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Follow the dark path or use the light

X-Men: The Arcade Game


Achievement Guide

by neeker


                      XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.00

                ___   ___        .___  ___.  _______ .__   __. 
                \  \ /  /        |   \/   | |   ____||  \ |  | 
                 \  V  /   ______|  \  /  | |  |__   |   \|  | 
                  >   <   |______|  |\/|  | |   __|  |  . `  | 
                 /  .  \         |  |  |  | |  |____ |  |\   | 
                /__/ \__\        |__|  |__| |_______||__| \__| 
           ___      .______        ______     ___       _______   _______ 
          /   \     |   _  \      /      |   /   \     |       \ |   ____|
         /  ^  \    |  |_)  |    |  ,----'  /  ^  \    |  .--.  ||  |__   
        /  /_\  \   |      /     |  |      /  /_\  \   |  |  |  ||   __|  
       /  _____  \  |  |\  \----.|  `----./  _____  \  |  '--'  ||  |____ 
      /__/     \__\ | _| `._____| \______/__/     \__\ |_______/ |_______|

                                  By: neeker
                           Gamertag: Optimus Neeker


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1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  Achievements

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the username 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong at yahoo 
dot com. You may check out my other works here:

X-Men Arcade on the Xbox Live Marketplace is a reprise of the 1992 coin-op 
classic beat-'em-up in the arcades. You get to control a total of six X-Men 
characters across eight levels, in a bid to stop Magneto's evil plans. It's a 
blast from the past that's extremely welcomed for old-school gamers like 
myself. Throw in a six-player online co-op mode and achievements for the Xbox 
360, and you've a winner at the common price of 800MSP. 

The achievements are quite easily attainable. However, some of them appear to 
be slightly glitched. I'll explain how I got them to give you a clear idea of 
how to obtain them. 

There are 12 achievements totally 200G for your unlocking pleasure.

Description: You defeated Pyro without using any mutant powers

Pyro is the first boss of the game. He's found at the end of Level 1. He's a 
relatively easy boss. He likes to jump above and over you, and then spam his 
flame attack. After the flame attack, run up and spam your normal attack (X) 
on him. Rinse and repeat until he's dead. 

You can use mutant power (Y) prior to the boss fight, but just make sure that 
you don't do so after Pyro breaks through the wall during the fight intro.

Description: You used a mutant power 5 times in one game

Mutant power is activated by pressing Y. However, it's usage is limited to 
mutant power tokens. Everytime you die, you'll get a full set of tokens 
though. Just keep pressing Y to clear huge crowds whenever possible, and 
sooner than later, you'll get this one. 

Description: You learned that Magneto has kidnapped Professor X

This is story-related. Towards the end of Level 2, you'll hit a cut-scene 
showting that Xavier has been abducted by his nemesis. Ding!

Description: You completed Level 4 without jumping

You jump by pressing A. Don't do it when you hit Level 4. Simple. 

If, for some reason, you actually jumped, you could always replay Level 4 
by starting a new game and choosing Level 4 as the start point.

Description: You were welcomed to die by the White Queen

This is story-related. Sometime into Level 5, you'll have to fight Emma Frost. 
She's even easier to fight than Pyro in my opinion. Just unleash all your 
mutant power on her, and use melee when you're out of tokens. Falls like fly, 
this one. 

Upon defeating her, the achievement should unlock.

I've played with some people online, and they seem to think that you should 
refrain from hitting her when the fight begins. That's pretty much bullshit as 
far as I know. I've gotten the achievement just be spamming my attacks on her
from the word go. 

For fun's sake, try Cyclops vs Emma. I'm re-reading Astonishing X-Men recently 
and found it pretty fun to have Scott beating the shit out of her. 

Description: You earned at least 250 points in one game

You score one point for defeating one enemy. To get 250 points, simply defeat 
250 enemies in one sitting. You can die too. Just make sure you hit "continue" 
before the timer expires to get on with it. Should come naturally on your 
first playthrough.

Description: You took an energy pill

You must play on the Japanese ROM to get this. Kill a few enemies, and they 
should drop energy pills that says... ENERGY! Go towards one and press X to 
pick it up for the achievement. 

It may be a little tricky to pick one up when enemies are near the pill, since 
pressing X then would mean a normal attack. Just make sure no enemies are 
around when you're about to pick one up.

Description: You defeated Magneto with all 6 X-Men characters

The six characters are:

- Cyclops
- Wolverine
- Colossus
- Dazzler (why?)
- Storm
- Nightcrawler

Complete the game with each character to get the achievement.

Or, after completing the game once, you could just load up Level 8: Fight 
Magneto, and defeat the magnetic dude with the other characters. Note that 
upon each successful battle, the game would autosave. Unfortunately, Cyclops 
doesn't autosave if you simply load up Level 8 (glitch?). To make this easier, 
I'd suggest playing your first playthrough with Cyclops, and then load up 
Level 8 with the rest.

Description: You completed the game on Expert difficulty

On expert difficulty, you only have one life. No worries though, because 
there's no penalty for dying. Just keep using the "continue" option when you 
die to play on and on until you defeat Magneto. The easiest way for beating 
expert is to use Colossus (his mutant power is the rock!), and keep spamming 
his mutant power. Keep doing so until mutant power is used up, kill yourself, 
press continue, and then spam mutant power again. Don't even bother with 
normal melee - it's just a waste of time. 

And time is important, because...

BAMF (25)
Description: You completed the game in 25 minutes or less

... you need to complete the game within 25 minutes for this achievement. 

I got it by doing what I did in "X-pertise", just spamming Colossus's mutant 
power throughout on my expert run. I wasn't even trying for this, but I ended 
up unlocking it. 

Sums up how effective Colossus and his mutant power is, I guess. 

Description: You played in a 6-player match with five other people

Find five other people and get into the multiplayer lobby. Once everyone is 
in, start the game and the achievement will unlock.

You can do so with just one other player, if both of you have three 
controllers. Sign in the other two controllers with guest accounts and watch 
the largest party pop. 

Description: Mystique tried to fool you and five other players in a 6-player 

This part of the game happens in Level 5: Cave Exterior. Logically speaking, 
you could load up the chapter, get five other players in and just play it 
through until the Mystique cut-scene. However, it seems not to work for some 
people based on what I've read on the forums. Some say it's only a host 
achievement, but I know for sure it's not true because I've gotten it by 
joining another person's game. Basically, no one knows exactly how to unlock 
this, but this was how I did it:

- start the game from Level 1
- wait for all six players to be in the lobby before starting the game
- play through the game all the way until you defeat Juggernaut
- watch the cut-scene after that

The achievement should pop for all six players when the X-Men hit the ground.

Now, if you're using the two player-three controllers method, make sure both 
players are in the lobby before starting the game. Apparently, those who 
jumped into an already in session game won't get the achievement. Do this:

- with two players, do not connect the second and third controllers
- start the game from Level 1
- play through normally until you reach Juggernaut
- plug in the additional controllers and sign them in as guests
- spam Y on all six controllers to defeat Juggy
- watch the cut-scene after that

Good luck with this one!

And with this, you've completed 200/200 for X-Men Arcade!

I consider the guide complete at this point in time. I hope it's a good help 
for people who're stuck, and a good read for those who just wanted to read 
something. Feedback/ better ways to do achievements are welcomed at the usual 
email address. 

Version 1.00: Guide completed (12/17).

ASCII Generator (@

I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone else that
publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can never look as 
appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Nevertheless, if you like this 
guide, and would like to contribute to my continued existence in this world, 
you may send Paypal to the following email:

lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com

Copyright Lestor Wong 2010-2011.