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Follow the dark path or use the light

Plot Analysis

by Serial_Killer_X

Resident Evil Plot Analysis

Author: Julia Micheals

Version .50
Last Update: June 9, 2010

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders. 

- If you'd like to post this analysis elsewhere please ask me first. I don't
bite. Sites that have permission to use this FAQ are as follows:

- Feel free to e-mail me with plot related questions. I need questions to fill
each FAQ section. I'll do my best to answer your questions.



Table of Contents

1. Resident Evil 0
   a. Introduction
   b. The game
   c. FAQ

2. Resident Evil
   a. Introduction
   b. The game
   c. FAQ
3. Resident Evil 2
   a. Introduction
   b. The game
   c. The Fourth Survivor
   d. Aftermath
   e. FAQ

4. Resident Evil 3 
   a. Introduction
   b. The game
   c. Aftermath
   d. FAQ

5. Resident Evil Survivor
   a. Introduction
   b. The game
   c. FAQ

6. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X
   a. Introduction
   b. The game
   c. FAQ

7. Resident Evil 5
    a. Introduction
    b. The game
    c. Lost in Nightmares
    d. Desperate Escape
    e. FAQ

8. Timeline

9. References

1. Resident Evil 0

a. Introduction

Resident Evil 0 is a prequel to the remake. It details the events leading up
to The Mansion Incident just one day before it happened.

b. The game

8:17PM July 23, 1998

The Ecliptic Express, an Umbrella owned train is moving through the Arklay
forest. Even the passengers are all Umbrella employees.  Outside, standing
on a mountain over the train is a man in a white robe, singing an eerie song.
One of the passengers looks out the window after hearing a wet "thud". Within
seconds the train is slammed by several of these wet "thuds". The cause of the
sound are a multitude of large leeches with teeth.  Breaking the glass, the
leeches get inside the train and attack the passengers, even the conductor
inside the front compartment. Eventually the train comes to a stop and all
the people on the train are dead. 

Two hours later...

Rebecca Chambers is on her first assignment with S.T.A.R.S.
(Special Tactics and Rescue Service) Bravo Team.  Bravo team consists of
Enrico Marini, Bravo Team's leader; Richard Aiken; Edward Dewey;
Forest Speyer; Kenneth Sullivan; and Rebecca. Their mission is to
investigate some strange murders that have been going on as of late in the
Arklay Forest. The helicopter they are riding in experiences engine failure,
but the pilot, Kevin Dooley is able to land the helicopter safely and nobody
is hurt. 

Everyone gets out except Kevin, who stays with the chopper. At an unknown
distance from the helicopter Rebecca sees an over-turned Military Police
vehicle with two dead soldiers inside. The vehicle is covered in slime.
Finding a file, Rebecca reads it to the group. It's a court order for

A prisoner named Billy Coen, who was a former second lieutenant in the
Marines, was being transported to the Regarthon  Base for Execution.

One of Rebecca's team mates, Edward Dewey assumes that Billy must have
murdered the two soldiers and escaped. The Bravo Team leader, Enrico Marini
takes the file from Rebecca and tells everyone to separate and survey
the area, telling them to keep their guard up.

Rebecca goes her own way through the forest. It is raining lightly and she
discovers the Ecliptic Express. She decides to check it out for herself.

Inside the train, Rebecca hears a radio. She expects to see Billy Coen, but
instead she sees a dead passenger. His skin looks rotten and it is starting
to peel off.  She takes the radio from him and turns it off, but the passenger
gets up and starts to move towards her. His eyes are milky white and he is
making a disquieting moaning sound. She turns to run, but behind her are two
more of these "dead" people. One of them is the conductor. She shoots all
three of them until they "die". Rebecca can't explain what just happened,
she thought they were already dead. 

Near the front of the train, Rebecca sees a dead train employee holding a key.
She kneels down to take it, however, Billy Coen walks up behind her and points
a handgun at her. She notices and turns around slowly.She already knows him
from the file she recovered earlier. Billy figures out that she's with
S.T.A.R.S. so he starts to walk away. Rebecca tries to assert her authority
and tells him he's under arrest, but he doesn't take her seriously, showing
her his handcuffs that are still dangling from his wrist as he walks away. 

As Rebecca processes all this, Edward crashes through a nearby window.
He has bite marks and tells Rebecca that "The forest is full of zombies
and monsters." Edward dies, and a zombie dog jumps through the window.
Just as Rebecca kills one of the zombie dogs, another jumps through the
window. After killing the two zombie dogs, Rebecca looks back at Edward.
She thinks to herself that he was so happy just a few hours ago.

Rebecca then heads towards the back of the train. On the way she gets a call
from Enrico on her walkie talkie. Enrico tells Rebecca that he found more
information from the Military Police Vehicle stating that Billy killed 23
people. She begins to worry, but proceeds to the next car over.

In the dining car, Billy comes through the door Rebecca just came through
and asks to cooperate with her, saying that the train is too dangerous to be
alone. Rebecca disagrees. Despite her fear of Billy, she doesn't show it and
asserts her authority. She refuses to work with a wanted felon and says she
can take care of herself. Billy crosses his arms and leans against a wall and
tells her he will wait there. Rebecca goes up the stairs into the dining area. 

In the dining area, Rebecca sees an old man sitting at one of the tables. He
doesn't look like the zombies, and he isn't making eye contact with her even
when she walks up to him. She puts her hand on his shoulder and as he turns
his head towards her it falls off. His body splits into and falls on the
floor. Rebecca screams and she notices that the man was made out of  leeches.
The leeches are starting to reform into a human shape again. They take on the
appearance of the same man, but this time it doesn't look as human as before
and appears slimy. The arms are capable of reaching out to long lengths.
Rebecca turns to run, but the leech man splits again and the leeches begin to
swarm around Rebecca. Just as they overtake her, Billy shoots some of the
leeches away. The leeches turn their attention to Billy and he shoots two
more in mid air. The rest of the leeches slide away. Billy asks Rebecca if
she is OK. She gives him a thumbs up.

As Rebecca catches her breath, she and Billy notice the young man in the white
robe standing some distance from the train, on a mountain outside. He is
singing in a high pitched voice and the leeches are coming to him. 

The train begins to move again. Rebecca wants to check out the front of the
train to see who started it, but Billy asks to co-operate again. Rebecca is
still a little hesitant, but after Billy reminds her of the leeches, she
agrees to work with him. He throws her some handgun ammo and tells her to give
him a call if she finds anything motioning towards his own walkie talkie. 

While Rebecca goes to check out the front of the train, Billy heads toward the
back of the dining area and climbs through a window to check out the roof.
He sees that the power cable has been disconnected. He reconnects it, which
powers the kitchen door below. Billy notices that leeches are forming around
the cable, and they attack him. He falls through a hole in the ceiling
backwards into one of the train's rooms. This room is just off of the dining
area he was just in, but he can't get out of the room because something is
stuck in the keyhole and the doorknob won't turn.  He needs something sharp,
and apparently his knife won't do. However, there is a small service lift in
the room, and Billy sends down a key, which Rebecca retrieves from the service
lift in the kitchen. Rebecca discovers the train's bar, where she hears a
disconcerting screeching sound coming from above. Exploring one of the train's
hallways, Rebecca finds an ice pick to send to Billy.  Going back through the
bar, Rebecca finds out the source of the hissing sound earlier. A scorpion
the size of a car crashes through the roof.  Rebecca defeats the scorpion
and moves on.  She sends the ice pick to Billy and he is able to get out
of the room. Together, the two find a hookshot and take it with them. It
will come in handy for getting to hard to reach places. 

Eventually, the two find the conductor's keycard and are able to get to the
front compartment of the train. Also on the train are two Umbrella Special
Forces Delta Team members. They radio Albert Wesker and William Birkin, who
are in a different location, that they have gained control of the train.
Birkin asks Wesker how the T-virus could have leaked to the lab, the mansion,
and now to the train that is "almost three miles away".  Wesker covers the
microphone, not wanting the Delta Team members to hear their conversation. He
tells Birkin that no knowledge of the outbreak is to get out and that the
train must be destroyed. However, before the Delta Team members can do
anything else they are overtaken by leeches and are killed.

Rebecca and Billy walk past the dead Delta Team members and go into the
control room. Billy sees that the train will soon derail and crash. Rebecca
tells Billy to stay there while she goes to the back of the train to use the
control panel that will initiate the brakes. She grabs the magnetic card and
heads towards the back of the train. 

On her way to the back, the Delta Team members turn into zombies and get up.
She gets past them, but further up she sees that  Edward is also infected and
is up and about eating another zombie. Rebecca doesn't want to shoot him, but
she has no choice; he is blocking her path. 

Rebecca makes it to the back of the train and uses the magnetic card to
initiate the brakes. She uses her walkie talkie to let Billy know that the
brakes are ready. He puts the brakes on. It slows the train just enough for
them to survive the crash. The two are thrown from the train. When Billy comes
to he sees that they are at the end of the train line. Rebecca is holding her
arm, but it isn't broken. 

They find that the place they are at leads to Umbrella's Executive Training
Facility. Rebecca sees a large picture of a familiar looking man on the
staircase. The leeches had took  on this man's appearance earlier on the
train. Billy reads the inscription below the pictures. It's a picture of the
first general manager, James Marcus. 

Birkin and Wesker are watching Billy and Rebecca from their monitor room.
Birkin asks Wesker who they are. Wesker, being the Captain of S.T.A.R.S. knows
who Rebecca is, but doesn't know Billy. Then a recording sounds at the
Training Facility. It is an old recording made by James Marcus on the company

Wesker and Birkin's monitor changes to show the young man in the white robe.
The man tells them that he infected the lab, the mansion, and the train to get
revenge on Umbrella. The young man beings to sing again and the leeches take
the shape of an old man as they had earlier on the train. Birkin and Wesker
recognize this replica as James Marcus. The young man in white says that ten
years ago Marcus was murdered by Umbrella and that Birkin and Wesker had
helped. Wesker and Birkin are shocked that this man would know about something
that happened ten years ago; they don't recognize him.

The Training Facility also has zombies. It seems as though Umbrella was trying
to reopen this old Training Facility that was shut down 20 years ago. The
Umbrella personnel who were trying to reopen it became infected.

After retrieving a key they need to progress, Rebecca is grabbed by a giant
centipede. According to Resident Evil Archives, this centipede is known as
Centurion and has mutated from recent "accidental exposure to the T-virus".
Billy shoots the centipede until it falls and drops Rebecca. Billy makes sure
Rebecca is alright and they continue to explore the Training Center. 

While exploring the Training Facility, they discover a secret passage way
behind the picture of James Marcus. Going down into the basement they stumble
upon a prison area. The two spot a large air vent that only Rebecca can fit
through. Billy gives Rebecca a boost and she goes through the air vent. On the
other side is a torture chamber complete with an Iron Maiden.  

The young man in white is watching Rebecca from the Training Facility's
monitor room. He releases a monkey B.O.W. known as the Eliminator. The
Eliminator jumps on Rebecca's back, and bites her. She gets it off, but when
it tries to attack again she dodges and lands hard on a weak spot on the
floor. She falls through the old, unstable floor, but manages to grab on to a
steel beam over what looks like a bottomless drop.  She calls frantically for
Billy's help over the walkie talkie.

Meanwhile, Birkin and Wesker are about to go their separate ways. This will
be the last time they see each other. The two are talking about Dr. Marcus
and the young man. Wesker believes he knows the true identity of the young man
in white, saying that if the conspiracy is brought to attention Spencer's
career will  be over, and theirs, too. Wesker tells Birkin that he will be
leaving Umbrella. Birkin is shocked by this and says that he needs more time
to complete the G-virus.  Wesker tells Birkin that he will be luring the
S.T.A.R.S. members into the Mansion to collect combat data. (He plans to
betray Umbrella and use this information to join a rival organization). Birkin
has no choice but to accept that Wesker is leaving Umbrella, he will still
focus his attention on the G-virus. He tells Wesker that he plans to set off
the Training Facility's self-destruct system in hopes of killing the
mysterious young man.

Billy receives Rebecca's distress call and rushes to save her. He leaves the
secret basement area and goes to a different part of the Training Facility
that has recently been made accessible, the boiler room which leads to another

Rebecca is holding on by one hand by now and as her hand slips Billy grabs her
and pulls her up. As Rebecca is getting up she gets a call from Enrico asking
if she has found Billy. Billy stands still as if holding his breath for the
worst. Rebecca lies and says she has found him yet, but she will keep
searching for him.  Rebecca  says to Billy that this is her first mission
and that she has "already disobeyed orders', but she doesn't think she'll live
long enough to regret it. She asks Billy if he really killed 23 people,
wondering why a murderer would put so much effort into rescuing her time and
time again. She tells him she won't judge him, but wants to know the truth
about what happened. 

Billy sighs and tells her that last year his unit was in Africa to look for
a guerrilla hideout. Many of the other people in his unit had been killed
or had died from heat stroke, until there were only four people left,
including Billy. Billy explains to Rebecca that there wasn't really a
guerrilla hideout. Those in charge had Billy and his unit going on wrong
information. Billy's leader didn't want to go home empty handed and ordered
Billy and the other two surviving marines to attack an innocent African
village. The whole village was rounded up and as the villagers huddled
together, Billy's leader ordered his unit to open fire.  Billy refused
to participate and tried to convince his leader to cease fire, but his
leader hit him with the butt of his gun. Billy then attacked his leader.

It is unknown what happened to that leader, but it seems as though Billy
was blamed for the deaths of the African civilians. Rebecca asks if Billy
followed his orders to execute the villagers, but he won't go any further
than that. To Billy it makes no difference. He is a wanted felon and he will
have to run for the rest of his life. 

Billy and Rebecca locate all three of the motto tablets and place them in the
slots in the observatory. When all three are placed the room descends to a
lower level that opens a new path for them.  On the other side is a bridge
leading to a church. Small bats fly around outside the church. Inside the
church one of them fights a giant bat. After defeating the bat they notice
a hole in the ceiling. They use the hookshot to get on the roof. The roof
provides access to the back of the church where they find the circuit breaker.
The circuit breaker controls the power to a nearby elevator. Rebecca and Billy
get into the elevator and go down. At the bottom they find James Marcus'
secret laboratory. 

In Marcus' office one of them finds an old photograph from 1939 of Marcus'
graduation. The man in the photograph looks just like the young man in white.

They discover an aerial cable car that will lead them out of Marcus' lab. They
start the cable car, but just before they are about to leave an Eliminator
drops down and scratches Rebecca. Next it jumps on Billy and he falls over the
railing. As Rebecca looks over the railing for Billy a leech man sneaks up
behind her.  The cable car's power supply is shut off, barring her from
escaping. She kills it and gets on the cable car by herself after restarting
it. Getting off the cable car she finds herself at another Umbrella facility.
She makes her way into the monitor room where Birkin and Wesker were earlier,
where she sees a prototype Tyrant in a capsule on the monitor. She finds a
key. Using the key she calls up the turntable and rides it to the bottom where
there is an entrance to  Birkin's laboratory. She doesn't go in, however. 

Enrico comes out of the elevator in Birkin's lab. Rebecca is surprised to see
him alive. Enrico tries to get Rebecca to come with him to the Spencer
Mansion, but she lets it slip that she has to find Billy. She tells Enrico
that she and Billy got separated and insists on finding him. Enrico sighs
and heads toward the Spencer Mansion on his own. Rebecca never sees Enrico

Rebecca tries to get on a different elevator, but the Prototype Tyrant she
saw earlier appears on a nearby mound of rubble. The elevator is taking a
while to arrive and a shutter closes, giving her a small area to fight in.
When the Tyrant is defeated the elevator is finally ready.

Note: If Rebecca re-enters this area later, the Tyrant's body is gone and
there is a large hole in the shutter where it got away.

The young man in white is still observing Rebecca as she rides the elevator
to the fourth floor.  The elevator leads to a  water treatment plant run by
Umbrella where she sees Billy in the water below. Something large is swimming
through the water and is attacking Billy. Billy is swept away in the water to
another part of the facility .
When she finds him he is unconscious, but he has managed to pull himself onto
some grating. Rebecca gets him to come to and they notice there are human
bones in the corner. Billy comments that these must be Marcus' test subjects. 

While exploring the water treatment plant together the Prototype Tyrant shows
up again. They defeat it for good this time. 

After exploring the treatment facility for a while they come upon a room
filled with leeches. The young man is in the room. He transforms into the old
version of James Marcus and explains to them that ten years ago, he was
assassinated by Umbrella Special Forces under Spencer's orders. Birkin and
Wesker had been there to witness this and had probably led the special forces
to Marcus' location since Marcus had trusted the two. 

Marcus' body was thrown in water, possibly in that same water treatment plant.
He transforms back into his younger self saying that the Queen Leech
reanimated him and he plans to have revenge on the whole world. As he laughs
he throws up some leeches. This seems to catch him by surprise. He then starts
to transform again, this time into the Queen Leech.

According to Resident Evil Archives the Queen Leech was able to become like
James Marcus after it entered his dead body and merged with his DNA over the
last ten years. The Queen Leech believed itself to be Marcus and took on the
form of his younger self. It carried around Marcus' memories and behaved just
as Marcus would. 

After taking a lot of damage the Queen Leech falls and drops two keys. They
use the keys to get out of the room. In the next room is a lift that they ride
up to the next floor.

As the lift is going up they notice that the Queen Leech isn't dead yet and
that it is chasing them up the shaft. Unfortunately they can't get the
platform to move any faster. Then the self-destruct sequence goes off. Birkin
finally got around to setting it off. The Queen Leech catches up to them and
rams the platform. They are thrown off, but luckily they have made it to the
next floor, which happens to be a helipad. 

While fighting the Queen Leech they discover that it is weak against sunlight.
The sun is shining through the roof a bit and they find a way to open the
roof. Rebecca unlocks the four locking mechanisms by turning handles while
Billy distracts the Queen Leech. 

Finally all four of the locks are unlocked and the roof opens. The Queen Leech
reacts to the sunlight immediately; knocking Billy and Rebecca aside. Where
Rebecca lands, she finds a magnum and throws it to Billy. Billy catches it and
shoots the Queen Leech killing it in one shot. The Queen Leech is ripped into
pieces and falls down the shaft that they had just come up. The self-destruct
system is already starting to take effect. There is a small explosion where
they are and they are able to get out of the way and escape. Meanwhile, the
Umbrella Training Facility blows up completely. 

The two arrive in the forest again where they had began their journey, this
time seeing the Spencer Mansion down below them from where they are standing.
Billy takes off his handcuffs and tosses them away. Rebecca points out the
Mansion to him, saying that Enrico had told her about it. Rebecca rips Billy's
dog tags from around his neck and puts it around her neck saying that
officially Billy Coen is dead. She is letting him go and will cover for him to
ensure his freedom. They salute each other and Rebecca turns to walk away,
heading towards the mansion. Billy thanks Rebecca and gives her a thumbs up.

c. FAQ
No questions yet


2. Resident Evil

a. Introduction
The following analysis covers the gamecube version of Resident Evil. For the
purpose of this analysis I have combined Chris and Jill's scenerios to show
how Chris, Jill, Barry, and Rebecca all survived. As such, the following
analysis is a little more vague and is not meant to follow just one of the
scenerios exactly. Instead it is a mix of both.

b. The game

July 24, 1998, Night

S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team is flying over the forest where Bravo team had crashed
the night before. On board the helicopter are Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield,
Barry Burton, Joseph Frost, and Captain Albert Wesker. Jill spots the crashed
helicopter and points it out. The team searches the helicopter, and they find
that Kevin Dooley, who had piloted the helicopter for Bravo Team is dead.

Soon, Joseph is attacked by zombie dogs. Jill tires to save him, but shooting
seems to do no good. She notices the dogs are starting to eat away at his
flesh and she freezes; they start running towards her. Too stunned to shoot,
Jill is saved by Chris, who shoots one of the dogs for her and tells her to
run. Unfortunately, Alpha Team's helicopter pilot, Brad Vickers panics and
flies off without them. Chris turns to see the dogs closing in on him, but
Captain Wesker shoots another one and tells Chris to follow him. Wesker, Jill,
Chris, and Barry sprint towards a nearby mansion.

*If you play as Chris, Barry gets separated from the group at this point and
you never see him again.

*If you play as Jill, Chris gets separated from the group and you don't see
him again until towards the end of the game, however you never meet Rebecca at

It is my belief that all four entered the mansion, but split up for varying
circumstances. According to Resident Evil Archives, Chris gets separated from
the other three while running to the mansion. Once inside the mansion Wesker
sends Jill to investigate the dining room, and Barry volunteers to go with her
since he and Chris are long time friends. Barry notices blood on the floor in
the dinning room and hopes it isn't Chris'. In an adjacent hallway Jill
discovers that Kenneth J. Sullivan from Bravo Team is being eaten by a zombie.
Jill panics and runs back to the dining room. The zombie follows her, and
Barry shoots the zombie until it falls. Barry and Jill return to the main hall
to tell Wesker, but when they go back he is gone. Jill and Barry decide to
split up to search for Wesker and Chris. Barry gives Jill a lockpick and they
go their separate ways. 

Chris and Jill work independently. Barry and Jill also work independently,
but run into each other quite frequently

Jill finds a shotgun mounted on a wall in one of the mansion's rooms and takes
it. Doing this makes a suspicious "click" sound, but she thinks nothing of it.
Leaving out of the adjoining square-shaped room, which leads back the
mansion's east hallway, she notices that the ceiling is lowering.
Unfortunately for her this is one of the mansions most dangerous traps and
both of the doors have locked. She yells for Wesker or Barry's help. Luckily,
Barry happens to be right outside of the door and hears her. He shoots the
doorknob, and after opening the door, pulls her out just seconds before the
ceiling reaches the floor. She thanks him, but asks why he is there when he
said he was going to the dining room, which is on the west side of the
mansion. Barry acts suspicious and says he just had something to check. They
part ways again. 

Chris and Jill read notes left behind by researchers and other Umbrella staff
that used to live and work there. They learn that the mansion is just a cover
up for a secret laboratory on the property. Several files mention that an
outbreak has occurred. In one room, Jill sees Barry looking over a document.
He shows it to Jill; part of it is torn off, and she asks him about it. Barry
tells her he thinks it must have been the most important part of the document,
and someone probably tore it off to protect a secret.

They find Forest Speyer of Bravo Team dead, apparently pecked to death by
crows. Jill takes his grenade launcher.

In one of the upstairs rooms, Chris finds Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken
of Bravo Team, still alive. Rebecca never mentions to Chris about what
happened to her the night before, or about meeting Billy Coen. Richard has
been bitten by a large snake and Rebecca, the team's medic tells Chris to
find some serum; the snake had to be poisonous. Chris runs to the mansion's
drug room, and retrieves the serum. He brings it back to Rebecca. Rebecca
gives Richard a shot. Richard hands Chris his radio and goes unconscious.
Chris and Rebecca move Richard to the mansion's drug room where it is safe.
Rebecca stays with Richard and Chris continues to search the mansion.

Inside the mansion's attic, Chris or Jill see the large snake called Yawn that
bit Richard earlier. The T-virus outbreak caused the snake to grow to an
impossible size.

In a gallery room, there is a painting titled "Lisa, protected by the three
spirits". Perhaps this is a painting of Lisa Trevor, the daughter of the
architect who planned this mansion, George Trevor. In a family photo we see
later of Lisa Trevor she appears to have curly dark hair, the same as the
woman in the painting.

Just outside the mansion's backdoor is a small graveyard. There is a basement
in the graveyard where researchers locked away a dangerous experiment known as
a V-ACT, also known as a Crimson Head. A coffin containing the prototype
Crimson Head is suspended by four chains. Chris and/or Jill have been
collecting masks during the early part of the game, and when put in their
respective place the chains fall off one by one until the coffin falls down
with a large thud. Chris or Jill gets locked inside the basement until the
Crimson Head Elder is defeated. They collect an important item and push a
switch inside the coffin to get out of the basement.

