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Follow the dark path or use the light
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Pack Shot

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


Temple Guardian FAQ

by OgesMC

Temple Guardian Guide 
Version 1.0
Copyright 2009 John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski.


[INT]	Introduction 
[DIS]	Disclaimer
[YOU]	Your Build
        -Available Class Skills
        -Available Class Combat Arts
[SBB]   Sample Builds (that work)
	-Deathly Spears/Fiery Ember build
	-Shopper (spears/ember)
	-Lost Fusion/Melee Build
	-Tri Tree Build

[VHS]   Version/History
[THX]	Thanks

[INT]	Introduction

This guide is for those interested in the Temple Guardian and will 
cover available skills, combat arts, and good combinations of each so 
as to set newcomers to the class in the right direction for a good, fun 
character class. It is written for the Xbox 360 version of the game and 
parts of the guide or it as a whole may or may not apply to the Play 
Station 3 and PC versions. The guide is solely my opinions based on my 
personal experience with Temple Guardians in game only, any opinions or 
discoveries of the class from any outside sources at all have been 
omitted from the guide entirely. The Temple Guardian is without a doubt 
the most difficult class to understand at first because he is a 
relatively weak character in the lower levels but careful planning and 
some common sense can turn him into a powerful killing machine. This is 
the third installation of my Sacred 2 character guides and as before I 
will not be explaining game mechanics and assume readers will know the 
difference between Combat Arts and Skills etc.

* The information in my Guide is based off of my Temple Guardians: 
levels 120, 84, 75, & 50 and also my long time knowledge of the game 
mechanics & play time/experience.

[DIS]	Disclaimer

This character guide is my own work, and has been created by me for use 
on For questions, comments, additions contact by 
email: [email protected] ,credit will be given for any additions 
or comments by you if they are integrated into the guide in any way, 
shape, or form.

[YOU]	Your Build

I've taken a very different approach to this Temple Guardian guide 
because of the uniqueness of his skill sets and the unusual usefulness 
that each has the potential to have if used correctly. Instead of 
listing my main Temple Guardian build & play style I am going to 
describe everything the class has at it's disposal and give insight on 
what works, what doesn't and the best combinations for builds. It might 
come off as a bit confusing but I will try to rate each ability and 
immediately inform the reader of junk skills or mods so they can be 
avoided from the get-go (with an explanation of course). I will also 
include 3 builds that work very well for the sake of readers looking 
for the best of the best (or don't have the time or want to create 
their own build) So read on, take note, and get ready to start a new 

Available Class Skills

*Please keep in mind that you cannot choose any secondary skills until 
you invest a minimum of 5 skill points into a primary skill of the same 
type. So to unlock Bargain & Devine Devotion for choosing you must have 
5 total points in either Riding, Blacksmith or Enhanced Perception.

A good rule of thumb for a strong build is to include (as your skill 
choices) at least:

Aspect skills from 2 different aspects (a full set of focus + lore at 
least for one of your aspects, if not both).
2 Defensive Skills
1 Weapon Skill 
1 Damage improving skill (combat discipline etc.

Aspect Skills


Devout Guardian Focus- Focus Skills decrease regeneration times for the 
entire aspect tree, raise maximum CA level without penalty, and allow 
for Combat Art Modification Points (also for the aspect). 

Lost Fusion Lore- Increases damage, critical hit chance & casting speed 
for the aspect. 

Source Warden Lore- Increases damage, critical hit chance & casting 
speed for the aspect. 


Lost Fusion Focus- Reduces Regeneration times for the entire aspect,
and allows for higher combat art levels without penalty.

Source Warden Focus- Reduces Regeneration times for the entire aspect,
and allows for higher combat art levels without penalty.

Combat Discipline- Increases damage and regeneration time for combat 
arts in combos, also allows 3 combat arts in a combo and at level 75 4 
combat arts in A single combo. This is a very powerful skill because 
despite the misleading description, Com bat discipline grants a damage 
boost to all combat arts whether or not they are in a combo. Not a 
skill to pass by, no matter what build you will use.

Concentration- Concentration is another important skill for a temple 
guardian because chances are you will want to use more than 1 buff at a 
time and concentration allows 2 when chosen and 3 at mastery. Also this 
skill lowers regeneration times for all combat arts, not bad.

General Skills


Riding- Riding is a very useless skill in that it increases bonuses 
from mounts such as horse combat art damage (rear up, charge etc.). 
Best to avoid this one at all costs and take a skill that improves your 
combat/survival ability instead.

