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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

Question for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

deathwish asks: Added Dec 23rd 2006, ID #73544

Question for Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

What are the best Pokemon for the Pokemon league and get
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Master Volthawk answered: Added 23rd Dec 2006, ID #163292
It would be best to use the three legendary birds, and Mew, if you got it. Then you can get a Haunter and any other Pokemon, maybe a Rock-type like Graveler or a Water-type like Lapras, or even a Dragonair.
Kenny 2x4 answered: Added 23rd Dec 2006, ID #163334
Usually the Legendary Birds: Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno, but you can have others like Blastoise, Charizard, Venasaur, Alakazam, Haunter, Gengar, Snorlax, Arcanine, Magmar, Machamp, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Dragonite, Aerodactyle. Basically the really powerful ones.
skyline specialist answered: Added 25th Dec 2006, ID #163575
There are 4 types of trainers but they are all elemental so here are the following:
So here are the list of pokemons I would recommend them:
Pikachu: for the first trainer
Blastoise/alakazam/lapras will be the best option for the second trainer
Psychic related will work well on this trainer.
Use a ice-type Pokemon for the final trainer. Use pikachu because he has aerodactyl and he is vulnerable to thunder type. As for the rest just use ice type.
Xbox_gamer_12 answered: Added 25th Dec 2006, ID #163700
I like to have at least one good electric pokemon(Zapdos, Raichu, Electabuzz) for the 1st trainer, a good psychic or water pokemon(Alakazam, Mew, Mewtwo, Mr. Mime) for the 2nd, a Pokemon that knows an attack like earthquake, dig, or any strong earth-type attack for the ghosts and a psychic for the rest of the 3rd trainers, and an ice pokemon(Lapras, Cloyster) for the dragons with the 4th. You will need multiple types for gary at the end.
Guest answered: Added 11th Nov 2010, ID #366304
I have Charizard, Venasaur, Blastoise, Raichu, Alakazam and Mewtwo and that works pretty well. Even though I have two Psychic pokemon it's fine because their only weakesses are bug and ghost (but the only three ghosts in the game are also poision which psychic is super-effective on). As for bug, when have you ever heard of someone having a lvl. 100 beedrill or butterfree?
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Guest said: 1st Nov 2011, ID #84449 | REPORT
Never, as the highest level you can get is 99.
Guest said: 4th Apr 2012, ID #129309 | REPORT
The highest level in pokemon is 100. -__-
Guest said: 5th Sep 2012, ID #183656 | REPORT
no there are gluitched levels up to 255 and a level 0
Guest said: 6th Sep 2012, ID #183722 | REPORT
he's right. its not a glitched pokemon really..depending on what you name yourself in pokemon blue, you can see a variety of pokemon over level 100. It's decided by your 3rd, 5th, and 7th letters. I have a level 255 aerodactyl because he appears at level 186 from the letter "lowercase l" when you surf up and down cinnabar island
Guest answered: Added 28th Apr 2011, ID #402277
Mew, Gyarados and Sandslash are really good.
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Guest said: 16th Mar 2014, ID #364793 | REPORT
i love your think, my team is sandlash,slowbro,nidoking(i know 2 earth but i love them adn has ice beam and horn drill its uber on 1st gen) ,raichu, articuno and zapdos. and in some cases i use gyaradous, raichu, snorlax and mew
Guest said: 23rd Oct 2014, ID #461960 | REPORT
my team currently consists of mew, mewtwo, jynx, gyarydos, laprass and alakazam. gyarydos has thunder, mew has fly and mimic, alakazam and mewtwo both have recover. alakazam has dig and mewtwo has swift, jynx is one of my favourites as he has lovely kiss and double team along with ice punch and blizzard and if u can get his evade up enough with double team he is almost unstoppable
Guest answered: Added 18th May 2011, ID #406093
Pikachu, Charizard, Pigeot, Gyrados, Dugtrio, and Haunter
Guest answered: Added 23rd May 2011, ID #406929
I have taken these pokemons
Guest answered: Added 17th Jun 2011, ID #413497
I use
Butterfree (main)
Guest answered: Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #414111
I used a vaporean which had learnt ice beam and blizzard, then I used articuno with blizzard
Also I used graveller with earthquake, rock slide, rock throw and mega punch
I used zapdos with thunder, usually has a one hit ko on water types
Also used muk with fireblast minimize sludge and exPlosion
Lastly I used Arcanine with fissure flamethrower roar

These are really good Pokemon to use
Guest answered: Added 21st Jun 2011, ID #414385
My team is:

Guest answered: Added 14th Jul 2011, ID #422115
My team are Ivysaur,Gloom,Kadabra,Dugtrio,Mankey and Nidoqueen.

