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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Brokaliv


                                     T H E

                               W I T C H E R   2

                      A S S A S S I N S   O F   K I N G S

                        E N H A N C E D   E D I T I O N


                                  Version 0.04
                                  By Brokaliv
                          Email: [email protected]
                         Date Started: April 19, 2012


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This guide was written using the XBOX 360 version of The Witcher 2: Assassins
of Kings: Enhanced Edition on the Hard Difficulty (Will add Dark Mode
afterwards). The guide may have some differences in it from playing between the
PC and the XBOX 360; I will try to add as many differences as possible to make
it work for all versions.

This is based on a mature rated game. At first the guide will feature one full
playthrough, afterwards it will give many branched ideas and endings to every
possibility the game has hopefully. It is based on playing the game on the Hard
difficulty and works for Easy and Normal at this time and will have Dark Mode
added later.

Due to the FAQ being really long, it is best to use the CTRL+F feature to
search the Table of Contents to get to the section you want faster.

If you would like to donate some money to help pay for my college funds and
other games you wish I would write a guide for please send some money to me
through at [email protected]

thanks for the support.

Geralt - "I love these pussies with cocky names."

Philippa - "Triss, stop thinking with your vagina and get ahold of yourself!"


 1. Controls
 2. Walkthrough
  2.01 - Tutorial
  2.02 - Prologue
    2.02.01 - By the King's Will
    2.02.02 - Melitele's Heart
    2.02.03 - By the King's Will Continued
    2.02.04 - At the Fore
    2.02.05 - Barricade
    2.02.06 - At the Fore Continued
    2.02.07 - Trial by Fire
    2.02.08 - To the Temple
    2.02.09 - Woe to the Vanquished
    2.02.10 - To the Temple Continued
    2.02.11 - Blood of His Blood
    2.02.12 - The Dungeons of the La Valettes
    2.02.13 - Melitele's Heart Continued
  2.03 - Chapter 1
    2.03.01 - A Rough Landing
    2.03.02 - By The Gods - Stringing Up Sods
    2.03.03 - The Kayran
    2.03.04 - Bring it on: Flotsam
    2.03.05 - Poker Face: Flotsam
    2.03.06 - One On One: Flotsam
    2.03.07 - Woe to the Vanquished Continued
    2.03.08 - Fight Club
    2.03.09 - Indecent Proposal
    2.03.10 - The Ballista
    2.03.11 - Indecent Proposal Continued
    2.03.12 - Hung Over
    2.03.13 - A Sword For Monsters
    2.03.14 - The Kayran: A Matter Of Price
    2.03.15 - The Scent of Incense
    2.03.16 - Little Shop of Dreams
    2.03.17 - The Scent of Incense Continued
    2.03.18 - Malena
    2.03.19 - The Nekker Contract
    2.03.20 - In The Claws of Madness
    2.03.21 - Troll Trouble
    2.03.22 - The Endrega Contract
    2.03.23 - The Kayran: A Matter of Price
    2.03.24 - The Kayran Continued
    2.03.25 - Mystic River
    2.03.26 - The Kayran: Ostmurk
    2.03.27 - The Kayran Continued
    2.03.28 - The Kayran: A Matter of Price Continued
    2.03.29 - The Assassins of Kings
    2.03.30 - Returning Memories
    2.03.31 - The Rose of Remembrance
    2.03.32 - The Assassins of Kings Continued
    2.02.33 - Melitele's Heart Continued
    2.03.34 - The Assassins of Kings Continued
    2.03.35 - Where is Triss Merigold? - Sided with Iorveth
    2.03.36 - Where is Triss Merigold? - Sided with Roche
    2.03.37 - Margot's Disappearance
    2.03.38 - Where is Triss Merigold? - Sided with Roche Continued
    2.03.39 - At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche
    2.03.40 - Death to the Traitor!
    2.03.41 - At a Crossroads: Scoia'tael
  2.04 - Chapter 2 (Roche's Side)
  2.05 - Chapter 2 (Iorveth's Side)
  2.06 - Chapter 3
 3. Version History
 4. Credit
 5. Copyright

1. Controls

 1. XBOX 360 Controls
 2. PC Controls

*1. XBOX 360 Controls*
Back Button - Hold to enter and exit tutorial windows
              Open Inventory Panel/Journal Panel (Use Left or Right Triggers)

Left Analog Stick - Move Character
                    Control Cursor in Arm Wrestling

Left Stick Press - Use Witcher's Medallion

Right Analog Stick - Rotate Camera
                     Select targets during combat
                     Roll dice in dice poker game

A Button - Collect items from containers
           Equip items
           Tracks quest when in the Journal
           Talk to NPC's
           Accept in menus
           Quick Attack when sword is drawn

B Button - Dodge attacks, combo'd with Left Analog Stick

Y Button - Drop items out of Inventory Panel
           Casts Sign

Left Bumper - Sort Items

Right Bumper - Sort Items

Left Trigger - When in Inventory Panel switches to Journal and back
               Press and hold to open the quick menu
               Press and hold while having an enemy selected to target lock

Right Trigger - When in Inventory Panel switches to Journal and back
                Press and hold while in combat to Parry

Directional Pad - Left will draw and sheathe Steel Sword
                  RIght will draw and sheath Silver Sword

*2. PC Controls*

Please e-mail me @ [email protected] with a listing of the controls for PC to
add them in to the guide, you will be given credit.

2. Walkthrough

It is recommended to play through the tutorial before starting a new game due
to the controls being very complex, especially for an Xbox 360 game.

2.01 - Tutorial

You first learn that if you press and hold the Back button to bring up the
tutorial panel whenever the Back Button icon shows up on the left side of the
screen. You also learn that when you start a new quest, the mini-map on the
right side of the screen will tell you what to do. Exit out of this panel to
have another panel pop-up.

Camera and Controls
Rotate the Right Analog Stick to move the camera around, also letting you
select a target during combat.

Use the Left Analog Stick to move your character, the further you tilt the
Analog Stick the faster your character will move.

Now practice this as Geralt starts to talk to himself about how his boat is
leaky with soaked boots. Head up the dock towards the corpse and you will
enter another tutorial:

Picking up loot
Press the A Button when standing by a container, lootable corpse, or anything
that has an item in it to collect the contents. If you approach the object
holding the items close enough you will bring up a window showing you the top
four most valuable items inside.

Now practice on the corpse up and to your left to loot it. You will immediately
be put in to another tutorial:

Press the Back Button to open the Inventory Panel to see the items you have.

While the Inventory window is open press the A Button to equip and unequip the
items in the list. THe Right and Left Bumpers will allow you to sort the items,
while the Y Button will allow you to drop an item out of the inventory freeing
up room.

Now try it out by opening the inventory and going down to the "Tournament
Announcement", activate it to read about a Tournament and then equip the
Squire's Boots. Go ahead and throw away the Soaked Boots. Now leave the
Inventory screen. Immediately after another pop-up tutorial will appear:

Journal Update
Press the Back Button and go to your journal using the Left or Right Triggers
for quest information. You can also press the A Button when looking in your
journal on one quest at a time to track it.

Take a look at the Journal, but you do not have to activate the quest as it is
already selected to be tracked. Now head up the path to start another tutorial:

Character Interaction
Press the A Button to talk to a character you encounter, make sure to move the
camera over to the person and press the button.

Now head over to the injured knight and talk to him just like the tutorial
instructed you to do. You will tell him that you will locate some herbs and
brew him a health potion. This brings up another pop-up tutorial:

Quest Tracking
Now that you have a second quest added you can perform quest tracking. Simply
open the Journal and select the quest you want to track using the A Button.

Once again the quest is already being tracked automatically (possibly a minor
unimportant glitch). Head down the path the way you came to reach the blip on
your mini-map which brings up another pop-up tutorial:

Witcher's Medallion
Press the Left Analog Stick (L3) and this will detect nearby containers, herbs,
monsters, Places of Power, and threats. Once the medallion is used, you must
wait for a cooldown timer to use it again.

Now activate the Witcher's Medallion to see four glowing spots all around you
where Herbs are, collect them all. Once all four are collected another pop-up
tutorial will appear:

You can prepare potions, bombs, or blade oils whenever you have the correct
formula for the item as well as the required ingredients. You can only create
a mixture when meditating. You can purchase both the formulae and ingredients
from shopkeepers or find them in a variety of places through out the game.
Ingredients can also b harvested off plants and carved out of monsters corpses.
To get to the meditation window press and hold the left bumper to bring up the
quick menu. Then without pressing anything else press the A Button to begin

Now jump in to the meditating state and select "Alchemy". This will bring up
the Formulae window. With the Healing Brew highlighted by default simply press
the Y Button to create it. Now back out of the menus and head back to talk to
the wounded knight.

Ask him "What happened here?" then tell him "Get well. I've gotta go.", he will
then hand you the invite to the arena. Now continue down the path you were
heading to reach a big wooden door leading to the village and try to open it.
Beer trial!? THe gate guard will not let you in because he thinks you are a
monstrous vampire jester, so you are forced to wait until morning to prove you
are not afraid of the rising sun. Another pop-up tutorial will appear:

You can meditate to a predetermined hour of the day/night instead of waiting
around in-game. You once again must go to the meditation panel and this time
select "Wait Time".

Now go to the quick menu, meditate, and click on "Wait Time". You now have a
clock showing with a greyed out arrow as the current hour and the orange arrow
as the hour you want to wait until. Select Dawn and accept, now back out of the
menus. The rooster will crow, so head to the door and try again. You will then
enter the Arena with a pop-up tutorial:

Combat Training
Pressing Left on the Directional Pad will draw and sheathe your Steel Sword.
Pressing Right on the Directional Pad will draw and sheathe your Silver Sword.

Now draw your Steel Sword. You will then go in to another pop-up tutorial:

Target Selection
Simply rotate the camera towards the enemy you want to attack. Place the little
sight icon on an opponent you want to select and engage in combat.

Now select each of the three enemies in front of you in the order the game

Press and hold the Left Trigger to target and lock on to the currently selected
enemy. This stays on them until you release the button or they die.

You can use the Right Analog Stick to switch between targets while you have a
target lock activated. Tilting left/right will select the target in the
appropriate direction. Tilting Up/Down will select the target that is closer or
further away.

