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Boss FAQ

by Mythril Wyrm

|                         |
| MIGHTY NO. 9 - Boss FAQ |
|      Version 1.04       |
| Created by Mythril Wyrm |
|                         |

Table of Contents

I. Update History
II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
III. Foreword
IV. Boss Strategies
     A. Round Digger
     B. Battalion
     C. Seismic
     D. Brandish
     E. Dynatron
     F. Countershade
     G. Helicopter Gunship
     H. Aviator
     I. Pyrogen
     J. Vernier Head & Pliers Head (1)
     K. Vernier Head & Pliers Head (2)
     L. Cryosphere
     M. K9
     N. M.O.M
     O. Round Borer
     P. Nameless & M.O.M
     Q. Trinity (Cloud)
     R. Trinity (Wurm)
V. Questions & Answers
VI. Special Thanks
VII. Contacting Me

To skip to a specific section, press Ctrl + F, type in a section name, and
press Enter.
I. Update History
v1.00 - Completed all sections.
v1.01 - Made minor changes to the Boss Strategies and Questions & Answers
sections for style, clarity, and accuracy.
v1.02 - Revised the strategies for Battalion, Nameless, and Trinity and made
minor changes to a couple of other sections.
v1.03 - Fixed bosses' names, added a tip for fighting Trinity, and revised or
made minor changes to several other boss strategies.
v1.04 - Revised the strategies for Brandish, Cryosphere, and Nameless.
II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
This FAQ is copyright 2016 by Devin McCain. At this time, only the sites on the
list below have my permission to host this FAQ:

GameFAQs (
Neoseeker (
Super Cheats (

Please notify me as soon as possible if you find it posted anywhere else. If
you want to post this FAQ on your own website, you may do so only if you obtain
my permission in writing and agree to leave the FAQ completely unchanged. If
you post it without my permission or change it and try to pass it off as your
own, there will be unpleasant consequences when I find out. Feel free to print
a copy of this FAQ for personal use, but do not publish or distribute it with
intent to turn a profit on it. I'm sharing it free of charge, so please respect

All other copyrights and trademarks mentioned in this FAQ are the property of
their respective owners. I neither claim nor challenge their ownership.

This FAQ may contain spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

I am not responsible for any embarrassment, injuries, or deaths that result
from the use of this FAQ or any of the information contained herein. If you're
that stupid, it's your own damn fault.

Got that? Good. Now, let's move on to the fun stuff...
III. Foreword
Hello, and welcome to my boss FAQ for Mighty No. 9! If you, like me, grew up on
NES action games like Mega Man in which passwords were a luxury and replay
value came from self-imposed challenges, this game may be right up your alley.
Mighty No. 9's boss fights are one of the most exciting parts of the game -
there's even a Boss Rush Mode - so it seemed appropriate to tell my fellow
gamers what to expect and how to fight the bosses effectively. Whether you
can't figure out how to beat a particular boss or are looking for ways to hone
your strategies for your next speedrun, I'm hoping that this FAQ will provide
you with the information you need to excel.
IV. Boss Strategies
Most bosses will become destabilized each time they lose 1/6 of their health.
When this happens, they change color and their health meter starts flashing.
You have a few seconds to AcXelerate (i.e. dash) into them before their health
starts regenerating and you have to weaken them again. All bosses have a
specific repertoire of attacks (which they sometimes use in sequence), and many
have special attacks that they utilize when reduced to 1/2 health, as noted in
their descriptions.

This FAQ was written while playing through the game on Normal difficulty. If
you're playing on a higher difficulty, expect the bosses to use more dangerous
and damaging attacks.

A. Round Digger
Serial Number: CDN. 502
Location: City
Best Weapon: Everything
Reward: Mission completion

If this is your first time through the game, you'll have nothing but your basic
shot to use against Round Digger. It will start the battle by tucking in its
legs and rolling toward you. Jump and dash over it, then turn and fire at its
head. It will fire a laser from its back that causes chunks of debris to fall
from the ceiling. Stay close to it and keep firing, then dash away from it as
the last chunk falls. It will roll to the other side of the room, then launch
three bombs that will hover in the air and make a beeline for you. Stand back
and shoot them as they approach, then fire at its head until it gets ready to
roll again. Repeat until Round Digger comes back to its senses.