Guest answered: Added 31st Jul 2011, ID #427529
My team is
Best team ever
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Stevie_r93 said: 10th Sep 2012, ID #184975 | REPORT
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but i could probably beat that team with 2/3 pokemon.. it's awful.
Guest said: 15th Nov 2012, ID #208731 | REPORT
Guest said: 11th Nov 2013, ID #319053 | REPORT
No offense, but a lvl 70 gyaridos (Im not sure on how to spell it) can best that entire team at lvl 100s
Guest said: 5th Oct 2014, ID #455056 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 4th Aug 2011, ID #428823
I usually like to use:
And nidoqueen

Guest answered: Added 8th Aug 2011, ID #430143
And the sixth pokémon you can choose yourself
Guest answered: Added 9th Aug 2011, ID #430557
My team is pickachu charizard blastoise venasour lapras and the last one you can pick.
Guest answered: Added 30th Aug 2011, ID #437157
Slowbro zapdos lapras mewtwo dragonite gangar

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Guest said: 12th Jun 2014, ID #398527 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 19th Sep 2011, ID #441833
My team is

Guest answered: Added 22nd Sep 2011, ID #442288
The best team : zapdos, articuno, mewtwo, alakazam, charizard, dragonite.
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Guest said: 31st Dec 2014, ID #493576 | REPORT
Think I agree with this team. Charizard over moltres is a fun choice. Anyone can win the elite four with just mewtwo. Or legendaries. Make it hard for yourself. Use no legendaries and no phycics or dragons. 3 starters a jolteon and then u can go from there.
Guest answered: Added 19th Nov 2011, ID #456837
I think that psyhic Pokemon,fire Pokemon, water Pokemon, bug Pokemon and flying or ground Pokemon are the good choice.

==== I actually not encouraged to use leaf Pokemon and normal Pokemon because they're so..... Weak!=(
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Guest said: 24th Aug 2012, ID #179538 | REPORT
and venusaur
Guest said: 26th Jul 2013, ID #300361 | REPORT
venusaur is weak..
Guest said: 22nd Jan 2014, ID #346766 | REPORT
no my team is venasuar charizard blastoise pikacu and mew2 please i need one more .
Guest said: 30th Jun 2014, ID #409410 | REPORT
my team is pidgeot l48
Guest answered: Added 12th Dec 2011, ID #463192
I used zapdos pikachu blastoise moltres charizard and primeape I used alot of lemonade which is cheaper then hyper potion but the same effect
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Pokemon-Don said: 21st Jun 2012, ID #154990 | REPORT
weird coz on my pokemon yellow the lemonades only give 50hp
Guest said: 20th Oct 2012, ID #198956 | REPORT
i only used four pokemon for the first zapdos, then venusaur, then charizard, and snorlax, for gary i used those four too
Guest said: 17th Jul 2014, ID #419985 | REPORT
man that is super weird because I also have a pokemon yellow and the lemonade on my game heals for 80hp
Guest answered: Added 14th Dec 2011, ID #463562
Easy answer:

3 Starter Pokemon(Blastoise, Charazard, Venusaur)

Nobody will touch ya
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Guest said: 26th Jul 2013, ID #300362 | REPORT
i got the same team only haunter instead of dragonite.
Guest said: 23rd Jul 2014, ID #423777 | REPORT
The 3 legendary birds mew2 and mew and gengar
Guest answered: Added 16th Dec 2011, ID #463843
Hunter (or if you can, Gengar)
Any Pokemon of your choice, Mew if available
Guest answered: Added 27th Dec 2011, ID #466956
The Pokemon I use are:
Mew two

They're awesome
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Guest said: 20th Oct 2013, ID #315587 | REPORT
Almost the same I use Zaptos, Moltres, Articuno, Pikachu, Mew, and Mewtwo
Guest answered: Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #468605
Raise up only an alakazam through the game to like level 70 and that's all I use for the elite four
Guest answered: Added 2nd Mar 2012, ID #487078

