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Follow the dark path or use the light
Sensible World Of Soccer Pack Shot

Sensible World Of Soccer



by Styrof0am

                               A GUIDE TO

       .d8888. d88888b d8b   db .d8888. d888888b d8888b. db      d88888b
       88'  YP 88'     888o  88 88'  YP   `88'   88  `8D 88      88'
       `8bo.   88ooooo 88V8o 88 `8bo.      88    88oooY' 88      88ooooo
         `Y8b. 88~~~~~ 88 V8o88   `Y8b.    88    88~~~b. 88      88~~~~~
       db   8D 88.     88  V888 db   8D   .88.   88   8D 88booo. 88.
       `8888Y' Y88888P VP   V8P `8888Y' Y888888P Y8888P' Y88888P Y88888P

     db   d8b   db  .d88b.  d8888b. db      d8888b.       .d88b.  d88888b
     88   I8I   88 .8P  Y8. 88  `8D 88      88  `8D      .8P  Y8. 88'
     88   I8I   88 88    88 88oobY' 88      88   88      88    88 88ooo
     Y8   I8I   88 88    88 88`8b   88      88   88      88    88 88~~~
     `8b d8'8b d8' `8b  d8' 88 `88. 88booo. 88  .8D      `8b  d8' 88
      `8b8' `8d8'   `Y88P'  88   YD Y88888P Y8888D'       `Y88P'  YP

               .d8888.  .d88b.   .o88b.  .o88b. d88888b d8888b.
               88'  YP .8P  Y8. d8P  Y8 d8P  Y8 88'     88  `8D
               `8bo.   88    88 8P      8P      88ooooo 88oobY'
                 `Y8b. 88    88 8b      8b      88~~~~~ 88`8b
               db   8D `8b  d8' Y8b  d8 Y8b  d8 88.     88 `88.
               `8888Y'  `Y88P'   `Y88P'  `Y88P' Y88888P 88   YD

                         Xbox Live Arcade Edition

                          v1.00 - Jan. 26th - 2008


Use CTRL+F and copy in the string in brackets [...] to go to that section.

   INTRO .......................... [swintro]
   LEGAL INFO ..................... [swlegal]
   CONTROLS ........................ [swctrl]
   HOW TO SCORE ................... [swscore]
   DEFENDING ........................ [swdef]
   FIRST GAME ..................... [swfirst]
   CAREER ........................ [swcareer]
   SKILLS ......................... [swskill]
   FORMATION & TACTICS .............. [swtac]
   TEAM SELECTION .................. [swteam]
   INJURIES ...................... [swinjury]
   BUYING / SELLING PLAYERS ....... [swtrade]
   GENERAL ADVICE ................ [swadvice]
   HISTORY OF SWOS ................. [swhist]
   WHAT IS SWOS? ................... [swwhat]
   WHAT IS SWOS ON XBLA? ........... [swxbla]
   NAMES .......................... [swnames]
   FAQ .............................. [swfaq]
   BUGS & FLAWS .................... [swbugs]
   MISCALLENEOUS ................... [swmisc]
   WEBSITES ....................... [swsites]
   CONTACT ...................... [swcontact]
   CREDITS ....................... [swcredit]

      INTRO - [swintro]

This guide will focus on the gameplay and career mode. That being said, most of 
this also applies to the rest of the game. Setting up your team, making subs,
scoring goals etc.

Some of the more obvious info in this guide (eg. controls, selling/buying
players, setting up a game) can also be found from the in-game help.
It is assumed you can navigate the menus (not know them by heart).

If you're finding it hard to score goals, or even get to the opponents half,
then this guide is also for you.

      LEGAL INFO - [swlegal]

This document © 2008 Nicolai Ingemansen
This guide may not be reproduced, sold or copied in any way, shape or form
without my expressed written permission, unless it's strictly for personal use.

Websites allowed to host this guide:

Xbox Live and Xbox Live Arcade are © Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved
Sensible World of Soccer is © 2006 The Codemasters Software Company Limited
("Codemasters"). All rights reserved. "Codemasters"® and "Sensible"® are
registered trademarks owned by Codemasters

      CONTROLS - [swctrl]

Left stick / D-Pad -> controls player with a number above his head.
Right stick -> zoom in/out, click to reset.

