triangles that go in a diagonal line from the helmetted pig upwards. It should break through all three and take out the pig that thought it was safe!

Level 4-18:

The three pigs in this castle are pretty hard to get at! Send the first White Bird up over the middle of the castle and bomb the center of the roof. Repeat this with the second - the aim is to clear a path for the first Black Bird. As planned, send this to land in the hole you have (hopefully) made in the top of the castle. Detonate the bird while inside and you should clear the level in a satisfying fashion - feel free to mop up any remaining pigs and objects with another Black Bird.

Level 4-19:

Send the Red Bird into the wooden supports of the first glass section to this level. Split the Blue Bird into the right-hand tower to cause some structural damage, and repeat this with the next one to finish off any pigs still standing.

Level 4-20:

For this level you want to lob the first Black Bird up high so it lands through the second stone beam in the left section of the structure. When it detonates, much of the left-hand side should be destroyed, and hopefully some of the center. Fire the Yellow Bird through the wooden beam above the two central pigs, and follow this up with a White Bird's egg bomb released as close to the target as possible to take out these two guys. You can smash the remaining pigs into oblivion with a final, well-placed Black Bird.

Level 4-21:

Launch the first Yellow Bird on a high line so that it just hits the stone beam at the top of the tower. This will cause it to topple to the right and squish the King Pig and his immediate allies. You can then use a couple more Yellow Birds to pick off any remaining pigs.

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