Now lock on to the knight and you will be prompted in-game that the A Button
does a quick attack. Attack the knight as he charges at you. Now press the X
Button to perform a Strong Attack. Now that the Knight is defeated, you must
kill the two remaining enemies at the same time. Once they are defeated another
pop-up tutorial will appear:

Parrying, Dodging, and Ripostes
You will learn that slow opponents have strong attacks, while swift opponents
bring in weaker more frequent attacks. Both of these types of enemies require
you to know how to dodge and parry. Parrying DOES NOT fully block attacks, it
just reduces the damage. You CAN NOT parry magic attacks! You can either dodge
the spell or protect yourself from it with a spell of your own. You will then
go straight in to another tutorial:

Vigor is shown as the yellow bar in the upper left corner of the screen. It
will drop every time you parry an enemy's attack or cast a Sign. If your Vigor
is to low you will not be able to cast Signs, but you can still parry. Vigor
will regenerate over time, you can also use potions to help accelerate the
process. Vigor affects the damage you deal to enemies. When leveling your
character you can add points to your Vigor limit.

Now perform some parry moves on the new enemy. You will then be prompted to
dodge the opponents attacks by pressing the B Button along with a direction on
the Left Analog Stick to roll out of the way. After a few dodges you will have
another pop-up tutorial appear:

You can counter attacks with what is called Riposte. Simply block with the
Right Trigger held and when the Riposte marker appears on the enemy press an
attack button quickly. Note that in the normal game you CAN NOT riposte until
you have unlocked it in the Character Tree.

Aard Sign
Casting a Sign takes 1 Vigor point. The Aard Sign will knock down or stun your
enemy, allowing you to kill them with a single blow. You will want to use this
especially against enemies with shields.

When you return to the fight press the Y Button to cast Aard on the opponent.

Critical Effects
Not only can everyone deal regular damage, but they can all inflict a critcial
effect during combat. These effects will remain for a certain amount of time.
The Stun and Knockdown effects allow Geralt to finish off opponents instantly.
Be aware that some enemies are immune to selected effects and will require a
different approach.

Now go and attack your stunned enemy.

Quick Menu
Bring up the Quick Menu to select a Sign on the left side of the menu. You will
have to also press the A Button to confirm your selection, release the bumper
to resume playing. Note that while you are in this menu ENEMIES WILL STILL
ATTACK YOU! Remember where all the Signs are at to minimize damage when you
select them.

Critical Effects on Geralt
Both positive and negative effects remain active for only a certain time. The
effect duartion is displayed at the top of the screen.
Bleeding - represented by a drop of blood
Blinding - represented by an eyeball
Incineration - represented by a triforce of flames
Freezing - represented by a snowflake
Poisoning - represented by a green skull and bones
Intoxication - represented by a potion on top of a swirl

You will now be incinerated by the mage to show you the icon on the top of the

Low Vitality
Your Vitality is represented by the red bar, this is your health. When your
Vitality gets low you need to switch to the defensive and cast the Quen Sign
to reduce damage you receive from your enemies.

Quen Sign
The Quen Sign absorbs damage dealt by your enemies. You can reflect damage back
to the enemy when you acquire the relevant ability. Also note that while the
Quen Sign is cast you will no longer have Vigor regeneration!

Now quickly go in to the Quick Menu and select the Quen Sign and cast it on

Axii Sign
The Axii Sign gives you temporary control of an enemy. Note that the effects do
not happen instantly. Once casted on to the enemy do not recast it and wait for
Geralt to tap in to the enemies mind and control them. You will have to cast
and hold the spell on them to get it to work.Also note that some
monsters are immune to the Axii Sign.

Yrden Sign
The Yrden Sign is a magical trap that is traced on the ground and will
immobilize enemies. Use this to trap enemies and attack them from behind or
have an edge on running away from a tough fight.

Now dodge the Gargoyle and quickly equip the Yrden Sign to set a trap on the
ground for it to walk through. Once it is caught in the trap equip the Igni
Sign and set the Gargoyle on fire.

Quick Slot Items
Open your inventory to locate your items that can go in to quickslots. Press
the A Button to place items like traps, bombs, daggers, and lures in your
Pocket quickslot on the right side of the screen. Once back in the normal
screen you can easily access these items quickly.

Head over to the side of the arena and take the contents from the chest. Now go
to your inventory an set the Well-Balanced Dagger, Samum, and Talgar Winter
trap in your pocket. Now bring up the quick slot menu and select your bombs,
then throw them at the enemy. Now select the traps in the quick menu and set
them up against the Knight. Finally select the daggers and throw them at the
mage to take him down.

Character Development
For the first six levels you can only unlock abilities in the Training Path.
As you acquire more Talents, you will be able to spend on abilities from the
three remaining paths: Magic, Alchemy, and Swordsmanship.

Mutagens can be used to modify some of Geralt's abilities. To use a mutagen,
go to the Character Development Panel and find an ability with a mutagen slot
on the "Training" path. Place a mutagen in the slot to upgrade that ability.
Search the corpses of slain monsters to find more mutagens.

Open your Inventory and you will now see you leveled up to 8. Press the
trigger to go to Character screen and place the talent point anywhere you want
to in the Training path on the top.

Final Trial 1
You now must prove that you have learned everything that has been taught to
you. You will face three waves of enemies, explore the chest and use the items
you get from inside. When you are ready step in to the circle at the edge of
the arena.

Preparing for Combat
Drink some potions which will raise your toxicity level, if that maxes out you
can not drink any more potions until it lowers again. Get in to your meditation
menu and go to Potions. Add one Maribor Forest and two Swallow Potions.

Nowvhead over to the circle away from the door to start the battle. Attack them
all or run through the door to quit the tutorial. Either way you will then be
assessed and reccomended a difficulty level to play on.

2.02 - Prologue

Watch the cut scene and then Geralt will be brought to an interrogation chamber
where he must talk about the events that happened to the Blue Stripes
commander, Vernon Roche. It is best to start from the top of the list and work
your way down so you get the most out of the Prologue.

2.02.01 - By the King's Will

Select "That morning, the King summoned me."

Watch the cut scene and then say whatever you want in the dialogue decisions to
Triss. Take the Orens (Cash in this game) from the cabinet and then leave the
tent. Take the herbs on both sides of the hill and then head down and in to the
camp below. Head along the right collecting herbs and searching barrels for
items along the way. Talk to the lone Knight for some backstory of something
Geralt did in the past and continue over to where Newboy has a question for
you. Once you see the amulet you have a few choices to say to them about it.

2.02.02 - Melitele's Heart

"The amulet could help." - Newboy will go in to battle not wearing any armor.
He will then be killed and you will locate his body later in the story, this
ends this quest line. NOT THE BEST CHOICE.

"I doubt it." - Newboy keeps the amulet and wears armor to battle, thus
surviving the fight and you will see him later on through the story. You
however have to kill him yourself and take the amulet off his body if you want
to have it. NOT THE BEST CHOICE.

"Where did you get this?" - This will give you more options in the dialogue to

     "I'd say the amulet could help you." - This option will get Newboy killed
     in battle. NOT THE BEST CHOICE.

     "Seems to me the amulet brings trouble." - This option grants you the
     amulet in payment for your advice on the matter, you must accept the gift
     to continue the quest further. Newboy will wear armor and be seen later in
     the story. BEST TO CHOOSE THIS ONE.

     "It's infused with magic, though what kind, I don't know." - This option
     makes Newboy wear both the amulet and armor in to battle. You will meet
     him later in the story where you can kill him for the amulet if you wish
     to have it. NOT THE BEST CHOICE.

You now have the talisman known as Newboy's Talisman, you can use this for a
quest after the Prologue is over to give you a decent bonus...right now it is
cursed, taking 10% of your armor rating at the moment; this doesn't really hurt
you at the moment because your armor this early in the game isn't very powerful

2.02.03 - By the King's Will Continued

Continue looping around to the right and collect any herbs and items you come
across to pick up. You will wrap around through some sick and dying people,
then when you reach the second tent on your right afterwards you will be
prompted about Circle's of Power. Activate your medallion to get the Circle of
Vigor which enhances your health regeneration. Now catch yourself on fire at
the campfire 15 or 16 times to unlock the PYROMANIAC ATTRIBUTE. Now wrap around
the wooden walls to your right collecting more items and herbs along the way to
enter a training area.

Go over to the Training Dummies to destroy the five there which goes towards
unlocking the EXPERIENCED ATTRIBUTE. Now head around to the back of the tents
to locate two mini games; arm wrestling and dice poker.

Arm Wrestling
Place your bet and then you have to move the cursor to the left or right so it
stays inside the yellow lines, this keeps Geralt focused and allows him to over
power the opponent.

Dice Poker
Place your bet. Now you need to either roll a better set with the five dice
than the opponent does. Roll the dice with the Right Analog Stick, do it gently
because if any dice fall off the table you can't use them to help you. You will
roll the dice twice. Once you roll once, you must choose which dice you want to
roll again. Here is a list of the sets you want to try and make:

Royal Straight Flush - 1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6

Full House - Three of one kind and Two of another

Five of a Kind - Five of any number

Four of a Kind - Four of any number

Three of a Kind - Three of any number

Two Pair - Two matched sets of numbers

One Pair - One pair of any number

1 - Single Circle
2 - Two overlapped Circles
3 - Downward Triangle
4 - Square
5 - Five-pointed Star
6 - Six-pointed Star

I like to save before starting this game and then maximize my bets to earn the
max profit. Rinse and repeat as much as you like. If you get a Five of a Kind
you will unlock an ACHIEVEMENT. Now head out of this little secluded training
area and head around to the right along the path and up the big hill. Head to
the right along the board walk and start a cut scene.


Now follow the King up the hill for another cut scene. You are then given the
spyglass, as you look through it you will see a man just below the crosshairs.
Aim just below him and enter the coordinates to take him out; he will say One
and a half degress...this will unlock an ACHIEVEMENT. If you do end up missing
this will result in more enemies attacking you later in these back stories.


Head up the ladder and follow the king to climb another ladder. Go up a few
other ladders to reach the top for a speech and then ending this part of the

Select "The Assault."

2.02.04 - At the Fore

Head in to battle and kill everyone on the top of the wall to watch a cut scene
that starts right after.

