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Follow the dark path or use the light
Shadowrun Pack Shot



Multiplayer Guide

by ALIENwolve

             _____ _               _                                
            / ____| |             | |                               
           | (___ | |__   __ _  __| | _____      ___ __ _   _ _ __  
            \___ \| '_ \ / _` |/ _` |/ _ \ \ /\ / / '__| | | | '_ \ 
            ____) | | | | (_| | (_| | (_) \ V  V /| |  | |_| | | | |
           |_____/|_| |_|\__,_|\__,_|\___/ \_/\_/ |_|   \__,_|_| |_|

                             Multiplayer Guide
                           GameFAQ by ALIENwolve


 Roight. The sorry set of information I've seen up here is just not enough in
my opinion, so I've gone to the trouble of typing up a bland text file just
for you guys who'd love to learn about killing dudes in the Xbox 360's 
Shadowrun (aka NOBODY).

Version: 1.00
-Base FAQ

--Ye Olde Table O Contents--

1) Races
2) Guns
 -Sniper Rifle..........................................................[SNIP]
 -Rocket Launcher.......................................................[ROCK]
3) Spells
 -Tree of Life..........................................................[TREE]
4) Tech
 -Enhanced Vision.......................................................[ENVI]
 -Anti-Magic Generator..................................................[ANMG]
 -Wired Reflxes.........................................................[WIRE]
 -Frag Grenade..........................................................[FRAG]
5) Gameplay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,[GAME]
6) Preset Builds,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,[BILD]
7) Achievement Guide

Human                                                                   [HUME]
Trait--No tech penalties.
Essence: 7 ()()()()()()()
The human sort of plays the "lead" class. He's all around good stats with no
weaknesses. The human can fill most every niche and outmuscle most classes.

The human's racial trait is his immunity to tech penalties. He can load
himself up with three different techs and quick cast any spells. This usually
includes Enhanced Vision with Wired Reflexes or Smartlink.

The extra $500 allows you to arm yourself early or grab first round Teleport.
You could even spare a click so someone else also gets first round Teleport.

Elf                                                                     [LEGO]
Trait--Regenerate health with essence.
Essence:10 ()()()()()()()()()()
The elf plays the scout class. He has the least health, the highest speed, a
very large amount of essence, and can regenerate. Naturally, this combo makes
him the most favorable among the general population. An elf is at a 
disadvantage if he tries to duel with other races, so he's best at flanking
and dodging.

The elf's racial trait is regeneration. With about two slots of essence 
available, the elf will heal himself. This makes him good for getting shots in
and pulling out temporarily. This is also a weakness - a wounded elf with no
essence wont be casting magic such as Teleport any time soon because regen 
greatly slows and can even stop or drain essence generation.

Troll                                                                   [TROL]
Trait--Each hit hardens slightly with essence.
Essence: 7 ()()()()()()()
The troll plays the tank class. He's got the most health, the biggest hitboxes
and has the same move speed at every weight. He can easily outmuscle elves and
humans in head on fights. Two trolls are even better because they can shift 
point between each other; one heals and the other fights.

The small essence bank means technology use is stunted for the troll. One tech
is usually the limit for a troll looking to still use essence. Wired Reflexes
is typical, though other techs are still appropriate.

Because the troll is roughly three times as large as anyone else, it's very
unlikely that shots in his direction are going to miss. While he has a rather
large health limit, that dwindles quickly during a round. Thusly, Tree of Life
should almost always be the first round purchase for a troll.

His racial trait is hardening. Every hit he takes in one sitting increases his
damage resistance until they become virtually nothing. Essentially, this means 
light attacks such as the SMG and minigun become ineffective when used without
stopping. Semi-auto weapons can deal much more damage in this system.

A troll without essence can't harden, which makes any essence draining attack
a solid strategy for taking them on.

Dwarf                                                                   [DWRF]
Trait--Drain essence from characters and spells with touch.
Essence:12 ()()()()()()()()()()()()
Dwarves are a specialist class; oddballs. They play extremely differently from 
the other three races. They don't suffer from bleedout katana attacks, they 
have no headshot hitboxes, they have very small weapon weight penalties, they 
can drain essence from players and spells and they have slow essence 

The ability to drain essence with touch encourages short range attacks with
the dwarf; especially on trolls. The backstab and headshot immunity inversely
encourages rifle range combat. You could potentially do both with the 
movespeed for the dwarf.

Spells which cost essence such as Teleport usually don't work well for the 
dwarf. The ability to drain spells makes held magic better than normal. When
you're done with the spell, you can drain it for a refund. The slow essence
regeneration is a serious handicap, so you should try to hang around other
players and mooch off their essence.