Jill finds a small cabin that is out in a wooded area close to the mansion.
It looks old and appears in poor condition, but a fire is burning in the
fireplace. After picking up a crank, Jill hears the cabin door squeak open.
She goes to check it out, but gets knocked unconscious. When she finally comes
to she is laying in front of the fireplace. She gets up and sees a deformed
woman in chains headed her way. The woman is dressed in rags and wears human
faces over her own face. This is Lisa Trevor. She is a long time test subject
at the Arklay Lab. Lisa and her mother, Jessica had arrived at the Spencer
Mansion before George Trevor did, but they were captured and used to test
the Progenitor Virus. Jessica was given Progenitor Type-A, but failed to fuse
with the virus; she was disposed of. Lisa was given Progenitor Type-B and was
seen as a success. Even though both George and Jessica were disposed of, the
staff kept Lisa around. Lisa Trevor's amazing ability to survive the
Progenitor Virus and the Nemesis Prototype made her a valuable test subject.
However, Progenitor warped her mind and body, and she had a nasty habit of
ripping off the faces of female researchers that reminded her of her mother.
Because of this, the researchers had decided to finally dispose of Lisa. They
monitored her vital signs, and when they assumed she was dead, she was
disposed of. However, Lisa wasn't dead at all. Instead she hung around the
mansion grounds, this cabin, and some underground caves in particular. Lisa is
virtually invincible, so Jill runs out of the cabin and back through the woods
to get away from her.                  

In the courtyard, Chris gets a call from Brad on the radio asking someone to
respond, but Chris can't get the radio to work.

Both Jill and Chris explore another cabin like residence that is on the
mansion's grounds, but they don't see each other.

In the residence, a document is found mentioning Plant 42, a plant that has
grown substantially after the May 11th T-virus outbreak. Not only did the
T-virus change the plant's size, but it also changed it's anatomy. It is
written in the file that after the outbreak, one of the researchers went crazy
and destroyed the Aqua Ring, which caused the basement to be flooded. The
researcher writing the document theorizes that a chemical in the water is
helping Plant 42 grow since it's roots have grown down into the basement.
He also writes that a second way that Plant 42 obtains nutrients is though
human blood.

When Chris enters the Aqua Ring he sees Richard standing in deep water, and
clinging to the far railing. Chris approaches him, but Richard pushes him out
of the way. Chris sees why; a large Great White Shark appears and grabs
Richard with it's huge jaws. All that is left is blood in the water.
This Great White Shark is known as Neptune and is one of the
experiments. There are also two smaller sharks in the water.

Chris makes it into the Aqua Ring's control room and drains the water.
The sharks are "beached" and are rendered virtually harmless. However,
Neptune is in a section where the water is still somewhat deep. The water
comes up to Chris' waist and he walks by thinking it's dead. On a platform
is a key he needs to progress. Once on the platform he reaches for the key,
but the Great White tries to attack, and the key falls in the water in front
of Neptune.  Using a generator unit, Chris electrocutes Neptune adn is able
to safely get to the key.

Next, Chris enters the room where Plant 42's bulb-like body is located.
Plant 42 grabs Chris, but he manages to get out of the plant's grip. Using
the second floor of the room to access the plant's weak spot he is able to
defeat the killer plant.

After defeating Plant 42, Chris sees Rebecca. He tells her that Richard has
died. Rebecca tells Chris about the nearby supply room where she can treat
Chris's wounds; she runs off to the supply room. Inside the supply room,
Rebecca breaks down, and cries.  

While exploring the residence, Jill overhears a conversation between Barry
and someone else (Wesker). She hears Barry say, "It's not necessary to destroy
S.T.A.R.S." The conversation she hears also indicates that Barry's family is
in trouble. Jill goes in right away to confront whoever is in the room, but
the only person she sees is Barry. Barry acts suspicious and says he was
talking to himself. He reasons that the creepy mansion is getting to him, and
he leaves to go outside. Jill is worried and concerned, but keeps what she
just heard to herself. She later sees Wesker and is relieved to see him alive.
Wesker tells her he thinks Barry is acting strange, and Jill agrees with him.
Wesker tells her to keep exploring the main mansion.

On his way out of the residence, Chris gets another call from Brad, but he
still can't get the radio to work. Upon returning to the main mansion, Chris
and Jill are confronted by a B.O.W. called the Hunter, although Rebecca has
already encountered these the night before. A traitor has released these on
Inside of the mansion's library, Yawn shows up again. This time it is defeated
for good.

After unlocking Sir Spencer's study, Chris hears Rebecca scream from upstairs.
He runs upstairs and sees that Rebecca is cornered by one of the Hunters and
she doesn't have a gun. She is too stunned to even go through the door that is
next to her. Chris kills the Hunter for her, and makes sure she is ok. Chris
tells her they need to find the others as soon as possible and get out of
there. He tells her they need to keep working separately, but for her to be
more careful. 

Jill finds a battery that she uses to operate the elevator that is in the
courtyard. She uses it, and it reveals a passageway hidden behind the
waterfall. The passageway leads to some underground caves.  Jill finds Enrico,
the leader of Bravo Team, injured. After making sure Jill is alone, Enrico
tells Jill that someone in S.T.A.R.S. is a traitor, and Umbrella had seet them
up. Before Enrico can tell Jill who the traitor is, Enrico is shot in the
chest and dies instantly. Unfortunately, Jill doesn't see who shot Enrico.
The traitor releases more Hunters to the area. 

While exploring the cave, Jill comes upon one room where an enormous spider
appears. This is the Black Tiger. There are other smaller spiders in the room,
although they still rather huge. The Black Tiger has a few dead humans trapped
in webs that hang from the ceiling. Jill destroys all the spiders and

After Jill restores power to an elevator inside the cave, Barry catches up and
rides the elevator down with her. At the bottom, they hear someone moaning.
Barry tells Jill to go check it out saying he will stay with the elevator to
make sure they have an escape route. Jill goes to investigate the source of
the sound. Jill goes through a door, and down a narrow corridor in the cave
until she hears a sound from where she left Barry. She goes back to check,
but Barry is taking the elevator back up, leaving her stranded. Jill returns
to the narrow corridor and sees Lisa Trevor. She manages to avoid her and
unlocks another door. On the other side of the door is an area of the caves
that are decorated with dolls and pictures of a girl. Jill notes that the bed
is still warm. Perhaps this is the home Lisa Trevor made for herself after she
was disposed of by the researchers. The real mystery here is how Lisa Trevor
got all these keepsakes down here. The passageway leads to the small cabin
where Jill initially saw Lisa. 

Jill heads back to the mansion. She has the necessary items needed to open the
double doors behind the main staircase in the mansion's foyer. The doors lead
to another passageway, this time leading to Jessica Trevor's coffin. When Jill
gets to Jessica's final resting place, she sees Barry looking at the coffin.
Barry is surprised to see Jill alive. Barry pulls out his magnum , but she
grabs it away from him just as quickly and points it at him demanding to know
what's going on. As Barry tries to explain, Lisa Trevor shows up. Barry asks
for his gun back in order to fight the monster. Jill gives in, and hands him
the gun. With Barry distracting the monster, Jill pushes the four stones off
the platform. When all four are moved, the lid of the coffin slides away. Lisa
Trevor's attention is turned to the open coffin she had been trying to open
since 1967. She grabs her mother's skull, and jumps off the platform. Jill is
still suspicious of Barry, but she puts it behind her for the time being.
Barry tells her he doesn't think the monster is really dead, and tells Jill to
go on ahead of him, which she does. Jill takes a small lift up which leads to
the courtyard where the entrance to the lab is hidden by a fountain. Using two
medals, Jill opens the entrance to the lab, and rides another lift down.

Here is where things get tricky.

*If you have been playing as Jill, you find Chris locked up in a cell in the

*If you have been playing as Chris, you find Jill locked up in a cell in the

*However, for the purpose of this guide, the two characters have been working
independently throughout the game. I believe that the lab is where Jill and
Chris meet up again at some point.

In the lab, one of them finds a letter written by a researcher named John to
his girlfriend Ada, in case she came to visit and found him and everyone else
zombified. RE2 players would recognize this as Ada Wong. However, Ada never
got the letter; she didn't find out about John's death until she was told by
Annette in RE2 which takes place about two months later. In the letter, he
instructs Ada to activate the self-destruct system, and make the accident
known to the public, something S.T.A.R.S will have to do instead.

One of them uses a projector to view a slide of Umbrella's research.

-The zombie dogs that Chris and Jill have encountered are known as Cerberus
to the researchers (MA-39). 

-The Great White Shark, Neptune is on the next slide (FI-03).

-The Hunters are MA-121.

-The last B.O.W. slide is of a monster that Chris and Jill have not
encountered yet, known as the Tyrant (T-002).

-A slide of the research staff reveals that Albert Wesker is one of
them. (A nearby file mentions Wesker by name).
*The following paragraph is mainly from Jill's scenario, but elements of
Chris' scenario have been mixed in. 

Barry lures Jill and possibly Rebecca and Chris to a room with several
capsules. Also in the room is Wesker, who is waiting for them, ready to
use the Tyrant to collect combat data. Wesker reveals that Barry has been
cooperating with him in order to ensure the safety of Barry's wife and
daughters. The Tyrant gets released and it runs Wesker though with it's claw.
This was Wesker's plan all along: to fake his death with the help of an
experimental virus given to him by Birkin that would give him superhuman
abilities once he woke up. (We learn from RE5 that Birkin gave Wesker the
virus in order to fulfill a step in the Wesker Children Plan.  However,
Birkin didn't know about the Wesker Children plan and was simply instructed
to give the virus to Wesker on recommendation). Unfortunately for Wesker,
the Tyrant is defeated. Barry is forgiven of his betrayal, and Rebecca sets
off the self-destruct system in order to destroy any remaining monsters and
traces of T-virus.

As the self-destruct system sounds, the four survivors make their way to the
helipad.  Chris gets a call on the radio from Brad. This is their last chance
to make Brad aware they are alive. Once they make it to the helipad, they use
a signal rocket to get Brad's attention. By this time, the sun is just coming
up and it is the morning of July 25. The Tyrant isn't dead yet and it crashes
though the concrete ground. The four survivors fight the Tyrant again. This
time the Tyrant is much faster. Brad drops a rocket launcher from the
helicopter. Chris or Jill use the rocket launcher to destroy the Tyrant once
and for all.

Jill, Chris, Barry, and Rebecca have survived. As they are fly away they see
the mansion explode. Jill falls asleep on Chris' shoulder, exhausted.
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3. Resident Evil 2

a. Introduction

Resident Evil 2 is the sequel to the original Resident Evil. It takes
place September 29, 1998, two months after Resident Evil. This analysis
will follow Clare A / Leon B of the original Resident Evil 2, taking bits
of information from Darkside Chronicles where it doesn't conflict with the

b. The game

On the evening of September 29, 1998, Claire Redfield drives into Raccoon 
City on her motorcycle. She is looking for her brother, Chris, who she hasn't
heard from in two months. The streets seem to be deserted, but she stops at a
diner called "Emmy's" and goes inside.

At the same time Leon drives into town in his jeep and it's his first day on
the job as a police officer.

According to Resident Evil Archives, he is arriving late because he overslept.
Leon had overslept because he had recently broke up with his girlfriend and
had gotten drunk at a hotel. He had recently graduated from the police academy
and was interested in the recent strange incidents in Raccoon city so he
volunteered to join the RPD.

As he is driving through the city streets he sees someone lying in the middle
of the road and gets out to investigate. 

At a gas station somewhere else in town, a semi-driver complains to himself
that some maniac bit him. He gets back in his truck and takes off.

Leon checks the corpse that is lying in the road and notices that others
are advancing towards him. As he points his gun at them to try to warn them
the corpse on the ground springs to life and tries to bite his leg. He 
begins to shoot them and is confused as to why they don't go down so 
easily. He goes down an alley which leads to the backdoor of Emmy's dinner.

Inside the diner, Claire sees a zombie eating a corpse. She is so shocked
she backs herself against a window, where she sees more zombies from 
outside. She runs for the only exit, a backdoor. On the other side is Leon,
who is aiming a gun in her direction. Luckily for Claire, Leon is aiming for 
the zombie behind her. Leon asks Claire to come with him to the police 
station, saying it will be safer there. 

They get into a police car together with Leon driving. They introduce 
themselves, not noticing the semi-truck driving erratically behind them. Just 
after Claire finds a gun in the glove compartment, a zombie pops up from the 
back seat and attacks Leon. Leon has a hard time controlling the car and 
keeping the zombie from biting him. They crash into a sign post and the 
zombie goes flying through the windshield. They survive the crash, but soon 
notice the semi-truck headed their way and it shows no sign of stopping or 
even slowing down. They jump out of the car just seconds before impact.

Now separated by a wall of fire, Leon tells Claire to meet him at the 
police station.

Leon heads for the police station which is not far from where he crashed
the police car. On the RPD rooftop, Leon sees a police officer trying to 
escape. A helicopter is flying above the man, attempting to lower the ladder
for him to climb up. Zombies advance on the officer. He tries to shoot them with
his machine gun, but they attack him and he loses control of his gun which
kills the helicopter pilot. The helicopter crashes on the police officer and
it bursts into flames, killing them all, except for Leon who is standing a
safe distance away.

Claire enters a gun shop where the owner, Robert Kendo, points a crossbow at 
her. Claire convinces him that she is not a zombie, and he walks over to her 
to lock the door. The friendly owner tells her he doesn't know whatís going 
on, but that the shop is a safe place. While Claire explores the store, 
zombies break through the glass and kill Kendo. Claire tries to save 
him, but it's too little, too late. She takes his crossbow with her and makes 
her way to the police station.

After finding what he needs in the RPD, Leon puts out the burning 
helicopter. Leon is just about to go back inside the RPD, when he sees 
another helicopter flying around. This time the helicopter drops a large
red capsule. A Tyrant known as Mr. X comes out of the capsule and crashes 
through the roof of the RPD. Leon goes back inside the RPD and is nearly 
injured by falling debris from the now broken roof. When Leon rounds 
the corner he sees Mr. X. It takes a lot of firepower to knock Mr. X out. As
Leon leaves hallway, Mr. X gets back up. 

At the police station, Claire meets Marvin Branagh, a police officer who is
injured. She tells him she is looking for Chris. He tells Claire a little of
what he knows about the Mansion Incident and that nobody believed Chris and
the other S.T.A.R.S members. She wants to help him, but Marvin insists that
she go save any other surviving people, even pointing a gun at her to get
out. With the key card given to her, Claire goes to unlock the electronic

Claire makes it to the S.T.A.R.S. office and reads Chris' journal, learning
that he has gone to Europe to investigate Umbrella. The journal also talks
about the G-virus. 

Before Claire leaves the office, a fax addressed to Chris comes in regarding
Police Chief Brian Irons and the G-virus. The fax is an internal investigation
report from the Federal Police Department. They cannot be sure the G-virus
really exists, but it does say that Chief Irons received bribes from Umbrella
over the last five years. The file also says that Irons was arrested twice for
suspicion of rape while in University. Irons also covered up the Mansion
Incident, where Chris himself was directly involved.

Shortly after, Claire sees a girl, Sherry Birkin, running away from a 
zombie. In the next room, Claire is relieved to see Leon again. He tells 
Claire that the girl just came by and gives Claire a radio to stay in 

After passing by the crashed helicopter where Leon put out the fire earlier,
Claire hears a woman scream. However, Claire can't do anything about it
because of a broken door. 

Claire finds another way into the room where Marvin is. As she approaches him,
he transforms into a zombie and attacks her. She kills him and takes the
detonator and combines it with the plastic bomb she found earlier. Behind the
broken doorway is a hallway leading to Brian Iron's office. She enters the
room to find a dead woman laying on the desk. She appears to have a gunshot
wound on her stomach. The room also has various taxidermy animals. Brian Irons
swivels around in his chair  and points a gun at Claire before lowering it.
Irons says the woman is the Mayor's daughter and that she will soon turn into
a zombie. Claire asks if there is a way to stop it. Irons tells her that the
only way is to either shoot her in the brain or decapitate her. Irons seems
extremely upset and asks to be alone. Claire goes into a side room where Irons
keeps his collectables and art work, which he was able to afford because he
was receiving bribes from Umbrella. 

Leon goes to the RPD's basement area and enters the parking garage. Someone
fires a gun at him but misses. Leon sees a woman in a short, red halter dress
and black leggings. She apologizes saying she thought he was another zombie.
Leon angrily asks who she is and she says her name is Ada Wong. Ada says she
is looking for a reporter named Ben who is in the cell block, but the door is
blocked by a police van. Ada asks for Leon's help to move it. Together they
push the van and Ada runs ahead of Leon into the cell block; however, Leon
finds Ben first. Ben has locked himself inside a cell for safety. Ada tells
Ben she is looking for her boyfriend, John, who was an Umbrella researcher. 
Ben refuses to leave the cell, saying that there are more than just zombies to
worry about. A monster roars in the distance. Leon tells Ben he should 
come with him because he's the only officer left alive. Ben is shocked to
hear this and instructs Leon on how to leave the RPD via a manhole leading to
the sewers. Ada runs off again.

Leon goes through the man-hole, as Ben told him, where he sees a door 
leading to the sewer, but he needs all the key pieces to open the door. He 
sees Ada again and tells her his name. Ada ask him to help her through a 
shaft, so he gives her a boots. As Ada exits the shaft she finds herself in
a room known as the cesspool. She sees Sherry drop her locket and run away. 
Inside the locket is a family picture of her parents, William; Annette; and
herself. Ada then wears it around. Ada finds some items and brings them back
to Leon. She can't reach the shaft now without Leon, so she goes her separate
way for now.

Claire hears small footsteps and follows them to the back of the room behind
Iron's office. After Claire turns on the light, Sherry tires to run past, but
Claire grabs her arm and tries to calm her down. Sherry calms down and Claire
radios Leon to let him know that she found the girl and cleared the corridor.
Sherry tells Claire that her parents work for the chemical plant at the 
city limits. (A cover up her parents told her to protect the secrecy of
the lab.) Sherry's mother, Annette told her to go to the police station. In 
Darkside Chronicles we learn that Annette had warned Sherry to stay away from
others and to take the locket from her jewelry box. 

Claire tries to get Sherry to come with her, but Sherry is too scared 
because of a monster she says is after her. The monster roars as if on cue 
and Sherry makes a run for it. Claire returns to Chief Irons' office, but he's  
gone. Claire reads a journal he has left behind. In the journal he admits to 
causing confusion during the outbreak, shooting a survivor, and plans to hunt 
down and taxidermy the Mayor's daughter.
Later on, after she had found everything she needed Claire returns to
Iron's office. Sherry also happens to be in the office. Before going
down an elevator, Claire finds papers detailing Irons' involvement with a 
top Umbrella researcher, William Birkin. Claire tells Sherry to wait for her
while she checks out where the elevator leads. The elevator leads to a 
dungeon-like room. Claire hears Brian Irons screaming because the monster 
that once was William Birkin is attacking him and forcing G-embryos down his 
throat. When Claire encounters him, Irons once again points a gun 
at her. He reveals to Claire that William Birkin's daughter, Sherry has been
running around the police station. It seems that Irons intends to kill
Claire, until he starts to grab at his chest in pain. Irons is not the ideal
host for the G-virus because William Birkin and Irons are not related and the
G-Adult body burst through his chest, tearing him into. Claire follows the
little monster down a ladder and sees it grow larger. She kills it and goes
back to get Sherry. 

After more runs ins with Mr. X, Leon finds the last of the key pieces he 
needs to open the door leading to the sewer. He slides down an air duct and 
at the bottom he hears Ben scream from inside the cell block. William Birkin
slashes Ben across the chest. Leon runs to the cell block to find Ben dying
on the floor. He gives Leon a file. It is mail to Chief Irons from William 
Birkin, proving that they worked together to cover up the Mansion Incident 
and other research. It is the same file Claire read earlier. Ada enters the
cell block and tells Leon she is headed for the chemical plant. She runs off 

Claire tells Sherry to come with her because she has found a way out of the 
police station and possibly out of the city. She radios Leon to let him know 
her intentions. Leon tells her that it isn't safe, but she ignores him. 

Leon heads to leave, too, but William Birkin is in the room leading to escape.
Birkin still retains some of his human features at this point. He grabs one 
of the rails and breaks it off and walks towards Leon. Once Leon damaged
Birkin enough, Birkin walked away and jumped over the railing. Leon unlocked
the door and headed for the sewer. 

Claire and Sherry set out for the sewers ahead of Leon. They see the Birkin 
and panic, running for the next door. In the next room the floodgate opens 
and sucks Sherry through it. Claire calls to Sherry and she tries to respond, 
but because of the falling water Clare can't hear her. Sherry makes her own
way through the sewer and finds a key item, but the floor opens up from under 
her and she is dropped onto a bunch of garbage and is knocked unconscious. 
William Birkin advances on Sherry. This time he has found the perfect host 
to pass on the G-virus. 

Claire continues through the sewer and meets Annette Birkin, Sherry's 
mother. At first, Annette accuses Claire of being a spy sent to retrieve
the G-virus, but Claire tells her that Sherry is lost somewhere in the 
sewer. Annette explains that William will be looking for Sherry, seeking
to spread the G-virus. People not related to Birkin are likely to reject the
virus, but since Sherry is his daughter she is the most compatible host.
Annette tells Clare that Umbrella sent their special forces team to take the
G-virus, however, Birkin was shot in the process. The team took 
samples of the G-virus and the T-virus. While the team tried to exit the
sewers, William Birkin injected himself with the G-virus and went after the
team, killing them. Sewer rats ingested the T-virus samples that were
shattered in the incident, thus spreading the virus and causing the outbreak
in Raccoon City. Claire and Annette go in different directions in order to
look for Sherry.

Claire finds Sherry among the garbage where she had fallen, but a giant
alligator appears out of the filthy water around the dump area. Claire has
to retreat down the corridor. She kills the alligator and goes to check Sherry.
Sherry wakes up as one of the G-virus embryos slithers away. Sherry complains
of stomach pain as Claire helps her down from the garbage. 

On the other side of the door he unlocked, Leon sees Ada and convinces her to
stick with him, saying it's too dangerous to split up again. Leon and Ada walk
through the sewer and take a lift down into a hallway where they see Annette.
Annette runs away and Ada chases her. Annette fires several shots at Ada, but
Leon pushes Ada out of the way and gets shot in the process. Leon passes out,
but Ada chases after Annette and follows her through the sewer. Entering
another room, Annette shoots the gun from Ada's hand and asks her to identify
herself. Annette recognizes Ada's name. She knew the researcher named John and
knew he used Ada's name as his password at the Spencer Mansion lab. Annette
tells Ada that John is dead and that she won't let anyone take the G-virus from
her. Ada figures out that the monster back at the police department is William
Birkin. Then Annette recognizes Sherry's locket that Ada is wearing. They get
in a catfight and Ada pushes Annette over the railing. Ada looks inside the
locket again and behind the family photo is a sample of the G-virus. 
After riding an aerial cable car, Claire and Sherry find a turntable in a 
factory and they take it down. Sherry says her stomach hurts again. Sherry 
passes out and Claire checks her forehead. She appears to have a fever. 

Leon regains consciousness and goes to look for Ada. He finds her in the 
dumping area for garbage. Ada applies some bandages to Leonís wounds. Ada
sadly tells Leon that she just found out that John is dead. Leon and Ada
continue through the sewer.

