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Follow the dark path or use the light


by thecrobar

 /'__`\  /'__`\ /\_____  \
/\ \/\ \/\ \/\ \\/___//'/'
\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \   /' /' 
 \ \ \_\ \ \ \_\ \/' /'   
  \ \____/\ \____/\_/     
   \/___/  \/___/\//      
 _____                            __                           
/\  __`\                         /\ \__                        
\ \ \/\ \  __  __     __      ___\ \ ,_\  __  __    ___ ___    
 \ \ \ \ \/\ \/\ \  /'__`\  /' _ `\ \ \/ /\ \/\ \ /' __` __`\  
  \ \ \\'\\ \ \_\ \/\ \L\.\_/\ \/\ \ \ \_\ \ \_\ \/\ \/\ \/\ \ 
   \ \___\_\ \____/\ \__/.\_\ \_\ \_\ \__\\ \____/\ \_\ \_\ \_\
    \/__//_/\/___/  \/__/\/_/\/_/\/_/\/__/ \/___/  \/_/\/_/\/_/
         ___      ____            ___                             
       /'___\    /\  _`\         /\_ \                            
  ___ /\ \__/    \ \,\L\_\    ___\//\ \      __      ___     __   
 / __`\ \ ,__\    \/_\__ \   / __`\\ \ \   /'__`\   /'___\ /'__`\ 
/\ \L\ \ \ \_/      /\ \L\ \/\ \L\ \\_\ \_/\ \L\.\_/\ \__//\  __/ 
\ \____/\ \_\       \ `\____\ \____//\____\ \__/.\_\ \____\ \____\
 \/___/  \/_/        \/_____/\/___/ \/____/\/__/\/_/\/____/\/____/ 

1. Introduction...(I1T)

A. Table of Contents

1. Introduction...............(I1T)
2. Controls/Moves.............(C2T)
3. Gameplay...................(G3P)
     A. Levels................(LVL)
     B. Tactics...............(TCT)
4. Guide......................(G4D)
     A. White’s Estate........(WHZ)
     B. Siena.................(SIZ)
     C. Opera House...........(OPZ)
     D. Sink Hole.............(SNZ)
     E. Shanty Town...........(SHZ)
     F. Construction Site.....(CSZ)
     G. Science Center ext....(SEZ)
     H. Science Center int....(CIZ)
     I. Miami Airport.........(MIZ)
     J. Adriatic Express......(AEZ)
     K. Casino Royale.........(CSZ)
     L. Casino Poison.........(CPZ)
     M. Barge.................(BRZ)
     N. Venice................(VEZ)
     O. Eco Hotel.............(EHZ)
5. Legal/Closing..............(C5L)

B. Forward
This is my fourth guide, and it’s (happily) gotten to the point where 
it would be excessive to list the other guides I’ve done. This guide is 
designed to help get you through the main campaign of the videogame 
“Quantum of Solace”, detailing how to accomplish each objective in the 
game’s missions. I try to split my guides up as much as possible so 
that you will only have to read the sections you want to. As such, it 
is recommended you read the “Gameplay” section before trying the main 
game or if you’re having trouble with the game in general. The guide 
section provides strategies to get through specific puzzles and fights 
encountered in the main game, but little strategies for general combat. 
I hope this guide is helpful, and if you have any questions or concerns 
you can contact me at 

2. Controls...(C2T)
Button press/Function
(when appropriate, Xbox360/PS3 controls)

Left stick: Moves Bond
Right stick: Aims/looks around
Click left stick: Sprint. Cannot be performed indefinitely. 
Click right stick: Take down. Only at close range. 
A/X button: Cover.
X/Square button: Reload/Action button.
Y/Triangle button: Jump/Climb.
B/Circle button: Crouch.
Left bumper/L1: Cycle weapon.
Right bumper/R1: Throw Grenade.
Left trigger/L2: Aim.
Right trigger/R2: Fire.
Start: pause
Back/select: Phone. 

3. Gameplay...(G3P)

A. Levels...(LVL)
Levels in this game are set up in a mission based format. There will be 
a general “goal” for each level, but they will almost always require 
multiple objectives to be filled in order to accomplish that goal. The 
missions themselves are split up into two main “types”: stealth and 
action. Action missions have you running through areas and killing as 
many enemies as possible to move on while stealth missions have you 
trying to remain unseen by either strategically eliminating guards or 
avoiding them altogether. The guide section will detail how to beat 
each level, while the tactics section below details strategies for the 
game that I found useful.

B. Tactics...(TCT)
This section details how to ply the game and which strategies are 
useful for in the game.

I. Cover
Cover is probably the most important aspect of this game to get down, 
but it will be familiar to anyone who’s played Gears of War of another 
game like it. You can take cover behind nearly anything by pressing the 
A button near it, which will cause Bond to go flush with the object. 
You can move along the object by using the left stick, as well as up or 
down with B. Cover gives you protection from enemy fire, but also 
allows you to pop out and shoot them. There are two different ways to 
do so: just pressing R will blind fire, which is very inaccurate but 
doesn’t leave you vulnerable to damage. You can also aim down the 
barrel from behind cover, but you will pop up to aim and be vulnerable 
to shots. Bond also has the useful ability to move between cover: aim 
at where you want to move and hold A (a message on the bottom of the 
screen should say “dash”). This will have Bond run to the place you’re 
aiming and instantly take cover, a very useful move for advancing on 
enemy forces. As an added bonus, you will recover health faster and aim 
better from behind cover, so there’s little reason not to use it.

II. Health
It should be obvious that it’s important to know how the health system 
in this game works. Your health is represented by your silhouette in 
the bottom left of the screen near your ammo and grenade counters. When 
you have full health, it will be white and as you take damage it will 
start to turn grey. You can also tell how much health you have by the 
screen, as it will turn grey when you’re low on life. Health will be 
recovered over time, taking bout 10-15 seconds to recover from almost 
instant death. You can speed up the recovery by using cover, as you’ll 
gain back life a lot faster.

III. Weapons
What would a secret agent be without weapons? I divide the weapons up 
into eight categories, which you can see below. Each weapon type has 
multiple variable that affect how useful it is: power, accuracy, clip 
sizes, etc. You can carry three weapons and generally speaking it’s 
best to have one pistol and one light machinegun at all times, the 
third slot being filled with whatever you want it to be.

