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Follow the dark path or use the light
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Pack Shot

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


Caster Seraphim FAQ

by OgesMC

Caster Seraphim Guide 
Version 1.0
Copyright 2009 John "The Ogre" Kwitkowski.


[INT]		Introduction
[DIS]		Disclaimer
[PSF]	        Play style & Focus
[ABB]		Abbreviations 
[MBU]		My Build
[UCA]		Unused Combat Arts
[BFG]		Boss Strategy
[VHC]		Version/History
[THX]	        Thanks

[INT]		Introduction

This guide is designed for those interested in the Seraphim, a Caster 
Seraphim specifically without the aid or need for conventional weapon 
combat. It is written for the Xbox 360 version of the game and parts of 
the guide or it as a whole may or may not apply to the Play Station 3 
and PC versions. The guide is solely my opinions based on my personal 
experience with Seraphim's in game only, any opinions or discoveries of 
the class from any outside sources at all have been completely omitted. 
I was never actually interested in the Seraphim until I started running 
through the other classes (besides Dryad) for XBOX 360 Achievements and 
discovered her true power, her Magic. Hopefully I can share my findings 
and knowledge and others can make use of the Seraphim's Magic 
abilities. I will not be explaining game mechanics and assume readers 
will know the difference between Combat Arts and Skills etc.

* The Guide is based off of my Seraphim's (and my long experience with 
the game mechanics and time put in) Levels 89 (Niob complete) & 54 

[DIS]		Disclaimer

This character guide is my own work, and has been created by me for use 
on For questions, comments, additions contact by 
email: [email protected] , credit will be given for any additions 
or comments by you if they are integrated into the guide in any way, 
shape, or form.

[PSF]		Play style & Focus

The idea behind this build is to have a character that specializes in 
Celestial Magic & Revered Technology without any need whatsoever for 
the weapon based Combat are tree (Exalted Warrior) except for one 
(Assailing Somersault). You are going to be hitting enemies hard and 
fast with Area of Effect attacks and be able to pick off stragglers 
with short & quick single enemy spells that hit hard as well. All four 
of your attack Combat Arts will be spam able and that is where the 
balance of speed and power in a good Sacred 2 build come into play. 
Surely a mass Area of Effect spell with enough damage to one hit kill 
everything is impressive, but not as much as a spell with half the 
damage that can be cast 5 times in the same effort. Enemy manipulation 
is another main tactic (if not a fun one as well) of my build, 
Cleansing Brilliance, Radiant Pillar, & Instill belief ensures that. 
You will be able to take down bosses as easily as big groups of goblins 
so item/exp runs are both well covered with this Seraphim. Also note 
that Undead are no problem whatsoever so swamp runs are a very good 
leveling choice too. There are also several other combat arts and skill 
choices I haven't used in my build much, I will try and give a short 
description of these as well.

[ABB]		Abbreviations
Simply, these are some abbreviations I may use in the FAQ:

S2-Sacred 2
RPG-Role Playing Game
CA-Combat Art(s)
CM-Celestial Magic
RP-Radiant Pillar
AW-Archangel's Wrath
RT-Revered Technology
HP-Hit points
CD-Combat Discipline
SB-Survival Bonus
1HK-"One Hit Kill" 
Regen- Regeneration
-refers to regeneration time(s) or cool down of your combat arts.
AoE-Area of Effect
-refers to a spell or ability that by default affects all enemies 
within a large radius (think "hurricane" lol).
DoT-Damage over Time
-refers to constant 'ticks' of damage usually caused by an elemental 
source (think poison damage).
[MBU]		My Build
This is a solid build based on my level 89 Seraphim that has already 
completed Niob with no deaths, listing attributes, skills, and Combat 
Arts used. Details on each will be listed below.

*My SE only uses one buff "Cleansing Brilliance"; the lack of 
Concentration Skill is not a typo, I don't use it.

Attribute Distribution: All points into Int, extra damage for your 
magic abilities is a must. If desired you can split between VIT once 
you begin to receive 2 attributes per level up (some RPG players may 
rely heavily on mass HP as a crutch).