Blacksmithing- Blacksmithing does not work on consoles at all. No parts 
of the skill work so DO NOT take this skill.

Enhanced Perception- Enhanced perception is rather good actually if you 
plan on taking bargaining, this is where your 5 primary points will go. 
EP increases the chance to find valuables giving you a better chance to 
score rares, uniques, sets. Also opens up the modifiers for EP on items 
which include +exp per kill and +chance to find valuables. So if you 
want a shopper TG, 5 points minimum will be going here.


Bargaining- Merchants offer better gear in shops. With high levels in 
this skill, you can find a whole list of rare (**) items for sale. 
Better quest rewards (or chance for?) with the 75 mastery. The merchant 
wares with a high bargaining can be impressive indeed with +skill 
rings, rare armor pieces with many good mods, high damage weapons that 
can rival unique stat wise, and more. Bargaining is the only available 
way to find the Light sabers by the way, so not only can you outfit all 
your other characters with cool gear you can give them purple, red, 
green, and blue light sabers!

Divine Devotion- Divine devotion increases greatly the benefits of your 
god power such as damage, duration, and cool down. This skill is not 
bad really, if you find a particular god power you would like to 
utilize more often or for certain instances (testa for bosses etc.). 
The problem with DD is that a Temple Guardian can cover what each god 
power does with Combat Arts already (even 1Hit boss kills that testa 
could provide). I would avoid this unless you really really love your 
god gift.

Offensive Skills

Sword & Hafted (two separate skills) - Increases attack speed, chance 
to hit, and the maximum level of the weapon type equip able. Either of 
the two also increases casting speed for the Devout Guardian aspect 
making sword or hafted lore a prime choice for a Devout Guardian TG.

Tactics Lore- increases damage and chance for critical hits with all 
weapons and weapon based combat arts (the devout guardian tree). 
Tactics also stacks with Devout Guardian focus in terms of gaining more 
mod points so having the two of them will improve the Devout Guardian 
tree greatly (think of tactics as a "devout guardian lore").


Ranged- Increase attack speed, and attack rating with all ranged 
weapons. I have heard this skill affects the temple guardians arm 
cannon (not lost fusion, just attacking with the arm cannon). But I 
cannot be sure and recommend it be avoided until tested (by someone, I 
will not be testing it).

Speed Lore- Speed lore is a mixed bag, many like it and I hate it for a 
few reasons. Speed lore increases attack and defense rating and run 
speed. The problem is that attack/defense is easily gotten through 
other skills, combat arts, and equipment and run speed is quite common 
on pants & boots. Avoid this skill at all costs because the benefits 
are too easily gotten elsewhere to warrant one of your 10 precious 
skill slots.

Damage Lore- Damage Lore simply increases the chance to cause status 
effects such as poison or burn on creatures, also increases duration of 
such status effects. Another avoidable skill, status effects already 
have a high chance of occurring with most combat arts or weapons and 
the duration if negligible (unless you would rather wait around for 
small DoT when you can just zap enemies again).

Defensive Skills


Armor Lore- Increases the level of armor you may wear without speed 
penalties. Also decreases the regeneration penalty on armor pieces. 
This is a great skill to gradually put spare point s into because of 
the option to wear better armor with higher levels. Armor lore also 
increases your total armor value some so it is an overall great skill 
that shouldn't be overlooked.

Warding Energy Lore- Warding Energy Lore is a must have for Temple 
Guardians using T Energy Shroud because it maximum shield energy and 
damage mitigation. WE Lore only affects the Tshroud buff, so it is not 
needed unless you are utilizing that combat art.

Spell Resistance- Spell resistance is an avoidable spell because there 
really aren't too many tough spell casters in the game and most 
defensive combat arts can absorb all damage types (not to mention your 
armor and defense rating). Item modifiers can also block spells and 
negate their damage over time. If you have the patience and 
micromanagement to invest in some magic heavy armor or look for mods to 
decrease magic damage, you need not take this skill at all, ever.

Toughness- Toughness provides a small % of damage mitigation, too small 
of a % to make it worthwhile. Mitigation can be found on many items and 
through some combat arts making this skill another avoidable one. If 
the mitigation %'s  were able to get somewhat large it would definitely 
be a good pick but I've only seen around 9% mitigation with 80 points 
in the skill. Not impressive.


