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Sensible World Of Soccer Pack Shot

Sensible World Of Soccer


Achievement Guide

by neeker


                      ---- SENSIBLE WORLD ----
                      ______        _____  ____  
                     / ___\ \      / / _ \/ ___| 
                     \___ \\ \ /\ / / | | \___ \ 
                      ___) |\ V  V /| |_| |___) |
                     |____/  \_/\_/  \___/|____/ 
                      ------ OF SOCCER -------

                 XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.02
                             By: neeker
                         Gamertag: neeker75


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1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  The Achievements
4.  Conclusion

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the 
username "neeker". 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:

Sensible World of Soccer (SWOS) is one of the hardest Xbox Live Arcade 
Games available. The game is super fast. Opponents close in on you 
really quickly. There's only one button for every action (pass, shoot, 
tackle, etc.). And the ball leaves your player's feet most of the times 
once you switch direction. So, doing achievements for this game should 
be very tough right? 

Well, not exactly. Despite its obvious shortfalls (@ "challenging 
elements of the game" according to some), SWOS provides some of the 
easiest-to-do achievements for an arcade game ever.

This guide will explain how you get them.


Description: Defeat a computer-controlled team in single player of 
local multiplayer

I don't know how you can defeat a computer-controlled team while 
playing local multiplayer, but it should be quite easy to play a 
single-player friendly game and win it. Simply choose to use a strong 
team (I recommend Brazil), and pit it against a minnow like Oman 
(Asia) or Solomon Islands (Oceania). 

Of course, you'd need to actually score a goal to win a game. A simple 
way to do so is to pass the ball ahead (forget about fanciful build-
ups, this game's all about being direct) to either of the front two. 
Dribble towards goal (easy if you're Brazil vs Solomon Islands) from 
an angle (about 45 degrees) either from the left or right. As you 
approach the outside of the penalty area, bend the analog stick towards 
the direction of goal and shoot (press A hard). This usually leads to 
a goal. 

If you're using Brazil as I suggested, their No. 9 can also change 
direction without losing the ball most of the time. Align his body to 
face the goal from an angle before shooting to ensure better success.

You may also want to refer to this URL for some basics for the game:

Description: Score 10 goals in any match type except local multi-
player over multiple matches

This doesn't mean scoring 10 goals in each game over multiple games. 
It's basically an accumulative achievement. For example, if you win 
2-0 for five consecutive games, you get it. If you win 10-0 in one 
game, you get it too. That's right, just add up the number of goals 
scored over a number of games. The achievement unlocks after the 
final whistle.

If you're using Brazil vs Soloman Islands on the default settings, 
you should get this after a few games of winning big.

Description: Score a goal using diving header

I read that this was supposed to be the most difficult achievement in 
this game, but it ended up as the very first one that I unlocked. 
I took a shot, and the keeper saved it. I followed up and my striker 
dive-headed the rebound in - my first ever goal scored in this game as 
well! I thought I was lucky... but I ended up scoring another one soon 
after. So, if all else fail, you may want to try this rebounding 

You can also play a local multiplayer game, and get your opponent to 
kick the ball out for corner kicks. Hold A to gain flight on the cross, 
and hope for the best as your striker connects. You can, of course, 
do this alone by simply slotting in a second controller and controlling 
both teams... 

Description: Complete a single player preset league as the best team

Go to Career mode and select a team from Asia -> India. Consider either 
Bengal or Calcutta Green. Choose to play as coach, and keep clicking 
"Next Match" and "View Results" to simulate the season. Bengal and 
Calcutta Green are the stronger teams in this very small league, and 
you should win the league after about five minutes of pressing the A 
button. Even if you don't, if you finish 2nd or 3rd, you'll still 
unlock the "Stay the Distance" achievement (see below). 

And, you can always start a new career to retry if you don't finish 

Note that some time into the season, there will be injured players 
halting your progress. You can't simulate a result when this happens.
To proceed, select the injured person, and move him to the bottom-most 
slot in the team sheet. 

Also, although rare, sometimes it happens that you get an injured player 
and a suspended player (red-carded in previous game) in the same team. 
You can't switch both of them into the bottom-most slot. Instead, 
choose to "Exit" from viewing the matches, and your board will inform 
you that a new trial player has joined. Go back to the team sheet and 
replace the odd player (either injured or suspended) with this new 
one to proceed.

