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Follow the dark path or use the light

Strategy tips for the discerning terrorist

by Robvalue

Enhanced Guide (Screens/Videos) at:

||                 Strategy tips for the discerning terrorist                ||
||                           Red Faction: Guerrilla                          ||

Written by: robvalue (
Last updated: 2009-08-05 08:11:59

                               Table of Contents                               
- Introduction
- Getting salvage from buildings
- Other ways to get salvage
- What to spend salvage on?
- Sledgehammer variants - For show or for go?
- Strategies for the arc welder
- Strategies for the nano rifle
- Strategies for the rocket launchers
- Strategies for the sledgehammer
- What to do when your vehicle gets flipped onto its back
- Tricks with vehicle gun turrets
- Saving a vehicle for use in your next mission
- Guns on your Red Faction vehicles
- Collecting enemy weapons without disrupting your mission
- Getting out of your vehicle on the left or the right
- House arrests
- Using transporter missions to your advantage
- Alternate gutter attacks


I absolutely love this game, and have come up with a few ideas and gameplay
tips that can help you on your mission to destroy the EDF, smash everything up,
and survive! This is not a walkthrough or a guide for any particular section,
it is a series of suggestions that will help you all the way through the game.

>> This guide contains mild spoilers but nothing that will give too much away.
It is written for the Xbox 360 but with appropriate button changes it can be
applied to the PS3 version.

                         Getting salvage from buildings                        

Whenever you die (or warp to a safehouse, leave a sector or load a game) any
salvage that is uncollected on the map disappears. This means that it is very
important that when you intend to destroy a target, you should be sure that you
are not likely to die in the process before you can grab all the salvage. Here
are three alternative strategies for maximising your salvage from buildings,
especially the larger and heavily guarded ones:


?    * Clear out all or most of the enemies in the surrounding area before
you start to demolish the building. Collect the salvage as you attack the
building, and kill any other attackers that come after you. In the case of EDF
property, make sure you don't completely destroy the building until you are
confident you can collect the salvage without getting killed.
    * Blow up the building quickly and efficiently, preferably from a safe
place and/or from distance. Have an escape route/vehicle ready. The weapons of
choice for this are the rocket launchers and the nano rifle. If you can safely
take out a few guards too then that will help. Once the building has been
demolished, don't try and collect any salvage, just head for a safehouse in the
same sector. Once there restock your ammo and head straight back to where the
building was. All the salvage will still be there, with the alert now back to
green. You can then collect it more easily, and if you find yourself in danger
while collecting it head back to the safehouse again and repeat.
    * You can get unlimited salvage by doing damage to an EDF building (ones
that are red on your minimap or the EDF marked targets) without destroying
them. Collect the salvage you get from this damage, then save the game (getting
away so the alert drops to green or yellow first.) Load your game again, and
the building will be fully rebuilt. Repeat as much as necessary.

                           Other ways to get salvage                           

?    * Mining the ore on the map is a great way to get salvage. I recommend
waiting until you have bought the ore additive upgrade before hitting any. As
they are all in relatively safe places and the EDF don't care about them, you
can mine in safety. Make sure you collect both of the two red objects that come
out of each ore, giving you a total of 12 salvage. I recommend smashing up the
ore completely as well so that when you pass it later on you can clearly see it
is one you have mined already. Either use your sledgehammer, shoot them with
the nano rifle, or smash right through them with a heavy vehicle.
    * EDF supply crates contain around 3 salvage each. They come in several
forms, get to know what they look like: they are a shiny metallic blue with EDF
writing and logos. Smash them with your hammer or drive through them with a
heavy vehicle. Again smashing them completely will help mark the ones you have
hit. Other types of crates tend not to have anything useful.
    * Another unlimited source of salvage is EDF vehicles. When you find one
keep shooting at it with your rocket launcher until it has a huge explosion
(usually 3-4 rockets with the standard launcher.) Several salvage parts will
come out of the wreck. Usually this will cause more EDF to come after you, so
blow up their vehicles too. Carry on until you run out of rockets then head
back to the safehouse to restock and repeat.