One of my most balanced teams
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Guest said: 28th Jul 2012, ID #169391 | REPORT
I do not agree with you, how can a team be balanced if 4 pokemons have the same weakness?
Poliwrath, Aerodactyl,
Gyarados and Charizard are all weak to Electric.
Pikachu and Venusaur are both weak to Ground.
So a Pikachu and a Dugtrio/Golem/Nidoking/queen would bash your whole team easily.
Guest answered: Added 6th Mar 2012, ID #488066

Let's go
Guest answered: Added 23rd Mar 2012, ID #492425
Dragonite(catch Dratini in safari zone then raise it, give it thunder[in power plant], ice beam[top floor of biggest poke mart and give the girl water, lemonade, and soda], surf or fire blast[fire blast won in fire gym], and hyper beam[learned]. The three legendary birds[when you meet with them save before facing them and if you do not catch them then just turn it off and try again! A psychic Pokemon(I ue venemoth and he works really well with sleep powder, stun spore, psybeam, and psychic). And aerodactyl(find the fossil and take it to cinnabar city I think to the lab, the last door, and they will bring him back to life. These 6 are basically unstoppable. Here are other strong Pokemon suggestions: pikachu, clefairy, rhydon, graveler, lapras, charizard, venasaur, blastoise, staru,maybe executtor, hitmonchan or hitmonlee, cloyster, arkanine, gengar. Sorry if this is long, but just trying to help! Here is the final successful team
Any Psychic Pokemon(venemoth for me)

Guest answered: Added 1st Apr 2012, ID #494572
Mew (or Mewtwo)
Dragonite (or gyarados)
Charizard (or moltres)
Venusaur (Or Zapdos)
Blastoise(or articuno)
Pidgeot (or Machamp)

Though these are more mine on preference of Pokemon then actuall stats.

Guest answered: Added 11th May 2012, ID #505289
All out Chansey. Stall the hell outa any line up. Can get physical, by putting the freeze/paralysis on everything.
Pravinj answered: Added 2nd Jun 2012, ID #512235
It would be best to use the three legendary birds, and Mew, if you got it. Then you can get a Haunter and any other Pokemon, maybe a Rock-type like Graveler or a Water-type like Lapras, or even a Dragonair.
Guest answered: Added 8th Jun 2012, ID #513725

JOLTEON for pin missle
OMANYTE great stats
MEWTWO enough said
ARCANINE great stats
AERODACTYL teach earthquake
DRAGONITE great stats
D_roc answered: Added 8th Jun 2012, ID #513740

Rock slide
Hyper beam


Ice beam

Pin missle


Ice beam
Hydro pump

Guest answered: Added 19th Jun 2012, ID #516729
Best team in yellow or any game possible with out legendary's
Riachu- just because it's the main electric
The 3 starters-just amazing
Lapres-great Pokemon and an ice type
And the greatist Pokemon in gen 1 with the best moves possible
Snorlax-rest-snore-double edge-and hyperbeam
With leftovers he just does not die.
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Guest said: 22nd Jun 2012, ID #155335 | REPORT
Guest answered: Added 19th Jul 2012, ID #524152
Pikachu (because you already spent time training, and it's a strong electric type if you take the time with it.)


Charizard (Good fire type, and you get early, Arcaine works well too)

Eevee (Vaporeon for it's ice attacks, Jolteon if you don't keep pikachu, Flareon if you don't like the other fire options *but flareon, while my fav, is low on defense.*

Gengar (if you can) is what I use, but if you're new, I would use Alakazam (if you can) or Hypno (good strong fall back)

Dragonite (can learn good attacks and works really well against Gary)
Guest answered: Added 23rd Jul 2012, ID #525248
I'm planning on using

Haunter - Trade to evolve into Gengar
Moveset - Hypnosis - Dream Eater - Confuse Ray - Night Shade

Cloyster - Defence is awesome
Moveset - Blizzard - Clamp - Surf - Aurora Beam

Kadabra - Trade to evolve into Alakazam
Moveset - Psybeam - Psychic - Confusion - Recover

Zapdos - Strong Electric type
Moveset - Thunder Shock - Drill Peck - Thunder - Sky Attack

Articuno - Strong Ice type
Moveset - Blizzard - Ice Beam - Fly - Rest

Moltres - Strong Fire type
Moveset - Peck - Fire Spin

Anyone have any recommendations on what better moves for the legendary birds would be? OR better moves for my other Pokemon?
Guest answered: Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #526454
I'd go with the following Pokemon:

Pika/Raichu - Decent Pokemon
Blastoise - Every Starter
Venusaur - is Decent
Charizard - or Good
Machamp - Great attack
Mewtwo - Very high Sp. Att and Speed

I might change Blastoise for Lapras, Lapras has better types I think and his stats come pretty close to Blastoise's Stats.