B. Battalion
Serial Number: Mighty No. 5
Location: Military Base
Best Weapon: Frozen Liquid
Reward: Remote Cannon

On your first time through the game, Battalion should be the first boss you
fight. He's pretty easy to defeat with the basic shot, and his weapon is one of
the most useful. He'll leap toward you and fire either a spray of bullets in a
90 degree arc, or four missiles from his legs. He may also use his bayonet arm
to attach himself to the ceiling and fire bullets downward at an angle. Dash
under him when he jumps or attaches to the ceiling, then jump and dash over him
when he stops moving and shoot him from behind, AcXelerating into him when he
destablizes. If Bat fires missiles in your direction, jump and dash toward him
to avoid them. At half health, he'll leap to the side of the room and become
temporarily invincible as he starts charging his Remote Cannon. He'll say
"Ready..." and "Aim..." as he charges it; jump out of the way when he says
"Fire!" or you'll be instantly killed by his cannon shell. Bat can detonate the
shell at any time, so if you see him raise his arm, get far away from the wall
to which the shell is attached to avoid being caught in the blast radius.

Shooting Battalion with the Frozen Liquid will encase him in ice, slowing down
his movement and decreasing his jump height. This also makes it easier to
AcXelerate into him.

C. Seismic
Serial Number: Mighty No. 4
Location: Mine
Best Weapon: Remote Cannon
Reward: Strong Charge

Before the battle begins, Seismic will seal off the room with metal pillars.
There are handholds on them, so you can use them to stay out of reach of his
attacks. He starts his offensive by shielding himself and charging across the
room three times. Grab the wall to avoid him, then drop down and shoot his
unshielded back. Next, he'll leap into the air and punch the ground, causing
crates of ore to fall from above. Dash out from under him, then watch the dust
clouds and make sure you aren't standing under one of the falling ore crates. A
boulder will fall into Mic's hand, and he'll throw it straight ahead, smashing
any crates in its path. Use the crates and the handholds to avoid it. When he
turns his arms into drill bits, he'll extend them toward your current position.
Climb the wall, then drop down and shoot him while he's attacking empty space.
At half health, he'll leap to the center of the room and slap the ground with
both hands, causing two more pillars to descend and giving you even less space
to maneuver. Be very cautious during this second leg of the battle.

The Remote Cannon can blast through Seismic's shield, making it easier to
damage him while he's charging. It can also destroy the ore crates and his
boulders easily.

D. Brandish
Serial Number: Mighty No. 7
Location: Highway
Best Weapon: Strong Charge
Reward: Normal Cut

Brandish is a straightforward fighter, but you'll need quick reflexes to defeat
him without taking damage. It's safest to keep your distance from him, which
will give you more time to avoid his attacks. When he leaps into the air and
dives downward at an angle, dash under him and hit him from behind. When he
does a somersault slash into the air, stay on the ground and dash to avoid his
dive kick or falling slash, then shoot him as he recovers. When he charges
toward you, jump and dash over him to avoid his slide kick or spinning slash.
If Brand surrounds himself with a purple barrier, he can't be damaged until his
feet touch the ground. When he's down to half health, he'll draw two swords and
leap offscreen, then fly around and do a series of slashes. Jump over or dash
away the blue streaks to avoid getting hit.

The Strong Charge will allow you to interrupt some of Brandish's attacks,
making the fight easier. You can also use it to protect yourself when he starts
flying around and slashing, though you have to be facing him to avoid taking
damage. Drive to the far left side of the screen when he flies in from the left
and to the far right side of the screen when he flies in from the upper right,
and you'll escape unharmed.