2.02.05 - Barricade

Head in front of the kings guards and drop down a few times towards the arrows,
then turn to the edge of the wall to drop down on to some construction and go
down the ramp to drop down some more. Meditate and create some potions as well
as drink a Swallow Potion. Equip your bombs, traps, and throwing knives to your
quick access menu as well. Kill the enemies you encounter and make your way up
to the ballista. First you should run past it to the back of the area and go to
the right to find a dead assassin tucked away on the side. Head up close to him
and you will unlock the ASSASSIN ABILITY.

*NOTE - this character is based on Altair from the Assassin's Creed games,
Geralt makes fun of him saying "They will never learn."*

Now head back to the ballista and tap the button it asks on the screen to cock
the weapon. Fight off another wave of enemies and then aim the weapon. Once
again fight another wave to finally launch the bolt. 

Head back to the area you were just at and head to the far end along the left
to kill a group of enemies before heading up the stairs. Climb the structure on
the landing and get back to the tower you just opened up.

2.02.06 - At the Fore Continued

Fight the enemies with your fellow Knights and then head up the curved path to
kill the archers. Head back down and go help the King. Watch the cut scene and
kill everyone inside. Climb the ladder on the side and move forward for a cut

Now run through the arrows straight ahead and start killing the enemies behind
the barricades. Make your way through the enemies on the right going up the
ramp. You should easily unlock another ACHIEVEMENT here.

@Achievement Unlocked - Perfectionist

Climb the ladder and then the structure on your left as you come to the top of
the tower for a cut scene.

"As you wish" - This will initiate a battle where you must fight Aryan and all
                of his men. NOT THE BEST CHOICE.

"Surrender and save your men." - This opens more dialogue options to go through
                                 to talk to him. BEST TO CHOOSE THIS ONE.

     "Drop your weapon fool." - Aryan will surrender. BEST TO CHOOSE THIS ONE
                                IF YOU WANT HIM ALIVE.

     "Let's settle this between us." - You will get to fight Aryan one-on-one.
                                       He will die in this match. THIS OPTION
                                       IS GOOD TO CHOOSE IF YOU WANT HIM DEAD.

If you want the Executioner attribute you must kill him, otherwise if you want
the Strong Back attribute you must choose the option to keep him alive. Whether
he lives or dies you will get a small insight on Aryan from Roche once you have
finished the talk and won the fight if they had one.

"What happened to the Dragon."

2.02.07 - Trial by Fire

Use your Quen Sign immediately to help absorb any fire damage. Head through the
side walkway tunnels and fight off more enemies as the dragon shoots its flames
in to the area. Once you get to the other side Triss will blast open the gate
with her magic. Advance through the tunnl as the dragon makes the ceiling
collapse, Triss will hold the rubble up as you escape. Now run across the
bridge as it collapses for a cut scene and then finish this section.

"We split up at the monastery"

2.02.08 - To the Temple

Watch the cut scene and then turn around and head down the stairs in to town.
Start entering houses and taking anything you find inside. Head all the way
down the stairs to the group of people on the right and take the path around to
the left. You will see a short cut scene starting a side quest.

2.02.09 - Woe to the Vanquished

Save before you continue in to the house as your influence with things is not
very high in level yet, so you can easily fail at any of the options you choose
to use. You will want to use these options often to level the influence up. If
you fail you fail the quest and watch the people die. If you are successful you
should tell the survivors to "Take care of yourselves." as this has a better
payout of XP and extends the quest later, then telling them you want money too.

Now leave the house and take a left to find the group of soldiers, talk to the
Commander and tell him the only options available. You must now fight him and
when you win they will unblock the door to the building. Now head inside to let
them know they have been freed. Tell them to "Be careful.". The quest is marked
finished, but if you chose not to get paid either time you will have more to
the quest later on.

2.02.10 - To the Temple Continued

Head further down the path and help the two soldiers fight off the enemies over
here. You can search inside the houses for more items. Now head back around to
the large group of soldiers and people to find a doorway just past the dead
body that is shown in a short cut scene. Use the Aard Sign on the wooden wall
straight ahead to open a passage forward. Prepare to fight more enemies
protecting a well and easily get an ACHIEVEMENT here if you haven't already by
doing three ripostes leading to their deaths. Once they are dead, descend the

@Achievement Unlocked - Focus

Now drink the Cat Eye potion so you can see better in this dark area and equip
the Silver will encounter your first monsters down here. Head
around the corner drop down a hole to find the monsters. Kill the Drowner and
go to the right to find the CIRCLE OF LIFE to activate with your medallion.
Kill two enemies with two different Signs to unlock the CONJUROR ATTRIBUTE. Now
head the opposite way and look just to the left of the hall to your right. If
you scan it with your medallion the whole wall will glow orange, shoot it with
Aard to blast it open and get the TEMERIAN SWORD which is much better than your
regular steel sword. Turn right through the passage in to a hallway. Get to the
end and enter a square room with another enemy to kill. Blast through the
wooden panels on the right side of the room with Igni to fight another monster.
Now turn to the left and go through the gate and up the ladder.

Now move towards the opening for a cut scene and then go up the stairs for
another battle. Go through the door and climb through the hole at the end of
the hallway on the right. Head up the hill to kill the three guards and enter
the guardhouse.

Kill more guards inside and then exit through the wooden doors outside again
to be behind the gates that the King is trying to chop through. Kill the
enemies back here and take the GATE GUARD'S KEY from him. Head back in to the
guardhouse to unlock the gate and turn the wheel to let the King and his men
inside. Meet them through the door you just went through to start a cut scene
and the end of this part of the back story.

Choose "It all started with Tailles."

2.02.11 - Blood of His Blood

Afterour talk and convincing the Archpriest where the children are, turn around
and head through the door on the right to go down the spiral stairs. Go through
another door to reach the Seclusion. Head straight down the stairs and open the
chest straight ahead to get the WELL-BALANCED SILVER DAGGERS, NEKKER's IN THE
MIST book, and the DIAGRAM OF SUPERB LEATHER TROUSERS. Search the rest of the
area for more items.

Now head back up the stairs to the main temple room you were in earlier and
head north for a cut scene. Now get the King to safety by heading straight down
and moving out of the way of the fire when it shoots a fireball. Now go up the
stairs for a cut scene that catches you up to the present time.

2.02.12 - The Dungeons of the La Valettes

Talk to Roche about the details on everything below the "I'm not the murderer."
statement, once your done with those chose "I'm not the murderer.". You can
then drag out the conversation longer or straight up tell Roche "I'd hunt down
the killer." to move things on. If you choose  "None of your buisiness", you
can then say "You win. I'm going to talk - candidly." to move the story on. Or
choose "Go fuck yourself. I've already told you I didn't do it...". DO NOT
follow up with [Attack him] as this will result in a Game Over. Instead you
have to tell him "I can help you get the murderer.".

Watch the rest of the cut scene and you will see a cartoon cut scene where
Geralt regains some of his memory kicking in the RETURNING MEMORIES quest. You
will now be put back in to the prison cell, this portion of the game will be
different depending on whether or not you killed Aryan La Valette and what you
did in the Melitele's Heart quest. Now you either can "FREE YOURSELF" and fist
fight both guards, or "PROVOKE" them and have to fight only one guard. If you
won the Dice Poker and arm wrestling back at the beginning of the game you will
now unlock another ACHIEVEMENT once you beat the guards here.

@Achievement Unlocked - Gambler

Once you are free take the prison key that was dropped and leave the cell. Grab
some clothes on the rack nearby with a SMALL BLACKJACK weapon. Head up the
stairs and put out the torch when prompted. You must now decide to go about the
rest of the area in stealth or just go in blazing with a blackjack. If you want
to gather items, it is best to just go in killing everyone in your path and
collecting the items.

Stealth Approach
Carefully head through the door and immediately to the cell on your left to
avoid the guard as he inspects the noise, when he runs past you stay on the
left side of the doorway to the cell so he doesn't see you and he will look
through the door you just opened. Now sneak up behind him and tap the strong
attack button to knock him out. You will want to save after every successful
stunned guard to stay stealth through the whole thing.

Put out the next two torches and go up the stairs carefully. Watch the
mini-map for the next enemies position and get across the doorway to hide from
him before he comes your way to look through the opening. As he walks away put
out the torch and then sneak up behind him to knock him out, then quickly go to
the prisoner in the upper left corner to tap the button and calm him down
before he alerts the guards. Advance and hide behind some barrels on the left,
then when his back is turned head in and knock him out. Now take his key off
him and head to the door on the right for a cut scene. This part will be
different depending on if you killed Aryan or not.

Non-Stealth Approach
Head up and through the door with your weapon drawn to take on the guard that
rushes over to you. Continue forward up more stairs to battle another one. Turn
to the right and attack two more guards, as one is threatening to rape a female
prisoner in the back left. Take the RUSTY KEY off him. Calm the other female
prisoner and head back down the stairs, you can now unlock the door on your

Inside drop down to a lower level and search around the path for items. You can
find a GUISARME in the cell with the skeleton locked in a stock. As you head
around the corner and up a few steps you will over hear someone being tortured.
This depends on if you killed Aryan or not.

Stealth Approach - Aryan Dead
Head up the stairs the way everyone went and go to the left at the
intersection for a Club you can pick up as a different weapon, then wait for
the guard at the top of the stairs to turn his back on you and stun him, save
your game. Put out both of the torches and then go down the right hall to hide
behind the center wall. Wait for the guard to come and then walk away, follow
him and stun as soon as possible. Head to the left and use the first set of
barrels to hide from a guard on the left side. Wait for him to walk away and
then advance to the next set of barrels, put out the torch on your right. Once
the guard walks away again put the torch out on the left and knock him out.
Sneak around to the other side and knock out the guard over here too. Now go
through the gate door on the side for a cut scene.

Stay in the room as Shilard goes to open the door and informs the guards that
you have escaped, they will not come in this room and will run towards your
cell. Now head out of the room and through the now unlocked gate and take the
SWORD on the weapon rack. Head through the door to the outside.

Stealth Approach - Aryan Alive
Not accomplished in this playthrough.

Non-Stealth Approach - Aryan Dead
You can take a peek through a crack in the wall to see a topless Baroness Mary
La Valette. She pleeds with the torturer that she will sign the papers, but he
still wants to torture her regardless. Once you are done looking head further
down and climb the wall where the floor turns to a grate. Jump down and knock
out the Scribe to the left, then fight the torturer. Search him to get the

Search the rest of the room and when you reach the topless Baroness a cut scene
starts up. Shilard will come through the door with an elite guard for some
dialogue. No matter what you say the outcome is the same here. Wait 20 seconds
like he asks so he can get ahead and inform the guards to distract them. Finish
searching the area, you can find the Baroness's confession that was written
stating that she had incest with her son and had the two other children to keep
them from having the throne.