Outside of the small train situated on the turntable, Claire hears a noise.
She goes out to investigate. Outside on the turntable, William Birkin throws
a steel bar at her. Birkin transforms again, this time losing more of his 
human appearance. His human face has sunk into his chest and a new head has 
formed that resembles a skull. Claire fights the monster until he is 

Claire goes back inside the train and it settles at the bottom floor, which
happens to be William Birkin's laboratory. Claire carries Sherry into the
security room and removes her vest to put on Sherry. Sherry wakes up and
tells Claire that as an only child she was lonely because of her parent's
work. She says she doesn't feel lonely around Claire. Claire goes to 
find a anti-dote for the G-virus to cure Sherry.

Leon and Ada board the same cable car that Claire and Sherry were on earlier.
William Birkin attacks by ramming his claws through the cable car roof. Leon
and Ada shoot the hand until Birkin retreats. Ada and Leon finally arrive at
the factory. Leon goes to investigate the factory while Ada stays in the 
control room. Leon finds a key and looks at the monitor in the room to see
Mr. X headed his way. Mr. X smashes the camera. Leon fights Mr. X again until
Mr. X is knocked out.

Leon and Ada now take the turntable down. Inside the train Birkin's arm
slices through the interior knocking Ada unconscious. Leon goes outside onto
the turntable to fight Birkin as Claire did. This time, Birkin has lost
all his human appearance. When the fight is over, Birkin jumps off the 
turntable and goes up the shaft. 
Back inside the train, Ada has regained consciousness. The turntable stops
because of overheating. Leon leaves Ada in the train to go into the lab via
a vent. After falling through the vent the turntable continues down the shaft.
When Leon finds the turntable again, Ada is gone.

In the lab, Leon meets Annette. Annette reveals to Leon that she did a 
background check on Ada and that Ada is a spy sent to obtain the G-virus and
that she became John's girlfriend to get information on Umbrella. Leon
doesn't believe her, which is of no concern to Annette. Mr. X enters the room
and Annette runs away while Leon fights the monster.

While exploring the lab, Claire is confronted again by Annette. This time
Annette accuses Claire of killing William. Claire tells Annette that Sherry
is infected. Then Annette hears the her husband, William Birkin, and goes down
the hall to see, but he attacks her. 

Leon enters a room overlooking an iron smelting pool. Mr. X attacks once
again. From behind Mr. X, Ada shoots to distract the tyrant. Mr. X turns 
towards Ada, but she runs out of bullets. While she reloads, Mr. X picks her
up. Ada shoots Mr. X in the face a few times and he throws her against a 
machine that eventually sets off the self destruct system. Mr. X falls down
into the iron smelting pool. Leon holds Ada as she dies. They kiss and she
goes limp and loses a lot of blood. Leon says to himself that he will always
remember her.

Claire follows Annette to where she is now laying on the floor dying.
Annette gives her instructions on how to synthesize the vaccine for the
G-virus, asking Claire to tell Sherry that she is sorry she wasn't a better
mother. The self-destruct system is then activated. While on her way to make
the vaccine, Claire sees Leon on the security monitor and radios him to get
Sherry from the security room. Claire successfully synthesizes the G-virus
vaccine, code-named "Devil."

Leon carries Sherry to the elevator. He unlocks the emergency passage. Leon
finds a train called "Galaxie-5000" that leads outside of the city. Leon
sets Sherry down on a bench inside the train and tries to find a way
to restore power to the emergency train.

Claire finds a way out of the lab using a MO disk. In a room with large
test tubes, the self-destruct system announces that there is only five
minutes left until detonation.

While trying to restore power to the emergency train, Mr. X jumps down. His
trench coat has burned off and he is much faster now. Suddenly Ada appears
from a walkway above and drops a rocket launcher. Leon is shocked to see
Ada still alive, but she disappears soon after. Leon destroys Mr. X with
the rocket launcher. Leon restores the train's power and gets it moving.

Before Claire can get on the elevator, William Birkin crashes through the
ceiling. She fights him once again and he undergoes another transformation.
This time his appearance is bear-like and he runs around on all fours.
Claire defeats Birkin and gets on the elevator. The elevator leads to the
emergency train. Leon is already on the train with Sherry and it's in motion.
The lab is starting to self-destruct at this time. Claire manages to get on
the train and gives Sherry the G-virus vaccine and she wakes up. The vaccine
was successful. Leon goes into the train's control room to reflect on all that
has happened. As he thinks about Ada, the train rattles violently and an alarm
sounds. Leon goes to check what might have set off the alarm. One of the doors
locks behind him and a similar self destruct system says that the train will
detonate. Leon finds out why; William Birkin is on the train. This time he is
a large blob that takes up much of the back of the train. Leon shoots Birkin
until he liquefies, but the self destruct system hasn't stopped and the door
is still locked. As what remains of William Birkin continues to grow the door
Leon just went though begins to break. Leon has no choice but to climb onto
the roof of the train.

Birkin starts to break down the door and enter the main train compartment
where Sherry and Claire are. Sherry crawls through a hole to get into the
main control room. As the monster advances on her, Claire manages to climb
down under the train. Inside the control room, Sherry doesn't know which
button will stop the train. Leon opens a small door on the roof of the train
and sticks his head through to show Sherry which button to press. The train
comes to a stop and the three of them get off the train and run the remainder
of the length of the tunnel to escape the explosion. William Birkin is
finally destroyed by the train's self destruct system. The three stand outside
of the tunnel and outside of the city happy to have escaped. The sun is just
rising in the distance. Leon says its their job to take down Umbrella.
However, Claire still needs to find her brother, Chris.

c. The Fourth Survivor

The Fourth Survivor is a canon mini-game where you play as Hunk. Hunk and
his team were sent by the facility director of Umbrella France, Christine
Henri, to retrieve a sample of the G-virus from Birkin's lab outside
Raccoon City.

It would make sense that the French division of Umbrella would want the
G-virus. According to Wesker's Report II, the G-virus was derived from the
Nemesis parasite that Wesker ordered from Umbrella's French lab.

In the mini-game, Hunk is a lone survivor after his team was wiped out by
William Birkin. Based on the presence of Mr. X and the crashed helicopter on
the rooftop, I believe that the mini-game takes place during the main game
sometime, not before or after. Hunk has to make his way from the sewer to the
RPD's rooftop, where he is rescued by helicopter along with the G-virus sample.
After this mini-game, the G-virus was successfully delivered to Loire Village.

d. Aftermath

Claire and Leon get into an argument on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Leon 
told Claire to leave him and Sherry alone. Claire promised to come back and
left on her own. I find it odd that Leon would tell Claire to leave him and
Sherry alone because it was Claire who spent the most time with Sherry.
Claire leaves Sherry with Leon and wanders off into the wilderness to continue
her search for Chris. She plans to go to Europe next.

Leon and Sherry are taken in by the U.S. government. Leon is told that he
must work for them and let them keep Sherry in government custody. Leon 
reluctantly leaves Sherry with them and accepts the job offer. Sherry is
stuck in government custody since she has no living relatives. She hopes that
Claire will remember her. She is the only person in the world who is immune
to the G-virus.

Ada has escaped Raccoon City thanks to Wesker. One morning
soon after RE2 as she is getting dressed, she looks in the
mirror and cries. She says good-bye to her old name, but has a
large scar on her stomach that reminds her of the events of RE2.
She has another mission coming up.

e. FAQ

Q: Why did you analyze Claire A/Leon B?

A: I thought a lot about this one and came to the conclusion that
Claire A/Leon B is the most cannon. The Resident Evil Archives book follows
this storyline, for example. Plus in Leon B, Ada gets the G-virus sample. In
Leon A, Leon throws it away. In Umbrella Chronicles, Ada clearly has the
G-virus sample in her short scenario that takes place after RE2, just before
the city is destroyed.

4. Resident Evil 3

a. Introduction

Resident Evil 3 is the third installment in the series, however the first part
of the game takes place before Resident Evil 2. The first part of the game
takes place on September 28, 1998. The second part of the game takes
place on October 1, 1998. This analysis contains the plot of the original
Resident Evil 3 game. I will only use bits of information from Umbrella
Chronicles where it doesn't contradict Resident Evil 3.

b. The game

Two months have passed since the Mansion Incident in the Arklay Mountains.
Nobody believes the surviving S.T.A.R.S members, especially because the 
city was so influenced by the Umbrella corporation that "no one dared to 
opposed them" or to question them. Chris Redfield leaves for Europe to 
investigate Umbrella. Jill Valentine and Brad Vickers stay behind. During 
September there is a major T-virus outbreak that started in the Raccoon City
sewers and was carried by rats, who soon infected people. By September 28,
things had gotten far out of hand. Even the RPD officers and Umbrella's
special forces are slaughtered by zombies. Jill has avoided infection, 
possibly by staying in her apartment. By the 28th, she decides to find
a way to escape the city on her own.

Jill escapes her apartment building just before an explosion causes a fire.
She finds temporary safety in a warehouse, where she meets a melodramatic man 
named Dario, who refuses to leave the warehouse because his daughter was eaten
by zombies during the outbreak. He locks himself in a large storage container.
She is forced to leave the warehouse without him. 

Jill takes back alleys to get around the city. While going down one of these
alleys she sees Brad Vickers escape a storeroom with many zombies following
him. Jill finds Brad in a nearby bar being attacked by a zombie. After Jill
helps kill the zombie, Brad tells her that someone is out to get S.T.A.R.S
members, but he doesn't stick around to explain.

Jill goes to the RPD to get her lock pick. As she enters the gate to the RPD,
Brad also comes in and looks in rough shape. Just then a highly advanced 
tyrant, known as Nemesis, jumps down in between Jill and Brad. Jill watches in
horror as Nemesis corners Brad, lifts him up, and impales him through the head
with his tentacle. (Brad is reanimated as a zombie in RE2 due to the bite
her received from the zombie earlier.) Next, Nemesis advances on Jill and the
monster knows she is a S.T.A.R.S. member like Brad. He even says "S.T.A.R.S."
in a low pitched voice whenever he finds her during the game. Jill runs into
the RPD to get away from the monster.

Many of the doors in the RPD are boarded up at this time, but Jill goes 
through an office where she sees Marvin Branagh wounded and passed out on 
the floor, mistaking him for dead. 

In the S.T.A.R.S. office, Jill gets her lock pick. On her way out the 
communications device gets a message from a man named Carlos saying his
platoon has been cut off. Jill canít send messages out because itís broken,
either because Chief Irons broke it or it was broken by accident during the
zombie outbreak. She is unable to help Carlos at this time.

Also of note in the S.T.A.R.S office are the desks that Jill can comment
on. They all belong to surviving members of the Mansion Incident. Barry and
Chris are good friends and old partners in the Air Force, so their desks are
next to each other. Next, Jill sits back to back with Chris, so they are
sitting close together. The way the desks are laid out only corroborates the
close friendships that the characters have. Chris even has a jacket displayed
with the same picture and words on it as Claireís  in RE2, "Made in Heaven." 
It is interesting that Rebecca Chambers has her own desk, being a rookie.
Maybe the desks were redistributed among the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members
after the Mansion Incident. However, Wesker's desk is still there, even though
at the time, they thought he was dead. Also in the room is a picture of the
whole team before the Mansion Incident. Chris has a trophy for marksmanship
which sits on a shelf.

As Jill is leaving, the Nemesis breaks though a window and chases her out of 
the RPD. By the time Jill exits the RPD, it is night. 

Jill continues exploring back alleys until she sees a man shooting a zombie.
He runs off down the street and into a nearby restaurant called "Grill 13."
Jill follows him inside, but the man is nowhere to be found. She goes out the
back door and heads towards the newspaper office. Jill finds a the man
unconscious on the second floor office. Jill manages to wake him and he says
his name is Carlos, the man from the radio earlier at the S.T.A.R.S office.
Jill asks him who he represents, after telling him she is from S.T.A.R.S.
Carlos tells her he works for Umbrellaís paramilitary unit, U.B.C.S. (Umbrella
Biohazard Countermeasure Service).

Jill is speechless and stares at Carlos until Nemesis interrupts them. They
hide in the office. Luckily for them, Nemesis is knocked out by a random
explosion. They leave the office. Outside Jill asks why Umbrella would send
Carlos's team in. Jill becomes angry when Carlos says they are there to rescue
civilians, saying that Umbrella lies. Carlos reasons with Jill, saying that he
is just a hired hand and asks her to help his team, before running off again.

Jill inserts one gem into a lock mechanism outside City Hall. She
needs one more gem to unlock the gate. She read Marvinís report back
at the RPD that said the first gem had been found on the person of a
restaurant owner, who had taken shelter at the police department. Jill
finds the second gem on a corpse in the basement of Grille 13.
She unlocks the gates to City Hall.
Jill finds a trolley, where she meets Nicholai, a sergeant in the
UBCS. Jill tells him she just met Carlos and that she is a member of 
S.T.A.R.S. Nicholai seems unreasonably upset by this and walks away.
Laying on one of the seats in the trolley is Mikhail, a lieutenant,
who is injured. 

In the next room, Carlos convinces Nicholai to let Jill join them.
Nicholai reluctantly agrees and tells them the plan to escape the city
via a helicopter. First they have to get the trolley in working
order again and ride to The St. Michael Clock Tower. Jill goes to
get the missing parts.

Next, Jill goes to the gas station, "Stagla". Carlos follows her in.
Soon a crowd of zombies starts to gather around the gas station. Carlos 
steps outside "wanting to play hero" while Jill gets oil for the Trolley.
As Jill is leaving she notices a spark in the garage area. The spark 
explodes, causing a fire as Jill makes her way out of the building. 
Outside, Carlos is sitting down. At first, Jill thinks he is dead.
Carlos tells her to relax and he gets up and they both run away
from the burning gas station before it blows up. Carlos goes to
get some equipment. Jill continues to look for what is needed to
fix the trolley. 

Jill makes a quick trip back to the trolley to see Mikhail shooting
a bunch of zombies. Jill asks if he has a death wish. Mikhail says
he doesnít want to stop fighting just because he is wounded and he and the
rest of the UBCS wonít take responsibility for Umbrellaís actions. Jill tells
Mikhail that is why she is helping them and assists him back into the
trolley. He lays back down in the same place as before and
apologizes and says he feels useless and feels regret that
he couldnít save the mercenaries he had lead. Jill tells him
to rest and she goes to find the remaining repair parts.

At an electrical sub-station, Jill finds a fuse she needs to
operate the Trolley. Zombies start to gather outside. She 
increases the electrical output and electrocutes them.

Jill enters an office owned by Umbrella. Inside the office,
Nicholai is shooting one of the U.B.C.S. mercenaries named Murphy
Seeker. Nicholai claims he was about to turn into a zombie. Jill is
disturbed, but investigates the office and unlocks a storage room
using a password that just happens to be the name of a new Umbrella
product. While in the storage room, zombies swarm the office and
break through the windows. Jill hears Nicholai scream. Jill goes to
check, but Nicholai is gone. All that is left is his laptop that
is now broken.

Jill goes back to the warehouse to try and persuade Dario to 
escape with her, but when she gets there some zombies
are huddled around his corpse. She is only able to salvage a memo 
written by Dario and some gun powder. Jill makes her way back to 
the trolley after collecting all she needs.

However, on her way back, Nemesis shows up and chases her. She manages to
loose him. Inside of a parking garage the floor begins to shake. The floor
gives, but Jill grabs on to the edge. While trying to pull herself up some
large, heavy boxes begin to slide out of a parked van in front of her. She
pulls herself up just in time before being crushed. After entering
City Hall again on the way to the trolley, the Nemesis shows up once
again. She runs past him and gets away.

Further up ahead, the ground shakes again. This time Jill falls
through. She is inside a small grouping of tunnels. A large worm-like
creature called the Grave Digger bursts though the wall in front of her.
By pushing a series of buttons, she is able to lower a ladder and
escape the tunnel. She comes up through a man hole that is just outside
the trolley. 

Jill fixes the trolley as Carlos comes in. She tells him that
Nicholai wonít be joining them. She is convinced that he is dead.
Carlos starts the trolley, but they hear a shout from Mikhail in the
other compartment. Jill goes to check on Mikhail. The Nemesis has 
somehow got on the trolley. Mikhail tells Jill to get out, which 
she does reluctantly. Mikhail shoots Nemesis with his assault
rifle, but it runs out of ammo. The Nemesis throws Mikhail to the
floor of the trolley. Mikhail gets out a grenade and pulls the pin,
blowing up the back compartment of the trolley. Unfortunately, this
takes out the trolleyís brakes and Jill has to use the emergency
brakes.  The trolley, however, can't stop in time and crashes into
St. Michael's clock Tower, which was their intended destination.

Jill was thrown from the trolley, but is unharmed. She enters
the Clock Tower, thinking she is the only one left alive. In the
Clock Towerís dining room, she is surprised to see Carlos alive.
Carlos is depressed, saying he doesnít know how they will get out
of Raccoon City. Carlos explains that he doesnít trust the evacuation plan.
Jill says they donít have a choice.  Carlos says they should get to choose
when they are going to die. Jill slaps him and angrily asks him if heís giving
up. Carlos runs off saying he canít handle it. 

In the clock towerís foyer, Jill finds a copy of the evacuation
plan from a dead mercenary. The evacuation plan tells the
mercenaries to give priority to Umbrellaís affiliates. The rest
of the evacuation plan is just as Nicholai said. 

On the clock towerís balcony, the Nemesis appears again.
Jill uses a cord from a light to electrocute Nemesis, which
of course only knocks him out. 
Eventually, Jill fixes the gears in the clock tower so that it will
ring again. She exits the Clock Tower to wait for the helicopter.
Jill thinks she is saved and that itís all over. Unfortunately for
her, Nemesis shoots the helicopter down with his rocket launcher,
causing it to crash into the clock tower, partially destroying it.
Nemesis jumps down and pierces Jillís shoulder with his tentacle.
Carlos appears and shoots Nemesis. Nemesis shoots back
at Carlos, who is somehow unharmed.  Carlos continues to shoot his
assault rifle and destroys Nemesisí rocket launcher. After that,
Carlos passes out, leaving Jill alone to fight the Nemesis. After a
difficult fight, Nemesis takes enough damage and he walks off into the fire.
Jill stumbles towards Carlos and she passes out, too. When Carlos finally
wakes up, he checks on Jill, who isn't responding at all...

Three days pass and it is October 1st in the early morning
hours and it is raining. Carlos has placed her on the alter in
the clock towerís chapel, which is still intact and a relatively
safe room. Jill wakes up; she canít believe sheís still alive,
but knows sheís infected, because she doesnít feel any pain. 
Carlos says their roles have been reversed from when they first 
met; When they first met, Jill found Carlos unconscious.

Jill tells him to kill her if she turns into a zombie, but Carlos
is determined to find a cure. Luckily, the Raccoon City hospital
is right behind the Clock Tower. 

On the 4th floor of the hospital, Carlos sees Nicholai killing
yet another mercenary. This time it is Tyrell Patrick.  Carlos
asks Nicholai whatís going on, but Nicholai points a gun at him
and says heís one of the supervisors. However, as Tyrell is
dying, he pulls out a grenade. Nicolai and Carlos notice and
run. Nicholai goes flying through a window behind him and Carlos
avoids the blast completely.

Carlos manages to synthesize the vaccine in the hospitalís
basement. On his way out, Carlos notices a time based bomb attached
to a support beam in the hospital lobby. With only seconds left
before the hospital blows up, Carlos sprints out of the hospital
and takes cover behind a wall. The hospital is totally leveled.
Carlos goes back into the clock tower, where Nemesis is now
chasing him because of his association with Jill. Nemesisí
trench coat has burned off from earlier. The tentacles can
now be clearly seen and he even uses them often to attack
in this second form. Carlos makes it back to the chapel
and gives Jill the vaccine. Carlos tells Jill that Nemesis isnít dead and
neither is Nicholai. Carlos tells her that Nicholai is their enemy now.
Carlos leaves in a hurry telling Jill not to trust Nicholai.
Jill leaves the chapel and Nemesis chases her out of the clock tower.

Jill finds a file written to the U.B.C.S. supervisors.
In fact, She finds it on the person of a dead supervisor,
who was shot. Another body lies not too far away. Their
mission was to obtain and secure samples of all information
pertaining to the outbreak. They were observing and recording
combat data on the U.B.C.S. and how the mercenaries dealt with B.O.W.s.
They were to destroy all the evidence along with the hospital.
Nicholai, along with other UBCS supervisors were to
observe the mercenaries and how they handled the outbreak. 
The supervisors were instructed to not help anyone who was
not a supervisor and to not bring anything back with them,
so it could not be traced to Raccoon City.
In a small cabin in the graveyard, Jill finds a secret
room behind the fireplace that the UBCS supervisors have
turned into a makeshift base of operations. She finds another
note, this time written by a supervisor. In it, the supervisor
says he has heard about a giant alligator, a reference to RE2.
He has seen the grave digger and the Nemesis. Up until this
point, the Nemesis wasn't actually named. Instead Jill, Brad,
and Carlos mostly refer to Nemesis as "That Thing" or "He." The
file confirms that Nemesis is after S.T.A.R.S. members.
She also finds a file from Umbrella HQ saying the Raccoon
City project has been abandoned due to the fact that the US
army plans to drop a missile at dawn to stop the spread of
the virus. The file tells all supervisors to evacuate. Yet
another supervisor lies dead in the corner of the room.

Jill crawls out of the room just as Nicholai is entering
the cabin. In a confrontational conversation, he tells Jill
about his mission to collect combat data, saying Umbrella wanted a detailed
analysis of how a military until would fare against zombies and he tells her
he has no intentions of helping her out of the city.

The floor shakes and Nicholai knows another mutant is around and he runs out
of the cabin. Jill leaves the cabin, too. Nicholai is nowhere in sight, but 
the ground is still quaking. The ground caves in under Jill and
she sees the Grave Digger again. She is trapped and has no choice
but to fight the monster. Jill kills the giant worm, and part of a
fence falls down into the trench, allowing her to escape.

Next, Jill makes her way to a large factory-like building.
She is about to cross a rickety bridge when Nemesis shows up,
yet again; so, she jumps off the bridge to get away from him.
She swims to a nearby ledge to get into the building.
Inside, Jill reads a file saying that this building is an
Umbrella disposal facility disguised as a deserted factory.
Civilians that entered the facility would be shot or
transferred to an Umbrella laboratory to be used as guinea pigs.

As Jill is exploring the disposal plant, several zombies
crowd around her. She draws her gun, but Carlos saves
her and shoots all the zombies. Carlos tells Jill that a missile
will be launched at dawn, which doesnít give them much time. He
leaves her on her own again, telling her to watch out for Nicholai.
Later on as Jill is rounding a corner, Nicholai shoots at Jill, 
but she dodges in time. He locks himself behind a shutter.

Next, Jill enters the treatment room and gets locked inside. The worst part
is that the room will soon dump it's contents and that Nemesis is also there.
She fights him again until he is decapitated. A card key falls out of the
pocket of a dead facility worker. Jill collects the card key and escapes
the room before itís contents are dumped, including the Nemesis.

As Jill leaves the treatment room, the building shakes and there is a warning
that a missile attack has been confirmed. Jill unlocks the shutter that
Nicholai went through and finds a control room overlooking some trees. Heís
not there, but as she turns to leave, a helicopter comes from behind the trees
and shoots at Jill, shattering the glass. She takes cover behind the control
panel and then stands up to talk with Nicholai through the control panel. He
tells her he killed all the supervisors in order to get more money, because he
would be the only one surviving who could tell his employers what happened.
Jill asks why heís trying to kill her as well. Nicholai tells her there is a
small reward from Umbrella if she is killed. Nicholai, however, turns the
helicopter around and leaves without making another attempt; he wants to get
out of the city before the missile. As Nicholai leaves, Carlos enters the room.
Jill tells Carlos that Nicolai has taken the chopper, but Carlos isnít ready
to give up. Carlos leaves the room and the warning sounds again. Jill goes
down a ladder that leads to an incinerator. The ground continues to shake
from the impeding missile attack as Jill runs through a junk yard. Inside
another building, the ground shakes again, causing the door to seal shut.

