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Follow the dark path or use the light

Boss FAQ

by neeker


                  _     _                                      
        ___ _ __ (_) __| | ___ _ __      _ __ ___   __ _ _ __  
       / __| '_ \| |/ _` |/ _ \ '__|____| '_ ` _ \ / _` | '_ \ 
       \__ \ |_) | | (_| |  __/ | |_____| | | | | | (_| | | | |
       |___/ .__/|_|\__,_|\___|_|       |_| |_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|

        ------------ F R I E N D  O R  F O E ----------------

                      XBOX 360 BOSS FAQ v. 1.02
                             By: neeker
                         Gamertag: neeker75


This FAQ can be posted on:


and their associates only. Please do not ask whether you can post this 
on your site if you are not from the above. It's getting too difficult 
to keep track.

If you happen to see anyone other than the above hosting this, please 
let me know so that I can feed them to the sharks, torture their feet 
with a feather and throw them into a mall infested with zombies. 

Also, please note that, as with most gaming guides:


If you can get offended by spoilers, please don't use a guide.

1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  General Tips
4.  Boss Strategies
    - Doc Ock                                                  [ SFFDOC ]
    - Green Goblin                                             [ SFFGGB ]
    - Scorpion                                                 [ SFFSCP ]
    - Rhino                                                    [ SFFRHI ]
    - Sandman                                                  [ SFFSAN ]
    - Venom                                                    [ SFFVEN ]
    - Mysterio                                                 [ SFFMYS ]

5.  Conclusion

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the 
username "neeker". 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is a kid's game, no doubt about that. But I 
enjoy it despite its simplicity (some say repetitiveness), because the 
idea of teaming up Spider-Man with the likes of Doc Ock and Green Goblin 
never gets old for me. You can call me simple-minded, but go into this 
game without any expectations, and you may just end up loving its charm 
as well.

This document is for boss strategies, and boss strategies only. I could 
do a full walkthrough, but I was just lazy. This isn't a difficult game 
anyway.  I completed it with 100% achievements in less than six hours, 
and I think many people could do better. So, I'm writing this mainly for 
the fun of writing a guide.

But I do hope it'll help you if you get stuck. Hopefully, you'll also 
enjoy this "ultimate" Marvel Team-Up as much as me... if only for that 
couple of hours.

Some tips and tricks 

- keep mobile at all times.
- when in doubt, throw something at the boss.
- you should upgrade your abilities as early as possible.
- the upgrade lab also as an inventory store that sells the following 
  gems: invicibility (3 max), mega damage (3 max), health regenration (5 
- invincibility doesn't work during boss fights. 
- mega damage is your best friend when punching a boss. 
- use health regenration if you somehow happen to get severly injured.


DOC OCK                                                        [ SFFDOC ]
Found at Level: Secret Lab

Doc Ock looks like a tough nut to crack, but this is actually a simple 
fight. First off, he's invulnerable to your attacks from the onset. The 
two machines right in front of him are the keys to defeating him. These 
are throwing flames towards you, and the floor is moving forward, so keep 
jumping to avoid being "sucked" towards the fire. 

Meanwhile, you should notice boxes/ crates moving towards Doc Ock as well. 
As you jump, use grapple to bring a box towards you, and then throw it 
towards one of the machines (any one will do). 

Hit one machine three times, and Doc Ock will jump down to fix it. When 
he does so, he'll send a radial blast towards you. Jump to avoid this, 
and then get near and start punching him. 

Note that as you get close, he'll brush you aside. You can avoid this by 
jumping and landing within his tentacles, but this is more of a hit or 
miss due to the poor camera. 

There's also another way to avoid his tentacle attack. After sending a 
third box at the machine, quickly grab another one, but don't throw it. 
Instead, throw it at him only after the radial attack. This should stop 
his tentacle attack.