Pistols: The weakest weapons in the game. They have small clip sizes, 
don’t do much damage, are pathetic against more than one enemy. 
However, they are highly accurate and almost all of them can use 
silencers, making them the default weapon for stealth. Always carry at 
least one pistol at all times, which shouldn’t be hard as Bond starts 
almost every mission with his signature P99.

Machine Pistols: Pistols that cab be fired automatically. I would only 
recommend using these when you have to, as they’re they aren’t as 
strong as guns heavier weapons and lack the accuracy of pistols. 
They’re still better than pistols in a firefight, but get something 
better ASAP.

Light Machineguns: Fully automatic weapons, these are the backbone of 
most of the combat. Large clip sizes make this the go to weapon for 
drawn out combat, as you won’t have to reload as often. The only real 
disadvantage of these is that the only way to be even remotely accurate 
is aim down the barrel.

Heavy Machineguns: Very rare and very useful, heavy machineguns are the 
bigger and better brother of the regular machinegun. Absolutely huge 
clip sizes coupled with tremendous power make these highly useful and 
almost always better than a regular machine gun. The only downside to 
these weapons is that they have long reload times and that they slow 
you down quite a bit when dashing. Amazing during combat, but equip a 
lighter weapon to move around with.

Rifles: Rifles are usually only found in specific instances where you 
need to snipe, but many of the enemies carry rifles you can pick up. 
Rifles are powerful weapons that usually only have single shot 
capabilities, but they’ll often down enemies in a single hit. Rifles 
are great situational weapons, but are terrible in close range combat. 
Definitely have a back-up weapon if you plan to use one. 

Shotguns: Hands down the best weapon for most combat in the game. 
Shotguns are ridiculously powerful, taking down most enemies in a 
single hit. They’re fast to shoot and have a surprisingly long range as 
well, at least more than you’d expect from a videogame shotgun. When 
you find one of these (they are rare), hold onto it and use it.

Grenade launcher: A special weapon that you’ll only get for specific 
fights, the grenade launcher is a one hit kill against just about 
anything. This doesn’t mean it’s good though. First, you can easily 
kill yourself with it if you aren’t careful and aim to close. It also 
has a ridiculously long reload time that prevents it from being useful 
in any sort of firefight. It also requires that you aim above where you 
want it to hit, as the grenade will lose altitude over time. It’s 
really only useful for two specific fights though, which it is very 
good at.

Grenades: You’ll get grenades in addition to the other weapons you’re 
carrying. You can carry up to two at once, but to be honest they’re 
pretty pathetic. The enemies move around fast enough so that grenades 
are all but useless under most circumstances, and to top it off they 
have a relatively small range. Use them if you have them, but don’t 
expect to save the day with them.

IV. Stealth
Stealth is a big portion of many levels in the game, and it’s important 
to know how to be stealthy. The easiest ways to remain unnoticed are to 
stay in a crouched position and move slowly. This will make you both a 
smaller target that can’t be seen behind many objects as well as make 
you quieter so that enemies can’t hear you. Staying behind cover will 
also make you harder to see, if not impossible for most enemies. If you 
need to use a gun during a stealth portion, always use a silencer. 
Bond’s standard P99 comes with a silencer, as well as most pistols, so 
it shouldn’t be hard to always have at least one weapon that can be 

There are a few ways to break stealth that are just as important as 
knowing how to be stealthy. If your found when you’re supposed to be 
using stealth, the enemies will call an elite squad of soldiers to try 
and take you down. They’re fairly formidable on easier difficulties and 
quite challenging on later ones, so it’s best to avoid the situation 
whenever possible. The most obvious way to get caught would be an enemy 
seeing you, but enemies will also be alerted if you’re being too noisy. 
(i.e. running or firing an un-silenced weapon.) They’ll also be alerted 
if you’re caught by a camera, but it’s possible for a camera to notice 
you and not catch you if you move fast enough. Destroying cameras will 
also alert the enemy forces to your presence, so just avoid them or 
disable them. Finally, enemies will be alerted if a camera or enemy 
unit discovers a dead body. That means that if you’re going to kill 
someone, do it where they can’t be found.

V. Takedowns
Takedowns are another weapon in Bond’s arsenal that come in useful. 
Takedowns are physical attacks that can only be performed when close to 
an enemy by clicking in the right stick. The game will enter into a 
slow motion mode and you’ll have to press a button on the controller in 
time to kill the enemy. Takedowns are always instant kills, but they’re 
only useful at close range. You can be damaged during the moves as 
well, so it’s not a smart idea to be pulling them off in the middle of 
a fight. However, when used correctly in stealth situations or one-on-
one fights they can make things a lot easier. 

VI. Enemies
Enemies is this game really only come in two different forms, which I 
separate into guards and soldiers. The only real difference between the 
two is their armor, which soldiers have much more of than guards. 
Guards are much more plentiful though and make up most of the enemies 
in the game. In fact, you really only fight soldiers when you mess up 
on a stealth portion or during particular fight scenes. Enemies have 
most of the same moves as you do, and they can use cover as well as 
throw grenades. 

In a typical fight, enemies will take cover and alternate between 
popping out and aiming at you or trying to blind fire. They’re a lot 
more accurate with their blind fire than you are, but it still isn’t 
that much of a threat. Enemies will typically stay in one place during 
combat, so you shouldn’t have trouble always knowing where your foes 
are. To kill enemies behind cover either line up a shot so that when 
they do pop-up you’ll be able to hit them, or find a way to shoot them 
from behind cover. A lot of the time their heads will be just barely 
visible over the top of cover, so headshots work very well. If you’re 
only fighting a few enemies, it can also be useful to come out from 
behind cover and kill enemies that way. It’s not recommended for large 
scale fights, but it works on easier targets.

