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Follow the dark path or use the light


by Jabagg

                             The Awesome guide to:


                    (Sorry, no art here, move along now.)

                          :Table of Contents:

  1. Table of Contents (You are here!)

  2. Introduction (Right below.)

  3. Version History (VRSHS)

  4. Controls (CNTRL)

  5. Weapons (WPNSS)

  6. Beginning and Chapter 1 (CHPT1)

  7. Chapter 2 (CHPT2)

  8. Chapter 3 (CHPT3)

  9. Chapter 4 (CHPT4)

  10. Chapter 5 (CHPT5)

  11. Chapter 6 (CHPT6)

  12. Chapter 7 (CHPT7)

  13. Additional Info (ADDIN)

  14. Asked Questions (ASKQU)

  15. The Legal Info (LGLIN)

  16. The Thankings (THANK)

  *Note: Those five letters next to each section is for you to easily find your
  way around by pressing Cntrl+F, which is the Find thing.  All you have to do
  is copy (Cntrl+C) and paste (Cntrl+V).


    Hi, I'm Jacob Elterich and this is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, so please bear
  with me as I screw up, ok?  I'm writing this for the game Stranglehold, which
  was released in the U.S. on Semtember 5, 2007.  This is probably going to be
  the shortest section unless I fill it up for some reason.  I decided to write
  this for Gamefaqs ONLY, and do not ask for permission to post on another site
  as I will not give you any.  Well, that sounded kind of mean so just don't 
  steal this, okay?  Well I had better warn you before you get any further 
  that this game is rated M for Mature by the Entertainment Software Ratings 
  Board (ESRB), which means don't let a minor play it.  Not that I'm a minor 
  or anything.  Yeah, like I'm totally 15 or something...  Also something I 
  forgot to mention, was that I just forgot what I was going to mention... 

                          :Version History (VSRHS):

  Version 0.10 December 28, 2007
  Started and then completed the first four sections (Well, except for this 
  one).  Have not submitted yet.

  Version 0.20 December 29, 2007
  Added Weapons and all of Chapter 1. Updated Controls section. Also added 
  sections 13 and up. Submitted!

  Version 0.21 January 27, 2008
  Quick update of the allowed sites section and also sorry to everyone for my
  procrastination AQ/Walkthrough. I should, NO I will have a real update by 
  Friday.  Added question & answer in the Asked Questions section.


                          :Controls (CNTRL):

  The controls are fairly easy to learn, so I put them here for your 

     Left Stick:  Move, your legs.
          Click:  Crouch, near the ground.

    Right Stick:  Aim, your weapon so that you don't miss and shoot yourself.
          Click:  None, 'cause it's useless.

   Start Button:  Pause, the game so you can take a wizz.
    Back Button:  See Objectives, because any normal person keeps them updated
                  on their phone.

       A Button:  Switch Weapon, with the one hidden in your pants.

       B Button:  Throw Grenade, the ones you don't get till like chapter 5.

       X Button:  Pickup Weapon, because you need more.

       Y Button:  None, 'cause it's useless.

  Right Trigger:  Shoot, a must have to kill.

   Left Trigger:  Dive, so you don't die a lot.

   Right Bumper:  Tequila Time, sort of like bullet time, but sounds better.

    Left Bumper:  Wall Move, which means take cover.

Directional Pad:  It's directional, which sounds like erectional.
           Left:  Heal, so you don't die some more
             Up:  Precision Aim, which is zoom in and slow-mo at the same time.
          Right:  Barrage, gives you invincibility and infinite, fast-firing 
           Down:  Spin Attack, sounds like that attack that sucks that Sonic 
                  does, but it doesn't and kills everyone in the vicinity.

  Ok, now that you know how to shoot, let's get on with what you shoot with.

  *Note:  LB is take cover, but did you know that if you hold it down and walk
  over to a table, Tequila will kick it over so then you can crouch behind it
  to use as cover?  Very useful indeed as you can shmush yourself into it and
  fire right through it to kill enemies without getting hurt!

                          :Weapons (WPNSS):

  Well, in this game, you have a so-so variety of weapons, but they all kill,
  so it doesn't matter.  I also put them in the order you get them in the game.
  There is one thing you should know though; you never, EVER have to reload.
  Ever.  So here they are anyway:

  Name:  Pistol
  Dual Wieldable:  Yes
  Ammo Max:  120 Bullets
  Picked Up Ammo:  24 Bullets
  Rareity:  Insanely common
  Notes:  It's the most basic weapon in the game and also Tequila's favorite
  weapon.  First sighted in Chapter 1.