In a file about a rail cannon developed by the US Military,
the Paracelsusí Sword, Colonel Franklin Hart writes that the
US special forces tried to obtain the G-virus.

In the incinerator room, the rail cannon has been assembled
using the incineratorís circuit units as a power source.
The bodies of US special forces, along with a Tyrant, are
lying around.  As Jill connects one auxiliary circuit unit
to start the Rail Cannon, Nemesis drops in. He has mutated
from being in the treatment room liquid. Nemesis eats away 
partially at the dead Tyrant and mutates further. Jill
connects the last two circuit units, starting the rail cannon.
After two well placed hits, the Nemesis is seemingly defeated.
The Rail Cannon enters cool down mode and a door opposite the 
one Jill came in is unlocked. As Jill is on her way out, Nemesis
moves towards her. She dodges out of the way and finds a magnum
from one of the special forces members. She uses it to finish off 
Nemesis. She leaves the room and gets onto a small lift leading
to the outside.

Outside, Carlos meets her and says thereís a second
helicopter coming for her. Jill wonders who it could be.
Carlos signals the helicopter with flares. They board the
helicopter and Jill is surprised to see Barry in the pilotís
seat. They take off in time to see the missile on its way
and watch as it destroys Raccoon City. Jill resolves to take
down Umbrella.

At the end we see a news report. The President of the
United States and the Federal Counsel decided to execute
the Bacillus Terminate Operation to stop the spread of the
virus. Raccoon city was "wiped off the map." The death toll was
estimated to be past the 100,000 mark. 

c. Aftermath

Jill went to Europe after the events of RE3 to find Chris, 
however, his hideout was empty. Like Claire, it is now Jillís 
mission to find Chris and work together to end Umbrella.

Barry sends his family to Canada while he goes to join
Chris in Europe.

Oddly, Carlos is never heard from again.

d. FAQ

No Questions Yet

5. Resident Evil Survivor

a. Introduction

Resident Evil Survivor is a side story to the main games, but it is
cannon. Although it is not numbered, it fits in-between Resident Evil 3 and
Resident Evil Code: Veronica. It takes place in late November on Sheena Island, 
run by the Umbrella corporation. Sheena Island is made up entirely of Umbrella
employees and their families.

b. The game

On a November night in 1998, a man in a white suit is hanging from the skids
of a helicopter and is attempting to climb up into the cockpit. He has a gun
and dog tags in his hand and shouts at the pilot, "You're not going to get
away." There is an explosion and the man slips off and falls to the ground.
The helicopter crashes and the man inside rolls out of the helicopter. When he
gets up he thinks to himself that his head hurts and he can't remember
anything. This man begins to walk around and discover that he is in a small
town. Everything is seemingly deserted, except for the man in white, who is
lying in the street. Of course, the main character can't remember him, but
thinks he looks familiar. The man looks at the dog tags in the other man's
hand, which reads "Ark Thompson."

As the man is talking to himself, he notices a zombie approaching from
behind and shoots it until it is dead. The man then goes into a nearby
movie theater. 

Inside the movie theater, the man finds a file written by Nicholai from RE3,
confirming he survived Raccoon City. Another revelation is that Nicholai
hid out in the clock tower on September 30, the same time Jill was unconscious
in the clock towerís chapel! The last entry in the report is on October 6. 

Outside the movie theater, a phone is ringing. The man picks it up,
but the person on the other end has hung up. Further along, another pay
phone rings. This time the man answers it in time. On the other end
is Andy Holland, the sewer caretaker. Of course, the main character doesnít
know this at the time. Andy insists that the main character is named Vincent
and is a murderer. "Vincent" is alarmed to hear this and asks who he
killed.  Before the conversation progresses any further, Andy hangs up.

Next, "Vincent" goes into the Hospital. The man in white has survived
the fall and is watching the main character by video monitor in a large burnt
out office. He is determined to make sure the main character doesnít escape
the Island. The man in white hears helicopters and comments that the cleaners
are already there. The cleaners are B.O.W.s that resemble men in biohazard
gear. They were sent by Umbrella to clean up the outbreak by killing zombies,
B.O.W.s,  and anyone they see. However, the cleaners have a human leader.

Also in the hospital, "Vincent" finds a file detailing teenagers who are
being drugged. One teenager in particular was found to have a brain
tumor and was removed because he was "worthless as a product".

"Vincent" goes down a manhole and into the sewer. In the sewer he comes
across a room belonging to the sewer caretaker, Andy.  Andy has marked
the entrance of his room with all kinds of warnings; of course, this doesn't
stop "Vincent" from going in. The room where Andy lives and spends his 
time is quite large. His hobby is obviously taking Polaroid pictures,
because they are all over the walls and everything else.

"Vincent" reads Andyís diary, which mentions some of the recent events on the 
island. The last entry says that "Vincent" visited Andy and became angry when 
Andy took a picture of him.

"Vincent" locates the picture on Andy's desk, close to the diary. When he sees
himself he is convinced he is Vincent. He is devastated, thinking that
everything is his fault. Then a pre-teen boy, Lott Klein, enters the room and
gets scared when he sees "Vincent" and runs away.

"Vincent" also explores a prison area where he finds out more about what
happened on the Island. Teenagers were being abducted from all over the world
and detained on that island in order to extract a chemical from their brains.
These teenagers had tried to escape, but were killed by Vincent. This incident
was later covered up by the prison guard, who then sent a fake report to
Umbrella saying that the teenage guinea pigs had committed suicide. Umbrella
believed this fake report and planned to send more guinea pigs.

"Vincent" eventually makes his way to the large Umbrella Headquarters in
town. He has some flashbacks of a fight in a large office and of meeting
Andy in the sewer, but canít make sense of them. Inside the Umbrella
building there are many signs of damage. "Vincent" finally makes it
to the large burnt office. He sees a little girl on the monitor sitting in
a chair in another part of the building. This is the same monitor from earlier
when the man in white watched "Vincent" enter the hospital. "Vincent" has more
flashbacks of a fight that occurred in this room, but still doesnít
understand it.

In the office, "Vincent" finds a diary apparently written by himself (but not
really). The writer admitted to killing the guinea pigs who tried to escape,
but doesnít want Umbrella to find out what happened because he wanted to get
a reward from Umbrella. However, there were people on the island who opposed
Vincent and started to gather information to report him to Umbrella. Also, the
diary reveals that Lott told Vincent about a spy that had sneaked into the

By taping Vincent's phone, the people of Sheena Island found out that Vincent
had killed the guinea pigs. They also found out that Vincent had killed a
colleague in order to get promoted to his current position as commander of
the island.  

"Vincent" finds the little girl listening to one of Vincent's
phone messages. This one is a message from Vincentís mother begging
him to leave Umbrella and come home. "Vincent" asks the girl what she
is listening to, but she doesnít know; she was just bored. Then the boy, Lott,
tries to attack "Vincent" with a baseball bat and tells his sister, Lily, to
run away. He swings the bat at "Vincent" and then runs after Lily.

Outside of Umbrellaís HQ building on Sheena island, "Vincent" sees
the children running away. He chases after them. He  eventually finds a house
and goes inside. In the childrenís bedroom he finds Lily hiding in the
wardrobe. Lily begs him to save her brother who has gone to
the Umbrella factory to look for a way to escape the island. Lily and
Lottís parents have already turned into zombies. "Vincent" vows to save
the kids to right the wrongs he has done in the past. He tells Lily to
hide while he goes to save Lott at the factory.

"Vincent" uses the rope way that Lily told him about to go to the
factory. Once inside the factory, he hears Lott scream.

In the factoryís basement is a high tech lab where the guinea pigs
were taken to extract Beta Hetero Nonserotonin from their brains
in order to mass produce Tyrants. According to a file in the game,
Beta Hetero Nonserotonin is secreted by the pituitary of older teens.
This "material is produced in response to the excessive secretion of
noradrenalin that is produced from the locus ceruleus in the brain
stem. Noradrenalin is the cerebral material secreted when people
are in a state of extreme tension or fear." Beta Hetero Nonserotonin
exists in active cells and therefore canít be extracted from a dead brain.

When they had extracted the Beta Hetero Nonserotonin is was later
injected during gene cultivation to create these tyrants. In fact,
"Vincent" has come across several of these tyrants already. They
are the same type as Mr. X from RE2. He also sees several capsules
where these tyrants are being held.

When "Vincent" finally makes it to Lott, he is trying to fend of a Hunter
with his baseball bat.  Lott gets pushed over the railing and hangs over
an area where he cannot see the bottom. "Vincent" kills the Hunter and
saves Lott. Lott apologizes, but "Vincent" is confused. Lott explains
that he (the main character) is actually Ark Thompson, a spy. Lott admits to
Ark that he had told the real Vincent about him.

The real Vincent had spread the T-virus to prevent the people of Sheena Island
from handing in the prosecution report on him to Umbrella.

Lott tells Ark that his dad told him there is a railway close by
that they can use to escape. Lott runs off to get Lily while Ark continues
through the lab to find the railway. Then the self-destruct system is

Ark remembers that he was sent by his friend, Leon to investigate
Sheena Island. He remembers how he lost consciousness, too. Ark
and Vincent (the man in the white suit) had gotten into a confrontation in
Vincentís office. Vincent grabbed Arkís dog tags. At that point Ark ran out
onto the rooftop and attempted to fly away in a helicopter. Vincent grabbed
onto the skids, bringing us to the beginning of the game when the helicopter

Also in the lab is a different kind of tyrant. This one is being kept in a
capsule away from the other Mr. X versions. When Ark makes his way toward
the rail way, he is shot at by Vincent. Vincent accuses Ark of screwing up 
his plans. Ark is surprised to see Vincent still alive, but it doesnít last
long because the tyrant from the previous room runs Vincent through with his
claw. The tyrant then turns his attention to Ark. Ark shoots the tyrant until
he falls, but after Ark leaves the room, the tyrant mutates and gets back up.

Before Ark can make it to the train, he is bombarded in one room by
Mr. X tyrants that have gotten loose. He finally makes it to the train
platform were Lott and Lily are waiting for him already. Those kids sure
get around. Ark raises the gate, but then is bombarded again by the
Cleaners who are determined not to let him leave. Next, the three make it to
the Islandís helicopter port. Arks tells Lott and Lily to get into the

Before Ark gets on the helicopter, he sees that the tyrant is still alive. Ark
fights the tyrant again. The tyrant mutates further, this time becoming
stronger and more muscular. When the tyrant is defeated again, Ark gets on the
helicopter and takes off. However, the tyrant grabs hold of the skids. Ark
has really bad luck with helicopters. Ark deploys some missiles that knock the
tyrant off the skids. The three breathe a sigh of relief with no idea of what
to do next, but at least they are safe.

b. FAQ

No Questions yet.

6. Resident Evil Code: Veronica X

a. Introcution
Resident Evil Code: Veronica takes place in late December, 1998. It is one of
the best in the Resident Evil series as it features a very detailed plot and
bridges a major part of the storyline with Chris and Claire being re-united
at last. It is also one of the longest Resident Evil games, especially before
Resident evil 4 and 5 came out years later.

b. The game

On December 17, 1998, Claire infiltrated Umbrellaís Paris Laboratory to
continue her search for Chris, who was investigating Umbrella in Europe.
However, inside the Paris facility Claire is soon caught trespassing, and a
chase ensues. Claire manages to outrun several guards and even a helicopter
that is shooting at her from outside. To escape the helicopter she goes down a
nearby hallway and jumps down thestairs leading to a large room. Unfortunately
for her, there are more armed guards here. Noticing flammable barrels behind
the guards, she pretends to drop her gun, and just before the gun hits the
ground she drops down and catches it and shoots the barrels. All the guards
are knocked down. However, she is ultimately caught by yet another Umbrella
employee who has sneaked up behind her, and is holding her at gun point.
Claire is SOL and out of ammo.

Ten days later on the 27th, Claire arrives on Rockfort Island as a prisoner.
She is put in an underground cell and knocked unconscious by one of the guards
with the butt of his gun. Claire is later awakened by loud rumbling sounds
from outside. She sees someone enter the room, but itís too dark to tell who
it is. She gets out her lighter; itís the guy who captured her. He is the 3rd
Security Unit Leader of the Paris Facility. His name is Rodrigo Juan Raval.
He opens her cell and limps over to sit down at a desk. He has a severe injury
on his stomach. He gets a medicine bottle out of his pocket, but it is empty;
he throws it down in frustration. He tells Claire that the compound came under
attack, possibly by a special forces team, and she is free to leave the
compound, but she wonít have a chance to escape the island. Claire is
concerned about him and notes the empty hemostatic medicine bottle on the
floor. She makes her way out of the underground cell.  

Outside is a graveyard and it is raining. As Claire walks by, a nearby wrecked
vehicle explodes and a zombie crawls out. More zombies rise up out of their
graves, a result of the T-virus being airborne and seeping into the ground
because of the rain. She doesnít have a gun yet, so she makes a run for a
nearby door without taking a bite. On the other side of the door, a spotlight
shines in her eyes, and someone starts shooting at her from the watchtower.
She takes cover and sees a handgun next to a corpse. She picks it up and
shoots back, hitting the spot light. The shooter realizes that Claire isnít a
zombie, and tells her to wait while he comes down. He is just a teenage boy.
He tells her his name is Steve, and he is a prisoner on the island. Steve
tells Claire that there is an airport somewhere on the island where he intends
to escape; he starts to leave. Claire wants to come with him, but he brushes
her off saying she will just slow him down. He runs before Claire can say
anything else.

Claire finds Steve again looking at a computer monitor. He is looking at
information on Chris Redfield, and asks if he is related to Claire. Claire
tells him that Chris is her brother. Steve tells her that Chris is being
monitored by Umbrella. Claire uses the computer to send Leon an e-mail
asking him to let Chris know he is being monitored. Steve sarcastically
tells Claire to send her brother the coordinates of the island. Claire says
she will, but Steve says he was just kidding, saying that Chris wonít come
to rescue her. Claire says she is sure Chris will come to save her, but Steve
gets angry and says she will just be disappointed if she relies on others,
and he storms out of the room. Claire is left confused as to why Steve reacted
that way. 

Claire finds a journal left by one of the prisoners. The writer of the journal
writes about his friendship with another prisoner who was once the attendant
of the islandís commander, Alfred Ashford. He also learns from the former
attendant, Robert Dorson, who he calls "Bob", that Rockfort Island is far
south of the equator (in Darkside Chronicles we learn that Rockfort is off the
coast of South America in the Pacific Ocean). By the end of the journal,
Robert Dorson has been taken away to a mysterious building and presumably
tortured to death. The journal writer mentions seeing body bags being brought
out of this building and fears the worst.

Claire finds a way out of the prison area, and makes her way to the other side
of the island. She finds Alfred Ahsfordís palace and goes inside. In the
secretaryís office upstairs, Claire finds a file written by Alfredís
attendant, Robert Dorson. Robert writes that he is forbidden from entering
Alfredís private residence which is on a hill behind the palace. Rumor has it
that Alfred lives with his twin sister, Alexia. Robert writes that he thinks
he may have seen Alexia standing by one of the windows, but he has only seen
her from a distance. It seems that the attendantís curiosity got him in
trouble. Towards the back of the room, there is a door with a display where it
appears two guns are missing. Claire will need to find these matching guns to
open the door.

Claire goes back downstairs and into another room where Alfredís interests are
obvious. The room is decorated with guns, combat knives, and  models of a
fighter plane, a battleship, and tanks. The room has a war theme to it. However,
there is something in the room that does not match the war theme; There is an
ant design on one of the walls and when pressed a video plays on the projector
in the room. The video is of two children, a boy and a girl that appear to be
twins, Alfred and Alexia. A music-box melody plays with the video. Alfred
pulls the wings off a dragonfly and places it in a container full of ants.
The twins watch as the dragonfly is swarmed by the ants, and they smile at
each other. Playing the video causes one of the displays in the room to slide
away. Behind it is a small room where a pair of gold lugers are displayed. She
needs these to open the door upstairs, but taking them initiates a trap. The
room fills with an extreme heat, and the display case slides back in place and
traps her inside, Claire has to put the lugers back. 

A minute later, Claire is about to leave the palace when she hears Steve
scream for help. He is trapped in the room with the lugers. Claire manages to
turn off the trap and release Steve from the room. When he comes out he is
holding the gold lugers, and Claire says she needs them. Steve refuses to give
them to her, saying he will trade if she gives him something fully automatic.
Steve runs off again.

Claire heads to leave the palace again, except this time she notices a red
laser being aimed at her. The sniper misses, and Claire hides behind a support
beam in the foyer. The sniper is a man in a red military jacket, Alfred
Ashford. He already knows her by name, and accuses her of getting captured on
purpose to lead others to his island. Alfred says that shortly after Claire
arrived, the island was attacked and the T-Virus was leaked. Of course, Claire
didnít do any of this on purpose and insults him, saying she doesnít know what
his is "babbling" about, and that he must be one of Umbrellaís lower level
officers since he is in charge of this "backwater" base. This only infuriates
Alfred more. He tells her that his grandfather (Edward Ashford) was one of the
original founders of Umbrella. He still thinks that Claire was sent by some
organization and persists in asking who sent her. Claire tries to get a look
at Alfred by sticking her head around the support beam, but just narrowly
misses getting shot again. Alfred then leaves deciding to let Claire live for
now so he can toy with her later. To him, Claire is nothing more than "a rat
in a cage" for him to mess with. He leaves the foyer to go somewhere else,
laughing in a high pitched voice.

Claire finds a submarine which serves as the transport to the islandís
airport. There is a seaplane that she and Steve can escape with, but she
needs to locate three proofs to operate the lift to get on the plane. She has
found one already outside of the palace. 

Next, Claire heads to the islandís training facilities, where Umbrellaís
Anti-B.O.W. Squad trainees learned how to combat B.O.W.. HUNK was trained
here in 1996. According to Resident Evil Archives, one prototype B.O.W. that
they would practice fighting was the Gulp Worm, a giant T-virus infected worm
capable of swallowing a human. Claire encounters the Gulp Worm herself, and
she quickly runs inside the nearest building.  

Not only have the prisoners on this island become zombies, but also the people
who were training here, and other Umbrella personnel. Claire sees one
surviving Umbrella personnel, who is locked inside of a bio-experiment room,
get attacked by some new B.OW. However, the room is locked and she doesnít
have the password. The password is on a painting inside of the bio-experiment
room, but she canít read the number through the glass from where she is.
She is powerless to do anything as she sees the manís head get smashed against
the glass. This sets off an alarm. A biohazard is detected and an emergency
shutter begins to close. Claire makes a run for it. Claire runs down the
stairs and slides under the shutter before it closes. 

Going through a different shutter that leads to a stone courtyard, Claire
notices the laser sight being pointed at her again. She jumps out of the way,
and Alfred misses and shoots a barrel that causes a small explosion.
Claire tries to catch up to Alfred, but he runs through a door, and on the
other side he is nowhere to be found.

In a resting room, Claire finds hemostatic medicine that will help Rodrigo.
After Claire leaves the resting room, she gets locked behind the shutter.
Alfred talks to her over a speaker, implying  that he has set up some sort of
trap nearby.  He asks her to keep him amused and not die too soon. Claire has
no choice but to go through the next door. Her heart pounds as she turns the
doorknob. Going through the door she finds sub-machine guns and sees ammo 
for it below on some crates. She can trade these with Steve for the gold
lugers. However, after taking them the door she just went through locks. A
B.O.W. that she has never seen before is released. This type of B.O.W. had
killed the Umbrella employee earlier with itís long rubbery arm capable of
stretching to long lengths. Despite this creatureís rubbery appearance it has
the strength to crush a personís skull. It is called the Bandersnatch. Claire
manages to kill it, and a door on the bottom floor opens. She goes down the
stairs, and heads for the door, but another Bandersnatch drops down and picks
her up by the head and starts to apply pressure. Steve jumps through a window
above and shoots the Bandersnatch in mid-air several times. It drops Claire,
and Steve lands on his feet, and continues to shoot using the lugers. He
closes in on the Bandersnatch, kicks it, and shots it one last time. Steve
rubs it in that he saved her. She shows him the sub-machine guns she found,
and asks to trade. Both pairs of guns are out of ammo, but Steve gets annoyed
that Claire gave him an empty gun.  She points out that the ammo is on top of
a crate. Claire climbs on Steveís back to get the ammo for him. After giving
Steve the ammo, the platform they are on descends and Alfred announces that
Steve will join Claire in her descent into death.

At the bottom, Steve runs off to test out his new guns. He runs around killing
all the zombies in the area. Claire catches up with him, and he tells her he
has cleared the area for her. He tells her that she can depend on him, and
then contradicts himself by saying that guns are more reliable than any
person. Claire is disturbed by Steveís anti-social behavior and questions it,
asking how he became a prisoner on the island, and about his familyís
whereabouts. Steve yells that he doesnít want to talk about it, and fires one
of the sub-machine guns into the distance. Steve and Claire get on an elevator
and go up to the 2nd floor. Steve runs ahead of her, and she follows
him through a door.

As Claire catches up to Steve, the wooden walkway they are standing on breaks,
and they fall to the floor below. They are unharmed, but Claireís leg is stuck
under some rubble and she canít move. Claire sees a zombie, and tells Steve to
turn around. Steve turns and aims his sub-machine guns at the zombie, but as
he recognizes the zombie he freezes up and doesnít shoot. The zombie makes
itís way towards Claire, and she yells to Steve, asking why he isnít shooting.
Steve canít bring himself to shoot and is closing his eyes, but the zombie is
closing in on Claire, and is about to take a bite. Steve opens fire on the
zombie, yelling , "Father!" until he runs out of ammo, but by that time the
zombie is "dying" and quivering on the ground. Steve falls to his knees and
cries. As they both stand over Steveís dead father, Steve explains that his
father was an Umbrella employee who tried to sell company information.
When he was found out, Steveís mother was murdered by Umbrella. Steve and his
father were taken prisoner, and brought to Rockfort Island. Steve had deeply
resented his father for causing his motherís death and their imprisonment on
the island, but it never crossed his mind that his father was infected and
walking around, or that he would run into him. Claire leaves Steve to collect

While still exploring the training facility area, Claire learns of a new
B.O.W. called the Albinoid. The Albinoid was "created by injecting the T-virus
into the genes of a salamander". The computer file mentions that the Albinoid
"can grow to over seven feet in a very short time frame (10 or more hours)".
These creatures attack by shocking the victim with electricity, especially in
their adult form when they are in water.

Looking at the security panel in the same room, she is able to get a better
look at the painting that has the password on it which is located in the
bio-experiment room. Using the password, she is able to enter the
bio-experiment room. After Claire grabs the picture off the wall, one of the
young Albinoids escapes from itís capsule and crawls into the ventilation
system, setting off the alarm again. Just like last time she has to make a run
for it before she is trapped. On her way out, more young Albinoids drop from
the ventilation system and attempt to shock her with electricity.

Claire returns to the palace after finding a new key. The key opens a gallery
where portraits of the Ashfords are displayed. The Ashford family was founded
by Veronica Ashford, whose beauty and intelligence are legendary. The next
head of the Ashford family was Stanley Ashford. Stanley had twin sons: Thomas
and Arthur. The next head of the Ashford family was Edward Ashford, who was
one of the founders of the Umbrella Corporation. Edward Ashford became
infected with the Progenitor Virus and died in July 1968. Edwardís son
Alexander then took over, and the Ashford family reputation began to decline.
Claire finds a red ant object inside of a vase, behind Alfredís portrait.