VII. Cameras
Cameras are in just about every level of the game. There are two 
varieties, one with a green light and one with a red light. The cameras 
with green lights aren’t a threat and won’t notice you. The cameras 
with red lights on them will sound an alarm if they see you, calling a 
squad of soldiers. There are a few ways to work around cameras though. 
If you find a box on the wall labeled “CCTV” you can hack into the 
camera system to survey the upcoming areas, both through green cameras 
and red ones. Each camera will also be hooked up to a power source, an 
orange box on the wall near the camera itself. Hacking in to these will 
disable the camera without any alarms, but you need to find them first. 
As a final note, even if a camera spots you it will still take a few 
seconds to register that it has seen you. If you’re fast you can move 
to a blind spot or out of the camera’s range to avoid being caught.
VIII. Locks
Every time you encounter a lock you’ll have to play a little minigame 
to open it. A diagram of the D-pad will come up on the screen. You will 
need to press the appropriate direction on the d-pad when a green arrow 
appears that direction on the screen. Missing the arrow will cause you 
to lose a piece of the code, which you can only do three times before 
you have to start over. You also need to be aware of red arrows, which 
will appear just like green arrows. Pressing them results in a loss of 
code just like missing a green arrow. To put it simply, hit the right 
direction for green arrows and you’ll be fine,

IX. Cell phones
Cell phones are found throughout the levels of the game as collectible 
items. They aren’t necessary to complete the game, but a few 
achievements are unlocked by finding various percentages of them. Cell 
phones are mostly found in areas off the beaten path, places that you 
wouldn’t normally have to go during your mission. Pay attention for the 
ringing you’ll hear that will signify a phone is near, and look 
carefully in the game’s areas to find them. It also helps to know that 
the phones are found in sequential order, which means that if you’ve 
recovered phones three and five in a level that the fourth phone is 
somewhere between those two.

X. Your Cell Phone (back/select)
Pressing the appropriate button brings up your cell phone, which has a 
host of information. It will show a map for the current area, as well 
as your objective. It will also show enemies (red triangles) and 
cameras. Your goal will be represented by a red circle inside of a 
little design, representing where you need to go on the map. The phone 
can also be used to track enemy routes while looking at. Keep in mind 
that the phone is not a pause button: enemies move and around and can 
see you while you’re using it, so use it somewhere safe.

4. Guide...(G4D)

A. Mission 1: White’s Estate...(WHZ)

Find the Boathouse
Take cover up against the fence. Take out the enemies closest to you 
that are hiding behind cover, just wait for them to pop out and each 
should go down in 2-3 hits. As you kill the enemies in the garden, move 
lower as you go for easier shots. Always keep behind cover, only coming 
out when you know you won’t be shot. Kill all the enemies in the 
garden, then hack the lock to the boathouse on the right side of the 
area to continue. Head down the steps and take cover when the boats 
appear. Continue down the steps when they’re gone and kill the single 
enemy, which will cause enemies to spawn on the opposite dock. Shoot an 
explosive barrel to kill them easily.

Get to the House
Inside the boathouse, kill the single enemy then tap into the computers 
using the terminal in the upper right-hand corner. Exit out the door 
and sprint down the path, avoiding gunfire as you go. Kill any enemies 
you see on the way, and take cover once you reach the greenhouse. You 
can kill most of the enemies in the greenhouse by shooting the large 
tank in the back, and you can pick off the stragglers easily. Just 
beware of enemies that are trying to sneak around the right side and 
flank you, though the game will warn you of this. Head up the main path 
towards the house after everyone’s dead and shoot the guard on the 
balcony. He’ll fall into the cellar and break the door, which will 
allow you to get inside the house.

Find the Safe
You can find a Shotgun in the cellar in a small room soon after you 
enter, and it’s a great weapon for the rest of the mission. Continuing 
down the cellar, you’ll find a few enemies hiding out. Take them down 
with your shotgun, which should be a one hit kill, and continue up the 
stairs at the other end of the room. There will be a singular enemy 
along the way, but he can be taken down easily. At the top of the 
steps, take cover behind the counter and kill the two enemies in the 
dining room. From the dining room, kill the two enemies on the upper 
floor then head all the way to the top floor. Circle around to the 
other side to find a single enemy and a room. Inside the room is your 
goal: press X near the safe to enter a secret room and download the 
data from the computer in the corner.

Capture White
White will now blow up the computer console, which set the whole place 
on fire. Exit out the new hole in the wall and head back down to the 
bottom floor, ignoring any enemies. Head the opposite direction of 
where you came in, and advance through the exploding house. Kill the 
two soldiers that will try to stop you outside, and run to the Helipad. 
Kill the soldier on the helipad, then shoot the helicopter a few times 
to bring it down and end the mission.

B. Mission 2: Siena...(SIZ)

Catch Mitchell
Sprint down the hallway after Mitchell, and jump over the rail at the 
end. Continue chasing him down the next passageway, but beware of the 
enemy hiding in one of the side passages. As you continue, you will 
fall through the floor. Crouch and take the hall to your left to wind 
up in a large room with a lot of enemies. You’ll see Mitchell, but 
don’t bother trying to shoot him during the mission as he can’t be 
harmed. Take out the enemies on the ground level first, then 
concentrate in the three on the raised ledges above you. There are 
three total, two to the front and one on the right side of the area.

Destroy the Gate
Moving along, jump over the fence in the middle of the area and you’ll 
be prompted to destroy the wooden gate barring your way. This will also 
cause a few new enemies to enter the area. Take care of them, and then 
shoot the explosive box on the scaffolding near the gate to cause a 
pillar to destroy the gate to you can continue

Escape the Cisterns
That little explosion wasn’t too good for the sewers. The place will 
start to cave in, and you need to escape. Continue down the sewers, 
using takedowns to kill the enemies you find along the way. Mitchell 
will try to collapse the tunnel on you, but you can get through by 
crouching and going under the rubble. Run to the ladder at the end of 
the tunnel to exit to the streets.

Catch Mitchell
Head forward and turn the corner to meet up with some enemies. Take 
cover and use the propane tank on the left side of the area to take 
down a couple of the men. You can also shoot through the Watermelons to 
kill enemies taking cover behind them. Continue down the street and 
head up the stairs at the end. You will have to cut through an 
apartment here, and you can find a high-powered magnum in a case near 
the bed. Jump to the roof to chase Mitchell, though Bond will be forced 
to jump to the opposite roof in a scene.