Level 2 CM Lore                    
Level 3 Armor Lore                 
Level 5 RT Focus                   
Level 8 CM Focus                   
Level 12 RT Lore                   
Level 18 CD                        
Level 25 Constitution
Level 35 Combat Reflexes
Level 50 choice skill
Level 65 choice skill

Skill Choices & Reasoning

* CM Lore- Increases damage, cast speed, and chance for critical hits 
for CAs within the aspect tree. As one of your 2 main combat trees this 
skill needs to be high enough to provide modification points and 
increase damage and such. Healing power of Hallowed Restoration is 
affected (raised) by the Lore's "damage increase" as are similar CAs 
for other classes. Recommended to keep this skill at your level (if you 
are level 15 then so should be this skill).

* Armor Lore-Increases the level of armor you may wear without speed 
penalties. Also decreases the regeneration penalty on armor pieces. 
Good to gradually increase when you have spare points; not all that 
necessary to dump points into until higher levels though.

* RT Focus- Lowers regen times for the aspect and also increases the 
maximum level allowed for CAs. Keep up with this skill for mod points, 
archangels wrath is more of a priority to mod first in the tree if you 
are tight on skill points, followed by nova and then divine protection.

* CM Focus- Lowers regen times for the aspect and also increases the 
maximum level allowed for CAs. Points are well needed here to help 
manage the cool down (partially) of the tree and for more mod points 
keep this near your level if you cant keep it at your level, you need 
the mods points and benefits as soon as possible. Priority CAs to mod 
would be radiant pillar, instill belief, baneful smith in that order.

*RT Lore- Increases damage, cast speed, and chance for critical hits 
for CAs within the aspect tree. As the other of your 2 main combat 
trees this skill needs to be high enough to provide modification points 
and increase damage and such.

* Combat Discipline: Increases damage and regeneration time for combat 
arts in combos, also allows 3 combat arts in a combo and at level 75 4 
combat arts in a single combo. Since the SE uses combat arts to deal 
damage, this skill is very useful especially against the most 
overwhelming of odds. You can either keep it at level 1 for the damage 
bonus (combo not required, you gain a bonus to all CA damage just 
choosing the skill) or you can put points into it to gain more benefits 
of combos.

The Last 4 choices are up to you and will depend on how your build is 
working, what sort of items you have found, if you are under leveled 
for your difficulty/foes. I myself chose Constitution & Combat Reflexes 
and I am sitting on my last 2 skills unchosen. I recommend the 
following 2 defensive skills and then whatever suits your style 
(bargainer, riding etc.)

* Constitution
- Increases maximum health + regeneration
- Mastery Grants regeneration in combat **valuable**
- Good to bring to mastery at some point for the valuable in combat 
health regen

* Combat Reflexes
- Increases Chance to evade all attacks
- Decreases enemy chance to score critical hits on you
- Mastery increases evade even more

* Choice Skill
* Choice Skill

Don't Spread your self too thin with your "flavor" skills (if you pick 
divine devotion or riding etc.) because you need to put a lot into your 
combat art skills and defense first.

Combat Arts

I am only listing the Combat arts used for the build, their 
modifications and recommended levels versus regeneration times. Unused 
CA's will not be mentioned at all here. Listed levels are applied to 
eaten runes only; socketed runes can increase the CA with little change 
in the build or its strategy. My three (or less) mod choices are listed 
beneath my explanation of the CA, in order "1.2.3."

I will also list damage types and the ratio for them since most of the 
output is magical damage and some tactics might need to be rearranged 
for magic retardant enemies/bosses.

Baneful Smite (1-2 targets)

A bolt of lightning shoots out at a target, dealing instant damage.
CA lvl vs Regen: Any level with regen under 2.2 seconds
Damage Type: 2/5 Physical 3/5 Magic

This CA should be mapped to your main face buttons (i.e. hot keyed 
without having to press left or right trigger) because it is your mop 
up attack for that stray enemy or 2 on the field. The CA is 
instantaneous with no "windup" or delay before casting so it makes a 
quick follow up to AoE or for fleeing! 