In any case, once you deal enough pain, he jumps back up and the cycle 
repeats. At 3/4 health (his), you'll hit a cut-scene. At slightly below 
1/2 health, you get another scene. If you want to speed up the fight 
after the second scene, press the left button on your D-pad to use mega 
damage (if you have it). This lands more powerful blows on him. 

Reduce his health to zero to finally recruit him into your team.

GREEN GOBLIN                                                   [ SFFGGB ]
Found at Level: Oscorp Japan

Green Goblin speeds away on his glider from the onset, and starts to 
throw some objects at you. They can be easily avoided by simply running 
or jumping away. After a while, he'll start sending pumpkin bombs at you. 
Quickly pick one up, and throw it at him. A successful hit will reduce 
his health. 

And that's about it, really. At 3/4 health, you hit a cut-scene. At below 
1/2 health, you get another one. Continue to wait for the pumpkin bombs 
and throw them back at him to end the fight. 

SCORPION                                                       [ SFFSCP ]
Found at Level: Sea Caves

Wow, finally a boss fight that doesn't involved throwing objects. 

You begin on a platform that's surrounded by lava. The Scorpion is right 
opposite you on a higher platform. For a rough sketch of the area, check 
the diagram below.

                                  ()   <-- Scorpion
    \            |                                  |            /
     \           |                                  |           /
      \      ----|                                  |----      /
       |     |   |                                  |   |     |
       |     | A |                                  | B |     |
       |     |   |                                  |   |     |
       |     --------------------------------------------     |
     L |                                                      | L
       |                           ()   <-- Spidey            |
     P |                          /||\                        | P
       |                           /\                         |
     1 |         ------------------------------------         | 2
       |         |                                  |         |
       |         ------------------------------------         |
    ----                                                      ----

From his position, the Scorpion will start attacking you from some lasers 
from his tail. As usual, avoid these, and then jump to the large platform 
at "LP2". From here, you can access platform "B", which allows you to jump 
up to where he is. Note that at this moment, platform "A" is inaccessible.

Once you get up to where he is, rain combos on him. Once he takes enough 
damage, he will jump to "LP2", while sending more lasers at you. Jump to 
where he is to continue the hurt.

Next up, he'll return to the high platform. This time, platform "A" 
appears, while platform "B" lowers. So, jump to the large platform "LP1", 
and then to "A". Go up to his position to punch him again. He'll then 
jump to "LP1", so chase after him.

Repeat the process (alternating platforms, etc.) until he's gone. If you 
somehow manage to jump right into the lava, you'll get hurt. Also, if 
you've mega damage with you, use it liberally. 

That should be it.

RHINO                                                          [ SFFRHI ]
Found at Level: Ancient Ruins

This would be the only boss fight that gave me some problems, primarily 
because the arena is small, and I somehow fell to death near the bottom 
of the screen. Which means, you should avoid that area at all costs. Of 
course, if you die, your AI partner will take on Rhino. Without Spidey's 
agility, however, the fight will be pretty tough. So, I'd suggest that 
you keep Spidey alive.

There's some sort of electrical pillars around the area. Touching them 
obviously hurts you, so beware. Rhino's attacks involve a falling rocks 
routine, a bullrush, and a radial blast. Of course, if you get near to 
him, he'll also punch the hell out of you. 

As with some of the earlier bosses, you can use his attacks against him. 
When rocks appear, quickly pick one and throw it back at you. You can 
also try to get close, activate mega damage, and start raining punches at 

If he uses the bullrush, you can stand in front of an electric pillar, 
and then jump away as he charges at you. His horn will be stuck in the 
pillar momentarily, during which you can combo his back to your heart's 

But seriously, just pick up rocks and throw it at him for the safest 
route to victory.

SANDMAN                                                        [ SFFSAN ]
Found at Level: Excavation Site

This is a rather straightforward fight. Sandman has a few attacks, and 
all of them involve sand (duh!). First off, he sends some waves of sand 
towards you. This can be easily avoided by jumping. Secondly, if you get 
close, he'll enlarge his fists (classic!) and attack you with them. 
Lastly, he sends a series of sand spikes from the ground against you. 