Eliminate any Resistance
Continue down your side of the roof, until some enemies show up. Take 
cover and try out your new Magnum, which packs quite a punch. Kill the 
first wave of enemies on the opposite side of the building, then take 
down the enemies that show up on your side of the building. They’ll 
open the door you need to go through. Take cover near the door frame 
and pick off the enemies outside one by one, then advance along the 
roof and jump to the other side and land on the balcony. Advance 
through the house to see Mitchell. Conveniently, a bus will crash. Take 
out the gunman on the opposite roof, then run across the us and climb 
up the pole. 

Find the Gallery Roof
A whole slew of enemies will appear along the rooftop here, both at 
your level and on the scaffolds of the bell tower. Take out the enemies 
on the bell tower first, then take out the enemies down below. As a 
side note, you can also kill the enemies by leaving the bell intact. 
The increased weight on the scaffolding will make it fall down and kill 
quite a few of them. After killing all the enemies, advance inside the 
tower. In the Fight scene, just match the button presses to take down 
Mitchell. Your superiors might not like that you killed him, but oh 
well. Mission complete.

C. Mission 3: Bergenz Opera House...(OPZ)

Find a Way Backstage
You’ll now get your first real stealth experience. Hack into the 
electrical box in front of you to see the various camera feeds. Make 
your way forward, and either avoid the next camera or disable it by 
turning it off with the box in the alcove near it. Continue along the 
path until you get under the stage. Hit the switches on either side of 
the gate to lower the platforms so you can advance to the other side. 
On the other side, take out the guard by sneaking up on him and using a 
takedown. Advance through the backstage area, taking out the guard on 
the other side with your silenced pistol. To continue, go the left side 
of the area and down into the water. There are some pipes you can climb 
to get to the other side. Head down the path towards the back of the 
facility, and take out the guard at the end. Lower the crate by hitting 
the switch on the raised platform near the wall, which will allow you 
to continue on.

Find a Vantage point
Advance up the scaffolding here and then head right under the stage 
area, making sure to avoid the camera. Continue along to the net area, 
until you get to a dressing room. Kill the enemy in the courtyard with 
a silenced shot, then begin climbing up the lighting rig to the top. 
After climbing the ladder, you’ll have to move along a window in front 
of a sniper. To avoid him, only move when he isn’t looking and whenever 
you’re still hide behind one of the wooded beams to avoid being seen. 
On the other side, climb up the next ladder. Take out the Sniper enemy 
at the end of this portion, and get his gun. Move to the top of the 
stage scaffolding.

Kill the Snipers
The enemies will soon notice where you are, and they’ll send snipers 
out to try and kill you. Thankfully, you have a sniper rifle too! Just 
take them out one at a time, lining up your shots before you pop out of 
cover. When the regular enemies show up, kill them before focusing on 
the Snipers to make it easier on yourself. After some time, the stage 
you’re on will collapse and move you along to the next objective.

Defend yourself
Run forward and up the stairs, avoiding sniper shots as you go. At the 
top, take cover and kill the two snipers across the way just like the 
others. Run across to where they were and cross over along the steel 
beam. On the other side, a whole mess of enemies will show up on the 
docks below you. Using a combination of Sniping and machinegun fire, 
shoot at the tanks scattered along the docks to cause maximum damage. 
After killing most of the enemies, you’ll have to escape from a gas 
explosion. Jump down and run as fast as you can towards the end of the 
docks, ignoring all the enemies. At the end, jump over the final gap. 
This completes the level.

D. Mission 4: Bolivia Sinkhole...(SNZ)

Get to the Airplane Wreckage
Use cover, avoiding the gunfire from the helicopters as you go. Advance 
from cover to cover quickly, and run towards the fuselage.

Avoid Helicopter Fire
(Short objective huh?) Hide out in the wreckage until Camille tells you 
she has the helicopter’s attention, then run like hell and jump over 
the rock in front of the wreckage and duck under the rock in front of 
that one. Advance under the rock to the other side and jump down to the 
lower level. 

Disarm the Enemy
An enemy will be patrolling the area. Take him out with stealth or just 
good ol’ fashioned fisticuffs to get his weapon.

Defend Yourself
(Lots of short objectives in this level...) Kill the enemies on the 
cliff that will spawn near you. Go to where they were and head left 
around the path and continue forward to get to a large, open area. In 
this area, kill as many enemies as you can from up on the ledge where 
you are before jumping down. The helicopter will stir up dust and make 
it hard to see. Continue to fight waves of men until you get to an area 
with a cave. Enemies will pretty much continually come out of the cave, 
so just stand there and gun them down as they come out. Enter the cave 
to continue forward. 

Find the Downed Helicopter
Yet another short objective, continue along the path to find the 
crashed helicopter. It right in front of you, so you shouldn’t have any 
trouble finding it. Take control of the turret and get ready for a 

Defend the Turret
Waves of enemies will now come from three places: the right side on top 
of the cliff, the central area from way back up in a cave on the side 
of the wall, and from the lower side on the left. The turret is pretty 
powerful and there are plenty of T.N.T boxes around to shoot if you’re 
having trouble. The enemies will try to get as close to you as they can 
before firing on you, but this makes them very easy to take down. Aftr 
you’ve killed all of them, you can find some ammo behind the 

Find/Defend Camille
Head up to the central area that the enemies were coming from, taking 
care of any enemies you might have missed with the turret along the 
way. Inside the cave, you’ll find some people trying to shoot Camille. 
Take them down and equip the new weapon, a carbine that works similarly 
to the sniper rifle. Take out the enemies that are attacking Camille, 
but be sure to duck behind cover when the eventually notice you. After 
killing all of them, the other Helicopter will appear. Move to the left 
side of the cave to find a grenade launcher, which you can use to take 
out the Helicopter. When using the G.L, aim a little higher than usual 
to account for the grenade’s descent over time. After you take out the 
helicopter, head down to the ground floor to meet up with Camille and 
end the level.

E. Mission 5: Antananarivo Shantytown...(SHZ)

Chase the Bomber
This mission is all about chasing down the bomber that’s running away 
from you. Run forwards across the snake pit and take cover in front of 
the restaurant. Kill a couple of the guards, but don’t bother trying to 
take them all out as a few always seem to run away from you here. Move 
to the left side along the beach and take cover to avoid the turret 
from the car, then advance towards the house near the pier. The door 
will be kicked open and two enemies will come out, kill them. Continue 
along the path until you get to a shack.