  Name: Shotgun
  Dual Wieldable:  No
  Ammo Max:  12 Spread-shot bullets
  Picked Up Ammo:
  Rareity:  Common
  Notes:  It's a very good weapon that takes down enemies quick, but since of
  it's low ammo capacity, it's more of a "pick up, kill, then drop" kind of 
  weapon.  First sighted in Chapter 1.

  Name:  Assault Rifle (AR)
  Dual Wieldable:  No
  Ammo Max:  100 Bullets
  Picked Up Ammo:  60 Bullets
  Rareity:  Pretty common
  Notes:  Is a pretty basic and all-around weapon so is good through-out the
  game.  First sighted in Chapter 2.

  Name:  Sub Machine Gun (SMG)
  Dual Wieldable:  Yes
  Ammo Max:  200 Bullets
  Picked Up Ammo:  50 Bullets
  Rareity:  So-so
  Notes:  Shouldn't be your first choice, but is a good back-up weapon as it
  carries the most ammo out of all the guns, but has bad accuracy and low 
  stopping power.  If I were you if there's any other gun you could have, take
  that instead.  First sighted in Chapter 2.

  Name:  Heavy Machine Gun (HMG)
  Dual Wieldable:  No
  Ammo Max:  180 Bullets of Death
  Picked Up Ammo:  90 Bullets of Death
  Rareity:  Rare in early chapters, but a little more common later on
  Notes:  THE best weapon in the game as it kills regular enemies instantly and
  bosses pretty quickly too, especially with Barrage.  I would recommend
  picking this up as soon as possible when you see one.  First sighted in
  chapter 3.

  Name:  Rocket Launcher (RL or RPG)
  Dual Wieldable:  No
  Ammo Max:  5 Rockets
  Picked Up Rockets:  ?
  Rareity:  Seriously rare
  Notes:  Really rare through-out the game, and once you get one it's kinda
  useless and doesn't really help much at all.  First sighted in chapter 5 (I

  Name: Grenades
  Dual Wieldable:  Uhhh, they're grenades
  Ammo Max:  5 Grenades
  Picked Up Grenades:  5 (I think)
  Rareity:  So-so
  Notes:  Well, they're grenades so I recommend using them somewhat once you
  get them, and they happen to be pretty useful.  Unfortunatly, they appear as
  often as I would like and come late in the game.  First sighted in chapter 5.

  Name:  Golden Pistol
  Dual Wieldable:  Yes
  Ammo Max:  32? Bullets of Death
  Picked Up Ammo:  12 Bullets of Death
  Rareity:  Rare
  Notes:  Since these puppies carry the Bullets of Death, that means that they
  kill instantly too.  But their rareity is higher than their usefulness so
  it's not a weapon you should have with you all the time, partially because
  they have such low ammo.  Even though this weapon sighted in all chapters, I
  put it at the bottom because it's a special weapon.

    Okay then, now that you know a lot about Stranglehold, you can do the rest
  by yourself, right?  Oh you can't?  Well I guess I'll have to help you along
  then, wimp.  No, I'm sorry, you're not a wimp, you're just mentally
  challenged, ok?  Anyway, on with the Show/FAQ/Walkthrough.

  *Note:  I don't know if you know or not, but when I say "Picked Up Ammo", I
  mean how much you get when you run over the weapon.

                          :Beginning and Chapter 1 (CHPT1):

    Okay, finally.  Well I'd like to point out I'm not a master FAQ/Walkthrough
  writer, so I won't be providing how exactly to kill all the enemies in an
  area, I will only give good cover spots and what path to move along, unless
  I deem it to be or other people deem it to be hard or confusing (which it
  shouldn't be confusing, because all you have to do is shoot, right?).
  Anyway, it's time for the main event to begin, as I'm getting bored.

    Okay, before you select new game and normal difficulty, go to the shop on
  the menu, don't worry, I'll wait...  

    Congratulations!  You just got your first achievement.  By the way, since
  we're talking about it, I'm doing this entire thing in normal difficulty, so
  chose that...


    Okay, now that we've got control of Tequila Yuen, you should watch out for
  the two people that pop out in front of you, so waste 'em.  Walk up the
  stairs (or run up the pipe with L) to trigger some enemies.  Try to stay
  back and shoot the sparkly things over their heads to, well I won't spoil 
  it.  Keep going.  You should reach a giant stairway with a prompt saying
  that you should use L to go down.  It's a good idea to do so but use Tequila
  time on the way down to shoot the sparkles.

