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The Last Remnant



by Jaffer_Master

The Last Remnant
Walk through

This guide is currently only allowed to be on

The walkthrough for this guide is complete.  Additional information will
come at a later time.

The Last Remnant is an RPG of epic size.  While the strict storyline of the 
game is actually fairly short, the entire game will captivate you for many 
hours, perhaps even over 100, if RPGs are your thing.  This game is driven by 
battles, more so than story or graphics.  The game is pretty straightforward 
and direct.

First things first:  Install this game to your hard drive!  This game tends 
to suffer from massive slow downs if you do not.  These slowdowns generally 
come at random, so best install the game.  Additionally, disconnecting from 
XBox Live helps as well with lag issues.

Table of Contents:
1.00 : Game Mechanics and Pointers
2.00 : Side Quests
     - 2.01 A Days Beginning
     - 2.02 Baulson
     - 2.03 Mr. Diggs
     - 2.04 Athlums Witch
     - 2.05 Bravery & Loyalty
     - 2.06 Celapaleis Witch
     - 2.07 The Dreaming Rose
3.00 : Guild Quests
4.00 : Places to visit outside the storyline
5.00 : Skill List
5.10 : Skill Info
6.00 : Unique Leaders
9.00 : Walkthrough (Disk 1)
     - 9.01 World Map
     - 9.02 Athlum
     - 9.03 Gaslin Caves
     - 9.04 Robelia Castle
     - 9.05 Dillmoor
     - 9.06 Athlum: With Added Powers!
     - 9.07 Celapaleis
     - 9.08 Athlum: David's Summon
     - 9.09 Blackdale
     - 9.10 Athlum: Summon to the Congress
     - 9.11 Ivory Peaks
     - 9.12 Elysion
     - 9.13 The Catacombs
     - 9.14 Emma
     - 9.15 Heroic Ramparts: To Nagapur!
     - 9.16 Nagapur
     - 9.17 Next of Eagles
     - 9.18 Return to Nagapur
     - 9.19 The Aquaducts
     - 9.20 Wyrm's Keep
10.00 : Walkthrough (Disk 2)
     - 10.01 Fornstrad
     - 10.02 The Academy
     - 10.03 The Tablet of Marion Marshall
     - 10.04 The Numor Mines Revisited
     - 10.05 Emmy's Request
     - 10.06 Six Bases and Koeingsdorf
     - 10.07 Base 1
     - 10.08 Base 2
     - 10.09 Base 4
     - 10.10 Base 5
     - 10.11 Base 3
     - 10.12 Base 6
     - 10.13 Say Hello to my Little Friend...?
     - 10.14 Koeingsdorf
     - 10.15 Athlum: What do we do now?
     - 10.16 Darken Forest
     - 10.17 Undelwalt
     - 10.18 The Holy Plain
     - 10.19 Begin the Finale
     - 10.20 Seibenbur
     - 10.21 The Sacred Lands
11.00 : Contact Information

1.00 : Game Mechanics and Pointers

The Last Remnant is a bit more of a complex game compared to other turn based 
RPGs.  The basics of battle are actually a bit more complex than what merits 
them being the basics.

Your party consists of you, Rush, other generals of your choice, and Athlum 
Soldiers, which can be hired at the Recruitment NPC in Athlum.
Your generals are the real backbone of your party, providing most of the power,
 HP, defense, and life of the union.  Every union must have a minimum of one 
general in it.  Rush must always be in a union (even if he isn't leading,) he 
must always be in battle.
Battles will be the main thing you spend your time doing while playing The 
Last Remnant.  Around, literally, 95% of your time playing the game will be 
Unlike most RPGs, you do not need to gear any of your other players.  They 
will take items that they need when they drop from monsters; of course, you 
can stop this process and take the items for yourself.
Most battles are fairly difficult once the game begins to pick up pace.  You 
will generally be chaining 2 or 3 monsters together, minimum, to save loading 
times.  Sometimes when you're feeling risky, you may end up doing chains of 
over 10!
You do not directly command your units.  You give them general commands, and 
they carry them out.  By pressing X while selecting commands, you will be 
shown what commands exactly will be carried out, but you have no control over 
what actually happens.

The amount of people you can use increases over the course of the game.  When 
you first really take control of Rush, you can only have 3 characters (all of 
which are generals), and two unions.  This eventually increases to five unions,
 and 18 people in battle -- up to 6 generals.

Quests are the main drive of this game.  If you try to go through just the 
story, you won't make it.  Your characters will simply be too weak to hold a 
candle to the monsters you will fight.  Quests are most commonly found at Pubs,
 but a consistent thing amongst all quest givers is the red bubble over their 
head with a "...!" meaning they have something important to say.  If you are 
at a loss for where to find quests, one of two things can be done:
1.) Hire a Unique general.  You can see these when you're in the Recruitment 
screen in the guild and there's a description of the general.
2.) Talk to the bartender's assistant.  If he says something along the lines 
of "nothing is happening," then, most likely:
- You finished all the quests you can currently undertake.
- The only quests left are given by special generals, generally not found in 
pubs.  (These generals must be recruited by you for you to recieve special 

Soldiers hired at the Recruitment officer in Athlum have many different 
strengths.  Generally, a soldier only has access to one type of special skill, 
and later in the game, they'll be proficient in two.  For example, you may 
find a mercenary that is good with Herb skills, but doesn't have any melee 
skills (which you can learn through having them fight.)

You don't (exactly) gain levels in The Last Remnant.  After every battle, you 
will get a list of any stats or skills that have leveled up or been acquired, 
any items that have been strengthened, which, in turn, decides what your 
"Battle Rank" is -- Battle Rank can be thought of as a collective level 
between all of your units, and as such, if you use multiple soldiers and 
generals, your individual characters would be weaker than if you used just
generals and had only one or two unions.

In general, in normal battles, it is best to have multiple unions, as you 
normally fight a large number of monster unions, making it easy for them to 
attack you from the Flanks, or even Rear Assault, and rarely, a Massive Strike.

Deadlock: A head-on attack between two unions.  Breaking deadlock is a good way
 to get yourself Raidlocked or Rear Assaulted, depending on your actions.  
Generally not recommended unless you absolutely need to.

Raidlock: A long-ranged-head-on-strike, in which, one union was trying to 
stay in place, and another union forces it into deadlock.  The union that 
forced deadlock recieves a damage boost.  The most typical cause of this is 
the commands "Get Your HP UP" (when it breaks deadlock,) "Stay On Your Toes," 
and "Heal The Others" (when it breaks deadlock, mostly)

Multi-Deadlock: Large monsters and bosses can do something very annoying called
 Multi-Deadlocking.  This means that they can frontal strike multiple unions 
(generally 3,) and counter attack.  This can be dangerous when a boss will 
deadlock 3 unions and use Area of Effect (AoE) attacks, sometimes this can 
wipe out all of your unions at once, making for a quick gameover.

Flank Attack:  To Engage in a Flank Attack, a union must already be deadlocked.
  Bosses can be flanked usually after 3 unions deadlock them, or through the 
command "Wait for a chance" or "Strike from the Sides!"  Being flanked means 
that the person being flanked takes additional damage, and doesn't get a turn 
to fight back.

Rear Assault: After 2 unions flank another union, a third union will do a 
"Rear Assault."  This has a massive damage boost.  If you break deadlock to 
deadlock another union, and the previous union attacks, they will automatically
 Rear Assault you, which can be painful.  You can rear assault bosses through 
the command "Strike them from behind!" which generally comes up after flanking 
a couple of times or after a boss breaks deadlock with you to deadlock someone 

Massive Strike:  The most dangerous of them all, Massive Strike happens after a
 union is deadlocked, flanked twice, rear assaulted, any additional unions will
 do a Massive Strike, resulting in frightening damage increases, and usually 
certain death.  Massive Striking a multi-deadlocker doesn't seem to be a 
possibility.  You simply never have enough unions.

Having multiple unions reduces the chances of recieving flank and rear assaults
during battle, and usually eliminates the possibility of a massive strike when
 you use 4 or 5.

2.00 Side Quests

Side quests are VITAL to this game.  You should do them, all of them.
Otherwise, you will have issues with beating the game.  Big time.

To find sidequests, go to a Pub, and talk to the bartenders assistant.  They'll
tell you the talk of the street, and if they say something along the lines of 
"Life is boring" then there are no sidequests available.