Now head up the stairs and through the door, wrap around to the right and up
more stairs. Get the CLUB on the left and go up the stairs as you find Shilard
calling all of the guards to follow him further through the dungeon. Now you
must go to the right and hide over by the barrels as he tells them you have
escaped and are running around the dungeon. Wait for them all to run down there
and then you are free to run to the far end and go through the gate. As you
head upstairs look on the weapon rack for a SWORD. Head through the door to the

Non-Stealth Approach - Aryan Alive
Not accomplished in this playthrough.

All paths combined
2.02.13 - Melitele's Heart Continued

If you saved Newboy from his death earlier in the game, then you will be
confronted by him as you leave the dungeon. Ask him about the Scoia'tel ambush
he will hand you the ABOUT DRAGONS book. He then goes up the stairs to have the
guards follow him away from you.

If you already have the amulet from him just head up the stairs and go straight
for the boat.

If you don't have the amulet from him head up the stairs before they leave and
kill them all to grab it.

If Newboy died you will have to look around the docks for his body to grab the

Now head up the stairs to fight through a few enemies. If you take to long
Triss will pop in to help the fight and have you follow her to the boat which
starts a cut scene. You will gain all the items you gained earlier in the game
as well as what you gained in the dungeon. This will unlock an ACHIEVEMENT.

@Achievement Unlocked - The Fugitive

2.03 - Chapter 1

2.03.01 - A Rough Landing

Watch the cut scene and then go down the steps of the ship to search the chest
by the mast for a quilted leather, then hop off the right side of the boat.

Search around for a Circle of Life to activate straight ahead and to the right.
Take the herbs and search the crates and chests to locate the WITCHER'S SILVER
SWORD DIAGRAM. Now head up the path and watch the cut scene. It doesn't matter
what dialogue you choose here to continue the story.

After the cut scene you must protect everyone from any enemies that rush in to
the orange shields that Triss is holding up to protect from arrow attacks.
Just keep rotating the camera back and forth from the front and back to see
both sides of the path, kill any enemies that wander in to the barrier. Soon
after the force field starts to fade, you will be near the trading post. Watch
another cut scene and you will gain the COVER ATTRIBUTE as long as you stayed
under Triss's cover spell the entire time.

2.03.02 - By The Gods - Stringing Up Sods

As you head towards town check inside the covered storage area for a lot of
items you can use. While you are here with a lot of ingredients make at least
five potions and oils to unlock an ACHIEVEMENT. Now head in to town through the
large wooden door and head left through another large wooden door to reach the
hanging with a cut scene.

@Achievement Unlocked - Apprentice

You find out that the informer is about to get hung. Head over to the inn at
your immediate left and go over to the left side of it to enter a wooden door,
this leads to the Harbor behind the inn. Head down the ramp and cast the spell
on the barrels as prompted and the guard on the upper level will walk towards
you to investigate. Run past him and through the wooden door on the right to
get behind the scaffold.

Move to the back of the scaffold and climb up the back to fist fight the
executioner. Watch the cut scene and then head in to the inn right after
everyone else, Geralt notices a Notice Board that we will look at a little
later just to the right of the door. Look to the left behind the counter when
you enter the Inn to find a shopkeeper, talk to him and sell some goods. Get
rid of what you don't need and store things you want to hold on to. The nice
thing about this storage is that it travels with you from town to town and can
be accessed in all the inns. So anything you put in here now, can be accessed
in another city later. Talk to the group in the center to finish the quest.

2.03.03 - The Kayran

After talking to the townsfolk and calming them down or beating up the trouble
making loud mouth, you will be automatically put on Kayran hunting duty. Head
back up to the upper portions of the docks and turn to the left to head down
the stairs. Go through the large wooden doors to start a cut scene with Triss.
She has you follow her over to Cedric. Follow her and climb the two ladders up
to a post where you will start another cut scene.

Start with the dialogue just above "Let's Trade." and work your way up the list
to get a lot of good information from him. You will get the ability to buy/sell
items, craft items for you, and start a secondary quest. Now it is time to
prepare for the quests ahead so go back inside the Inn again.

2.03.04 - Bring it on: Flotsam

When you first make it back to the inn, look to your left to see three men
sitting at a table. Talk to Skinny Sten and arm wrestle him. Once you win you
will officially start this quest.

Skinny Sten and Wiry Wilks will trade places at the table allowing you to arm
wrestle him. Once you defeat him he will trade places with Big Max. Once you
win you are told that the final man to beat is Bartholomew Bargee, he is out in
the village.

You can only wrestle him during the day. Head out the back door of the inn and
turn to the right to run down the stairs and through the large wooden doors. Go
up to the boats along the shore to find him building them. Talk to him and then
follow him over to a table nearby to start wrestling. Once you defeat him you
will be told that there was once someone much stronger than him, this also
completes the quest.

Exploring Flotsam

Head back to the inn and go downstairs and search around for items. Go through
the door at the foot of the stairs and under them to bedrooms that you can
search for more items as well. Sometimes in these rooms you can find some
prostitutes to give them Oren for sex; you will have to pay her at least 50%
of her minimum wager to get her to do anything. Other than a cut scene there is
nothing of value to this.

Now head through the door to the next room to gather a few more items and find
where they are keeping a Dice Poker game and fist fighting.

2.03.05 - Poker Face: Flotsam

Talk to Bendeck at the table to start a poker tournament quest. Once again,
here are the instructions on how to play:

Place your bet. Now you need to either roll a better set with the five dice
than the opponent does. Roll the dice with the Right Analog Stick, do it gently
because if any dice fall off the table you can't use them to help you. You will
roll the dice twice. Once you roll once, you must choose which dice you want to
roll again. Here is a list of the sets you want to try and make:

Royal Straight Flush - 1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6

Full House - Three of one kind and Two of another

Five of a Kind - Five of any number

Four of a Kind - Four of any number

Three of a Kind - Three of any number

Two Pair - Two matched sets of numbers

One Pair - One pair of any number

1 - Single Circle
2 - Two overlapped Circles
3 - Downward Triangle
4 - Square
5 - Five-pointed Star
6 - Six-pointed Star

This is a great chance to try for a Five of a Kind to get your achievement if
you didn't the first time earlier in the game. Once you defeat Bendeck you must
go against Casimir. Your third opponent is at the table as well, he refuses to
play you until you have defeated the first two. Once this happens talk to

Once you have defeated the third opponent you must seek out Einer Gausel in the
Nonhuman District. You will find him in the house on the corner. He has books
for sale, the ability to get your haircut! and Poker Dice!!

Once he is defeated he will tell you how to find the fifth and final opponent
in this area named Sendler. You will need to head to the harbor and then over
to Lobinden area. You can usually find him in his house or walking around once
in a while as a taxidermy. Play poker with him and when you win you will
complete this quest. Ask him about traps and choose the freezing trap as this
is one of the better traps.

2.03.06 - One On One: Flotsam

While in the basement of the Inn talk to Sheridan in the red suit to get in on
the fighting. Place your bet and then fist fight through three battles. Once
these three are won you will meet King Ziggy and he will ask that you meet him
at the town square after midnight. This will open the "Fight Club" quest. Note
that sometimes the game glitches and only needs you to fight two battles, even
if this happens you need to do the third battle. This rewards you with a
DIAGRAM for SUPERB LEATHER TROUSERS; you may have collected this earlier in the

2.03.07 - Woe to the Vanquished Continued

(Only appears if you saved the people and refused there payments earlier)

Exit the Inn back out to the Town Square to find that it is now night time.
Turn to the right and head towards the large wooden doors you have come from
when you first entered this town. Here a cut scene will start and you will meet
with some people you saved back in the prologue if you saved them and refused
to take there reward for you. Now accept the reward and you will get 50 Orens,

2.03.08 - Fight Club

Now talk to King Ziggy just outside the Inn while its dark. Tell him you want
in and follow him as he runs through a door across the square. Chase after him
to a guarded door and agree to leave your weapons at the door; you will be
informed that the weapons will be waiting for you in a trunk.

Follow King Ziggy through another doorway. Gather the items and follow after
him up some steps and through another door. Now follow him, gathering items
along the way. You will then follow him down in to an underground fighting
ring...I am Jack's smirking revenge...oops wrong story.

You will have to fight through four fights. The problem is when it comes to the
fourth fight Loredo pulls you aside and tells you that you have to lose this
fight. If you agree and fail the fight you also will fail the mission. You will
get 250 Orens and 60 XP, your friend Dandelion will be bankrupt since he bet on

If you refuse you get to play through the fight and win 200 Orens and 100 XP.
Loredo will threaten you and he places two thugs by one of the doors to the
town square and harbor, go kill them to get them out of the way.

Exploring Flotsam

While in the town square go to the Guard House just to the right of the inn.
Loot all the items you find and go up the stairs to find two Training Dummies
you need to destroy quickly so you don't piss off the guards. If you don't have
a powerful weapon to knock them down fast enough, take a few swings at them and
sheath the sword again, then swing some more.

Now exit the Guard House and head away from the inn, head past the large wooden
doors and ladder The next door between the merchant stalls leads you to Louis
Merse's House. Take the loot and talk to Louis to find out that you are to talk
to him when you kill monsters found on the bulletin board out on the side of
the Inn.

The two merchants Fioravanti and Vilmos Bartok sell a lot of goods, but at a
very expensive price. Don't bother getting any alchemy or crafting ingredients,
just focus on a few key formula's you seem to like. Head further to the right
through the opening to see two people talking quietly about you, talk to them.
They ask that you go through an experiment and if you agree you will receive

Now wait until midnight to work on another quest.

2.03.09 - Indecent Proposal

Now that it is night, head through the nonhuman district and get to Loredo's
compound entrance. Talk to the guards to start a cut scene. Now move forward to
start another cut scene and to start a quest off to the side of this one.

2.03.10 - The Ballista

You must now destroy the ballista, but you need a distraction. Find Margarita
the prostitute and talk to her. She asks you to pay her to do it, you can pay
her or ask a favor for a favor. She wants you to humiliate Myron and Alphonse.
This is a good choice if you know how to arm wrestle.

