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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


Trivia Guide

by bodhibard

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

Trivia Game

By: Beau Stribling
Contact: [email protected]
Date: September 20, 2009

Here is a guide to the trivia mini-game within Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Each question starts off with a max amount of experience points then a timer
counts down, reducing the experience earned, the longer it takes you to
answer the trivia questions.  If you get an incorrect answer you do not gain
any experience.  But if you answer the question correctly the second time you
can still win the experience points.  Furthermore, if you do happen to answer
a question slowly, you can try again again to gain the experience points lost
due to the timer.  You can also visit old HQs by using the simulator incase
you missed any previous questions.

Xbox 360 Achievements
Trivia Buff (10) - Correctly Answer 15 trivia questions
Trivia Team Up (15) - Score 30 trivia fusions
Trivia Genius (30) - earn all trivia rewards

The HQs are as follows:
-Stark Tower
-White Star (Anti-Registration)
-S.H.I.E.L.D. Command (Pro-Registration)
-Secret Bunker
-Wakandan Palace

Now for the trivia questions...

HQ: Stark Tower

01.) Captain America’s civilian name is:

Steve Rogers

02.) Which hero has never been an X-Man?


03.) Electro’s real name is:

Max Dillon

04.) Gambit’s exploding cards are:

Kinetically charged

05.) The super-villain named Grim Reaper is:

Wonder Man’s brother

06.) The Hulk was created in:

A gamma ray explosion

07.) The Hulk cannot:


08.) Johnny Storm cannot:

Breathe in space

09.) The Human Torch is a blood relative of:

Susan Storm

10.) Soldiers in the Latverian army do not use:


11.) Luke Cage gained is powers from:

An experiment

12.) Which of these villains is a former chemist?


13.) The Tinkerer’s real name is:

Phineas Mason

14.) Whose powers are NOT derived from technology?


15.) In his civilian life, Iron man is:

A rich industrialist

16.) Iron Man’s real name is:

Anthony Edward Stark

17.) Black Widow’s abilities include:

Espionage experience

18.) In the 1940s, Captain America was:

Frozen in ice

19.) By day, Daredevil is:

A lawyer

20.) Gambit’s real name is:

Remy LeBeau

21.) Iceman’s powers first manifested in:

A schoolyard fight

22.) The Invisible Woman can:

Create force fields

23.) Tony Stark is a recovering:


24.) Natasha Romanoff is the civilian name of:

Black Widow

25.) Nick Fury’s secondary strike team in Latveria:

Bravo Team

26.) Provides electrical power to Doomstadt:


27.) Cleans up after superhuman-related disasters:

Damage Control

28.) What gave Captain America his abilities?

Super Soldier serum

29.) Peter Parker’s deceased uncle was named:


30.) Spider-Man is well known for his:


31.) Wolverine’s birth name is:


32.) Wolverine’s retractable claws are made out of:


33.) Mr. Fantastic gained his abilities from:

Cosmic radiation

34.) Who first taught Storm to control her powers?

Tribal elder

35.) Storm’s parents were killed in a:

Plane crash

HQ: White Star

01.) Deadpool’s powers are derived from:

Genetic experiments

02.) Nitro’s explosion was:

Seen on live TV

03.) The deaths at Stamford were caused by:


04.) Shocker attacks his foes with:

Vibrating air blasts

05.) Spider-Man reputation is often debased in:

The Daily Bugle

06.) Storm was revered as a goddess:

In a region of Kenya

07.) The Thing grew up on:

Yancy Street

08.) The Wizard has fought which team many times?

The Fantastic Four

09.) Rachel Leighton is whose real name?


10.) Captain America’s shield contains:


11.) As a child, Matt Murdock lost his sense of:


12.) Bobby Drake has what sort of powers?


13.) Sue Storm first manifested her powers after:

A space flight

14.) Prior to ruling Latveria, Lucia Von Bardas was:

An educator

15.) Luke Cage’s “home turf” is:


16.) Danny Rand was formerly a member of:

Heroes for Hire

17.) Capekillers try taking Captain America out with:

Tranquilizer darts

18.) The site of Cap’s planned rally against the SRA:

Lincoln Memorial

19.) S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who’ve defected to Cap are:

The White Star

20.) Invisible Woman is married to which super hero?

Mr. Fantastic

21.) The Human Torch gained his powers when he was:


22.) Johnny Storm is known for his:

Short temper

23.) Cable’s real name is:

Nathan Summers

24.) Who helped Cloak master his powers?

Tandy Bowen

25.) Colossus discovered his powers when he saved:

His sister

26.) Cyborg Lucia Von Bardas attacked which city?

New York

27.) Dagger has had previous experience as a:

Ballet dancer

28.) Diamondback relies on what in combat?

Advanced devices

29.) Grim Reaper’s real name is:

Eric Williams

30.) Hercules wields which weapon?

Golden Mace

31.) Who formed the X-Factor investigations company?

Multiple Man

32.) Namorita was a founding member of:

The New Warriors

33.) The Shocker’s real name is:

Herman Schultz

34.) The person wearing the Titanium Man armor is:


35.) Deadpool often believes that:

He’s in a comic book

HQ: S.H.I.E.L.D. Command

01.) Reed Richards is known for his:

Scientific acumen

02.) After Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s new leader is:

Maria Hill

03.) Before gaining her powers, Ms. Marvel was:

An Air Force pilot

04.) In life, Namorita was:

Atlantean royalty

05.) Nitro’s ability to explode comes from:

Kree technology

06.) Peter Parker does not have any skills in:


07.) Where is Stamford located?