    * Once you have liberated Dust, there is an easy way to get unlimited
salvage. Buy the safehouse warp upgrade (guerrilla express), then go to your
map and warp to the oasis safehouse (press Y). Turn around from where you
appear there, and blow up the two metal tank structures right behind you.
Collect the salvage from them, then save your game. Load your game again, turn
around again and the tanks are back! Repeat for as long as you need to.
There are many more ways to get (unlimited) salvage, if anyone needs more help
please let me know. If you die while on a mission, you won't keep any salvage
you collected while on that mission, so it's usually best to ignore salvage and
concentrate on your mission. However if you die attempting a guerrilla action
(or fail and retry), you will get to keep the salvage you collected during it.

                           What to spend salvage on?                           

Here is my recommendation for spending your salvage to build up a good
all-round weapon selection:


?    * At the start of the game all you have is your assault rifle, remote
mines and a pistol once you've grabbed one from an enemy.
    * Buy the arc welder when available to replace the pistol. 

    * Buy the rocket launcher when available to replace your remote mines.
    * Once you have the nano rifle, use it to replace the assault rifle. You
are now pretty much set up for anything.
    * As a finishing touch, buy the thermobaric rocket launcher when available
to replace or alternate with the rocket launcher. The ammo crates around the
map never have any ammo for this weapon. However, if you run out of ammo you
can replace it with the rocket launcher using an ammo crate until you make it
back to a safehouse.

All the upgrades for these weapons are well worth getting. I recommend not
buying the remote mine upgrades, grinder or proximity mines until you have
bought everything else in the game that you want. You can save a lot of salvage
that way and get the more effective weapons and upgrades faster. All the other
non-weapon upgrades are well worth getting as soon as they become available.
                  Sledgehammer variants - For show or for go?                  

It has been a disputed point whether the two sledgehammer upgrades you can
purchase actually do more damage or whether they are just new looks. I have
tested all three versions by seeing how many hits from each it requires to
cause the same vehicle to explode. After repeated tests, I concluded that the
upgrades do indeed cause more damage and are therefore worth purchasing,
especially as they are cheap. Once you upgrade the previous versions can be
purchased again, but I can see no point to doing so.

                         Strategies for the arc welder                         

The arc welder is your best short range weapon, especially against multiple
enemies. As it auto aims it quickly stops the enemies from attacking you by
stunning them, up to 3 at a time once upgraded. This gives you several


?    * Obviously you can hold down RT to continue to kill all the enemies you
have electrocuted.
    * Once an enemy is stunned, to conserve ammo you can switch to the
sledgehammer and whack them for an instant kill. Your ammo can go a long way
using this tactic, especially luring enemies to you one by one by hiding when
they search for you.
    * You can keep more than 3 enemies stunned by giving the first lot a short
blast, then quickly moving around so that others get targetted then blasting
them too. Keeping them stunned can help your allies to do them some damage
without them getting killed so much!

    * If you are close to being killed and enemies are giving chase, give them
a short blast (not too short or it won't work) and then make your escape while
they are stunned. You can escape from large numbers of enemies by combining
with the above strategy.
    * When you want to hijack a vehicle, the arc welder is perfect as it will
electrocute the driver without damaging the vehicle. You can't hijack vehicles
driven by enemies just by pressing Y like in other similar games, you must kill
the driver (and anyone manning a turret) first. You won't be able to see when
the driver is dead, but the Y prompt will be available once you can get in.
Usually it takes around 40 ammo to kill a driver.

    * When you are in danger from an enemy in a vehicle gun turret at close
range, the arc welder will stun them saving you a lot of damage and will
eventually kill them. Alternatively you can then switch to the nano rifle to
finish them off, or to the rocket launcher to blow up the vehicle.
    * When the EDF use shields, a blast will make them drop their shields.
    * The arc welder is good for starting killing streaks as you can use its 3
arcs to kill 3 enemies pretty much simultaniously.

                         Strategies for the nano rifle                         

The nano rifle is probably the best all round weapon in the game.