Constitution- Constitution increases your maximum health and 
regeneration and the mastery bonus grants in combat health regeneration 
so it is indeed a valuable skill but... Certain specc'ed temple guardians 
can get around needing constitution at all with enough mitigation and 
high energy shields it IS possible to not need constitution. 
Regardless, if you find yourself needing the extra health and regen 
this skill is a good choice.

Combat Reflexes- Combat reflexes is a solid skill in that it increases 
you chance to evade (completely dodge) all attack types. It also 
reduces the chance that an enemy will score a critical hit on you but 
the evade % alone makes this skill a good one if you find your defense 
to be a little shallow.

Pacifism- Pacifism lowers damage received from other players in PVP 
combat so it is deemed useless EXCEPT in a Player Vs Player build.

So here is a list of perfectly acceptable Temple Guardian Skills:

Devout Guardian Focus         Combat Discipline
Source Warden Lore            Concentration
Source Warden Lore            Lost Fusion Focus
                              Source Warden Focus

Sword Weapons
Hafted Weapons
Tactics Lore

Armor Lore                    Constitution
Warding Energy Lore           Combat Reflexes

Enhanced Perception          Bargaining

And ones to avoid:

Ranged Weapons                
Speed Lore
Damage Lore
Spell Resist
Divine Devotion


All of the recommended avoidable skills can indeed be chosen if you 
have reason to except for blacksmithing. Blacksmithing is BROKEN on 
console versions of Sacred 2 and no parts of it work at all.


Available Class Combat Arts

-Devout Guardian Tree
-Lost Fusion Tree
-Source Warden Tree

Combat Arts and the mods with the best potential will be explained 
briefly with suggestions and recommendations. Good combinations of 
Combat arts will be laid out at the end (before the sample builds). 

Devout Guardian

The Devout Guardian tree is a weapon based tree which allows for quick 
combat attacks, defensive abilities, and the almighty Deathly Spears.

Dedicated Blow

A powerful strike to a single target, a portion of the damage inflicted 
is automatically converted to the damage the enemy is weakest to.

A quite powerful blow that can be used without fear of an enemy's 
resistances, the damage can become quite high and this is an overall 
good combat art foe any foe.

Useful Mods
1.	Be dazed- Chance for stun
2.	Intent- Chance for critical hits
3.	Impact- Chance for deep wound

Battle Extension

A mechanical close combat weapon is armed, which fights as an 
additional weapon with a series of attacks. 

Basically when you activate battle extension an extra arm appears and 
the temple guardian twirls around combining a series of attacks with 
the arm and his own weapon.

Useful Mods
None, the best way to use battle extension is to use it passively. To 
passively activate battle extension equip it to a hotkey and press the 
hotkey so the arm appears (outside of combat is best so the TG doesn't 
start his battle extension dance). Once the arm is passively activated 
(you will see an extra arm hanging out of your should) each melee 
attack you make deals another automatic attack from the arm so you get 
a double attack for free with it passively active and don't have to sit 
through the animation of activating BE regularly.  No mods will affect 
the passive BE trick so none need be chosen. This is indeed the best 
way to use BE so if you intend to melee, it is your best choice. The 
arm will disappear if another Combat Art is activated to be quick to 
reactivate it if you use a spell or other attack.

Deathly Spears

Spears quickly extend out from the Temple Guardian hitting all enemies 
within a close 360 degree radius (melee range). This combat art is 
extremely powerful with the right mods and can easily be the workhorse 
of your build.

Useful Mods
Gore- Temple Guardian deals more damage when hurt
Singe- Adds fire damage to the spears
Jab- Spears strike out repeatedly (an extra set of spears is added with 
each use for every 15 or so combat art levels) 

Spears stack, so you can activate one set and have another going as 
soon as your regen allows (even if the previous still has "waves" 

Combat Alert

When active, this combat art increases defense, attack, and damage. 
This is an extremely powerful asset to the Temple Guardian providing 
extra defense and reflection.

Useful Mods
Barricade- Provides extra defense
Counterstrike- Chance to Reflect close combat damage
Permanent- Transforms combat alert into the buff "Battle Aura".
-Transforming Combat alert to a buff halves the bonuses of combat alert 
at the expense of having it as a buff.

If desired you can leave combat alert as an activated combat art 
instead of a buff, which is not a bad idea but keep in mind you have to 
remember to activate it in combat.

T Energy Shroud (buff)

Force field of tenergy that partially absorbs incoming damage (60%) as 
long as shield energy remains to sustain it.