08.) Storm’s real name is:

Ororo Munroe

09.) The Thing:

Is a trained pilot

10.) The Tinkerer’s advanced technology derives from:

His natural genius

11.) Human Torch and Iceman are:

Not related

12.) Lucia Von Bardas strikes at New York City from:

A Barge

13.) Wonder Man’s “ionic body” is thanks to:

Baron Zemo

14.) Before the Stamford blast, Speedball fights:


15.) Ms Marvel finds the Latverian terror operation:

On Roosevelt Island

16.) Who heals more rapidly than a normal human?


17.) The Hulk has greater self-control thanks to:

Gamma regulators

18.) Bruce Banner has a PhD in:

Nuclear physics

19.) Thor is the son of the Earth-spirit Gaea and:


20.) Biologically Thor is half-Asgardian, half:

Elder God

21.) Jean Grey is a founding member of the:


22.) Jean Grey is occasionally host to the:

Phoenix Force

23.) Songbird used to be a:


24.) Deadpool’s nickname is the:

Merc with a Mouth

25.) Many question Deadpool’s:


26.) Ms. Marvel once was a:

Published novelist

27.) Ms. Marvel’s real name is:

Carol Danvers

28.) Luke Cage had a long-running partnership with:


29.) Luke Cage has a child with:

Jessica Jones

30.) Luke Cage once had a business called:

Heroes for Hire

31.) Iceman is a member of which group?


32.) Most frequently patrols Hell’s Kitchen in NYC:


33.) Which super hero is of Cajun descent?


34.) Gambit has spent time as a:

Profession thief

35.) Bishop is from:

An alternate future

HQ: Secret Bunker

01.) LMD stands for:

Life Model Decoy

02.) Nick Fury’s LMDs are:

Robotic duplicates

03.) Hank Pym is able to change size thanks to:

Pym particles

04.) HYDRA’s first leader was named:

Wolfgang von Strucker

05.) “Rhodey” is a nickname for:

James Rhodes

06.) Who was NOT seen being “nanite controlled”?


07.) Who knows Bullseye’s real name?


08.) Cable possesses the power of:


09.) Colossus was born in:


10.) Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson are:

Cloak and Dagger

11.) When fighting enemies, Dagger makes use of:

“Light Knives”

12.) “Mark Raxton” is the civilian name of:

Molten Man

13.) Multiple Man’s duplicates are:

Organic doubles

14.) Who discovered the Negative Zone?

Reed Richards

15.) Elijah Bradley is the Young Avenger known as:


16.) Prison 42 is located:

In the Negative Zone

17.) Spider-Woman joined Anti-Reg forces despite:

Being ex-S.H.I.E.L.D.

18.) In the past, Spider-Woman was a member of:


19.) Goliath is:

A scientist

20.) Before he was a super hero, Prodigy was:

A high school student

21.) Bishop’s powers derive from:

Latent mutation

22.) Lady Deathstrike has how many adamantium claws?


23.) “War Machine” is the name of a:

Starktech armor suit

24.) Stark sets up an ambush at what chemical plant?


25.) The Helicarrier has what radio code name?

Skybird One

26.) Number of spikes in Penance’s armor:


27.) The hideout invaded by S.H.I.E.L.D. was once a:

HYDRA base

28.) Bullseye believes doctors injected him with:

A sedative

29.) After Stamford, Speedball’s body was found in:

Western New York

30.) Derisive term used by some for super heroes:


31.) Iron Fist was raised in the hidden city of:


32.) Bullseye recently had adamantium bonded to:

His skeleton

33.) S.H.I.E.L.D.’s first target at Geffen-Meyer:


34.) Initially wouldn’t take a side in the Civil War:

The Thing

35.) Who was recently stationed at Ryker’s Island?

Robbie Baldwin

HQ: Wakandan Palace

01.) Nick Fury once led a group called the:

Howling Commandoes

02.) Venom’s costume is:

An alien organism

03.) Who gained their powers from an earthly source?


04.) Iron Fist’s powers derive from:

Chi energy

05.) Real name of the hero currently called Goliath:

Bill Foster

06.) Years ago, Songbird was:

A pro wrestler

07.) Songbird’s powers are based on:

High-intensity sonics

08.) Black Panther gained his powers from:

A rare herb

09.) Equinox has the ability to:

Project ice and fire

10.) Firestar’s mutant ability is to project:

Microwave energy

11.) Havok’s real name is:

Alex Summers

12.) Never used the word “Marvel” in their codename:

Rick Jones

13.) Which mutant is related to Havok?


14.) Justice’s real name is:

Vance Astrovik

15.) Who has never been a parent?

Angelica Jones

16.) Before her criminal career, Moonstone was:

A psychiatrist

17.) Penance was formerly known as:


18.) Penance is powered by:


19.) Wakanda is located in:


20.) As a child, Cable was raised by:

Jean Grey and Cyclops

21.) Thor wields the mystical hammer called:


22.) Jean Grey’s powers include:


23.) The name of the main Nanite Control Officer is:


24.) Who kills Nanite Control Officer Swanson?


25.) Minimum Prison 42 self-destruct delay:

Thirty seconds

26.) Access to Prison 42 is possible only via:


27.) LMD control signals will not cross over to:

The Negative Zone

28.) The profession of Robbie Baldwin’s father:

District Attorney

29.) Who arranges a plea bargain for Speedball?

Jennifer Walters

30.) NOT considered a critical hub in Prison 42:


31.) Currently bonded with the Venom symbiote:

Mac Gargan

32.) Nick Fury’s middle name is:


33.) Nick Fury lost his left eye in a fight with:

His brother

34.) Nick Fury’s father was a:

Decorated WWI pilot

35.) She-Hulk has a successful career as a:


That about covers it.

Contact me if you find any errors and I'll make a correction as soon as