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Follow the dark path or use the light


by madaboutbuffy

Warriors Orochi 2
By Matthew Short ( madaboutbuffy )

Table of Contents:

1. Legal Stuff
2. Introduction
3. Story
4. Controls
5.a) No: Who is No?
  b) No: History
  c) No: Overall story involvement
  d) No: Changes
  e) No: Moveset
  f) No: How to unlock her
  g) No: Why use her?
  h) No: Who works best in a team with her?
  i) No: How to use her
  j) No: Recommended Weapon Attributes
  k) No: How to get a good 4th weapon
  l) No: Name of Weapons
  m) No: Abilities she unlocks
  n) No: Strategy
6. FAQ
7. Credits
8. Contact Me
9. A note from me
10. Version History

1. Legal Stuff

This guide may not be reproduced unless for private use. It may not be put on
any website unless they ask me for permission and I accept.
Use of this guide on any other website or as a public display is a
violation of copyright.

These websites have permission to use my FAQ's:

If you see my FAQ on any other websites other than the ones
listed then please notify me.

Copyright 2008 Matthew Short

2. Introduction:

Hey, this is a FAQ about one of my favourite characters in Warriors Orochi 2,
No. I have written a couple of character FAQ's now, and use the same
outline, so I know what I'm doing now. But I'm sure if I make any mistakes,
someone will send me an e-mail telling me what I have done wrong. I will
obviously give credit to them for doing so. Well, I think that is enough of an
Introduction. You're here to read about No, not to listen to overly long

3. Story:

Orochi, the Serpent King, had brought chaos to the land by merging the worlds
of the Three Kingdoms era of China and the Warring States period of Japan.
Almost a month had passed since the warriors from both worlds had defeated the
Demon King, and everyone believed they could live in peace. However, chaos
still loomed in the strange new world...

There were those who wished to take over the world Orochi created, warriors
who yearned for chaos so they could strengthen their skills in battle, the
remnants of Orochi's followers and an additional new threat...

The time had come again for the warriors to confront this chaos.

( Taken from the instruction manual )

4. Controls:

The controls in this game are similar to the others, but here is a quick
list, to show you what buttons do what:

Main Menu or Battle Menu:

Left Analogue Stick or directional buttons = Move up and down
A = Confirm
B = Back

Select a character screen:

Left Analogue Stick or directional buttons = Move in all directions
A = Confirm
B = Back
Y = Change character outfit
X = Random

In battle:

X = Normal Attack
Y = Charge Attack
B = Musou Attack
A = Jump
LB = Block
RB = Special Ability
LT - RT = Switch between characters in your team
BACK = Call for horse
Start = Open up battle menu
Left Analogue Stick = Move around
( Push Right Analogue Stick in ) = Change map type
Right Analogue Stick = Change the camera angle


Left Analogue Stick or directional buttons = Move up and down
A = Confirm
B = Back
Y = Auto Change, Cancel Auto

Highlighting Picture in the Gallery:

A = See a bigger version
B = Back
Y = Set as background
X = Remove background

5.a) No: Who is No?

Not much to put here. No was a real person. In Samurai Warriors
she was wife to Nobunaga Oda, as she was in Samurai Warriors 2, In Warriors
Orochi she was trying to help her lord Nobunaga but was captured by Orochi.
Now she returns in Warriors Orochi 2. No is a speed type character.

5.b) No: History

That is a good question. No is the wife of Nobunaga Oda. She
was told to marry him by her father, then to assassinate him.
But her love for him was more than her love for her father, so
instead she killed her father. She has a seething hatred for her sister
in law, Oichi and her sister in law's husband, Nagamasa Azai.

5.c) No: Overall story involvement

No is trying to assist her lord and husband Nobunaga Oda. She meets up with
Sakon Shima and his forces at Hu Lao Gate. She and her husband, Nobunaga Oda
are part of the Samurai Alliance against Orochi and his raising.

5.d) No: Changes

No is pretty much the same as she was in Warriors Orochi.
They have made some slight changes though...

Her Outfits have changed.
She has a strategy.

That's all.

5.e) No: Moveset

Standing Attacks:

X = Diagonal Swirl with claws out.

XXXXXXXX = Three kick attacks followed by five backflips.

YY = Throws two bombs.

XYY = She kicks them once, then does a backflip which knocks the enemy into the
air, and then gets her claws out and slashes the enemy.

XXYY = Two kick attacks followed by a jumping kick attack, a slash with her
claws and a horizontal mini spin claw attack to finish.

XXXYY = Three kick attacks followed by long ranged claw spinning attacks.

Hold B ( When Musou Gauge is full ) = Does a backflip and then starts throwing
bombs at enemies.