A very powerful buff that can be altered to absorb 100% damage instead 
of the 60/40 split between your health. The mod "absorption warding 
energy +X" can be found on items and some set pieces which adds to the 
% shields absorb. So the base absorption being 60% if you can obtain 
40% absorption from items then all damage goes to shields. This is the 
optimal defense because it is really easy to have a high shield count 
and with zero damage to the temple guardian.

Useful Mods
Power- Increase shield energy
Reduction- reduces damage
Power- Increases shield energy

Lost Fusion

The lost fusion skills are the Temple Guardian's gun skills, utilizing 
his arm cannon to launch impressive projectiles or effects of mostly 
elemental damage.

Amplifying Discharge

A rapid bullet shot, chance to hit an additional target.

Useful Mods

Ice Bullet- Adds Ice damage
Ricochet- Chance for another ricochet (in addition to the inherent one)

For the last mod you can choose Ice Bullet again or Speed Shot which 
decreases the regeneration time by 33%. Either way this is a good skill 
for small groups of weak enemies.

Furious Emblazer

Basically the Temple Guardian shoots flames out of his arm in a little 
swirling flamethrower type motion. The damage of this Combat Art can be 
amplified with the use of source warden skills.

Useful Mods

Accelerant- Increased fire damage
Incapacitate- Chance for stun
Intensify- Increased fire damage

The stun mod and the arc of fire make this a good combat art for small 
groups as well.

Jolting Touch

The Temple Guardian grabs an enemy, immobilizing and damaging it. The 
damage is sent out in waves or pulse which counts in as DoT.

Useful Mods

Payback- Chance to Reflect Melee damage
Voltage- Lowers regeneration times for all Combat Arts.
Shelter- Reduces incoming damage (mitigation increased with combat art 

If you do not prefer the mods I deem more useful that is fine but be 
aware that Jolting Touch's silver "self repair" mod is bugged to heal 
the enemy and not yourself. Do not ever take it.

Archimedes Beam

A powerful beam of concentrated energy is focused on a single target; 
other creatures passing through the beam will receive damage as well.

Useful Mods

Bundle- Increased Damage
Weaken- Lowers Enemy's Attributes
Annul- Removes helpful spells or buffs from the enemy

The beam deals DoT and cannot be canceled once it is activated making 
you a sitting duck to other attacks. That being said the "shelter" gold 
mod (reduces damage taken while using beam) could be taken if desired. 
The beam is a good debuff for bosses and magically creatures (with 

Propelled Levitation

Temple Guardian uses a jet pack to cover medium distances and 

Eat at least one rune for this to use it as an escape or to traverse 
small streams and the like.

While using Propelled Levitation on the Mobiculem it turns sideways and 
spins like a flying saucer to the destination! Neat!

Source Warden

The Source Warden tree has mainly large AoE spells and is definitely a 
manipulative tree in that you can debuff enemies, slow they attack and 
movement, and lower their resistances to the elements making SW a good 
backup skill set for the other 2 trees.

Primal Mutation

Direct damage is caused to one target with a small chance to transform 
the enemy into a little animal.

If using this one, it is best to make it a debuff for bosses and the 
like since it only targets one enemy and you only receive 1 experience 
for enemies turned into little animals.

Useful Mods

Combust- Converts damage to fire damage
Helpless- Lowers targets attributes
Helpless- Lowers targets attributes

Fiery Ember

Large molten craters open up in a large radius dealing fire damage and 
lowering enemy's fire resistance while active.

The best part of this combat art is the lowering of enemy's resistance 
to fire damage which is why it is best to choose fire enhancing damage 
mods for other combat arts; they will be more powerful if used while 
fiery ember is active.

Useful Mods
Incinerate- increases fire damage
Churn- lowers fire resistance of enemies even more

Gold mod- either, one lowers regeneration time (not cool down) and the 
other increases duration. I have tried both and it made little 
different between my builds as I was always able to recast when 

Icy Evanescence

Large ice crystals appear up in a large radius dealing ice damage and 
lowering enemy's ice resistance while active.

The best part of this combat art is the lowering of enemy's resistance 
to ice damage which is why it is best to choose ice enhancing damage 
mods for amplifying discharge if you wish to use it.

Useful Mods

Ice Needles- Increased ice damage
Deep frost- lowers ice resistance of enemies even more

Like fiery ember, either gold mod can be chosen.

Charged Grid

T energy pulses hurt enemies and heal allies in a large radius.