Once you have paid her or arm wrestled the two men have her head over to the
guard for a distraction. Once they leave, head up to the ballista and sabatoge
it by searching it. Now head up the stairs after Roche.

2.03.11 - Indecent Proposal Continued

Once you head up the stairs you will get a cut scene. Head back down the stairs
and talk to Roche under them, a man will over hear your conversation and has an
offer for the Witcher. Listen to what he has to say, this lets you learn that
they are hiding a trap for the beast in the back. At this time you should drink
a Cat Potion so you can see the guards.

As Roche calls for the soldier to come report to him, run along the right side
of the path and hide behind the rock while the other soldier patrols the left
side, sneak around and stun him. (Normally you should be able to just sneak
past him and just knock out the second guard only, but it can get glitchy at
times) Watch out for the buckets on the ground so you don't kick them. Quickly
go around the corner to the left to stun the guard taking a quick pee break.
Save your game here.

Now climb the two ledges to the right and then drop down on the other side of
the wall. Sneak along the wall and wait for the soldier to look your way. Once
he turns away, sneak up behind him and knock him out. Now climb the ladder and
crates to hide and look inside the window. Climb back down and wai along the
next wall for the guard to have his back turned on you, knock him out. Now go
to the end of the area and jump the low wall.

Loot everythig here and take the IRON FRAME and DIAGRAM for WITCHER'S ROBUST
drop back down the other side. Talk to Roche and tell him what you over heard.
You will also unlock an ACHIEVEMENT!

@Achievement Unlocked - Man of the Shadows

Follow Roche up the stairs and talk to Bartel at the top. Head inside alone and
go through the door on the right for a cut scene. Head in to the first room
before the stairs on the left. Watch the cut scene and then loot the room
before you leave. Now exit the compound through the courtyard and search the
chest outside for your items.

Exploring Flotsam

Go on your way back to the town square, taking a right and go through the
middle towards the doors. You will find a group of three mercenaries sent to
capture you dead or alive for the murder of the king. Kill them where they
stand. Now turn back around and turn left down the first street. Cross the
intersection and go through the large wooden door. Inside you will locate two
more Training Dummies, destroy them. Now leave the area the way you came, loop
back through townsquare and go through one of the two doors back in to the
Nonhuman district. Go back to where the Training Dummies are and destroy them
once again to unlock the EXPERIENCED ATTRIBUTE.

Now head back in to the Nonhuman District and turn to the right. Talk to
Berthold Candeleria, you want to buy the DIAGRAM: JAGGED BLADE from him as this
will be the most powerful secondary weapon in the game for a little while once
you get it made. You could buy the SILVER-PLATED SWORD from him but you have
the plans to make a better one, all you should need is two SILVER ORE from him
if you have been collecting everything else that you can see. Go in to all the
houses here and take all of the items you see in there. In one of the houses
you will meet Einar Gausel, he sells some really good books on the enemies you
will encounter around the area, search his house first for a lot of free ones
before you buy them.

Once you are done searching the houses, head over to the building just to the
left of the Inn at the town square. This building is the home to the Blue
Stripes. Here you will see Roche at the table right when you come in if you
have completed "Indecent Proposal". Search the building for loot and then talk
to Ves in the back room after you save and then save to Thirteen.

2.03.12 - Hung Over

Watch the cut scene and then accept Ves's offer at knife throwing. You are told
to throw at three different items randomly; The Map, the cured ham hanging from
the ceiling, and the oar hanging in the corner of the room. Do not miss
obviously, and don't take to long to throw it. Once you hit all three items you
will unlock the THROWER ATTRIBUTE.

Once you are done with throwing knives a cut scene will start up. Once you
decide your options, Ves asks you to drink...say yes. You will then start an
arm wrestling competition. If you beat them both you will win the sword of

Geralt will then wake up on the beach practically naked when a man comes by and
wakes you up. Pay him the 31 Orens, as intimidating may not work. He tells you
to talk to the Madame Margot at the Brothel. Head over there now and ask her
what happened yesterday. She makes you pay around 36 Oren....apparently you
road some prostitutes out to the port! Now you must speak to Ves.

Head over to the Blue Stripes HQ and speak with her. She will then give you a
key to open the trunk by the window to reclaim all of your items.

NOTE: If you want to remove the tattoo (You don't have to)
      Head over to the Inn and talk to Triss about tattoo removal. She will
      tell you to bring her Green Mold, White Myrtle Petals, and Wolf's Aloe
      Leaves. You should have plenty of White Myrtle Petals so go to Anezka in
      Lobinden for the other two ingredients

2.03.13 - A Sword For Monsters

You need to replace the sword you lost from the dragon back in the prologue.

NOTE: If you are playing the PC version of the game and have a save file from
      the end of that game that contains a Silver Sword in his inventory you
      will already have a Silver Sword.

You can either decide to buy a pre-made one from a merchant (This is the second
worst Silver Sword in the game) or gather the materials needed and make the
better Silver Sword with them. This is the better option, buy the SILVER ORE
from Berthold Candeleria and have him craft the sword for you. Equip it and you
will complete this quest.

1 x Diamond Dust
1 x Timber
2 x Iron Ore
2 x Silver Ore
45 Oren

2.03.14 - The Kayran: A Matter Of Price

Now head through the large wooden doors from the Craftsmen's District to the
Harbor. Speak to the Merchant here to start a dialogue with him. Asking for an
advance in pay or telling him that you will tell Sile he is looking to cheat
her of money is not the way to go with this. Instead you need to tell him to
double the amount, this will open more dialogue.

Use the Axii Sign to try to get the amount doubled. This will not only double
the reward, but also gets you the HAGGLING ATTRIBUTE once the Kayran is

2.03.15 - The Scent of Incense

Head around the corner down the pier from the merchants area. As the dock turns
to the right and then back to the left you will find Vencei Pugg, he has an
offer for you. He wants you to get a formula from a vendor to prove that he
sells harmful incense for some Oren. Head back in to the town square.

You will now see an angry mob just outside the vendor's spot to start another
quest that branches from this one.

2.03.16 - Little Shop of Dreams

Head over to the mob and talk to them to find that the people want you to close
down the shop because they suspect it is selling drugs. They offer Geralt a
reward for confirming the suspisions and closing it down. The reward is only
going to be 20 Orens, head over to talk to the shop keeper. You will want to
buy any formulas from him at this point if you are interested. There isn't
really much here to bother with.

If you say "I see.", you are able to walk away and come back later.

Your best option is to try "I know there's something exceptional about it..."
You then have three options to decide the fate of the shop, as the last option
les you walk away and come back later.

If you say "I believe you.", the shop will remain open.

If you say "Why would you want to poison your neighbors?", persuades him in to
closing the shop down.

If you say "I'll be back tomorrow - with Loredo", will intimidate him in to
closing the shop down.

If you close the shop and haven't asked about the formula yet he will
automatically give you the formula you ask for when you talk to him next. This
helps with the core quest - "The Scent of Incense".

You best option is to use "I'll be back tomorrow - with Loredo", this also
unlocks an ACHIEVEMENT! You will also get the real formula for "The Scent of

@Achievement Unlocked - Intimidator

Now talk to the mob and gather up your 20 Orens!

2.03.17 - The Scent of Incense Continued

Head back to the dock and talk to Vencel Pugg at his waiting spot.

$ Best Option $

The best option to say is "Yup.", this will continue the quest.

$ Bad Option $

If you say "I'm not about to give it to you.", Pugg will get angry and leave.
You will find him with four bandits ready to ambush you out in the woods later.

$ Best Option $

With the better option chosen he tells you to meet him at the gate on the
market side. Head over there now and talk to him at the spot designated on your

He will tell you that he has to blind-fold you.

$ Best Option $

Refuse both times he asks to blind fold you. He marks the spot on your map and
heads off for his lab. Go over to the lab and head around to the left to gather
up the items you find including a MOON RUNE.

$ No Blindfold - Real Formula "Best" $

If you gave him the real formula you will get 200 Oren, 85 XP, and the FORMULA:
TAWNY OWL. I went ahead and killed them all anyways, you can then search the
area for more items and get another FORMULA: TAWNY OWL. Ride the boat back to

$ No Blindfold - Fake Formula $

If you give him the fake formula Pugg will order his men to attack you at this
time. Kill them all and loot the place for the FORMULA: TAWNY OWL. Take the
boat back to Flotsam.

$ Blindfold - Real Formula $

If you agreed to be blindfolded you will be jumped by Puggs men on the way to
the secret lab, they will take all your weapons. You then have to wait while
they test the formula.

If it is real you will be asked to be blindfolded again. If you accept you will
get 200 Oren and the FORMULA: TAWNY OWL; no XP and no chance to loot the place.

If you refuse it is the same outcome as if you were blindfolded and gave the
Fake Formula.

$ Blindfold - Fake Formula (And Real Formula with refusing blindfold to exit) $

Pugg will tell you that you will be kept hostage. You will have to fight your
way out of the secret lab. Destroy the door with the Aard Sign and roll past
the bandits to get the sword leaning on the table. Use it to kill everyone.
You will get 85 XP and the FORMULA: TAWNY OWL from a chest. Now take the boat
back to Flotsam.

Exploring Lobinden

Head to the village just outside Flotsam where you met Cedric. Loot the area
and houses for random items. Now go in to Anezka's house and look at her shop.
You will want to buy her ENDREGA TEETH, you need 15 of them for your Jagged
Blade to be crafted. You will need to exit the house and re-enter to get her to
refresh her list. Once all 15 are collected, go next door to craft the sword.

2.03.18 - Malena

Head to the north east area of Lobinden to trigger an area where guards are
surrounding a woman talking about Malena. Head in and interupt the guards. Two
of the guards are missing, last seen with her. Tell them "Leave it to me." to
continue the quest. The other option fails you.

Now head to the harbor of Flotsam and go to the north west to find a cave
entrance where the group of guards will wait outside with Malena. Search the
blood spot at the entrance and head in to the cave. Hop down the ledges, pull
your Silver Sword out and cast Quen on yourself. Now get out your bombs to
throw as a huge rush of Nekkers come after you. Axii Sign helps a lot too to
control one of them and they usually get in the way of the other Nekkers.

