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Cheat_Gurl52 asks: Added Aug 27th 2005, ID #37421

Question for Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

OO!! Yay! Im the first person here!! Anywayz, what are the heart events for all the people you can marry? Thx! and get

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diannalynn answered: Added 27th Aug 2005, ID #74383
For most of the heart events, you can trigger them during any season, on the day of the week and time suggested.
Have fun!!!. Cliff loves Curry Rice, likes tempura recipes, Pizza, LOVES WINE, Mushroom
Rice, any type of food and wedding bells will be ringing soon. He hates flowers, and the only food he hates is a plain egg.

Cliff's Black Heart Event is at Mineral Church. I triggered it during Summer
Year One on a Thursday at 11:20 AM. Carter says Cliff had a rough year, and you
Walk up to Cliff and he'll introduce himself. Say "It's okay to fail" to him,
And he'll cheer up a bit.

On the Purple Heart Event, Winter Year 1, at 6:30 on a Wednesday at the Mineral Church. Carter and Cliff were in the church and Carter wants Cliff to make dinner, and ask you to help. You automatically agree, and start. Carter hears some out at the confessional, and leaves. Even though he asked this before, he asks you if you will help. Say yes, and both of you will get to work.

On the Blue Heart Event, Spring Year 2, on a Friday at 3:20. This heart event requires 2 things. One, you must have invited him to the Wine Festival Thing with Duke. Two, you must walk directly straight from your farm. You see Saibara's workshop at a mini intersection from your farm, and then just go straight. You then see Cliff and Duke talking. Duke says he's done working for the day, but Cliff says he's more than willing to help out more. It turns out Manna worries a lot about him. Duke will see you and ask you to some over. He says Cliff should take you up to Mother's Hill, Cliff says there's still work, but Duke boots him out anyway. At Mother's hill, Cliff will apologize on Duke's behalf, but says he like the town, and helping others. He'll ask you if you like working on your farm. Say yes, and he'll say he likes working at the winery, and he'll give you a Flower
Decoration he made.

Finally, the yellow Heart Event. This happened in Fall on a Tuesday at 5:20. Duke and Manna will be having an argument about Cliff. Manna's worried about
Him, and Duke says don't worry, and Manna scolds him for not carrying. All
Quite boring. Then they'll notice you walked in. If they were anime Duke
Would be having a drop going down his neck. Manna then yells at him again. Duke then asks you about Cliff's bad parts. Say you'd have to think about it
For a correct response. The two want to show you how great Cliff is, so when
He walks in, you get another free meal. Great isn't it!

Birthday is Summer 06 Cliff's Alternate is on Summer 10.

3. Gray Just Give Him some bronze ore, and he'll be head over heels for you. He also like eggs, Chocolate, Curry Bread, and Loves Baked Corn. He's usually al ways at the Inn at night, so it's perfect if your done working, just go upstairs to talk to him and give your gift.

The Black Heart Event isn't really flirting. It's more I'm getting pissed off
At you. It was during Spring on a Friday at 10:40. Walk in and gray is
Questioning Saibara about why his work isn't good enough. Gray then sees you
And asks if you need anything and should leave if you don't have any
Business. Then Saibara's face looks like a turnip and lectures Gray. He then
Starts blaming Saibara. Tell him to keep training, and the event will go
Good. The Purple Heart Summer on a Sunday at 7:00. Gray says he's not good around people, but seems to be OK around you. He then remembers that you mine ores and gems and says he is into that kind of stuff to because it is part of his work. Gray then starts "Oh I'm a Terrible Blacksmith" speech. So cheer him up and says he does a good job. He is happy and says he will use his skills to make you something.

The Blue Heart Event is nice because you don't have to go anywhere. In Fall
On a Monday, I just walked out of my new re-done house and he was there. He's
Available from 6 to 12, but since time doesn't pass in your house, you should
Have no problem even if you oversleep. Make sure you have an open pocket in
Your Item part of your Rucksack. He says that he's getting better and
Blacksmithing even though Saibara gives him grief. He asks if you are
Interested in Jewelry. Say a little bit, a he'll blush and give you a broach.

The Yellow Heart Event took place during Spring Year Two, at 11:30. I walked
Into the shop and Saibara says he's happy you and Gray are friends. Saibara
Then asks Gray to stop working and asks that he spends some time with you
Today. Back at the inn Gray will apologize for his Grandpa's behavior and
Asks if you'll be in town for a while. Say yes and he'll be glad. He is glad
You are a type of person who doesn't move around, and would be bummed if you

Gray's Birthday is Winter 06, and alternate is Winter 23.