E. Dynatron
Serial Number: Mighty No. 3
Location: Power Plant
Best Weapon: Normal Cut
Reward: Electric Seed

Dynatron can be an annoying one. She'll float around the room and periodically
surround herself with Electric Seeds, which she will then launch at you. They
may fly in either a spread pattern or converge on your location. They'll stick
to the ceiling, floor, walls, and you, so wiggle the left analog stick or jump
repeatedly to shake them off if you get hit. You can also shoot the seeds
(using the back-jump shot if necessary) to destroy them. After launching two
volleys of seeds, Dyna will discharge electricity that will be drawn toward the
seeds. Stay away from the ones you weren't able to destroy, and watch for the
flashing seeds, which will move around the edges of the room. At half health,
she'll surround herself with an electric barrier, but the Remote Cannon can
quickly destroy the seeds that power it.

The Normal Cut can do serious damage to Dynatron and her seeds, and the Spin
Slash (your "charged" attack) will easily slice through her protective barrier.

F. Countershade
Serial Number: Mighty No. 8
Location: Capitol Building
Best Weapon: Electric Seed
Reward: Reflect Shoot

Considering the trouble you went through to corner Countershade, he's not
terribly hard to beat. He'll teleport around the room, appearing behind one of
the barricades on the floor, on one of the two ledges, or on either side of the
chandelier and remaining there until he fires. He'll either take a few seconds
to aim or deploy a series of orbs off of which his bullets will ricochet, so
watch the red trail or the glowing red orb to determine where his bullets will
fly. Watch out for his purple bullets; if you get hit by them, they'll reverse
your directional movement and your shooting and jumping controls for a few
seconds. If Shade deploys a red orb in the center of the screen, keep jumping
and dodging to avoid the ricocheting bullets until he's done firing. At half
health, he'll start creating a hologram of himself each time he prepares to
fire. The hologram will always appear in a flash of red and won't fire at you
or cause contact damage, so keep your eye on the real Shade and AcXelerate into
him each time he destabilizes.

The Electric Seed can prevent Countershade from teleporting after he fires.
However, it can be hard to hit him with it unless you stand right next to him.

G. Helicopter Gunship
Serial Number: CDN. 64
Location: Radio Tower
Best Weapon: Electric Seed
Reward: Mission progression

Once you've destroyed its ball turret and missile launchers, the Helicopter
Gunship will return for one more round. The screw-like turret on its underside
will periodically fire spread shots at you while the gunship flies around in a
wave pattern. You can't hit the turret when it retracts, so wait for it to
extend and zap it with the Electric Seed while dodging its shots.

Unlike most of the other bosses and mini-bosses, you don't have to AcXelerate
into this one until you've depleted all of its health.

H. Aviator
Serial Number: Mighty No. 6
Location: Radio Tower
Best Weapon: Reflect Shoot
Reward: Gyro Boomeramg

The fight with Aviator is a fun one, though it requires good reflexes. You have
three platforms to stand on, and if you fall off of them, you can ride the
updrafts by dashing. When Avi flies overhead on a bombing run, watch where the
bombs fall and jump and dash to a safe spot. When he and his camera descend
from one of the top corners of the room, leap to one of the side platforms and
shoot him (and the camera) as he swoops down on the center platform. When Avi
appears at the top or bottom of the room and hovers there, he'll do a vertical
strafing run across the room, then do another run on the opposite side. Cling
to the proper side of the center platform to avoid his shots. At half health,
he'll fly into the background and unleash a double-barreled barrage on you. Do
midair dashes to avoid his shots, riding the updrafts if necessary.

The Reflect Shoot can bounce off Aviator's camera to hit him when he's out of
reach. When he prepares to do his swooping attack, leap onto the platform
closest to his camera and shoot it to get a couple of free hits on him.

I. Pyrogen
Serial Number: Mighty No. 1
Location: Oil Field
Best Weapon: Gyro Boomerang
Reward: Fire Explosion

Pyrogen isn't an overly difficult boss, but his attacks are very damaging and
can be tricky to avoid, so you may take a few hits. Before the fight begins,
he'll create pillars of flame on both sides of the room that will damage you on
contact, giving you less room to maneuver. When Pyro yells "Crush!", he'll
charge toward you and do a belly flop that will create a fiery explosion.
Quickly dash under him to avoid it. When he yells "Here it comes!", he'll
charge toward you and create a fiery explosion. Dash away from him to avoid it.
The rest of the time, he'll charge from one side of the room to the other and
leave a trail of flames in his wake. Jump over him and dash in midair until the
flames die down to avoid getting burned. After performing any of these three
attacks, he'll leap to the opposite side of the room and reignite his body
flames before attacking again. When Pyro's at half health, he'll leap into the
foreground and engulf himself in red and blue flames, then leap back into the
boss room and try to give you a bear hug. You're as good as dead if he catches
you, so jump and dash over him to survive.