RB -> Bench (press again to hide bench)

Start -> pausemenu from which you can quit or alter settings
Select -> Show replay of the last 5 seconds

Y -> Stats from current game (when the ball is out of play, or held by

B -> Record last 5 seconds

A -> tackling
A -> Heading (time it right and this can be a devastating weapon)
A -> passing
A -> shooting (only when inside the penalty box)

A hold -> shooting (works great both inside and outside the box)
A hold -> long pass

In combination with any of these you can choose a direction with the left
stick/d-pad for various effects (usually sending the ball or player in that

A few examples.

Making a clearance.
Your Right Back (RB) has the ball running upwards.
Press and hold A and immediately pull back on the stick/d-pad.
If he was running downwards, you'd have to pull up on the stick/d-pad.
Running at an angle, just pull the stick/d-pad opposite your direction
immediately after holding A

Applying aftertouch.
This works for both shooting and passing.
Shoot and immediately move the stick/d-pad in a 45-90 degree angle from your
shot direction.

                           o o
              Like this:   |/__o

That's the left stick being moved in a clockwise motion in case you were

In this example your shot will swerve to the right (if your running upwards)

      HOW TO SCORE - [swscore]

A lot of people seem to have difficulties scoring goals in SWOS, and yes it is
harder than in earlier iterations, but certainly nowhere near impossible.

A skilled player can score from any conceivable angle. Of course the better the 
controlled player is, the better is the chance of an actual goal. Don't expect
Aksel Hojgaard from B68 (Faroe Isles) to outmaneuver Manchester United's
defense, and then score with a curling screamer from the touchline.

The slightly less than skilled players, can try and score from one of the sweet
spots. None of these methods are a surefire way to score a goal, but a player
with just a 3 in Finishing or Velocity, has a high probability of putting the
ball in the net (see skills & value fr details).

The 45 degree method:

Starting outside the penalty box run towards goal at an 45 degree angle. Try
to enter the box to either side of the arch. Aim you shot towards the furthest
corner, when in position, press and hold A (with practice you'll learn to
apply aftertouch as well, further increasing you chances of a goal).
If your players has V, shoot from OUTSIDE the box. If he has F shoot from
INSIDE the box.

           P -> Player                          P
           Sv -> Shoot (V)     __________     Sv
           Sf -> Shoot (F)    /          \   /
               |                           /             |
               |                          Sf             |
               |                   .     /               |
               |                        /                |
               |         ______________/_______          |
               |        |             /        |         |
               |        |            /         |         |
               |        |           /          |         |
                             €    /       €
                             €            €

Straight run method:

This is essentially the same as the 45 degree angle method, only you're running
towards goal from a different angle.
Line up your run with one of the goalposts, but make sure a straight shot will
be inside the goal frame.

Again, depending on Finishing or Velocity take your shot, of course this has a
higher probability of being saved unless you add some aftertouch.

You can curl your shot slightly out towards the goal post, or all the way to
the furthest goal post. The last one has a big chance of going in.

           P -> Player                      P
           Sv -> Shot (V)       ___________ Sv
           Sf -> Shot (F)      /           \|
               |                            |              |
               |                            |              |
               |                     .      Sf             |
               |                            |              |
               |          __________________|____          |
               |         |                  |    |         |
               |         |                  |    |         |
               |         |                  |    |         |
                              €             |€
                              €              €

Ascii really isn't good at displaying footie tactics, so I've also made a .jpg
demonstrating both the straight and the 45 degree shots.

It can be viewed here:  (38kb)  (38kb)


Penalty, much like real football, is a 100% chance of a goal, but using it as a
strategy is far from recommendable. You could go dribbling in the penalty area
until a defender grinds your face into the pitch, at which point you'll have
to hope for two things.
1: You're actually awarded a penalty
2: You striker isn't injured

During your time with SWOS, you will eventually be given a chance to score from
the spot, and then what?
Easy. To score from the spot, you need to fake out the keeper. You do this by
holding the stick towards one of the top corners, quickly shift to the opposite 
top corner and press A. This should net a goal 95% of the time, even with a
poor striker.