4. Doctor Doctor likes Milk the best, enjoys medium and large fish, honey, and
Wild grasses. The Black Heart Event took place in Spring on a Thursday, at 3:40. He'll ask
You if you are a patient. He says he doesn't recognize you. He then knows
That you're the new farmer. He'll introduce him self. He says if you don't
Feel well come visit him. He'll ask you if you want to take a medicine. Say
O...Okay. The medicine will taste bad but Doctor will be happy.

On the Purple Heart Event, at the Clinic, (all heart events at Clinic) on Fall, during a Tuesday at 10:20. He says he has another new medicine, (Great) and asks if you'll try it. Say Yes, and he'll be happy again. He says to wait in his office, and comes back with the medicine. You drink it, and don't feel well, you then pass out. You wake up on a hospital bed, and he apologizes. Elli suggests that maybe, just maybe you shouldn't have anymore medicine. At the Blue Heart Event, Spring Year 2 at 2:50, on A Sunday. Elli welcomed me and asked how your farm is. She says that Doctor wanted to give you something. If you ask what it is (right choice) she'll lead you into his office. Doctor is happy you came, and gives you something to relax, called the Negative Ion. Doctor says he is happy healing people now.

At the Yellow Heart Event, This happened during Summer Year 2, on Monday at
9:10. Elli says that the Doctor has been acting strange lately, that he's
Been thinking deeply, and she can't get through to him. You talk to Doctor,
And he is surprised that Elli is worrying about him. Doctor says he has been
Thinking about different things lately, including his patients. He says
People are not comfortable around him, and doesn't like that. Say that it's
Good to have an open heart, and he'll agree with you. He says it's a miracle
People's problems go away when they talk about it.

Doctor's birthday is Fall 19, alternate Fall 25.

5. Kai
Kai's favorite item is Pineapple, but he likes flour, oil, corn, onions, eggs, and especially Pumpkin recipes. He doesn't like Rice Cakes, Bamboo Shoots, or mushrooms. Most girls think Kai is cute, but I still think Gray is the best. Here goes.

The Black Heart Event happened to me during Summer On Wednesday at 11:40 at the beach. The two of you start talking about your family. Kai asks if it's
Bad if you don't like your parents. Tell him it doesn't matter, and he looks
Puzzled. He says his parents are so mean that he has to come here or else
He'll go insane.

The Purple Heart Event Happened to me on Late Summer, on a Monday, at 5:10,
This time it is in the lodge. Kai will welcome you to his shop, and ask how
The farm is. He'll ask about you're crops. Tell him you're growing
Pineapple, (doesn't matter if your not) and he'll say he loves pineapple. Kind of a different heart event, but still sweet.

The Blue Heart Event I discovered was unique to trigger. You have to have
Your stamina below 50 percent. When you see the character wiping her face
With a cloth, Do what you were doing one more time, and if the time is
Right, run to Mineral Beach. I did it on Summer Year 2 on a Tuesday at 3:00. As you walk up to Kai, you'll say you don't feel good and pass out. You wake
Up in the hospital, and Doctor says the hot weather made you collapse. Doctor leaves the room and Kai suggest you should take it easy on your farm
For a little bit. Say he maybe right, and you'll get a Good Luck Charm form

The Yellow Heart Event took place towards the end of Summer Year 2 for me at
10:30 on a Thursday. Kai is standing on the dock, and says he's not getting
A lot of customers today. He then asks you what you think of himself. Kai
Feels that the boys think he's a jerk because he refuses to act fraudulent. He wants to know if he should change. Tell him to forget about that thought
And he agrees.

Kai's birthday is Summer 22, alternate Summer 17.

6. Rick Rick loves Spa-Boiled Eggs, so just take out one of your eggs every day and you should have no problem. He likes regular eggs, mayonnaise, and any food with Chicken in it.

The Black Heart Event took place in Spring, on Friday at 11:10. You
Walk in, and see Popuri, Rick, and Lillia standing around the table. On the
Table are Spa-Boiled Eggs. They all notice you walk in and they introduce
Themselves. Rick asks if you like eggs, and if you say yes he'll grab one
From the table and give you it.

The Purple Heart Event took place at the Poultry Farm on Tuesday at 11:40
During Summer. Everyone greets you as you walk in the door. Rick says he
Heard the stories about you're farm, and says that it's hard work to do it
Alone. Popuri asks about raising animals, and Rick quizzes you. When he asks
How long it takes for an egg to hatch, say 3 days, and he says you are
Knowledgeable about animals.

