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Jack Houston and the Necronauts       YES
James Cameron's Avatar: The Game   YES  YESYES
Jaraphs Table     YES  
Jaws: Ultimate Predator     YES YES
Jelly AllStars     YES  
Jelly Band     YES  
Jelly Car 3  YES  YES  
Jelly Defence     YES  
Jet Run: City Defender     YES YES
Jet Set Radio     YES YES
Jetpack HighYESYES   YES  
Jetpack JoyrideYES YESYES   YES
Jewel Explosion 2  YES  YES  
Jewel Fight: Heroes of Legend     YES  
Jewel Master: Cradle of Rome 2     YES  
Jewellust  YES     
JForce: Unstoppable       YES
Jumping Electron     YES YES
Jumping Jupingo     YES  
Jumpy Egg        
Jungle Café     YES  
Jungle Jump        
Just Dance Now     YES YES
The Jump: Escape The City     YES  

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