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LEGO The Hobbit


Doing Stuff in Middle-Earth before Finishing Story Mode


Version 1.0
This document is Public Domain, use it however you wish.

ďI donít want to complete Story Mode before I do serious work in Middle-
Earth.Ē  The information below will let you do so.  

If you havenít completed Story Mode, that means you cannot FreePlay Middle-
Earth (meaning you cannot select other characters with special abilities) to 
complete events there.  The strategy then is to find treasure items or forge 
mithril items that give one the same abilities.  So, while it might be 
possible to buy a character that has some particular ability, that doesnít 
help you with completing Middle-Earth events until youíve completed Story 
Mode.  The steps here focus on specific treasure items that give you 
additional abilities.  There are some cases where you are told to buy a 
particular character, because youíll then use that character to get some 
item in some levelís FreePlay Mode.

Morgul ability is a good example.  The Barrow-Wight, Witch King and Sauron 
all have morgul ability.  The Barrow-Wight and the Witch King are available 
for purchase before you complete The Necromancer.  However, the Morgul Blade 
is the only object that gives morgul ability, and you get it by FreePlaying 
The Necromancer with a morgul character.  Sauron is the easiest to locate and
least expensive to buy of the three, and he is available after completing The 
Necromancer in Story Mode.  So thatís why the directions below say to buy and
useSauron instead of another character.  There are almost no morgul items in 
Middle-Earth until you get around Dol Guldur, and there are not many morgul 
items to handle in FreePlaying the prior levels.  (But there are some, and 
just 1 will keep you from getting all the mini-kits in a level.  Why does 
that matter?  Read on...)

Following this strategy youíll discover that Mithril Bricks are your 
limiting factor.  As you progress thru the Story Mode levels more of Middle-
Earth will open up and you will get more ability to earn Mithril Bricks by 
completing events.  The steps below donít tell you ďnow go get a bunch of 
Mithril Bricks,Ē but youíll need to do so when you run low.  If you cannot 
complete a step for lack of bricks, complete it once you have enough bricks 
to forge the required item.  

You should complete the descriptions below in the order shown.  There are 
some you can skip and come back to, but for the most part later instructions
depend on earlier instructions.  Especially the indented, numbers items.  
Those must be completed sequentially.

Finally, Iíve found no item that provides the following abilities.  You need
to use a character for it in Middle-Earth.  If you know differently, add a 
comment about that item so we can all benefit.

- Belly bounce.  If you have a dwarf interlude party in Middle-Earth, Bombur 
is usually in it.  No item provides this ability.

- Elf Ability.  Mithril Slippers give one Elf Ability, but you need an elf 
character to get them. 
- Dwarf Stack.  Have not found an item that provides dwarf stack ability; 
fortunately there are very few spots in Middle-Earth were you need to stack 

These instructions donít bother to collect a fishing pole, because Bilbo or
Frodo are in most Middle-Earth interludes (but not all).  You can get the 
loot rod in A Warm Welcome FreePlay or mithril fishing pole (morgul) in Roast
Mutton "Official Burglar" if you want to fish without Bilbo.

A. First session in Middle-Earth:  

A1. Get mithril stud spade design in Hobbiton (can't forge it yet) by fishing
in the creek to retrieve the crank needed to open the shed door on the other 
side of the creek.

B. Once you get into Bree (east entrance is always open):
B1. Complete Smithy in Peril event so you can forge items.

B2. Make mithril stud spade for digging

C. After Queer Lodgings Story Mode:
C1. Immediately FreePlay Queer Lodgings with Radagast, get mithril multi-bow 
design from sick squirrel by house and leave FreePlay.  Now can shoot arrow 
targets without Kili (who is missing A LOT).

C2. Open Bree north gate.  Less annoying.

C3. Get mithril mushroom crown design if you haven't already, use Bilbo to 
open cave just NE of Bree and get Super Slap red brick.  Better fighting.

