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Follow the dark path or use the light


by superblobby

of the 
At World’s
Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end
PEGI Rating: 16+
Platform: Xbox 360
Genre: Adventure
Full Guide, Including Story Mode Completions, 11 Calypso Pieces, All Collectibles.
By: superblobby
Email: [email protected] 
Guide Started: 15th August 2007
Guide Release Date:


1. Introduction
2. About Me
3. Legal Info
4. Controls
5. Playable Characters
6. Story Mode
      6a) Prison Fortress
      6b) Port Royal
      6c) Dutchman Encounter
      6d) Tortuga
      6e) Isla Cruces
      6f) Kraken
      6g) Singapore
      6h) Davy Jones’ Locker
      6i) Sea Battle
     6j ) Shipwreck City
      6k) Maelstrom

1. Introduction

This guide is for Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and contains all you need for 100% completions on this game. Including the Calypso Puzzle Pieces, The 7 collectibles for each level, the location of the Jackanism Chest, and a complete systematic guide, of each level.

The main storyline to start with, is to get the Pirate Lords to take part in the meeting at Shipwreck City, and you have to kindly persuade them, whilst fighting off the Marines, and Davy Jones, and his revolting crew, that sail on the Dutchman. So, as many characters, you sail on The Black Pearl, persuading Pirate Lords to attend the meeting, whilst fighting for Davy Jones’ heart, to control him, but he won’t let you have it without a fight!

This Walkthrough can also be used for the PlayStation 3 version, as far as I am aware.

I am hoping to learn how to video the game, so I will link the videos from the end of each level onto YouTube and you can see how I completed it at first hand. 

2. About Me

I am a 16 year old male, and I live in southern England, UK, and I am a massive game fan. I play the Xbox 360 nowadays, but have completed many a game on the PlayStation 2 also.
 I also love to play football/soccer, play midfield, and score a few goals :)

This is my first Walkthrough/Guide, so it may not be the best, and I’m new to it, so they will improve as I create new ones. I play Adventure games, Tactical/Sport games, Sports games, Fighters and Shooter. I also enjoy Racing games, however I’m not too good at them.

3. Legal Info

This guide may only be used for personal use, and may not be sold, or used in any way to gain a profit for yourself, other than completing the game :)
You may not in any way , altar this guide without the authors permission.

If you wish to hold this guide onto your site, Email me, and I will most probably give permission for that.

This guide can be found at:

7. Controls

Armed Combat
Unarmed Combat
A/ Green
Sword Swipe
B/ Red
X/ Blue
Punch/ Use Extra Weapon
Punch/ Use Extra Weapon
Y/ Yellow
RB/ Right Bumper
Fire Flintlock/ throw weapon
Fire Flintlock/ throw weapon
RT/ Right Trigger
Sprint/ Use Sword as tool
Sprint/ Use Sword as tool
LB/ Left Bumper
Interact/ Drop Object
Interact/ Drop Object
LT/ Left Trigger
(Hold) Lock on target
(Hold) Lock on target
R/ Right Thumb stick
Move Camera/ Switch target
Move Camera/ Switch target
L/ Left Thumb stick
Move Character/ Dual
Move Character/ Dual
D-Pad up
Not Used
Not Used
D-Pad down
Not Used
Not Used
D- Pad left
Change Character
Change Character
D- Pad right
Change Character
Change Character
Pause Menu
Captain’s Log
Pause Menu
Captain’s Log

Additional Controls

Tap A button Repeatedly to break free from a clash of swords, or from an enemy’s grip on their whip.

Tap Y repeatedly to pull enemies or allies away from bindings.

To sprint use RT whilst holding Left Thumb stick in a direction

Used verbs:

Shimmy- Holding onto to a ledge, and shimmying left or right.

Wall Creep- To hug the wall, side stepping across a narrow ledge.

To perform ‘Jackanism’ Hold RT & LT and press A.

 5. Playable Characters

Jack Sparrow
Will Turner
Elizabeth Swan
Captain Barbossa
Mistress Ching
Prison Guard
Black Bart
Ammand the Corsair
Davy Jones
Empress Crewman
Sri Sumbhajee

Counts for both Multiplayer Duelling, Challenges, and Duelling in Story Mode. 

 6. Story Mode

Prison Fortress

The game starts with a cinematic, showing The Prison Fortress, the guards,  and them carrying a prisoner. Jack Sparrow, break free from the prison cell, and talks to Teague in the cell next to his.

Now when you start, you can get a feel of the controls, and get used to the camera movement and such and how it works. A notice will pop up, ‘Press ‘back’ to access objectives’. Do this and the Captain’s Log will appear, and the tutorial will be shown. Press ‘back’ to exit the Captain’s Log.

Move towards Teague’s cell, and a notice will appear showing how to open locked doors. Take note of all notices, as they come in handy. Pick up the bar, to the left of the cell, and use it to open the cell to release Teague.

You now have to release another two prisoners from their cells. Head up the stairs, until at the top of the first set of stairs. Now go to the third prison along, and release him, with the bar outside his cell. Head back towards the stairs, and go up the small set of stairs to release the prisoner straight ahead. A short clip will play, with the prisoner bashing in the gate to escape. Go down the stairs and through the gate said.

When you go through the gate, you will be taught how to fight, kill the two guards that attack, and the 6 guards that follow afterwards, taking note of the notices that pop up at the bottom on the screen.

Once all 8 guards are hugging the ground, follow Teague through the door the guards came from. Magically , Teague has flown Uber fast up the stairs, run up the stairs to catch him, although it is not a must. When you catch up with Teague, kill the 6 guards that attack, and collect health if you need it. Follow Teague  through the next door and go half way up the stairs.

Half way up the stairs, there should be a chest on the left hand side, open it to reveal the Letter. (1/7)

Continue up the stairs to the next room. Here you learn to grab and throw during combat. Throw the guards over the small wall to the left for extra notoriety points. Once, all 8 guards have had flying lessons, collect health, and follow Teague through the door.

As soon as you go through the door, you should notice a chest in the cell to the left. Open the chest to reveal another Letter. (2/7)

As you leave the cell, go straight forward and turn left at the bend, and you should enter a room with 4 explosive kegs. (How fun)! Lift a keg, and place it beside the door you saw when you first entered the room. Strike the fuse (A button) and get to a safe distance to watch the wall blow up. Now defeat the three guards that attack, and watch as Teague enters the door.