Claire uses the gold lugers to unlock the door in the secretaryís office. The
door leads to Alfredís private office. A thunderstorm is raging outside.
Claire turns on Alfredís computer. It shows the same video of Alfred and
Alexia as children, pulling off the dragonflyís wings and placing it in a
container full of ants. The computer asks for a password, and Claire figures
it out with the help of a music box in the room. (The password is 1971, the
year Alfred and Alexia were born). A music-box in the room moves aside to
reveal a secret passageway. A Bandersnatch jumps though the large window
behind Alfredís desk. Claire defeats it, and checks out the secret passageway.

The passageway leads to a bridge. Claire sees Alfredís private residence and
runs ahead to investigate. A woman can be heard laughing maniacally. It
thunders loudly, and lightening strikes nearby... 
The residence has an creepy, gothic feel to it. In addition to a large doll
suspended from the ceiling, there are more creepy dolls on display inside a
glass case.

Upstairs, Claire hears a woman talking to Alfred. Alfred addresses the woman
as Alexia. Alexia is dressed in a purple evening gown. Alexia asks why it is
taking so long to stop Claire. Alfred reasons with her that he has been trying
his best.  Alexia says she will to take care of both of them herself.
Then Alexia senses that someone is listening in; she goes to look through the
bedroom window that gives a view of the hallway where Claire is hiding, but
Alexia doesnít see anyone, and says she must have imagined it. She and Alfred
leave. Claire is worried that she will be discovered, but she goes into the
bedroom anyway. Alexiaís bedroom  is decorated with dolls in a display case.
The mirror on the vanity desk is broken. The same melody from before is
playing on the music-box. The bed is equipped with a platform that can lower
or raise. When the platform is lowered, a ladder is revealed, but the door at
the top is sealed for the time being. When the platform is raised, it appears
as a canopy bed. Claire places the red ant object in itís place on the music
box. She collects a music plate from inside the music box and also a silver
key that is on the bed.

Next, Claire goes into Alfredís room. His room is similar, but without the
dolls or mirror. A female-form mannequin is in the room for hanging clothing.

Claire goes back to the palace to use the silver key. Claire finds a letter
to Alfred from HUNK, a member of Umbrellaís Anti-B.O.W. special forces. In
the file he writes that he has delivered a large B.O.W. capsule. Although he
doesnít know what was inside of it, he writes that "it is currently being
stored in the freezer".

Claire stops by the underground cell to give Rodrigo the hemostatic medicine.
He is surprised to see her again. She also gives him her lighter, telling him
it was given to her as a gift from her brother. Rodrigo gives her a lockpick
in exchange for her kindness.  

Next, Claire goes to a small medical clinic for the prisoners. She discovers
a note left by the anatomist. From the note it seems that Alfred hired this
insane guy to torture prisoners to death. The anatomist writes about a certain
"key" that leads to the basement, indicating that there is something special
down there. Another door catches Claireís eye, and she heads in that
direction. A body bag behind her shifts...

Claire checks the side room, where she discovers a torture chamber. After
killing the zombies in the room and collecting what the room has to offer, she
returns to the main room of the medical clinic. Upon returning to the main
room, Claire comes upon the zombified anatomist eating a prisoner, also
zombiefied. When they notice Claire, they turn their attention towards her,
and she kills them both. She finds a glass eye that the anatomist dropped,
which just happens to be the key she needed to access the basement. In the
basement is yet another torture chamber. Going down to the lowest level of the
basement reveals a room with a statues. Claire removes a sword from one of the
statues, which causes the room to fill with toxic gas. Claire disables the
trap, and places the sword into an iron maiden that was behind the statue and
has rotated forward. Inside the iron maiden is a zombie. Once Claire kills it,
she collects a piano roll to use back at the palace.

As Claire is about to open the main palace door, she hears a man say,
"Greetings, you must be the lovely Claire Redfield." She turns to look, but
doesnít recognize him at first. The man tells her he has come back to haunt
her brother. Claire knows then that this is Wesker, Chrisí former S.T.A.R.S.
Captain. Wesker says he attacked the island, (an air strike with the help of
his organizationís military unit, HCF) but didnít expect Claire to be there.
This is a pleasant surprise for Wesker, who says he will use Claire as bait
for Chris to come to Rockfort Island. Although Claire had heard about the
Mansion Incident back in Raccoon City, she doesnít know the full extent about
what happened between Chris and Wesker.  Wesker grabs Claire around the neck,
telling her how much he hates Chris for ruining his plans back at the Spencer
Mansion five months ago. He throws Claire some distance. Wesker steps on
Claireís shoulder while she is down, and applies pressure. Wesker knows that
killing Claire would be a good way to get revenge on Chris. Luckily for 
Claire, Wesker gets distracted by a call. Claire tries to make a
counter-attack on him, but Wesker notices and kicks her in the face.
Apparently, the call was important; Wesker leaves Claire alone after that,
saying she has been spared for now and might be of use to him later. Claire
sees Weskerís eyes glow, and he jumps over a wall and disappears.

Inside the palace again, Claire uses the piano roll. It plays the same lullaby
from the music box. Doing this unlocks one of  the slot machines in the room.
Inside of it Claire finds a blue ant figure to use on the music box in
Alfredís room. She has already found a red ant figure earlier and placed it in
Alexiaís music box during her last visit to the private residence. 

Once back in Alfredís room in the private residence, Claire places the blue
ant figure in the music box to open it. She puts in the music box plate and it
plays the lullaby again. The secret door above the bed opens, and Claire
climbs up the ladder. Upstairs is a room with a carousel. Claire finds a
silver dragonfly figure. Taking the wings off reveals a key that inserts into
the mouth of an ant painting in the room (symbolism from the video earlier).
Once it has been used, the lullaby plays and the carousel rotates,
allowing access to a loft above the play room. In the loft is a newspaper
clipping about Alexia. It says that Alexia "graduated at the top of her class,
from a prestigious university" at only ten years old. The article also says
that Umbrella "offered her the position of head researcher" at the Antarctic
Facility. Claire also finds a "confession letter" written by Alfred. The
letter details his feelings about Alexia. Alfred idolized her. He saw her as
queen of the world, and he as her servant. 

Claire goes back down the ladder and is now in Alexiaís room, since the
carousel rotated. As she is about to leave she is interrupted by the sound of
a door opening behind her. Itís Alexia! Alexia is holding Alfredís sniper
rifle. Alexia says she is going to kill Claire to restore honor to her family.
Claire ducks in time to avoid getting shot, and Alexia prepares to shoot
another round. Something about this encounter is far too familiar to Claire.
Luckily for Claire, Steve comes through the door, and upon seeing Alexia the
two shoot at each other. A bullet hits Steveís shoulder, but Steve
successfully shoots Alexia a few times with his sub-machine guns and she
retreats back through a revolving door which connects Alfredís and Alexiaís
rooms. Claire and Steve go through this secret door with the goddess design on
it. There is blood on the floor, but Alexia is nowhere to be seen. Alexiaís
dress is on the bed, and Claire sees a blonde wig on the music box. As Claire
goes to examine it, Alfred jumps down from the canopy. Claire moves out of the
way in time, and Steve kicks Alfred away from him. Alfred gets up and happens
to see himself in the reflective window and sees he is wearing make-up. Alfred
screams, coming to terms that Alexia isnít really there with him, and he was
her this whole time. He runs out of the room. Claire assumes with unparalleled
logic that there never was an Alexia.

Next, the self-destruct system goes off. Claire and Steve know they have to
get off the island right away. They head towards the airport. Thankfully,
Claire has collected all the proofs she needs to escape.

Outside the palace, Claire and Steve see some plans taking off. Apparently
there were more survivors besides Steve, Claire, and Alfred. Using the three
proofs, they are able to use the lift to get into the plane, however, Steve
tells Claire that first they have to raise the bridge that is blocking the
path for take-off. Taking a control lever she found in the plane, Claire goes
to raise the bridge.  

After successfully raising the bridge, Claire finds an alternate route to get
back to the plane. The self-destruct system announces that only five minutes
are left until detonation. 

Meanwhile, Alfred releases a Tyrant from a capsule, probably what HUNK
delivered. Alfred is still talking in Alexiaís voice.  

As Claire is running back to the airport, there is an explosion behind her.
She is unharmed, but there is debris preventing her from turning back.
Unfortunately, the Tyrant that Alfred just released breaks through a gate
nearby and begins to advance on Claire. She has very little room to move with
the flaming debris behind her and the Tyrant blocking her patch,
but it eventually falls down, allowing Claire to get by. 

Claire makes it back in time, and they take off. Meanwhile, Alfred uses his
own Harrier jet to escape. As Claire and Steve are beginning to relax the
plane shakes and an alarm goes off indicated that the back cargo room door is
open. Claire goes to check it out. In the cargo room, Claire sees the same
Tyrant from before. This time, the claws on itís right hand grows longer.
After weakening it with firepower, she is able to knock the Tyrant out of the
plane by catapulting a large, metal box at the monster. 

Back in the cockpit the plane switches to autopilot. The cause is Alfred, who
appears on a monitor and tells them he cannot allow them to escape. With no
way to switch to manual control the two are powerless to do anything, except
wait to see where the plane will take them. After several hours, Claire has
fallen asleep. Steve begins to realize his feelings for Claire and leans in to
kiss her, but she moves suddenly and startles Steve. Steve looks out the
window and notes the coordinates. They are flying over the Antarctic. The two
sit at the controls although they still canít do anything. They see a large
building below them along with the planes they saw earlier take off from
Rockfort Island. This place is an Umbrella facility, too. The plane comes to a
rough landing and crashes into the building. 

The two are knocked unconscious. Claire is the first to come to. She wakes up
Steve, who is amazed that they are still alive. The plane has crashed through
the wall of the Umbrella Antarctic Facility and hangs suspended a few
feet over the walkway. Steve jumps out and holds out his arms to catch Claire.
She jumps out and they both fall on the floor together. Claire helps Steve up
and they separate to explore the facility. The T-virus has been spread here,
too by the survivors from Rockfort who were infected. By the time Claire and
Steve arrive, the workers at the facility have all become zombies. Giant moths
infest one of the hallways in the facility and have cocooned a few of the

While exploring, Claire finds a file written by Alexander Ashford. He writes
that he had this facility built in order to restore honor to his family after
his father, Edward died. After the death of Edward Ashford, Alexanderís
research could not keep up with the other T-virus researchers elsewhere and
the family name declined. He built this research facility on an abandoned
site. He also writes that there is to be a room in the facility designed
after his mansion, that was originally designed by George Trevor. He names
the project after his ancestor, Veronica.

In a secret room off of the office, Claire sees a B.O.W. known as Nosferatu
imprisoned in a cell below. Nosferatu had actually become an urban legend at
the facility since his screaming could be heard from the basement.

When Claire meets up with Steve again, Steve tells Claire that there is an
Australian observation base seven miles away. They try to break through the
wall with a digging vehicle. While Steve is moving the vehicle using the
control panel in the room he gets distracted by Claire, and the vehicle hits
a pipe releasing toxic gas. Claire pulls Steve out of the room quickly. Steve
beats himself up about it, but Claire reassures him that they will escape
together once they shut off the gas. They split up again to look for a
solution to the problem. 

Claire finds a gas mask and a valve handle that she uses to turn off the gas.
Just as Claire breaths a sign of relief, Alfred appears again with his sniper
rifle. Steve saves the day yet again, and gets Alfredís attention away from
Claire. Steve shoots Alfred with his sub machine guns, and Alfred falls over
the railing onto an icy platform below. Alfred tires to grab his sniper rifle,
but the ice cracks and he falls down into the abyss. Meanwhile, Nosferatu
breaks free of his restraint in the basement.

Claire runs down to grab the sniper rifle, and she gets into the digging
vehicle with Steve, and they break through the wall. Water gushes through
the wall and floods the facility, but itís no matter to them, they are on
their way out. Outside they get out of the vehicle and continue on foot.
They make their way onto a helipad. Claire starts down the stairs on the
opposite side of the helipad, but notices Nosferatu coming her way. She
freezes up for a moment, and Steve jokingly mocks her. She backs up, and
Steves sees the monster. Nosferatu sprouts tentacles on his back, and he
hits Steve with one of them. Steve is knocked off the helipad, but manages
to hold on to a piece of metal debris sticking out of the platform. Steve
tells Claire to save herself and to leave him behind. Refusing to just leave
Steve behind, she kills Nosferatu by shooting his exposed heart with the
sniper rifle, and pulls Steve up. Steve vows to protect her next time.

The two get into a snowmobile and head towards the Australian base. Meanwhile,
Alfred is dying. With the last of his energy he heads to the laboratory where
Alexia is kept in Cryo. He leaves a bloody smear against the entryway wall.
Talking in his own voice now, he blames Claire for all that has happened. As
Alfred crawls up the metal stairs to Alexiaís capsule he says her name. The
buttons on the nearby control panel light up, the liquid drains from her
capsule, and she opens her eyes. Emerging from her capsule, she sees her
brother die, expressing his happiness to see her after 15 long years.
She says nothing, but she uses her  new powers to control tentacles that come
out of the snow and toss the snowmobile with Claire and Steve inside in all
directions. As Alexia strokes her dead brotherís hair she watches the
snowmobile burn from the corner of her eye. 

Back on Rockfort Island, Chris is just arriving after getting a tip from Leon.
Chris arrives on a boat and climbs a cliff to get onto the island. While
climbing, he looses some of his gear. Chris finds himself in a cave at the top
of the cliff. The gulp worm can be heard. It is moving around nearby causing
the cave entrance to seal shut with rocks.

Not far from the entrance, Chris sees Rodrigo, who is sitting in front of a
wall with a plaque that reads "Robert Raval", a family member of Rodrigoís.
The walls are lines with several of these plaques. This is where the original
residents of the island are buried. According to the Resident Evil Archives
book, Rodrigo was originally from a small village on Rockfort Island. Umbrella
had bought the Island, and destroyed the village. As a survivor, Rodrigo had
no choice but to work for Umbrellaís security division. Chris asks Rodrigo if
heís seen Claire. Rodrigo tells Chris that he helped Claire escape and that he
should do the same. Suddenly, the gulp worm comes out of the ground and
swallows Rodrigo.

Chris defeats the gulp worm. It regurgitates Rodrigo and dies. Rodrigo says
that he can finally see his family again. Before he dies, he gives Chris the
lighter that Claire had given him earlier.

Chris makes his way into the training facility, now in even worse condition
than before because of the self-destruct system. In the monitor room, Chris
sees a video of Alexia singing to her dead brother. Alexia is now wearing the
same dress Alfred wore earlier, a purple evening gown. She is singing the
words to the lullaby from the piano and music box:

"There was a friendly, but naÔve king who wed a very nasty queen.
The king was loved, but the queen was feared.
ĎTill one day strolling in his court, an arrow pierced the kind kingís heart.
He lost his life and his lady love."

Wesker is also watching Alexia. Wesker is disappointed that Alexia is already
awake. He had been sent to capture her by his new organization in order to
collect the T-Veronica virus that is in her body, and now his task will be
that much harder. Wesker also sees that Chris is now on Rockfort Island. He
deploys bots that seek out Chris and send Hunters his way. Also by this time,
some of Weskerís HCF operatives have become infected by the T-virus and are
shambling around.

Chris meets up with Wesker face to face in one of the training facilityís
laboratories. Already shocked and outraged that Wesker didnít really die back
at the Spencer Mansion, Chris becomes even angrier when he figures out that
Wesker attacked the island while Claire was there. Chris is about to draw his
gun, but Wesker quickly overpowers him and holds Chris up by the neck and
tells Chris that Claire is in Antarctica with Alexia. Chris punches Wesker in
the face and his sunglasses fall off revealing yellow cat eyes. Chris is too
shocked to do anything else and starts to succumb to lack of oxygen. As Wesker
strangles Chris and laughs, Alexia appears on a monitor behind Wesker and
laughs, too. Wesker throws Chris against one of the capsules in the room and
runs off. Alexia has his undivided attention now. Chris catches his breath,
but a bandersnatch has been released from the capsule he was thrown against.
He kills it and moves on.

Eventually, Chris makes it to the underground waterway that was originally
built by the native people. Alfred used to use this as a secret passage to
his private residence on the hill, but when the passage was damaged he had
the prisoners build a bridge to the residence instead. In the underground
passage Chris fights the Albinoid which has now grown into an adult form.
After this, Chris is able to gain access to Alfredís hangar. Chris gets in a
Harrier Jet and heads to Antarctica. 

The tentacles have taken over much of the Antarctic facility by the time Chris
arrives. Upon going further into the facility, Chris discovers more bots.
Wesker is here, too. The water that leaked into the facility has frozen
over allowing Chris to access new parts of the facility that Claire couldnít
get to earlier. Deep inside the research facility, Chris sees a giant ant

Chris finds a files written by Alexia and Alfred when they were 12 years old.
One is Alfredís diary and the other is a report from Alexia. Alfred had found
out about his and Alexia's birth and hated his father for it. Alexia had 
discovered "the remains of an ancient virus within the genes of a queen ant".
Alexia then combined the gene of the queen ant and the Progenitor virus to
create a new virus which she called "T-Veronica". Although Alexia and Alfred
came to dislike their father, both Alexander and the twins had something
in common: their high regard for Veronica. Alexia had used her father,
Alexander as a test subject. Alexander turned into a monster, later to be
known as Nosferatu. Alexia and Alfred had Alexander confined to the basement
cell in the facility. Next, Alexia decided to infect herself, but hypothesized
that she would need to go into a cryogenic freeze for 15 years in order to
coexist with the virus. She went into the cryogenic chamber starting in
December 1983. After 15 years was up (in current day, December 1998) she would
wake up with extraordinary powers and in essence be the "queen" she wanted to
become, since the virus was created from queen ant genes. The worker and
soldier ants in her ant hill would then spread the T-Veronica Virus throughout
the world, making everyone similar to what happened to Alexander, and they
would be her slaves. Also in Alexiaís report she discusses her interest in
ants. She explains that the queen ant is essential to an ant hill. Each ant
hill has one queen and several worker and soldier ants that work for the
queen. The solider and worker ants can be replaced, but not the queen. Alexia
writes that she views herself as the queen and the "ignorant masses" as the
solider and worker ants.

Chris discovers Alfredís dead body in the capsule Alexia had previously been
inside. Chris collects the blue jewel off Alfredís ring. A file earlier
mentioned that Alfred, Alexia, and Alexander each had a proof which lead to a
secret room in the facility. 

Chris notices Nosfertu under some ice in the facility. Chris pulls him out
with a crane and notices Alexia watching him from across the room. She makes
a lame comment about the spider and the fly and laughs at her own joke. Alexia
may be a genius, but she still has the maturity level of a 12 year old girl. A
massive spider breaks through the ice and attacks. Chris grabs Alexanderís
proof (a green earring) and resolves to get a hold of Alexiaís next.
She was wearing a choker with a red pendant. 

Chris discovers Claire inside a mansion built into the facilityís basement.
It highly resembles Spencerís mansion, but as mentioned earlier, Alexander
writes that the mansion was designed similar to his own mansion. Claire is
held in place by a green cocoon hidden behind the mansion stairs. Chris cuts
the cocoon and Claire soon wakes up. She has been searching for him since
September and now after three months they have found each other. Claire tells
him that they canít leave until they find Steve, too. Alexia laughs from
upstairs. She is carrying Alfredís sniper rifle that she took from Claire
while she was unconscious. Claire is surprised to find out that Alexia is
real. Alexia leaves and Chris and Claire try to follow her, but a tentacle
attacks and breaks a portion of the staircase. Chris falls back to the bottom
floor. Steveís agonizing scream can be heard from nearby. Although Chris
appears hurt and Claire is reluctant to leave him, he insists that Claire find
Steve. Claire goes through the door Alexia went through. 

Claire finds Steve confined in the cell block where Alexander had been kept
previously. She presses a button on the side to release him, but he is still
held in place by a large ax that Claire canít pull out. He tells Claire that
Alexia injected him with the T-Veronica virus; he would be an experiment just
like her father. Steveís heartbeat changes and he begins to transform. He
pulls out the ax that is holding him in the chair, and starts to chase after
Claire. Claire runs back the way she came and just makes it under a gate that
comes down. Claire is trapped, and Steve is using the ax to break the gate.
One of the tentacles that Alexia has control over grabs Claire and coils
around her like a snake. The monster Steve advances on Claire. He raises the
ax to kill Claire, but suddenly stops just an inch from hitting her. There is
still some humanity left in Steve, and he recognizes her. Instead he hits the
tentacle. The severed tentacle hits Steve hard and he gets knocked against a
wall. The tentacle retreats in pain. The monster changes back into Steveís
human form. Claire tells Steve that Chris has come to safe them, but Steve
tells her he wonít be able to keep his promise to escape with her. Steve tells
Claire he is glad to have met her and loves her before he dies. Claire sobs
over his dead body.

Back in the mansionís foyer, Chris is hiding behind a support beam. Wesker has
found Alexia at last. Wesker tells Alexia to come with him, as she is carrying
the T-Veronica virus in her own body. Alexia just laughs at him and says he
isnít worthy of itís power. She descends the stairs and begins to burn away
her clothing. Her body and hair changes in appearance. Her skin tone is gray,
and green vines appear to wrap around her, even her hair appears plant like.
Her pendant burns off and falls next to the stairs. Wesker and Alexia fight
in an amazing display of their superhuman abilities. Alexia throws
out droplets of blood that burst into flame as an attack. Wesker is able to
hold his own for a while, but gets burnt on the arm. He gets overwhelmed and
decides to leave the fight to Chris after he sees him. Wesker leaves the room
just before Alexia seals it off with fire. Chris successfully knocks Alexia
out, but once he has collected her proof and left the room, she gets back up. 

In the secret area, Chris finds a report on the Veronica project. It reveals
how Alfred and Alexia were created. Alexander took Veronicaís gene and
manipulated it. It was then implanted into the unfertilized egg of a surrogate
mother. Alexander had managed to manipulate "the absolute value of
intelligence artificially" in order to create a genius child who would revive
the family name and be like Veronica. The twins Alfred and Alexia were born.
Although Alfred was intelligent, he could not be considered a genius. Alexia,
however, was the genius that Alexander had hoped to create.

Also behind the door are bedrooms just like the ones on Rockfort Island.
In the loft above the twinís bedrooms is where the video with the dragonfly
and ants was taken all those years ago. Inside the container on the table is
a dragonfly object. The room is also lined with portraits of Veronica, Edward,
and Alexander. Alexanderís portrait has a large tear across the face. 

