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Follow the dark path or use the light
Pac-Man Champion's Edition DX Pack Shot

Pac-Man Champion's Edition DX


Achievement Guide

by horror_spooky

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
Written by Dalton "horror_spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2010 Dalton Cooper

This is the first guide I have ever written. Any positive or constructive
feedback would be greatly appreciated. I hope this guide helps out players that
are having difficulty earning all the achievements in this stellar XBLA/PSN
game! Have fun eating dots!

Also, this guide will also work for the PlayStation Network version of the

Contact Information
E-mail: [email protected]

Legal Information
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This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of

If anyone reading this is interested in using my guide on their site, just
shoot me an e-mail first.

- - - - - - - - -
1. Achievements
A. Score Attack (5 minutes) (10G)
B. Score Attack (10 minutes) (15G)
C. Sparkster (5G)
D. 500,000 Points (20G)
E. 1,000,000 Points (30G)
F. 1,500,000 Points (20G)
G. 2,000,000 Points (30G)
H. 30 Ghost Combo (10G)
I. All Maze Visuals (15G)
J. No Bombs (15G)
K. No Mistakes (15G)
L. Time Trial Cleared (15G)

2. Conclusion

1. Achievements
- - - - - - - -
A. Score Attack (5 minutes) (10G)
   - Play Score Attack (5 minutes) until the very end!
   This is quite simple. Upon starting the game, simply choose the only
option available at this point. Completing Score Attack is easy enough, even
on the Expert difficulty setting. All you need to do is collect dots, eat
ghosts, and survive until the five minute timer runs out. If you're having
trouble, some tips to remember are to utilize the slow-motion effect when
nearing enemies to aid in tricky escapes, and to use bombs wisely. In fact,
you should only be using bombs when completely cornered with nowhere else to
go. After the five minutes are up, achievement unlocked!

B. Score Attack (10 minutes) (15G)
   - Play Score Attack (10 minutes) until the very end!
   Once again, this isn't too hard. It's basically the same thing as the
previous achievement. Once the five minute Score Attack is completed, the
option to choose this new 10-minute variation is available. The main
difference between the two modes is that there is no option to choose the
difficulty setting. Pac-Man starts off a bit slow and gains more and more
speed as the game goes on. Novice players shouldn't worry, though, it's
very easy to adjust to his speed. Regardless, apply the same advice for the
last achievement to clear this stage and earn another achievement.

C. Sparkster (5G)
   - Emit sparks for 1 second!
   Chances are you already earned this achievement while trying to earn the
previous two. When enough speed is gained with no turning or anything,
Pac-Man will start shooting sparks. I guarantee you've already earned this
achievement if you've been playing on the Expert difficulty setting.

D. 500,000 Points (20G)
   - Score 500,000 points! (Score Attack 5 mins)
   This achievement can be done in the very first maze played. If you missed
this one the first time, just go back to the first Score Attack and play. It's
actually hard not to earn this achievement if you're playing on Expert
difficulty. Since Expert isn't really that much harder than the lower
difficulties, you should probably already have it on that setting. Not to
mention it's the default difficulty setting. Regardless, try not to die and
eat as many ghosts as possible to rack up a huge chunk of points. Achievement

E. 1,000,000 Points (30G)
   - Score 1,000,000 points! (Score Attack 5 mins)
   Now this one may be a little bit trickier. Granted, if you've been playing
on Expert, there's a good chance this achievement has already been unlocked.
Regardless, the key to getting large scores is eating ghosts. Of course, 
collecting dots and fruit and all that jazz also helps, but the ghosts are what
builds scores. In this version of Pac-Man, there are sleeping ghosts. While
there are still ghosts that will travel around the maze and attempt to stop
Pac-Man in his dot-consumption, these sleeping ghosts hang out and don't react
until Pac-Man zooms by them. Once this happens, they begin forming a line
behind our yellow hero, and follow his every move. This can work out to the
player's advantage big time. Avoid eating this giant line of ghosts until
there is an absurd number of them. It's also good to wait until the maze is
filled up with rows and rows of ghosts. Eat a large yellow dot to turn the
ghosts blue, and then destroy them all to earn hundreds of thousands of points.
Remember, playing on the Expert difficulty setting and have fun.