The Gyro Boomerang has no special effects on Pyrogen, but it destabilizes him
so quickly that you'll be able to disrupt his attack pattern. It works best at
short range, so try to close with him and attack as he ignites his body flames.

J. Vernier Head & Pliers Head (1)
Serial Number: CDN. 509-V & CDN. 509-P
Location: Water Works Bureau
Best Weapon: Remote Cannon/Electric Seed/Gyro Boomerang
Reward: Mission progression

Vernier Head is the orange robot; Pliers Head is the green one. They'll both
move up and down on the sides of the room, spinning to bounce a piece of metal
back and forth between them. It'll bounce off the floor and ceiling, so avoid
it as you attack them. Focus on one robot at a time, and try to stay in the air
to avoid slipping on the floor.

You can AcXelerate into each robot after depleting half its health, and they'll
speed up once one of them has been weakened.

K. Vernier Head & Pliers Head (2)
Serial Number: CDN. 509-V & CDN. 509-P
Location: Water Works Bureau
Best Weapon: Remote Cannon/Electric Seed/Gyro Boomerang
Reward: Mission progression

Same as the previous fight, but the ceiling is lower and Cryosphere will
occasionally leave ice crystals on the floor. Avoid the ice crystals and the
robots' metal toy while attacking them, and focus on absorbing one at a time.

L. Cryosphere
Serial Number: Mighty No. 2
Location: Water Works Bureau
Best Weapon: Fire Explosion
Reward: Frozen Liquid

Cryosphere can be a huge pain if you don't have her weakness. She'll use a
stream of water to raise herself to the top of the room and follow you around,
but she can't reach you if you hug the walls. When the stream thickens, it's
about to freeze, and you don't want to be caught in it when it does. Dash to
the side that gives you more maneuvering room and avoid her blasts of Frozen
Liquid (and the ice crystals they leave behind) while destroying the ice blocks
Cryo's standing on, and unload on her once you've brought her down to your
level. At half health, she'll use a stream of water to cross the room while
spraying freezing gas at you. Dash under her when she aims up, shooting her
whenever you have an opening. If Cryo manages to freeze you, wiggle the left
analog stick or jump repeatedly to break free, or she'll encase herself in ice
and fall on you for major damage.

The Fire Explosion can destroy all of Cryosphere's ice blocks at once and leave
her lying helplessly on her back if she's firing right before she falls. Charge
it fully, wait for her to fire, and jump into the air to blast through the
blocks, then use uncharged bursts to damage her while she's helpless.

M. K9
Serial Number: CDN. Err
Location: Prison
Best Weapon: You only have one, so...
Reward: Mission completion

You have to fight this mechanical mutt with Call, but it won't be too hard to
beat if you follow Avi's advice. Dodge or deflect the bullets from its mouth
cannon while shooting out its vision camera, then dash under it as it leaps
across the room and collides with the wall. When it turns and starts firing
randomly, use your barrier or crouch down under its jaws to avoid getting shot,
crawling away when it finishes firing. Afterward, K9 will howl to call in a
support robot, which will drop a crate. The crate may contain either a bomb
that will damage K9 or a security robot that will restore its vision camera;
either way, you should blast the newcomer until K9 eats it. When it gets its
vision back, shoot out the camera again and repeat the process above.

N. M.O.M
Serial Number: M.O.M
Location: Robot Factory
Best Weapon: Remote Cannon/Fire Explosion
Reward: Mission progression

M.O.M can only be damaged (and AcXelerated into) when its core is exposed.
Touching M.O.M's core will damage you, but it has no other means of attacking
you - it relies on the robots that fall from the three chutes in the ceiling to
do that. M.O.M will expose its core after each wave of robots is destroyed, so
use your normal shot or the Remote Cannon to destroy M.O.M's guardians and
uncharged bursts of the Fire Explosion to attack the core when it appears.