I personally don't use this combat art but it can be useful in a source 
warden heavy build. It can be modded for extra ally healing, deathblow, 
larger radius, and longer duration. It looks like it could turn into a 
heavy healing, large radius support type spell I suppose.

Untouchable Force

(buff) A small force field around the temple guardian causes slight 
damage and adds chance to stun.

This might not look impressive on paper, but if you mod it correctly it 
will be another combat art that is too valuable to pass up.

Useful Mods
Mind Control- Increases chance to stun even more
Calm- Reduces attack speed of enemies in range
Crumble- Chance to destroy projectiles on impact negating the damage.

So basically with this buff active your opponents attack speed is 
extremely slow, they will be stunned half of the time, and you have 
good ranged defense. 2nd best buff at the Temple Guardians disposable if 
modded this way.

[SBB]	Sample Builds (that work)

These are just sample builds for you based on builds I have had success 
with myself (all the way through Niob difficulty) But you can still 
reference the above skills and combat arts to make changes you feel 
necessary, though these builds all have their choices for a reason and 
everything complements the other. If there is a standalone skill or 
ability it is mainly for flavor or experiment and will not be 
documented as these are final, tested builds.

All these builds share a common Tanking based build using T shroud, 
Untouchable force, combat alert, and the skill Warding Energy Lore so 
concentration is needed for each, though it need not be mastered. 
Depending on the player that could free up some skill points.

The Builds:

-Deathly Spears/Fiery Ember
-Shopper (Spears/Ember) 

***********To BE ADDED SOON**********

-Lost Fusion/Melee 
-Tri Tree 

For each build what is included is the skill choices (in order chosen), 
combat arts used, and play style. Specifics such as how many levels 
should be in a combat art of skill will be vague and more simply I will 
point out if a skill/combat art needs few, some, or tons of points 
because specific values will differ from player to player based on 
equipment, difficulty etc. Enjoy.

The Infamous Deathly Spears/Fiery Ember Build

This build is for the player that likes to round up every enemy on 
screen into a tight little group and then mercilessly slaughter all of 
them in one swift, fluid, motion. It involves utilizing the combat art 
"fiery ember" to agro all available enemies forcing them to surround 
you and lead them right into your spam able, wave after wave of 
"deathly spears". The spears/ember combo is further amplified by the 
lowering of enemy fire resistance ala fiery ember & the added fire 
damage of deathly spears. This little one trick pony can literally do 
it all, even kill bosses quickly and easily. All available skills and 
runes go into the strengthening of these 2 abilities leaving little 
room for anything else. It is a focused build and will serve anyone 
well for a first Temple Guardian.

**A melee weapon with passive battle extension is recommended with 
regen per hit mods to use in between spears**

Skill Choices (in order)

Level 2		Devout Guardian Focus
Level 3 	Tactics Lore
Level 5 	Source Warden Focus or lore
Level 8 	Armor Lore
Level 12 	Concentration
Level 18 	Sword or Hafted Weapons
Level 25 	Combat Discipline
Level 35 	Warding Energy Lore
Level 50 	Source Warden Lore (can be 65)
Level 65 	Constitution (can be 50)

Skill Priorities:

DG focus- Keep at or around your level so you can have 75 points in it 
at level 75 to keep spears regeneration low and the available max level 
for it high.

Tactics Lore- Split points between tactics and DG focus in the lower 
levels to meet mod requirements so you can fully DG combat arts quickly 
and keep your spears damage up.

Source Warden Focus/lore- 35 points is good for mods and you can always 
place more points later on if needed.

Armor Lore- 5 points to open up 2nd tier defensive skills, you can add 
spare points here to increase max item leave and regen penalties but 
not at the expense of mod points.

Concentration- If you plan to make Combat Alert into a buff, pump this 
skill so you can master it at 75 for 3 buffs. If you are content with 
using Combat Alert as an active skill, only place one point here to 
unlock the two buff allotment.

Sword/hafted- This skill is mainly to increase the cast speed of 
deathly spears ensuring you can get the attack off quickly enough. 1 
point should be sufficient as +offensive skill mods are common on most 
weapons/armor. If you must increase this skill, make sure available 
mods are chosen and your defense and damage is sufficient first.

Combat Discipline- You want to have many points in this skill to 
increase your combat art damage (don't have to be in a combo to receive 
the damage bonus). Best to place points here until the damage bonus 
starts to have diminishing returns.