Dwarf is definitely the hardest race to play, so... don't expect to do very
well with it.

To save trouble from complictions with carrying speeds and movement speeds,
all races move at the exact same speed which is modified by carried weapons.
This graph is courtesy of this guy you don't know called Count Duckula via

      Light  Medium  Heavy  Extremely Heavy
Elf   %120   %110    %78    %50
Human %100   %90     %80    %60
Dwarf %90    %85     %80    %75
Troll %80    %80     %80    %80

While you have a wide variety of spells and technology to get an edge against
the other guy, you're not very effective at beating them to death. Weapons can
give you an extra edge of your own. While they're cheaper than augmentations,
guns will require upkeep and can be lost, so don't end up wasting money on
things you're likely to drop through death.

-Pistol-                                                                [PIST]
Cost         - Free
Weight Class - Light
Damage      :1 ()            :16 (19 Headshot)
Accuracy    :5 ()()()()()    :
Rate of Fire:6 ()()()()()()  :
Ideal Range :3 ()()()        :
The pistol is fairly versatile. It can function at most ranges and outputs
a fair amount of damage. The farther your target, the slower you should shoot.
Remember that you don't need perfect accuracy to hit a target. You always have
one as your backup weapon. If you drop one of your secondary weapons, you'll
get it back.

The pistol actually has a sort of delayed speed. If you pull the trigger as
fast as you can, you'll fire at a sporadic rate. Try to find the correct
rhythm to get the highest rate of fire possible.

-SMG-                                                                   [SUBG]
Cost         - $500
Weight Class - Medium
Damage      :1 ()            :8 (10 Headshot)
Accuracy    :3 ()()()        :
Rate of Fire:7 ()()()()()()():
Ideal Range :3 ()()()        :
The SMG functions like a super pistol. It's less accurate, but it makes up for
that in output. 50 shots are lot more convient than 15. Very poor against
trolls, though.

I've seen this constantly, so I'm gonna emphazise upon it: STOP SHOOTING FULL
AUTO! Anywhere beyond point-blank range is going to result in lost shots and a
not dead guy turning you into a dead guy. You can get so many more shots in at
a much longer distance by firing in bursts. The farther away the target, the
less shots in each burst. At extreme distance, start firing in semi automatic.
You'll find that you can actually kill people with less trouble this way.

-Rifle-                                                                 [RIFL]
Cost         - $500
Weight Class - Medium
Damage      :2 ()()          :20 (40 Headshot)
Accuracy    :6 ()()()()()()  :
Rate of Fire:5 ()()()()()    :
Ideal Range :6 ()()()()()()  :
The rifle is of course the ranged domain's primary. A skilled player can crush
the opposition from afar. Headshots deal out significant damage, though the
precision makes it difficult to hold one's own at short range. The scope 
reduces aim assistance so try to only use it when you can't get a good shot at
enemy heads. Accuracy while moving is very poor which generally requires you 
to use a secondary weapon, whereas crouching accuracy is so quick to tighten 
that the reticule bloom struggles to keep up and it can look like you're
losing accuracy (but you aren't).

Body shot damage is awfully close to pistol damage, so try to go for headshots
whenever possible.

-Shotgun-                                                               [SHOT]
Cost         - $750
Weight Class - Heavy
Damage      :6 ()()()()()()  :65 (78 Headshot)
Accuracy    :2 ()()          :
Rate of Fire:3 ()()()        :
Ideal Range :2 ()()          :
Shotguns are the "defensive" spectrum of short range combat. They're slow to
carry and work great when you keep running into players at point blank range.
It'll fend off katanas and dwarves quite well. It usually only takes two good
shots to kill a foe - one, if you blast an elf's big head. Unfortunately, it
becomes exponentially ineffective as range increases. It would seem damage
actually decreases when your target is far away, so know when to swap it out.

-Katana-                                                                [KATA]
Cost         - $1000
Weight Class - Light
Damage      :3 ()()()        :25 (50 By Troll)
Accuracy    :2 ()()          :
Rate of Fire:3 ()()()        :
Ideal Range :1 ()            :
The katana is the "offensive" short ranger. If you get the jump on someone at
point short range, you can tear him up. A troll wont harden against this, 

Don't be afraid to bail when using a katana - if someone's ready for you, 
you've got a lot of trouble to deal with. If you sneak up on someone and cut 
his back, you'll force him to bleed out. This sets up for using hit and run
tactics on opponents.

If you face another melee attacker without swinging yourself, you'll block his
attacks. This whole blocking system usually makes it more convient to just
block his first volley and shoot him in the face. When hopped up on Wired
Reflexes and facing your assailants, you will block virtually all semi-auto
projectiles, allowing you to easily close the distance between you and him.