?    * It kills all but the toughest enemies in one hit from any range, and
wherever you hit them. As long as you are reasonably accurate, it is a ruthless
killing machine. If the EDF are using shields, try to hit their exposed body
parts such as the head. Alternatively shoot the shield to get rid of it, then
finish them off.

    * When you're zoomed in (press in the right stick) you have very good
range, second only to the sniper rifle. It is also pinpoint accurate. Use it to
pick off soldiers from a concealed place, even if enemies notice their friend
being killed they often don't know where the shot came from.
    * The rifle is also excellent for destroying buildings, including at long
range. Although it doesn't have explosive power it can be used to shoot out a
whole wall very quickly. It is at its best being used to pick off the remaining
supports after firing rockets at a building.
    * It is good against vehicles too, several rapid shots will destroy most
vehicles. Even heavily armoured ones such as tanks can be taken down in about
10 shots which doesn't take long. When shooting at aircraft hitting the wings
takes them down fastest, but a few decent hits anywhere will be enough.
    * When an enemy is shooting at you from a gun turret in a vehicle at a
distance, an accurate hit will usually take them out saving you a lot of

                      Strategies for the rocket launchers                      

The rocket launcher (and thermobaric) complete this all round trio. Be very
careful when using them, make sure there is sufficient distance between you and
the target or you will be damaged by the explosion. Especially for the
thermobaric version- you can easily kill yourself if you are anywhere near the


?    * The rocket launcher is the weapon of choice for speedy building
destruction, especially at a distance. Aim at the bottom of buildings, moving
your aim around the base to take out all its supports. The thermobaric version
will take out small buildings in one rocket and bigger ones in 2-3 if well
    * It is the quickest way of taking out vehicles, especially if you use the
multi-rocket upgrade (hold down RT to fire up to 3 rockets at once.) It is
especially good against APCs carrying lots of soldiers, if you blow it up
before they can get out they'll usually all get smoked. Once you have the
heat-seeking upgrade, it is excellent for taking out aircraft. With the super
version you don't have that luxury, but you can make the rocket explode at any
time (press RT again.) Time it right and the huge explosion will take out the
    * When a large group of enemies is hassling you, firing a rocket at them
will often kill a lot of them. Those that don't die will probably dive for
cover or fall over, giving you breathing space.

                        Strategies for the sledgehammer                        

Don't forget about your sledgehammer for very close range combat.


?    * It is silent, so it can be used as a stealth weapon. Once you have the
personell detector, always study your minimap to plan your attack. You may be
able to pick off stray enemies without raising the alarm, making your job
easier before you start.
    * It takes out most enemies in one hit, and it also locks onto enemies
well. Go for an attack reasonably close to an enemy while facing them and
you'll find that you'll home in on them as you swing the hammer. In an open
space use RT, in a confined space use LT to avoid hitting a wall.
    * Once the enemies are alerted, you can often hide around a corner and let
them come to you. As they come round the corner, run out and smash them, then
duck back round and wait for the next one. This helps keep the alert down. This
is best if they are coming round the corner from the left, in which case use
R2. If they are coming from the right, use L2 instead.

    * When a single enemy gets really close to you during gunfights, it's often
quicker and easier to switch to the sledgehammer for an instant kill. This also
helps save ammo.
    * You can swing the sledgehammer from crouching (press left anologue stick
in) and Alec returns to a crouch after the swing.
    * You can attack while sprinting without having to let go of the sprint
button. This allows you to strike at just the right moment when closing in on
an enemy. This doesn't apply to other weapons, unless you are using their melee
attack (press LT.)

            What to do when your vehicle gets flipped onto its back            

Exit the vehicle, then stand next to it and press Y quickly several times.
You'll flip the vehicle back over so it's ready to drive without damaging it!

                        Tricks with vehicle gun turrets                        

?    * If you want to get in a vehicle specifically to get in the turret
right away, press Y to get in the vehicle then quickly press LB as you are
getting in. You'll climb into the turret at the earliest possible moment ready
to fire.