Chris finds Claire crying behind the locked door. It takes Chris no time to
figure out that Steve is dead. He tells Claire they need to leave immediately,
but neither of them can unlock the door, nor can it be broken down by force.
Claire slides a file under the door, telling Chris if he activates the
self-destruct system that the electronic locks might be deactivated. The file
contains a key card, and gives a hint to the self-destruct systemís activation
code. Chris unlocks the passage to the self-destruct system with the dragonfly
object he found; this time all the wings are attached. He quickly activates
the self-destruct system. The code is Veronica. All the doors in the facility

Chris exits and Claire is waiting for him on the large grated platform. Below
is Alexiaís anthill. One of the tentacles brakes through the grating and
begins to "birth" Alexia. Chris notices a weapon towards the back of the
platform called the Linear Launcher and instructs Claire to help him unlock
it by turning the two levers clockwise at the same time. Once Alexia
completely emerges from the tentacles and is fully formed again, she  turns
her attention to Chris and Claire. Chris tells Claire to get to the emergency
elevator. As Claire tries to run past Alexia, Alexia corners her with
a wall of fire. Chris has to act quickly; he shoots Alexia before she can kill
Claire. Claire leaves the immediate area safely, and Chris begins a difficult
battle with Alexia. Alexiaís stomach expands becoming a large reproductive
mass that produces smaller creatures that attack Chris. According to the
Resident Evil Archives book these are incomplete larvae. Alexia has in a way
become the queen ant she envisioned herself to be. Her upper body is that of
a winged ant. Eventually several winged ants emerge from the ant hole below
the grating and attack Alexia. Her upper body detaches from the larger lower
half and she begins to fly around. The Linear Launcher is ready in the nick of
time. Alexia is killed with just one hit from the Linear Launcher, resulting
in a gory explosion. So when it was all said and done, Alexiaís dream for her
perfect world was destroyed; she was defeated and the world went on without

The self-destruct system was already starting to take effect, so Chris hurried
to catch up with Claire, but when he got down to the bottom of the stairs he
saw that Wesker was holding Claire hostage. Wesker pushes Claire through a
destroyed portion in the wall and tells her to "move". Chris sprints after
them, and even pushes a zombie out of the way. He finds them in a large
outdoor area next to a harbor where a submarine is docked. Chris tells Wesker
to let Claire go, saying itís not her that Wesker wants. Wesker lets go of
Claire forcefully, pushing her forward. Wesker explains that he came for
Alexia, but has taken Steveís dead body instead since it contains T-Veronica
(he calls it T-Alexia), and says that Steve might come back from the dead as
he did. Claire is greatly upset by this, but thereís nothing that can be done;
Weskerís men have already taken Steveís body. Chris again orders Claire to get
to safety. As Claire goes to the hangar, Chris and Wesker fight. Chris is no
match for Weskerís strength and endurance for damage, but Chris manages to
survive thanks to a small explosion that causes a major burn on  Weskerís
face. The self-destruct system is about to go off and even Wesker canít
survive that, so the fight ends; Chris makes it out alive, but with a nose
bleed. Wesker escapes in the submarine. Chris makes his way to the emergency
elevator and then to the hangar. The facility is starting to fall apart, and
even the ant hill is beginning to burn. Chris gets blown out of the emergency
elevator by an explosion, and lands on the jet Claire is already inside. Chris
gets into the cockpit and they fly away to safety before the facility is
completely destroyed. The two resolve to take down Umbrella.

c. FAQ
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7. Resident Evil 5

a. Introduction

Resident Evil 5 is a direct follow up to Resident Evil 4. It also has some
amazing plot revelations that relate to Resident Evil (original and REmake)
and Resident Evil 0. Also included here are Lost in Nightmares and Desperate

b. The game

After Raccoon City was wiped out, Umbrella had several lawsuits filed against
them. The Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, an organization made up of 
pharmaceutical companies all over the world was also hit hard by the fallout
after the events of October 1, 1998. The public no longer trusted the
organization, particularly since Umbrella was an executive board member. 

Other pharmaceutical companies had unknowingly contributed to Umbrella's
bioweapons research by sharing partially developed medications and techniques.
Umbrella and the other companies were in danger of going bankrupt. In order to
protect themselves, the consortium and the other companies agreed to help the
prosecutors in their case against Umbrella, so they would not be held
responsible. Umbrella was found guilty of all charges in 2003. However, this
wasn't the end to bioweapons. Bio-Organic Weapons soon began to be sold to
terrorists, guerrilla fighters, and unstable state governments by way of the
black market. In response to this, the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium
formed the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance to handle situations
involving B.O.W.s.  

When it was first formed, the B.S.A.A. had only eleven members and was
civilian-led. However, the bioterrorism problem was too big to handle at
that time. Finally, the B.S.A.A. was reformed under the United Nation's
jurisdiction as a special forces team giving them the necessary power they
needed to conduct investigations and make arrests. The B.S.A.A had eight
branches for each region of the world and their headquarters were in England.
The Global Pharmaceutical Consortium provides ongoing financial support for
the B.S.A.A. in order to help their own image.

Soon after Chris and Jill had defeated T-A.L.O.S. in Russia, they joined the
B.S.A.A. They were two of the eleven original founders of the organization.
Since the two had a long history together, they were also partners in the
B.S.A.A. and traveled all over the world together fighting B.O.W.s. 

The two eventually infiltrated Ozwell E. Spencer's Estate on
September 23, 2006 to arrest him and find out where Wesker might be. However,
when they got there, Wesker was already there and he had killed Spencer. (See
Lost in Nightmares for complete synopsis of this)

The three got into a fight, where Wesker was winning because of his superhuman
strength and speed. Jill tackled Wesker to save Chris. Jill and Wesker fell
out of the window and over a cliff. The B.S.A.A. searched for her body, but
couldn't find her and declared her dead on November 23, 2006.

A grave was set up for Jill, but there was no body to put inside of it. Chris
went on other missions by himself and eventually had gone on more missions
than any other B.S.A.A. member. During one of his investigations, Chris heard
about a bioweapons deal going on in the town of Kijuju in Africa. A bioweapons
smuggler, named Ricardo Irving, was involved. Chris informed the West African
branch about Irving and requested to help arrest him.
In  March, 2009, a joint operation of the North American branch and the West
African branch of the B.S.A.A. was held in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone to stop
the black market weapons deal from going though and to arrest Irving. Chris
drives to Kijuju in a B.S.A.A. Humvee. He is greeted by a female agent of the
West African branch of the B.S.A.A. She is Sheva Alomar. Sheva tells Chris
she will be his partner on this mission to help put the locals at ease. Chris
can't help but remember Jill when she says, "partner."

Over the last few years Chris has seemingly grown jaded. He "wonders if it's
all worth fighting for." Unknown to him is that he will find the answer to
that question very soon.
Chris and Sheva approach a gate, but an armed guard pats Sheva down.
Irritated, Sheva hands the man something; she and Chris go through the
gate. On the other side, Sheva and Chris are instructed by Kirk, the 
helicopter pilot, to go to a butcher's shop to get briefed on the mission. As
they make their way to the butcher's shop, they see that the locals are acting
suspicious; a small group of locals are beating a moving sack. A little
further up a siren goes off. A man can be heard over a radio and seems to be
inciting violence. Sheva and Chris look back to see that all the people are
mysteriously gone.

At the butcher's shop, Reynard Fisher, gives Chris and Sheva their weapons and
tells them to head towards town square and that Alpha Team is waiting for them
at the location where the black weapons deal is to be made. Reynard asks if
they've heard of Uroborus. Chris says he's heard rumors about a doomsday
project. Reynard tells them that apparently it's not a rumor. He sends them
off and tells them that Irving is their only lead. He tells them to be
careful. Chris and Sheva exchange confused looks. They came to apprehend
a bioweapons smuggler, not to uncover a doomsday project.

In the town, Sheva and Chris find both human remains and animal carcasses as
well as a note that says outsiders will receive punishment and "sacred death"
in order to "release them from bonds of wickedness". There are already
multiple similarities with Resident Evil 4's Spanish village.

Shortly after, Chris and Sheva hear a man scream and run to check it out. The
man is being held down by two other men. One of them forces what looks to be
a large parasite into his mouth and the two run off. We later learn that
this is called Las Plagas type 2, which is a grown Las Plagas parasite.
Forcing the plaga into the mouth and ingesting it leads to the plaga attaching
itself to the host's central nervous system within 10 seconds. People infected
with Las Plagas were known in RE4 as ganado. However, people infected with new
versions of Las Plagas are known as majini, meaning "evil spirit" in the local

Chris and Sheva try to help him, but he can't respond. He is gagging and
coughing. This man becomes a majini in a matter of seconds and charges at
Sheva and Chris. They kill him, but Chris is puzzled because he knows the man
wasn't like any zombie he had encountered before. After exiting the building,
several majini start to chase Chris and Sheva.  They run into the nearest
house and bar the door after them. Chris contacts Kirk about the
violent locals. Kirk already is aware of the problem, but tells Chris that
orders still stand. Inside this building is a large ax (foreshadowing a
future mini boss).   

Inside another house, Chris and Sheva witness a public execution through the
window. On a high platform outside, a majini wearing sunglasses is shouting
into a megaphone and stirring up his fellow majini below. Two majini are
holding Reynard. Chris and Sheva recognize him, but are powerless to do
anything. They watch as the executioner decapitates Reynard with a large
battle ax. The crowd cheers. Then, the man in sunglasses spots Chris and Sheva
and incites the crowd to kill them.  Chris radios Kirk for help. Soon, the man
with the ax is crashing through a gate near Sheva and Chris. Chris and Sheva
manage to get away and fight off the hordes and the man with the ax. Finally,
Kirk arrives and blows up a gate with a rocket launcher. Chris and Sheva can
now advance in their mission.

Along the way to the deal location, Chris and Sheva overhear Dan Dechant,
the captain of Alpha Team, being attacked over their radio. Shortly after
this, Alpha Team doesn't respond at all. Also Chris and Sheva catch a glimpse
of a young, blond female being dragged away by a majini. According to the
Experience Kijuju blog, her name is Allyson. Not too much later, they see
Allyson on a balcony yelling for help. She is dragged away, again, into the
building. Chris and Sheva rush into the building, but it's too late, she is
infected with Type 2 Plagas as well. When shot the parasite explodes out
of her neck just like in RE4. However Type 2 Plagas aren't affected by
sunlight. They are forced to kill her.

Once they get to the deal location they hear a scream. This building appears
to have been a warehouse, but has fallen into disrepair. Black goo is dripping
from the ceiling in a few locations. On the second floor of the building they
find two dead members of Alpha Team. They soon find Dechant and his team, who
are  dead and laying in the black goo.  Dechant is still alive and tells Chris
that Irving had set up Alpha Team and got away.  Dechant hands Chris a data
file that he says he downloaded from Irving computer. He tells Chris that he
must  get the information to HQ and breathes his last. Sheva catches a glimpse
of Irving running away. Chris lets Kirk know that alpha team was wiped
out, but he has the data. Kirk tells him to relay the data to HQ.

This set up had been well planned by Irving. He knew the B.S.A.A. were coming
and changed his plans to have his black market weapons deal in a mine outside
of Kijuju. He had the cloaked figure we saw in the opening cinematic infect an
African local with a new bio-organic weapon known as Uroboros and sent it to
attack alpha team. 

In the basement Chris and Sheva find a key that will lead them out of the
building. As they are about to use the key, they notice that Uroboros is
forming on the ceiling. However, they don't know it is called Uroboros at the
time. The Uroboros creature consumes a nearby dead body of an Alpha Team
member. The creature has the appearance of many leech-like appendages that are
swarming around the host. These appendages have amazing reaching abilities
that make it extremely dangerous because it seeks out organic things to help
it grow. It also has several orange-yellow colored weak spots. Chris and Sheva
retreat to the room where they found the key, a room with a furnace.
Trapping the creature in the furnace, they discover that it has a weakness to
extreme heat.

After defeating Uroboros  using the room's furnace, Chris and Sheva take an
elevator up that leads them to Alpha Team's  Humvees that are parked in the
warehouse. Chris gets a laptop out of  one of the vehicles and uses it to send
the data to HQ. Unknown to Chris and Sheva, Irving is watching them through a
feed on his own laptop computer. The cloaked figure is by his side and is
driving his sorry butt around as his personal chauffeur.

Chris tells HQ that the locals are acting like the ganados that were described
in Leon Kennedy's report. He also tells them about the monster they just
encountered.  HQ tells him that they think Irving has moved on towards the
mines and that they are still expected to try to apprehend Irving despite that
Alpha Team has already been killed. HQ has sent in bravo team ahead of Chris
and Sheva. Although disappointed and feeling expendable, Chris and Sheva

Chris and Sheva continue on to a different part of town. Along the way they
see that some of the majini, when shot, release a flying version of Type 2
Plagas known as Kipepeo. Kirk continues to help Chris and Sheva until kipepeo
attacks the helicopter. It crashes and HQ orders all nearby units to head
towards the crash site.

On the way to the crash site, Sheva and Chris are confronted by a majini with
a chainsaw, but they manage to defeat him as well.

They finally make it to the crash site. The helicopter is burning and Kirk is
dead. As crows are circling overhead, they hear a noise that sounds like it's
getting closer. They ready themselves for what comes next. A majini on a
motorcycle jumps over the wall and into the courtyard. It is carrying a long
chain and swings it at Chris and Sheva. They dodge, but Chris gets pulled
across the ground when the chain gets wrapped around his leg and Sheva has to
shoot the chain and save him. More motorcycle majini enter the area attempting
to run Chris and Sheva over.  Luckily for Chris and Sheva, Delta Team has
arrived and they snipe at the majini. Leading them is Delta Team captain Josh

After saving Chris and Sheva, Josh and Chris introduce themselves. Sheva is
already well aquatinted with Josh since he is the one who trained her. Josh
gives Chris the data file from Irving's hard drive for his own use. Looking
through it on his PDA, Chris sees a picture of a woman with long blond hair.
He believes it's his partner Jill, despite the hair color. As Sheva's captain,
Josh tells her to continue looking for Irving. Josh tells them that Irving has
moved on to the mining area.

Chris and Sheva travel through the mines. On the other side they find Irving
in a small, two story building. The three have a stand off until someone not
in the room throws a gas grenade inside which distracts all three of
them. The cloaked figure breaks through a window and drags Irving away. Sheva
and Chris look out the window, but Irving and the cloaked figure are long

Chris looks through some of Irving's papers and sees pictures of an oil field.
Sheva knows that the oil field is in the marshlands. They report their
findings to Josh. Immediately after talking to Josh the area is bombarded with
majini. Outside of the small two story building is a canyon and the sun is
starting to set.  Further up the canyon a large vehicles being driven by a
majini appears and crashes into the side of the canyon, killing the driver.
The back end of the vehicle sort of hangs off the ledge, but that isn't a
problem for the new B.O.W. inside. As the back of the vehicle opens, a
bat-like creature known as Popokarimu climbs out. It seems that Irving has
sacrificed this B.O.W. that he was going to sell in retaliation against Chris
and Sheva. After taking enough damage Popokarimu and the truck fall off
the cliff.

After defeating Popokarimu, another B.S.A.A. member comes to pick up Chris and 
Sheva. They drive off and eventually find themselves driving across the

Sheva contacts HQ to let them know that she believes that Irving is on his way
to the oil field in the marshland and that she and Chris are about to rejoin
Delta Team. On their way to rejoin Delta Team however, more majini on
motorcycle start to chase their vehicle throwing axes and molotov cocktails
at them. Majini driving large trucks often ride along side the B.S.A.A. Humvee
hoping to mow them down. Chris and Sheva keep them at bay using the Mini Gun
and RPK-74 mounted on the Humvee. Along the way, Josh contacts them saying
that based on data that they got off Irving's hard drive, the locals have been
taken over by a parasites known as Las Plagas. Josh contacts Chris and  Sheva
again after a while, this time telling them that Delta Team is under attack.  

Ultimately, they get away from the majini by jumping a broken bridge. The
motorcycles fall into the river. By the time they reach the port it's night
and Delta Team has been wiped out. Chris and Sheva's driver gets out of the
Humvee to check on a nearby Delta Team member, but it's no good; he's
already dead. Chris and Sheva notice that one of the Humvees is being thrown
at them in time to get out of the way, but the driver is crushed under the
foot of a giant. Leon would recognize this giant as El Gigante, but this new
African version is known as Ndesu. Irving has released this B.O.W. as well.
Chris and Sheva try to hide behind the overturned Humvee, but the giant  finds
them. They  sprint towards another Humvee to use the guns mounted on the
vehicle. Using a similar strategy as Leon used in RE4, Chris and Sheva manage
to defeat Ndesu. They dodge just as it falls and crashes onto the Humvee they
were just standing on.

After defeating Ndesu,  Sheva is dismayed that she can't find Josh. Chris
offers Sheva the chance to quit. Sheva asks him why he isn't going to give up,
suggesting that things have become so bad that they should both leave.
Chris becomes offended at this and explains that he has a personal stake in
this. He had heard that his old partner might still be alive and when he saw
the data file he was sure of it. Chris begins to head off, but Sheva insists
on going with him. They both get on a fan boat and head toward the marshlands.

By the time Chris and Sheva get to the marshlands it is daytime again. Sheva
asks about Jill. Chris explains what happened to her. Sheva tells Chris that
her parents used to work at a factory run by Umbrella and that there had been
an "accident" that had killed her parents. Except the accident wasn't really
an accidental. They were doing a final test on a new bioweapon. Lower
employees, such as Sheva's mother and father were not aware of these test.

The two start to explore the marshlands, which are inhabited by the Ndipaya
tribe now turned majini. Adding to the danger is that there are crocodiles in
the water. In one area, Chris and Sheva find a B.S.A.A member who has been
killed. He has spears sticking out of his back. Judging from a memo close by,
he was looking for any possible survivors of Delta Team. Chris and Sheva also
encounter a few majini who are about nine feet tall, another mutation of the

Along the way, they find a journal written by one of the youths that lived in
the marshlands. He writes that "a man who said he was the foreman of the oil
plant" (Irving) came to tell them he wanted to inoculate everyone in the
marshland against a disease. He writes that everyone was happy about getting
the inoculation, except himself, writing that he just didn't like the way
Irving looked. So while everyone got the "inoculation" he stayed in the
village and slept. That night the villagers were meeting about the children in
the village all being sick with a fever. The next day they all died. The
leader of the village went back to the oil field to ask if the "inoculation"
had killed the children. However, Irving told the leader that the children
had all died from the disease and told everyone to come back for more shots.
The villagers started to panic and the writer was forced by his own people to
go with them to get a shot. Of course the shots didn't help at all. The men
become more violent while the women become lethargic. Eventually the men
started to dress in the tribal outfits that Chris and Sheva see them in. The
men started fighting each other; The women all died. Over the next days, the
writer himself starts to change. His writing begins to deteriorate and he
feels violent.

Chris and Sheva ride a rope way to another part of the marshland. In one area,
the tribal majini are feeding a dead B.S.A.A member to a crocodile.

As Chris and Sheva get closer to the oil field they see some tents with the
Tricell logo on them. Sheva comments that Tricell funds the B.S.A.A. and
wonders why they are there. This must have been where the tribal majini were
given Type 3 Plagas. Type 3 Plagas was created by "taking a subordinate plaga
(the base Las Plagas) and implanting a gene from the control plaga.
Type 3 Plagas "has a 0 percent adherence rate" for women and children, the
reason why the women and children of the marshlands died. It notes that some
infected with Type 3 Plagas reached 3 meters tall, referencing the tall
majini that Chris and Sheva had just encountered. 

When Chris and Sheva get to the oil fields, they see Irving and resolve to
catch up to him. Making their way into the control facility, they find that
Josh is alive. He explains that the team was attacked at the port, and he
somehow ended up there at the refinery. Josh had no idea that Delta Team was
wiped out until then. Sheva tells Josh that Chris saw a picture on the data
file that looked like his friend. Chris says he won't give up on trying to
apprehend Irving until he finds out what is going on. The three
are soon ambushed by majini, and Josh has to disable two different locks to
escape the hoard. When the three make it to safety, Josh says that Irving
plans to blow up the oil refinery, and tells them to head towards the dock
where Irving may make his next escape.

At the dock, the two see Irving on a large boat. Irving's body guard hops onto
a smaller boat, and sails off. Irving laughs at them thinking they will die in
the explosion and leaves. Josh radios Chris and Sheva to come as quickly as
possible to the other side of the dock, he has found a boat for them to escape
in. Chris and Sheva run to the boat as fast as they can even while
explosions can be heard in the distance. The oil refinery is already burning.
They make it to the boat in time before the refinery explodes.

The three head off to catch up to Irving by boat. Chris and Sheva are 
frustrated that Irving got away again. When Josh asks them about Irving,
they respond with silence. It's a struggle to catch up to him because they
they have to sail through the drilling facilities, and there are
more locked gates and even more majini in the way.  

They finally get out of the drilling area and into the open waters. Suddenly
Irving's boat appears and Josh tries to turn the boat fast enough to avoid
crashing, but it is no good; The boats collide. There are a few majini on
Irivng's boat that use guns that are mounted on the boat's deck, to shoot at
Chris and Sheva. This is no problem for Chris and Sheva who easily get on
Irving's boat after shooting the majini. 

Irving is watching them and knows this means he will have to use the control
plaga given to him by the hooded figure. The hooded figure told him he had to
make sure that Chris and Sheva were stopped, and this was his punishment for
letting them get this far.

Irving had planned to escape with a large amount of money, but now he has no
where else to go to get away from Chris and Sheva. Approaching the two, Irving
is saddened by having to use  the plaga on himself, but resigns himself to it
because he says everyone has looked down on him, even though he provided the
major funding by selling B.O.W.s. He injects the plaga before Chris and Sheva
have time to react, and he immediately grows tentacles, and springs into the
water. Within seconds, a large sea monster attacks the boat. While the plaga
injected into Irivng's neck has caused this massive creature, Irving himself
is controlling the creature in the form of it's tongue.  

In addition to this danger, the weather gets bad. Josh is instructed to get to
safety. They fight Irving using the guns that the majini were using earlier.
When the monster is defeated by severing the tongue the sea monster sinks into
the sea, and Irving is thrown onto the boat. As Irving is dying he
complains about Excella, saying the plaga must have not been "the good stuff."
Sheva recognizes the name "Excella." Chris shows him the picture on the data
file, and asks if he knows where the facility is. Irving is well aware of the
Uroboros project and tells them that it will change everything. Irving is
going through excruciating pain, and Sheva says "Chris!" to warn him to not
get too close to Irving. Ironically it is at this point that Irving finds
out that the man who has been trying to apprehend him is the well known Chris
Redfield. Although he has heard Chris' name before somewhere, it is during
this conversation that he finally puts the name with the face. Finding this
out, Irving tells Chris that his questions will be answered in a nearby cave.
Irving is still laughing at the two saying they are screwed anyway. Since
Irving has gone through such a major transformation (he only appears human
from the waist up) and has been severed from the sea monster, he dies. With
Irving out of the picture, Sheva and Chris change their objective to finding
Jill, and to investigate the Uroboros project.

Chris and Sheva get back on the smaller boat with Josh and ride to the cave
that Irving had directed them to. Sheva notices the boat that the cloaked
woman had used to get away is parked next to the dock inside the cave. Josh
tells Chris and Sheva that he has to return HQ to get the withdraw order
rescinded. Josh rides away and Chris and Sheva go on into the cave. Sheva tells
Chris that she has heard the name "Excella" before and tells him that
Excella is the director of Tricell's African division, but she doesn't have
any proof yet that Excella might be connected to what has been going on,
besides what Irving said.

Chris and Sheva discover an ancient city inside the cave belonging to the
Ndipaya tribe. The descendants of the tribe are all infected with Type 3
Plagas, as seen in the marshlands.

Meanwhile, Excella and Wesker are talking about the success of Las Plagas and
Uroboros.  Excella had met Wesker some years beforehand. He had helped her
advance her career at Tricell by sharing information he had collected on the
T-virus, as well as other viruses. Excella has a romantic interest in Wesker,
but obviously, he cares for no one but himself. Excella asks if Wesker will
need a partner in his new world, but he just shoves her away. Although she
has worked hard to impress Wesker he has no intentions of letting anyone be
equal with him after Uroboros has wiped out most of humanity. He is just using
Tricell and Excella for his own gain. The cloaked woman enters the room to
tell them that the BSAA is near. Apparently, Excella has heard about Chris
from Wesker, and knows that Chris is a member of the BSAA. Excella is
irritated, and asks if he is concerned, but Wesker, as always, is very calm.
Excella is frustrated with Wesker and storms out of the room with the cloaked
woman. If it comes to it, she knows she will have to keep Chris from getting
in their way.

