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Where to Find the Seals cheat for The Hunger Games Adventures


Where to Find the Seals

Where to Find the Seals

•District 1 - Jewelry Stand in The Marketplace
•District 2 - House at the seam
•District 3 - Gadgets Stand in The Marketplace
•Distict 4 - Fish Barrel at Outside the Hob
•District 5 - Electricity Pole at The School Yard
•District 6 - Terminal in the Capitol Train Station
•District 7 - Wood Pile at the Lake
•District 8 - Capitol Couture Stand in The Marketplace
•District 9 - Grain Sack Next To The Goods Barrel outside the hob
•District 10 - goat at the bakery
•District 11 - Tractor in the Village
•District 12 - Code : IVOLUNTEER
•The Capitol - ask your friends

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Hey, I got all Seals by following this but District 7,9, not yet on the Captail. District 7 was in the Axe by the lake, Distrist 9 is in the Goods Barrel -NOT the fish barrel- it took a while, didn't needs code for Seal 12 found 6 of them.

Added 3rd Sep 2015, ID #605019

Hey, I got all Seals by following this but District 7,9, not yet on the Captail. District 7 was in the Axe by the lake, Distrist 9 is in the Goods Barrel -NOT the fish barrel- it took a while, didn't needs code for Seal 12 found 6 of them.

Added 3rd Sep 2015, ID #605016

I also found the D7 seal at the axe by the lake, and D6 at the Train Car in the Train Yard. The only one that I am now missing is D11 - I haven't unlocked The Village yet, and haven't got anything from my apple tree or strawberry bush like others have suggested. Any ideas?

Added 18th May 2015, ID #557948

I occasionally get one by picking my orange trees

Added 20th May 2015, ID #558768

Yes. .. Le seal du district 7 est à la hache (axe) et non pas à la pile de bois (wood pile) comme indiqué sur tous
les sites (

Added 2nd May 2015, ID #550685

District 7 - Search an axe by the Lake or the Coal Mines or after cutting down a Tree several times.

Added 26th Apr 2015, ID #548009

I clicked the grain sacks at outside the hob and it gave me the seal of district ten, does anyone know where to find de seal for district 9. The goat doesnt work on the ipad.

Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452348

also you can get district 11 from your trees the fruit kind

Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #437270

you can also find the district 12 seal in the coal mines at the coal mines
and you can get district 4 seal at your pond at your forest escape

Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #437267

I found Seal 7 at The Lake: Click the Axe

Added 2nd Aug 2014, ID #429451

I can't find the District 8 seal. All I get is thread. Any help?

Added 25th May 2014, ID #388478

Found everything but seal 7 and 11.. any ideas??

Added 23rd May 2014, ID #387313

You can get the district 12 seal in the coal mines

Added 16th Apr 2014, ID #375494

I've tried getting the district 12 seal by entering the code but it says it has expired!! Anyone knows another way to get that one?

Added 14th Mar 2014, ID #364172

I too searched for weeks to find District 7 Seal in the woodpile at the Lake. In fact it is the Axe and I got it after a few clicks.

Added 27th Feb 2014, ID #359278

ok i have the seals. That's true. If you try you can find all of them

Added 19th Dec 2013, ID #331211

I cant get the district 5 and 9 seals. I couldn't get 5 in Electricity Pole and 9 at Grain Sack. help me

Added 19th Dec 2013, ID #331208

Listen, there is MORE THAN ONE WAY TO GET A SEAL. Not all of them are listed in the above article--for example, the D4 seal can be gotten by the small pond in your forest escape.

Also, NOT EVERY TIME YOU SEARCH IN THAT PLACE WILL GIVE YOU A SEAL. I had to click over 10 times to find the D7 seal--but it was where the article said it would be.

Added 14th Oct 2013, ID #314470

I have every single one except D7! I've searched the wood pile so many times, and wasted my energy finding nothing. HELP!

Added 19th Aug 2013, ID #305693

Not all of those are correct cuz i found district 11 in my apple tree

Added 4th Jul 2013, ID #294969

I have 3 District 11 seals I don't need. friend me on FB and we could trade for something else

Added 11th May 2013, ID #281753

do you know how to get district 8 seal? i went on the clothing stand outside the hob and in the market place but all it does is give me thread. HELP

Added 12th Apr 2013, ID #272901

To get the Capitol seal on the iPad you have to go to the train station entrance in the Capitol and click a few times and to get District 12 go to the mine entrance

Added 31st Mar 2013, ID #269187

On iPad I got my Capitol Seal at the STATION ENTRANCE, it takes a while but it comes out.

Added 8th Mar 2013, ID #261797

i got district 3 at jewellery stand on marketplace. where can i get district 1 seal than?