Do not go through the door yet, as you should notice a small staircase to the right. Go down and grab another Letter from the chest you see. (3/7)
Go back up stairs, and through the door Teague went through. Go left at the next bend, and up  the stairs, now turn right and go through the caged door. Grab the Flintlock from the table,  and use them to shoot the shields on the wall ahead. You should now notice a lever.

Before you pull the lever, go to where the left shield was, and look to the left. Notice the chest, open it, and grab another letter (4/7)

Now pull the lever, and a door should unlock, and three more oversized guards will attack. Once they have been dealt with, head through the door the guards came from. Follow the passage until you come across an area, with a collapsed bridge, with Teague on the other side. Take a run and jump (literally) using RT to sprint, and B to jump and launch Jack across the gap.

Once you reach the other side, turn right, and walk across the narrow bridge to the chest, which has the 5th letter inside. (5/7)

Go back across the narrow bridge and follow the path through the door. When it comes to choosing left or right, you want to turn right to continue the level (left has collectibles like health and points, and is a dead end) and follow the path until out in the pouring rain.
You should now be rudely interrupted by some more unfriendly guards; send them packing in style with some awesome dagger throws XD. Once you kill the guards, collect all the notoriety points, and head to the right side of the room. You should see two parallel walls. Press the left thumb stick in the direction a the wall and press RT to jump to, quickly followed by pressing B, to jump to the parallel wall, and the B again, to get onto the platform.

Once you get to the top, you should notice a large moveable box. Move the box (using RT) to the ledge nearby, and climb onto it, and unveil the Letter in the chest. (6/7)

Drop down from the platform, and go through the large door just the other side of the pillar.

Once at Cliffside, look to the left, and grab the last letter! (7/7) Bloop, achievement Unlocked!

 Now go over to the gap, with the pole, cut the ropes, using your sword causing the pole to fall and become a beam, allowing access to the other platform. Keeping balance is easier for me, by going across the beam at speed. Keep walking along, until you get to a rock. Climb up onto the rock, and you should notice a narrow ledge, hug the wall, and wall creep to Jack’s right and be prepared to press RT when the ledge collapses. Then jump to the ledge above, and shimmy around the corner, and drop down to the previous ledge and be prepared for another breakage. Once you get to the platform, balance your way across the narrow beam.


When you get across, look straight ahead, and there will be a ledge, jump up to it, then onto the platform, and open the chest to find your first Calypso Puzzle Piece! (1/1) (1/11)


Get down from the ledge and head up the ladder, at the top jump to the ledge straight in front on the wall. Shimmy to the right, and drop down when you get to the other side. Defeat the 4 guards and go into the next room called ‘Vista’.

In this corridor, there will be two guards; on the right you will see some Flintlock and a barrel. Lift the barrel, and throw it at the guards and when the barrel gets near to the guards, use the Flintlock to shoot the barrel, and kill the two guards.

The next room will consist of unlimited guards until you kill the harder guard with the special attack. (LT + A, X, Y, B). Fight the easier guards to start with until the red bar in the top left corner is a quarter full. The harder guard will appear in a cut scene over the wall, after you defeat the first 8 enemies. To use your special attack on the guard, you must stun him first, and then the buttons to press will appear on the screen if your bar is filled enough to perform a special attack.

When the guards have been dealt with, follow Teague through the large double doors, and then go over to Teague, and go through the next set of doors.

A cut scene will play, and after the cut scene plays you will dual with hideous looking guard. In this dual, you will learn you to dual, countering, attacking, and using special attacks during a dual. Once you have learnt the tricks of the trade, you will now go and dual for real, against the boss. Once you finish, you’ll knuckle into his face, and poke him off the edge, into the stormy sea. A cinematic will play, showing Jack’s escape on a small boat, and now you have completed the level!

The Jackanism chest is found right at the start of the level, so once you finish a level with three shrunken heads, go to the extras menu, and replay this level, unlocking the Jackanism Chest for extra GamerScore, and to view this in the Treasure Trove section on the Extras Menu.

6b) Port Royal

You start this level with Jack and Will realising they are wanted in this community. Well ‘wanted’ as is unwanted, if you get me. So Will stays at the end of the docks, until you meet him later on in this level.

Go straight down the docks until you reach the concreted area, turn left and walk past the 3 doors you see on the right, and straight ahead to the houses you see at the far end. Open the chest on the left hand side to find a bar inside.

Backtrack to the 3 doors mentioned earlier, and pry open the middle door, to find the first Periwig in the open, in the small room. (1/7)

Go back to where you found the chest with the bar, and head up the stairs running up the side of the building opposite the chest. Once you reach the top, a cinematic will play with Jack talking to an old friend named Aria, and talking about a key.

When you have control of Jack again, turn around and climb the rope you see, and jump to the roof opposite, do along the roof, and open the chest to find the Periwig! (2/7)

Head back down the rope, and down the stairs, and take down the poster on the house opposite, right of the door(1/5). Head up the other set of stairs, and across the balcony past the elderly woman sweeping, and take down the poster on the wall as you reach the bottom (2/5)
Follow the same wall along, until you some to a ladder, climb the ladder and look to the right as you reach the top, jump onto the ledge you see, and shimmy all the way to the right. Drop down and open the chest for another Periwig! (3/7)

Drop down from here, and head back towards the Docks, but stop when you get to the wooden flooring, turn around and take the poster from the wall (3/5) and head back down the Docks for the 2 remaining posters. The first concrete tower you come across, with the two people sitting at the ledge. Drop down to the deck below and take the poster. Look left from taking the poster, and taker out the poster on the other side of the other pillar (5/5)

Head back up the ramp, and out of the Docks, and keep going until you come across the bridge. Cross the bridge, and you will be confronted with a few Marines, where you have hand-to-hand combat and take them out. Once you have dealt with these wannabes, go through the gate into Main Street.

A cinematic will play, and you now have to find Vasque.

As soon as you have control of Jack, notice the rope just up ahead climb it and onto the balcony, to grab another Periwig! (4/7)

Get down, and follow the wall to the right and follow it clockwise toward the entrance and collect the posters of Will. When you end up opposite the rope, you should have collected 4 of 10. The fifth will be in the doorway on the right hand side a little further up, and that is all for this part of the level. Now talk to the chap leaning against the wall cracking his knuckles. After you talk with him, go through the large door to Tavern Square.