C4. Put crown on Thorin (not young and not Lake-Town) to get achievement.

C5. Use Ori to get the mithril megapult design in Bywater.  Now can slingshot
without Ori.

C6. Complete Weighting for a Stranger event SW of Bree to get Attract Loot 
red brick. 

C7. Get Richer: 
	1. Open cave door on east road out of Bree by completing event there.  
	2. Get mithril shadow blade design if you have enough gems and forge 
	   it.  If not, wait for pickaxe below. 
	3. Change time to Night.
	4. Complete Dual Wielding SE High Pass
	5. If you have enough studs, you can get Studs x4 red brick

Now we can dig, shoot any target, fight easier and collect loot better.  
Might have a stud multiplier active.  Got an achievement.  Use horses to get 
around Middle-Earth faster than walking, or eagles to get around really fast.

D. After Flies & Spiders Story Mode:
D1. Immediately FreePlay Over Hill & Under Hill with Tauriel or Legolas, get 
mithril flail design at very beginning of level, leave FreePlay.

D2. Forge it, open Bree east gate (less annoying), take flail to Hobbiton to 
get Studs x2 red brick.  Now can use flail grab points.

D3. FreePlay Flies & Spiders "Elves of Mirkwood" enough to get mithril bomb 
blade design, then leave.  Now can blow stuff up!  Finally!  Or, if youíre 
short on mithril bricks, wait for the Pine Cone Bomb below then come back 

D4. Get Richer:
	1. Get mithril beanstalk in NE Moria with explosives, unfortunately 
	   it doesnít do dwarf stack.
	2. Complete Bilbo and the Beanstalk event in NE Barrow-downs
	3. Buy Studs x8 red brick for 10,000,000 studs if you have the studs.

D5. FreePlay Over Hill & Under Hill "A Thunder-battle" (yes, go back but with
x2 active), use bomb blade to open cave door, get Stone-giant Gloves.  Now 
can open orange handles.

D6. FreePlay Goblin-Town "Escaping the Goblin Tunnels", get mithril claws 
design at very beginning (for climbing), then play far enough to get pixel 
pickaxe.  Then leave FreePlay.  Now can climb and mine.  (pixel pickaxe good 
for completing the mining achievement)

D7. Wander around mining gems and studs enough to meet mithril shadow blade 
needs, then get Studs x4 red brick if you didnít above.

D8. Get Healthy:
	1. Change time to Night.
	2. Complete Miner's Night Delight event W of High Pass eagle marker.
	3. Complete Digger's Delight event NW of Bywater for Regenerate 
	   Hearts red brick.  Better fighting.

D9. More Loot:
	1. Get mithril horseshoes in NE Rivendell.
	2. Still needs to be night time.
	3. Complete Punctual Pumpkins event in W Bywater.
	4. Complete Cart Departed event at Bree north gate.
	5. Complete Express Delivery event NE of Bree (above cave with Super 
	   Slap red brick)
	6. Get Double Loot red brick.

Now we can dig, shoot any target, blow up mithril items, open orange handles,
use flail grab points, climb, mine, fight easier and longer, collect more 
loot faster, get 8x studs, and with patience have another achievement.  
(Guessing not enough studs for Studs x8 brick yet.)

BE ALERT!  After this point, if you ever have an Elf in Middle-Earth, go get 
Mithril Slippers design S of Elven Forest.  You need a fishing pole (Bilbo), 
a hammer (Dwalin), and explosives.  No other way to have elf abilities 
without finishing Story Mode.

E. After Barrels Out of Bond Story Mode:
E1. FreePlay Barrels Out of Bond, use mithril bomb blade to get mithril 
pickaxe design in the very beginning.  Now can mine without mining game.

E2. Also get elk mallet with a wizard character, same area.  Now can hammer 
pound without Dwalin.

E3. Got 10,000,000 studs?  Go buy Studs x8 red brick.