Description: Complete a single player preset league in 1st, 2nd or 3rd

See "Champs" for details. 

I managed to get both achievements by "coaching" Calcutta Green to 
league victory, by the way. If only Rafa Benitez can be like me!

Description: Win an Xbox Live friendly match

One of the two obligatory online achievements in this game. Easily 
done if you can get a boost partner. When choosing the type of play, 
choose "Ranked Match", and then search for a quick match. You can view 
the gamercard of the player hosting the match, so you may want to send 
him a message on your intention to boost.

Once the match starts, get the other party to score an own goal from 
the onset, and then wait until the final whistle...

Description: Win by five or more goals in an Xbox Live ranked match

... or, get the other party to score five own goals, and then wait till 
the final whistle!

Remember to return the favor for both online achievements. To do so, 
get one party to create a match (a three-minute game is more than 
enough if you're doing the own goal method), and then get the other 
party to do a quick match search. The beauty of quick match is that 
both parties have to agree to play before the match begins, so the 
person who creates the match can choose his opponents.

Many thanks to igotmy9milli for helping with the both online 
achievements. I must add that he beat me 7-1 fair and square. It was I 
who begged him to help. :)

Description: Win a penalty shootout

Easily done by connecting a second controller, alone. Create a custom 
cup with only two teams and one leg. Turn extra-time off too to 
save time. Kick the ball only to start the match, and then stand there 
until the final whistle to go into a penalty shootout.

From here, angle your shots to the left or right before shooting hard 
to score the penalties for your team, and kick straight (hard) to miss 
for the other team. Another easy way to score penalties in a shoot-out 
is to aim central and tap A instead of shooting hard. Somehow, the AI 
keeper will do a spectacular full-length dive to either side to miss 
the ball completely.

IT IS NOW (15)
Description: Score the winning goal with 90 minutes on the clock or 
120 minutes if there's extra-time

Recycle the second controller trick , and stand there till half-time. 
During the second half, win the ball and dribble to just outside the 
penalty area, and stop. Wait until the 90th minute before doing the 
usual angle-shot into goal.

You can also take over the second controller and get a defender on 
the other team to score an own goal for this achievement. 

Description: Play a match without any of your players receiving a 

This is so easy, you should get it right after you first game. Simply 
avoid using tackles throughout the game. With Soloman Islands as an 
opponent, it's always likely that they lose possession without you 
tackling them. 

If you really can't do this, do the second controller thing and stand 
there until the final whistle to unlock this.

Description: Achieve an end of match possession rating of 75% or 

The right way: Play Brazil vs Solomon Islands (yawn), and pass the 
ball around. You may consider dribbling from left to right (or vice 
versa), pass forward, and repeat the dribbling process. Also, set the 
game to three minutes to make the exercise less tedious. May take some 
time before you can achieve 75% possession in a single match though, 
especially when opponents are chasing you like horny teenagers.

The easy way: Start a game. Pass the ball back towards your goalkeeper, 
and then score an own goal. You'll get the chance to kick-off, from 
which you can repeat the process. When the opponent kicks off (either 
they start the game or it's the start of the second half), win the ball 
ASAP and continue to score own goals. Yes, you may lose 20-0, but you 
should get over 90% possession this way.

Description: Defeat any team in single player by 10 goals or more

Set the game to 10 minutes. Again, it's Brazil vs Solomon Islands and 
a whole of patience as you attempt to score 10 goals. It took me three 
attempts before I could hit 10. On the other occasions, I ended with 
eight. In the game that I finally scored 10, it was only 5-0 on 70th 
minute. Thankfully I won every ball and scored from every attempt from 
then on.

As they said, it only takes a second to score a goal. :)

By the way, this achievement is for single player only, so the second 
controller trick doesn't work (damn!).

This concludes the guide. Do let know me if you spot any mistakes, or 
have a better/ faster way of doing certain achievements. 

I'd also like to take this opportunity to show my utter disgust with 
Gillette and Hicks at Liverpool FC. THEY MUST GO, PERIOD.


Version 1.00: Guide completed (12/28).
Version 1.02: Fixed some typos (2/5).

ASCII Generator (@

Copyright Lestor Wong 2007-2008.