In time you'll find out that what I've mentioned here are just the basic ways
of scoring a goal. SWOS, eventually you put in goals from the halfway line
(basically just a long diagonal pass), slide them in right at the post with
your second striker or even start lobbing balls into the box for some sublime
headers. Only way to learn these is by experimenting.

      DEFENDING - [swdef]

Of course scoring lots of goals will get you well on your way to victory, but
it won't do you much good if your defense isn't up to the task, and  let's the
opponent walk right through. Your 2 most important skills when defending are
tackling and heading.

As a newcomer you'll most likely be sliding in tackles left and right. Bad
idea. If you miss the tackle, you'll a considerably amount of time lying on the
grass, while your opponents runs for a goalscoring opportunity. If you timed it
right, there's a chance you give away a freekick, plus you might get carded. No
matter which league you're in the AI is deadly on freekicks (unless you know
how to head).

Best way to tackle is to run your (hopefully fast) player into the opponent
without pressing any buttons. If he's tackling stat is high enough he'll get
the ball, and can pass it on. Of course in the major leagues all your opponents
have high control stats, which make it hard to get the ball from them, but keep
trying, and only as a last resort should you use a sliding tackle.
If you decide to go the sliding tackle way, and time it right (ie. you only hit
the ball), then remember you can push the stick in any direction, and steer the
ball that way. This comes in very handy if you're hard pressed.

Heading. This might seem difficult at first ... and it is. It's all about
timing. A rightly timed header can score from midfiled (admitted on icy ptices
only), and it can ruin any AI attack, especially from a corner or freekick.
Practice, practice, practice.
The best SWOS players around actually use this as an attacking strategy.
They'll bounce the ball from head to head until it's in the goal. Only
effective defense is heading. Sure a sliding tackle may ground a player, but
he'll just get a freekick, and you're back to square one. The good players may
not be able to do this, but they will score with a header from most corner- and
freekicks, and let's not forget the long diagonal pass from the halfway line
ending with the SWOS trademark; the diving header.

      FIRST GAME - [swfirst]

So, now you know how to control players and even score goals ... in theory.
Time to put that theory to the test. Best way to do that is by choosing
friendly. Go to Countries and pick Brazil, set Fiji (you'll find them in
Oceania) as your opponent. If you're a complete newbie, you can choose normal
in Pitch, but I advise against this, since you'll eventually have to play all

First thing you'll see is the team selection screen. There's a ton of info and
options here. Notice the stars to the right of each player name. The more stars
the better the player is (5 big stars is max). In the career part of the game,
these stars are replaced with monetary values (£). Don't worry about all that
info, we'll go in-depth on it later in this guide, for now we just wanna learn
how to score.

The skill difference between Brazil and Fiji, should ensure you a lot of room
to try things out. Do the simple stuff first. Go for the 45 degree shots
until you find the best spots to execute them. Since you're playing with
Brazil, you don't have to worry about being inside or outside the penalty box.

Take your time. Play 10-15-20 matches, however many it may take for you to get
comfortable with the game. Try different playstyles, Mix it up. Shoot from the
halfway line, pass the ball from player to player (think of a pinball table),
make looong diagonal passes to your strikers. Only your imagination sets the
limit. Whatever you do NEVER EVER dribble. Wait, let me repeat that; NEVER EVER
dribble or just run the ball up the field. Sure, your brazilian superstars will 
run from the Fiji players with ease, but dribbling from the get-go will just
lead to some bad playing habits, that will not work once you move on to evenly
matched teams. When you get good at SWOS, you can start dribbling, until then
focus on learning your players positions on the field, and which passes work

If you decided to dribble anyway, chances are some of you're players have
already been sliced and diced. If you notice a player lying on the pitch crying
his eyes out, he is injured. When the ball is out of play (incl. held by GK),
press RB to bring up your bench, hit A to get a list of players in the game.
Those with a cross to the right of their name are injured, if it's a blinking
cross it's a serious injury. Make the appropriate substitutions, by moving the
yellow arrow over your benched players. The highlighted players name and
position is at the top, now highlight your injured player and press A once.
Wait for the sub, and press RB to get back in the game.
In career these injuries can make or break your season (see Injuries).