Defend the Shack
The Shack will be assaulted from all sides by soldiers. The easiest way 
to defend it is to take the beautiful heavy machinegun from the case in 
front of you and head up to he roof. There are a lot of enemies, so 
staying behind cover is necessary. Thankfully, your new gun is great at 
blind-firing. Make use of the petroleum tanks around the area to make 
this battle easier. At the end of the fight, the truck will show up 
again. To defeat it, shoot the large tank inside of the building near 
it. This will blow up the truck and the building, finishing the level.

F. Mission 6: Construction Site...(CSZ)

Chase the Bomber
A continuation of the last mission, you’re still chasing after the 
bomber. Chase after him, climbing over the materials and onto the 
building you crashed into. Jump to the crane near the building, and 
climb up it to the top. Go inside the building, then duck down into the 
vents along the floor to get across the room. Climb out, and then run 
towards the cracked wall to break through it. Run across the platforms 
here, and jump to the crane at the end. Detach the Pipes by pressing X, 
which will rocket you to the top of the crane. Run along the top, 
balancing towards the end and jump to the next crane. Do the same here, 
the jump to the building on the other side. Advance down to the 
elevator, which the bomber will take. To get down, jump the railing 
next to you and then hit X near the control panel to drop to ground 
level. Jump on the back of the van to end the level.

G. Mission 7: Science Center...(SEZ)

Take out the Snipers
This mission is stealth based, much like the mission at the Opera 
house. Your first objective is to take out the snipers guarding the 
building using your silenced sniper rifle. There are three, all along 
the railing about halfway up the building. Take them out left to right, 
lining each shot up carefully to avoid detection. After killing them 
three more snipers will show up on the roof, take them out in a similar 
fashion. After you’ve killed them, head down to street level.

Sneak through the Alley
Another stealth portion. To conserve ammo, use takedowns to kill the 
guards here. There are only three in this alleyway, and only one of 
them moves, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. At the end of the alley, 
enter the door to the right and continue to the next area with two more 
guards that can be taken down like the last few. After this, you should 
see two guards chatting. At this point, stealth becomes impossible and 
you just have to go in guns-a-blazing. Equip the gun you just picked 
up, a machinegun with a laser sight, and kill these two guards. That 
will cause a van full of soldiers to show up, take them out when they 
get near the explosives on the right side of the parking lot. More 
enemies will now come down from the building, some of whom will us 
grenades. Try to shoot them as they’re coming down from the building 
before they can get behind cover. After everyone’s dead, climb the 
ladder on the side of the Truck to start the climb up the building.

Climb to the Roof
On the way up, an enemy will try to ambush you from a small room. Kill 
him, then get the grenade launcher in the room he came from. Once you 
get to the top of this area, you’ll have to advance past a search 
light. This is actually kind of tricky, as the searchlight moves pretty 
fast. You can actually be inside of the searchlight just a tiny little 
bit without being seen, and you’ll need to time it just right to get 
across without being seen. Climb the pipe at the end to get to the 

Find the Service Door
The enemy forces have now figured out that you’re on the roof, and they 
aren’t happy. This portion features lots of enemies, so whip out that 
trusty gun of yours and get ready to use it. Kill the first enemy that 
will be directly in front of you before he can find cover, then turn 
right and take down the enemies at the end of the pathway. Circle 
around where near they were and kill the enemy on the walkway above 
you, then turn left and start taking down the multiple enemies along 
this pathway. Make sure to use the numerous explosives along the path. 
At the end of continue along until you turn a corridor and see three 
enemies hide behind cover. Shoot the explosives in the middle of them 
to kill them all. Turn right at the end of that path to see another 
slew of enemies. Take cover and use the laser-sighted machinegun to 
take them down. The enemies will come again when you try to jump over 
the vent, take cover and kill these ones before moving on. Before you 
get to far, enemies will appear on the roof ahead of you. Run back and 
take cover, but make sure you don’t let the third enemy that spawned 
flank you here. After killing all of these men, jump over the far vent 
and head down the path between the building and the vent, where three 
enemies will show up. Shoot the fuse box on the left side to kill them 
all, then go right at the end of the path.

Shoot down the Helicopter
Just like in the Sinkhole mission, you’ll have to take down the 
chopper. This time around it takes three shots, but you’ll also have to 
deal with guards that will come into the area. Take care of them first, 
to make it easy just the grenade launcher on them. The Helicopter is 
easiest to hit when it’s at the far right or left of its path, or when 
it moves from one side of the area to the other. Remember to shoot 
slightly upwards than normal, and aim at where the helicopter is going 
to be instead of where it currently is. After taking down the 
Helicopter, the mission is over.

Side Note: It appears that even if you hit the Helicopter enough, it 
will still take some time to go down, most likely 2-3 trips back and 
forth from one side of the building to the other.

H. Mission 8: Inside the Facility...(CIZ)

Move across the Catwalks
This is another stealth level. Start the mission by crouching and 
heading forward and then down the stairs, taking out the guard at the 
bottom. Then move down the central stairs and take cover near an 
automatic door. After the two men are done talking, wait for the second 
one to leave before heading left around the catwalk to the other side. 
Wait for him to come close, then pop out and take him down. Do the same 
to the next guard, and advance to the next area.

Clear the Catwalks
The enemies have been alerted to your presence, now it’s time to kill 
them. Take out the one on the right first, as he’ll hit you behind 
cover. After that just go nuts with the explosives: they’re everywhere 
in this level. After you clear this main area, you’ll have to clear the 
area behind it as well, but it can be done in the same way.

Get to the Basement
Cross over to the other area using by balancing on the pipes. Once 
across, open the vent of the left side of the area and slide down to 
the bottom using the rope.

Follow Dimitrios
Hack the door in front you, then carefully begin to make your way 
through the area. There is a single guard up ahead that can be taken 
down easily, and a camera that you need to sneak past. Sneak to the 
area under the camera, and look down the hallway in front of you. Wait 
for a guard to show up and shoot him with your silenced pistol, then 
move on when the camera swings the other way. Stay low as you move 
around to windowed office, then shoot the guard in front of the camera 
at the end of the hall. Head into the windowed office and kill the 
guard in here when his back is turned. After all that, head over to the 
large computer terminal near the camera and call the elevator down.

