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Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Cheats for GameCube

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Invisible BoardAdded 2 Nov 2008, ID #8657
Go to any level in Freeskate mode. Enter high score mode. Press B while walking to let your board go, and while it's leaving your hand, go to end high score run. When it restarts, your skater will skate right off his board, but still be skating. You are now skating with no skateboard. Once you walk, he will walk as if he never had a board in his hand. The board will appear again if you fall in water.

Some cheatsAdded 6 Dec 2006, ID #7101
Here is some cheats

1) 2wheels! Unlocks unlimited manual

2) grindxpert unlocks unlimited grind
Reset GameAdded 14 Jul 2006, ID #6299
Hold buttons: Start + B + X
UnlockablesAdded 11 Apr 2006, ID #5685
Enter the following codes at the 'Cheats' menu to unlock the corresponding.

Unlock Mat Hoffman:

Perfect Manual Balance:

Unlock Perfect Skitch Balance:

Unlock Moon Gravity:

Unlock Perfect Grind:

Special Meter Always Full:

Unlock Lil Jon to Skate with:

Always Special:
Complete ALL gaps in every level

Unlock Moon Gravity:
Complete ALL gaps in every level

Unlock Perfect Rail:
Complete ALL gaps in every level

Unlock Perfect Skitch:
Complete ALL gaps in every level

Unlock Perfect Manual:
Complete all gaps in every level

Unlockable Skaters
Do the following tasks to unlock the corresponding skater.

Unlock Robo-Tony, Mindy:
Beat Story on Easy

Unlock Billie Joe, Boone:
Beat Classic on Normal

Unlock Jimbo, Murphy, Mega:
Beat Story mode on Sick

Unlock Lil' John, Iggy, Jason Ellis:
Beat Story mode on Normal difficulty setting

Unlock Matt Hoffman, Useless Dave:
Beat Classic mode on Sick difficulty setting

Unlock Ped. Group A: Baller, Welder, Camera Guy, Cholo:
Beat Story mode 100%

Unlock Ped. Group B: Carnival Worker, Dogtown Guy, French Man:
Get ALL 43 Skate ranch pieces and complete ALL the Skate Ranch missions

Unlock Ped. Group C: Master Zen, Hard Hat Worker, Dogtown Guy 2, Graffiti Dude:
Beat Classic 100%

Unlock Ped Group D: Oil Rig Worker, Police Man, Performer, Boone in Briefs:
Complete ALL Gaps

Unlock Pro Bails 1:
Beat Classic on any difficulty

Unlock Pro Bails 2:
Complete Story 100%

Neversoft Skaters:
Beat Classic 100%

American Wasteland:
Beat Story on any difficulty
UnlockableAdded 24 Dec 2005, ID #5133
Perfect skitch- h!tchar!de
Perfect manual- 2wheels
Play as jason ellis- sirius-Dj
Play as mat coffman- the_conder

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