 You will now rumble with some more enemies, take them out and a load of Marines will come after you. Take them out, using you special attack on the tougher Marine.

Now talk to the Barman behind the bar on the far wall. Once done, go up the stairs on the right of the entrance, and go along the decking and hug the far wall to Wall Creep along the ledge to the other side. Now sabotage the noose hanging on the wall by pressing ‘A’. Now head back across the ledge  and take down the poster, and then take down the other poster at the bottom of the stairs. (7/10)

Go through the door into Main Street, and to the rope where you found the 4th Periwig. Go through the large door on the right of the man sitting on the wall.

Now time to dual with the Rum Dealer, and make him eat dirt, after beating him twice, with some awesome countering, as he will usually hit his attack in 3’s so countering the 3rd would be smart, or save it up the use a special.

Before talking to the smugglers, lets have a look around. On the wall to the left of the smugglers, under the hut, is a poster,(8/10)

Now head out the other side of the hut and open the chest with the huge ship in the background for the 5th Periwig. (5/7)
Now go back and talk to the smugglers, and then walk down the path, until the cut scene plays with the Marines assaulting Montanarie. Defeat these men, and go into the small Dock area and open the chest for the bar. Take the poster on the way back out (9/10) and head left. Keep going along and take out the gunman if you haven’t already, and go around the house to the other side, to open the gate with your newly obtained bar.

Kill the 3 Marines that attack, on your way through the small caved area, and carry on until you reach the next area, where you have hand to hand combat with Floyd and his men.

 Once you have defeated them all, head up the small set of steps and take the blatantly obvious Periwig. (6/7)

Before heading back to check on Montanarie, take the poster on the right of the exit (10/10) and you should receive 500 notoriety points.

Head back to check on Montanarie where you had your battle after meeting the smugglers and talk to Will standing over Montanarie. He will then smuggle you and Will Turner into where the hanging is taking place. 

As soon as you have control of Jack, use Jackanism to rid of the Marines and run to the  wall on the right. (Hurry, as you have not much time) Quickly climb the rope, and get onto the wooden platform. Then grab the ledge just a bit higher than Jack, shimmy to the right, and then stand on it. Jump for the ledge above, shimmy right and drop down for the final Periwig! (7/7)

Now take control of Will (D-Pad right or left) and grab some health, and run to the wall opposite to the one Jack was on and you should see a wooden ladder in the far corner. Climb it and grab onto the ledge at the top, shimmy right quickly onto the next platform, avoiding the breaking in the ledge. Run across the beam to the next platform, jump to the ledge and shimmy right, and jump to the ledge above. Now pull the lever.

Now switch to Jack, and run through the now unlocked door,  into the room, where you will find some health, and the all important Calypso Puzzle Piece! (1/1) (2/11)

Once you have the Puzzle Piece (use the person with lowest health) run up the stairs next to the Green Jackanism Chest. When at the top, go straight ahead and then turn right, around the corner and pull the lever. This will now unlock the room next to the room with the Puzzle Piece in, so again, switch character  and go over to that room. At the very back of this room, there will be two levers. Pull them both and the exit gates will open. If you have saved 3 Shrunken Heads with Jack, take both characters over to the Jackanism Chest by the stairs and have the guards follow, now use Jackanism, killing the guards and opening the chest.

Now rush up the stairs and up the small set of stairs on the left, head over to the barrel you see, and light your sword, and then head over to a cannon, striking the light, to signal to The Black Pearl.

Now with both characters, changing between them to keep them alive, head over to the exit , and run to the arch on the edge over the sea. Once both Jack and Will are there, they will jump from the edge, and into the sea, ending the level.

6b) Dutchman Encounter

Arguably, the easiest level in the game, and you play most of the level as Will Turner.

When you first have control of Will, take out a few of the Dutchman’s crew, until you have a special move. Find the Maccos among the crew (Hammerhead looking one) use kill him using the special move. Once he is defeated there should be a cut scene showing you the rig to climb up. 

Head over to the netted rope ladder, and climb it, using the LB button when at the base of it.
When you get to the top of it, climb onto the platform, and head across the beam. Once at the end press LB and Will will swing to the Flying Dutchman.

When the game reloads walk across the beam to the circular platform, and once there jump to the rope to the right. Slide down this rope and kill the 6 crew that attack you. Make sure you also kill the crew firing the cannons. You should see the barrel at the front of the ship, on the lower level, use it to light the sword, and the to burn the seaweed on the door in front, to gain entry below.

As soon as it loads, you should be able to see the sea shell, grab it. (1/7)

Now head down the stairs and take out all the crew on the cannons .

Look behind the stairs you go down, for another shell 

Advance through the door the shell was near into the next room. In this room take out all the crewmembers, firing the cannons and it should now be (7/8)
Grab the shell in the middle of the room. You cannot miss it. (3/7)

Then head through the door in the far right corner, and take out the last member of the cannon crew. 
Once again, the shell is impossible to miss (4/7)

Take out the 10-12 crew that attack, but do not advance through the door just yet.

Head down the stairs to the left, and open the chest at the end of the corridor for the Calypso Puzzle Piece! (1/1) (3/11)

Go back up the ladder and advance through the door on the right as you climb the ladder.
You should now see a set of spiral stairs, and a ladder.
       Go down the stairs  and the shell shall be behind the boxes under the stairs on the right.  (5/7)

Go back up, and climb the ladder you saw earlier into The Organ Room.
As soon as you’re in the Organ Room, look left and grab the shell (6/7)

Head up the room towards the Organ, and a bunch of the Dutchman crew will attack. Unload your envy upon the crew, and head toward the Organ, triggering a cut scene.

Time to go get the music notes. Head back toward, and down the ladder and defeat the attacking crew. Take the Music sheet from the Maccos once he is dead. Dang, it’s in half :(.
Go down the spiral stairs, and defeat another load of punks for the other half of the music sheet. Now head back to the Organ and get ready to play some tunes!

The buttons to press are: (Vertical rows 1,2,3/ Columns = A,B,C,D) A2, C3, D1, A3.

Grab the key from the middle, and it will say, now steer the Flying Dutchman. But don’t be so hasty!