It's usually best to combine a katana with Teleport and Enhanced Vision so you
can get behind players more easily.

Many trolls prefer the katana over the shotgun due to their increased damage.
The only real trouble is it can be hard to accurately use it and it's slower.

The Artifact is basically a katana with extra abilities and doesn't allow you
to use your own spells without dropping it. Hitting magical objects with the
Artifact will completely destroy them. Minion in the way? Nope. Smoker escaped
you? Nope.

-Minigun-                                                               [MINI]
Cost         - $1250
Weight Class - Extremely Heavy
Damage      :1 ()            :10 (12 Headshot)
Accuracy    :4 ()()()()      :
Rate of Fire:7 ()()()()()()():
Ideal Range :4 ()()()()      :
The minigun functions as the solution to the hundreds of puny elves swarming
yourself. When you zone a target properly, he'll go down in moments and his
body wont take much more to vaporize.

The minigun is devestating enough to include a windup period, so try to call
the moments where you're going to start fighting.

Despite the weight, a human can sometimes find use of a minigun as a secondary
weapon when he enters target rich environments. An elf however, is virtually
worthless with one.

Smartlink is definitely a viable tech for the minigun. The scope increases
your damage per second and potential range while the smart laser helps keep
track of short range targets.

A minigun in the early rounds will certainly catch the opposition off guard.
They'll all have pistols while you have doom in multiple rotating tubes.

-Sniper Rifle-                                                          [SNIP]
Cost         - $2500
Weight Class - Heavy
Damage      :5 ()()()()()    :50 (500 BOOM HEADSHOT)
Accuracy    :7 ()()()()()()():
Rate of Fire:2 ()()          :
Ideal Range :7 ()()()()()()():
The sniper rifle has the power to dominate targets from a significant 
distance. Like the rifle, it lays down lots of damage while standing from a
distance - only greatly exaggerated now.

The sniper rifle can't even fire without zooming. This forces you to spend 
more time in scope than you normally would. The initial accuracy is also
terrible when zoombing, but you can hit short range targets with some level of
certainty; much the same with moving.

A body shot is hard hitting but a headshot is lethal.

-Rocket Launcher-                                                       [ROCK]
Cost         - $5000
Weight Class - Extremely Heavy
Damage      :7 ()()()()()()():250 (Pow... dead)
Accuracy    :1 ()            :
Rate of Fire:1 ()            :
Ideal Range :5 ()()()()()    :
Rockets are a high explosive gamble. They have the potential to completely
destroy any targets within their blast radius. But then again, they have the
potential to completely screw you over.

It fires "laser guided" rockets; it's rather precise. Firing them will paint
a laser blot at the target and the rocket will head straight for that spot.
This laser is rather distinct, so wary foes will probably spot it and hit the
deck if there's enough distance between them and the rocket. If you do not 
fire the rocket from a standstill, you run the chance of the laser being 
painted on the wrong surface and even in a painful location.

Rockets are very expensive and you'll likely need support from other team
members to keep ammo in stock. In the latter rounds they should have some
residual rewards that they're obviously not going to spend on anything nice
for themselves after the engagement so feel free to ask.

A common tactic is to attempt turning the rocket into a human delivered bomb.
Players will get in close range and try to blow up the nearby floor while
Smoking. This can generate mixed results.

Riding a glider allows for more applicable surface area to target with, but a
minor decrease in accuracy.

Trolls should keep in mind the first person shooter design noobs who made this
game didn't think to keep rockets from impacting with the character who fired
them, so in laggy environments you can end up shooting yourself in the back.
I'm not sure how to counter this exactly but jumping or running backwards
seems to help.

--Quick Casting--
All magics and grenade techs are capable of being activated without assigning
them to your hot slots. Simply pull the Fire trigger to cast them. 

When they aren't assigned, any passive effects are deactivated but you'll be 
able to greatly expand your abilities. The two main quick casted spells are 
Tree of Life and Ressurect. Both of these have no passive effects and are 
easily selected. You should spend some free time familiarising yourself with
the various directions used to select an ability.

You can reassign hot slotted abilites for their passive abilities whenever you
need a change in loadout. Just try to keep from forgetting you own them. Try
jumping to keep moving while you peform a quick cast or reassign.

Spells are complicated little abilities that drain your essence in exchange
for some form of benefit. Why are you asking me about this? There's nothing
particularly special about them that I could talk about right here.

-Tree of Life-                                                          [TREE]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Drain:3 ()()()
Essence Held : No
Tree of Life is one of the first spells you should buy. It creates a small
tree which acts as cover and heals you and others. While it does block 
shots, you're usually better off planting it behind solid cover or in a safe
location. Anti magic will destroy it so Dwarves, don't get too close.