    At the bottom, there will be a rollcart.  So use L to jump on it.  You can
  steer this badboy around and so go towards the other stairs in front of you
  and three bad guys will pop out.  Tequila time them (that means kill them
  while in Tequila time, manual activation by pressing RB).  Kill some of the 
  guys on the stairs and also shoot  the sparkles to kill them.  Run up the 
  pipe and make sure they're all dead.  Then run down the alleyway until you 
  get to a kitchen, which will tell you how to heal yourself.  In the next 
  room there's a paper crane which you can grab that gives you a quarter bar 
  of the Tequila bar located at lower-left of your screen.  Keep going 


  Now that you have control, there's an enemy right in front of you.  Stare
  him down.  Or kill him, either way works.  Right after that three guys will
  come out, so Tequila time them.  After that, you'll have to fight off a horde
  of enemies, so take your time, don't rush into the open, and use heal and
  Tequila time a lot.  Then after that, some enemies will come through a
  previously closed gate.  Shoot them/the sparkles.  Run through the gate and
  grab the shotgun but don't use it yet, so take cover on the corner with LB.
  To your left, there should be 2 guys near a propane tank, so blow it up.
  There's another guy around the corner, so shoot the sparkle and the other
  guy near him.  Go down the wall when everyone's dead and take cover on the
  wall at the end and look around the corner to see a guy with a shotgun.
  Kill him but don't shoot the tank.  After he's dead two or three guys should
  come out the door and that's the time to shoot the propane tank.  It actually
  should only kill one guy, so kill the other(s) as well.  Go through the door
  they came out of to get to a hallway.  Go all the way through the hallway and
  go up the stairs to activate your first...


    These are interesting to do, so have fun.  All you have to do is aim and
  shoot and dodge.  You do, however, only have limited time focusing on each
  dude, so aim well.  And more often then not, there will be a sparkly next to
  the person you're aiming at, so use them well.

    After wasting those guys take cover behind the first non-blown-up column
  (you may have blown-up the first one by shooting the propane tank in the
  shootout) to your left.  Once you've taken cover, a few guys will come over,
  so get rid of them.  Wait there, as a few more guys with shotguns will come
  down the stairs, so get rid of them too.  Run up the stairs and kill the
  other enemies that are there.  There's also one on the balcony, so watch out.

    Once all the enemies are gone, turn towards the stairs you came up, where
  there should be a pole.  If during the fight, the pole was shot down, then
  just run up it with L, and meet in the next sentence.  If, however, it was
  not shot down, then look near the bottom for piece of wood that's yellow and
  black, which I will now call caution wood, and shoot that caution wood to
  make the pole fall down so that you can run up it.  Anyway, once you're on
  the pole, keep running until you get to a paper crane.  Jump off there, and
  grab it and get back on the pole.  Keep going along the pole until you get to
  a small, randomly placed metal balcony.  Jump off there too, and there should 
  be a Golden Pistol, so grab it and look off the ledge around the corner.  
  There should be some enemies, so kill them with the Golden Pistol and there 
  should be some more.  Kill them too, but keep the GP if there's any ammo 
  left in it, otherwise take another pistol (there's plenty).

    Ride down the pole and shoot the caution wood and then go up the other pole
  to see a watermelon randomly sitting on a table.  Run up to the table
  HOLDING LB (wall move) to kick the table over and use it as cover.  Shmush
  yourself up against it to be able to shoot right through, so now look left on
  a balcony and shoot the propane tank up there to kill the enemies around you.
  Some more enemies will come out the door at you, so go left to a column and
  wall move there.  Kill as many as you can from this postion, then go down
  the little hallway thing to your left and kill the rest of the enemies there.

    Go into the next room and search for pistols on one of the shelfs.  Then go
  into the next room to practice your table kicking skills (even though there's
  only two, you can kick them back up by kicking the side that's touching the
  ground).  Once your done practicing, go out the door only to be attacked by
  two guys who will attack you.  Wall move behind the dumpster closest to them,
  and crouch (LS Click) to be hidden.  Shoot them and run up the stairs and
  try to grab the paper crane, only to be thwarted by an...