Honestly, once you get to the part in this guide where side quests open up 
(Around Celapelais,) you should check back after each story event (every single
 9.XX progression.  Seriously.)  Side quests take you to places in the game 
you don't even go to normally!  I will explain this later.

How to read this section:
First, a number is given to the sidequest.  This number is based on the order
that -I- did them in at their earliest possible availability and completability.
This means that YES, these are done in succession.  If I say that quest 15 is
available after you clear the Catacombs in Elysion, that means, unless otherwise
indicated, quest 16 is also available at that point and may or may not rely on
having completed quest 15.

Obviously this is under construction.

If I list a town name, that means the quest giver is in the towns pub.
Otherwise, I will say where the giver is at.

2.01 A Days Beginning - Athlum
This sidequest is done in the main story.

2.02 Baulson - Athlum
Availability: Immediately after quest 2.01.
You will automatically be transported to the Gaslin Caves.  Walk to the end of
the cavern (same place you went with Blocter) and you will fight a boss.  It's
easy.  Just have Rush attack the minions and have Baulson engage the boss.
The support should die in one turn.
I suggest you hire Baulson after this.

2.03 Mr. Diggs - Celapaleis
Availability: Talk to the craftsman in Celapaleis, then he will go to the inn.
You will automatically be transported to the Gaslin Caves.  Walk up the path
past the Rosefly's, then you will see a dig point on the wall.  Check it, and
this quest is finished.

After you talk to David and he tells you that Congress will hold a meeting

2.04 Athlums Witch - Town Square
She's right next to the recruitment officer.  She asks for 500g and gives you
some items.

2.05 Bravery and Loyalty - Athlum
Talk to Emma in the pub (make sure you've hired soldiers.)
This will take you to Robelia Castle.  A new path is opened up.  You will go to
the second floor.  Go left, and at the end of the left path you will find a map,
continue around to find more treasure/dig points.  You will end up near where
you came in from.  Go downstairs.  You already have the map for this area.
Just walk to the furthest room.

Boss: Soldier + 2x Darkwings
This battle can be a fair challenge.  The Darkwings cast curse, a status
ailment which causes your characters to die at random.  They only cast it once,
though.  The most basic strategy is to have your unions storm the boss and just
take him out as he will drop in two turns.  If you have your mind set on killing
the Darkwings, make 3 unions and have each engage each enemy union.

2.06 Celapaleis Witch - Grants Way
Just go to the first area in Celapaleis.  She asks for 1000g this time, and
gives you items.

2.07 The Dreaming Rose - Celapaleis
You will be transported to the Ivory peaks.  Walk down the path, and take
the first right you possibly can.  One you do, turn right again and head down
the path.  You will get the area map.  If you go to the opposite side of the
depression, you will get a new weapon for Torgal (he will take it at the city/
world map.)  To finish the quest, go to the far corner of the depression that
ends with a flat wall.  You will fight an easy boss.

3.00 Guild Quests

Guild Quests are very basic.  They're in a few categories: Fetch Quests, 
Monster Killing, Rare Monster Hunting, and Leadership quests.

Fetch quests are quests in which you get certain items.
Monster killing requires you to kill xx amount of monster **** in base ####.
Rare Monster Hunting requires you to kill a rare monster.  There are rare 
monster faqs, so refer to them for more information.
Leadership quests require you to meet certain requirements, like have a party 
member with 26+ STR, or have a "Swashbuckler" in the party.  I don't have any 
clue how to get a lot of the classes you are asked of in this game... so, I 
can't really help you there.

Guild quests reward you with money, formations, blue prints, and "Weekly" 
items, all of which will be useful.  Do them at whatever point in the game 
when you're bored or short on cash.

4.00 Places to visit outside of the main story

Oddly enough, the main storyline in The Last Remnant only takes you to about 
one-half of the World in The Last Remnant.  This is how you get to other 

Balterossa: When you get to Elysion for the first time, talk to the bartender 
and ask about Neighboring cities.  You will have to cross the southwestern 
plain to reach Balterossa.

The Great Sandsea: When you get to Balterossa, go to the pub and accept the 
quest about the ghosts in the Sand Sea.  Even if you don't finish the quest, 
you will have access to the Great Sand Sea.

Lavafender: Once you get to the great sand sea, go to the exit that is left of
the entrance (really far to the left.)

Royotia: Pass through Lavafender.

The Great Subterrae: Accept a quest in Royotia to reach this place.

Vale of the Gods: Pass straight through The Great Sandsea (go south) to reach 
Vale of the Gods.

Baluuk: Pass through the Vale of the Gods to reach Baluuk.

Crookfen: Accept the quest in Nagapur to search for the maiden.  This will 
place you in Crookfen.

Melphina: Cross over Crookfen to reach Melphina.

Siebenbur First Path: Talk to the Warrior Qsiti in the Golden Chalice guild at
Celapaleis for access to this area.  Can be accessed once you talk to David
about the summon to Congress.

Siebenbur Third Path: Talk to the Warrior Qsiti in the Undelwalt Golden Chalice

Siebenbur Fourth Path: Get Roberto's quest in Melphina.

Siebenbur Fifth Path: Get the quest to find the Arco Iris.  Given in Royotia.

Seibenbur The Second Path: Talk to the Yama behind the special shop/special
guild in Athlum

Darken Forest: You can accept a quest in Celapaleis to gain access to the 
Darken Forest in Disk 1.

Ghor: If you go straight left in the Heroic Ramparts you can gain access to 
Ghor in Disk 1.

Yvalocks Nest:  In disk 2, take the quest from the Scientist in Melphina.

Flaumello Tower: In disk 2, take the quest in Balterossa.  This requires you to
have completed the quests Glenys gives you in Disk 1.

5.00 Skill List

This skill list doesn't include some special skills (since I do not have them 
all,) but it should provide all of the skills you will normally acquire through
the main story.

One Handed:
Knee Splitter
Cutting Lunge
Blue Streak
Double Slash
Cross Slice (Sword Specific)
Requiem (Sword Specific)
Reverse Delta (Axe Specific)
Crushing Hit (Mace Specific)
Helm Split (Katana Specific)

Power Grip:
Dragon's Flight
Dragon's Tail (Sword Specific)
Victory Sweep (Sword Specific)
Moonset (Katana Specific)
Cyclone (Axe Specific)
Hyper Hammer (Maxe Specific)

Dual Wield:
Devil's Due
Resonance Edge
Acala's Wrath

Double Strike
Cascade Strike
Dragon Crush
Crush (Mace Specific)
Fleche (Spear Specific)

Quad Wield:
Quad Slice
Four Winds
Slice & Dice

Dual Power Grip:
Fury Blow
Twin Gimlet

Dual Two-Handed:
Flash Strike
Focus Strike
Scattered Petals

- Can cause shock
Wind Shear
- SPD up
Caustic Blast
- Can hit multiple unions, causes Acid Burn
- Hits everyone in a union, causes Frozen

Mystic Missile
Flash Arrow
- Can cause silence
Snare Shot
- Can cause blackout

- Recovers HP
- Cures ailments
- Cures stat debuffs
- High HP Recovery
- STR, INT, SPD up
Kiss of Life
- Cures death
Second Chance
- Cures all ailments and full restoration

Restorative Herb
- HP Recovery
Vivification Herb
- Cures death
Life Powder
- HP Recovery (everyone in the union)
Restorative Tincture
- Massive HP Recovery
Vivification Tincture
- Cures death (with massive HP recovery)

Red Potion
- STR up
Blue Potion
- INT up
Yellow Potion
- SPD up
Power Potion
- ATK up

Flash Bomb
- Can cause blackout
Poison Bomb
- Can cause poison
Smoke Bomb

Stun Trap
Land Mine
Retreat Flare
- Lowers Morale

Poison Gas
- Can cause poison
Paralyze Gas
- Can cause paralyze
Smoke Canister
Silent Gas
- Can cause silence
- Lowers morale

- Cures Poison
Eye Cream
- HP Recovery (whole union)
Throat Salve
- Cures Silence
Invigoration Cream
- Cures Paralyze

Orphic Ward
- Immunity to 1 magic
- Immunity to 1 melee

... that's the only one I got...