The Blue Heart Event happened to me on Winter in a Monday at 12:00 at the
Farm. Lillia and Popuri welcome you, and Rick's comes in. He asks if you
Have a treasure. He says he was cleaning his room and found what his Dad
Gave him before he left to help Lillia. He says his mom is lonely because
His Dad is gone. He hopes he is not making you sad. Tell him that he's not,
He'll be happy and give you the watch, which his Dad gave him.

The Yellow Heart Event happened in Winter also, on Friday at 8:30 at Doug's
Inn. Walk up to the counter and Doug will greet you. Rick is to the side,
And calls you over to have a round of drinks with him. The two of you talk
And Rick says he's interested in you. Rick says it's dangerous at this time
Of night and he'll escort you to your house. Tell him you want an escort and
He'll walk you home while talking. When you're home, Rick will say he
Enjoyed talking to you, and leaves.

Rick's birthday is Fall 27, alternate is Fall 23.
MasterMind_Matt123 answered: Added 15th Oct 2005, ID #81393
Cliff's Heart Events
Black Heart
Go into the Mineral Church on Tuesday or Thursday between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Carter welcomes you and asks that you listen to his request. He says that the person sitting to the left is Cliff and he's had a bad year. Carter is asking that you talk to Cliff to help cheer him up. Cliff is new to Mineral Town too, just like you are. Cliff isn't a very talkative person. Walk up to Cliff and he'll introduce himself. Carter's right, he does seem very sad! Cliff can't figure out why you're talking to him and asks if he has something on his face. He learns you're just trying to cheer him up, so he apologizes for seeming so tense. Tell him to Relax and he'll cheer up a little bit. Cliff says he's looking forward to talking to you again. Purple Heart
This one can be tough to find at the Church if it's before you've seen the Fall Wine Harvest event. If it's before, you can see this on Monday, Wednesdays, or any rainy day at exactly 4:00 pm. If it's after the Wine event then you can see this from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. When you walk into the Church, Carter and Cliff will be inside. Carter says he's been talking to Cliff about having dinner at the Church and Cliff asks if you would like to dine together with them. You automatically agree. Carter says Ann will be bringing dinner by later, but in the meantime he would like the place cleaned up a little bit. Suddenly Carter says he hears someone who needs his guidance from the Confessional booth. He goes to the booth and leaves you and Cliff alone together! Cliff is a little baffled, but asks if you would help him since Carter left. Tell him you will (option 2) and the two of you will get to work. Carter will return once the cleaning is finished. He thanks the two of you for working on the meal. Now you all can enjoy it together. You'll exit the Church at 7:00 pm. Blue Heart
You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event. You can trigger this event by walking from Town screen north of your farm towards the Town screen where the Winery is located. The days are Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm. This event can only occur after you have invited Cliff to the Fall Wine Harvest event. You'll find Duke and Cliff talking together. Their work is done for the day, at least in Duke's opinion. Cliff is more than willing to continue working, but Duke tells him Manna worries about him working so much. Duke will spot you walking by and ask to come over. He then suggests to Cliff that he take you up to Mother's Hill! Cliff stutters and says he has to keep working, but Duke boots him out of the vineyard. At the top of Mother's Hill, Cliff apologizes for Duke's behavior. He enjoys the lifestyle of the town and says he really enjoys helping others. Cliff asks if you like working on your farm and you can tell him you like it (option 1) or you don't like it. He is glad to hear you too like to work and he enjoys working in the winery. Cliff then give you a Flower Decoration that he had created. Yellow Heart
Walk into the Winery's house on Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Inside you'll find Duke and Manna gossiping to each other. Duke is wondering if Manna doesn't care about Cliff, but Manna scolds him and says she does care, but she doesn't overly worry about him. It is none of their business what "they" do. The two of them will then notice that you've walked in. They both greet you and Duke wants to ask a question. Manna tells him to mind his own business but Duke doesn't understand what's so bad about worrying for his family? Duke then asks you what you think Cliff's bad parts are. You can reply that he thinks too much (option 1) or nothing strikes you as being bad. Duke and Manna are glad that you do understand him well to see that he does have his faults. Cliff walks in and tells them that he's done with the day's work. Duke then explains that you've come to have dinner with him! Cliff is glad to hear that and the two of you head to the Inn for a meal. Cliff walks you home that evening and thanks you for dining with him.
Doctor's Heart Events
Black Heart