The tree lasts until its limit is drained and healing people's damage will 
grant you a small cash bonus. A second tree will greatly amplify your healing 
rate, but any more trees will have no effect. Try to keep from planting them 
too close to each other; seems to kill one.

Tree of Life is still not a bad idea for an elf. He can regenerate on his own
but a tree will get him back to full health in seconds and keep him from 
bleeding out.

-Resurrect-                                                             [REZZ]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Drain:4 ()()()()
Essence Held : Yes
Ressurect is a crazy important magic and EVERYONE should have it by the end of
the match. Rez allows you to bring a dead guy back for another shot at winning
the day. Under the most efficient circumstances, this gives your team twice as
many infantry. Casting generates a wide field that follows you and can catch
any number of dead guys. The essence held is not relative to the number of
people so you can get multiple for the price of one.

When you are rezzed, you are temporarily invincible and in third person view.
While you are invincible, you are able to fire at the enemy (even in third
person) which will disable your invincibility, or you can avoid action and run
away, preserving your invincibility. A single enemy cannot hold his ground 
against a ressurected friendly and his host, but several enemies will have 
no trouble cutting you down, so pick your battles.

A ressurected player is dependent upon his host. If the host dies, he bleeds
out. It's possible for a former zombie to rez his host and even a daisy chain
of players is viable. If your team is performing exceptionally crappy in a
match, you may be given a sort of handicap with rez and suffer less essence
hold and maybe even a third life. There's a system that prevents everyone from
rezzing each other in a loop but that's a little complicated and you should
not worry about it.

If you're having trouble with team members who are too lazy to buy rez, try
threatening to not ressurect anyone who doesn't already have it themselves.
You don't even have to follow through with this because most people will
promptly buy it. Unless he's a prick who gets offended by this.

-Strangle-                                                              [STRG]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Drain:3 ()()()
Essence Held : Yes
Strangle is a spell that shakes up a fight. It creates a wide patch of anti
magic crystals that block shots and trap players. You can use it defensively
to add a safe wall in a firefight or you can Strangle players so they can't 
escape. A high essence race can make a whole lot of Strangle patches and
a full team of them can make... well, an insane amount.

Strangle functions like Tree of Life in clearing itself after dealing a set
amount of damage.

The only problem is this is a hold spell and it takes quite a few bullets to
clear out. You can either use anti-magic grenades or put yourself in danger
by jumping into them until they dry out, but it's all around more convient to
just absorb them with Dwarf drain.

Strangle can sometimes double as a poor man's fall breaker.

Watch out for areas that could be debatable as solid surfaces in even the
slightest bit. Strangle can go right through nets or stairs and the like. When
you cast it at the ground in front of you, keep in mind it's a large patch so
cast it a bit ahead of you or you'll end up hitting yourself.

An interesting tactic you could try if the enemy team is devoid of dwarves
would be rush the Artifact, find a nice defendable location, and flood the
whole surrounding area with Strangle crystals.

Counters: Anti-magic grenades, frag grenades, Dwarf drain, Glider, Teleport.

-Gust-                                                                  [GUST]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Drain:2 ()()
Essence Held : No
Gust is THE utility spell. It drains little essence, and has a wide variety of
-It damages smoked players.
-It pushes back players; keeping them from strafing and using short range 
-It breaks your falls.
-It helps you jump higher and glide higher.
-It kicks off gliders.
-It throws your grenades farther and blows back other peoples' grenades.
-It puts a sniper out of scope.
-It pushes away bodies from rez.
-It pushes players and bodies over edges.

Something you didn't know is that crouching braces yourself against a gust, 
preventing yourself from being launched. FYI, you're able to put yourself in 
the crouched state while dead, so feel free to brace yourself from wayward 
gusts sending you over the edge.

Counters: Crouching, Teleport.

-Smoke-                                                                 [SMOK]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Drain:1 ()
Essence Held : No
Smoke allows you to temporarily transform yourself into a smoke cloud. While
in smoke, you're unable to be damaged by almost all forms of attack and move
at your maximum speed, regardless of carried weapons or hardening. When
assigned to a hot slot, Smoke hides you from Enhanced Vision scans except at
short range (cast Smoke to hide entirely) but causes your essence to 
regenerate slowly. Dwarves have a massive essence bank, so they don't 
regenerate essence at all when hot slotted. Players with smoke assigned will
visually emit a small amount of smoke at all times.

You can cast smoke during a Teleport - exiting in smoke.

Smoke can save you from effed up situations involving explosions. You don't
even really need it assigned to serve this purpose. Just make sure you Smoke
early because casting it has a slight delay in invincibility. Avoid staying
in Smoke for too long because players with Gust and the artifact still hurt
and even drain essence.