Btw, Psychic Pokemon are Overpowered here because the maker made a mistake. Ghost would be super effective against Psychic. Even some in-game trainers say that. But the makers of Gen. 1 made it non-effective. That and the fact that Psychic Pokemon usually can learn a huge variety of different type moves makes a very Good/Overpowered type.
Due to that, another team would be:

Guest answered: Added 2nd Aug 2012, ID #527807
Balstoise, Zapdos, Dragonite, Mew, Mewtu, Victreebel.
Yes. I win!
Guest answered: Added 5th Aug 2012, ID #528887
Moveset: Fire Blast,Confuse Ray,Will-0-Wisp,Flamethrower

Moveset: Leech Seed,Frenzy Plant(if possible),Toxic,Crunch/Bite(counter for psychic Pokemon),Giga Drain/Mega Drain(replacement for frenzy plant)

Moveset: Dragon Rage,Hydro Pump,Bite/Crunch,Surf/Hydro Cannon (hydro cannon if possible)

Moveset: Dragon Rage/Dragon Breath,Hyper Beam,Ice Beam

Moveset: Earthquake,Fly,Rock Slide,Wing Attack

Moveset: Psychic,Recover,Light Screen/Reflect,Blizzard

Moveset: Hypnosis,Dream Eater,Shadow Ball,Nightmare

All level 100 max stats

Guest answered: Added 8th Aug 2012, ID #530121
I used pickachu with thunder thunderbolt flash mega kick
Charzarde with fly fire blast flame througher and cut
And blastoise with blizzard hydro pump surf and earthquake
And with only 3

Guest answered: Added 22nd Aug 2012, ID #534083
My lineup is:

Works like a charm.
Guest answered: Added 23rd Aug 2012, ID #534294

Legen...wait for it...DARY
Guest answered: Added 23rd Aug 2012, ID #534303
Whoever uses legendaries are noobs


Then choose two out of rhydon, nidoqueen, dragonite,
Snorlax, gyarados or whatever
Submission removed pending moderation
Guest answered: Added 2nd Oct 2012, ID #542127
Magneton. Snorlax. Sandslash. Fearow. Vileplume. Blastoise.

Guest answered: Added 19th Nov 2012, ID #552312
As I only passed trough Pokemon yellow allways with only 1 main Pokemon .. I have little experience in team management.. But:

My preferred (mostly estetics and for purpuse of solo playing) team is as follow:

Nidoking - This "little" fella as been my favourite Pokemon since my first walktrough yellow Pokemon I used only him and no one else with this moveset...
(Earthquaque, Ice Beam, Tunderbold and Trash.. Yes Trash in yellow v. Is very good to clean up trainers with pokemons levels inferior to yours when you reach elite four you can change it of course for a better move like surf or flametrower.

Dragonite - When I was a kid, for me this was the most rarest, precious and strongest Pokemon.. Today my opinion is very much changed, but anyway as soon as I could obtain dratini in the safari zone by fishing I would go immediatly train him intensely and then make the choise of only using dragonite or nidoking

As for the rest.. Me and Tradable Evolution Pokemon allways were very close to each other xD often used for tm's (I'm sorry alakazam!)


I´m still planning on making a solo run with one of the traddable evolution pokemons.. I think I will give both machamp or alakazam a try and I will not regret it.
Guest000001 answered: Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #552785
Machamp- Strength, Submission, Earthquake, Rock Slide

Arcanine- Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Double Edge, Body Slam

Kadabra- Psybeam, Psychic, Thunder Wave, Recover

Aerodactyl - Wing Attack, Fly, Hyper Beam, Sky Attack Vaporeon- Surf, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Blizzard

Pikachu- Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss
Guest000001 answered: Added 22nd Nov 2012, ID #552786
Machamp- Strength, Submission, Earthquake, Rock Slide
Arcanine- Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Double Edge, Body Slam
Kadabra- Psybeam, Psychic, Thunder Wave, Recover

Aerodactyl - Wing Attack, Fly, Hyper Beam, Sky Attack Vaporeon- Surf, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Blizzard
Pikachu- Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave, Seismic Toss