Go down the ladder, and then the spiral stairs to face more of the Dutchman crew, picking up the other music notes in the process. Head back to the Organ, and play the notes, C1, D3, B2, A1, and the final shell will be revealed in the middle of room. (7/7)

Once you have the shell, head through the door besides the ladder to end the level.

6.d) Tortuga

At the start of the level, brawl with the 6 enemies that attack, and kill the guy with the shotgun. Head up the stairs until you come to a ladder.
Climb the ladder,  and then run and jump to the next platform, and then again to the next, and grab the flag to the right. (1/7)

Drop down from the platform, head up the stairs and turn left, and then to the right. Use your Flintlock to shoot the barrel of keg, and kill the couple of foes by the wall. Jump to the wall and climb over, into the next area and defeat 2 more enemies.

 Pick up a metal bar  by the hut, and pry open the door beside the pig sty, to find another flag! (2/7)

Now head to the large door opposite, and either pry open, or blow open the door into the next area. Defeat all of the enemies attacking Will, and then a further few enemies. After Jack owns them all, look up at the buildings and you should see a flag on a platform.

Jump onto the rope beside the platform, and climb up to it for the flag (3/7)

From this platform, you should see a ledge on the wall above Jack. Jump to it, and shimmy right, around the corner, and drop down to the next ledge below. Keep going to the right until you reach a platform. You should notice another ledge above the chest, jump to it, and shimmy right, again, until you can shimmy no more, and then drop down. Go to Jack’s right, and this should take you to the platform with the 4th flag. (4/7)

Drop down from this platform, and go past the rope, down the small alley, and look to the left. Stab the box with your sword, and pull it back, but not too far.  Now go to the side of the box facing the rope, and pull it until the steps stop it going farther.  Climb onto the box, and then jump to the platform, go around the corner to find the Calypso Puzzle Piece for this level! (1/1) (4/11)

Jump down, and head down the path on the right.

Take the first right, and take out the 2 imbeciles, and pick up the bar. Head through the tunnel and pry open the door. Grab the flag. (5/7)
 Head back out, and take the first right, up the stairs and into the area with drunken people. Talk to Will standing on the right. A cut scene will play, with them entering the pub/bar witnessing a mass riot. Jack goes after Villanueue.

You now play as Will. Take out all of the rioters, using daggers and bottles for more notoriety points. Once the ground level clears, go up the stairs, making your way along throwing everyone off the balcony. When you clear the whole pub, you go back to playing as Jack Sparrow, and you will be on the chase for Villanueue, and ‘persuade’ him to attend the Condave. Kill the two enemies , and go straight forward, jumping onto the platform, and then over the wall. Defeat the enemy ahead, and go left, killing all of the enemies that attack, saving your special move for the harder leader. Walk straight forward, and climb the vine running up the side of the house. Shimmy right across the ledge, and then up to the next ledge shimmying all the way around the wall, avoiding both of the breakages, and collecting the health recovering from the fall.

When you drop down, open the chest on the left, in the passage way  for another flag (6/7)

Go up the set of stairs, and go to the left, avoiding the barrel he rolls at you. Head right, then left, and he will roll 5 barrels, don’t be tempted, stand back, and watch the barrels explode before continuing. Now go through the tunnel chasing him, and take out the 4 morons that attack in this area. Climb the broken looking ladder, to the platform, and then across the beam, to the next platform, and across the following beam, to the final platform and drop down the other side.

Face the gate you just navigated your way over, and look to the right. Take the last flag from the room on the right. (7/7)

Go out of the room and turn left, and follow the path, killing enemies until it Villanueue belly flopping the gap, Parkore wannabe. Go down the path and murder the attackers. To the left where you entered the area is a rope, climb the rope get onto the platform, run and jump two more platforms. Jump up to the rope, and follow him through the window.

You now face Villanueue in a dual, defeat him, sending him over the edge. After you defeat him, you will face Mistress Ching in a dual,  defeat her once, and move on upstairs for another bout. Remember when you have half a red bar full, use A to do a special attack during a combo for a special attack and more damage.

6.e Isla Cruces

Walk straight ahead and a cut scene will play at the start, with a friendly looking guy falling victim to the dart trap. To avoid the trap, go behind the skeleton on the left. Head up the path, and defeat two Islanders, until you come to a dart trap infested area, so careful as we go. The route to avoid a pain in the neck is to go right, past the first mound, and right again past the second, going all the way around the second mound into the middle. Now head straight up toward the cave.

Grab the Paprika Tin to the right (1/7)

Once you have the tin, turn around and walk past the cave, and go past the other side of the mound you see. Go down the path and up the vine. Defeat the Islander that attacks and pull the lever around the bend. Head back, and drop down  to the dart trap area.  Head around the mound on the right, then go straight up to the cave. Defeat two more Native Islanders in the cave. Run and jump from the platform, to the ledge over the deadly spiked below. Then shimmy right onto the platform named Pirate Pass. Follow the path, until you come to a lever. Once you pull the lever, you will not have much time to reach the other side. Pull the lever and go back the way you came, looking to the left, for a vine to climb. Jump back onto the platform, and run until you get to the beam, cross the beam then run, and jump to the ledge beyond. Shimmy right, then get up, to the standing position, and go past the blocks and drop down at the other side.

Grab the Paprika Tin from the chest on the right. (2/7)

You should notice three levers in front of a puzzle. To solve this puzzle, pull the left lever twice, then the right lever, then the one in the middle. Followed by the single lever at the back, to release the grenados, and blow open the wall..

Now to locate the correct chest, use the compass, it will be the one past the bushes on the right hand side.

When in control of Elizabeth, turn around for the chest with the Paprika Tin. (3/7)

Carry on up the path, defeating Islanders, until you come to a 3-way brawl. Round One, Fight!
Once you have cleared the lot, protecting Pintel and Raghetti , there will be a second wave. Save a special for the leader of the Dutchman crew. Now follow Pintel & Ragetti off the ledge, and across both gaps. Hug the wall and creep left, then jump up, and shimmy around the ledge.
Drop down and climb the vine, using the jumps also. 

Kill the knife thrower, and open the chest he guards for the Paprika Tin. (4/7)

Now look back, and enter the cave.