If you're ready, let's move on to your first career.

      CAREER - [swcareer]

Career is a 20 season ... erh ... career. You can manage any club team,
anywhere in the world. You'll have to earn an offer to manage a national team.
I strongly suggest you start in a slow division like Fiji, Faroe Isles or
El Salvador (4th div) ... well unless you like losing a lot. You're now up
against evenly matched teams, which means opponents will come after you like
little heatseeking missiles. Another advantage of starting in a low division is
that you can upgrade our team for very little money. Most english 3rd division
players will be superstars on Faroe Isles, but not many of them will cost more
than £150k.

Well, now you've accepted to manage your team, and after reading the welcome
note, you're looking at the Career main menu. I'll go in-depth with some of the
options later on, for now press Play Match. Here's the league table, from here
you can choose to watch all matches, view results only or just go ahead and
play your own match, which will bring you to your team selection screen. This
is identical to the one you saw when playing BRA vs FIJ, except the stars are
gone. Instead there are now monetary values next to each player.
The better a players skills are, the higher his value.

      SKILLS - [swskill]

Skills are the 3 letters to the right of each players name, every player in
the game has these 3 letters (excpet goalkeepers). This doesn't mean that a
player will only have 3 skills, the top players excell in pretty much all
areas, and the cheapest will only be average in 1.
Before we continue, here are the skills and their corresponding letter:

   P - Passing > Precision and speed of passes

   V - Velocity > Shot power from OUTSIDE the penalty box

   H - Heading > Precision and power of header

   T - Tackling

   C - Control > Ability to dribble or turn with the ball

   S - Speed

   F - Finishing > Precision and speed o hots INSIDE the penalty box

Goalkeepers don't have any of these skills, they have only one: Goalkeeping,
which means, the more expensive a GK is, the more skilled he is.

Now that you know this, we can continue out little talk about value and skills.
A striker worth £150k and with HFS, may have 5H - 2F - 1S (and 1s or 0s in all
other areas), whereas a £800 could mean 7H - 7F - 5S (and 1s and 2s in the
rest). So be carefull when throwing money after a potential superplayer, he may
not be so super after all ... Which is where the SWOS database comes in handy
(check links section below).

You may notice during a season that a player's value rises, or more likely
drops, that doesn't mean his skills rise or fall too. So if you buy a £2m
player and he drops to £750k, that just means he'll be less of a strain on your
budget. If you buy a £180k players and he rises to £800k, then SELL SELL SELL!!
That's money for nothing, because you can easily get a better replacement, and
still have money in the bank.

Depending on your formation or custom tactic your player's skills will rise or
drop. A big red X at the top means value will drop, and a big green V, means
it'll rise (don't confuse this with individual X's and V's).

If you want to boost your teams value (to make money), I suggest you use
Playaveli's Value-Up tactic.
Get SWOS PC from, download the tactic file from here:
Unzip and put it in your SWOS PC folder
Go to the tactics editor and load it up.
Take some screenshots and use those to recreate it on XB360

Set this tactic as your default (pick it once before a match). Before kick-off
go to your bench and choose any 4-4-2 based formation, and you'll play with
that, but still get the value up bonus.

Note! Players values won't skyrocket right away, it comes over time, especially
for lower league teams.