Remnants and Special Skills:
Omnistrike, Talismans Gift, Cyclops - Rush
Gae Bolg, Ex Machine, Snowblind - David
Hundred Flowers, Namul Niram - Emmy
Lugh's Revenge, Cerulean Rain - Torgal
Megalore, Daisy Chain - Pagus
Beowolf, Lob Omen - Jager
Heaven's Gate - Caedmon
Swordflash - Glenys
Omnistrike - Irina

I do not have all the special skills.  Cerulean Rain, Snowblind, Daisy Chain, 
Swordflash, and Heaven's Gate are end-game content skills.  You probably will 
not acquire them unless you do a lot of The Ancient Ruins.

5.10 Skill info

In The Last Remnant, you get a lot of skills.  As you continue to use skills, 
they become more powerful -- they level up, and sometimes, get additional 
attributes.  Leveling up skills have different effects on them.

- Leveling up physical attacks increases the damage.
- Additionally, physical attacks can get "Might," "Nimble," "Peerless," and 
"Swift," which buffs the attack.  Might adds damage.  Peerless adds a lot of 
damage.  Nibmle adds speed.  Swift adds a lot of speed.

- Leveling up healing magics increases the amount they heal.  Same goes for 
- Leveling up skills like Refresh, Rejuvenate, Kiss of Life, and Second chance
make them cost less AP.

- Leveling up skills like Poison Gas, Dispirit, make them deal more damage and
make their effect more powerful/more likely.

- Leveling up Psionics makes their effects more powerful/more likely.

6.00 Unique Leaders

This is under construction.
This will cover leaders you do not get naturally in the game.

Baulson - Hire at Athlum after finishing his quest.
Baulson is a very powerful general.  Torgal and him are easily the two most
powerful in the game, though people can't agree on which is the stronger.

Loki - Hire at Athlum after receiving after the summon to Elysion.
I don't really like Loki.  He gives you a quest in the second disk which gives
you an achievement.  You don't need to hire him in the first disk to gain
access to the quest.

Caedmon - Hire at Batlerossa.
Caedmon is a very useful and versatile general.  He's not as powerful as Torgal
or Baulson, but he's definitly up there.  He also gets Remedies, which allows
him to be an effective healer.  He has effective magics as well (silencer is
really good throughout the game)

9.00 : Walkthrough
So, you press new game, and then after setting the options, of course, you get
the introduction video.

Then, after the intro, you're launched into the introductory battle -- don't 
worry, you can't possibly lose this.  After the first round, David will shoot 
the Gae Bolg, effectively eliminating everything on screen.

More stuff happens, and you find yourself alone with Emma.  She'll explain 
treasure chests to you, and you get your weapon.  Then you will go through 
some Basic fights and about how pushing R2 allows you to activate battles 
when you're close to monsters.  Walk towards the light (No, you're not dead.)
Then, you'll fight a boss, who probably won't even hit you.  You'll go a few
rounds then get a special battle command, and it'll die.

Go out, and you'll get to the world map.

9.01 - World Map
The world map in The Last Remnant is similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, 
without the random battles.  You just hover over a location and select it, 
and you will be put into the location.  Towns have a very distinct look; a 
circle with their flag in it.  Dungeons and fields show up as blue on the map,
and strictly battle maps show up as Red, and cannot be entered unless a story 
event dictates it -- naturally on this line, you will never go to the Yamarn 
Plain ever again.

9.02 - Athlum
You will start off in Xiphos Way in Athlum, and Emma will leave you.  This is 
your shopping district.  The weapon shop will have a picture of two Swords 
crossing over it, the item shop will be a Pot or a Leaf, and the Item Forge 
will have a smith hammer as the picture.  You cannot use the Forge yet, so 
just go to the weapon shop.  Now, you have a choice, and I suggest you pick 
one and stick with it:

One-Handed: You can use one-handed weapons, equipped with a shield or not.  If
you use a shield, you will have additional evade and magic evade, and the 
possibility of preforming a Shield-Bash, which is a bit weaker than a counter,
but does cause Black-Out on a foe.  If you do not use a shield, you will chance
 to Power-Grip, which makes you a little bit stronger, but also allows you to a
cces 1-handed and 2-handed Sword Skills.

Power-Grip: Mainly, Two-Handed Swords fit this category.  They will be 
significantly more powerful, even if the attack is the same, but attacks take 
longer to execute.  You cannot use one-handed skills with a Power-Grip weapon.

Dual-Swords: Equipping two One-Handed weapons will allow you to dual wield.  
This gives you access to one-handed, power-grip, and dual wield specific skills
 and is the strongest wield style, however, you will probably go last every 
turn, and it will be very rare for you to dodge (but your counter attacks,
holy hell will they deal damage.)

Polearms: Polearms are Spears and Rods.  They get the same skill setup, and 
Spears are also fairly powerful.  Rods are mainly for magic casting, but you 
can still use skills.

Well, your decision can be delayed for a bit if you don't really know.  I used 
Two-Handed Swords the entire game through, and ended up hitting for about 
10,000 damage a hit at the end.

Anyways, press the back button to call up the city map, and go to Virtus 
Parish.  There will be a pub here.  Go inside it, and you'll notice a "...!" 
bubble I mentioned before.  Talk to the bartender.  And uh, this bartender... 
well, he's a bit... flowery... anyways, he'll end up telling you David is in 
the castle.  You can pull up your map again and access Athlum Castle.

Talk to David, and then you'll have an option between going with Blocter or 
going with Pagus.  Blocter takes you to the Gaslin Caves, the easiest location 
in the game.  Pagus takes you to Robelia Castle, which is a fair bit more 
difficult and mobby than Gaslin Caves.  You can go to either one.  If you're 
unfamiliar with RPGs, definitely go with Blocter, the big ugly Yama thingy.  
If you want to start off with a little more of a challenge, go with Pagus, 
whom will also provide you with an Orb that allows you to use Invocations!  
You will learn the magic "Spark" with this orb, and eventually you will end up 
learning very powerful AoE spells.

9.03 Gaslin Caves

This area is very straightforward, especially since Blocter provides you with 
a map.  Obviously, you need to go to the furthest area to end this base, but 
go off into the side tracks to find some treasure chests.  The monsters here 
are just Rosefly's and Manticore's.  Very easy enemies, and to add to that, 
they're weak to physical damage, so just try not to get surprise attacked and 
you'll be fine.  The Manticore's will dig themselves up out of the ground.  
They cannot engage in battle until they're fully out, but be sure not to get 
surprise attacked.

At the end of the base there will be a boss fight, preceeding a peculiar green 
orby gyroscope thingy.  This isn't a treasure chest, it's actually a 
teleporter.  It will warp you to the World Map if you so wish, however, we 
want the boss fight!  Let Blocter's union target the actual boss itself (it's 
hp will be displayed as -???-,) and let Rush's union pick off the small fries.
After the battle, head back to the teleporter, and go to the world map, then 
Athlum.  Talk to David in the castle, then you will be off to Robelia Castle.

9.04 Robelia Castle

At the beginning of this base, Pagus provides you with an Orb which will allow 
you to cast magic.  Magic is a useful asset in this game, and until you hit 
the second disk, magic is -generally- stronger.  This Orb only allows you to 
use the "Invocations" set of magic, though.  You will be obtaining orbs mainly 
from Side-Quests in the game, the last one being in the second disk, allowing 
you to cast Psionics.

If you go right or left, you will find some battles that are a little more 
challenging than Gaslin Caves.  Just make sure not to let Rush get swarmed by 
monsters.  Head up through the big doors, look around in this area for monsters
and treasure, then head to the left.  Follow the path down into a large room 
with two exits -- the north exit has a key remnant which unlocks doors, so get 
it, then proceed through the other door.  The side opposite to the stairs has 
a treasure chest, so check it, then head upstairs.

I suggest saving now.

You will be in a long hallway, with 3 doors.  The door to your left can 
possibly hold a number of Chimera monsters -- be careful, this battle will be 
HARD.  If you open the door and seem them, I suggest a hasty escape.  The door 
to the right contains a chest.  Follow up to the large doors at the end of the 
hall, opening this will launch a boss battle.

Same way to fight it as before.  Let Pagus engage the boss, and have Rush kill 
the minions.

Once you finish, there will be a teleporter.  Activate it, and go to Athlum.  
Talk to David, and he'll direct you to Dillmoor.