Counters: Gust, Artifact, Anti-Magic Grenades, Strangle, Dwarf drain.

-Teleport-                                                              [TELE]
Cost         :$2250
Essence Drain:3 ()()()
Essence Held : No
Teleport is unfortunately the super spell of the century. Everyone is gonna
have this. You're usually going to need this eventually, even if you're a 

Casting this will Teleport you in the rough direction you're moving and 
amplified if you're looking in the direction. Teleporting through a floor
actually allows you to jump immediately after exiting the portal, enabling you
to Teleport back through the ceiling and peform something of a juke. Jumping
straight up will Teleport the maximum distance so don't worry about looking up
and just make sure you aren't moving any other direction.

You can utilize Teleport to shorten the distance between you and the ground to
reduce fall damage.

Quick casting Teleport is not recommended because it's so involved in your
movement. However, when you're only going to Teleport during a few off beat
moments, you can still manage it. Your momentum will be saved for a brief
period after stopping so it's possible to quick cast without jumping.

Sadly, the unblamable fools at the now nonexistent development team didn't 
think it convinient to implement some sort of visual confirmation on where
there's enough space to Teleport, so check up on the maps by yourself and find
nifty places you can sneak through. Being aware of all the locations you can
Teleport to from a given location can make the difference between running away
and outright vanishing.

Remember your target wont get more than three teleports consecutively, 
so don't give up on the chase so easily.

Counters: Anti-magic grenades, Dwarf drain.

-Summon-                                                                [SUMM]
Cost         :$3000
Essence Drain:4 ()()()()
Essence Held : Yes
Summon generates a minion... yeah... you already knew. Minions serve as tanks
in the absence of Trolls. They are essentially a Troll with a katana and AI.
They're great sidekicks for Elves and Dwarves. They'll absorb shots and force
the enemy to deal with them instead of you.

Try to avoid casting directly on a player - it's often more effective to have
them guard a zone instead. It's possible to have a team of summons covering
key points in a level to provide early warning and a hard punch to runners.
Just make sure you don't summon two minions close together or they'll kill
each other.

You can surprise your enemies with Summon behind their lines or from above.

Technology typically holds a set amount of essence in exchange for unlimited
use of their tech style abilities. None of the augmenting techs can be quick
casted and have to be assigned fo have an affect. This results in players
buying a few lifelong techs and blowing the rest on magic.

-Glider-                                                                [GLID]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Hold :2 ()()
Glider is a "movement-enabler" tech. It's essentially the tech alternative to
Teleport. While it's not as versatile as moving through walls, you can use it
ad nauseam and even combine it with other abilities to greatly extend your

Glider will get you above stuff like Strangle and Anti-Magic Generators which
Teleport can have issues with. Most people don't expect to have somebody shoot
at them from directly overhead when they round a corner. Keep in mind a
vertical target in the open is a very easy target, so avoid exposing yourself
and utilize gravity by deactivating in midair to keep yourself a moving body.

Teleport in flight to extend your range; activate at the right time during a
Gust jump to move faster and higher; jump while in Wired Reflex overdrive for
a super high ride. Combine all of these for an extreme level of movement. It's
usually easier to Gust glide by starting it as a Gust jump and activate it
while you head upwards. If done properly, you'll fly as high as you'll ever

This is a great tech for Teleport challenged dwarves and sometimes even the

-Enhanced Vision-                                                       [ENVI]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Hold :3 ()()()
Enhanced Vision allows you to see any friends and foes within a certain
distance through walls. You can use it to keep from being snuck up on and spot
the artifact runner. It's a great buy for a human leader but works for the
other races if you find yourself being repeatedly jumped. At shorter ranges,
you can see the sillouette of players and what they're doing behind that wall.

Anyone else assigned with Enhanced Vision will be able to passively spot any
player making their own scans. Smoke will mask players from Enhanced Vision
unless at short range.

When using the automated report system, try to avoid spotting every character
at once when you call it. If you do, the system will call every one of those
people in the spot you report it. AKA "8 enemies in the break room."

Counters: Smoke, Enhanced Vision

-Smartlink-                                                             [LINK]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Hold :2 ()()
Smartlink wires up your eyeballs to make you a better shooter. You'll auto-aim
at players, get an extra layer of scope for every weapon, and never directly 
shoot a teammate. All for the price of a rather flagrant laser beam coming 
from your head when it's activated.

The passive feature of Smartlink is the scope. It tightens the reticule and
zooms you in. This can turn SMG's and pistols into rifle range weapons and the
minigun isn't too bad either. You don't even need the auto-aim laser, though
it helps in rapidly moving short range battles when headshots are null.

