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Jet Badge
Pokemon White

Jet Badge

Pokemon White Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Jet Badge

Route 6

Route 6

Tall Grass - Deerling / Foongus / Karrablast / Swadloon / Tranquill
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga / Leavanny / Unfezant
Dark Grass - Deerling / Foongus / Karrablast / Swadloon / Tranquill

Tall Grass - Deerling / Foongus / Karrablast / Swadloon / Vanillite
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga / Leavanny
Dark Grass - Deerling / Foongus / Karrablast / Swadloon / Vanillite

(Req: Surf) Water Surface - Basculin
(Req: Surf) Water Surface (Ripples) - Basculin
(Req: Rod) Fishing - Basculin / Poliwag / Poliwhirl
(Req: Rod) Fishing (Ripples) - Basculin / Poliwhirl / Politoed

First off if you want to do everything in this game then you need to capture a Deerling in the tall grass. It's pretty common and we'll need one for part of the story here in just a few minutes. Fight all the trainers and the rangers (rangers giving you Cheri Berries on this Route) until you get to the first house. This is the Season Research Lab. Let's grab the Elixir behind the fence and the Hyper Potion in the Lab's fenced in area before going inside.

Inside the guy on the left wants to see a Deerling of every season. Now in Pokemon White / Black a season is an entire month long. That's real world month. Like April is Winter. So to do this is a 4 month real time commitment. Your prize for this 4 month trek is a Leaf Stone at the end.

Back out and continue left you'll come to what appears to be another item. Not so. 2 of the items in this area are actually Foongus. If you want to catch one prepare your party ahead of time. The middle item is actually a Leaf Stone so be sure to grab that.

Finally the house to the right past the next bridge will heal your Pokemon for you. Then lead to the top left to enter Chargestone Cave.

Chargestone Cave

Chargestone Cave

Cave - Boldore / Ferroseed / Joltik / Klink / Tynamo
Cave (Dust Cloud) - Drilbur

Clay will meet you at the cave entrance and his Krokorok will open it for you. Clay will hand over TM78 Bulldozer finally and you can enter. Inside N will have a talk with you and then so will Juniper and Bianca. This cave's “puzzle” is to push flying rocks into bigger rocks. In my playing I don't think it's even possible in this cave to make a wrong move. Juniper will give you a Lucky Egg. Give this to your lead Pokemon and they will get a good boost in EXP for each win they are in.

Don't bother going down the stairs to the lower level as it's blocked. Push the first rock to the left and then the next one to the right to open the path forward. It's take you right by a Parlyz Heal. Then go up the next small area to get a Heal Ball.

Work your way down to the bridge and the Team Plasma Shadow Triad will lead you across for another meeting with N. Grab the Hyper Potion. Now before going down a level continue on to get a Iron.

Now heading downstairs you'll meet the 2 Nugget Brother who will each give you a Nugget. The up the stairs and to the left is a Timer Ball. Before going through the gaunlet of Team Plasma Grunts continue around the loop for a Doctor. You have to beat him first, but once you do you can come back to him to heal as often as you like.

Which is good because now you have seven, yes seven, Grunts in a row to fight before getting back to the top level. These are one at a time and you can go back to the Doctor to heal at any time so its really not as hard as it sounds. Make sure to grab the Thunderstone in the midst of all the rocks at after Grunt #5.

We are skipping the stairs down because that area is really for later in the game. So go up the stairs at the top right to get back to the main level. There are 2 trainers and then a Magnet in the bottom right before you head to the exit. N will fight you as you try to leave the cave.

Battle N:

Lvl 28 Boldore [Rock], Lvl 28 Joltik [Bug / Electric], Lvl 28 Klink [Steel] & Lvl 28 Ferroseed [Grass / Steel]

Boldore is weak to Fighting, Klink is weak to Fighting and Fire, Joltik is weak to Fighting and Fire also, and finally Ferroseed is weak to Fire. So this battle was made for those that choose Tepig.