O. Round Borer
Serial Number: CDN. 502-0
Location: Robot Factory
Best Weapon: Normal Cut
Reward: Mission progression

Aside from a different paint job, Round Borer is practically identical to Round
Digger. It has only one new trick up its sleeve: at half health, it will attach
itself to the ceiling and sweep its laser across the room. Dash into the far
wall to avoid the first blast, then dash directly under Round Borer to avoid
the second one. Use the Normal Cut on its head to slice it into scrap metal.

P. Nameless & M.O.M
Serial Number: CDN. XXX & M.O.M
Location: Robot Factory
Best Weapon: Remote Cannon/Strong Charge/Frozen Liquid/Gyro Boomerang
Reward: Mission completion

Nameless is the huge, tank-like robot that you have to destroy before you can
attack M.O.M (the computer core). It will change the direction of the conveyor
belt on the floor while attacking you with its two claws and occasionally
trying to ram you. Use dashes, midair dashes, and crouch dashes to avoid its
attacks while firing at its eye with the Remote Cannon. You can also use the
Strong Charge to knock Nameless and its claws back when they move toward you.
Once Nameless has been destroyed, stand on its frame to reach M.O.M's core and
fire away at it with the Frozen Liquid, AcXelerating into it each time it
becomes destablized. After a few seconds, M.O.M will build a new Nameless and
drop it in from above, and you'll have to destroy that one before you can
attack the core again. Make sure you're not standing under Nameless when it
falls, or you'll be crushed and killed instantaneously.

When M.O.M is reduced to half health or less, the next Nameless it builds will
drop a salvo of bombs before beginning its standard attack pattern. Hug the
left wall and use the Set Up function of the Gyro Boomerang to protect yourself
from the falling bombs, and attack Nameless when it opens its eye. The rest of
the battle should proceed normally.

Q. Trinity (Cloud)
Serial Number: CDN. 1201
Location: Battle Colosseum
Best Weapon: Remote Cannon/Normal Cut
Reward: Another boss fight

Dr. White's prototype creation was designed to absorb as much Xel as possible,
and she knows how to use it as both a weapon and a shield. Once you know her
pattern, however, she's a manageable opponent. She'll start by firing the Xel
that surrounds her body at you; let the first two pieces fly over your head and
avoid the next two with a timely midair dash. Do the same thing with the second
volley, and shoot her with the Remote Cannon when she shrinks and becomes
darker in color - this is the only time Trinity is vulnerable. Next, she'll
absorb Xel to rebuild her shell; avoid the first two low-flying pieces with a
midair dash and let the next three fly over your head, shooting Trinity at
every opportunity until her shell reforms. Next, she'll fly to the top of the
screen and rain down Xel from her shell as she flies to the opposite side;
watch where the floor flashes and climb on top of the highest pillar that
rises, from which you can jump and dash over her safely. You'll then have to do
the same as she absorbs Xel from below to rebuild her shell. She'll then fly
down to ground level and repeat her attack pattern from the beginning until one
of you is defeated.

At half health, Trinity will rebuild her shell and fly to the middle of the
screen, and pillars will rise from the floor in an inverted pyramid shape.
Trinity will then begin spraying Xel in a circular pattern, starting directly
under herself and moving clockwise if you're on her right, counterclockwise if
you're on her left. Run, jump, and dash over her to avoid it, shooting her when
she's vulnerable.

You can also make great use of Brandish's weapon during this battle: slashing
at the Xel Trinity shoots/absorbs and using the Spin Slash when she flies over
you will protect you from her attacks.

Don't celebrate after absorbing the last of Trinity's health - you still have
one more challenge to face!

