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Follow the dark path or use the light

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled


Boss FAQ

by Cynas19

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
Turtles in Time Reshelled
Boss FAQ


I   Introduction and Basic Strategy
II  Boss Strategies
   1)  Baxter Stockman
   2)  Metal Head
   3)  Pizza Monsters
   4)  Cement Man
   5)  Tokka and Rahzar
   6)  Leatherhead
   7)  Super Krang
   8)  Krang
   9)  Shredder
III Legal

I.  Introduction and Basic Strategy

I promised in my achievement guide that I would make a boss FAQ for TMNT:TITR,
so here it is.  Hopefully this will help some of you with the Survival mode
achievement!  There will be no further updates to this FAQ, and only major
errors will be corrected.

8/28/09 Version 1.0 - Everything listed.

A couple moves you should master before you get going:

1)  Attack-attack-special attack (AASP).  This combination eliminates the lag
time associated with a 3rd attack.  Also, there is some travel associated with
the special attack, which can be used to escape danger, or knock down the
enemies closing in on you.  Once this string is finished, just punch it out
again, and if you're lucky you'll get a body slam.  The body slam will kill all
enemies it hits in once shot, so keep at it!  Against plain foot soldiers, you
may also be able to get away with attack-attack-attack-special attack.  I
wouldn't try it unless you have a lot of room.

2)  Double Jump.  This mechanic doesn't always work the way you would expect it
to, so practice up.  It'll come in handy for leatherhead.

3)  The "grazing" special attack, or backward special attack.  Use your special
attack when close to the enemy, but aim your attack in a direct either behind
the enemy, or away from the enemy.  This will in effect hit boss, but not stop
your turtle's momentum.  If you directly special attack a boss, they will
travel with you, but if you just graze them, they'll stay still and you will
escape.  If you're really good, you can string these grazing special attacks
together in a triangle around the boss without suffering any real damage.  This
is best done with Leo or Mike, since they have the most travel in their special
attacks (also some of the strongest!).

The backward special attack is just another variation.  Usually, I'll attack-
attack at the boss, but then hold the stick in the opposite direction and
special attack away from the boss.  Sometimes, your special attack will hit the
boss during the escape.  Yay for free hits!

Two other quick tips: save your pizza until you need it (1.5 bars of health is
a good rule).  Also, prioritize your enemies: Rock soldiers and robots first,
followed by green foot soldiers, then everything else.

II.  Bosses

Stage 1: Baxter Stockman

Baxter will spend half the time in the air, half the time on the ground.  While
in the air, he always shoots at a downward 45 degree angle, so his attacks are
easy to avoid.  Right after those shots is the best time to attack while he's
in the air.  Do a regular jump kick - this is one of the few battles where this
attack works properly.  If you get a good trajectory on it, you'll hit the boss
multiple times during your attack.

While on the ground, Baxter shoots only at ground level.  Again, following his
shots is another good opening for attack.  Either go in for a jump kick, and
press with AASP; or dash attack followed by AASP.

Halfway through the fight he switches to a different gun, but the same
mechanics apply.

Stage 2: Metal Head

Metal Head can hit you on his entrance, so stay at the top or bottom of the
screen as you approach.  Following an attack he will usually use an extension
attack.  It has some pretty hefty range, so I recommend using AASP where you
are escaping with your AASP.  You may catch him with a backward special attack
on your way out.  Grazing him also works well, as his extension attack goes in
the direction he was attack from.  So if you graze him, he'll hit nothing but
air and leave an opening for further attack.  I've actually defeated him
flawlessly by grazing in a triangle around him for the entire fight.  One thing
you DON'T want to do is jump kick here - Metal Head will reward you with a
hefty metal fist to the turtle crotch!

Two attacks that may throw off your rhythm are his chest gun, and his flying
kick.  The chest gun always goes horizontal left or right, so it's easy to
avoid with a jump north or south.  The flying kick usually comes in ones or
threes.  Just dash in one direction, and when he lands, dash in any other
direction but towards him.  After the last jump is a huge opening for you to
land some attacks.

Stage 3: Pizza Monsters

This is an easy one, since you don't actually have to kill any of them.  If
you're low on health, avoid them entirely, but if you have a full health bar at
the end of the level, you might as well try and squeeze in some extra points.
I use nothing but special attacks here, and I always attack perpendicular to
the pizza monster.  This usually allows me to get a rhythm such that I kill
every other pizza monster.  It's best to get them when they start coming out of
the water, but you can also do it on their way down.  Some people swear by jump
attacks here, but I would still strongly suggest attacking perpendicular to
them to minimize damage and down time.