Drop off the ledge and kill the Islander, and take the Paprika Tin. (5/7)

Pull the lever near the Tin (maybe a little hard to see) and then head through the exit, drop down, and turn right, going through the temporarily open door. Climb the vine for the Calypso Puzzle Piece! (1/1) (5/11)

Drop down to face a wave of the Dutchman’s crew, and defeat them, but be ready for another wave! This time including a commander. Kill them, and a cut scene will play.

When you play again, you will face Will Turner in a dual twice, and then will be faced by Norrington in the next dual.

When in control of Jack, head right, and through the bushes for another Paprika Tin! (6/7)

Drop off the ledge, climb the vine, kill the defenceless coconut throwing Islander, and climb the vine onto the narrow ledge, shimmy left, then head up the path to take out more of the dead.

Once killed the Dutchman Crew, head into the cave on the left and kill 3 more of the crew to gain access to the final Paprika Tin. (7/7)

Come out, and light the explosive barrel to blow open the exit. Head through the cave and take out some Islanders Run & jump to the next rock. Cross the beam and enter the next cave. Taking out the 3 Islanders and go straight ahead and climb the vine and then the next vine. Drop down a level to the right, and chop the tree, creating a beam, enabling you you to go back and forth quickly.

Go across your new beam, and pull the lever, go back across the beam, and head through the door, and through the cave. Keep going until you get to a zip line. 

You will now have to defend the chest against 2 waves of the Dutchman crew, once done, you will have finished the level!

6f  Kraken

You play the first part of this level as Will defending the Black Pearl.

Straight away, when you first have control, look left at the stairway, and get the 1st Rum Bottle from the chest next to it. (1/7)

Now head to the rear of the ship, and up the stairs, there will be another Rum Bottle in another chest. (2/7)

Go back into the middle area, and defeat the Dutchman crew that attck (if not already). Once all are dead, go up the stairs where the first Bottle of Rum was, and dip your sword in the barrel you see, to set the sword aflame. 

Go back down into the middle area, and fire cannon at the Flying Dutchman and a second wave of their crew shall attack. Take them all out, including the harder leader, using a special attack, and then do the same as before, with the flaming sword and cannon.

Now a third and final wave shall attack, just do the same as before, and fire another cannon at the Flying Dutchman. Once this has been completed, a cut scene will play.

You will soon learn of another enemy to defeat, named Kraken, as you see it’s tentacles all over the ship.

To get past the first tentacle on the right, use some grenados from the chest behind Will. Throw it at the tentacle, and frighten it off. Advance across the ship, and grab the single loan barrel you see, and put it beside the other barrels in the net.

Another cut scene will play once that is completed. Will will be a little hung up for a while, and Jack falls to the decks below.

Now you will be playing as Jack. Go forward and get a grenados from the chest you see, and throw it over the tentacle to the other side, so you can distract it, and move to the middle. Once in the middle, get more grenados, and throw them toward where you started as Jack. The tentacle will now move toward that area, leaving you a path to go on with the level.

As soon as this is done, grab the Rum Bottle from the first chest you see on the left hand side. (3/7)

Now walk past the swinging bag, and through the hole in the wall, and through the next 2 gates you see. Once entered the second gate, retreat quickly, or risk being killed by the intruding tentacle. Get the barrel from the top right chamber room,  and place it back where the tentacle is.  Blow it up, and the tentacle will retreat.

Go follow the tentacle in, until you see a barrel where you light your sword. Light it, and go back into the middle of the chambers, and fire the cannon at the tentacle, now giving you a clear path.

Advance to the room ahead, and be rudely interrupted by the tentacle. Teach him a lesson with the grenados you get from the chest to the left of where you entered the room.

Now the Dutchman Crew will attack once again, take them all out, gaining notoriety points, and maybe some souls with the shrunken head nearby.

 Before advancing upwards, grab the Bottle of Rum from the chest below the stairs. (4/7)

Now go up the stairs , and around the boxes, to find a lot more tentacles making your job harder. With the first beam, just time it correctly, to get across without being hit. You should now be at the narrow path. Drop down on the other side, and shimmy to the right to avoid being knocked off by the tentacle. Get back up once you feel you are safe from the beast. Once again now, you have to time your way to get across the beam, so wait until the tentacle withdraws, and then go for it.

Across the beam there is a chest on the right, take the Bottle of Rum from it. (5/7)

Now kill the attacking crew, until all are dead!  Now set the sword aflame using the barrel on the right, and fire the cannon on the left with your alight sword.  Go to the left of the gaping whole, and run and jump diagonally across, shimmy to the left slightly, and get up to the platform.

In the nearby chest, grab some grenados and  scare the only remaining tentacle with the explosion.

Go to the bottom of the stairs and look across the whole to the area you could not see before. Jump to it, and take the Calypso Puzzle Piece! (1/1) (6/11)

Now jump back toward the stairs, and advance up the stairs to progress through the level.

The will now be another cut scene, with Elizabeth doing the sneaky old school trick on Jack; cuffing him to the rig.

You will now play the remainder of the level with Elizabeth, navigating past more of the Kraken’s tentacles.

The next Rum Bottle will be behind Elizabeth, and up the stairs in the chest. (6/7)

Go back to where you started with Elizabeth, and light the sword. Now go back up the stairs, and down the other set of stairs to fire the cannon at the tentacle, scaring it off. Go forward, until you reach the next fire, and behind it will be a barrel. Grab the barrel, and take it up the stairs on the left. Placing it next to the tentacle, and the blow it up, creating another fire, and scaring another tentacle.

Go back down to where the barrel was, and look in the chest behind it to grab the final Bottle of Rum! (7/7)

Go back up the stairs, and down the other set of stairs around the fire you created, and start to climb the rigged net on the left. Once you reach the top, cross the beam and cut the rope at the end, releasing Will. There will now be a short cut scene.

When you get to be Elizabeth again, go across the beam, to the platform, and jump to the zip line rope, to slide to the next platform, and cross the beam on the right hand side. At the end of the beam, use RT to slide down the flag using the sword. 

Cross this next beam, and the crewmate will go flying, cross one more beam, and use LB for the rope, and this ends the level.

6g Singapore

You play almost all of this level as Will,  except the mass brawls where you can play as the selection of three.

When you start, walk forward, killing the men on the right, making sure you kill them all.