Hold B ( When Musou Gauge is full and health is in the red ) = Exactly the
same as above but at the end she does a couple of claw attacks.

AX = She jumps into the air and does a backflip with her claws out in front of

AY = She jumps into the air and then shoots down with a kick.

AA = She jumps and then moves quickly through the air.

LB = Block ( Not Moving )

LB + Left Analogue Stick = Block ( Moving )

RB = Purple needles shoot out from all around her and damage any enemies that
theu connect with.

RB + Left Analogue Stick = She puts a bomb on the floor which will blow up
when you do a charge move.

Back = Call for a horse. ( Not inside a castle )

Mounted Attacks:

Y ( Samurai Characters only ) = The horse rears up and attacks the enemy
( Not moving )

Y ( Samurai Characters only ) = The horse jumps and lands, hurts the enemy
( Moving )

XXXXXXXX = Attacks to her right 8 times.

XY = Attacks to her right once and then hits the enemies into the air with
her claws.

XXY = Attacks to her right twice and then kicks the enemies away.

XXXY = Attacks to her right three times and then hits the enemies away with
a powerful claw attack.

B ( When Musou Gauge is full ) = The horse charges forwards with a barrier in
front of it, it hits anybody in it's way.

LB = Block ( Not Moving )

LB + Left Analogue Stick = Block ( Moving )

5.f) No: How to unlock her

To unlock No, complete the Samurai Story, Level 6, Battle of Hu Lao Gate and
you will unlock her.

5.g) No: Why use her?

This is a good question! Why should you use No?
Because I said so... Not really.

Because she's one of the best crowd clearers in the game, her RB specials can
be effective when used correctly, her moves look good and deal quite a lot of

Her attacks are also quite speedy and she has quite a good range with
her weapon attacks.

Her Strategy is also easy to pull off, but very effective.

With the right attributes on her weapon she has the potential to become one of
the best characters in the game!

Just give her a try!

5.h) No: Who works best in a team with her?

Thats really a matter of opinion on who works best in a team with her...
Hideyoshi and Kunoichi work very well with her. Hideyoshi especially though
because of his special move. Or you could just choose whoever works best for
you... your favourite character, or your strongest  character, it's entirely up
to you!

Oh on a side note... Hideyoshi's voice is still very irritating, but don't let
that stop you from using him. Here are some of the teams that I have used...

Here you go:

Team 1

No, Kunoichi and Hideyoshi

A great team for chaos mode, Kunoichi is great with her ability to go invisible
which really does help on chaos mode. Hideyoshi is great for his special too.
Not much else really to say about this team other than they rule.

Team 2

No, Himiko and Hideyoshi

This is also a good team. Hideyoshi is there again for the same reason but
Himiko is a powerful character and is like a god with Hideyoshi's speed buff.
Just have fun with her XXXXXXXX move, especially with her special to make more
of her floating weapons to appear.

Team 3

No, Nobunaga and Ranmaru

This team is also good. Nobunaga's XYYY is devastating to enemy generals, and
Ranmaru is a great crowd clearer if you build him up. Also, you have to have
this team at some point with No as it is a classic.

5.i) No: How to use her

No is an easy character to use. Her moves are very easy to pull off. Her only
problem is her YY move. She throws two bombs, one of which disappears into the
earth, never to be seen again and the other blows up. It has pathetic range and

Her XYY move can be effective for killing generals.

Her XXYY move can be used effectively on generals or big crowds. It's quite
powerful too so enjoy this move.

Her XXXYY move is one of the moves that I use with No all the time. Her spin
attack is deadly with the right attributes on and has brilliant range.

Her XXXXXXXX combo is quite powerful, but is not the quickest move in the game.
It also doesn't have very good range. Best to use this move on a lone general.

Her RB move is really good, with great range and quite a lot of power, however,
her RB + Left Analogue Stick is not very good at all.

Her jump attacks are pathetic. Very little damage and range. Both of them!

5.j) No: Recommended Weapon Attributes

First off I'm going to give you a list of the attributes, and what they do.

Here you go...

Fire: Sets opponent on fire with some charge attacks, good for the earlier
difficulty settings. Also works well with Air.

Ice: Freezes opponents with some charge attacks.

Bolt: Very powerful with some charge attacks and 100% guaranteed to happen.
Very powerful, good for all modes.

Slay: Very powerful, does good damage against generals and can kill peons in
one hit, with some charge attacks.

Brave: Increases your attack strength against generals.

Flash: Breaks through the enemy's guard.

Air: Increases your attack strength when enemies are airborne.

Range: Increases your attack range.

Multi: Produces Clones when doing charge attacks.

Drain: Absorbs enemy's life.

Might: Increases attack strength.

Absorb: Absorbs enemy's musou.