Visit the Clinic on Monday, Thursday, or Saturday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. As you walk into the office, Doctor will ask if you're a patient. He then notices that you're not one of the villagers. After he realizes you're the new farmer he introduces himself. If you ever start feeling bad then come visit him! He says the villagers are healthy people compared to those living in the city, but there is always need for someone in the medical field. Doctor is already worried about your health. Running a farm is hard work! He then asks if you could try a new medicine that came from another town. It's suppose to regain a person's strength and fatigue at the same time. Doctor doesn't think it's effective enough and isn't sure if he should sell it at the Clinic. It's been improved but he thinks it's still too bitter. If you choose to drink it (O...Okay) he'll be happy that you're up to the challenge (eek!) and he hands you a dose of medicine. Holy smokes it tastes bad. Yuck! He pretty much guessed that it still isn't tasty, but asks if it was effective. You nervously nod your head and he's happy, but you decline to take another drink! Oh well, he thanks you for helping him out anyway. Purple Heart
Head to the Clinic on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. As you walk in and head towards the office, Doctor is glad to see you've come to visit. He's had a new medicine delivered to him (ut oh, not again!). If you don't flee (option #2) he'll rejoice. He's glad you have an interest in this! Doctor will ask you to wait in his office, then he'll go to Elli's counter to pick up the new medicine. He says this time you'll enjoy it because this medicine is suppose to recover your strength and fatigue at the same time. This one should be twice as effective as the last one he had you try. You're a little hesitant to drink it though!
He think it will taste the same as the last time, but you agree to give it a try. After you drink his medicine you don't feel so good. Doctor calls for Elli to hurry to his office. When you wake up, Doctor apologizes for your condition. When Doc tried the medicine earlier he didn't feel such a negative affect. You're already beginning to feel better, and so Elli suggests maybe he needs to stop asking you to drink his medicine. Blue Heart
You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event. Visit the Clinic on any day except Wednesday, between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. As you enter the building Elli will ask you how your farm is doing. She then mentions that the Doctor wants to give you something. If you ask her what it is (option 1) she'll ask you to go into his office. Doctor is happy to see you and says he wants to give you something. He wants to try a different type of healing technique that is popular in the city. The gift he gives you is the Negative Ion and he says it will help you to relax. Doctor says he's beginning to believe the best way to heal people is to make them happy. Yellow Heart
This event can occur on Friday, Saturday, or Monday between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. As you walk in the door Elli tells you that the Doctor's appearance has been strange lately. She has seen him thinking deeply and she can't seem to talk to him. Go speak with Doctor. He is surprised that Elli is worried about him. Doctor says he has been thinking of various things today, like his patients. He thinks that people feel uneasy around him and he has been thinking how to make that not happen anymore. If you suggest that it's good to have and open heart (option 1) he will agree with you. He says it's wonderous that a person's troubles go away when they talk about it. You have made him feel a lot better.
Gray's Heart Events
Black Heart
Head into the Blacksmith shop on Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday between 10:10 am and 1:00 pm. Inside you'll find Gray very upset at his grandpa Saibara. You've walked into the middle of an argument! The two of them finally notice that you're standing in the doorway. Gray rudely demands to know why you are looking at him. Saibara interrupts and yells at him for being discourteous to a customer. Saibara welcomes you to his shop. He then becomes embarrassed at his actions and beings to make up an excuse. Gray says that he's doesn't feel appreciated and plans on giving up, so you tell him to keep practicing with his training (response #1). Gray is surprised and thanks you for your kindness. He's going to talk to his grandpa and learn what he can. Purple Heart
Visit the 2nd floor of Doug's Inn on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Upstairs Gray will apologize for his behavior during the Black Heart event. He says he is not use to having people around but that he is somehow comfortable with you.
Gray then remembers that you like to get stuff out of the Mine. He says he too is into gems and ores because it is part of his work. Gray then starts the "whoa is me I am a bad blacksmith" speech, so to cheer him up tell him that he does a Great job. Gray thanks you for your vote of confidence and says he will use his skills to make you something. Blue Heart
You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event. As you walk out of your farmhouse door on Monday between 6:00 am and noon, you may bump into Gray. He says he is getting better with his blacksmith training even though Saibara still yells at him. He asks if you are interested in jewely. If you tell him you like jewely a little bit, he will blush and says he wants to give you something. Gray then gives you a Broach that he made without Saibara knowing about it. Yellow Heart
Visit the Blacksmith shop on Monday between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm. Saibara will ask to talk to you. He is glad that you have become friends with his grandson, but he thinks Gray is preoccupied with something. Saibara asks Gray to stop with his work and then requests that he spend some time with you today. Back at the Inn, Gray apologizes for his Grandpa. He asks if you plan on staying in town for a long time. If you tell him you are, Gray will be glad. He is pleased that you are the type who would not move around and he mentioned how he would miss you if you ever did move away. Kai's Heart Events