When you first turn right, look right and climb the ladder. Run and jump across the gap, to find your first Sea Chart of the level. (1/7)

Cross the beam, and follow the route around, and jump the gap that you come to. Drop down, and you will have to help Captain Barbossa and Elizabeth kill the ambushers that attack. Now time to find a different route. Climb the near ladder  and run and jump the gap, and kill the gunman, and climb down the ladder on the side.

Go left, and then take the next right, across the bridge, killing an enemy, and climb the ladder.

Drop down from the platform and look under it. Grab the box you see and drag it away, to the platform in the middle of the room. Climb onto it, and then onto the platform, taking the Sea Chart from the chest. (2/7)

From this platform, use the zip line, to get to the other side, and onto the platform. Drop down from the platform, and kill all of the guards, including the leader dressed in all white.

Grab the Sea Chart from the chest the leader in white was near. (3/7)

Climb back up to the platform by jumping, and grabbing on, where the zip line finished, jump the gap and follow the decked pathway, killing the guards that attack until you reach a ladder.
Go down this ladder.

Go up the next nearest ladder, after killing the enemies, look right, and hug the wall where the small ledge is, and wall creep left. When you can go no further, jump across the gap, to the ledge on the house across the pathway, and shimmy to the left. Stand up and wall creep across the brick wall and jump up one ledge and stand. Go as far as you can, and then jump to the platform opposite, where you will find the chest containing another Sea Chart (4/7)

Drop down, and go to the ladder you climbed to get there. Once there, and walk to the path to the path opposite, take the left, and then pull the lever you see, allowing Elizabeth and Barbossa to get into Main Street through the now opened gate. 

Follow them both threw the streets, killing the enemies on the way, until you come to some ambushers. Take them all out, protecting Barbossa and Elizabeth. Once accomplished a cut scene will play.

Once you have control of him again, climb the near ladder, and run and jump across the gap, drop down on the other side, and look under the platform you dropped from to find the chest for the Sea Chart! (5/7)

Follow the path, and use the keg to kill the two enemies, and go left, up the small set of stairs.

Drop down, and kill the enemies that attack you, and look for a large box on the other side of the area under the platform. Move it aside to reveal another chest, with another Sea Chart. (6/7)

Climb the ladder to get back up to the original platform, run, and jump to the next platform. Kill the enemy, and cross the beam, to be confronted by another enemy, bust ‘im up and jump to the ledge on the wall. Shimmy left and then drop down a ledge, go left all the way, avoiding the breakage, jump up a ledge, and stand on it, and then get on the platform. Kill the two attackers, and then run & jump the gap. Go right, and follow the path, use flintlock and daggers if you can to kill the two riflemen, then drop down using the ladder on the right.

Under the platform you just dropped from, you will find the chest holding the last of the seven Sea Charts. (7/7)

Dispatch all of the attackers, including the leader, also not forgetting to open Sao Feng’s chest for the sub mission, and extra notoriety points!

Go to the opposite side to Sao Feng’s chest, and pull the lever you see near the large doors.
Once the lever is pulled, go through the gate, and the little path way to the left to find the Calypso Puzzle Piece! (1/1) (7/11)

Go back, and climb the ladder, run & jump to the other platform where the riflemen were, and climb another ladder, and kill the guy guarding the zip line, then use it.

Cut Scene.

You will now be in a mass brawl will Sao Feng, and his men (and women…) Defeat them all, using all 3 people available, killing the 3 leaders in the process.

Cut Scene.

You will be attacked immediately by 3 Marines, kill them, and go right, up the stairs. Now follow the very, very long path across bridges and such, killing many Marines until you reach a ship, where you kill the Marine Leader to end the level!

6.g Davy Jones’ Locker 

Straight away, look to the left , and open the chest underneath the wooden beam for the first skull (1/7)

Use ‘A’ to hit the skeletons on the poles, to find out which way to go, so go the way that they point once you strike them. Head that way until you appear at Liars’ Graveyard. Killing the foes that attack.

Go to the chest to the right, under the wooden rib cage looking thing. (2/7)

Hit all three skeletons, and you will head the way that none of the three skeletons points, as it is Liars’ Graveyard after all… (usually to the left of where you entered the area.

Keep going that way, until you reach a place called Stormy Ship, a very strange area.

Search the chest just the other side of the Ships wheel, for another Skull. (3/7)

Kill the attackers, and then speak to the guy steering the wheel, as he yells ‘We’re going to lose her in the storm!’  Then he disappears through the air, and you will be attack by a whole load of tramps kill them all, proceed to the wheel, and press LB to steer the ship into the Cut Scene.

You will now float into a place called Canyon of Forsaken Ships, and straight away, head down the throat of the cave, ahead, and kill the 2 foes that attack, cross the small bridge, and kill another 3 attackers, flicking them off the cliff. Climb the small rock to defeat another 2 foes. Go to the end of that rock, and jump between the 2 walls, using RT, Left Thumbstick, and B to jump, when prompted.  When you reach the top, run & jump to the other platform, and head into the cave.

Go down the zip line once you come out the other side of the cave.

Run & jump to the platform, and then again to the next, and go to the other side of the platform, and kill the attacker, opening the chest he guards for another skull! (4/7)

Go back, and head through the cave on the same platform, run & jump across 2 platforms, and cross the very, very long beam, into the next cave.

Look down to the left, and notice the Calypso Chest, being guarded by the guy with the death wish, jump down to the platform, and dispose of the newb, and take the Calypso Puzzle Piece! (1/1) (8/11)

Now to get back. Jump up to the ledge on the wall, and shimmy right, and get onto the next platform along. Jump up to the ledge you see there, stand on it and wall creep along until you can go no further, and jump up one ledge, then shimmy left onto the platform.

Jump onto the wooden platform, ignoring this first beam, jump 2 more platforms, and cross the second beam you come to, and enter the large doors at the end of the beam.

As soon as you enter Fiddler’s Green, go around the back of the hut, and talk to the barred pirate, who asks you to fetch him some Grog Rot from inside for him. Go inside the hut, and look to the right to find the chest with the empty stein inside. Now we need the mix that will make the grog rot. The correct mixture is made by using barrel to the left as you enter, half filling the stein, and then fill the stein using the barrel to the right of the barman. Once you have this, go back outside, and talk to the barred pirate, giving him the Grog Rot, in trade for treasure! Now go around the hut, to the right side, and open the chest besides the cannon for another skull! (5/7)

Head back inside the hut, and talk to the barman, and he will ask you to find all 5 bottles for him. As soon as you start to leave, a mass riot will start inside, hand-to-hand combat is needed, as well as daggers and bottles for extra points and take them all out, to exit the hut, in hunt for the bottles.