Once they are all dead loot the chest and body, then examine it. Now head to
the other side and kill some more Nekkers before climbing the ledge to your
left. Follow the blood around a big gap and kill more Nekkers to climb another

A few steps in you will find the two guards with Scoia'tel Arrows in them.
Don't bother with the ladders as this only goes to a locked door, head out the
way you came. Save the game and head over to the group to start a cut scene

$ Lie and say "Monsters killed them." $

If you choose this option you should complete "In the Claws of Madness" first.

Malena will thank you and tell you to meet her at the waterfall in the forest.

If you head out to meet her set up traps all over the waterfall area before
talking to her. Once you do talk, she will tell you that you know to much and
a Scoia'tel ambush will happen. Kill them all and loot there bodies for a rare

Now chase after Malena to the old mansion from the quest "In the Claws of
Madness" and locate her by a pile of rubble north of the mansion. You will have
a few different dialogues to decide through at this point when you find her:

"You don't deserve any." gets you 125 XP once you kill her.

"Loredo will judge you." gets you nothing!

"Away with you." - gets you 125 XP

Choose any of the two except giving her to Loredo.

$ Tell Truth and say "They were shot. $

You will then get two options:

"Let's hear it." and then say "Lead on." to have the whole group lead to the
tree branch where you saw Iorveth and you all get ambushed. This will be easier
than earlier as you have backup. Search the bodies for the DHU BLEIDD ARMOR

"I don't believe you." or "Enough of your lies." gets you 125 XP.

The DHU BLEIDD ARMOR ENHANCEMENT is a very good item to find, so re-load and
try again to get it if you don't get it the first time.

2.03.19 - The Nekker Contract

Head to the Notice Board in front of the Inn and take the contract down for
this one. You need to do some research on the monsters, most likely you will
already have the Nekkers in the Mist book from the Prologue.

Visit Cedric and get the formula for the Grapeshot Bomb if you didn't already
have it. Now Meditate and create 4 bombs. You must now go to the south of the
large tree you see on the south east corner of the town map to get on to a path
and take it to the right to see a circular path (on your mini-map). Go left on
it and fight the Nekkers until they slow down the respawn, plant a bomb by
pressing the action button when prompted. Remember that using your medallion
will help you find them. You should be inbetween two trees on the main map now
just near the fork in the road.

Now head east towards the tree on the right and circle around the base of it
for two more nekker nests. Once these two are destroyed you will have one left.
Head due south from the tree and cross the creek. If you reach the waterfall,
go to the east side and a few feet to the north to start a fight with some
Nekker's just outside there nest. While you are out here disarm five traps you
come across and interrupt Geralt from succeeding by activating your medallion.
This will unlock the SAPPER ATTRIBUTE.

Once all four nests are destroyed head back in to town and go in to Louis Merse
home to have a talk with him about the reward of 75 XP and 150 Orens.

2.03.20 - In The Claws of Madness

Once you have talked to Cedric about the quest, head out to the house in the
woods. You will meet Rupert just before getting to the mansion. As you two are
talking you will be stormed by Nekker's. Head around to the left to kill off
more Nekkers as they approach. Activate the Circle of Power just before you
find the dog dead on the ground. Now wrap around and head down the stairs to
the room below.

Now head in to the next room for a cut scene where a spectre comes out with
fire coming from all the cells. Head around the corner and jump down in to the
next room. Here you will want to oil your sword with Spectr Oil and drink some
Petri's Philtre. Now grab the HOSPITAL FILES (III) from the chest on your right
and kill the two spectres that appear. Once they are killed a fire will
extinguish at the door, head through after you collect the ESSENCE OF DEATH.

You will see a ghost trying to bust the wall down straight ahead, don't bother
going in as he will just vanish and reappear each time you leave. Go to the
right and move forward for a cut scene. Continue after the spectre as the fire
dies straight ahead when approached. Use your Quen Sign to protect yourself
from the fire as you head around to the left. Head up the steps at the end and
pass two ghosts that won't hurt you.

Now head down some steps at the other end and drop down in to a room with some
Wraiths to fight. Loot the room for a ROBUST CUTLASS and HOSPITAL FILES (I).
Now head through the only exit out and on the corner you can examine a drawing
on the wall. Use Aard Sign just to the right of this drawing to blast open the
wall where someone sealed it up. Inside you can find a random armor

As you head around two corners you will run in to the second missing person you
are looking for. He is a bit dillusional and needs some medicine. Prepare for
another Wraith battle and head towards the fire, take a right just before it.
As you approach the far table kill the Wraith that spawns and then turn around
to kill another Wraith that spawns after the first one is dead. Now head over
to the table to grab the medicine. Get in to the next room to loot the chest
for HOSPITAL FILES (II) along with documents on the Wild Hunt. Head back and
hand him the medicine to watch a cut scene.

After the cut scene the fire dies out and the other survivor runs away. Head in
to where the fire just was and watch a cut scene to find out what the spectre
wants. Head back the way you came to locate Gridley waiting for you, and talk
to him to get teleported out. You now have to decide how to solve this quest.

Choosing "You need to see something. Come with me." will have them go down in
to the basement and burst in to flames. You get 100 XP, loot the bodies for 60
Orens a piece, another copy of the ROBUST WITCHER'S SILVER SWORD (You should
already have this), and the curse is lifted. Search the chest nearby for
HOSPITAL FILES (IV) which will then unlock an ACHIEVEMENT!

Choosing "The ghost wants you dead." is the better choice. You will get two
pairs of Nekker Eyes and Nekker Hearts and you must head back through the
basement to reach the wraith at the end again. Prepare for a battle with the
Wraith using some Spectre Oil and talk to him when you are ready. He will
know they are false regardless of whether you use Nekker or Pig parts. Fight
him a little easier than the previous Wraiths you have encountered and loot it
for HOSPITAL FILES (IV). After the battle an ACHIEVEMENT will unlock.

@Achievement Unlocked - Librarian

Now go speak to Rupert and Gridley when you are done to decide what to do with

If you choose "You have to be punished." Geralt will take them to Loredo. This
choice reveals something about Loredo's mother that you will never hear through
the other decision. You will also get 100 XP.

Choosing "Now, go away" isn't the best decision as you won't get any XP for it.

2.03.21 - Troll Trouble

Head over to the Notice Board just outside the Inn and take the notice off the
board for this quest. Now head out to the spot to find a man fighting off a
group of Nekkers with an oar. Help him and then he will tell you what has been
happening at the bridge. He will ask that you first talk to Chorab in Lobinden
before you decide the fate of the Troll.

Head back to Lobinden and find Chorab usually sleeping against a building near
the central area with a fire. He tells you that he is only leaving the bridge
screwed up because he started drinking, and Geralt is asked to help the Troll.
Now head back to the bridge and drop down the side of the bridge from ledge to
ledge to get to the lair. Talk to the Troll and no matter what is said he will
start to attack you.

Once you get his HP down halfway he will ask you to stop. Now you must decide
a big decision. This decision is for two seperate achievements...To spare or to
kill ALL Trolls in the game. Due to the game having mulitple endings...EIGHT at
that, you have to branch your story to help make it easier for you to get these
achievements. Once you get them both it doesn't matter what you decide to do.
Kill the Trolls achievement, you will want to side with Roche later; otherwise
choose the other side if you want to get the achievement for sparing them.

$ Killing the Troll $

If you decide to kill the troll say "Not good enough" and continue the fight.
Once you kill the troll head back to Louis Merse for your reward. You will get
50 Orens and 125 XP. Now remember that if you have not received the secret
achievement for killing all trolls, you should stick with this decision!

$ Helping the Troll $
Not accomplished in this playthrough.

2.03.22 - The Endrega Contract

You should be powerful enough to perform this quest now. Head to the notice
board near the Inn and take this paper off the board. You will now want to go
purchase the book on Endrega from Einar Gausel, now read it to learn about the
enemies you are about to face. Now stock up on traps as you will have to fight
some larger Queen verions of the Endrega.

Take the side path along the river out of Lobinden. Head all the way forward
through Nekkers and take a right when the trees block your path to find
Endrega's protecting large green pods. Kill the Endrega and then set up a load
of traps all around. Once you feel secure open all three pods to destroy the
insides. Once all three are destroyed a queen will come out to attack you. Get
the queen to get caught on a trap and then start attacking her. If you have
Insectoid oil for your blade go ahead and use it.

Looking at your main map you should be at the large tree just below the middle
of the town. You now want to head east to the river to find the waterfall. Now
head north up along the path and you will pass a destroyed wagon with dead
bodies. In a few feet away from this Endrega will attack you as the nursery is
a few more feet up and to the right. Repeat the tactics here on the second

Once both queens are killed head back to Louis Merse for your reward. You will
get the DIAGRAM: SUPERB WITCHER'S SWORD, 200 Orens, and 75 XP. The diagram is
for the best Silver Sword you can get in Chapter 1, it is recommended to make
it at this time. By now you should be or are very close to reaching Level 10
which unlocks an ACHIEVEMENT!

@Achievement Unlocked - Journeyman

2.03.23 - The Kayran: A Matter of Price

Now do as you were told a few hours ago and head to the harbor to talk to the
merchants about the Kayran and the price of completing the quest.

Asking for an advance gets you 200 Orens now but gets you a small pay out over

If you ask him to double your fee he will think its rediculous. You will now
want to use the Axii option "You'll double the reward.". This will later help
unlock the Haggling attribute.

2.03.24 - The Kayran Continued

Now head east out of the town and village heading deeper in to the forest. You
will need your standard weapon ready to kill off the Bandits patrolling these
roads. The second group of Bandits up the road by the fire has a chest of 50
Orens. Continue up the path to locate Triss, so this is where she's been

Get out your Silver Sword now and follow Triss down to the Kayran's Lair. As
you hop down two more ledges and seeing some footprints Geralts Medallion will
react. You can see why in the distance as a load of Drowners ambush you. Its
best to oil the blade with necrophage oil and use Quen Signs often. Once they
are all killed head over to the mucus on the cliff edge and collect some. Triss
will cast an examination spell on the mucus to find out the monster is sick and

2.03.25 - Mystic River

Since we are already over by the ship go over to it and scan the area with the
Medallion. Just at the lip of the ship you will find a skeleton on the left,
when you search it the quest will activate; you also get a key.

Now loot the barrel near the Skeleton and then head to the right side of the
tipped over ship to unlock a chest with some documents and crafting materials.
Read the two documents and then you must find a Royal Post Mailbox. Now head
back to Flotsam.