Black Heart
Walk to Mineral Beach on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm (or 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm). Kai will be outside his Shop on the bench. The two of you will start taking about your family. Kai will ask you if it's bad to be a person who doesn't like his family. If you tell him it doesn't really matter (option #2) he seems puzzled. He says his parents are terrible so he leaves every summer to come to the village. Purple Heart
Walk into Kai's Lodge on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday when he is inside. Kai will welcome you to his shop and ask how your farm is going. He asks if you're growing any crops on your farm. You can tell him you're growing Pinkcat Flowers, a lot of Pineapples, or you can tell him that you're embarrassed to tell him that you're not growing anything right now. If you tell him you're growing a lot of Pineapple, he'll let you know that he really likes Pineapple. Kai will ask if they're good then bring him one. Blue Heart
You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event. This event takes some effort on your part to trigger. You can not see this event until you've worked hard enough that day to drop your strength down to 50%. If you have not done enough work that day then you can't see this event. Your stamina level is a critical plot point of the event.
After working hard enough, visit the beach on a Tuesday or Friday between the hours of 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. As you walk up to Kai you don't feel very well and pass out. Kai calls for help and takes you to the Clinic. At the Clinic, Doctor explains that you were suffering from the hot weather that has been occurring lately. When Doctor leaves the room, Kai suggests that maybe you should take it easy with your work for a little bit. If you think he might be right (option #1) he will tell you it's always a good idea to take a break now and then. Kai then gives you a Good Luck Charm that he bought from a place far away. Yellow Heart
Go to the Beach on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. You'll find Kai standing on the end of the dock, looking out at the sea. He says he is not getting a lot of customers today. He then asks you what you think of him. Kai says he feels the other boys in town may think he is a jerk because of the way he refuses to act "fake". He wants to know if you think he should change his ways. If you tell him to forget about that thought (option #1) he agrees and believes he should always be honest with himself. Rick's Heart Events
Black Heart
Walk into the Poultry Farm house on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Inside you'll find Lillia, Popuri, and Rick standing in front of their table. Rick says today they've collected a lot of eggs so he took some of them up to the Hot Springs to make them into Spa Boiled Eggs for everybody to eat. They all notice you walk in, so Rick and Lillia introduce themselves. Rick asks if you like eggs, so you can answer you really like them or you think they're bad.
If you tell him you like Eggs, Rick will ask you to wait a moment. He then takes one of the Spa-Boiled Eggs off the table and gives it to you. Purple Heart
Go to the Poultry Farm on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm. The residents will greet you as you walk in the door. Rick says he just heard the story about your farm, and he thinks it's challenging to do it alone. Popuri asks if you know anything about raising animals so Rick decides to quiz you!
Rick asks how many days it takes for an egg to hatch. Tell him it takes 3 days (option 1) and he'll think you know a lot about raising animals. Blue Heart
You must own the largest Rucksack to see this event. Visit the Poultry Farm house on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday between the hours of 11:00 am and 3:00 pm. As you walk in Lillia and Popuri welcome you to their shop. Rick hears them and welcomes you as well. He then asks if you have a Treasure! He says he was cleaning his room and found what he use to call his Treasure. Rick had received it from his dad and hopes that his dad will return to them some day. Rick explains that his dad left to search for a flower that will heal his mother's sickness. He's sad because he feels his mom is lonely without his dad around. Rick then apologizes for acting melodramatic. He hopes that he is not making you sad. If you tell him that's he is not, he'll smile and decide to give his "treasure" to you. You'll receive Rick's Watch, his childhood treasure. Yellow Heart
Go to Doug's Inn on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday between 8:30 pm and 10:00 pm. Walk up to the counter so Ann and Doug welcomes you to their Inn. Rick is sitting off to the side and hears that you have entered. He notices that you've finished with your work and invites you to have a drink with him. The two of you have a nice conversation over a couple of drinks. Rick laughs and mentions that he finds you to be interesting. He's spent so much time talking with you that he's lost track of time! Rick says it's dangerous this late at night and asks if he can escort you back to your house. Tell him you would like an escort (the first response) and he'll suggest continuing the conversation as the two of you walk back to your house. Once you've reached the front door of your house, Rick will say he enjoyed his talk with you. Then he leaves to walk back to his house. PHEW!!!!!!!!

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