As soon as you exit, you will notice the chest besides the arch, open it, and chase it around, finally reaching the bottle at the end of the trail (1/5).

Open the same chest again, and this time chase it right, for another Skull. (6/7)

Once you have the skull, look right and head over to the rocks, grabbing the bottle behind them. (2/5)
Go back towards the hut, and take the bottle just on the edge of the hut. (3/5) and now over to the rocks where the barred pirate is, search for the bottle around those rocks (4/5.) You will find the final bottle on the other side of the hut to where you found the first one. (5/5).

Now go back inside, and talk to the barman once again, and he will tell you to go to the arch.
Now go to the arch outside, and press LB to move on with the level, and a Cut Scene will play.

It is now time to face Black Bert in 2 duals, using the same tactics to dispose of him, watching the comedy, after you defeat the first time. Once you defeat him, another Cut Scene will play.

All of a sudden we’re on the Black Pearl.

Straight away, head up the long stairs, and grab the last Skull in a chest behind the wheel in the chest. (7/7)

Clear out all of the attackers, on the ship to finish level.

6i Sea Battle

You will start this level, on ship, having to protect Will, Elizabeth and Jack, at the same time.
Start by defeating The Dutchman Crew, all three waves, to move on, and go to the next cut scene.

Now, you will be in a dual, against Sao Feng  using Liz. Defeat him to move onto the next cut scene, which will show Liz being arrested, by the Marines, and Co.

You will now be Liz again, in the jail cell, aboard The Flying Dutchman, and your task is to escape. With the  help of the key, escape the cell door.

Go left, and take out the Dutchman Crew that attack in the next room.

Once they have all been defeated, grab the Tarot Card from behind the boxes, under the spiral staircase. (1/7)

Head up the spiral staircase and kill more of the crew that attack, release the sailor from the wall, and climb the ladder, up into the Organ Room.

Take the Tarot Card from the Chest on the right. (2/7)

Take Liz’s swords from the middle of the room, and light it, using the barrel on the left. Go over to the right hand side of the room, and burn off the seaweed, to grab the music notes, to use on the Organ. The notes to play are: A3/B1/B2/A2.

Kill the wave of Dutchman Crew, and then climb down the ladder. Then down the stairs, release the sailor, and head back toward the jail cell, releasing another sailor (3/7).

Kill the leader, to find a pry bar, take it, and break open the top right hand side cell, releasing the crew member. Take the bar from the cell, and move down a cell, open that, take the bar, and release the next person, in the next cell. Once you grab the bar from this cell, head to the opposite side and free the person from that cell.

Grab Tarot Card from cell (3/7)

Use the bar from this cell on the next up, and release crew member.

Grab Tarot Card from Cell (4/7)

Grab the keg barrel from this cell, and use it to blow off the seaweed in the next cell up, go back and take the bar, to pry open this cell.

Go inside, and talk with Jericho, to learn of his lost Bottle of Rum.

Take the pry bar from Jericho’s cell, and head back to where Liz was held, in her cell, and release the guy, one cell away.

Take the keg, and go to the cell, on the other side of Liz’s, and blow away the seaweed, go back, grab the bar, and the return, to open the cell, and take the Tarot Card. (5/7)
Head back to the room, with a lot of cells, and turn right, and head through the now opened door, and head up the stairs.

Turn right, and pass the door, to open the chest, for another Tarot Card. (6/7)

Follow the path, until you get to a Large Box, pull it out of the way, and dip the sword into the barrel, to light it, and set fire to the seaweed on the door, to advance.

In the next room, there will be a mass brawl, kill all of them, protecting your friends.

Behind the box, in the middle of the room, you will find the final Tarot Card. (7/7)

Free both of the sailors in the room, and head through the door to continue. Kill the Dutchman Crew in this room, and free the last sailor. Pull the Crew member from the wall, and he should drop Jericho’s Bottle of Rum. Take this bottle back to Jericho, to receive the Calypso Puzzle Piece in return. (1/1) (9/11)


Now head back to where you were, and climb the ladder, to free the sailor, and head through the door. Defeat The Dutchman Crew, and Davy Jones’ Right Hand Man, then another leader, and a wave of Marines.

Go up to the top and free the crew mate, but cutting the rope, and you will be attacked by another wave of Crew. Head to the other side of the ship, and free the other crew mate, and then kill another wave of the seemingly never ending Dutchman Crew.

Head to the end of the ship with the flames, and use the rope (LB) to escape the ship, and end the level.

6j Shipwreck City

When starting this level, advance, up the two set of stairs and talk to Sri Sumbhajee, standing beside the far wall, before the turning.

He asks you to find his Piece of Eight. Follow the caves path, until you arrive at Tavern Square. Turn right, and enter the double doors to continue.

You should now be in ‘The Cutless’. Head toward the front, and talk to the bartender, to learn more of the Piece of Eight. He claims he saw ‘Stupid Barnaby’ rifling through Sri Sumbhajee’s bag. Time to find him.

You now have to brawl with the drunken pirates. Once they have all been taught a valuable lesson, exit the public house. 

As soon as it loads, you should be able to see a new opening, straight ahead. Go through, turn left, and take out the two gunman, who await your arrival. Then take the next right, down the stairs. Kill the 3 foes, and go down the ladder, to take on some more. Follow the decking, jump to a platform, and then to another, killing and you go.

After you make the second jump, kill the two foes, and take the Gold Bar from the chest, on the right. (1/7)
Keep going along the platform, and jump aboard the ship. Now the gap is too far to jump, so take out the beam in the middle ‘A’ and use it to walk across to the other side. Now jump across to the next platform, jump onto the boxes, and climb the roped ladder. Now go down the zipwire on the other side of the platform, using ‘B’.

Cross the beam, then head down the zip wire to get to the decking below. Head along the decking for a few seconds, and a cut scene will take place.

You will now duel, with Armand the Corsair. Defeat him twice to move on with the level. 

Now head forward, and go up the rope, head through the cave, and follow the path.

Once you get to the more open area, look toward the right hand side for the chest, containing the Gold Bar (2/7)

Go left, following the decking through the hole in the wall.

