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XxMegamanBattle5xX25th Jul 2005, ID #131
Final Fantasy 1 has a pretty straightforward story. There are 4 fiends based on the four elements that are guarding 4 crystals which is causing the world to enter a state of darkness. You control th..

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Better Game.. Added 10 Mar 2005, ID #4503
I think FF1 is better then FF2.

Just look at the screen graphics, sure, the characters and monsters look good but the trees and montains, please, FF1 tops it by far.

Ok, later. and get
Oldy Games Rock!!!! Added 1 Feb 2005, ID #4232
FF1&2 is a great game because it takes Squaresofts oldest games and made them brand new.

I love old games, including FF1&2 which I give 10 of 10 points!
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