Eliminate the Guards
The guards will now realize where you are, and short out the elevator. 
When the hatch drops down-it’ll take a minute-jump towards it to climb 
out, then climb the ladder in the shaft to wind up on a ledge 
overlooking the main floor. Kill the two enemies that run in front of 
you and take their guns. Head left and go down the stairs, taking care 
of any enemies that pop up. On the ground level kill any enemies that 
are immediately visible, then take cover behind one of the pillars and 
kill the enemies out on the main floor, along with any sniping from the 
upper balcony. After they’re all dead, head out onto the main floor, 
where part of the display hanging from the ceiling will crash. Head 
right and hop over the box to go around, and be prepared for a wave of 
enemies that will come from the right hand stairs in front of you. 
Shoot the explosives to take them out, then take cover and kill the 
wave that comes from the other side of the area. After all the enemies 
are dead, the gate to the next area will open. Dimitrios is hiding in 
the kiosks in the middle, he goes down just like any other enemy so he 
shouldn’t be a problem. Kill him to finish the level.

I. Mission 9: Miami Airport...(MIZ)

Download the Virus
Another stealth mission, this one can be a bit hard. Run out the door 
in front of you can take down the guard, then move down to the stairs 
and crouch near the camera. Look down the hall to see a guard walking 
away, and when he’s out of the camera’s range, kill him. Move down the 
hall, avoiding the camera, and then turn left down another hall. You;ll 
see another camera, you need to hide under it for the next part. Once 
there, wait for the camera to move just out of sight from the door and 
then begin hacking it. It you hear the beep of the camera while 
hacking, abort and hide under the camera again. Once the door’s open, 
go inside and download the files from the computer.

Download the Second Part of the Virus
This part is much easier. Take down the enemy outside of the newly 
opened door, then the enemy at the end of the hallway. There will be 
two enemies on the main floor here, both of which can easily be killed 
with the pistol. There are no cameras to worry about, so once they’re 
dead head to the computer room at the far left corner to download the 
rest of the virus.

Upload the Antivirus
Move to the next area and dash to the office to your left side before 
the camera pans over. Wait for the guard to come near, then perform a 
takedown. The next part is a little tricky. There will be a guard 
standing still, put he’s in the range of the camera. If you kill him 
the camera will set off an alert. To get past, wait for the camera to 
go just out of range, then kill him with a headshot. Immediately move 
to the yellow box on the pillar where the camera is and disable it. 
Move into the office in front of you and upload the virus.

Get to Hanger C-2
So much for stealth. Dash into the room directly left of the computer 
terminal, and use takedowns to eliminate an enemy or two to get some 
better weapons. This area has a ton of cover, and it’s really easy to 
kill enemies with takedowns. After killing everyone, continue through 
the door at the end of the room to wind up in large warehouse area. 
Stay on the top railing as you take down the enemies here, it makes 
things a lot easier. During this portion, you can shoot the forklift 
things to make them explode and kill a good number of enemies. After 
killing everyone, move to the ground floor and take cover behind a 
pillar. Shoot the enemies closest to you first, then focus on taking 
out the ones farther away up on the railings. After they’re dead move 
forward and then turn left down into a small enclosed area. Climb the 
boxes on the right side and hop the fence, which will lead to another 
area full of enemies. Kill the ones on the railings by shooting gas 
tanks; which will destroy the railings and kill any enemies near by. 
Finish up, then head to the end and climb the ladder on the left side 
of the area. Take cover behind the railing, and kill all the enemies 
you see before jumping down. Aim towards the back of the area to see 
more enemies coming in, and shoot them as they jump from the upper 
platforms for easy kills. There are also plenty of explosives in the 
hanger to take advantage of. After killing all the enemies, head to the 
far left corner and open the garage doors. This will lead to the 
airplane hanger.

Stop the Bomber
You have to prevent the bomber on the ground from making it to the 
plane. Run up to the upper platform and kill the enemy across from you. 
Then, just pay attention to the various bits of cover on the ground 
level. The bomber will run between them and try to reach the truck on 
the left side, as well as try to shoot you. All you need to do is wait 
for him to try and run, then shoot him. Taking him down completes the 

J. Mission 10: Adriatic Express...(AEZ)

Get to the Front of the Train
Train levels are always awesome, aren’t they? Head down to the end of 
the train car and enter the room on the left. Go up the stairs to the 
top of the train, then advance towards the front. Make sure to avoid 
the windows of on the top of the train, as enemies will notice you if 
you walk over them. When you get to the front, a second train will show 
up next to you. Jump over to it, then get down to the main level and 
take cover as the enemies will now notice you. Take them out using the 
fire extinguishers and explosives on the opposite car, then take out 
the two enemies on your train car and move forward. Head up the ladder 
and then down the hole in front of you. Grab some ammo and then take 
cover as the men on the other train try to shoot you. After some time, 
the door will open to the next car.

Get to the Next Car
A few enemies will have hopped over from the other train and they’re 
trying to separate the train cars. You have 30 seconds before they can 
do it. Shoot the petroleum tank on one of the boxes, then shoot the 
large tank on the right side of the car. This will take out most of the 
enemies, you then just need to run to the other end of the car and kill 
the remaining two. Before the cars split, jump to th next car to avoid 
being left behind.

Uncouple the Rail Car
Hop the small fence and shimmy along the side of the rail car, making 
sure to jump the gap when the guard’s are looking away. Kill them when 
you reach the other side, then uncouple this train car and jump to the 
next one.

Get Back on the Passenger Train
After killing the enemies here, one of whom has a shotgun, move forward 
a ways and you’ll see an enemy jump to the passenger train in front of 
you. Do the same as him, and you’ll end up back on the passenger train.