      FORMATION & TACTICS - [swtac]

Before choosing what players to put where, you need to choose a formation.
You can either make your own and save it, or choose a preset one. The 2 most
newcomer friendly formations are 4-42 and 3-5-2. Both can accomodate any

When your skill level rises, then it's time to experiment, and not just with
the standard formations. You'll have to get your hands dirty in the tactics-
editor. Swap, replace, move it's all good, as long as you remember to do all
that for all possible ball positions. Yup, you'll have to select the ball and
move it to a new position on the pitch, and then set up your team according
to that position. Tedious? Yes. Rewarding, YES. The more green ticks you get
the more your players values will rise (of course so will your expenses, but
who cares when you're in premier division?).
If you don't feel like fiddling around too much with the tactics editor in
search of those elusive green ticks, then scroll up a bit, and read the skill
section of this guide.

      TEAM SELECTION - [swteam]

The following positions are in the game.

GK -> Goalkeeper

LB -> Left Back
RB -> Right Back
D -> Defender

LW - > Left Wing
RW -> Right Wing
M -> Midfielder

A -> Attacker (striker)

If you're playing a friendly game, you won't have to spend much time on the
team selection screen. Usually the best playres are in the starting 11.
Going through a tournament, cup, season or career it's a different matter.
Players will get injuries or bans, even your star players, at which point you
will have to decide, who should be on the team instead.

To swap players hit A to turn their name orange, highlight the player you want
to swap with and hit A again. Same thing when substituting a player. Highlight
> press A, highlight benched player > press A

If a player is injured or banned his name will be highlighted in red, and if he
is currently in the starting 11 or the subs section, the Play Maych button will
be gone. Make substitutions until you're satisfied or the Play Match button is

Some times several of your players will be out (red highlight), and even if you
make all the substitutions you can, the Play Match button is still nowhere to
be seen. Tough luck?? Nah, go to the bottom player, highlight his head and
press A. This way you can cycle through your entire squad, making subs as you
please. No matter what happens you will never run out of players. You can have
all 16 players injured and still send a team on the pitch, albeit not a very
good one since it'll consist of reserves, trialists and loaned players.

I always put in a sub for each chain on the field. 1 Def, 1 Mid 1, Att. I never 
put a goalkeeper on my bench, even if you GK is injured (very rarely happens
you can always put a field player between the poles.

      INJURIES - [swinjury]

Football is a contact sport, so injuries are inevitable. Even the best SWOS
players in the world will suffer injuries from time to time. All it takes is
one solid sliding tackle and your starplayer could be out for the season.
That's why reserves players are important. Not the one supplied by the game,
but the ones you pick for the team. I like to play 4-4-2, so I usually get:
1 RB, 1 LB, 6 Defs, 1 LW, 1 RW, 6-7 mids, 4-5 strikers.
This way my team won't suffer because I have to put in sub-par players.

On to the injuries.
During a match you may notice some of you players losing speed or becoming
like spoiled brats, lying on the pitch kicking and screaming. That means they
injured. Bring up your bench and look down the list of names.
Any player with a cross next to his name is injured, which means he'll loose
speed and spend more time lying down after a tackle.
If the cross is blinking, it's a serious injury, which may also affect other
skills. Wise move would of course be to substitute him.

After the match take a look at your squad to review the damage. Look at your
players' faces.

Bandage -> Knock. He can still play, but speed is more than likely affected.
This condition can last for several matches.

Red Cross + number -> Injury. The no. tells you when he'll be ready again. Some
times he'll still be suffering from a knock when he returns.

Red Cross + ? = Serious Injury. It is unknown when the player is ready to play
again. This condition can last from 2 matches till the end of the season.

Black Cross -> Player is out for the rest of the season. Sorry, hope it wasn't
you newly purchases £6m striker.

At the start of a season all players are completely free of injuries. Even if a
player suffers a 4 day injury in the last match of the season, that injury
won't carry over to the next season.
As mentioned earlier you'll never run out of players. Your entire squad can be
injured, and you'll still have players to put on the team. SWOS auto supplies
you with loaned players.

      BUYING / SELLING PLAYERS - [swtrade]

A big part of the career mode is of course buying and selling players. Just go
to Transfer for all your spending needs.

You've got a few choices here.

Domestic transfer market.
These players have all been listed as fo sale by their clubs, and you can
expect to pay what the pricetag says. Sometimes more and sometimes less, but
not much.
Pick a category of player you're looking for and select a specific skill if
needed. Keep in mind, that a £150k player with S may not necessarily be
lightning fast (look in skills section for more detail).