9.05 Dillmoor

At this point in the game, Torgal will ask you about your Talisman.  You will 
find out that the Talisman allows you to slow down time.  You can now use the 
Time Shift ability!  Press the RB button to activate time shift.  You can now 
mark monsters for encounters, then hit RT to launch a battle -- your time shift
must be activate for the battle to include marked monsters.  They do not need 
to be in encounter range, though.  Another good thing about this (potentially)
is that it also makes monsters "Vehement" towards Rush.  They will follow you
where ever.  This will allow you to create massive chains!  However, don't do
stupid stuff.  If you wanna try a large battle link, be SURE to save your game

If you head straight from the entrance, there will be a few battles to play
with, and a treasure chest.  Heading left from the entrance will take you up a
slope, and around to a bridge.  Cross the bridge, there will be a teleporter
before you.  In MOST cases, the Teleporter is your cue to save it.  To the left
will be a boss fight.  A fairly easy boss, at that.  Take note to what he looks
like -- this kind of monster will not attack you until you attack it, so take
advantage of that.  Take out the minions, then fight the boss.

9.06 Athlum: With Added Powers!

Now you're back in Athlum.  You gain access to the union board, and can have 3
units (and 3 leaders) in battle, amongst two unions.  Go to the guild and hire
people, then I'd suggest making one union of those 3 leaders (Rush + two 
others.)  The Guild is called Union of the Golden Chalice -- it is behind the
pub in Virtus Parish.
The Guild also gives you Guild Quests, which are automatically added.  These
quests provide a special item, called Blueprints.  The Union of the Golden
Chalice will give you Blue Print 1.  You use these for high level item creation.
Some quests will also give you "Weekly" items, which allow monsters of that 
type to drop rarer loot.  And finally, some quests (generally Rare Monster 
Slaying) will give you new union formations!  Spawning rare monsters is a REAL 
pain in the ass, as I've personally tried to spawn the Dominator like 100 
times and never succeeded.  Sometimes you'll luck out and they'll be there on 
your first run through of the base (to see if it is a rare monster, push right 
or left on the D-Pad and it'll move a cursor over the monster.  Normal mobs 
have their name in White.  Rare monsters have their name in Green.  Ultimate 
monsters have their names in Red.)  Guild quests also provide money and gears, 
so if you can do them, do them.  There is a rare components FAQ up on this 
website, so, head over to it and search for the items you need and it'll show 
you what drops it or where you can dig it!  Be sure to check the guild tasks.  
You've probably completed a few.

Now, head to the pub, and there will be a woman with a "...!"  This is 
technically a side quests -- however, you have to do it to progress with the 
game.  This sidequest is loleasy, so just get it over with, and you'll 
automatically return to the pub.  You get rewarded.  Talk to the bartender and 
he'll tell you about Celapaleis.  Call up the World Map (press Back twice) and 
Celapaleis will appear.  Additionally, you can go back to Dillmoor.  There was 
a treasure chest behind where you fought the boss, so you may as well go grab 

9.07 Celapaleis

Firstly, you will want to talk to the forger to your right.  You will see a 
small scene, then go ahead and check out the shops if you need anything new.  
Talk to the craftsman again and he'll tell you he needs some Light Metal.  
From here, call the city map up and go to the Lamberro District, and go to the 
pub.  You will recieve a quest here that is important!

Look for the person with the "...!" and take his quest and take Mr. Diggs with
you.  Now, you will be ported to Gaslin Caves.  To dig, find a spot with a bit
of a shine to it, generally with a "!" over it, then check it with A.  
Mr. Diggs will come out and dig the spot, and you will get items (or sometimes
you won't.)

After the first dig point, you will be warped back to Celapaleis and the quest
will be done.  A soldier with a "...!" will be in the pub to tell you that 
you've been summoned by Lord David.

Before that, go ahead and check out the Apprentice Craftsman.  You can now have
them forge items!  The items you need are generally kind of a pain to find, 
though, and most forging takes place in the second disk sadly, but you can still
do a fair bit of upgrading or creating in the first disk, so feel free to do so.

Also, a guild quest that tells you to get "2x Commemorative Medals" requires 
you to Dissasemble 2x Broadswords to get the medals.

9.08 Athlum - David's Summon

A soldier in the Athlum pub will tell you that Lord David has summoned you.  
Go ahead and talk to him when you're ready, you'll get guests, make sure you 
have hired some help by now, then call up the World Map.  You now have access 
to Blackdale.

Save it.

9.09 Blackdale

Go into blackdale, a scene will play, then you will fight the boss Jager.  
He's a fairly easy boss, but there will be a fair number of reinforcements, so 
if you feel threatened, take out Jager immediately.  Boss fights generally end 
when all the unions with -???- are killed (all of the bosses.)

Now you can explore blackdale.  To the right will be a big rock, which will be 
gone later (and you will be able to access a fairly difficult area if you are 
a low battle rank.)  So go left.  Your goal here is to go to the bottom of 
blackdale, so likely going anywhere else will provide treasure chests or 
digging points.  Do note that some digging points are not always present!  
Rare monsters will cause different dig spots to spawn, so you may need to 
check back multiple times to dig up everything.  Continue downward, branches 
off to the side whereever you wish.  Make sure to save your progress before 
entering new areas!

At the very bottom of blackdale will be a boss battle.  This boss is still 
pretty easy, but make sure to save it, and if needed, gain a few battle ranks.

Do note the Fiery Idol has some AoE attacks, so if you swarm him with all your 
unions, he will damage all of them, which can be troublesome.  But still, this 
boss is fairly easy, so just kill the minions, and refrain from 
multi-deadlocking the Idol until the end.  You'll return to Athlum.

9.10 Athlum - Summon to the Congress

In Athlum, you will see a soldier with a "...!" over their head.  Talk to them 
to recieve a summon to Lord David.  Go to Athlum Castle, and talk to him.  You 
will now be heading to Elysion.  Now you will recieve a boost to your unions! 
 9 People in Battle, with 4 Generals.  I personally used 2 unions, one of 5 and
one of 4, obviously.  You can hire Athlum Soldiers in Town Square at the 
recruiter, so talk to him.

Also, a note: Athlum Generals are honestly some of the best generals you will 
get in the game.  Torgal is my favorite, he gets TONS of HP and is the first 
general to max out on STR.  For end game content he also gets -really- powerful
weapons really easily, and access to his special skills Cerulian Rain.  I'd use
Torgal and David throughout the game, Pagus is really good support as well, 
along with Emma, however, I chose not to use Emma.

==== Spoiler Alert ====
Since you will probably see this even if you try your best to skip over it, I 
shall leetly code this spoiler.


Read each forth letter to decode this spoiler.  Sadly I had foreknowledge of 
this and this is why I did not use the general.

==== End Alert ====

9.11 Ivory Peaks

This map is really straightforward (literally.)  Just scout out the sides for 
some treasure chests and some fights.  Nothing here is particularly challenging
to fight, so just continue through the field, fight all of the battles, and 
find the chests, you will reach the end fairly quickly.

To go through this map directly, just walk straight.  You can go down into the
chasm for some digs and chests and battles, and to see a Remnant on the wall.

Watch out for the Royal Guard monster.  It looks just like a Rosefly, but has 
close to 10k HP and uses Pinprick, which either deals heavy damage or instantly
kills whoever it hits.

9.12 Elysion

Check around town for a bit, then head up to the Assembly Plaza to get to the
Academy.  In the academy you will see a woman with a "...!" at the front desk.
She will tell you your parents are stuck in the Sacred Lands.  You can talk to
people in here, there will be one person that will give you Academy Visistones,
key items that tell a story.  I will include the entire story later on.

Go to Tula Street for more cutscenes.  Then, go back to the Plaza, and head up 
to the Ark Gate.  Talk to the lady with the "...!" and trigger more scenes.

You will now be in the Sacred Lands.  This area is linear, no battles or 
anything, so just walk through it.  Check the devices to open stuff up.  Walk 
through a massive door for a cutscene.

Now, back in Elysion, head to the Genaade District, into the Temple of Elysion,
and talk to the person guarding the door.  He will let you into the Catacombs.
 He will have a "...!" over his head to indicate you need to talk to him.