Agility: Increases attack speed, all charge attacks.

Rage: Increases Strength, Decreases Health.

Thats all of them. All of these go up to 10, the attack goes up 20 and
you can have 8 slots. 

Here's the weapons:

Weapon 1:


This is a very powerful and long ranged weapon. You will be laughing when
facing generals with this weapon. Especially with the air bonus. Just spam
XXXYY for brilliant results.

Weapon 2:


This weapon is pretty much the same, just that you can absorb Musou from
enemies but no air bonus.

It honestly doesn't matter which weapon you choose, they are both good.

5.k) No: How to get the 4th weapon

To get No a good 4th weapon do this...

Get her to level 60+
Get her proficiency to level 30+
Get a good 3rd weapon
Now go to the first level of the Wei Story, the battle of Si Province.
It shouldn't matter who you have on your team as you should only need No for
this battle. Do this level on Chaos Mode. It's very easy and if you do the
level normally, killing all generals in your way, you should get at least 4
weapon boxes. Since this is the first level of a Story, you should have no
problems killing everyhthing in your way.

Now that you have got the 4th weapon, it's time to start using it! Make
sure you have a lot of weapon fusion points. Because you are going to
need them.


This stage is great for getting everybodies 4th weapons. Just use No and get
even the weakest character's 4th weapons!

5.l) No: Name of Weapons

Here's the names of No's weapons and their base attacks

Here they are:

1st Weapon

Hand Claw
Base Attack = 8

2nd Weapon

Spiders Sting
Base Attack = 17

3rd Weapon

Scorpion Tail
Base Attack = 34

4th Weapon

Delicious Venom
Base Attack = 68

5.m) No: Abilities she unlocks

Okay, here I am going to put the skills No unlocks, and how she unlocks them.

Here is the list:

1. Technique - Increases abilities of Technique Category warriors.
Conditions - Defeat 60 enemies.

2. Impulse - Increases speed.
Conditions - Defeat 70 enemies, including 3 officers.

3. Recover - Refills Life Gauge during battle.
Conditions - Defeat 100 enemies, while maintaining 50% Life Gauge status,
without performing any attack using the Musou Gauge.

That's them all!

5.n) No: Strategy

No's strategy is very easy to pull off and is very effective too. Simply kill
any enemy general after ten minutes of the battle have elapsed and all allied
forces will be healed.

6. FAQ:

Okay here we go...
Nobody really asks me questions about No...
I have an idea, I'll make some up!

Question: Which weapon do you use in your Recommended
Weapon Attributes, 1 or 2?
Answer: 1.

Question: Which team do you use in your who works best in a
team with her, 1, 2 or 3?
Answer: All of them, but I use 1 the most.

Question: What is No best at, Crowd Clearing, or General
Answer: Both, her XXXXXXXX move can be quite powerful against generals, as can
XYY. But XXXYY is very good at crowd clearing.

Question: Which one of No's outfits do you like better in
this game?
Answer: 3 as it is her 1st outfit from Samurai Warriors.

Question: Can you play this game online?
Answer: No, but I wish you could.

Question: Why does No use rakes as weapons? I don't like them!
Answer: Well first they are not rakes, they are claws and second, don't use
her if you don't like them...

Question: Why are the abilities the exact same as the Warriors Orochi ones?
Answer: I have no idea, but I can assure you they are correct.

Question: This FAQ is rubbish!
Answer: Go and make your own then! And that wasn't even a question.

There we go!

7. Credits

KOEI: For making DW and SW and this great game! 

CJayC: For posting this on

Dennis: For posting this on

Jeff Rubin: For posting this on

Eelco: For posting this on

Paul Ryan: For posting this on

Me: For making this FAQ!

You: For reading this FAQ and getting this far, congratulations!

8. Contact Me:

If you ever need/want to contact me, you can do this at three places.

Number 1:

My e-mail address, make sure you put No FAQ ( WO2 ) as the
topic so I know where you know me from, if I just get random
e-mails, they are deleted.

matthew ( dot ) short ( at ) ntlworld ( dot ) com

Number 2:

AIM ( AOL Instant Messenger )

If you have AOL Instant Messenger
my username is magpiematt54

Send me an e-mail first about the FAQ and then add me. That
way I know where you got my AIM from. I will reply to all of my
e-mails if you put No FAQ ( WO2 ) as the topic.

Number 3:

If you have Xbox Live, my gamertag is M4GP1EM4TT so feel free to send me a
message or friends request. But if you add me, please send me a message telling
me where you got my gamertag from, or I will not accept the friends request.

9. A note from me

I hope that this FAQ helps you and that you have many enjoyable hours playing
this great game.

10. Version History

Version 1.0 03/11/08 - Finally, created this in just one day!