Now we can dig, shoot any target, blow up mithril items, open orange handles,
use flail grab points, climb, mine efficiently, hammer pound, fight easier 
and longer, collect more loot faster, get 64x studs.

F. After A Warm Welcome Story Mode:
F1. Find mini-kits in level FreePlay (to get more mithril bricks)
	1.  Get mithril bandit gloves in W Lake-town (need flail, bow, 
	2.  Complete Spoils of War event inside Thranduilís fortress.
	3.  Buy mini-kit detector.

F2. Forge better:
	1.  Change time to Day.
	2.  Complete Getting My Goat event in SW Hobbiton.  (You might have 
	    already completed it before now, in your mithril brick search.)
	3.  Go to Lake-Town and create a custom character with a scarecrow 
	    head and scarecrow body (they must be the parts with those 
	4.  Complete Sentient Scarecrow event in S Hobbiton.
	5.  Change time to Night.
	6.  Complete Farmyard Fiasco in S Hobbiton.
	7.  Complete Trolling in E Trollshaws.
	8.  Change time to Day.
	9.  Complete Manic Mining in SW Hobbiton.
	10. Receive Perfect Forging red brick if you have 5,000,000 studs.  

Now we can dig, shoot any target, blow up mithril items, open orange handles,
use flail grab points, climb, mine efficiently, hammer pound, fight easier 
and longer, collect more loot faster, get 64x studs, locate mini-kits for 
more mithril.  On our way to the perfect forging achievement.

G. After Looking for Proof Story Mode:
G1. FreePlay Looking for Proof very beginning as anyone, use explosives to 
get Wraith Snorkel, then leave.  Now can access wraith bricks without Bilbo.

Now we can dig, shoot any target, blow up mithril items, open orange handles,
use flail grab points, climb, mine efficiently, hammer pound, fight easier 
and longer, collect more loot faster, get 64x studs, use wraith bricks.

H. After The Necromancer Story Mode:
H1. Change time to Night.

H2. Buy Sauron NE of Dol Guldur.  Now can access morgul items in FreePlay.

H3. FreePlay The Necromancer ďHidden EvilĒ with Sauron to get morgul blade 
from chest under the staircase, then leave.  Now can access morgul items in 

H4. FreePlay Out of the Frying Pan... "Climb the Trees" with Sauron to get 
the Pine Cone Bomb in the first area (far right, use rails).  Now can start 

H5. Get Richer:
	1. Get mithril construction hat design N Radagast's house.  
	   (climb, dig, explosives, hammer, start fires)
	2. Change time to Night.
	3. Complete Build Day event in W Moria.
	4. Get Studs x6 for 4,500,000 studs.

H6. Get Richer:
	1. FreePlay A Warm Welcome "The Lake-Town Armoury" as anyone.  Get 
	   Sir Moustaff with explosives.  Now can do wizard stuff.
	2. Also get mithril booty blade design, same area because you're 
	   there.  Not worth using except you're there.  Donít forge it now, 
	   save the mithril bricks.  Then leave.
	3. Complete Staff and Nonsense event NE of Elven Forest
	4. Have Bilbo open cave S of Dol Guldur, get mithril candle staff 
	   design.  Now can light up dark areas, heal animals, still do 
	   wizard stuff.
	5. Complete Candle With Care event E of Elven Forest
	6. Get Studs x10 red brick for 20,000,000 studs

Now we can dig, shoot any target, blow up mitril items, open orange handles,
use flail grab points, climb, mine efficiently, hammer pound, fight easier 
and longer, collect more loot faster, get 3840x studs, locate minikits for 
more mithril, do wizard stuff, use wraith bricks, light up dark areas, heal 
animals, access morgul items.  Basically everything except Elf Abilities.  
(Your choice on the fishing pole.)

Now finish Story Mode to enable Middle-Earth Free Play, for Elf Abilities.