9.13 The Catacombs

Save it.  The difficulty jumps at this point in the game.  Normal mobs will 
have more AoE attacks, and will black out people fairly often!  Make sure you 
have people with Restore or Restorative Herb in each union!

First, head straight through the doors.  Go to the Eastern door and open it to
get to a new area.  Follow down, and eventually you will go through a door and
the doors will slam shut!  You will be trapped.  You have to kill all the
monsters in here to proceed.  Fairly easy task.  Just timeshift engage them
and wipe them out.

Continue onward, you'll soon come to an T-Intersection.  To your right, there
will be a foggy area; this fog makes you walk slow.   VERY annoying as monsters
are -not- hindered by this, so they can easily ambush you.  Continue onward. 
You will come to another room where one door shuts and another opens.
You will see a quisti, and two moth monsters called Nymphalidae.

Save it.

These moth monsters are actually really difficult.  They have lots of AoE 
attacks.  I suggest you timeshift, and tag one monster, run back, and launch a
battle.  Do this for all three monsters.  If you're feeling kinda risque, or
you're a fairly high rank, go ahead and chain them.

Continue onward, and soon you will get the map for the area.  Use your map to
see where you need to go, and to see parts that trail off the main path to see
where potential treasure chests and digging points will be.  You will head into
a central room (other paths will take you to treasure so be sure to check them
out!) You end up in a massive fog area with some monsters that can run fairly
quick, so be sure to launch battles when needed.  Keep going on, through a set
of doors, continue down the path, and you will hit a room with a transporter:
you know what this means by now.  You will soon see a door being guarded by
four Albic Qsiti's.  Make sure you have saved it, then engage them in battle.
This can be a fairly difficult fight depending on the actions the enemies take.

More cutscenes through the door.  Aww, Rush is so cute with his family ties 
and such.

9.14 Emma

You'll be back in Elysion.  Go talk to Emma with the "...!" over her head.  She
wishes to go with you (only you) to the Numor Mines.  You will be taken there
automagically.  Now you have only Rush and Emma.  I chose to split them into
two unions so I could end battles quicker.  The monsters here will be
significantly weakened, and will probably die in one skill/magic.

This dungeon is, to no surprise, straightforward.  Go straight.  On the right 
will be an elevator, go check the handle, then operate the elevator.  You have 
to hold Up or Down on the analog stick.  Sometimes the elevator will stop 
moving, so just release the analog and push it again.  Once you hit the bottom 
of this area you can turn right to get some stuff, then go back left to 
continue on with the stage.  Continue on the main path until you hit another 
elevator, which takes you to the Undeveloped Zone.  You'll find another 
elevator in this area.  It will stop at multiple locations, so jump off and 
get whatever is there, then go back to the elevator and continue downward.  If
one of the flying Dagon's gets onto the lift, you will be forced to engage 
them.  You can avoid this by being careful, but it's not really worth the
At the bottom, continue on the path, some of the side paths will contain dig
points, and a treasure chest.  At the very end of the path will be a teleporter,
 so yeah.

Save it.
You may wish to combine Emma and Rush into one union for this fight.  So long
as one attacks and one heals you'll be fine.  I kept them seperate and had
Emma constantly heal Rush while he fought the boss.

Enter the door, and you will see a scene, then be in a boss fight.

Namul Niram is a fairly easy boss.  Just pound on it and make sure not to die,
is all.  Omni Strike whenever you can.

More scenes ensue, then you will go back to Athlum for more scenes!  You
recieve an upgrade to 12 people per battle, 5 leaders.  Go ahead to the
recruiter and recruit more people.  At this point I used three unions of four,
one union only having a single leader.

9.15 Heroic Ramparts: To Nagapur!

Call up your world map and the new area Heroic Ramparts will become available.
If you so wish, when you enter, go left, up through the gate at the far left,
then continue left.  You will return to the World Map and now Ghor will be
accessible.  If not, just continue upward through the gate.  To the left will
be a chest, then look for the other gate, and go to it.  Look around for any
dig points, and make sure to check around the gates for dig points and treasure
chests.  Through the second gate will be a number of Jhana's.  They're pretty
easy, but they do have access to more magics now.  Continue onward past the
gate, search around, then head straight to the world map.  Nagapur will now be

9.16 Nagapur

You'll start out in Flussbahn.  Walk down to the docks and talk to the boater
with a "...!" over his head.  Scenes, then you will need to go gather 
information.  You don't seem to actually need to do this, but yeah.
Call up the city map and check out both new areas, talk to Emma and Pagus when
you see them there, tell them you've heard everything.  Then you will need to
go back to Sudenalm, you will see a person named Oswald with a "...!" over his
head.  Talk to him.  Go back to Flussbahn.  You'll see a cutscene.  Now you
must return to Athlum.  Emma will leave your party, so reorganize if needed.

9.17 Nest of Eagles

Ok.  So, on the world map you will now have access to the Nest of Eagles, where
you will fight the conquerers army.  God, this battle can be HARD if you have
not been keeping up with sidequests!  Make SURE you have at least 2 people with
the Item Skill Vivification Herb!  This resurrects parties/members.  You will
fight two bosses here, Castanea and Roeas.

Castanea is a big threat.  His HP towers over 20k, he has Hammerspin, Kilohit,
and Catapult -- ALL OF THEM ARE AoE ATTACKS!  Catapult he can only use while
Roeas is still in battle, but, note, once you kill one of them, the other one
will cast a move called Overdrive -- this is a DANGEROUS skill.  It allows the
caster to take FIVE actions in one turn, usually meaning certain death for
whoever attacks the person.  If you're lucky, you will get to use the Gae Bolg,
which will help tremendously, however, they will recieve reinforcements, which
can be excessively annoying.

I suggest taking Castanea down first.  If you kill Roeas and Castanea uses
overdrive, it is very likely he will wipe you in a single turn by spamming
kilohit and hammerspin!  Do NOT multideadlock EITHER of them when they
overdrive at ALL costs!  Try to use area or magic attacks from afar, keep
healing, ANYTHING to keep as few units as possible deadlocked.  I personally
beat this battle on my first try (I was like battle rank 50 lol, I did every
sidequests, I did massive battle chaining, etc etc.) but my brothers who also
played this game were a lower battle rank and they got squished by Castanea, so
be extra careful!

Roeas doesn't multideadlock, so preferably, take Castanea out ASAP, then fight
Roeas.  One thing you can abuse here is if a unit dies while in deadlock, the
next unit will not be struck back (unless the boss is in multideadlock) which
can be very helpful if you decoy with the guest union!

After this battle, you will see a very badass cutscene.  I watched this like 5

You recieve an upgrade!  15 people in battle, 6 leaders!  Do note that 6 is the
max amount of leaders you get!  I did 2x leader + 3 Soldiers per union.  You
may want to try 4 or 5 unions if you like chaining battles to prevent
flank/rear attacks.  You also recieve a new leader.  I suggest using her, she
gets a Remnant, and she has the skill "Hundred Flowers" which is very very

9.18 Return to Nagapur

At this point in the game, you will be going back to Nagapur.  Go back to where
you talked to Oswald, and you will see a set of stairs with the gate opened.
Emmy will be at the entrance.  Go down, talk to David, and you will enter the

9.19 The Aquaducts

There is a difficultly jump here as well, so I suggest you be sure to have
gained some levels and finished off lots of quests.  The aquaducts is a fairly
simple base to get through, you walk a fairly straight path, and whenever you
see a switch, check the switch, and continue walking.  This consists of two
areas: the first area where you will be going over the high ground, then the
second area where you will mainly walk through the bottom.

When you first enter, make sure to save it and make sure you stocked up on
Vivification and Restorative Herb components.  Walk along the path, and check
the device.  It'll move a platform to you.  Cross it, and walk down.  You can
take a left here to get some treasure.  Continue on the straight bath and you
will see some Barbossa.  These are fairly difficult, they have Hammerspin, and
can multideadlock!  They also use bomb items, which in my opinion are SEVERELY
overpowered.  Bombs generally wipe out a union.  Go down the path, there will
be another platform to call, go across it.  You can also take another left so
that you can get some treasure and some dig points.  If you continue down, you
will reach the second area of the base.