Once inside Flotsam head over to Louis Merse's house and go over to his desk.
Search the little chest on it to drop the papers off. Now talk to Louis about
the postbox and use Axii to take a look inside. You will unlock the CONJUROR
ABILITY at this time. Drop the mail off and take the other letter out to review

This quest will continue later in the game.

2.03.26 - The Kayran: Ostmurk

Head over to Lobinden and speak to Cedric about the Ostmurk to help in your
battle. He will tell you that the moss will grow in a cave deep in the woods
beneath some elven ruins.

Now head out to the good old waterfall you may have seen a few times and look
behind it for a cave if you haven't already looked. Head down in to the depths
where, depending on the time of day, you will find Nekkers, Drowners, or

When the path comes to the first split in the path you can locate some ROBUST
WELL-BALANCED DAGGERS. At the second split in the path climb up the one on the
right to continue further in to the cave. Take the next right to grab a MAIL
ARMOR ENHANCEMENT. Headig further in you will face a Greater Rotfiend. Oil
your Silver Sword with necrophage oil along with casting Quen. Once the monster
is killed you will need to roll away to avoid its explosive poisonous body.

Now head over to the bright blue glowing moss and collect the OSTMURK. Now
meditate and go in to your Alchemy to create at least one Mongoose potion.

This quest will finish when you use the Mongoose Potion at the start of the
Kayran fight.

2.03.27 - The Kayran Continued

It is finally time to take on the beast everyone at the harbor is worried
about. Head over to Cedric and purchase DIAGRAM: KAYRAN TRAP and craft it. You
may have to go see Berthold Candeleria in the Non-Human district blacksmith
shop for Silver Ore if you don't have any on you. You will need the Kayran Trap
part you found, 2 Oil, 1 Iron Ore, and 1 Silver Ore to make it.

Now head over to the Inn and go upstairs from the front of the building. Go
inside the second door to find Sile to talk to, tell her you are ready. The
game will then load you out deep in the forest with Sile. Head over to the edge
and drink the Mongoose Potion here, then drop down the ledges just before the
bridge on the right. Soon a cut scene will start as you make your way back to
the ship.

At this time being just level 10 or so you will only be able to take about
three to four hits from this boss. DO NOT try to go around to the back of the
Kayran as it will sweep you back in front of it and start a really deadly combo
on you! Also DO NOT go to far back or else you will get caught in swamp weeds
and have to quickly press the interaction buttons that pop-up on the screen to
get free of them!

You want to start by eliminating tentacles from the massive beast. Roll out of
the way of the tentacle the beast always raises right away to smash down on
you. If you get inbetween the two tentacles right in front of you, it will back
up and spit a poison at you. Since you drank the Mongoose Potion the poison
will not hurt you. Now run over to the yellow marker located on the field and
place the Kayran Trap here by pressing the button indicated on the screen when
you are standing in the spot. Once the Kayran slams down on the trap you will
unlock an ACHIEVEMENT!

@Achievement Unlocked - Artful Dodger

The Kayran's health will now reduce one-third of the way. Quickly get in front
of the now severed tentacle and wait for the Kayran to stop its temper tantrum
of pain. Once the tantrum is over use the Yrden Sign somewhat near another
tentacle. Wait for it to slam down on the ground and roll out of the way as the
tentacle becomes stuck. Now with the Silver Sword slash at the tentacles
bulging spot to sever the tentacle. This will reduce the health to half now.
Use Yrden one more time on the great beast to destroy a third tentacle, the
health will now come down to one third left at this point.

As the Kayran throws another tantrum, this time it will swing one of its
remaining tentacles horizontally catching Geralt on it. You will then need to
mash the button prompted on the screen to fill the bar allowing Geralt to stab
the tentacle. The creature will then smash against the bridge causing it to
fall on to it.

At this time the fallen bridge becomes a sloped ramp that you will need to roll
up. Once at the top a cut scene starts up and Geralt kills the Kayran. You gain
1,750 XP and unlock an ACHIEVEMENT!

@Achievement Unlocked - Kayranslayer
@AKA in some versions - Oh My God! You Killed the Kayran! You Bastards!

Head over to the main body on the right side and collect the items off the

2.03.28 - The Kayran: A Matter of Price Continued

Head back to the harbor and speak to the merchant you negotiated with earlier.
You will gain anywhere from 500 to 1,000 Orens. Also if you talked him in to
doubling the amount to 1,000 Orens you will unlock the HAGGLING ABILITY. You
will also receive the DIAGRAM: KAYRAN SKIN ARMOR.

Go craft this item now and get other things upgraded as you wish.

14 Robust Cloth
6  Hardened Leather
1  Kayran Skin
8  Twine

Once the armor is completed (may have to equip it) you will unlock an

@Achievement Unlocked - Backbone

2.03.29 - The Assassins of Kings

When you head away from the merchant Triss will teleport in and tells you that
someone adjunct with Iorveth is on the prisoner boat and Geralt wants to speak
to him. Follow Triss out to the ship and talk to the soldiers to be let on the
ship. Head below and to the opposite end to start a cut scene. Now cast the
Axii Sign on him by repeatably tapping the button to cast the spell.

It doesn't matter what options you choose here to go through the conversation.
Near the end try to use a method of convincing that you haven't used much to
help level it up.

2.03.30 - Returning Memories

Once the conversation with Ciaran is over, Geralt will have another clue opened
to his past. Triss will tell him that with just a single petal of the Rose he
can get his memories fully restored.

You must now decide whether to take Triss with you on the trip to look for the
Rose or not to. If you take her with you can unlock a love scene between the
two of them soon as well as unlocking an attribute when she comes with.

2.03.31 - The Rose of Remembrance

Either follow Triss if she is tagging along or go talk to Cedric for
information on the location.

Talking to Cedric makes you either has you have to fetch him some Vodka and
drink with him, you will have a drunken screen effect making it a little
difficult to navigate the monster infested woods. Or you will have to give him
Orens for him to buy the Vodka himself. 

Once you make it to the waterfall you will find the marker on the mini map
indicating the path leading up the to the gardens, or Triss will automatically
know where to go.

If Triss is not with you, you must pick the Rose and head back to the Inn to
hand it over to Triss. You will gain no XP or any boosts with this method.

If Triss is with you head up the path she chooses and grab the flower to give
to her. Climb up the many ledges and you will soon reach the Elven Baths. Now
take the Rose and hand it to Triss. Soon after three bandits from town will
come up and talk about removing the statue to put in the Chancellors new
garden. Triss steps in to stop them and a fight begins, kill them all with your
standard sword. Don't forget to use Quen since Triss seems to have a hard time
throwing fireballs at the right people...

After another cut scene the two of you will fall through the ground to the
Elven Baths. Save your game here so you can watch the Love scene once, but it
is best to pass it up in the long run. Turn to Geralts right and loot the chest
and plants. Read the book on The Wild Hunt. Now talk to Triss and make a

% Love Scene - No Resistance to Magic Attribute %

If you want the love scene say "You could use a bath."...this however has a
drawback of not getting the powerful Resistance to Magic Attrbute. Follow it up
with "I can't" to get the quest XP. You then see a cut scene where Triss and
Geralt have a love scene while two elves and a dwarf walk up top and see the
dead bodies. Once the cut scene ends Triss will tell you not to get caught up
in things when your memory returns. Anything you say doesn't matter until the
end of the conversation. Be sure to pick "I can't". This option gets you the
quests XP and most likely will level you up again. Roche will then smash
through the wall in to the bath house and help you out of the area.

% No Love Scene - Helps Unlock Resistance to Magic Attribute %

If you decide to skip the love scene for the Resistance to Magic Attrbute say
"Nothing. Let's get out of here." This will then skip the love scene and you
will then have another conversation that is the same at this point for either
choice you picked. Triss will tell you not to get caught up in things when your
memory returns. Anything you say doesn't matter until the end of the
conversation. Be sure to pick "I can't". This option gets you the quests XP and
most likely will level you up again. Now you will be allowed to use Aard Sign
on the opposite corner to blow open the wall and get back to the surface. As
you reach the top you will over hear a conversation that you would have heard
from the cut scene in the love scene, but instead you will interrupt them.

Now head to the opposite side of the room where you first fell in and use Aard
Sign on the wall when it prompts you to get an opening you can climb through.
As you head up you will over hear the elves and dwarf that were above your
location as you interrupt them. Try the "Let us leave in peace." option and
then tell them to fight you for the best outcome.

2.03.32 - The Assassins of Kings Continued

Now head back to town and meet up with Zoltan back at the Inn. Ask him about
Iorveth and he will arrange you to meet him. Shortly after Zoltan will bring
you to a pillar and a cut scene will start, the elves ask you to meet Iorveth
at a clearing. Zoltan then explains to Geralt that this is a known trap, but
Geralt wants to go anyways.

Put Insectoid Oil on the Silver Sword and head out to the clearing, make sure
to activate the three circles along the way to boost your powers. Use the Quen
Sign at all times and dodge-roll around to the back of the Arachas and start
wailing on it with the Silver Sword. Try to kill it and loot right away before
the next cut scene starts, if you don't you will lose out on any items it
leaves behind due to a glitch, with a slight chance it stays.

During this conversation do not say "You're a murderer.", this will trigger a
cut scene of both Zoltan and Gealt die.

If you say "Let Zoltan go.", you don't want to say "Loredo was right about
you."; this will get you killed as well.

You must tell him "Letho wants you dead." to start another cut scene.

Now go through all the dialogue you want to listen too and then say "I need to
do something first." so you don't go automatically in to a difficult battle.
You now have some time to do a few more errands.

Use this time to now search the area for loot. If you didn't get a chance to
loot the dead Arachas earlier, check to see if it is still there. It usually
glitches out and you won't be able to grab the items. Now head back over to
where you jumped down from and look to the right for a path heading through
some bushes. At the entrance to this path on the right you can search and find
the Sword of Kaer Morhen. This is the second best Silver Sword you can find in
Chapter 1.

Now head back to Flotsam and purchase any valuable items they all hold at this
point as it is about time for us to move on with the game very shortly. Once
that is done head over to Lobinden and talk to Anezka.

2.02.33 - Melitele's Heart Continued

Ask Anezka "Tell me what you know about this amulet" to start the quest. She
will tell you that there is magic in it and will want to buy it from you.

If you say "I wouldn't mind selling it" a cut scene will start up and she
settles for 200 Orens. If you accept it by saying "I want to get rid of it."
Geralt gets 200 Orens and 50 XP.