F. 1,500,000 Points (20G)
   - Score 1,500,000 points! (Score Attack 10 mins)
   This one is slightly harder than the list achievement because the game takes
away the ability to set the difficulty setting. Instead Pac-Man starts off slow
and gains speed as the timer dials down. Use the same tips offered in the last
achievement. They will help greatly in earning this one, but a little practice
will inevitably lead to unlocking this sucker.

G. 2,000,000 Points (30G)
   - Score 2,000,000 points! (Score Attack 10 mins)
   Ah, the grand-daddy of them all. This is the most difficult achievement to
unlock, but it's not that daunting of a task. Earning 2,000,000 points is a
matter of mastering the tips I've already laid out, but there is one level that
I am impartial to and I feel will help earn the achievement a lot easier. The
second set of levels to unlock is called Highway, which is unlocked by beating
the Score Attacks on the first set of levels, called Championship II.
Completing the Score Attack (5 mins) on Highway will unlock the 10-minute
option. The maze is a bit different, but it is set out to allow even more
ghosts to tail Pac-Man, and more ghosts means more points. The trick to the
Highway maze is to keep an eye on the opposite side of the maze. This will
allow you to decide what route to take to eat the most dots as well as avoid
getting killed by ghosts and arousing the sleeping ghosts to follow you to
their deaths. It might take a few tries, but practice makes perfect.

H. 30 Ghost Combo (10G)
   - Eat 30 ghosts in succession!
   Not hard to get at all. If you've earned the previous achievements on this
list, then you already have this one. Just get a bunch of sleeping ghosts to
follow you and then gobble them up like Thanksgiving dinner. If you're
worried that you may make a wrong turn and lose your combo, a trick of the
trade is to get a large number of ghosts to follow, eat a large dot to make
them blue, and then tap the A button to use a bomb and send them flying back
into their square in the center of the maze. Then quickly move Pac-Man to the
entrance of their square and devour them as they exit like mindless lemmings.

I. All Maze Visuals (15G)
   - Beat the game with every maze visual
   My advice for this is to just change the maze visuals before every time you
play. The graphical style of the game can be changed from the same menu that
allows you to change the difficult and alter other options, right before a
game is started. All you need to do is to complete any maze using the eight
different visual styles. Just complete the short Time Trials to quickly get
this achievement. The Time Trials require players to collect fruit before the
timer runs out. It's simple and easy.

J. No Bombs (15G)
   - Finish Score Attack (5 Minutes) without using a bomb!
   This one may cause problems for some people because using bombs just
becomes instinct after a while. Regardless, all you need to do is survive for
five minutes without using bombs. You have five lives to begin with, and more
lives are earned as you allocate points. So instead of sending a trail of
ghosts back to their home square when you're cornered, just accept the death
and move on. Play on the first maze to make this achievement easier.

K. No Mistakes (15G)
   - Finish Score Attack (5 Minutes) with no mistakes!
   What the game means by "no mistakes" is no deaths. Apply the same strategy
as in the last achievement, except opposite. Use bombs just to be safe to avoid
dying and trying to make the ghosts blue as much as possible, even when it
won't lead to a large combo. I recommend playing on a maze you're familiar
with, like the first one.

L. Time Trial Cleared (15G)
   - Beat the Time Trial Mode!
   In Championship II, or any set of mazes, though I am going to pick this one
to talk about since it's the first set of mazes available, there are a set of
short Time Trials to complete. After they are all completed, a 10-minute Time
Trial is unlocked. All that needs to be done is for this Time Trial to be
completed. After it's beaten, which isn't a difficult task much at all, the
achievement is unlocked! That's right, you only need to beat one. And if you
haven't noticed, all these achievements can be completed in the first world of
mazes. Huh.

2. Conclusion
- - - - - - -
Thanks for using my achievement/trophy guide for Pac-Man Championship Edition
DX! I hope you enjoyed the game, and I hope my guide helped in earning all of
those achievements and trophies!

Special thanks to SBAllen for keeping GameFAQs up and running and allowing me
to post this guide in the first place!

Once again, any questions/concerns regarding this guide, or any constructive
criticism or positive remarks can be referred to the following e-mail address:
[email protected]

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.