This area is really straightforward.  Go, climb down the ladder, walk down,
then climb up the other ladder.  If you go straight you will fight a hydra
guarding a treasure chest.  If you go left you will continue on.  There will
be another ladder -- don't go down it yet.  Go to the left again and check the
device to move the platform.  Then, climb down, and go through a long
passageway.  If you stay at the bottom, you will eventually get to the final
area of the map.  You can climb up some of the ladders to get treasure.

Once you reach the third area, there will be two crabs you can fight, then a
ladder.  Climb up this and check the treasure chest to recieve the Defender, a
really really good two-handed sword.  Save your game, and continue down.
You will see two large doors.  Enter them to initiate some scenes, and then a
boss battle.

In this battle you will fight a number of Harpylia.  They're not too
challenging, but they do have the skill "Blaster," which is a real pain in the
ass.  It can instant KO a unit, paralyze, poison, and silence a union, and deal
massive damage.  I don't think it can actually KILL a union, however, it can
do a lot of damage.  Just engage each union with a union of your own, and pound
on them.  If you use 4 or 5 unions, have one stay back and heal the others.
This battle shouldn't be too hard to get through.

Some scenes will ensue, then you will be plunged into another battle.  This
battle... well, this is probably one of the hardest fights in the game.
Seriously.  This boss is freaking annoying, and has LOADS of HP.

The boss fight against Hell's Gate will probably take more than one attempt,
and you have no chance to save after the previous battle, making it
additionally annoying.  I found Cup of Celapaleis and the Cascade formations
to be very useful in these battles!

When the fight starts, there will be a number of Hypno's.  Engage them.  Rush's
union will be unable to do anything for two turns.  He will try to use
omnistrike, but fail.  The next turn, he will do something veeery nice...

Once you summon the Cyclops, you will have control over Rush again.  Be sure to
wipe out all the Hypno's before even touching Hell's Gate -- he'll idle until
he's either attacked or until all the Hypno's die.  Preferably, let the Cyclops
Deadlock him first -- do note, Hell's Gate can multideadlock.  Do your best to
keep very few unions engaged with him.  If you get the Option "Wait for a 
chance!" USE IT.  This will allow a union to Flank him so long as ONE union is
Deadlocked with him.

Hell's Gate has a few moves:
Hellfire -- an AoE attack that will hit unions directly surrounding himself.
This can deal a good bit of damage.
Blue Blazes -- his normal attack.  This hits everyone in a union, so naturally
Cyclops will take low damage, but full unions will take high damage.
Pandemonium -- this skill is horrible.  He will Enthrall your unions.  This is
a new status effect -- it's kind of like confusion, only worse.  The unions
will automatically attack the nearest party member, and will most likely kill
them, easily.  What you do when this happens is a command called "Save them
even if it kills them!" you will approach them, kill them, then resurrect
them.  This is why you need max Vivification Herb components.
Grenade Impact -- A union attack that pretty much spells instant death.

Hell's Gate gets a LOT of attacks.  He attacks at the beginning of the turn,
usually with Blue Blazes.  Then he attacks everyone he's deadlocked with.
Then he attacks when the turn ends, usually with Hellfire.  However, if a union
is dead, he WILL use Pandemonium.  This will enthrall EVERY dead union!  Be
careful!  Heal, heal, heal!  I do not know if he can use Pandemonium at the
beginning of a turn, but don't risk it.  He can Enthrall your cyclops as well,
so make sure to heal it while he tanks.

After you defeat Hell's Gate, some plot will unfold in scenes.  Then, you will
end up somewhere else...

9.20 Wyrm's Keep

You will not be able to access this stage for a loooooooooooong time, so make
sure to go around and gather up all the items!  The base is very small, it's a
square, with two paths leading off.  On the right side, there will be a path
with nothing in it (for now).  At the top is where you want to go.  A boss
fight will be here.  Once you enter a chest will be directly in front of you
with the map, so grab it and make sure to check around for dig points.  Once
you've gone all around, save it, and head north.

Now you will fight Jager, and his remnant, Lob Omen.  Jager is not too hard.
His beatdown attack is fairly damaging, but you can heal it.  Have one union
tank Jager and Lob Omen for now, and kill all the minions.  Lob Omen is the
most dangerous thing in this battle: he has a few attacks, like Palsy Skien,
which does massive damage and paralysis to a union.  He has a special move
which I can't spell... it's not too painful but it hits the entire union.
Then he has one of the worst moves in the game... Snare Shot.  Snare Shot is
painful.  It causes blackout at a VERY high chance.  It has a decently sized
AoE range, so if you multideadlock him, be ready to feel some pain...  This
battle pales in comparison to Hell's Gate, but is still fairly difficult...
Just be careful with multideadlocks and you should be fine.

Rush receives an upgrade in this battle.  He can now summon Cyclops and use a
skill called Talisman's Gift: this will cast Protection on everyone in the
union, making them immune to one PHYSICAL attack.  Each person in the union
will be immune to a single one.  This is in contrast to Orphic Ward, which
Pagus can use, which gives a unit immunity to a single magic attack.  Orphic
Ward is veeery useful.  I suggest you use Pagus.

After you beat the battle, you will return to Nagapur for some scenes.

Congratulations.  You are in the Second Disk!

10.00 Second Disk Walkthrough

So, make sure to install the second disk ASAP.

There will be some talking, then a scene.  You will be in Athlum.  You will
mess around for a bit, going back and forth.  You will need to go to a place
called Fornstrad.  It'll appear on your map when you leave Athlum.  I suggest
doing this before proceeding with Side-Quests.  Go to Fornstrad.

10.01 Fornstrad

You start out on a straight path, the Starry Cove, there will be a few monsters
you can engage.  After going straight for awhile, there will be a path off to
the right with a chest and a dig point.  Then go back to the main path, and
eventually there will be another path off to the side.  Go to it, then
continue on the main path  to get to the Realm of the Sea Monster.  Walk
straight and there will be a big opening with some dig points.  If you go
left, you will end up with a path off to the right with some more dig points
and such.  Go back to the main path.  You will hit an intersection.  To the
left will be a teleporter, so you know the drill.  Go to the right down the
path, to the next area.  You will see a scene, and in this scene you will see
7 different people.  They are now your enemies!

You will return to Athlum, and receive your final upgrade.  18 people in
battle.  I prefer 2 unions of 4 with 2 generals, and 2 unions of 5 with 1
general.  You also get a new general that has Kiss of Life, which is infinitely
useful.  I suggest making the healing squad have 5 people with very high AP
recovery so they can use Revitalize and Kiss of Life a lot.

Now you will need to go to Elysion.

10.02 The Academy

Go to the Academy in Elysion.  You'll get some scenes, then you go back to
Athlum.  Now, you will need to do two things.

10.03 The Tablet of Marion Marshall

Find Rush's mother in the Athlum Pub to receive this quest.  She will ask you
to go to the Numor Mines to get the Tablet of Marshall.  To get there, you
will take the same path as before, so you will know the way.

10.04 The Numor Mines Revisited

This is the same as the last time you came.  Go to the right, down the 
elevator.  Go to the left, to the underdeveloped zone.  Go down to the bottom,
follow the path straight to the door where you fought Namul Niram.  Save it.
Go inside, and guess who you get to fight... again!

This fight with Namul Niram is easy.  Just beat the hell out of it and heal.
Once you succeed, you will receive the Tablet of Marshall.  This will allow
Rush to easily bind unbound remnants!  Sounds useful, eh?

Emmy will receive the Namul Niram Remnant, allowing her to summon it during
battles.  As far as I know, only one summon can be active at any time.

10.05 Emmy's Request

Back in Athlum, find Emmy, and she will get you a quest to do at Aveclyff.  Go
there, and you will be requested to duel a Yama.  I'm not actually sure if you
HAVE to do this in the story, but you might as well...

Aveclyff is now a pain to find your way through honestly.  The elevators are
all fixed, but this doesn't make it at all easier.  You are told to find your
way to the "furthest room."  Wow.  Thanks for the tip.  Anyways, this furthest
room is a pain to get to.  I am writing this guide as a retrospective point of
view, so I don't exactly remember the way to get there, but I will try my best
to guide you...