Stage 4: Cement Man

Cement Man is the first major stumbling block for many people.  He tends to
shift into an invulnerable pool of cement and travel around the map trying to
trip you up.  If he gets you in a corner, he can really mess you up.  The trick
here is not to be greedy - take one AASP, and start running for the other side
of the stage.  When he shifts and follows you, make sure you run in large
circles.  DO NOT JUMP!  Jumping slows you down far too much, and he'll catch
you when you come down.  It may look like he's going to catch you while
running, but you have a much higher chance of evading him by strictly running.

Once you have that down, the rest is fairly straight forward.  Whenever he
comes up from the puddle form, wait for him to thrown a cement glob, or use the
cement hammer.  As soon as you see the attack being performed, run in and try
and get some shots in before he turns to a puddle again!

Stage 5: Tokka and Rahzar

This can be another tricky one simply because there two bosses instead of one.
It may seem obvious, but if you're concerned about dying you should focus on
one at a time.  Once the first one goes down, the second is a lot easier.  I
prefer to go after Tokka (the snapping turtle) first, since his shell spinning
attack is harder to dodge than any of Rahzar's attacks.

The regular jump kick works EXCEPTIONALLY well here.  Jump kicks will land
multiple hits on either boss, without any real threat of reprisal.  Most jump
kicks will even knock a boss down, giving you more time to set up your next
attack.  I like to jump kick, then special attack away from them.

Stage 6: Leatherhead

Leatherhead requires a good deal of patience.  AASP works okay, but grazing is
much safer.  Leatherhead will sometimes counter attack with a knife, but like
Metal Head, will do so in the direction from which he was attacked.  Sometimes
Leatherhead will throw knives at you, but they only travel horizontally on
ground level, so they're easily dodged.

The other thing you have to watch is his ground crawl attack.  These will
usually come in ones and threes as well, as a follow up to your attacks.
Simply double jump to avoid, and if it's the third ground crawl, double jump
attack him at the end of his attack.

Stage 7: Super Krang

Super Krang likes to counter your attacks frequently, but he lets you get more
hits in than some other bosses.  I like to AAASP (yes, a third attack), while
escaping southward.  If he counters with a slide kick (horizontal only) he'll
miss every time, and you can easily move in for some more attacks.  If he
counters with a clapping smash (which is a little quicker, in all directions),
you'll be a good bit out of his range.  Wait for another opening and move in
for another attack.

Super Krang has two more horizontal only attacks, including a rocket arm and a
bomb spit.  Both leave him wide open for attacks from the bottom of the stage.

Stage 8: Krang

This can be a challenging boss.  To save yourself a lot of grief, you're going
to want to always attack from the bottom if possible.  This will save you from
the bubble attack he does on either side... which is EXTERMELY fast and
difficult to avoid.  When he drops robots he pauses, so try and move in for a
special attack that will hopefully connect with the robot and Krang, but at the
very least just the robot.  His other attack is a meteor squash that will be
used as a counter.  It has quite a large radius, and it best avoided by using
the jump kick.  It takes too long to get running to get away, and sometimes
jumping will help you avoid the area of effect on the floor.  Good luck with
this one!

Jump kicks work okay here, but special attacks are better if Krang is in range.

Stage 9: Shredder

Shredder is relatively easy compared to some of the other bosses, namely
because there are two pizzas available and he telegraphs his attacks.  AASP is
your friend here, escaping on the special attack.

Shredder loves to counter.  A LOT.  Every two or three hits he'll block and
retreat.  The retreat is always followed by a slash or a jump kick attack.  If
you try for any more than three hits, Shredder will NOT retreat, and do a
purple haze slash that knocks you down and causes high damage.  Don't get
greedy, and try to avoid this if you can by sticking to the pattern, and
special attacking away if you see it coming.  If Shredder knocks you down, he
may laugh and do a move where he creates a power sphere in his hand...which
does nothing as far as I can tell.  Walk up and smack him for laughing at you.

The only other thing you have to worry about is halfway through Shredder will
begin floating in the air and casting a time-warping attack at a 45 degree
angle.  This attack will turn you into a baby turtle, which counts as instant
death.  It's easy to avoid because it only occurs to the immediate left and
right, so moving south of him evades the attack entirely.  When he comes down
he's wide  
open for a clobbering.

That should about do it.  Cowabunga dudes (and dudettes)!

III.  Legal

This faq is posted with permission at, and may not be
distributed electronically or in print for any purpose.  It may be downloaded
to a user's hard drive for use by the owner of the hard drive and immediate
family.  This guide is authored and accredited to Kyle R. Hess, alias Cynas19,
with all the rights and privileges thereunto.  For ease and security, only
emails containing major corrections should be sent to [email protected]

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are the intellectual property of Mirage
Studios, and TMNT: Turtles in Time Reshelled is copyright Ubisoft.  I have no
affiliation with either of these companies.