Don't be bothered by using Smartlink or being killed by Smartlink, because
gunplay is only half the battle around these parts. Assigning smoke will blind
the little auto aim laser which means he's no different from any other guy 
with pointy ears or horns or a growth deficiency.

Counters: Smoke, Summon

-AntiMagic Generator-                                                   [ANMG]
Cost         :$1500
Essence Hold :N/A - 4 Grenades
Antimagic grenades are cheap and sticky devices which generate a small field
which kills anyone's essence (and any magic spells) it comes in contact with. 
They're excellent in shutting down the hopes and dreams of magic users and 
trolls planning on using harden. It's common for one troll to buy this to 
counter another troll. 

Don't be afraid to use these in every firefight you come across. You get a
large stock of grenades and your inventory will regenerate after a short 
period, so feel free to toss them in defensive locations. Even better is these 
count as an ability, rather than a grenade, so when you've been rezzed, you're
full on grenades.

A nice extra feature in antimagic grenades is not only do they drain magic in
the area, any spells which attempt to move through their field have a lot of
trouble. They last for a rather significant amount of time on their own.

While it's probably not convient during a fight, a few hits to the generator
will clear it.

Counters: Glider, grenades, guns

-Wired Reflexes-                                                        [WIRE]
Cost         :$2000
Essence Hold :Distributive (4-Elves, 3-Dwarves, 2-Trolls)
Wired reflexes adds a significant speed boost to a character. It also allows a
katana to reflexively block shots fired at his front.

Activating the tech gives a massive speed boost at the cost of a set amount of
health. Most races can overdrive a long distance and heal it off with Tree of
Life real quick, but the elf takes a little too much damage for comfort.

Wiring doesn't increase an elf's maximum speed but it does improve the move 
speed of heavier weapons.

-Frag Grenades-                                                         [FRAG]
Cost         :Free
Essence Hold :N/A - 2 Grenades
Grenades are your goto weapon in the early rounds. They deal enough damage to
cripple a troll and kill any other race. 

Try to avoid wasting them too early in spam attacks. You only drop one when
you die, so make sure you don't lose the chance to use that first one either.

Grenades on the ground can also be detonated when shot sufficiently, so keep
that little tactic in your arsenal.

--Gameplay--                                                            [GAME]
You're basically gonna want to read this because you don't know how long it
takes to reset the Artifact or that it's worth using in Attrition. It's worth
going for it in any gametype, you trigger happy slayer.

The "classic" gametype. RNA pretends to protect the Artifact while killing the
Lineage while the Lineage pretends to go after the Artifact while killing the
RNA. It's a One Flag gametype. Artifact returns after 60 seconds of downtime.

The Neutral Flag gametype. Both teams have the option of sneakily running the
Artifact or the more likely method of shooting everyone in the face. Artifact
returns after 30 seconds of downtime.

The Deathmatch gametype. Players cannot be cleared by gunfire. The Artifact
serves as a mobile power (if anyone would use it) by providing the locations
of the enemy team at the cost of revealing yourself. Bodies can also be
cleared by the Artifact. Artifact returns after 15 seconds of downtime. You
can use the Artifact to force the enemy out of their defensive positions - If
you're holding it when time runs out, you win! Even better is through some
likely oversight, you get an extra $1400! Everybody jump the Artifact!

-Economy Details-
New Round--------------$1400
Round Victory Bonus----$300 ($1700 total)
Kills------------------$50 per dead guy
Damage Output----------$150 per, $50 for rez'd player (Modified by healing)
Body Clears------------$50 per body (Modified by % of damage to the body)
Tree Heals-------------$300 (Total, divided by other trees)
Resurrections----------$100 per teammate
 (+%50 of rez'd teammate's money earned post mortem)
First Artifact Grab----$100
Artifact Hold Time-----$200 (Total, divided by other holders)
Artifact Score Bonus---$100
Major Win--------------$300 ($2000 total) Capture or defend the artifact
Minor Win--------------$100 ($1800 total) Kill everbody

While stating facts isn't exactly original writing, I still feel it 
appropriate to provide credit for researching this. Thanks to the dudes at (Count Duckula and jnv123).

-Automated Reports-
Auto reports are good because they sum everything up for you and provide a
visual identification of where you're talking about. Usually. Sometimes it's
in a generalized zone and sucks.

D-Up: Report sights
 Call clear or identifies visible enemies. Very useful and should the the most
common one you use.

D-Right: Move to location
 Rarely used but provides a location so you can use it to rally party members.

D-Left: Call for backup, sights.
 Don't forget it. Nobody's going to help if they don't know you need it.