First, go to the right, into the big door.  Follow the wall to the left, until
you can exit to a lift.  Take the lift up, then go into the next door.  From
here, continue onward to the next lift, which will take you down a flight.  Go
into the next door.  Go down (towards the top) and circle around.  Exit through
this door, and there will be a monster right where you exit from.  Yay, forced
surprise attack (I think there is another exit you can take to this platform.)
Anyways.  Take the lift up, and viola.  You're there.  Go through the big door,
and down the hallway.  Make sure to have saved it, then go to the room and you
will fight the Yama.  He's pretty easy.  Just take out his minions, then pile
on him.  Once you're done, you'll return to Athlum, and now you have access to
the third guild in the game, "Ring of the Labrynth."  Here you can hire a leader
that has a remnant... and will eventually also get a summoning.

Anyways, go to Athlum Castle and talk to David.  You will get some scenes, and
then, here comes the most painful part of the game.

10.06 Six Bases and Koeingsdorf

At this point in the game, I suggest you do lots of side quests and leveling.
Even at rank 70+, these battles are a pain in the ass.  Somewhere before this
you go to Ghor... but I kind of forgot when.  They'll tell you to go, so don't

If you downloaded the online content, go to Athlum's Virtus Parish, and talk to
the Yama at the end of the road to the right.  He will tell you about a new
entrance to Seibenbur.  This is Entrance #2, which leads to the Ancient Ruins,
which you got the key for in the download.  This place will work WONDERS for
your battle rank.  You could easily get 80 here.  Don't chain battles, though,
unless you save beforehand.  You will fight Charybids, a type of Amoeba on the
first floor.  Stick to these monsters, and leave whenever you're ready.  To get
here, go to Seibenbur Second Path, take the first right you can, walk all the
way to a intersection, take another right, and if you are going the correct 
way, you will walk down a long series of steps.  Go into this door.  I
recommend saving between every battle.

These bases are really hard battles.  You will start off outside the base, and
work your way inside.  The outside battles can take up to an hour, and the
bosses are excessively difficult and painful, so watch out when you fight
them.  The battles outside aren't too hard, just make sure to pace yourself.

This is the recommended order to do the bases in.

10.07 Base 1

The first base is pretty easy.  After getting through the opening battle, which
isn't too hard (just long) you will then enter the castle.  Here, you will
fight a white Sovani.  He's not too hard, but at the end of most turns, he
will use Lugh's Revenge -- this will probably wipe out whoever he uses it on.
You can generally avoid this by not deadlocking him.  Changes are he will try
to intercept you.

When you start this fight, go for the mage squads first!  This is true for ALL
OF THE BASES.  The mages are VERY strong and can quickly wipe out unions!  If
you have a union for tanking, send it to a mage.  They will probably get
Massive Striked!  They can (potentially) live.  Try to have 2 unions use
"Heal With Mystic Arts" as they will automatically go heal/resurrect fallen
members if they don't get raid locked (on that note, try having one person
go far right, and one far left.)  If you can summon, summon.  Gae Bolg,
Ex Machina, any remnants, use them.  Once all of his minions die, swarm him.
Only his Lugh's Revenge is hard.

Once you beat this battle, Torgal will get the Brionac remnant, and can now use
Lugh's Revenge!

10.08 Base 2

After getting through the opening battle, you will (again) enter a castle.
Here, you will fight a Yama.  A REALLY BIG Yama.  This guy is comparable in
difficulty to the Sovani, just his end of the turn move is more painful (and
is AoE.)

As with before, take out mage unions, and try to avoid deadlocking him.  He'll
use Giant's Press, which can easily wipe a union, so keep your unions seperate!
Once you kill his minions, try not to multideadlock him, keep a union healing,
one attack from afar, and one deadlocked.  Hopefully one union will get "Wait
for a chance" and you can flank him.  He goes down pretty fast, just avoid

Once you beat this battle, you will get that big ass sword he was using.  The
unique general Gaou usually takes this.  I do not know if Blocter will.

10.09 Base 4

Still, an easy opening battle, then you enter the castle.  Here, you will fight
two bosses.  Hinnah and Hannah.  Hannah is more of the support one, and Hinnah
is the attacker.  Hannah has about 86k HP, and Hinnah has about 132k HP.  I
personally killed Hannah first, however, make sure Hinnah is in low HP as well,
or you're in for some pain.  I lost this battle the first time, then beat it on
my second try.

Every 3 turns Hannah and Hinnah will cast Twin-Snowflake (at the beginning of
the turn) as well as the first turn in battle, so make sure to have two unions
standby with healing commands.

After taking out the support unions, have 2 squads fight each boss, but refrain
from getting Hinnah too low, or Hannah will come and cast Second Chance, fully
healing Hinnah.  (I believe Hinnah can also do this for Hannah, but it's less
often.)  Once you kill Hannah, Hinnah will use overdrive and she will usually
attempt to enthrall a union.  Fix this quickly if she does!  Hopefully her HP
will be somewhat low already, so pound her with one union at a time until she
drops.  If you get a summon, let the summon tank it, and have all 4 unions kill
the other general once she gets low.

Once you beat this you will get Emmy's super weapon.  If you want, it is
possible to upgrade this in the Ancient Ruins (but you have to get to floor 3,
which might prove difficult.)

10.10 Base 5

The opening battle for this is also easy!  Once you kill the units outside the
castle walls, if you're a good enough battle rank, have 2 unions stand by, and
2 attack.  After you kill the first wave inside the castle walls, a dragon will
come!  Have the two unions on standby charge the dragon.  If you do not have
them standby outside the castle, you will not be able to reach them (Can't
Target, out of Range.)  This is actually an easy dragon to kill (no breath
attacks) and you botch him fairly easily since the leader is weak.  Once you
power through this, you will go inside the castle.

In my opinion, this is the second hardest battle.  You will fight Mr. Young.
He has fairly high HP and attack power, and after each turn he will use Brawl,
an AoE attack that generally insta-kills a union (and sometimes the surrounding
unions as well!)  A summon can tank him easily, but if you do not deadlock him,
then he will not use brawl!  So, swarm his Magus squads and wipe them out
QUICKLY, then take out his support squads.  Try to not deadlock him with
multiple unions -- treat this like the battle with the Yama and you will win.
Once he's about to die he will use Miracle, and if Brawl wasn't 1-shotting you
before, it sure as hell will now.

Once you beat him you receive the Frost Blade.  David will ask to take this --
do note, this is a TWO-HANDED Weapon!  David will have to learn ALL NEW skills
now!  However, if you give him this weapon, he will learn Snowblind, a very
good attack that hits everyone on screen! (He learns it eventually.)

10.11 Base 3

The opening battle for this is also easy.  No special monsters or anything,
just beat the Qsiti's and get to the castle.

Ok.  Now you fight Ludope.  This is a HARD, HARD, HARD, HARD battle.
Holy crap, this is the worst of all the battles!  Ludope is a magic user.
a heavy damaging full-screen attack!  I have seen this wipe out people in one
turn!  Avoid attacking him until the end!

This battle is really hard, and I mean it.  You have to quickly take out all
his Qsiti followers or they will use CALVARY CALL which is REALLY REALLY
annoying!  Once you have KO'd them all, engage Ludope with one union!  ONE.
Try to get him with the "Burn" status to make this battle easier!

Ludope will cast these magics:
Orphic Ward

Wildfire is dangerous.  It will probably kill a union instantly.  Bewitch is
dangerous.  It has a chance to Enthrall the target union.  Galaxy you already
know.  Curse you already know (sigh curse.)  Protection is what the Talisman's
Gift skill does (immunity to 1 melee attack.)  Orphic Ward is immunity to 1
magic attack.  Be careful and constantly revive.  Try to keep David out of
Deadlock for a chance to Ex-Machina.  This battle will probably take multiple
tries.  1 deadlock, try to flank him if you get the option.  Constantly heal or

After this battle you will receive the Heartache, which Pagus can equip.  This
will give him the Weapon Art Megalore.

10.12 Base 6

Warning!  A Spoiler proceeds this base!

Ok, so chance of plan here.  This outside base is actually really difficult.
On the first turn, standby.  The next turn, a wave of unions will come at you.
Kill them all quickly.  Another wave, kill them all.  Then they will be
reinforced.  Send all of your unions to the left or the right (all to one side)
if you can, and quickly kill those unions.  After that, the battle gets easy.
Watch out for Snare shot, kill Magus groups first!