Saying "I've changed my mind" stops the cut scene and sale.

Saying "It must be precious to you." starts another cut scene, then use the
persuasion option "A customer like me doesn't come along often....". If you are
successful she will tell you that the talisman is actually Melitele's Heart, a
potent protective amulet that was cursed. She will then tell you that she
thinks she can reverse the spell using a Troll's Tongue, Eyes of an Arachas,
Fetus of Endrega, and the essence of death.

Troll Tongue - Get from Troll Trouble quest by killing and looting the body or
               buy it from Cedric

Eyes of Arachas - Get from the previous quest fighting the Arachas

Fetus of Endrega - From looting Endrega or during the Endrega Contract (Known
                   as Endrega Embryo)

Essence of Death - Get during the quest In the Claws of Madness

Once you have the ingredients head back to Anezka and ask about the talisman
and ask more about the ritual. Ask her if she can perform the ritual and she
tells Geralt to meet her at midnight over at the Shrine to Veyopatis. Make sure
you have some Spectre Oil and get some Fury Traps to spread out around the area
of where Anezka meets you. Its best to use some Mutagens and place a Fire Rune
in your Silver Sword as well.

Head over and meet her in the woods, then tell her you are ready.and she will
start the ritual. You must protect her from Spectres that appear trying to stop
her from fixing the talisman. Keep them focsed on you and use Quen whenever it
runs out.

Once Anezka says she has done it, the wraiths will stop. Go back and talk to
her asking if there is "Succeeded?" she will hand over the talisman which is
now named MELITELE'S HEART. It now gives you a Vitality Regen of +1. You will
also get 125 XP for completing the quest.

2.03.34 - The Assassins of Kings Continued

Now it is time to head over to meet up with Iorveth and talk with Letho. Climb
the path to the left of the waterfall and climb up a ledge just before Iorveth
to start a cut scene. Simply move forward with Iorveth bound like a prisoner
and go in to the area where you and Triss were at a little while ago to meet

There is a huge decision at this point that influences the story in Chapter 2.
You have to either give Iorveth his sword and side with him or help Roche. If
you side with Roche he will give you more XP.

Regardless of what is said you will have to make your decision and help either
person, then fight Letho. You must use Yrden and any traps that you have to
catch him off guard. Don't go to far away or else he will throw a bomb, use
Aard, or Igni on you. Just set the traps and then hack away at him when he is
caught. Get his life down to halfway and you will win the fight. After the
cut scene whoever you sided with in the battle will come check on you.

2.03.35 - Where is Triss Merigold? - Sided with Iorveth

Run back to Flotsam and you will find the village in a burning mess. Head to
the Inn as soon as you arrive. When you reach the town square you will see that
the humans have revolted against the nonhuman district attacking them. You can
interrupt a group of humans beating up a dwarf. Stop a few more situations any
way you feel and then enter the Inn.

Deal with another situation inside the Inn to stop a small group from killing
two elves inside. Then talk to Dandelion to figure out where Triss is. Now head
to Sile's room back outside and up the stairs. As you leave the Inn again
another mob will appear at the far end. Now head upstairs and in to her room
for a cut scene. Look around for clues and you will find a peephole leading to
the Brothel. Leave the room and go next door to speak to the Madam.

Speak to Margot for a cut scene and then you will be in control of Triss as she
talks to Philippa. After the cut scene you gain control of Geralt again to ask
questions and watch cut scenes. Margot will then tell Geralt to hand Iorveth a
list of Derae's killers. Choose the top option if you accept it.

Now head out to the forest on your way back over to the elven ruins. Use Cat
Potion to track the spots of Cedric's blood, or use the Medallion to see spots
on the ground every so often. You will find his body around the lake, when you
walk up near him you will start a cut scene. You will now receive 900 XP after
the cut scene.

You must now decide to either join Roche or Iorveth, this choice branches the
story towards four endings on boh sides. This is a great place to SAVE YOUR
GAME to reload later and get all the endings. Skip to 39 or 40 to continue on.
You can choose which person to go see in the Journal!

2.03.36 - Where is Triss Merigold? - Sided with Roche

Not accomplished in this playthrough.

2.03.37 - Margot's Disappearance

Not accomplished in this playthrough.

2.03.38 - Where is Triss Merigold? - Sided with Roche Continued

Not accomplished in this playthrough.

2.03.39 - At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche

Head back to Flotsam and seek out Roche at the Blue Stripes Head Quarters. Talk
to him about what he learned new to move the story along. Then say "All right,
let's do it your way." to fully join Roche.

2.03.40 - Death to the Traitor!

Best Way Inside
Head back to the Nekker Cave just outside the harbor area and enter it. Go all
the way through fighting your way deep in to the cavern to locate a ladder that
a guard will start to climb down. Kill him and then climb up the ladder to go
through the trap door at the top. You will be in the area where you found the
Kayran Trap Part. Talk to a girl named Helen here and get 400 XP for using this
method to get in to the compound.

Standard Way Inside
Get to a vendor or store most of your items in the Inns basement since you will
be ablto grab a lot of loot out of the compound. Now head over to the alley
designated as the meeting spot at night for a cut scene. Climb the ladder and
walk across the board to drop in to the compound.

Wait in this spot for a merchant to come by looking for a girl named Helen.
When he has his back turned towards you, knock him out. Now quietly walk around
to the right and wait for the guard walking around with the torch to walk away.
Carefully go around the corner and there may be another guard taking a pee
break just to your right. Knock him out and quickly get over to and hide by the
stack of logs straight ahead. When the next guard with a torch on your right
starts to walk away from you, sneak up from behind and knock him out.

Take the key off this knocked out guards body and go through the door over here
to find Helen, get up to her to start a cut scene. She tells you that Ves was
taken to a tower, Geralt frees her and now you must find Loredo's mother.

Paths Combined
Climb the scaffolding to the left of where Helen was standing and then jump in
to the open window. A cut scene will start up showing whats going on in the
tower at the same time as you getting in to the house.

Carefully make your way around the kitchen and over to the door at the opposite
end to see where a guard is patrolling, wait for him to turn his back and then
knock him out. Now head through the door on the left and wrap around the corner
for a cut scene that has a Quick Time Event (QTE) on certain difficulties. Wait
around the room looting it as the effects of the fisstech wears off. You will
find the key on her body.

Now head up the stairs for a cut scene on whats happening to Ves at the same
time. Take the door at the end of the hall, NOT the door on the right. Now wait
for a guard to come out of the room and look out the window, knock him out. Now
carefully head in to the room a little bit and steal from the small chest on
your right for LOREDO'S LETTER. Its best to also kill the two guards in the
room. Head up the stairs and carefully enter the next room. You must sneak
through this first bed chamber and in to the next room to open the chest for a
key to the tower. Now climb the stairs up another level.

Enter the next room at the top of the stairs to see Ves in the distance and
Loredo not around. Be careful as you will have to hit a button as he charges
you with a spear, this again depends on your difficulty. Attack him and roll
out of the way when he swings the spear around. Keep on him with light attacks
to get him in to a corner and then you can usually just mash the botton to
attack him and kill him off really quickly. Now head over to Vess and release

Loot the room and then check the other door to find Moril laying in the bed on
the left. She has been locked up here and is pregnant. Now head down the stairs
and then a cut scene will start as her water breaks. Ves takes her back up the
stairs to deliver the baby as guards appear below. Head down and deal with them
and then continue down the stairs. After passing through the mothers room take
the door on your left to join Roche and his men.

Roche will tell Geralt they ran in to a problem and then a cut scene will
start. You take control as Roche in a battle against Iorveth. Just run away
from his swings and then hit him a few times to get him to give up. You will
now unlock an @ACHIEVEMENT!

Achievement Unlocked - To Aedirn!

2.03.41 - At a Crossroads: Scoia'tael

Not accomplished in this playthrough.

2.04 - Chapter 2 (Roche's Side)

2.04.01 - Prelude to War: Kaedwen

We start this next chapter as a character named Henselt. After the live talking
head down the hill through the underpass and over to the other people staight
ahead as they greet you, take a left just before you get up to them. Continue
around the bend to reach the outdoor tent for a cut scene.

Say whatever you want for the first option and then when the dragonslayer comes
in you will want to make a decision on what to do.

Saying "Silence, Dethmold" you can duel Saskia one on one by saying "I'll
fight."; Saying "My plans for you are altogether different" you start a large
battle between the two forces.

Saying "Will you threaten me as well?" with a little cut scene and then you
will have to choose another option from the three first options.

Saying "You're taking a great risk" opens more dialogue. "I've heard enough"
starts the mass battle and "I will hear you out" gives you a duel offer.

Whatever you choose you will have to do battle, the one-on-one battle is the
easiest of them all.

Once it is done the game goes in to a cut scene. You will now regain control of
Geralt and have to fight off the Wraiths. After fighting through a dozen or so
Wraiths you will fight Draugirs. Make sure to loot at least one of them before
killing the second, these items are needed for Dark Mode. Once they are killed
another cut scene will start and just like when Triss protected you from the
arrows, only easier.

Walk with the group and kill off any Wraiths that get through the barrier. Soon
some shaman Wraiths will stop Dethmolds power and you must go kill them quickly
to get the barrier back up. Continue walking along the path again fighting off
any of the enemies that manage to get through. Shortly after again more Wraiths
will slow Dethmolds power, take them out and move on as the eclipse is almost

As you make it to the final stretch Wraiths will stop him again just before
reaching the safety of the fort. After another cut scene Geralt has to follow
the gate guard to the forts tavern.

2.05 - Chapter 3

3. Version History

Version 0.04 - Finished Chapter 1 partial playthough choosing Roche's side.
                  Will have to play through again and choose the other side

Version 0.03 - Moved "The Endrega Contract" further down to make it easier on
               the player to play through it
               Corrected "In The Claws of Madness" where you can get the
                  Librarian Achievement in just one decision to actually being
                  able to get it in either decision
               Worked on Troll Trouble and added the decision path for killing
                  the troll; will have to add helping the Troll on my second

Version 0.02 - Added Controls to the control section
               Added Tutorial Section
               Wrote the Prologue, still have to run through again allowing
                  Aryan to live
               Started work on Chapter 1

4. Credit

oskman888 - Pointing out what kind of bomb is needed for The Nekker Contract

5. Copyright 2012

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