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What People Like and Hate hint for Harvest Moon: Magical Melody


What People Like and Hate

All people hate the following: Junk Ore, Weed, Dry Grass, Weird Dish, Failed Dish, Can, Stone

Theodore: Potato, Potato Foods, Good Egg, Sunny-Side Up, Baked Yam, Potato Gratin, Gold Ore
Meryl: Special Mayonnaise
Ronald: Soda, Special Egg, Orange Herb, Pinkcat Flower, Special Milk
Henry: Carrot, Spicy Stew
Basil: Limestone, Orange Balm with Formula, Pontana Root, Blue Mist Flower, Herb Tea
Nina: Honey, Stew, Strawberry, Strawberry Milk, Blue Mist Flower, Herb Tea
Lyla: Wool, Yarn, Orange Cake, Flower, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Soup, Sapphire
Alex: Herb, Potion, Pontana Root, Herb Tea, Toadstool, Veggie Juice, Grilled Snapper, Turnip
Bob: Good Egg, Topaz Brooch, Cake, Pie
Gwen: Special Cheese, Pizza, Omelet, Carrot, Jam, Cake, Marmalade
Joe: Dace, Dace Foods, Cureall, Coral Brooch, Turnip, Salted Rainbow Trout, Tuna Steak
Hank: Turnip, Soda, Good Mayonnaise
Ann: Good Clay, Spicy Fried Veggies, Rare Ore, Corn, Baked Corn
Woody: Special Milk, Egg, Eggplant
Tai: Spinach, Rare Ore, Special Milk
Dan: Apple Soda, Grape Soda, Very Berry Soda, Grape, Clam
Gourmet: Special Egg, Milk, Mayonnaise, Butter, Truffle, Truffle Saute
Louis: Silver Ore, Caffeine Foods, Moonstone, Special Egg
Michael: Special Milk, Cheese, Butter, Stew, Onion, Rare Ore
Doug: Corn, Corn-Based Foods, Special Dairy Products
Ellen: Char Sashimi, Apple Pie, Special Milk, Breadfruit, Chestnut, Cocoa Cake
Tim: Cake, Pie, Special Egg, Corn
Carl: Pudding, Chestnut Pie, Apple, Yam, Special Egg
Gina: Milkshake, Miso Mackerel, Onion, Coral
Liz: Pumpkin, Pumpkin Foods
Ray: Fish, Fish Foods, Special Egg, Special Mayonnaise, Corn, Yellowtail Foods
Katie: Yogurt, Cheesecake, Apple, Apple Jam, Marmalade, Yarn
Saibara: Good Clay, Pickled Foods, Eggplant
Maria: Pickled Foods, Boiled Spinach, Sashimi Foods, Eggplant
Dia: Blueberry, Blueberry Foods, Cocoa Cake, Emerald
Kurt: Red Herb, Aquamarine Brooch, Tomato, Tomato Juice
Eve: Soda, Strawberries, Special Cheese, Ruby, Very Berry Soda, Very Berry Juice
Blue: Good Dairy Products, Sapphire Brooch, Yogurt
Terry: Mushroom, Truffle, Veggie Salad, Fish, Fish Foods
Martha: Wool, Yarn, Salad, Special Cheese, Breadfruit
Duke: Potato, Pizza, Soda, Special Cheese
Nami: Milk, Good Cheese, Special Mayonnaise, Yarn, Orange, Yogurt, Diamond Ring, Blueberry, Blueberry Jam
Jamie: Veggies, Fish, Grapes, Berries, Good Milk, Special Dairy Products, Shiny Wool, Shiny Yarn, Special Egg, Cake

Theodore: Cheese (of all levels)
Eve: Toadstool
Kurt: Toadstool

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