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excellent game Added 6 May 2004, ID #2341
This game is very good because it was also on the classic snes console.

Graphics: The graphic are really good for a GBA game and is fun to play on.

Sound: The sound is very good and fits the levels that you play.

Very good sound.

Gameplay: The gameplay is really good as it has a very lot of level to complete and on some levels it may take a through tries.

Altogether I would give this game a good 70% out of 100% as it is a classic game. and get
Quite good,infact a very good game. Added 3 May 2004, ID #2321
I thought this is a very good game infact a very very good game.

The storyline is the same as it has been for years but it still shines through, but the thing that makes you really happy with this game is definetely the graphics.

The graphics are said to be the best on the game boy advance in my opinion they I said the graphics are brilliant.

9/10.sound:the sound is nice but to much jungle music it gets on your friggin nerves.

6/10.gameplay:a sideways game i like it infact i like it very much.

8/10.alltogether ide give this game a 90% exactly the game is a very good game and definetely going down in the game boy advance world reords of the bes graphics ever!!!!!!!!!!!
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