Once you get inside the base, you will face... ugh, I forgot his name.
Anyways, he's pretty easy.  Kill his magus groups QUICK though because they
are bad bad bad!  They will use bombs, likely wiping a union!  Once you kill
his Magus, kill the rest of his support.  Unlike the other generals, he doesn't
have an end of the turn Remnant.  However, once he gets low, he will cast
Overdrive, and even if he uses 5 normal attacks, it'll still either severely
damage or kill a union.  Be careful, but he's not too difficult.  Refrain from
multideadlocking when he's in Overdrive.

10.13 Say Hello to my Little Friend...?


This entire battle is a spoiler!  Just be warned that it directly proceeds the

Boss:  Cyclops [Berserk]

Every 3 turns (and on the first turn), Cyclops will use the Gae Bolg at the
beginning of the round.  This will hit everyone on screen for 1-2k damage per
union.  Hopefully you will get  to summon Namul Niram to tank him.  What I did
in this battle was on the first turn, have 2 unions run for deadlock -- leave
your best union behind.  On the second turn, make sure everyone heals, and
attack with your best union -- they will Flank attack, and now each turn they
will get the option to "Strike from the Sides!"  This helps the battle along
smoothly.  Just watch out for the Gae Bolg and you'll be fine!

10.14 Koeingsdorf

After beating all 6 bases, you can now go to Koenigsdorf.  Here, you will fight
a long battle.  Looooong!

After a scene, you will start the battle.

You will be fighting Duke Hermien, whom has been taken over by a certain
remnant, and transformed into a big machine.  He will use one turn to "charge
up" and one turn to cast "Tornado," which hits everyone on screen except
himself.  Leave him alone and keep fighting the soldiers that come.  Once he
comes, deadlock him with one union (hopefully a summon.)  He's not particularly
dangerous, but he has a lot of HP and defense.  Use similar tactics as the
battle directly before this, mass deadlock so you can use flank attacks, and
he'll drop quick.  Keep David as a flanker so if he gets the chance to use
Ex-Machina he can.

After this, you will see some scenes.

10.15 Athlum: What do we do now?

Return to Athlum for a bunch of scenes, then something will happen.  Now you
will be going to the Darken Forest!

10.16 Darken Forest

Enter the forest, and walk straight.  A scene will play, and a new path will
open.  Go to the right, and a large staircase leading up will go.  Go up it,
then turn left, the right.  You will come to a new area.

If you go left you will get some digs and battles.  Go up into the little
ancient building thingy and turn right, then left, then right, then left, then
right, then left... then right.   You will be on the other side.  To the left
is a teleporter and a straight path.  If you go down, you will get some dig
points.  Save it, and go up the narrow path, and to the next map.

Here, you will again fight some Harpylia.  This battle is still easy, so just
fight them like any normal battle.  Watch out for Blaster and Permafrost, keep
a union solely for supporting.  This is a refreshingly simple and pathetically
easy boss.  Ahhhh, relax.

After you beat the boss, some scenes, then you're back in Athlum.

10.17 Undelwalt

Once you get back, you will need to report to the God Emporer in Undelwalt.  To
go there, you have to go over Mt. Vackel.  Mt. Vackel is also a really...
straight base.  You get the map in a very obvious spot (after the first left
turn) and then it's easy sailing from then on.  Just follow the long path up,
take the side routes for treasures, and keep on going.  By chance, you may
encounter the Heaven's Lord at the end.  If he's there (he's a big spiritlord)
save it.  Fight him like any spirit lord -- encounter with 1 union, then beat
the hell out of it.

After this, you will go to Undelwalt.  Call up the city map and go to the
castle.  Talk to the God Emporer here.


He makes a teleporter.

More scenes.

Walking (very straightforward)

More scenes.

Back to Athlum.

10.18 The Holy Plain

After this, you will have access to the Holy Plain.  This is a
loooooooooooooong battle.  You fight about... 32 unions here?  This is the
first battle I've seen when you have so many unions the counter resets!  This
is a pretty easy battle... but it'll probably take an hour... sadly.  The boss
of this battle is just a dragon.  If you don't wanna waste so much time, try
charging it directly and just holding off minions with other unions...

Apparently I was wrong, people emailed me complaining that the Dragon does do
quite devastating breath attacks (Vulcan and Dark Breath,) so be on the watch
as he does them at the end of turns.

10.19 Begin the Finale...

After some scenes, you will need to find a way into the Sacred Lands.  Talk to
Rush's mother in Athlum castle and she says Oswald might know.  Remember
Oswald?  Yeah.  Go to Nagapur, and go into the pub to talk to Oswald.  He will
tell you about Seibenbur's Sixth Path, and how it may answer your questions.
Call up the world map...

10.20 Seibenbur

The sixth path is actually relatively small.  You walk a very defined path
straight through this dungeon.  There's a bunch of Harpylia and Azdaha's to
fight.  Walk forward, take a right, then take a left, left, walk straight, and
you will see a teleporter.  Any paths you take varying from the path I just
said will take you to treasure/digs.  After the teleporter there will be two
Harpylia.  Engage them if you like, then walk up to the big big door.

Save it.

Go into the door... scenes... oh sup, there's another Ark.  But... oh...
****.  Guess who wants to play...

You will now enter a very annoying boss fight.  Probably the hardest battle
in game, actually...

Icy Idol.  (Original huh?)

He has a lot of HP.  Kill all of his minions before deadlocking him.  WATCH
OUT.  He is like hells gate!  One turn before and one turn after!  And he uses
MASSIVE AoE spells Maelstrom and Acid Rain(all unions).  He actually wiped me
out in one go.  This battle took me 4 tries to beat... what a pain.  Honestly,
this battle was just luck for me... I dodged his magics enough to live them, I
had Namul Niram out so he wouldn't intercept my resurrections...  You may just
have to rely on that, sadly.  This is the worst boss ever, it's not hard, it's
just an extremely cheap boss... I can't really give many pointers.  Heal as
much as you can... don't multideadlock.  Best advice I can possibly give,

After this, Irina will bind the Ark Remnant and you will go to the Sacred

10.21 The Sacred Lands

Looks familiar, eh?  Walk straight into the big dungeon.  Notice how you have a
Dig count and Timeshift meter?  Yeah, this is a base now.  It's a fairly small
base.  Your objective here is to check the devices to teleport you around the
map until you get to the very last one.  This base has a lot of special
monsters.  Try avoiding the Spirit Lord things if you can, because they take a
long time.  Additionally, any dragons will also take... a long time.  Try
avoiding them if you wanna just get through this base.  First, you go straight,
and you'll see a device.  Activate it to teleport.  Then, you go to the left
(you will see a Spirit Lord) to activate the next device.  You go to the right
from here (if you go left there will be treasure and yet another Spirit Lord.)
Going off to the right, you will soon take a left and see a big dragon.  He's
easier to kill than the spirit lords, but he does use breath attacks.  Once
you're past him, you will take one more teleporter, which will take you to a
platform that will rise, really high.

Save it.

In front of you will be a big door.  Behind you is a teleporter.  This
teleporter will take you to the world map, so ignore it.

Go to the big door, and open it.


Boss Fight!

Before you will be Castanea and Roeas.  This time, Castanea will have "Seal,"
which is kind of painful to one union, but fight this like the previous time.
Swarm Castanea, but keep Roeas busy.  Once you kill Castanea, Roeas will use
Overdrive each turn.  If you can, try to take them both out in the same turn.
Make sure you are at full HP before killing the second one!

After you defeat them they will get reinforced.

The Conquerer.

Ok, so I really enjoyed this battle actually.

When he first comes in he will attack someone then use blackout.  After that,
he will occassionally use Amicule, which does damage and Poison/Silence/
Paralyze to all of your unions.  Item arts help this (hopefully you have
throat salve, or just let a union die and res them.)  Or, he will call the
Valeria Heart to fall on you and crush you, dealing decent damage to all

Every 1/4th of his HP you take away, he will use a buff skill.  Once he's at
1/4th HP, he will use Photon Field, which will make him dodge almost everything
unless you get a critical trigger.  Try to get one union to wrap around his
side and attack, so that you can constantly flank him.  His normal attack has
a very high chance to cause KO to a unit, so he will botch you a lot.

This battle isn't actually THAT hard, but it's a very good and balanced boss
fight.  I was rank 85 at this point in the game.

Once you defeat the Conquerer... well... you win!  You beat The Last Remnant,

11.00 Contact Information

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