God Tier
Guest answered: Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #553316
I only use snorlax-body slam, hyper beam, rest, surf
He beat the elite four and rival alone at level 62. Had to use an elixir cause he ran out of moves. Afterwards I used pp ups to up the amount of surf, hyper beam, and body slam.
Guest answered: Added 27th Dec 2012, ID #559738
I use:
Works well for me.
Guest answered: Added 9th Jan 2013, ID #563725
[your choice]
Ground, ice, fighting are the best offensive types
Guest answered: Added 10th Feb 2013, ID #570165
The good thing about pkmn yellow, blue and red is that you can use a big lot of different Pokemon because they are a lot more powerfull than the other versions of pokemon.
For example, parasect is a good Pokemon in ybr and not in the others.
So this is a good choice for a team:
Parasect, electrode, starmie, flareon, machamp, and dragonite

Guest answered: Added 17th Feb 2013, ID #571512
Eevee (Don't evolve)
'Nuff said
Guest answered: Added 28th Jun 2013, ID #594324
Dugtrio (Dig)
Jolteon (Thunderbolt, Thunder)
Nidoking (Fissure, Drillhorn) Can learn tons of variety type moves.
Charizard (Fly, Flamethrower, Fireblast)
Mew/Mewtwo/Kadabra/Alakazam/Hypno/Haunter/Genger (Physic, Psybeam)
The sixth can be of your choice here are some that come to mind.
Lapras, Blastoise, Pika/Raichu, Articuno.
Here's the setup for the best and easiest way to walk through the Elite Four.
Open with Jolteon for Thunder/Bolt. Stick with Jolteon until Jynx. Use Charizard Flamethrower then switch back to Jolteon for the other Pokemon.
Nidoking/Dugtrio/Charizard. Dugtrio Dig for the rock Pokemon and Charizard Fly for the others. Nidoking's moveset will vary on what you want. Nidoking 'could' solo the whole Elite Four with the right movesets.
The third, by far the easiest, Dugtrio for everything except goldbat, use Jolteon/Charizard for it.
Lance the fourth. Assuming one of your Pokemon has Ice Beam (I think Nidoking can learn it). Send out Jolteon first for his Gyrados, switch to a Pokemon that has ice type moves for the dragons.
As for the last.. His type of Pokemon vary on what you had during the playthrough. Dugtrio Dig can easily demolish most of his team.
Here are moves that is a must have.
Dig, Fly, Ice Beam, Surf, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower,

Guest answered: Added 4th Jul 2013, ID #595330
I just about walked through all four with a level 52/53 (leveled up through the competition) Hypno. The combination of Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Confusion and Seismic Toss results in a versatile fighter that, once Hypnosis is effective, can knock out anything either psychically or physically.

Supporting characters were Articuno (it's Ice Beam is lethal), Zapdos (save the Thunder TM for it), Moltres (ditto the Fire Blast TM), Dewgong (the Surf HM is good against fire/ground types) and Gloom (use Sleep Powder in combination with Mega Drain, the Cut HM and Solar Beam TM).

My strategy throughout was to lead with Hypnosis/Sleep Powder and then rotate the most effective Pokemon in to finish, or finish with force via Seismic Toss. Make sure you have some ethers or elixers as you only have 20 shots with Hypnosis.

Incidentally, this strategy worked wonders even against the psychic gym leader, as psychic defenses are generally weak and, so long as they're hypnotized, they cannot use their regenerative abilities.
Guest answered: Added 25th Jul 2013, ID #598212
A Mew with thunder, dig, psychic and earthquake. And a Dragonite with surf, ice beam, body slam and hyper beam.

Guest answered: Added 6th Aug 2013, ID #599796
I would choose a balanced team:

Guest answered: Added 3rd Oct 2013, ID #604554
Pikachu- thunderbolt, thunder, agility or thunder wave(useful for catching Pokemon throughout the game), and slam---- next option would be zapados or jolteon

Charizard- fireblast, flamethrower, fly, and slash---- next option arcanine, not big on moltres

Venusaur- solarbeam, razorleaf, cut, and megadrain

Lapras(very versatile)- icebeam, surf, psychic, and hydro pump---- next option articuno (only legendary bird I would use because of type)

Dragonite(most versatile)- icebeam(tm), thunder(tm), hyperbeam, and slam

Alakazam- psychic, psybeam, flash or reflect, and recover

Once lapras and dragonite are strong enough, you could run through the elite four with just ONE of them and use weaker Pokemon with exp. Share to level up

I like this lineup, but it is not statistically the strongest in the game.
Guest answered: Added 9th Dec 2013, ID #610083
Charizard - Fire
Blastoise - Water
Venasaur - Grass
Articuno - Ice
Zapdos - Electric
Dragonite - Dragon

Guest answered: Added 15th Jan 2014, ID #614495
The best team is my team which is Mew,mewtwo,dragonite.pikachu charizard and blastoise possible change for zapdos and articuno
Guest answered: Added 15th Feb 2014, ID #617248
Good team beat the elite four with!