Added 4th Mar 2013, ID #260776

I need someone to send me the Capitol seal. My FB name is Megan Delia Sherman. Thanks so much.

Added 10th Dec 2012, ID #218587

D3: people have said click a screen outside justice building... when do I unlock that?

Capitol: Click the entrance of the capitol station,...ditto.

Or Capitol: Make a fake Facebook account to send gifts.
Hello Mr Face Book.

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #211969

For the d3 seal, you have to click on the screen near the justice building a few times :D

Added 3rd Nov 2012, ID #204925

Can't find district 3, 6, 7. any help would be appreciated! :D

Added 3rd Nov 2012, ID #204464

How do you get the District 12 seal on iPad?

Added 27th Oct 2012, ID #201519

I had to get to level 44 then I could click on the entrance to the capitol train station right on the circle capitol enblem and I was able to get the capitol seal after hitting it about 15 times.

Added 26th Oct 2012, ID #201480

any alternatives to district 3 seal other than the capitol market place??

Added 16th Oct 2012, ID #197011

Plssss help!! Looking for Capitol seal in train station - they only thing I can click on is the terminal and it only gives D6 seals. Any ideas????

Added 15th Oct 2012, ID #196668

Any other places to look for the District 8 seal? I've tried Capitol Couture stand at the marketplace and the clothing stand outside the hob, and both places it only lets me buy thread. Any ideas how to bypass that?

Added 9th Oct 2012, ID #194128

I'm having the same problem. Capitol Couture only lets me buy thread. Did anyone find District 8 seal anywhere else?

Added 15th Nov 2015, ID #625594

The Capitol seal can be found in the Capitol train station. The dist. 12 seal can also be found in the coal mine cart or entrance. It takes paitence..l

Added 3rd Oct 2012, ID #191191

The district 12 seal can be found by clicking the entrance to the coal mins several times

Added 3rd Oct 2012, ID #191083

Well if you think about it. Every seal is gotten through an action related to the district it's from eg, fish barrel was district 4. So the district 12 seal should be something related to coal or mines.

Added 30th Sep 2012, ID #190518

Where is da Capitol seal on iPad???? I also can't find the d6 seal - help pls!!!!!

Added 29th Sep 2012, ID #190079

How do you find D12 on the IPad :(

Added 29th Sep 2012, ID #189956

Does anyone know where the district 12 seal is on iPad version?

Found all but this one!

Capitol seal is found in the Capitol entrance to the train station...just click on the entrance a few times

Added 27th Sep 2012, ID #189339

Someone mentioned that the capital seal is at the entrance to the train station. Is it on the outside of the train station or inside? And where exactly do you search?

Added 25th Sep 2012, ID #188913

Got it!! The Capitol seal is at the station entrance in the Capitol train station! Click there until you get it. Took me a while.

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188593

I have all twelve seals in the iPad version too, but I cannot for the life of me find the Capitol seal. I have looked in every clickable object in the Capitol scenes, I think, I've even had conversations with peacekeepers and Seneca Crane just in case they had it...nothing.

Maybe it is in a location no one has unlocked yet?

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188588

Has anyone found the capitol seal on the iPad version of the game??? I'm playing with my iPad and I have already found the seals of the 12 districts but now I need to find the capitol one....and it's not possible to ask it to friends as on the fb version. Can anyone help me? Tnx!

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188339

^ agrees

Added 23rd May 2015, ID #560127

I tried at the goat at the bakery but the only thing it does is feed and then money and xp will only come out! Where to find the seals? Do they vary in places?

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188329

i can't find district 6 seal where do i find it

Added 22nd Sep 2012, ID #188083

District 1 from the luggage outside train station

Added 21st Sep 2012, ID #187780

Also found District 2 in the top Beams Pile at the Justice Building.

Added 18th Sep 2012, ID #187169

Does anyone know how you send stuff to your friends in this game?? I don't see how you can...I've tried... if anyone wants to add me as a friend that plays this game, name is Jenn Troupe pic is Hello Kitty waving. I need the capitol seal is all.

Also, I got the Dist. 4 seal from my pond in my forest escape, the Dist. 11 from the apple and orange trees in my forest escape, and I got my Dist. 1 someplace else, but I don't remember where. Also, what can you do with the extra ones. I have multiple of some of them lol. Thanks =)

Added 7th Sep 2012, ID #183936

i only need the capitol seel please can someone add me on fb its Bente Biesemans!

Added 5th Sep 2012, ID #183587

i will add to my friends to the boy who says "none of my friends play =/ so i have no way of getting the capitol seal =/" if he says his name

or you can create a new facebook and get it easy

Added 2nd Sep 2012, ID #182655


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