On the right, after the hole in the wall, you will find another chest. (3/7)

Head across the Market, and through the small gap, on the opposite side, then head down the wooden ramp. Turn right, to be met by two gunmen, who will fire simultaneously as you enter.
Go forward and head down the stairs. You will se another guy, looking around. Go kill him, and cut the rope he stands beside, to free the raft. Head back up the stairs, and down the other set on the right, and run and jump to the raft. And then, again to the other side.

Turn right, kill the guy, and free another raft. Head up the next set of stairs, and kill the two unfriendly morons, and jump to your newest raft, and then to the platform beyond. Strike the beam in the middle, to create a walkway for yourself, as the next platform is too far away.

Follow the path, turning right, and then you’ll be blocked off by a large ship. Head toward the ship, and jump to the ledge on the side of the ship, and shimmy your way to the right, all the way around the ship, and drop down on the next platform.

Head over to the left side, and dip your sword in the barrel, at the far side, to light it, then go back and light the cannon, to knock down the beam on the ship. Jump to the ship, cross the beam, and take the Calypso Puzzle Piece from the Chest! (1/1) (10/11)

Now head back to where the barrel is, and jump up to the ledge on the wall, stand, and go as far left as possible and jump up two ledges.  Then go as far right as possible, and drop down a ledge, so you are shimmying, head as far right as possible, drop down a ledge, then drop down onto the platform below.

Climb the next ladder into the walkway through,  and follow the path. 

When you get into the open, walk all the way to the other side of this area, and open the chest in the right corner, for another Gold Bar (4/7)

Now talk to Barnaby, standing around, and take out him, and his Henchmen, for Sri Sumbhajee’s Piece of Eight. Note: Do not yet talk to Sri Sumbhajee.

Head back to the first set of Docks you saw (where you freed the rafts, I’ll let you make your way there) and talk to the guy, standing on one of the platforms, and he’ll tell you of lost gold.

Basically take the path you did before. The first bar will be where you freed the second raft. (5/7)

The second is when you shimmy around the ship, don’t get down at the first platform, keep shimmying, and drop down at the next. (6/7)

And the next will be after shimmying across the ships wall, navigating across the beams, the final Gold Bar will be beside the boxes. (7/7)

Go back the way you came, and talk with Sri Sumbhajee to continue the level.

You will start off in a mass brawl, and will have to protect Mistress Ching, and Villnuelva.

Once you defeat the lot, follow them, as they flea. When you come to a lever, pull it, and you will enter another mass brawl. Take out all of them, protecting the two again, and then follow them, again, when they run. 

Now help Barbossa, against a lot of attackers, using both, taking out the many harder opponents, with special attacks.

Head to the end of the decking, down the stairs, and toward the Black Pearl to end the level.

6 k Maelstrom

When you start this level, you will have to defend Will, Liz and Barbossa from the Dutchman’s Crew, infact you’ll have to defend the Black Pearl against 4 waves, so it might be a struggle keeping all 3 members alive, but keep at it, switching a lot, keeping them breathing.

You’ll start again as Jack, so head straight down the stairs that you see. Head through the door on the left, after taking out the Crew, and a quick cut scene should play. This is a warning not to head straight down. Head past it, and go down the left side of all of the crates, until you see one, with a different colour.  Use RT and push the crate into the centre, and blocking the cannon’s fire. Now head down he centre aisle, and turn right when you get to the crate. Push the other crate out of the way, so you can fit through.

You will be attacked, so be careful.

Go past the cannon that was being fired, and you should find your first Dice. (1/7 )

Now head into the next room, and brawl with many Marines.

You should notice the Dice, as soon as you enter. (2/7)

Head down the stairs, and into the cell room; where you will see another guy firing the cannon.
Head up the side of the cells, and instead of just running down the middle, use the cells, from side to side, to evade his fire.

In the second cell on the right, you will find another Dice (3/7)

Go through the door on the right, and then through the next door, and you will be in the room with the curved stairs, and will be attacked by many foes.

Once you kill them all, go to the left side of the stairs, and pull away the large crate, to reveal the final Calypso Puzzle Piece, along with 150 GamerScore (1/1)(11/11)

Head up the spiral staircase.

Once at the top, take out the remaining foes, and grab the Dice from the room, on the left. (4/7)

Head up the ladder, into the Organ Room. Kill all three waves of The Dutchman’s crew that attack, and the Small Chest will rise, in the centre of the room. Go on, take it. A cut scene will be triggered.

It is now, at last the thing we’ve been waiting for: A duel to the death, with Davy Jones himself.

When you defeat him, you will then battle him again, this time as Will, as Jack has bigger fish to fry!... Sorry.

You will be on The Black Pearl now, once again, and there are three Dice on deck, so amongst killing the Marines, collect these.

Straight ahead after you start, on the right, below the stairs. (5/7)

Go up these stairs, and behind the chest. (6/7)

On the other side of the ship, in the open, you can’t miss it. (7/7)

(All collectibles found)

When you kill all Marines on board, you should be made aware, of the Marines shooting from the ship opposite. The objective, is to throw bombs across to the other ship, and kill the Marines, or use the cannons, by lighting your sword with the barrel on the far end of the ship. However you must continuously take cover (RT behind objects) to avoid being killed. 

Once you have killed them, you will then have to protect the ship from the Endeavour Crew. And defeat all of the attackers.

The credits will role after the cut scene, story complete.

7 Jackanism Cheat

Jackinism Cheats can be used, when you have 3 shrunken heads, and use ‘Jackinism’ while in the vicinity of a chest.

Prison Fortress: Beside the stairs, at the beginning of the level. ( You’ll need to replay the level)
Port Royal: Found in the final area, beside the long stairs.
Dutchman Encounter: None
Tortuga: At the beginning, by the buildings.
Isla Cruces: At the beginning once again, amongst some trees.
Kraken: After Jack falls through the hole, after the third tentacle.
Singapore: None
Davy Jones’ Locker: In Fiddler’s Green, beside the hut.
Sea Battle: None
Shipwreck City: At the beginning, behind you when you start.
Maelstrom: Beside the organ, in the Organ Room.

If you need to contact me, use the email at the beginning of the guide. Please contact me if you notice any errors, such as something isn’t very easy to follow, as I wish to make my guides very easy to follow, and don’t like to be vague.

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