Guest answered: Added 20th Feb 2014, ID #617734
1) pikachu
2) venasuar
3) charizard
4) blastoise
5) articuno
6) gengar or Mew-two
With this selection it's possible to defeate the elite 4 with all Pokemon at level 45.
Guest answered: Added 21st May 2014, ID #625245
As someone who has given this a lot of contemplation and research, here is a list of recommended Pokemon to use (Non Legendaries): DRAGONITE(tie with Mew for 2nd best by stats of all Pokemon in red/blue/yellow) Gyarados,Lapras, Tauros, snorlax, Golem, Jolteon, Gengar, Alakazam, Aerodactyl, arcanine, cloyster, blastoise, venosuar, charizard, Machamp, Tentacruel, Nidoking. (legendaries): MEWTWO(contrary to popular belief it is in fact much more powerful than Mew) Mew(ties dragonite) zaptos, articuno, moltres. Make a team from these options.

Now knowing all this whats the best lineup? In theory it is: Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Mewtwo, Mewtwo, but lets keep it practical.

You want a fast Pokemon first, so I recommend Jolteon(Ties mewtwo and aerodactyl for 2nd fastest in game and learns the UNDERRATED pin missile move)
In the elite 4 you will need a psychic type to beat the 3rd trainer, so mewtwo/Alakazam(if you're not using legendaries).
You will need a flying type/ghost type to beat the 2nd trainer, so choose aerodactyl/articuno/Gengar(tip teach gengar psychic)
You will need an ice moves to beat lance. I avoid all ice types in my line up, instead I taught blizzard to Dragonite and ice beam to gyarados, but articuno is a satisfactory choice as well.
The above Pokemon will be enough to beat gary. Jolteon will defeat his pideot/Farrow, Alakazam, gyarodos and exeggcute/cloyster with pin missile and electric moves. A gyarodos/lapras will defeat ryhorn/sandslash. As for his starter, pick one of the before mentioned.

Here's what I use and believe is the best lineup in the game:
Jolteon: pin missile, thunderbolt(use instead of thunder as it has higher expected damage because of low accuracy with thunder), quick attack, thunder wave
Gyarodos: surf, ice beam hyperbeam, hydropump)
Gengar: Psychic, night shade, hypnosis, dream eater
Aerodactyl :Toxic and Supersonic (make for a great combination) fly, hyperbeam
Mewtwo: Amnesia(UNDERRATED MOVE do it once and your next psychic hit will likely be a 1 hit KO), recover, thunderbolt
Dragonite: I like body slam(100% accurate, high damage, and 30% chance of paralysis) fire blast, thunder, and blizzard BUT... If you're feeling cruel and strategic, a smart player would do Agility and wrap, you can abuse the wrap move without ever taking a hit if you are fast enough after agility move.

You can substitute tauros/snorlax for gengar and golem for aerodactyl.

(I also recommend duplicating the best TM moves in the game like thunderbolt)
Guest answered: Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #627541
And offcourse SNORLAX, he just rocks. You can teach him almost every move... Fire Blast, Blizzard, Hyper Beam and Thunder... What's not to love about this one???
Guest answered: Added 20th Jun 2014, ID #629182
I use the following:

Pikachu: Level 55
Blastoise: Level 55 (knows ice beam and surf)
Charizard: Level 50 (knows Dig)
Venusaur: Level 50
Dragonite: Level 55 (knows Thunder, Blizzard, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam)
Hypno: Level 45 or 50 (Psychic, Hypnosis, Dreameater, Confusion)
Guest answered: Added 31st Jul 2014, ID #634776
Right now I have 6 badges and I'm about to go into sylph co. I beat Blaine already. My line up is

Sandshrew don't want to evolve him
Jigglypuff or growlith
And pidgeyotto or dritini.

Just wanted feed back on what y'all think

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