Chris and Sheva come upon an underground garden where mysterious flowers are
growing. We later learn that these flowers are called "The Stairway to the
Sun", and that they contain the progenitor virus. Although they are deep
underground, some light is shining down from the ceiling. Chris sees the
Umbrella logo on an old box, and is disturbed to know that Umbrella was there
at one time. Nearby is an entrance to a research facility that was just
recently operated by Tricell, but in the past it was built and used by
Umbrella. Chris and Sheva have stumbled upon the area where the progenitor
virus was discovered and where research was carried out. Inside the research
facility are journal entries from an Umbrella researcher named Brandon who was
a student of James Marcus.

Deep in the research facility, they find a large circular room filled with a
multitude of capsules. This seems to be how Tricell stored test subjects.
Chris wonders if Jill might be in one of the capsules, and uses the computer
in the center of the room. There is a file on her. Just as Chris suspected,
the woman from the data file is Jill, who now has long, blond hair. The
platform they are on starts to move downwards and they are attacked by a large
crab-like creature known as U-8.  U-8 has a weak outer layer, and
they manage to take advantage of the weakness by throwing grenades into it's
mouth.  The platform continues to lower itself, and then one of the capsules
moves forward and opens, but there is no one inside. Then Excella appears on
the computer screen. Not only is she the director of Tricell's African
division, she is also an officer in the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium. Both
organizations fund the BSAA.  Not only that, but Excella used her position in
the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium to get the B.S.A.A. to withdraw from the
area. Chris demands to know where Jill is, but Excella pretends not to know.  

Chris and Sheva are convinced that Excella has them under surveillance and
that she sent U-8 after them. The research facility is quite large, but they
think that if they can find Excella, they can find Jill.  Taking another look
at Jill's file on the computer, they read that Jill's hair and skin have been
lightened because she was "in a medically induced stasis for an extended

After fighting some soldier majini, and getting into the elevator, Chris
overhears a conversation over his radio between Excella and Wesker. Excella
tells Wesker that Uroboros has been loaded and that the reserve supply will be
ready soon. Chris is mad to hear that Wesker is still alive. Interestingly
enough, Excella is the only one who addresses Wesker by his first
name: Albert.

Also in the research facility, they see several missiles with "Uroboros"
printed on them. 

Chris and Sheva find a laboratory where a live test subject is sitting in a
chair. Excella and the cloaked woman are standing in an observation room
watching them. Chris asks again where Jill is, but Excella says he sounds like
a broken record. Excella mentions Uroboros, comparing it to evolution. The
test subject starts to transform into a mass of black leeches like the one
that killed Alpha Team. Excella explains that the test subject wasn't worthy,
meaning he didn't have the correct DNA to survive Uroboros. Exella leaves the
two to fight Uroboros Mkono. Chris and Sheva know from experience that
Uroboros is weak against fire. Luckily for them there is a flame thrower in
the room that they use to kill it. 

Chris and Sheva make their way into the room where Excella was. They find a
file written about the Uroboros virus. The virus is given to test subjects
based on their weight. While the virus adapted to their DNA, test subjects had
symptoms which included sweating, heavy breathing, and being delirious or
confused. Most of the time the virus did not adapt to the host's DNA. When
this happened, the virus would change the host's cells into "black leech-like
pustules" that were then expelled through the skin. The host would be entirely
consumed and start to gather organic matter around them in order to grow.

Further into the research facility Chris and Sheva find a file on how the
research personnel were all killed in order to keep Uroboros a secret.
However, we know from the beginning of the game that some information on
Uroboros had already been leaked because Chris and Reynard had heard rumors
about it.

They eventually come upon more ruins that branch off the facility, where
Tricell is doing construction. They lower a bridge which leads them
to an ancient room. Although this room was originally used by the Ndipaya,
Tricell has taken control over this part of the ruin, too.  They have even
added a door with their logo on it. Going through this door with the logo on
it, they see Excella. Chris asks where Jill is again. (I agree, Excella; he
does sound like a broken record). The cloaked woman suddenly appears and
starts to beat the crap out of Chris and Sheva using hand to hand combat.
Chris shoots the woman's mask off, but her face is still obscured a bit by the
hood she is wearing. Wesker appears at last to taunt Chris, saying it's like a
family reunion, and asks why Chris isn't happy to see them. Chris is slow,
and asks Wesker what he is talking about. Wesker pulls the hood off the
cloaked woman to reveal Jill. Chris is taken aback at this. Jill doesn't seem
to recognize Chris, even when he talks to her directly. Jill throws off the
cape. She is dressed in a skin tight battle suit, and starts to fight Chris
and Sheva again. Chris and Sheva are careful not to harm Jill because they
know she isn't in her right mind. Wesker and Jill then fight against Chris and
Sheva. It's not only Wesker that now has superhuman abilities; Jill is able
to run up walls. Chris and Sheva focus on Wesker, and are careful not to harm
Jill. Chris and Sheva decide to hide in a maze-like area that is behind the
room after Wesker kicks Chris into a door, breaking it down. The maze reveals
the room's original purpose; there are a few Ndipaya sarcophaguses back there.

After seven minutes Wesker gets tired of fighting, and tells Chris he had
expected more of him after all this time. He gets a call from Excella, who has
at some point sneaked out of the room. Chris and Sheva draw their guns and try
to confront Wesker, but Jill isn't finished with them. Jill pins Chris down
and twists his arm. Chris tries to reason with her and she shows signs of
recognizing Chris. Wesker pushes a button on the device he is holding, saying
he is surprised that she is resisting at such an advanced stage. In extreme
pain, Jill rips open the top of her battlesuit to reveal a large, red device
that is injecting a drug called P30 into her body.

P30 had been derived from progenitor, and developed to control subjects in a
similar way as Las Plagas, however, P30 had to be administered frequently, or
the effects would ware off.

Wesker leaves the room satisfied that Chris is forced to see Jill in pain.
After Wesker leaves, Chris and Sheva work together to remove the device from
Jill's chest, in hopes that she will return to normal. After some effort it is
removed and Jill passes out temporarily.

When she comes to, Chris is cradling her in his arms. The device has left the
area on her chest bruised and there are a few small puncture wounds. Jill
apologizes to Chris, saying that she could not control her actions, but she
was aware. She is grateful to be free, but seems haunted by everything she had
done while brainwashed. She had been used for the things she hated most,
spreading bioweapons. She had infected a local man with Uroboros, which lead
to Alpha Team being wiped out. She had also given Irving the control plaga.
Jill's awareness while brainwashed is even more apparent when she knows
Sheva's name. Jill tells Chris that he has to go after Wesker and stop him
from spreading Uroboros. Chris is reluctant to leave Jill behind, but she
insists. Chris and Sheva leave through the door that Wesker went through.

After hours of being indoors, Chris and Sheva are outside again and the sun is
setting. Outside is a large freight ship that is owned by Tricell. They see
Wesker and Excella headed towards the ship with several soldier majini
standing guard. Chris and Sheva find a way onto the ship, too.

By the time the two get onto the ship and set off it is night. They make their
way inside the ship and find Excella in a room where Progenitor flowers are
being cultivated. She is distracted, looking over two attache cases. Chris
and Sheva draw their weapons and ask where Wesker is, but Excella won't tell
them anything. She starts to run off, and they fire some shots at her. Excella
drops one of the attache cases on her way out. She locks the door behind her.
Sheva looks at what Excella dropped. They are syringes labeled PG67A/W. This
is what Excella was injecting Wesker with earlier. Chris and Sheva leave
through another door. They fight many more soldier majini including one who
uses a Gatling gun.

Wesker is watching Chris and Sheva on a monitor. Wesker has a flashback of
talking to Spencer when he had gone to  Spencer's estate in Europe. Spencer
had revealed to Wesker that he was part of a project by Umbrella known as the
Wesker plan, named after the head researcher at the time. The goal of the
Wesker plan was to create a superior race of humans. Hundreds of children
were chosen based on their parent's intellect, and were collected from all
over the world. The children were all given the surname "Wesker". They were
indoctrinated and then placed into controlled environments all over the world
while Umbrella monitored them. Umbrella secretly made sure that they all
excelled in their education. Albert Wesker was just one of them (number 13).
Wesker had started working with Umbrella at only 18, when he was sent to
Umbrella's training facility run by James Marcus. The next part of Spencer's
plan was to give all of the Wesker children an experimental version of the
Progenitor Virus. Albert Wesker had been given the Progenitor Virus in 1998
when he was 38 years old by his colleague, William Birkin. Wesker took the
virus before he was attacked by the Tyrant during the Mansion Incident, which
allowed him to fake his death. Although Wesker survived progenitor, most of
the Wesker Children died from it. 

Another part of the Wesker Plan was that the children were indoctrinated to
seek Spencer out, giving them an anxious feeling. This is why Wesker had
always been suspicious of Spencer throughout his adulthood while working with
Umbrella, and even to that moment in time.

Spencer told Wesker that he was the only one to survive the Wesker Children
plan. He says that all was lost in Raccoon City and laments his old age and
the fall of Umbrella, believing he had the right to be a god. Once Wesker
learned this about himself he no longer had that anxiety and killed Spencer
by impaling him with his hand and says that the right to be a god is now his.
That was about the time Wesker decided to try the idea for himself. He decided
he would create a virus that wiped out most of humanity, but spared a certain
few who had "superior DNA." Thus the Uroboros project was started. Now three
years later he is about to launch the virus that will eradicate roughly six
billion lives.

Getting out of the elevator, Chris and Sheva are back outside. They see a
large pile of dead bodies sitting in an open area. Excella stumbles out
holding her stomach. She is obviously suffering from Uroboros, but is mostly
distressed that Wesker betrayed her. Sheva and Chris draw their guns thinking
it is a trap. Wesker talks over a speaker from inside the ship announcing
that soon Uroboros will be released, wiping out six billion people. Chris
yells that it won't happen on his watch, but Wesker says he won't live to see
the dawn of new world. Sheva shows some slight sympathy for Excella, and asks
why Wesker would do this to his partner, but Chris knows this isn't out of the
ordinary for Wesker. Wesker has purposefully infected Excella with Uroborus
knowing that she will be rejected and will attack Chris and Sheva. This is
devastating  and heartbreaking for Excella, who had wanted to be Wesker's
partner and love interest in the new world. The leech-like pustules come out
of her mouth, and she is consumed. Now known as Uroboros Aheri, it
consumes the pile of corpses and grows extremely large taking over that part
of the ship. Chris and Sheva make a run for it, dodging the attacks form the
Uroboros creature and run through a door leading to another indoor area of the
ship. Uroboros Aheri has grown so large that it is threatening to take over
the ship and is sending it's leech-like appendages crashing through the roof. 

While trying to defend themselves, Chris and Sheva find Spencer's notebook
that details his thoughts after Raccoon City was destroyed. He doesn't seem to
mind that his company went under. To him, Umbrella was only a tool to research
the Progenitor Virus. His goal was always to create a superior race of humans,
and to be a god. Spencer had kept the African Research Facility as secret.
It's existence was known only to a few select members of Umbrella. Wesker must
have found this journal, and located one of the last people who had a level
10 security clearance, as the file mentions. Carlos M was located; information
was obtained from him, and then he was disposed of. This must have been how 
Wesker located the African Research Facility.

They also find a file about a satellite laser that works similar to a rocket
launcher and make plans to use it to destroy Uroboros Aheri. Back outside
again, they unlock the satellite laser, and aim it at the monster's weak
spots. After hitting it's major weak spot the monster is killed, but remains
frozen in time.

Chris and Sheva head back inside the ship's control room. An alarm is going
off. Sheva and Chris see an assault bomber on a monitor and believe it to be
how Wesker will spread Uroboros. Jill contacts Chris on his PDA. She is still
out of breath, but tells him that Wesker needs regular injections of a serum
called PG67A/W to keep his virus in balance, or he will loose his superhuman
abilities. She tells them he took a dose recently, but if given too much it
will act as a poison. Sheva remembers the syringes that Excella had dropped
and shows it to Chris. 

Knowing that Wesker will get on the assault bomber soon in order to
spread Uroboros they make plans to catch up to him and stop him by poisoning
him with his own serum. If Chris and Sheva don't do something it seems as
though 99.9% of the world's population will be wiped out in a matter of
hours. Wesker's plan was to spread the virus via missiles once the bomber
reached the tropopause. The virus would then "enter the upper tropopause and
be spread by wind currents", but his plan would still work even if the bomber
got shot down. Those infected by Uroboros would seek out others to spread the

Chris and Sheva go to the engine room to catch up to Wesker. When they do get
to Wesker he is still standing at the railing looking at the assault bomber.
Chris and Sheva draw their guns, and the three start to fight. Neither of them
can get in a shot because of Wesker's superhuman speed. The two get knocked
over the railing and onto the floor below. They remember the syringes, and
know it's their only way to defeat Wesker. They won't be able to stop him with
guns; He's simply too fast. They find a way to inject Wesker by turning out
the lights, and stunning him with a rocket launcher. He reacts to the 
injection right away and it seems to have adverse effects on him, but he makes
a few massive, superhuman jumps toward the assault bomber. Chris and Sheva
sprint as fast as they can to the bomber. Chris gets on first, but Sheva is
lagging behind. She eventually catches up and grabs Chris' hand, and he
pulls her up.

Inside the bomber, Wesker is suffering the effects of too much serum. The
three fight again using a mixture of guns and martial arts moves. Of
course guns are still ineffective against Wesker. Chris manages to inject
Wesker with another dose of PG67A/W. Chris engages the override controls for
the bomber. The bomber's door opens, threatening to suck them all out of the
plane. Chris and Sheva hold on to some beams and Wesker grabs onto Sheva's
foot. She is having a hard time hanging on with him pulling her down. She
looks up at Chris and her expression changes. Chris remembers how Jill had
saved him before three years ago, and believes Sheva is about to do something
similar. Sheva lets go and begins to free fall. Chris drops down to grab and
support Sheva. With Chris supporting her she grabs for her handgun
and shoots Wesker. He falls out of the bomber and they crash into an active

Chris and Sheva survive the crash and get out of the bomber. Wesker has
survived, too. He infects himself with Uroboros by smashing his arm into one
of the missiles. He successfully merges with the virus. He has maintained some
of his human appearance and his intelligence. His arm that he used to break
the missile is transformed into a sharp melee weapon. However, Wesker still
has the leech like pustules like everyone else and also has the same weak

Chris and Sheva run from Wesker, but the pathway under them breaks away, and
the two get separated. Chris falls to the ground below, and has to jump
over some lava to get to the middle platform. Wesker chases him, but Sheva is
able to shoot a weak spot on Wesker's back because he is no longer that fast.
Uroboros spreads to his other arm. Wesker then turns his attention to Sheva.

Sheva runs further up the path while Chris snipes at Wesker from the
middle platform. As Sheva is running, the path crumbles again and she is left
hanging over some lava. Chris snipes at Wesker to keep him from getting too
close to Sheva. She manages to pull herself up.

Chris runs to meet Sheva, but a bolder is in his way. He punches the bolder
and pushes it out of the way to make a path for Sheva.

The two fight Wesker on the middle platform of the volcano. They aim for
Wesker's weak spots, but the ground under Wesker cracks and he falls into
the lava.

A helicopter arrives. Jill is in it, and she throws down a rope. Sheva and
Chris climb up, after Chris nearly falls into the lava himself. However,
Wesker isn't dead yet. With Uroboros, his arm is able to stretch and grab
hold of the helicopter's skids, tossing the helicopter around. Before Wesker
can drag them down, Jill points out that there are two rocket launcers on
the helicopter. Chris and Sheva grab them and fire them simultaneously at
Wesker. It's a direct hit and there is no sign of him left. With Josh flying
the helicopter, Chris, Jill, and Sheva all reflect on everything that has
happened. Jill and Sheva agree that it's finally over. Chris thinks to himself
again if it was all worth fighting for. Now he knows that a future without
fear made it all worth it.

c. Lost in Nightmares

The B.S.A.A. had received intell on the location of Spencer's Estate in
Europe. HQ, which was located in England, assigned Chris and Jill to
apprehend Spencer, perhaps because of their history with Umbrella. Chris and
Jill had been two of the eleven original founders of the B.S.A.A. Thus their
code-names were Eagle 5 (Jill) and Eagle 6 (Chris).  

Chris and Jill had ulterior motives of questioning Spencer on the whereabouts
of Wesker. On the night of September 23, 2006, they infiltrated the estate
quite easily by picking the lock of the main entrance. Inside the estate
they find that the layout is very similar to Spencer's mansion in Raccoon
City. However, on this night something is amiss. There is blood on the floor.
Even the mood isn't so different from the incident they faced eight years ago.
There is a Thunderstorm outside adding to the creepy vibe. 

As they walk up the grand staircase, a corpse of one of the security guards
falls down from the second floor, and there are more corpses upstairs. The
corpses appear to have been killed by unconventional means. It doesn't take a
genius to figure out who did this. 

Inside the mansion are pictures of Africa, including the Sun Garden where the
Progenitor flowers were found. There are also pictures of Spencer himself. 

In one of the bedrooms, Chris and Jill find The Keeper's diary from the
Spencer Mansion in Raccoon City, however some of the pages are missing.

They also find memoirs written by Spencer's butler, Patrick. Patrick has
dedicated his life to serving Ozwell Spencer. His family has been in service
to the Spencer household since Spencer's great grandfather was alive. The
butler writing this memoir has to be at least around 60 years old. The butler
writes that although Spencer has many residences, he has secluded himself to
this one in recent years. It seems that Spencer never had any children,
because the butler writes that once Spencer dies it will be the end of his
family line.

In a second memoir, Patrick writes that he is assisting with Spencer's
experiments in the basement of the Estate. He feels like he is losing his
soul, but he is happy to serve Spencer in any way he can. 

While explporing the Spencer Estate eerie sounds can be heard, like dogs
barking, a piano playing faintly, and another creepy indescribable sound. A
bat breaks through a window in one of the hallways.

In a small library, they find Spencer's memoirs. Spencer considers aging a
disease. He has lost use of his legs and has to use a wheelchair, which is
unacceptable for Spencer, because he had wanted to live forever and become
a god. He believes his only hope of becoming a god is in a virus.  Spencer
writes that the virus "suppresses telomere shortening which negates the
function that limits cell division." The virus in question is
probably the Progenitor Virus. Spencer thought that if the virus could be
perfected it could enable those infected to live forever. Spencer writes
that he trusts Alex, the last of the Wesker Children (besides Albert), to
perfect the virus. After a year or so of trying to perfect the virus, and
testing it on thousands of test subject, the virus was ready. However, Alex
went missing along with all the researchers, test subjects, research
materials, and even the final virus. Spencer felt like he was betrayed again,
writing that he "should have learned from [his] mistakes with Albert." Spencer
writes that his buter, Patrick is his last hope in finding the virus, probably
the reason why he had Patrick perform experiments in the Estate's basement. 

Patrick wasn't successful in perfecting the virus, because Spencer's next
step was to locate Albert Wesker. He ordered Patrick to find a way to tell
Wesker of his location, without saying that it was Spencer who wanted him to

Patrick knew of a man who was also in the employ of Ada Wong: Ricardo Irving.
Ada was the common link between Irving and Wesker. So in some roundabout way,
Patrick paid Irving a ridiculous amount of money to release the information
on Spencer's location to Wesker. Since Irving had known Ada, perhaps this is
another explanation of how Irving got Las Plagas, met Wesker, and became the
foreman of the oil field. 

After Patrick had done this, Spencer let him go. Patrick writes that the only
staff left will be Spencer's security guards and the test subjects kept in the
basement. Patrick followed his last order from Spencer and left, heartbroken.
Along with the butler's last memoir is a list of 13 Wesker Children. Alex is
number 12, and Albert is number 13 of course. Also of note is that there were
a few girls involved in the Wesker Children Plan.

Next, Chris and Jill go down into the basement. Like the Spencer Mansion in
Raccoon City, the way to the basement is underneath the grand staircase. Jill
comments that the basement smells. They find a cell block area with more
corpses down there that were test subjects, as well as a few zombies who are
starving to death. Worst of all, there is a new monster they have never
encountered before, and there are a handful of them down there. However,
the monster's weak spot is an eye, located on their back.

Along the way they fall though some weak wooden boards into the catacombs
below, and they loose all of their equipment. There is a single monster down
there, but with no guns they have to find an alternative way to kill it and
a way to escape.  In the catacombs, there are corpses hanging from the
ceiling and on display in boxes as well. They find a crank and use it to raise
one of the platforms. Raising the platform, they see that the underside has

While one of them cranks, the other lures the monster under the platform.
They quickly get to safety while the other lets go of the crank, dropping the
spikes on the monster. It's an instant death and they find a shard of an
emblem, that they use to escape.

Getting out of the catacombs, they see they are where they would have been if
the wooden boards hadn't collapsed. They ascend a staircase that leads to a
hallway.  They come upon more dead security guards and Chris and Jill take
their handguns. They ready themselves to enter the next room where they think
Spencer is. However, they see that Wesker is already there and Spencer is dead.

The three get into a fight, but even though there are two of them, they are no
match for Wesker's superhuman strength and speed. Wesker throws Jill against a
bookcase. While she is catching her breath, Wesker focuses his attention on
Chris. Jill sees that Chris is about to be killed. She rushes Wesker and
tackles him. They both fall out of a large window, and over a cliff. Chris is
alive, but all alone.

d. Desperate Escape

After Chris and Sheva had gone after Wesker on the ship, Jill passed out. Josh
had returned to find Chris and Sheva, but soon finds Jill on the floor. He
gets her to come to and realizes that she is the legendary  Jill Valentine,
one of the original eleven founders of the B.S.A.A.  Josh introduces himself
as a captain of the West African Branch and Jill tells him that Chris and
Sheva went after Wesker, but are long gone by now. Josh invites her to come
with him to find Chris and Sheva, telling her that he has a helicopter waiting.

They go through the same door that Chris and Sheva went though and see that
the ship has left. Josh says the helicopter is waiting on the other side of
the mountain range. 

Along the way, Josh gets a message from a teammate and helicopter pilot named
Doug. Josh tells him he is on the way and that he has Jill Valentine with him.
Doug recognizes the name, Jill Valentine as well. 

Jill remembers something about Wesker that she knows will benefit Chris and
tells Josh that she needs to go to the communication facility. Josh says that
the communication facility is on the way and they will stop there.  

When they make it to the communication facility, they see that the bridge is
out. Josh tells Doug that he will need to come to them. Jill says that there
is a helipad on the communication facility's roof.  

Inside the communication facility, Josh sets the frequency to match Chris'
PDA. Jill tells Chris that Wesker's superhuman strength comes form a virus
and gives him a tip on how he can be defeated using the serum, PG67A/W in
excessive amounts.  However, Jill's connection to Chris gets cut off because
the signal gets jammed, but she tells Josh that she told Chris what he needed
to know. Next, they make their way onto the roof where Doug will pick them up.

On the roof they are bombarded with more enemies. It takes Doug a while to
make it to their location. At one point he says there are flying B.O.W. that
force him to make a detour. 

Doug finally makes it to their location. An RPG barely misses Jill and she
gets slammed against  one of the metal containers in the area. Josh helps her
up an carries her towards the helicopter.  Doug starts to shoot some of the
majini and helps Jill onto the helipad. Josh and Jill get on the helicopter.
Josh yells for Doug to hurry up. He fires a few more rounds and turns to run
towards the helicopter, but a majini using a rocket launcher fires another RPG
and Doug is killed. 

Josh begins to fly the helicopter himself and tells Jill to cover for him.
Jill grabs a nearby rifle and shoots some of the majini. She notices the
majini that killed Doug and shoots him in the head . However, one last RPG was
fired just a moment before the majini was shot and is headed their way. Josh
flies the helicopter and the RPG just misses them.

They head out to look for Chris and Sheva. Josh is more determined since Doug
was his friend, not wanting his death to be in vain.

e. FAQ

Q: How did Wesker know that Uroboros wouldn't kill him?