1 Disarm-Opponent Temporarily loses its weapon.
2 Potential- Increased chance for DoT on the target (per cast).
3 Chain-Chance for chain lightning (strikes an additional target)

Radiant Pillar (AoE)

A column of light that damages all enemies in the large AoE with DoT
CA lvl vs Regen: Any Level with regen under 4 seconds
Damage Type: 100% Magical

This CA also needs to be mapped to your main face hotkeys because it is 
your main assault on normal foes and aids in boss fights as well. The 
uniqueness of the CA is that it does a large amount of damage and it is 
DoT as well, meaning nice high damage ticks for the duration. The 100% 
magical damage might seem a handicap for Niob but it is not because of 
the mod choices we make and the way we will use the pillar. With the 
high duration of the pillar and the low regen time (the duration 
actually increases 1/10 of a second more that the regen per CA level!) 
it is very easy and satisfying to have 5-7 pillars up at once around CA 
lvl 35 making quick work of groups and always having constant damage 
against bosses! Do not be afraid to eat runes for this one!

1 Hypnosis- Attracts opponents to the center of the pillar.
2 Brightness- Increases the AoE
3 Magnify- Increases Damage of Radiant Pillar

Instill Belief (Small AoE)

Converts enemies into allies for a time that will fight against their 
former allies for the duration.
CA LvL vs Regen: CA lvl as high as possible while staying below 20s 
(duration), keep in mind that cool down will lower with rune 
consumption here so a rune investment is needed if constant use is 
Damage Type- Converted foes retain their own damage types and combat 

Did you run into a pack of beasts that you just can't seem to take 
down? Why not let them whittle each others health down while you flee 
or chug a potion or 2... 

1 Elocution- Increases chance to convert more than 2 enemies (raises to 
2 Preacher- Decreases the regen time (cool down lowers with rune 

Cleansing Brilliance (DoT Buff)

The light of Lumen damages all minions of the Dark, specifically undead 
and t mutations.
CA lvl vs regen: Keep the regen penalty (this is a buff remember) to 
all your other CAs around 30% or less, or even less than that if your 
regen times are too high already.

Simply put, this buff damages undead and t mutations on screen. The 
damage might look low but remember it is constant and repeating (DoT) 
with no aiming or otherwise activation on your part. Easy kills!

1 Distract (mandatory)-Reduces enemy attack speed within the AoE.

You can also take further mods to increase damage to an enemy type 
(undead or t mutation) but not at the expense of other CAs (take extra 
mods here later).

Hallowed Restoration (Healing, instant)

A quick flash of light and a considerable amount of health is restored 
to yourself or a targeted ally (hold assigned hotkey to aim).

You want this CA to be able to heal yourself for a good amount to make 
it worthwhile, so invest runes to increase the healing. CM Lore also 
increases the healing. Either way I would recommend at least a healing 
power of half or two thirds of your HP so the recharge might be hefty 
but you know you can fully restore your health when you are low (1/3 or 

Don't forget that you can use this CA in multiplayer to heal your 
friends and also computer controlled allies (escorts and such) if you 
want to. You can mod this CA later on as well but the healing is quite 
good unmodded.

Archangel's Wrath (single target)

A bolt of fire shoots forth from the SE's equipped weapon

*Damage of this spell is based on your equipped weapon!!*
Damage Type (regardless of equipped weapon) 1/10 Physical 9/10 Fire
This CA is tricky in the means that it may seem useless without a heavy 
weapon equipped and it might be easily forgotten by the player that 
their weapon determines the damage (and they think the spell is useless 
or does low damage). Make sure you have a good mid-high damage weapon 
equipped for this CA because it is part 2 of your boss fights 
(explained below).

1 Salvo- Fires 2 bolts of fire in succession with slightly reduced 
2 Lock- Fire bolts automatically seek targets (required for bosses and 
hitting anything in general)
3 Vulnerable- Increases chance for critical hits

Flaring Nova (Large AoE, Stun, High Damage)

The SE smashes the ground causing an outward blast to damage surround 
enemies (outwards from SE 360 degree radius).
CA lvl vs regen: CA level high as possible for the most damage while 
keeping the regen under 5 seconds. This CA is more so used as a one 
time hitter and not really a spam able skill because there is a delay 
while the SE jumps up into the air and comes down to the ground. It is 
still very useful for the 360 degree damage and stun.