--Preset Builds--                                                       [BILD]
Oh how I adore reading up on other people's build plans in guides. If you do
too, feel free to read this section where I provide as many as I can. The
listed order is the suggested buy order but no specific template is perfect 
for every situation so make your own decisions.

A dwarf build with focus on all the held magic you don't usually use. I find
it works quite nicely considering the fact that I'm usually terrible as a 
dwarf. Chances are you'll be the only one throwing down Strangle but your team
will usually appreciate well placed extra cover.
Race   : Dwarf
   Tree of Life

This is a partial build I like to use. Plays a supporting scout role. You pick
at foes from afar with the pistol and Teleport with a shotgun for defense.
Great at taking down rival elves.
Race   : Elf

The standard Troll build is the Tank. Remember that while competitive thought
dictates a good method, it's not strictly the best.
Race   : Troll
 Tree of Life
  Wired Reflexes, Shotgun/Katana
    Anti-Magic Generators, Minigun

-Street Samurai--------------------
This is a build that focuses almost entirely on katana use and quick casting.
It's designed to maximize your chances of killing a dude and avoiding death.
Race   : Human
 Wired Reflexes
  Enhanced Vision, Katana
    Tree of Life

This build focuses on pushing the enemy before they're ready. Early minigun
will catch the other guys off guard with their pistols.
Race   : Dwarf
 Wired Reflexes
   Tree of Life
    Teleport, Sniper Rifle/Rifle

--Achievement Guide--
-Chapter 1 Training-
 Complete training #1
This should be one of the first achievements you get and you're a crazy little
noob if you fail to do this. Learn zee game!

-Chapter 2 Training-
 Complete training #2
This should be one of the first achievements you get and you're a crazy little
noob if you fail to do this. Learn zee game!

-Chapter 3 Training-
 Complete training #3
This should be one of the first achievements you get and you're a crazy little
noob if you fail to do this. Learn zee game!

-Chapter 4 Training-
 Complete training #4
This should be one of the first achievements you get and you're a crazy little
noob if you fail to do this. Learn zee game!

-Chapter 5 Training-
 Complete training #5
This should be one of the first achievements you get and you're a crazy little
noob if you fail to do this. Learn zee game!

-Chapter 6 Training-
 Complete training #6
This should be one of the first achievements you get and you're a crazy little
noob if you fail to do this. Learn zee game!

-That's One Frustrated Sniper-
 Block ten sniper rounds with Wired Reflexes.
Get a katana and look at snipers. You'll block every shot easily with Wired. 
You can also try blocking friendly snipes.

-Brother From Another Mother-
 Perform a cross-platform Ressurection.
99% impossible. Nobody on PC plays this game. You can identify them through
the recent players list and hunt them down mercilessly.

-Mine Is The Superior Platform-
 Kill 100 players on the opposite platform.
99.99% impossible. Nobody on PC plays this game. You can identify them through
the recent players list and hunt them down mercilessly.

 Play medic and heal a crazy amount of ally health in one round.
Apparently this is a difficult achievement. I never noticed. Follow friendlies
around, dropping as many trees in accessable locations as you can. Enhanced
Vision can help you locate them. You'll probably need to be getting your ass
beat or have everyone consciously not use Tree of Life. Also, friendly fire
doesn't count.

 Take the Artifact from start to finish without dropping it.
Not too difficult for a sneaky fellow. Just remember that you can't lose it.

 Kill ten enemies in a row without dying.
Ooh. Tough one. Kill at least ten non-rezzed players during a match without
going down before hitting that limit. Best chance is to run into some crappy
players and be super careful with taking damage. You don't have to kill all of
them in one round, though - you can do this throughout the match just so long
as you don't die.

 Play a public match while in a party with players on both platforms.
99.9% impossible. You have to actively identify the one poor sap who owns this
game on his gaming computer and get him in your party prior to starting a 

-Elf Player-
 Grind achievement. Participate in 100 matches as an elf.
Figure out how they work and play it through.

-Dwarf Player-
 Grind achievement. Participate in 100 matches as a dwarf.
Figure out how they work and play it through.

-Troll Player-
 Grind achievement. Participate in 100 matches as a troll.
Figure out how they work and play it through.

-Human Player-
 Grind achievement. Participate in 100 matches as a human.
Figure out how they work and play it through.

-Heavy Smoker-
 Spend an hour total in Smoke.
An interesting achievement. Instead of grinding, you can actually further this
by remaining in Smoke as much as possible. Dwarf is recommended for the amount
of time you can stay in.

 Grind achievement. Obtain 100 kills with Minions.
This is a tough one. Minion's not so great at living to kill somebody. The
best targets are slow trolls - force them to engage you instead.

 Grind achievement. Teleport 100 times.
Don't even bother trying to get this achievement - it'll happen on its own.