Find Bliss
The rest of this mission is all about combat. The close quarters of the 
train make the shot gun a very useful weapon, but you can also pick up 
an automatic pistol as well that’s very good too. There are loads of 
explosives inside the train, so you shouldn’t have any trouble taking 
down the enemies inside of it. You will eventually have to do up on top 
of the train again. Up here, kill all the enemies to make your advance 
easier. You have to time it so that you climb over the top of the train 
after the parts hanging down from the ceiling pass over you. You can 
avoid them by ducking when you’re on the raised parts, but you should 
be able to move fast enough without having to do that. Continue moving 
along the top of the train (there will be a vent you can use to get 
back in, don’t use it as it’s just a dead end) until you jump to the 
other car. Then drop down and take out the enemies along the way with 
your trusty shotgun and the explosives scattered around the area. Move 
to the end of the car and climb up the stairs to find Bliss on the top 
of the train. You’ll fight him like you did Mitchell, just time the 
button presses correctly to win the fight.

K. Mission 11: Casino Royale...(CSZ)

Find a Way into the Locked Suite
You’ll have to stay stealthy during this mission. First, wait for the 
guard in front of you to walk to the right, then headshot the guard 
standing on the balcony. Wait for the guard to come back and take him 
down from behind. Move down the hall to the balcony, avoiding the 
guards in the room on the right, and hop over the railing on the left 
side of the balcony. You’ll have to shimmy along the edge, making sure 
you only jump when the enemies aren’t looking out the windows. On the 
other side take out the sniper and then take cover in the next room. 
Wait for the guard to come through and take him out, then take out the 
guard in the room to the left. Move back to the previous room and 
continue on, taking out the guard in the hall, then move the laundry 
cart to enter the suite.

Find a Way to the Spa
Now inside the suit, push the cleaning cart near the bookcase by 
pressing X while near it. Climb the bookcase and enter the vent. Inside 
the vent, just follow the path around until you fall out in an office. 
Kill the few enemies right in front of you, then move forward and take 
cover. Kill the remaining enemies here and head towards the back to 
spawn more, which will open the door in far left corner you need to go 
through. Kill them to continue, and re-equip your silenced pistol.

Fight through the Courtyard
There will be two guards on the balcony, take both of them out with 
your pistol. You’ll then have to shimmy along the ledge again, but you 
don’t need to worry about any guards this time. When you get to the 
next balcony, wait for the guard to come close. After he turns around, 
take him down. Continue forward and turn left to see another guard, 
take him down too.

Hack into the Ballroom
You should now be informed that there has been a change in plans: you 
need to get into the ballroom instead. Find the panel in a long room at 
the end of the hallway, and get ready for a fight. The ballroom is 
packed with soldiers, both the bottom floor and the top. The best way 
to take care of them is to continually rotate between the top and 
bottom floors, killing enemies as you go. You should have some good 
weapons by now, and it’s the best time to use them. There are tons of 
explosives that ring the upper floor, so if an enemy is giving you 
trouble they’re an easy way to take them out from the bottom floor. I 
wouldn’t recommend using them when you’re on the top floor unless you 
want to blow yourself up, but from the top floor you can see the entire 
bottom floor well and you can shoot out the chandelier. After all the 
enemies are dead, a door will open at the far end if the area. Take out 
the few enemies that come out, then enter. You will have to fight 
Obannon in a QTE, like the last level. Just press the buttons in time 
to kill him and end the level.

L. Mission 12: Casino Poison...(CPZ)

Get the Aston Martin
This is a special mission. You’ve been poisoned, and you have to get to 
your Aston Martin to get rid of it. There’s really no strategy to this 
mission: there’s no combat and the path is very straightforward, the 
only thing that might trip you up is the wonky controls. The path you 
need to follow is through the hall in front of you, then through the 
large foyer/garden area. Turn down the only open hall a the end to get 
a glimpse of the car, then head right and move down the stairs into the 
lobby. Get outside through the front doors, the Aston Marti is in a 
parking lot down and to the right of where you are. The only way to 
fail this mission is to run out of time, but you get more time at 
certain spots so you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

M. Mission 13: Barge...(BRZ)

Get inside the Warehouse
Stealth is key in this mission. First disable the camera using the 
panel on the outside of the shack, then move inside the shack. Wait for 
the camera to move away from the nearby guard, then take him down and 
quickly move to the right over some boxes and deactivate the camera 
before it sees the body. Enter the warehouse and take out the guard.

Defend Vesper
Vesper will make a break for it on the Barge, and you need to defend 
her. Pick up the gun the guard had, a rifle, which will be useful for 
this portion. Take aim near a window and take out any enemies on the 
opposite boat, but pay close attention to the ones close to Vesper that 
are told to you over your radio. There are plenty of explosives on the 
upper deck, but make sure not to hit any of them when Vesper is near. 
If you need more ammo for your gun, there’s a box by the window. Once 
Vesper makes her way to the end of the deck, Le Chiffre will capture 
her again.

Clear the Barge
Head down stairs of the warehouse to the docks, where a few enemies 
await you. Kill them, then head left and start up the ramp to the 
barge. Shoot the explosives on the ramp to kill any enemies that might 
be waiting, then take cover behind a shipping crate. Kill the first two 
enemies on the ground level, which will spawn more, then shoot the 
large cache of explosives to kill the ones that appear. From cover, 
shoot the men on the upper deck as they try to jump down. Come out of 
cover and turn right, a few enemies should come down the dock. Take 
them out, then move in the direction they came from. Look in the 
porthole near the corner to see some explosives. Shoot them, and it 
will open a door to the inside of the barge. Move through to wind up on 
the opposite side, then take the stairs to the upper deck. Circle 
around and kill the enemy in the front, then make your way along the 
top of the boat. When you climb the step ladder, be ready to take out 
two enemies that will be across from you. Kill them, then take cover 
near where they were. A whole bunch of enemies will e down on the main 
deck, take them out from cover with the explosives and well placed 
shots. There are two waves of enemies here, and they both like to use 
grenades a lot so watch out. The final enemy will span at the end of 
the platform, and he seems to be a little tougher than the regular 
foes. Take him out to move on. Drop down to the cargo hold deck, which 
you’ll need to open. The switch is right above it on the deck, just go 
up the small staircase.

N. Mission 14: Venice...(VEZ)

Follow Vesper
For the first minute or so, just follow Vesper. Easy.