    * Being stationary when using the turrets isn't always best. You can get
your vehicle moving forwards (or backwards) before going to the turret. This
lets you do a sideways 'drive by', or an advancing or retreating attack. You
can avoid damage this way, or use it to keep moving towards a fleeing vehicle
while shooting at it.

                 Saving a vehicle for use in your next mission                 

Sadly you don't have a garage in this game for storing vehicles, but you can
temporarily save a vehicle. When you load your game or warp to a safehouse,
there will be a Red Faction vehicle available to you, but also there will be
the last vehicle you have been in. It follows these rules: 

?    * You don't have to drive the vehicle you want back to the safehouse, it
just has to be the last one you have driven. If you are in the vehicle you want
and the alert is green or yellow, save the game, then load it again. You'll now
find that vehicle nearby and ready to go, fully repaired.
    * If the alert is amber or red and you are worried the vehicle you are in
will get destroyed before you get it to safety, just jump out of the vehicle.
Don't go in any other vehicles. Keep running until you can get the alert back
down to yellow or green (easiest way is to run to a safehouse) then save and
load your game. Even if you get killed it doesn't matter from the vehicle point
of view, select continue and your vehicle will be waiting for you.

    * It only remembers the last vehicle you went in, so as soon as you enter
another one the previous vehicle is lost.
    * It won't work if the vehicle gets destroyed before you save the game,
you'll find another random vehicle in its place at the safehouse.

    * You cannot save walkers or tanks in this way, but I believe you can save
any other vehicle in the game that you can climb into (except special ones like
Jenkins' contraption!) This includes EDF APCs and patrol vehicles.

                       Guns on your Red Faction vehicles                       

The EDF are not the only ones with guns on their vehicles, many of the vehicles
you find ready for you to drive at your safehouses have guns on them. You
cannot climb into them and manually aim, they only shoot forward but they do
auto-aim like the EDF turret guns. They can still be very useful, especially
for the 'courier' and 'convoy' missions where vehicles are trying to flee from
you. Drive close behind the vehicle and hold down A, you can destroy the
vehicle without having to get out and risk losing the chase.

            Collecting enemy weapons without disrupting your mission           

To add an enemy weapon to your collection, you don't have to bring it back to
your safehouse. It is added to your weapon list as soon as you pick up the new
weapon. If you find a new weapon while in the middle of doing something else
and don't want to disrupt your normal weapon setup, just pick up the new weapon
then press Y again to swap it back for your own weapon. Leave the enemy weapon
on the floor and carry on. The next time you visit a safehouse or ammo crate
the enemy weapon will be available. 

The exception to this is if you pick up an enemy weapon while on a mission and
then die. In that case, it won't count as collected. If you die during
guerrilla actions, that won't matter, you will still get to keep the weapons
you picked up.

              Getting out of your vehicle on the left or the right             

By default when you press Y to exit a vehicle, Alec will leave via the left
hand door. However, you may not always want to do this. For example enemies may
be shooting at your vehicle from the left so you want to get out to the right
so you can take cover behind your vehicle. To do this just hold the left
analogue stick to the right while you press Y. 

                                 House arrests                                 

For this guerrilla action, it will make it easier if you only try to save one
hostage. As soon as you've untied one, get into a vehicle and set your map
marker to your nearest safehouse. You'll get a message saying "you're leaving a
hostage behind" but you can ignore that. Once you travel away from the building
they were in, any other hostages will suddenly be dead. You only need to drive
the one hostage that you saved back to base and the action counts as complete.

                  Using transporter missions to your advantage                 

If you are in a dangerous situation with a high alert and there is a
transporter vehicle nearby, get in the vehicle, drive it away from the danger
and then get out. Either let the timer run down or destroy the vehicle. When it
says you've failed the transporter action, select retry. You'll appear back
where the transporter vehicle is with green alert. You can leave the vehicle
and carry on whatever you are doing in that area more safely.

                            Alternate gutter attacks                           

LT and RT have two different attacks for the gutter depending on whether you
are standing still or running/sprinting. You can use either attack while still
holding the sprint button.

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