 Kill 5 enemies with Gust.
Smokers are great targets for this but you can still manage with vertical maps
or even a REALLY weak player.

 Grind achievement. Rez 100 allies.
See Teleporter...

-Target Lock-
 Grind achievement. Kill 100 enemies with Smartlink on.
So yeah... just turn it on.

 Grind achievement. Kill 100 trolls.
Remember that essence drain is the key to crippling these foes.

-Elf Bane-
 Grind achievement. Kill 100 elves.
I'm fond of using a shotgun to utterly destroy them but really anything works
against the useless masses of elf drones.

-Dwarf Scourge-
 Grind achievement. Kill 100 dwarves.
Dwarves are very poor direct combatants. Just hit 'em hard.

-Street Samurai-
 Grind achievement. Kill 100 enemies with the katana.
Don't forget to play ninja and jump targets.

 Grind achievement. Kill 100 enemies with the pistol.
Adjust your rate of fire to range and aim for the head.

-Lead Hose-
 Grind achievement. Kill 100 enemies with the minigun.
No difficulty here.

-Tatter Tatter-
 Grind achievement. Kill 100 enemies with the rifle.
Aim for the head and crouch.

 Grind achievement. Kill 100 enemies with the sniper rifle.
What is there to know? Snipe people! That's it! Kill them and shoot them in
the head. They killed your family, their axes are on fire, shoot 'em in the

 Grind achievement. Kill 100 enemies with the shotgun.
I don't even... It's a shotgun. Point blank everyone.

-Special Delivery-
 Grind achievement. Ease tensions with 100 enemies with exploding easter eggs.
Throw them at people. Achievement unlocked.

-Master Blaster-
 Grind achievement. Kill one hundred enemies with the rocket launcher.
Finally, some contest. Ask for spare funds and load up. Try to keep to high
ground and pick your shots carefully.

-100 Wins-
 Grind achievement. Earn 100 gamerpoints by playing the video game.
Don't even ask me how to win 100 times.

 Win a public match for each race.
You won't have a clue what you're doing, but at least you get an early one.

 Win a public match on each map.
Make sure you don't restrict your map selection in Preferences. Small maps are
not required.

-3 for the Price of 1-
 Kill three dumb dudes with one fragmented boom.
Best chances of this are at the start of a round, like in Temple.

-Zombie Scores!-
 Score the Artifact while suffering from a Rez bleedout.
A rare occurence, since you probably wont even bother with the Artifact. It's
very possible to run into this situation, especially if you find some way to
encourage your master to die just before you score.

 Have five times as much damage as your kills.
I've actually had situations where I could reunlock this. Just run around and
play support by anklebiting everyone with SMG fire.

-That Was Close-
 Kill the Artifact within a short distance from the delivery point and win.
No problem. It'll happen on accident and be really scary. Just cover that drop
with a vengence.

-Small World-
 Play a public match with somebody on another platform.
90% impossible. You could randomly run across somebody.

-Master Thief-
 Capture the artifact without taking damage while 4 players are near the zone.
This takes some skill and blind enemies. If you can identify their locations,
go in from one direction and have the remainder of your team distract them
with fire from the other way.

-You're Coming With Me-
 Kill your killer from the grave.
Desperate frag grenades are you best bet for this, though a katana bleedout
can also work.

-Master Ninja-
 Bleed out 100 enemies.
Rez bleeds work, but you have no idea they're yours. Best method is a katana
slice followed by some life draining whacks.

-Triple Rez!-
 Rez three people in one cast.
Difficult, but it's only a matter of time before you find three bodies within 
Gusting distance to raise and let loose a triumphant "HELL YES!"
Great achievement.

-Shadowrun Fever-
 Become host to the digital, veneral plague.
Just hump a dead guy. The majority of the population is saturated with this
internet AIDS so the first person you assail will most certainly provide you
the achievement.

-Master Gardener-
 Kill 5 enemies with Strangle.
Most boosted achievement ever. Trap somebody with Strangle and recast it to
repair drained crystals. A few death encouraging shots also help.

-Winning Streak-
 Win 10 consecutive rounds.
You can do this at erratic times, but you can't lose any of them. Quitting
may or may not avoid loss.

 Kill every player on the enemy team of six or more without taking any damage
of any kind. Rezzers don't count.
Oh, you thought this game was all grind achievements? Welcome to Impossible
Land, missy. The only feasable way to do this is become a sniping GOD and
headshot everyone at the start of the round or maybe nuke them all with 
rockets. And you have to be the one to kill everyone. You are not going to get

--Legal Garbage--
You are free to take and modify this guide to your liking. Seriously, I don't
care; it's all information and tips. Credit would be nice, but what are the
chances of you doing that, eh?