Your plan is simple. Avoid his attacks (jumping, etc.), get close to him, 
and then punch him with mega damage. If you run out of mega damage, punch 
him anyway. It only takes longer.

Wow, that was simple.

VENOM                                                          [ SFFVEN ]
Found at Level: Ancient Church

No throwing. No punching. Great!

From the onset, ignore Venom altogether. Instead, hop onto the nearby 
bell, and start punching it to remove the symbiote webbing from it. Once 
done, punch the bell once. This will remove 1/4 of Venom's health, which 
leads to a cut-scene.

Venom escapes to the next room. Run after him. Here, you'll find two bells
with webbings on them. Jump onto one to remove the webbing first. You may 
want to hit the bell now to stop Venom from approaching you. Then, do the 
same for the other one. Once done, hit the nearest bell once. Quickly run 
towards the other bell and hit it (if you've hit it earlier, it should 
have stop ringing by now anyway). 

Once two bells ring together, a large chunk of Venom's health will be 
removed, leading to the next scene.

Follow him into the next room. Damn, three bells with webbings. Remove 
all webbings, and get all three bells to ring together to end the fight. 

MYSTERIO                                                       [ SFFMYS ]
Found at Level: Temple

Well, well. Who'd have thought that a man with a fish bowl on his head is 
the perpetrator of this mess? 

Mysterio begins on a high platform opposite you. Below him is a row of 
five statues that will shoot lasers at you. To avoid these, run to either 
the bottom left or right corner, and jump when the lasers are approaching. 
The lasers will do a to-and-fro sequence for three times.

Next up, Mysterio will send a series of boxes/ crates towards you. You 
know what this means! Jump, grapple and throw one at him. Do so three 
times, and Mysterio will jump down from the platform to fight you.

Now, this part is a little tricky. Mysterio will randomly attack three 
times with any of the following methods: laser beams, radial blasts and 
some sort of a red twister blast. The first two are easy to avoid by the 
usual jumping. If the third one appears, just run to one corner since 
jumping will probably land you right into the "eye" of the twister. 

Each time he attacks you, he'll teleport away to another area to start 
the next one. Once he's done, he'll stand still for a moment (to take a 
breath?). This is when you should close in and punch him. Take note, 
however, that he usually reappears opposite you, so when avoiding his 
attacks, try not to run to extreme ends of the screen (eg. leftmost/ 
rightmost/ top/ bottom). Instead, stay in the middle of the screen as 
much as you can, so that you can approach him quickly when he stops.

If you don't manage to land a hit him during that period of time, he'll 
repeat the random three-pronged attacks. Wait till he stops, and then to 
hit him. Once he has taken enough hits, he'll jump back up to the high 
platform to re-initiate the lasers from the statues.

This should be the longest fight you'll face in this game, because there 
will be a cut-scene each time he jumps back up to the high platform. 
Note also that the laser beams become harder to avoid as the fight 
progresses. Apart from the initial beams, red s-like beams appear soon. 
The number of s-like beams also increases as the fight continues, and 
it ends with the introduction of x-like beams directing towards the 
bottom corners of the screen. Just try your best to avoid them by hiding 
at the corners and jumping anyway. If you really need health, feel free 
to use regeneration (remember to buy some of this before you begin).

Once you manage to reduce his health to zero, the fight, and the game, 

I consider this document complete at this point of writing. If I miss 
anything, do email me and I'll credit you with it. 

As a general rule, please don't email me about this six months after its 
last publish date. I probably won't remember the details of the game after 
that long.

Last but not least, have fun.

Version 1.00: Guide completed (10/17).
Version 1.02: Fix some typos. (10/19).

Activision/ Level-Up
ASCII Generator (@

Copyright Lestor Wong 2007-2008.