R. Trinity (Wurm)
Serial Number: CDN. 1201
Location: Battle Colosseum
Best Weapon: Remote Cannon/Frozen Liquid
Reward: The ending and credits

Trinity returns with a flower-like head atop a body with four segments. She'll
move toward you and try to ram you, but each time you destroy or absorb one of
her body segments, she'll change direction and increase her movement speed. The
Electric Seed can potentially damage and allow you to absorb her entire body at
once, but if you're not an expert with it, use the Remote Cannon instead. Once
Trinity's head is down on your level, blast it with the Frozen Liquid, which
will continue to damage her even when she moves offscreen. She'll return with
four new body segments for a second pass, then emerge in the middle of the
screen with two body segments as pillars rise from the floor in an inverted
pyramid shape. Destroy her body segments to reduce her attack range, then stand
in a safe spot and fire at her head with the Remote Cannon or Frozen Liquid,
AcXelerating into her each time she becomes destabilized. When the pillars sink
back into the floor, Trinity will restart her attack pattern.

At half health, Trinity will poke her head through the wall and move around the
edge of the room, spitting streams of Xel at you while pillars rise from the
floor. Watch for the pause in her attack and climb to safety, jumping and
dashing on top of the pillars in the order they appear. You have very little
margin for error during this part of the battle, so if you've managed to save
an AcXel Boost, this may be a good time to use it. After completing her circuit
of the room, Trinity will return to her ramming and spraying routine. Keep
firing, dodging, and AcXelerating at the appropriate times until you deplete
the last of Trinity's health, then step away from the center of the room and
wait for her head to emerge. When her body explodes, AcXelerate into her core,
then sit back and savor your hard-fought victory as you watch the ending.
V. Questions & Answers
Q: Why a Mighty No. 9 FAQ?
A: It hadn't been done yet, and I enjoyed the game more as I played it more.
Besides, I wanted to try my hand at writing a boss FAQ for an action game.

Q: I absolutely loved Mega Man/Mega Man X! Will I love Mighty No. 9 just as
A: It's hard to say, but if you preferred Mega Man to Mega Man X, you'll
probably enjoy Mighty No. 9 a lot more. It's more similar to the original 8-bit
series than the 16-bit spin-off.

Q: What's your favorite weapon?
A: The Remote Cannon, easily. It uses very little weapon energy, has a big
blast radius, and can be detonated strategically and score multiple hits. Can
you see why I suggested beating Battalion first?

Q: Are you ever going to add boss strategies for Hard difficulty?
A: Possibly, if there's still enough demand for them when I finish replaying
the game.

Q: Are you ever going to explain how to get the Fine Play bonuses for each
A: Possibly, if I can figure out how to get them all.

Q: Your FAQ sucks! I've crapped out better FAQs than this!
A: As soon as you find a way to upload excrement, you should post your wondrous
creation for all to see.

Q: I posted my FAQ, and everyone I know thinks it's better than yours! Your FAQ
really DOES suck!
A: Congratulations! I am in awe of your superior FAQ-writing skills! Now go

Q: This is the best FAQ I've ever read! You're a genius and a god among men,
and I want to know more about you so that I can immortalize you!
A: Yeah, I get that a lot. My contact info's listed below.

Q: <insert some question that has nothing to do with Mighty No. 9 or the FAQ
A: See the second sentence of my previous answer.
VI. Special Thanks
I would like to thank...

...Comcept and Inti Creates, for developing Mighty No. 9.
...Capcom, for developing the Mega Man series that sparked my and many other
people's interest in Mighty No. 9.
...the Mighty No. 9 Wiki (,
for being a fine source of information about the game.
...GameFAQs, for posting this FAQ.
...Neoseeker, for posting this FAQ.
...Super Cheats, for posting this FAQ.
...the folks at IGN, for posting this FAQ., for reading this FAQ.
VII. Contacting Me
If you want to get in touch with me, send an e-mail to the following address:


Be sure to replace [at] and [dot] with the appropriate symbols, and give your
e-mail a self-explanatory subject line (e.g. "Mighty No. 9 Boss FAQ") to ensure
that it doesn't get mistaken for spam. I check my e-mail daily, so you should
receive a reply quickly on most occasions. I gladly accept praise, corrections,
and constructive criticism, and will give you credit for any information you
share with me that I decide to add to the FAQ. Rude, crass, or unintelligible
e-mails will be ignored or mercilessly ridiculed as my mood dictates, so keep
your e-mails clear and polite if you want me to respond in kind.

I also use Skype and various IM clients occasionally. If you want my contact
information, ask for it via e-mail.

Happy gaming!