Foreign Transfer market.
Same as above but with players from abroad only.

Buy other domestic player.
Look at any club squad and make your pick and place a bid. These players are
obviously not listed as for sale, so be prepared to get a rejection or pay
double what a player is worth.

Buy other foreign player.
Same as above.

Set Player for sale.
Takes you to your squad, highlight any player you wish to sell and press A.
When youøre done making your selections, just press Exit, and the players you
picked are listed as For sale.

Buying players.
Find the player you want, highlight and press A. The bid starts at what the
player is worth, unless you don't have enough money, in which case all you
money will be thrown on the table. If you have money you can increase your bid
by highlighting the sum of money, hold in A and push up on the control stick to
increase your offer. To decrease pull down. The little + takes you to your
squad, so you can offer a player instead of money, or as a supplement to your

Don't grossly underbid. You can end up on a club's blacklist, which means they
won't take any more offers on that player from you.

Selling players.
If the Transfer button is blinking, you have an offer on a player, not
necessarily one you listed. Look at the offer and if it's good, sell. If not,
demand more money. Some clubs will reach really deep in their pockets, but
don't get greedy, they can just as soon retract their offer.

General advice:
Use the value-Up tactic to make lots of money on crappy players (see further
When in doubt, visit one of the www databases to find good players (see links

      GENERAL ADVICE - [swadvice]

Get speedy players on all positions. This will make thing much, much easier for
you. You can find lightning fast strikers for a £100k easily, perfect for your

Put them to the test. They ar far between, but sometimes you'll actually get a
good player for free. If not, you can always try to sell him, free money.

If in doubt about a certain player, or if you just want to see how someone
performs, use the observation option.
Bring up your bench. Highlight the player and press A twice. If you did it
right, his face wil be flashing and a diamond will be blinking over his head.
Now you can even see how he perform without holding on to the ball.

On the dashboard go to profile settings. Here you can adjust controller
sensitivity. You can also adjust difficulty, but that doesn't seem to have any
effect on SWOS.

      HISTORY OF SWOS - [swhist]

This is the ultra short SWOS story. There's been a truckload of Sensible Soccer
related releases over the years, and listing them all would require at FAQ.

First Release:
Sensible Soccer v1.0 was released in 1992 on Amiga. Developed by Sensible
Software and published by Renegade.

The first Sensible World of Soccer was released in 1994. This included major
tweaks to the game engine, hugely expanded database and an integrated manager
1994 also saw the release of Sensible Soccer v1.2

Sensible World of Soccer 96/97, which the XB360 version is based on (as far as
game engine is concerned) was released in 1996, and was the last official
SWOS game released ... well Until now.

      WHAT IS SWOS? - [swwhat]

SWOS is a pick-up and play football game. One button ... Yes ONE!! gives you
all the options you need on the pitch. Even my grandma can figure out how to
play this game in one short sitting.
This may seem overly simplistic to some people, and therfor put them off.
That's their loss, because if you stick with SWOS you'll soon learn that it is
anything but simplistic. Soon you'll find depths in gameplay other football
games can only dream of.

Sure, one button for all actions (passing, tackling, heading, shooting etc.)
may seem awkward, but trust me it isn't. The days of 3 button combos just to
make an (AI assisted) 1-2 combination are over.
Thru' passes? No problem.
Kick'n'Rush? Sure if you want to.
Passing game? Yup

And let's not forget the number of leagues and players at your disposal.
1400+ Clubs, 25000+ players and more leagues and cups than you can throw a
stick at. The 20 season player/manager career is just the tip of the iceberg.
Try fiddling with custom tactics to make it suit your play style.