Warding Energy Lore- Another skill you want to have many points in to 
maximize your shield effectiveness. Place as many points as you can 
here to power your shields.

Source Warden Lore/Constitution- These skills are for flavor and extra 
defense/damage and can be raised a lot or little only after the above 
skills are maximized (to your liking anyways).

Used Combat Arts (see previous sections for mods)

T Energy Shroud (Buff) - Always active, CA level needs to be rather 
high to absorb incoming damage and not your health.  First 2 mods are 
priority and need be taken quickly.

Combat Alert (activated)/Battle Aura (Buff) - Always active in combat, 
first mod is priority; the 2nd can wait until spears are modded fully 
and the 3rd mod (buff) can be chosen at 75 with concentration mastered. 
CA lvl should be high for the best benefits with an average regen time 
(below the duration).

Passive Battle extension- Used with regen per hit items to speed up the 
regeneration of deathly spears to keep the spears spam able. (Only 1 
rune needed to unlock)

Deathly Spears- Fully Modded, top Combat Art Priority. This needs to be 
fully modded and functional as soon as possible as it is your main 
assault. Steadily increase the combat art level which keeping the regen 
manageable (high levels = more damage and more waves, this is needed). 
Use in conjunction with fiery ember for maximum effectiveness.

Fiery Ember- First 2 mods Priority, keep fire resistance penalty 
(opponent) high with rune consumption while keeping the regen 
manageable (can be lessened with the gold mod). Use to agro, lower 
resistances before deathly spears.

Untouchable force (buff) - Always active, keep level low as the buff is 
used mainly for the slowing enemies attack speed and stun. While the 
stun chance increases with combat art level, the regeneration penalties 
might not be manageable with deathly spears until late game.

Play style:

With your active buffs running (T shroud & Untouchable Force) and 
combat alert (or the buff) simply use fiery ember with enemies in sight 
and they will start to gather around you, fire off deathly spears until 
they are dead. Please note that you can move and perform other actions 
while spears are active (even if the waves are still occurring), you do 
not have to stand still! Use passive battle extension attacks if you 
have regen per hit mods to ready spears for use faster.

Bosses are the same, lower their resistances with fiery ember and spam 
deathly spears (you won't be able to actually spam spears but keep them 
continuously going as they regenerate).

The Shopper

This build is simply the above Spears/Ember Build with Enhanced 
Perception and Bargaining instead of Constitution and Source Warden 2nd 
skill. Shopping is a good way to obtain absorption warding energy items 
for your t shrouds power by the way.

Skill Choices (in order)

Level 2		Devout Guardian Focus
Level 3 	Tactics Lore
Level 5 	Source Warden Focus or lore
Level 8 	Armor Lore
Level 12 	Concentration
Level 18 	Sword or Hafted Weapons
Level 25 	Combat Discipline
Level 35 	Enhanced Perception 
Level 50 	Bargaining 
Level 65 	Warding Energy Lore

Remember 5 points in enhanced perception is needed to unlock 

Bargaining strategy (smart shopper)

Do not throw all your points into bargaining right away, you have to be 
a smart shopper to increase your skill. With your first point in 
bargaining, merchants might have a few wares but mostly crap still. You 
start off buying relics with +general skills or +bargaining, and try to 
find 6 like that to equip. Then maybe add a few points until + 
skill/+general skill items start showing up in the shops (you may have 
to teleport around to reset shops). And buy the +general / +skill items 
to augment your bargaining. The reason to go through all this trouble 
is to save you some skill points in case they are needed elsewhere such 
as armor lore, or more mod points etc. Once your damage, defense, and 
mods are all desirable you can maximize the bargaining skill but try to 
upgrade it through items beforehand.

********************TO BE ADDED SOON**********************

*Why? You would ask do I not simply add them now if I have the 
experience and the characters already played? Well quite simply I 
didn't have enough time as I wanted this weekend to finish these guides 
which have been a work in progress for a few weeks now. The point is 
that these other two builds will be integrated into the Faq by the end 
of the week and I wanted to have at least one of them on the faq so it 
could get uploaded as soon as possible. The other two builds are indeed 
on the way so please be patient.

Lost Fusion/Melee

Tri Tree 

[VHS]   Version/History

2009/29/11 	1.0

-Guide Completed, Revised, & Submitted. 

[THX]	Thanks

-Ascaron (RIP) for this amazing game.
-Gamefaqs and its members
-Koremega for the insight long ago on the "absorption warding energy" 
mod and its effect on the T energy shroud.