A: Wesker already had an experimental version of the progenitor virus that
gave him his powers. Uroboros was created from progenitor as a base. In fact,
Uroboros was less poisonous than progenitor because he had added Jill's
antibodies to Uroboros so that it wouldn't be so fatal.

Q: Was the Alex that Spencer mentions in Lost in a Nightmare the same as the
guy who wrote the report on Project W? Was he the same as the chief researcher
whose name was used to name the project?

A: I believe we may be dealing with three different people here. If not three,
then at least two. Here are a breakdown of the facts and/or speculations:

- We only know that the chief researcher's last name was Wesker. We don't know
his first name. Project W must have been started in the 60's. This chief
researcher would be quite old in current times or even dead.

- There is an Alex W. from the Umbrella Information Department. We don't know
his last name for sure, but it is highly implied that his last name is Wesker.
However, a Wesker Child isn't supposed to know about Project W, so it would
be unlikly that a Wesker child would write a report on it.
This also means that the Alex mentioned by Spencer can't possibly be the
chief researcher.

- The Alex that Spencer mentions is a Wesker Child; no if, ands, or buts
about it. Not only does Spencer descibe Alex's extraordianary abilities and
intellect, but Alex (Wesker Child 12) is mentioned next to Albert
(Wesker Child 13) on the test subjects list.

- The Alex W. from the Information Department and the Alex mentioned by
Spencer are probably different people, because Alex W. seems to be an insider
on Project W. However, the similarity in names are too close to be a coincidence
and I could be wrong.

8. Timeline

Pre-1800's, but specific date unknown

Ndipaya tribe leave their underground city for the Marshlands.
They keep their city a secret.

Travis Trading is founded by Thomas Travis.

Henry Travis explores Africa. After his fifth expedition, he compiles
a 72-volume encyclopedia called "Survey of Natural History". Henry's 
older brother and head of Travis Trading at the time, spread rumors
that the books were fictitious so only his company would use the 
information to their advantage. The scientific community rejected the
books and Henry died two years later a depressed man. One entry in
particular may have been folklore about the Ndipaya and their ritual involving
a flower known as "Stairway to the Sun".

Travis Trading began to use mineral resources in Africa. They mined for
precious metals and discovered oil and natural gas fields and began to
develop them.

Using Henry's books, a pharmaceutical division and a natural resources 
development division had been firmly established. Travis Trading became the
basis for the shipping division. These three divisions formed a conglomerate 
called Tricell. 

Ozwell E. Spencer hires George Trevor to design a mansion on the outskirts
of Raccoon City.

December 1966
Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, and James Marcus discover the Progenitor
Virus in West Africa. With them is Marcus' student Brandon Bailey. The group
had gone in search of a flower known as the "Stairway to the Sun".

Although the flower was fatal for most people, there were a few
who had a natural immunity to it and acquired superhuman abilities. The
Ndipaya kings were rumored to have lived hundreds of years. Spencer had read
about it in Henry Travis' books. They found it in the Sun Garden in the
deepest part of ancient underground city belonging to the Ndipayas. Upon
finding the flowers they discovered a virus inside of it and called it

February 1967
Marcus and Brandon brought the flowers back with them from Africa, but found
that when they tried to cultivate them, the flowers did not contain the 
Progenitor Virus.

March 23, 1967
The research had come to a standstill since they couldn't cultivate the
Progenitor Virus from the flowers. Marcus and Brandon got into a heated
debate on the direction of their research. It is then that Spencer tells
them about his plans to start a company.

November 10, 1967
After being captured by staff at the Arklay Laboratory, Jessica Trevor is
given Progenitor Type-A. The virus fusion was negative, and she was later
disposed of.  Lisa Trevor is given Progenitor Type-B. Lisa slowly fuses
with the virus and was seen as a "success".

November 13, 1967
George Trevor arrived at the Spencer Mansion after the mansion was completed.
However, George knows too much and Sir Spencer plans to have him disposed of.
George is captured, and kept in a room, attended to by men in white lab coats.
Meanwhile, Jessica writes a letter to Lisa, telling her how the two can
escape. Apparently, the plan never worked, because Jessica was disposed of
shortly after.

November 14, 1967
Lisa writes that she feels dizzy after being given the shot. She can't find
her mother, Jessica, and worries that she has escaped without her.

November 15, 1967
Lisa Trevor starts to tear off the faces of female researchers that remind her
of her mother.

November 17, 1967
Lisa finds her mother's coffin in the mansion's secret underground
passageway, but she can't open it because the chains are held by four heavy

November 24, 1967
George Trevor writes in his diary that he plans to escape.

November 26, 1967
George Trevor lost his lighter that had been a birthday gift from his wife. He
writes that it will be difficult to get out. He remembers that one of the men
in lab coats mentioned his family and he fears for their safety. He had
believed that they were visiting his aunt.

November 27, 1967
George Trevor gets out of the room, but still has to get out of the mansion. 

November 29, 1967
George Trevor realizes that he can't escape the estate. He finds his wife's
high-heeled shoe in one of the hallways.

November 30, 1967
George Trevor starts to go crazy. Eventually he writes that it is
"November 31". He finds a grave stone in one of the mansion's dark tunnels
with his name engraved on it. Shortly after, he is found and disposed of. 

Spencer, Marcus, and Ashford establish a pharmaceutical company and name it 
Umbrella to cover up their research in biological weapons and viruses.

July 1968
Edward Ashford dies after he contracts the Progenitor Virus in an accident.
His son, Alexander Ashford takes his place as family head.

August 19, 1968 
James Marcus is made general manager and director of the Umbrella
Training Facility in the Arklay mountains. His student Brandon
returns to Africa in order to send him samples of the Progenitor Virus.
Spencer says he plans to build a research facility on the Ndipaya's land.

February 1969 
Alexander Ashford designs an Umbrella facility in Antarctica. In order
to restore honor to his family he plans the Code: Veronica project.

June 15, 1969
The African Research Facility is completed.

November 1969
The Umbrella Facility is completed in Antarctica. In the basement is
a replica of the Spencer Mansion, where Alexander works on the Veronica

The Code Veronica project is successful and Alfred and Alexia are

September 2, 1977
Albert Wesker and William Birkin join the Umbrella Training Facility.

September 19, 1977
James Marcus discovers that mixing leech DNA with Progenitor creates a new
virus. he calls the new virus "t" for "tyrant".

October 23, 1977
Marcus decides to use humans as test subjects since he isn't making progress
by experimenting on rodents. He uses company employees from the Training
Facility he manages.

January 13, 1978
Marcus writes that the leeches are ready in his diary.
He also informs his student Brandon Bailey that the T-Virus was a

February 11, 1978
Marcus plans to announce the T-Virus at the next directors meeting.

July 29, 1978
The Training Facility is closed down. James Marcus continues his research
in a secret laboratory under a church behind the Training Facility.

July 31, 1978  (Taken from Wesker's Report II)
Wesker was eighteen years old and William Birkin was Sixteen and they had been 
assigned to the Arklay Laboratory under the Spencer Mansion to work on the
T-virus that had recently been announced by James Marcus. Wesker and Birkin
were to be chief research engineers. It was on this day that Wesker first sees
Lisa Trevor, although at this point he doesn't know who she really is, and
apparently the researchers don't know either. By that point, Lisa Trevor had
been experimented on for eleven years with Progenitor.

July 27, 1981 (Taken from Wesker's Report II)
Ten year old Alexia Ashford had become the senior researcher at the South Pole
Laboratory. This made Birkin jealous of Alexia because now he is no longer the
youngest researcher and because of her family line. The Ashford family was
legendary even to the Arklay staff because Edward Ashford was one of the three 
who had discovered the Mother Virus (Progenitor).

Whenever research got slow Wesker's subordinates would wish that Alexia were
around to help. This became the sad refrain of Birkin's existence; "If only
Ms. Alexia were here." However, Wesker doesn't expect much from Alexia.

Wesker writes that the T-virus has a 90% infection rate meaning 10% of 
people could be infected but not develop the virus. Umbrella's founder, 
Spencer was not satisfied with this. He wanted a virus that could infect
everyone and wipe out an entire population. Wesker notes that he believes
that Spencer is not looking for financial gain from creating these bioweapons,
but something else.
By mutating human genes with the T-virus, and then combining it with another
animal's genetic information, most like a reptile, Birkin was able to engineer
the Hunter, a new B.O.W. The Hunter could kill even people wearing body armor.

Alexia Ashford injects Alexander Ashford with the Veronica Virus, but she
is unsatisfied with the results.

December 31, 1983 (Taken from Weskers Report II)
Alexia goes into cryogenic sleep for 15 years so she can adapt to the
T-Veronica virus at the South Pole facility.

It was reported that she had infected herself by accident and had died. Wesker
underestimates Alexia, thinking she was too young to be a researcher, and that
she was grieving the death of her father. Wesker couldn't have been more wrong.
Wesker wanted to get the T-Veronica sample, but Birkin was against it for
obvious reasons. Instead Wesker waited for a better opportunity to learn more
about Alexia's research, which he does in Code Veronica in December 1998.
Wesker writes while deep in thought that it seems as though the Arklay Lab
was actually constructed to spread the virus. Since the T-virus could infect
almost any kind of life, even plants, it could be easily spread in the forest
It didn't matter that the lab was remote and only accessible through

Because of these thoughts Wesker wanted to find out more information about
Spencer's intentions, but he decided to wait longer before he changed
positions in Umbrella. He didn't want Spencer to become suspicious.

Marcus is assassinated by Umbrella Special Forces. Birkin takes credit for his

July 1, 1988 (Taken from Weskers's Report II)
Birkin has a two year old daughter, Sherry. Annette Birkin, his wife also
worked at Arklay at the time, too. Also, by that point they began research
a more sophisticated biological weapon. The Tyrant is an advanced
bio-weapon that takes programmed orders. However, finding a living subject to
base the Tyrant on was nearly impossible. In general zombies and Hunters
were the product of the T-virus, but the carrier's brain cells would decline.
For the Tyrant, the carrier's intelligence needed to be at a certain level,
so Birkin extracted a variant of the T-virus that would not cause so much
damage to the carrier's brain. However, there were very few humans whose genes
matched this variant, only one in ten million. If they could find this perfect
match they might be able to develop another strain of the T-Virus
that would transform more people into Tyrants. They were only able to gather a
few specimens with a close match.
Then Wesker learned about the Nemesis project. It was created in the French
Laboratory. Wesker persuaded Birkin to let him obtain a sample of the Nemesis
prototype. It was a little difficult for them to get the prototype, but
Spencer supported the project, which made it possible. The prototype couldn't
do anything on its own, but once it had taken control of the brain of another
living being it demonstrated a superior aptitude for combat; The prototype
provided the intelligence.

Unfortunately for Wesker and Birkin, the prototype did not always settle
in the host as they wanted. Many of the hosts died shortly after the Nemesis 
prototype took control of their brain. Wesker decided to use Lisa
Trevor for the experiment since she had survived all the prior experiments
with the Mother Virus. However, when the Nemesis Prototype entered her brain
it disappeared, and after examination she had developed something new inside
of her. This was the beginning of the G-virus project.

Construction begins on a large Umbrella laboratory that will be on the 
outskirts of  Raccoon City (seen in RE2). Birkin begins research on the
G-virus after Spencer approves it.

Wesker transfers to the Information Department in order to research Spencer's

Umbrella gives financial assistance towards refurbishing City Hall and building
a hospital.

Birkin transfers to the underground laboratory.
He still visits Arklay regularly.
Alfred Ashford graduates from a British university and is made director of
the Antarctic Facility. He also becomes the Commander of Rockfort Island.

December 1993
The Training Facility for anti-B.O.W. squad members is built on Rockfort

John from the Chicago Laboratory is transffered to the Arklay Laboratory.
He would be the new chief researcher. John reported to his
superiors about the cruelty going on at Arklay, which caused quite a stir even
in the Information Bureau where Wesker now worked. Everyone thought
John might leak information.

Alfred has the private residence and prison built on Rockfort Island.

At eight years old, Sheva Alomar's parents are killed during an a bioweapons
test at Umbrella Plant 57. To cover up the experiment Umbrella had the Plant,
along with the town destroyed with the help of the local government. After
running away from her uncle's house Sheva winds up being raised by guerilla
fighters that teach her to hate the government.

July 31, 1995 (Taken from Wesker's Report II)
Somehow Lisa Trevor was able to co-exist with all the viruses she was given.
She had evolved internally for 21 years, which allowed her to accept the
Nemesis parasite.

Wesker had been with the Information Bureau for four years, but he still
could not figure out Spencer's motives. By that time, Spencer no longer
came to the Arklay Laboratory.

Lisa Trevor began to peel the faces off of women researches and wear them
over her own face. She had done this before when she was originally
given the Mother Virus. Lisa Trevor did this to three different researchers,
so her termination was ordered. They monitored Lisa's vital signs for three
days, and they though she was dead, so she was disposed of at some
undisclosed location.

Raccoon City gets it's own S.T.A.R.S branch.  Wesker becomes the
captain. Jill Valentine is transferred to Raccoon City from a different
S.T.A.R.S branch at some point in time.

HUNK attends training on Rockfort Island.

May 11, 1998
At around 5am, an outbreak occurred at the Arklay laboratory. Many of the
researchers and other employees there became infected with the T-virus. The
Queen Leech, acting as James Marcus caused this outbreak. Right after the
outbreak, a researcher went crazy and flooded the Aqua Ring. The staff are
told to wear protective suits, but it does them no good.

May 12, 1998
The Keeper starts to feel itchy.

May 13, 1998
The Keeper goes to the infirmary to have his back looked at. He writes that it
is swollen and itchy. He is told he doesn't need to wear the protective suit

May 14, 1998
The Keeper notices that some of the dogs he was in charge of have escaped.

May 15, 1998
Plant 42 is growing at an "amazing rate" since the outbreak.

A Researcher ties to escape the Arklay Spencer Estate, but gets shot in the

May 16, 1998
The Keeper writes that he is "sweating all the time now" and feels itchy. He
"scratched the swelling on [his] arm and a piece of rotten flesh just dropped

May 19, 1998
The Keeper starts to become delirious. He eats dog food.

May 20, 1998 Around 10PM
A 20 year old woman's body is found mutilated near the Marble River.
It is determined that she was attacked in the Arklay Mountains, and fell
into the river.

May 21, 1998
Henry Sarton, an Arklay researcher writes a report on Plant 42. Meanwhile,
The Keeper writes that he killed Scott from security and ate him. It seems as
though Scott was infected with the T-virus as well.

June 3, 1998
Martin Crackhorn writes a final letter to his significant other, Alma before
killing himself because he is infected.

June 8th, 1998
Arklay researcher, John writes a final letter to his girlfriend Ada Wong.

June 22, 1998
A researcher and his colleague have survived up until this point, but the
colleague starts to show symptoms of the T-virus and the researcher kills him
and leaves him in one of the cabin's bathrooms. He writes a suicide note and
hangs himself in the adjacent bedroom.

July 22, 1998
Wesker is ordered by Umbrella to:
1. "Lure the S.T.A.R.S. to the estate, and obtain B.O.W.'s raw combat
data against S.T.A.R.S.

2. Collect two embryos of each mutated specimens as samples, excluding
the Tyrant. Dispose of the Tyrant.

3. Ensure complete disposal of the Arklay Laboratory including all personnel
and test animals, disguise their deaths as an accident. 

However, Wesker has plans to betray Umbrella by joining a rival organization.
He plans to do this by getting the Tyrant's combat data to give to the

July 23, 1998 Night - July 24, 1998 Morning
The events of RE0

July 24, 1998 Night -July 25, 1998 Morning
The events of RE

July 29, 1998
The manager of the disposal plant, aka the dead factory writes that the
number of bodies to be disposed of has become far too many, and that
the virus has mutated, and some of the workers are infected.

August 1998
Jillís wounds have healed but she writes that her emotional
scars have not. She writes that Chris is becoming withdrawn.

August 15th 
Chris invites Jill over to his apartment to show her a G-virus
research report. Chris had been researching Umbrella and Chief
Irons since the Mansion Incident ended.

August 21, 1998
William Birkin tells the sewer manager that the police and media have
began their investigation on Umbrella. The investigation was city 

August 24th
Chris left for Europe. Barry planned to send his family to
Canada while he went with Chris. Jill decided to stay to keep
an eye on the research facility in Raccoon City (Birkinís lab),
but plans to join Chris and Barry in a month. However, her plans
are slightly delayed by the events of RE3 that take place in late

September 10, 1998
The Hospital Director writes that patients are displaying symptoms
of the T-virus.

September 23, 1998
Chief Irons writes that the streets will soon be infested with zombies.
William Birkin's secret lab was infiltrated around this time and
he injected the G-virus and killed Hunk's team. Brian Irons relocated all the
weapons to scattered intervals throughout the police station. Chief Irons did
this intentionally to cause further Chaos.

September 24, 1998
Irons makes sure that all escape routes from inside the police station have
been cut off. However, he apparently forgets to cut off the escape route
though the sewer; at least four survivors escape through the sewers in the
early morning hours of the 28th.

September 26, 1998
Irons decides to kills off survivors in the police station himself. 
Raccoon City is placed under Marshal law. The U.B.C.S. begin their mission.

September 28, 1998
Jill decides to try to escape Raccoon City. First part of Resident Evil 3.

September 29, 1998  Night - September 30, Morning 1998
Resident Evil 2 takes place

October 1, 1998
Second half of Resident Evil 3. The US Government takes action and
Raccoon City is destroyed by a missile.

October 7, 1998
City leaders of Sheena Island including Vincent gathered together for a meeting
on the destruction of Raccoon City. Everyone blamed William Birkin for betraying

October 9, 1998
While Umbrella employees are disturbed over the rumors of Raccoon City
and security isn't as tight, the imprisoned teens on Sheena Island make
plans to escape.

October 10, 1998 11PM
Escape attempt by teenage guinea pigs. The teenagers were shot by
Vincent and then covered up as a mass suicide by the prison chief, who
was too afraid to tell the truth to Umbrella because of Commander Vincent.

October 20, 1998
Prison Chief gets reply from Umbrella HQ. The prison chief had lied about
Vincent killing the guinea pigs and instead reported that they had committed
suicide. HQ isn't suspicious of Vincent and prepares to gather more guinea
pigs. The prison chief regrets writing the fake report.

November 7, 1998
Around this time, Ark Thompson sneaks into Sheena Island to investigate.
He pretends to be Vincent to gather information. Lott notices Ark and
knows he isn't the real Vincent. Lott then tells the real Vincent that
Ark is a spy.

November 8, 1998
Around this time people who oppose Vincent begin to gather information
intending to report him to Umbrella Headquarters.

November 9, 1998
Ark visits Andy, the sewer caretaker, while pretending to be Vincent.
Also in the room is Lott who is continuing to spy on Ark.

November 16, 1998
The African Research Facility is closed down.

November 19, 1998
People on Sheena Island are preparing to hand in the prosecution report
on Vincent. They plan to hand it in when Umbrella delivers the new guinea
pigs in following week. Vincent is so angry he plans to get revenge and
to stop them from handing in the report. The citizens had wiretapped
Vincent's phone conversations. On the phone, Vincent had admitted to
shooting the guinea pigs and covering it up. He also admitted to killing a
colleague to get promoted.

November 22, 1998
Vincent spreads the t-virus around Sheena Island to stop the prosecution
report from getting out. He plans to return to Umbrella HQ to get promoted.

November 23, 1998
Zombies and B.O.W.s are everywhere on Sheena Island.

November 24, 1998
Lott's parents become zombies. Lott learns form a survivor that Vincent
is responsible for the outbreak. Lott plans to escape the city with his
sister, Lily. 

On or shortly after this date, Vincent confronts Ark while Ark is looking
around his office. The two get into a fight that leads to Ark trying to get
away in a helicopter. The helicopter crashes. Vincent is knocked unconscious.
Ark loses his memory. The events of Resident Evil Survivor takes place.

December 17, 1998
Claire is caught in Paris and sent to Rockfort Island.

December 27, 1998
The events of Resident Evil:Code Veronica

At 15, Sheva is approached by a man who asks for her help in stopping
the guerilla fighters from obtaining bioweapons from Umbrella in order
to overthrow the local African government. The man directs her to meet
a U.S. government official. The man from the U.S. government asks her
to help them apprehend a representative from Umbrella. She agreed
to help. Three days later the special forces arrived and arrested the
Umbrella representative.

(The man in the suit became Sheva's legal guardian and moved her to the
United States. After attending a University some years later, her guardian
suggests that she join the B.S.A.A. After eight months of training under
Josh Stone she was selected to become an agent; the same position as Chris

The events of Operation Javier.

Krauser fakes his death and joins Wesker
The events of Resident Evil: Dead Aim

It is around this time that Wesker meets Excella Gionne, a relative of the
Travis family and begins to share with her all the viruses he has collected.
This helps her move up in the ranks of Tricell's pharmaceutical division, in
particular the bioweapons division.

The events of the Russian incident

Fall 2004
Krauser kidnaps Ashley Graham in order to gain Saddler's trust in order to try
to obtain the Sample Saddler developed.
The events of Resident Evil 4

The events of Resident Evil Degeneration

September, 2006 (estimated)
Spencer instructs his butler, Patrick to get Wesker to come to him.
Patrick finds Irving and pays him to release information to Wesker
regarding the whereabouts of Spencer.

September 23, 2006
Chris and Jill infiltrate the Spencer Estate. Spencer is killed by
Wesker. Jill and Wesker fall out the window and over a cliff.

November 23, 2006
Jill is declared dead by the B.S.A.A. However, Wesker and Jill had survived
the fall.

2006 - 2009
At some point Wesker had taken Spencer's journal from his estate and read
about the secret African Research Facility. He learns from the journal that 
only those with a level 10 clearance from Umbrella know where the facility
is. He tracks down one of the remaining living people, a Carlos M. (no
relation to RE3's Carlos Oliveira) and forces him to tell him the location of
the African Research Facility that has long been abandoned by Umbrella.
Carlos M. is disposed of. Around this time Wesker suggests that Excella
take over Tricell's African Branch as CEO. Her first order was to reopen and
restore the old Umbrella African Research Facility. The Uroboros project
is then started using the progenitor flowers grown outside of the facility.

Wesker placed Jill in a cryogenic sleep to be of use to him later. While
in cryogenic sleep the T-virus reactivated itself inside of her. The
cure she had been given by Carlos was suppose to have gotten rid of
the virus, but it had instead become dormant. Shortly after the virus
reactivated it disappeared, but left Jill will antibodies to the virus.

Wesker used these antibodies to his advantage. He was developing a new
virus called Uroboros from the Progenitor flower. Wesker used Jill's
antibodies against the T-virus in order to make Uroboros less poisonous. 
Let's not forget the one thing that the T-virus and Uroboros have in 
common is Progenitor. Wesker was able to perfect the Uroboros Virus thanks
to Jill.

Further testing of Progenitor yielded a chemical called P30. P30 gave
people superhuman strength and abilities like Progenitor. It also made
individuals easy to control. Research into Las Plagas and P30 was
carried out at the same time, but P30's effect was only temporary.
Wesker decided to test the effects of frequent administration of P30
by attaching a device to Jill's chest that would continuously give her
doses of the drug. The secondary reason for this was to make Jill follow his

December 23, 2008 (Experience Kijuju blog)
Kijuju's first documented signs that something is wrong. Animal carcasses
start appearing and the people start acting strangely. Soon posters and
graffiti start appearing on walls as well.

January 23, 2009 (Experience Kijuju blog)
Things start to get really bad in Kijuju. The man in sunglasses start holding
violent public assemblies. Eventually the scaffolding is built and they
hold executions.

February 20, 2009 (Experience Kijuju blog)
The army arrives and builds a wall around kijuju to quarantine the area.

March 6, 2009 - March 8, 2009
The events of RE5

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