1 Expand- Increases radius
2 Stun- Chance for stun
3 Flux- Increases damage

Divine Protection (Instantaneous, Shielding)

An energy shield is activated for the SE which absorbs 100% of all 
incoming damage until the shield is depleted or the duration runs out. 
Best used during boss fights or tough battles (elites or minibosses). 

I recommend pumping tons of runes into this once it is modded so you 
can start to use it more frequently (for every fight that you don't 1HK 
everything). Cool down will lower with rune consumption after mods by 
the way.

1 Capacity- Increased Duration
2 Cool down decreases with CA level

All modifications listed that increase, decreases or give chance for a 
bonus are raised by a small % with each additional Combat Art level. 
(All CAs)


I recommend A 1 Handed Weapon & Shield personally so you can get 
mods/effects from both sources with additional defense and not to 
mention the fact that one handers are as common as dirt.  

Good 1 Handed Weapons (***)

*Tinworas Curse (mace) All CAS +XX, Regeneration Time -XX%, Casting 
Speed +XX%
*Keeper of Knowledge (staff) EXP per kill +XX%, INT+XX, CA Skills +XX, 
Attack Value +XXX
*Nlovaes Mystery (staff) CA Range +XX%, All Skills +X, Regen Time -XX%, 
Defense +XX%, Cast Speed +XX%

Good Shields (***)

Glacial Defender- Damage Mitigation (all types), CA range +X%
Stalworth Safeguard- Increase SB rate, High Armor, Defense +XX%
Shield of Mirrors (Blind Guardian) - EXP per kill


Clearly Armor sets such as the CM or RT will help greatly, as will some 
of the impressive other sets that aren't specific to an aspect. I'll 
list what I use but as a general rule of thumb for a mage type 
character you should wear armor that augments your stats and increases 
magic damage or lowers regen time etc.

Celestial Blessing (helm)
Life Leech (works with archangel's wrath spell), regen CM aspect -XX%

Armor of Justice (plate)
Chance to halve regen time -XX%, Attack/Defense +XXX

Shoulders of Law (shoulder pads)
Chance to ignore armor +XX%, Chance to block ranged attacks +XX%

Wrist guards of Dusk (bracer)
Visibility range +XX% (3 sockets)

Wrath mitts of myths (** rare)
EXP per kill 10.4%, chance for open wounds 9%, INT +83

Sash of Sacrifice (belt)
High attack/defense 3 sockets

Greaves of Justice (pants)
Armor +XX%, Enemies Defense -XX%, Block chance root +XX%

Niokastes Sandals (feet)
Exalted warrior regen -XX% Block root +XX%, Dashing alacrity +X
Magic Damage +35% (socketed ring)

Wings of Celestial (wings)
DoT physical -XX%, VIT +XX

The full Heavenly Justice Set grants a high chance to evade all attacks 
and a fair chance to halve regen time.

Good mods to look for on your armor pieces:
-regen time (CM, RT or all aspects)
Regen per hit
Opponent's armor & defense -XX%
Your armor & defense +XX%
Run Speed increase
Magic Damage increase
Damage increase
Cast Speed increase
Spell intensity 

Basic Strategy & Tips

*Placing single combat arts in a combo grants the regen bonus but may 
not be as good as your lore's, so check both before deciding to combo a 
single CA.

*Archangel's Wrath not only is based on your weapons' damage but also 
other properties like life leech and regen per hit! Making AW a staple 
in your combos and a CA you can spam constantly if you equip regen per 
hit rings that equal it's regen time. With enough regen per hit to 
cover it's regen & the lock on mod, single targets that cannot be 
converted by instill belief can be mowed down with AW.

*Divine Protection's shield stats (shield hp) can be augmented by mods 
such as "max shield energy +xx%" granting you a lot more defense which 
the CA is active.