    All right!  You got Precision Aim after all that hard killing.  Now, shoot
  the billboard in the center of the scaffolds to kill the two people up there.
  Shoot some more people/sparkles, and, if you want, shoot them with Precision
  Aim.  Anyway, once the people on the scaffolding are finished, two people
  will come out on the ground, so kill them too.  Once they are dead, two
  people in the back will come out, so kill them too and go where they were.
  Inside, go to the next room and you should see a Squishy pop machine.  Look
  to the right of that to see a door; that door is pretty broken, so brake it
  some mo' with your guns.  Go in and brake the exit door, so that you don't
  have to waste the precious Golden Pistols that you can dual-wield!  Grab them
  and keep going.

    Go out the door and go towards the table to get a...


    Kill them all, and remember to dodge!  Once you've killed them, two guys
  appear, so get them too.  Go up the stairs for a...


    Some guys will appear so shoot the guy on the ground and then shoot the
  caution wood to cause a chain reaction that kills the guy on the ledge there.
  Run up the pole and wall move on the corner there to take out as many guys
  as you can, also using sparkles too.  Once all the guys are dead, some mo'
  will come out of the door across the way there.  So kill them too.  Also heal
  when you need to, as this part can get you low on health.  Then more come out
  so kill them also.  That should be all of them, so then go through the door
  and down the hallway and stuff to get to...



    That's right, that's where the demo ends, so I hope you aren't playing the
  demo right now!  Anyway, now take out the guys in front of you, and then go
  into the kitchen, which should be to the right of you.  Go to the opposite 
  end of the kitchen and slide down the counter so that you collide with the
  column and Tequila should stand up on the counter.  Wall move that pillar,
  and hold here for a while.

    Yeah, it's gonna be a while...  Once you hear a drum go "Bum-Ba!" or "Ba-
  Dump!", then you should go out of the kitchen and go up the stairs across 
  from there.  If you did the timing right, then there should be a few people 
  up there.  Get them, and then jump on the railing upstairs.  There should be
  two "swings" that look like giant chinese lanterns.  Well, you can actually
  jump on them or really swing from them.  Swing from the left one by getting
  near it so it highlights, and then pressing L to grab it, and pressing L
  again so that you jump to the other side.  Now quickly look ahead of you to
  see a table with THREE plates on it.  Kick it to the left, which is towards
  the other stairs over here, and crouch behind it for cover.  About half a
  dozen guys will come up the stairs so shoot them through the table for
  MASSIVE DAMAGE!  After they are dead, the boss will come out...


    If someone could tell me the name of this chump, it would be appriciated.
  Anyway, he's over on the other platform/balcony, if you followed my 
  previous instructions.  Aim at him with the Pistols and then pull the RT as
  fast as you can!  He will shoot rockets at you so be careful, and use Tequila
  time a freaking lot.  He always has two goons with him at all times, so if
  you are running low on Tequila power shoot them in the head for some quick
  health.  Once he is down to about half health, take out your shotgun and
  get close and blast him as fast as you can, but don't get too close as he'll
  hit you and either kill you or take a large chunk of your health.  Just as
  long you don't hit by too many rockets and you watch your health and heal
  when you have less then half health, you should be fine.

                          :End of Chapter 1!:

                          :Additional Info (ADDIN):

    You can reach me for the E-mailings at:

  Perrin1992 at Yahoo dot com.

  Send me some!

                          :Asked Questions (ASKQU):

    This is my Asked Questions section.  I named it so as I don't expect to get
  many e-mails asking the same question a lot.  But feel free to send me some.

    Q: Where do I get the C4 charges set?
    A: Well, there isn't a real answer without giving a whole section, so What
  you need to know is that you need to have 9 of the 14 charges set BEFORE you
  cross the river on the giant beam.

                          :The Legal Info (LGLIN):

    This work of mine is Copyright as of 2007 to the persons under the name of
  Jacob Elterich.  Distribution of this document is not allowed under any 
  circumstances what-so-ever, and the only site(s) allowed to host is:

  That is all.  Wait, also only use for your own personal use, otherwise you 
  will do a backflip into your pants, which I happen to be an expert at.

                          :The Thankings (THANK):

  Well so far I'd like to thank:
  Me for writing this FAQ/Walkthrough.
  You for reading this.
  The people who made this game.
  John Woo, the creator of the movie that this game is based off of.
  Basti, for making cool vids of this game 
  And Motion City Soundtrack, an awesome band that deserves recognition.

    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
  respective trademark and copyright holders.