Clear the Courtyard
This section may be possible to do stealthily, but I haven’t done it. 
Kill the first two enemies immediately, which should raise the alarm. 
Move down the hall and pick off the enemies that come up the stairs. 
Get one of their weapons, then try to take out as many enemies as you 
can from up on the balcony. If that’s not working, use the staircases 
as cover and kill enemies from there. You’ll probably have to go up to 
the balcony again after more enemies spawn, but be careful going up the 
stairs. Eventually an enemy will break through the gate leading into 
the alleyway.

Find Vesper
Continue along through the streets of Vienna, enjoying the beautiful 
scenery. You’ll eventually come to an open area with a wooden beam in 
the middle. Jump to it, then turn left to play the balance game as you 
head towards the other side. Alternately you can jump down below and 
shimmy across a ledge to the left and then climb a ladder instead. 

Eliminate the Mercenaries
Shortly after that you’ll come to a mercenary group and see Vesper 
leave. Start killing the Mercenaries from behind cover, using the 
explosives in the area. To advance, head to the balcony and move left 
and down the stairs to reach the area the mercenaries were in, then 
across the way into another house. Go up the stairs and out the door on 
the right, which get you to the other side where you need to kill some 
more mercenaries. Take them out from the safety of the balcony before 
moving on. You will come to Vesper’s boat shortly, and have to shimmy 
across a ledge while avoiding a guard. Take the guard out, then enter 
the building across the square.

Rescue Vesper
The building is collapsing, and you need to rescue Vesper at the top. 
Take the guard out in the room to the left, then the two across the way 
before moving up the set of stairs. Kill the enemies across from you, 
then look right. The water will have raised a platform up that you can 
cross over. Make your way to the opposite corner, killing enemies as 
you go, and move up the stairs once you’ve killed them. Continue around 
the upper floor until you find some a switch, press it to lower some 
planks and cross the water. Run up the stairs to the top floor and make 
your way around to the crashed elevator, killing any enemies you meet. 
There will be a cutscene when you reach it, and afterwards you will 
have a nail gun. Shoot the man to end the mission.

O. Mission 15: Eco Hotel...(EHZ)

Enter the Hotel
Advance down the car ramp slowly. A car will come crashing through the 
gate, back up and to the side to avoid it. Continue down into the 
garage and prepare for a shootout. Take cover near the entrance and 
start killing the soldiers, there are quite a few of them. There are 
panels you can shoot near each car that will explode and damage 
whatever enemy is hiding behind them, but other than that there aren’t 
any explosives. Take out enemies one by one as you advance towards the 
far end of the parking garage. After they’re all dead, grab the Raker 
from one of the downed enemies and head to the small room on the right 
side of the lot.

A wave of Soldiers will come from the left side of the garage. Hiding 
in the office, use the Raker to kill them from a distance and prevent 
them from getting close. Keep tabs on the enemies, as they’ll 
occasionally try to sneak in the office and you can’t see them when 
you’re using the raker. After this wave is dead, head into the newly 
opened garage to see another wave spawn from the right of the area. 
Take cover behind a pillar, and toss a grenade between the cars in the 
middle of the area. This should take out most of them, kill the one’s 
that didn’t die in the confusion. A wave will now come from the office 
on the left side, but it’s only a few this time and you shouldn’t have 
any problem. Take cover behind a car and pick them off with the raker. 
The final wave will come from a door in the corner opposite from the 
office, but it’s only three enemies. They’ll open the door you need to 
go through to continue the level. Before you leave, grab the Heavy 
machinegun from the right side of the second parking lot, it’s in a 
yellow case where the third wave of enemies spawned from.

Get through the Kitchen
Hack the door at the top of the stairs, then head through the following 
rooms until you see two men talking. After they’re done, you will be 
spotted and enemies will come after you. Introduce them to your new 
gun, the continue forward until you get to a kitchen area that’s 
completely on fire. There are enemies here, kill the first two then 
look on the left wall. To get through this area you have to shoot the 
fire extinguishers to put out the flames, which will let you move on. 
After shooting out the first one, continue while firing at the doorway. 
Enemies will be trying to come in, and you can kill them if you just 
fire at the door. From cover, take out as many enemies in the next room 
as you can before shooting the fire extinguisher on the right wall and 
moving inside. Kill the enemy immediately to your right when entering, 
then take cover behind the counter to your left. Kill the remaining 
enemies and exit the room by the door at the far end. 

Save Camille
Head down the stairs, then shoot out the window and move along the 
balcony to get past the flames. Head up the stairs inside, then duck 
into the hotel room to your left. Go out on the balcony and take cover. 
An explosion will send two soldiers out of the room in front of you. 
Kill them, then kill the two soldiers waiting one more room down. Hop 
over the balconies to find Madrano and Camille. Shoot the tanks near 
the wall to stun Madrano, whom Camille will then shoot.

Kill Greene
Head outside the room, where the floor will cave in. Conveniently, a 
narrow beam all that’s left of the wreckage. Cross it and down the 
stairs, then turn left into a small plaza. Stay on this side of the 
plaza, as enemies will come from both the top and bottom. If you stay 
here, the enemies on top will be forced to move around to try and hit 
you, making them easy targets. After killing all the enemies, Greene 
will show up on the top floor. Ignore all the enemies here and focus 
only on Greens. Shoot the explosive tanks to the right of him. This 
will destabilize tanks on the other side of him. Shoot those to kill 

Escape the Hotel
Return to the entrance of the room from wherever you are to see 
Camille. Run towards her and jump over the falling obstacles, breaking 
the window and jumping out of the building to complete the mission and 
the game.

5. Closing...(C5L)
This guide is my property, and you are only being allowed to use it. As 
such, I must insist that you not use this guide for any personal gain 
or profit off of it in any way. You are free to use this guide as you 
see fit as long as it comes within those confines: you may print it, 
make a hat out of the pages, or create some pleasant origami. I don’t 
care as long as I maintain ownership of this guide. Do not distribute 
it without my permission, but if you would like it on your website feel 
free to contact me at and I will more than likely 
allow it. I hope this guide has been useful, and I thank you for 
reading it.

This guide, like all of my guides, is dedicated to cats. 

Copyright Woody Crobar, March 9 2009.