*Enemy Manipulation:
-Radiant Pillar's Hypnosis mod drags enemies deeper into the pillars 
(keeping them in DoT range and away from you). This mod is a chance mod 
meaning it doesn't happen 100% of the time so the more pillars you have 
up at once, the longer your enemies chances are of staying attracted to 
-Baneful Smite disarms enemies, making them drop their weapons. Add 
that with the fact you can hit two enemies at once and you can 
strategically use this CA as an opener or against elites or archers, 
whatever you decide.

Elites are almost never alone so if they are keep in mind that
Instill Belief works on elite creatures. So yeah, use it on them so 
they can attack their friends while you set up radiant pillars and 
ready your Archangel's Wrath.

*Normal Creatures:
You have a couple options for normal groups of foes here.
-Spam Radiant Pillars in and around the group
-Spam Radiant Pillars with the occasional Flaring Nova
-Convert some enemies with Instill Belief then throw up pillars/novas

All throughout you can cast Baneful smite to disarm and damage 1 or 2 
foes at a time and also Archangel's Wrath to lessen regen time and 
damage (regen per hit required).

[UCA]		Unused Combat Arts

Soul Hammer
"A focused, forceful weapon attack directed against one target"
Cons- Weapon Based

Pelting Strikes
A series of hits that force the target back into a defensive stance, 
targets may be changed if in range.
Cons- Weapon Based

Assailing Somersault

The SE leaps towards her target inflicting heavy weapon damage while 
she lands
-Can traverse small obstacles (ridges, streams etc.)
-can use to escape tough fights/gain ground on enemies
Cons- N/A

Dashing Alacrity

Temporarily Increases run speed and attack speed, also grants immunity 
to root/hold spells.
- Run faster and free yourself from vines and the like
- Activated spell so it won't take your buff slot
-Based on EW skills (mods and regen times etc.) so you wont be able to 
advance it much without taking those skills

Battle Stance (Buff)

Increased attack, defense, and weapon damage.
-Increased Defense
-+weapon damage may stack with archangels wrath
-Weapon based damage and attack rating
-Takes up a buff slot requiring concentration

Warding Energy (Buff)

Energy Field partially absorbs incoming damage as long as shield energy 
-Lessens damage taken while active
-Easy to increase shield power since it is in the RT Tree
-Takes up a buff slot requiring concentration
-Only absorbs "partial" damage and is a buff while Divine Protection is 
an activate CA and absorbs 100% damage.

Bee Eff Gee (Buff)

Magical gun takes over your weapon that causes high amounts of damage 
and is compatible with weapon attacks such as pelting strike
-High Damage
-Multishot with pelting strikes
-Looks Stupid
-Looks Really stupid & just doesn't fit the "caster" theme of my 

So of the CAs I do not use you can actually make use of a couple if you 
want to sacrifice some skills (concentration, exalted warrior) or
Without sacrificing anything (dashing alacrity, assailing somersault). 
It is up to you, I just wanted to list what is available with a short 
description of each unused CA.

[BFG]		Boss Strategy

Bosses will be a bit tough at first as you will be unequipped with high 
regen times and low health etc. but you can still defeat the best of 
them with some basic tactics (and required mods!). 
All these bosses can be killed with radiant pillar after radiant pillar 
while you kite with archangels wrath and stay away from them, remember 
that while fighting the octopuss he is weakened if you lure him OUT of 
the water he starts in. 

*Winged Daemon
*Gar Colossous

Most minibosses are surrounded by their lessers, using instill belief 
as often as you can to have his friends aid you in killing him. RPs and 
Archangels Wrath/Baneful Smite work well against all of the minibosses.

Crystal Boss
This boss is greatly resistant to magic and is a pain in the ass to 
kill. Your best bet is to equip a very high damage weapon (make sure 
you have regen per hit somehow) and use archangels wrath on him, with 
baneful smites thrown in if the damage is higher.

Nameless G's
Lure the Guardian(s) into the hallway so their shields drop if you are 
having trouble with them, through everything you have at them and 
always keep as many RPs up as possible.

[VHC]		Version/History

2009/25/11 		1.0
Guide Completed, Revised, Submitted.

[THX]		Thanks 
-  Gamefaqs.
-	Thanks to the Makers of Sacred 2 and everyone who kept the 
community alive when I used to play every. Single. Day. 
-	All who support and may find this guide useful or any part of it.