Mistralton City

Mistralton City

Your first trip to Mistralton City is short. Start going north and you'll meet the gym leader, Skyla and Professor Juniper's Dad, Cedric. Cedric will update your Pokemon with some more info and more search options. As is the case with most of these gym leaders Skyla is not going to let you just go to the gym. She is off to the Celestrial Tower.  Before you chase after her via Route 7 there are two quick things you can do. First head to the airport and grab TM58 Sky Drop by the front plane. The only other thing to do is go to the far right house which is the Move House. The old man will delete moves from Pokemon for you and the young girl will let you re-learn moves for a Heart Scale.

Route 7

Route 7

Tall Grass - Deerling / Foongus / Tranquill / Watchog / Zebstrika
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga / Unfezant
Dark Grass - Deerling / Foongus / Tranquill / Watchog / Zebstrika

Tall Grass - Cubchoo / Deerling / Foongus / Watchog / Zebstrika
Tall Grass (Rustling) - Audino / Emolga
Dark Grass - Cubchoo / Deerling / Foongus / Watchog / Zebstrika

Route 7 has a series of small wooden walkways. If you miss or stand for too long you'll fall off. If you want all the Pokemon and items then you'll need to run through the grass anyway but for fast trips in and out you can get through 7 very fast.

In the first set of grass in front of you on the right is a Great Ball. Up the stairs right away to the left is a man with a free TM57 Charge Beam. The first house on the left the man will trade you a Boldore for a Emolga. After that to the right you'll have a Triple Battle against a Liepard, Swoobat and a Watchog all lvl 32. The lady watching the TV in the middle house will heal you. Head back and to the upper right. There is a PP Up in the grass. The two Rangers in the area will give you Aspear Berries. Then a Max Ether past the Ranger to the right and you'll on to the Celestial Tower.

Celestial Tower

Celestial Tower

2F - Litwick
3F/4F/5F - Elgyem / Litwick

First off Celestial Tower is home to Litwick and Elgyem two Pokemon that you can find NO other place in White/Black so if you are a catch them all kind of trainer then now is the time and place. Litwick is on the 2nd floor up to the roof and Elgyem is in the 3rd floor up to the roof. These are the only 2 wild Pokemon in the Tower so they are not that hard to find.

These floors are pretty straightforward. Get all the items and fight all the trainers and get to the top floor. There is no major battle just all the trainers so I'll give you a rundown of the items you can find. On 2F there is a Hyper Potion to the right and TM61 Will-O-Wisp on the left. On 3F there is a Spell Tag on the right. A Doctor is at the base of the stairs to 4F if you need a heal. You just have to beat him first. The Doctors are so aggressive in this version. And finally on 4F head to the left right away to get TM65 Shadow Claw and a Revive is on the right.

Once at the top listen to Skyla and then ring the bell. Then after a final talk Fly back to Mistralton City for the badge battle.

Mistralton City - Jet Badge Battle

Mistralton City - Gym Battle

The Gym is at the top left at the far end of the runway. Fresh Water is waiting as he always is on the inside. This whole gym is a series of cannons that send you all over the gym.

Fire towards the top. Fire to the left and then immediately get back in and fire to the right. Fight the trainer then go up and fight the next trainer then fire yourself left. Fight the trainer then fire top (This cannon has a choice so fire TOP). Fire right, fight the trainer, then fire back left.  Go up the stairs fight the final trainer and then fire yourself around the outside of the gym until you get to the Gym Leader.


Skyla - Lvl 33 Swoobat [Psychic / Flying], Lvl 33 Unfezant [Normal / Flying], Lvl 35 Swanna [Water / Flying]
Recommended level: 37

All three are Flying Types so Electric and Rock will do you a LOT of good. The only Electric TM_ you have this point is Volt Switch and that forces you to change Pokemon with each hit so a better option is to get yourself a Zebsrika on Route 7 and level that up for a little while if you are having some problems.

Afterwards you get the Jet Badge and TM62 Acrobatics. Then head to the house above the PokeCenter. Two boys in there have hidden another move for you to find. Go back to the airstrip and its on the bottom left. TM40 Aerial Ace. Once you are done head back to Route 7.

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