      WHAT IS SWOS ON XBLA? - [swxbla]

SWOS on XBLA is the original SWOS 96/97 nicely wrapped in a proprietary Amiga
emulator with added SWOS PC audio (no commentary) and updated graphics.
Unlike it's predecessors this new version has spoofed names due to lack of

SWOS is the first Xbox Live Arcade game to feature online ads. Massive Inc
(owned by Microsoft) has supplied the code to enable banner ads. At the moment
thse are ads for various Xbox related magazines and websites.
The banners don't distract from the game experience. It doesn't seem like we
can expect rolling banners either (which would be a serious distraction).

It was released dec 19th - 2007, but was pulled back within an hour due to
online bugs. Apparently people got signed out of XB Live, when trying to use
any of SWOS' online features. Also some graphic bugs were reported in the
offline modes.
It was Re-released two days later on dec 21st, with some online bugs still
present (see bugs section).

      NAMES - [swnames]

So what is up with the names. Simple. A license to use actual club, cups,
tournaments and players names cost the same is a middle sized jetfighter ...
You get the idea. So Codemasters had to jumble the names to avoid a lawsuit.
Some clubs have retained their names, or at least close to, that's because city
names can't be licensed. Liverpool FC has become Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur
is now Tottenham etc.

In the original Sensible Soccer and SWOS games all players and clubs had their
original names, of course this was before FIFPro et al discovered they could
make even more money on licensing names. That's logical, because as we all know
there's only one Smith playing football in england (he plays in Oxford ... oh
wait, no he's in Scunthorpe) *sigh*

If you want to decipher the names yourself, here's the key:

A -> E
E -> A
I -> U
O -> I
U -> O

Example: Sutter -> Sottar or Laudrup -> Leodrop

Oh, and first name starting letters have been changed too. I have no idea why
that was necessary.

      FAQ - [swfaq]

Why does El Salvador have 4 leagues?

For fun it seems.
If you lose in the sensible world of moon soccer demo the manager fires you and
says "maybe you'd be better managing Once Lobos in El Salvador division 3?"

What's up with the superfast AI?

The AI can't develop it's game or adapt to your playstyle, so the Sensible lads
had to do something to keep their fanbase interested, so they allowed the AI to
So they get a speedboost when chasing you, their players aren't affected by
injuries and they can't be shown the red card.

      BUGS & FLAWS - [swbugs]

This is a list of bugs and flaws found by the nice people over a the official
Codemaster's Messageboard. A hearty thanks to everyone who contributed.

> Headers and tackles are slightly delayed in online, making it difficult at
  best to use airplay

> Random crashes in onnline when changing players positions

> There is a thin line of mottled green about 2px wide down the left hand side
  of the original graphics area, this seems to be the edge of the screen border
  from enhanced" graphics mode

> Online is laggy, choppy and often disconnects (could be Live acting up)

> Game can crash online when you make subs or formation changes

> There is a strange pixel shimmer like it is in the wrong resolution and
  trying to scale the graphics. It's worse if you change the zoom but still
  noticeable at standard zoom

> Refs beam in and out on some pitches. New gfx only

> Online team selection needs fixing. Team selections can be swapped, and host
  can just pick both teams

> No custom tactics are allowed in online matches

> It's not possible to skip replays in online mode (has happened randomly
  for some people)

> No way to deal with quitters (besides giving bad rep)

> The bench is almost invisible in online mode

> No option to play team up and play 2v2 in the single mode

> Scoreboard stayis onscreen for too long

> No edited edited teams online

> There is no equivalent to Esc on the original (quit match but not the entire

> No slow-motion replays

> No DIY tournament options in online play

> No quick rematch in online

> Friends leaderboard is back to front

> B-button should take you one screen back, of cancel selection

      MISCALLENEOUS - [swmisc]

This was the first XBLA game to use Massive Inc's netcode, which streams ads to

There are additional downloads available on XB Live;
10 pics - 150ms pts
Theme - 150ms pts

      WEBSITES - [swsites]

Official Site:
XBLA minisite:
Official forum:

Purple sensi:

Database 1: (Whiteulver)
Database 2: (Gareth GazChap Griffiths)

      CONTACT - [swcontact]

Only contact me if you have questions, additions or anything else usefull in
this guide, or if you wish to host this guide.

   swosfaq [at]

      CREDITS - [swcredit]


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