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Left 4 Dead



by Shotgunnova

   Spoiler-free FAQ & Walkthrough  ,-~'Ż'~-.  by Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
             ____________________,'  /ŻŻŻ|  '.____________________
            /       ___             / /) |         ___            \
            \  |Ż| |  _|ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻŻ| / /_| |_  |ŻŻŻ\|  _|ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻ\   /
             } | |_|  _|  Ż|Ż| |Ż (____   _| | [} }  _| Ż | [} } ( 
            /  |___|___|_|Ż  |_|       | |   |___/|___|_|_|___/   \
            \____________________      ( |    ____________________/
                 //   // ((  \\  '._    \| _,' ))   ))      ((  \\
                ((   //   \\__))    '-._.-'   ((   //        \\__))
                _\\_//     ),_.\              _\\_//          ),-.\
               /,-. /     ((   ))            /,--.(          ((   ))
              //   ))      )) //            //   //           \\__))
    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TH' BASICS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . THBS

       Terminology ...................................................... TRMN
       Menu Overview .................................................... MNOV
       Enemies .......................................................... ENMY
       Weapons .......................................................... WPNS
       Tips N' Tricks ................................................... TPST

  III. CAMPAIGNS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CMPN

       01) No Mercy ..................................................... WK01
       02) Death Toll ................................................... WK02
       03) Dead Air ..................................................... WK03
       04) Blood Harvest ................................................ WK04

   IV. ACHIEVEMENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ACHV
    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
  VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                        ___                     ___
         L. Trigger -> /___\___             ___/___\ <- R. Trigger
         L. Bumper -> /\___/   \___________/   \___/\ <- R. Bumper
                     / ___          ___           _  \
                    / /,-.\    _   /_ _\   _    _(Y)_ \ <- Y-Button
      L. Analog -> / ((   ))  {_} ( _/_ ) {_)  (X)Ż(B) \   X-Button
                  (   \'-'/        \___/        Ż(A)Ż   )  A-Button
                  |    ŻŻŻ  _,-._          ___    Ż     |  B-Button
                  (        /_|Ż|_\        /,-.\         )
          D-Pad -> \      (|_   _|)      ((   ))       / <- R. Analog
                    \      \ |_|_/        \'-'/       /
                     \      Ż'-'_,-------._ŻŻŻ       /
                      \    _,~'Ż           Ż'~._    /
                       '-'Ż                     Ż'-'
 L3 and R3 buttons are accessed by pressing the left and right analog sticks
 downward, respectively. Nonfunctional buttons aren't listed below.
  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | D-Pad     | Select medkit, pills, throwable weapon, or flashlight         |
 | Start     | Toggle main menu / Submit "yes" vote when prompted            |
 | Select    | Toggle status screen / Submit "no" vote when prompted         |
 | Y-Button  | Toggle primary weapon and pistols                             |
 | X-Button  | Use/Pick Up button                                            |
 | A-Button  | Jump button                                                   |
 | B-Button  | Reload weapon                                                 |
 | R Bumper  | Fire weapon (survivor) / Primary attack (infected)            |
 | R Trigger | Fire current weapon                                           |
 | R Analog  | Controls camera POV                                           |
 | R3 Button | Zoom-in (hunting rifle only)                                  |
 | L Bumper  | Toggle crouching                                              |
 | L Trigger | Melee attack (survivor) / Secondary attack (infected)         |
 | L Analog  | Controls character's movement                                 |
 | L3 Button | Vocalize (such as pointing out pills if looking at them)      |

II. TH' BASICS                                                           [THBS]
TERMINOLOGY                     [TRMN]
 If you hear anyone talking about L4D, chances are they know this jargon. This
 section's a head's-up for those newcomers to the game. [For any important
 terms missed, drop me an email.]

 • AI DIRECTOR: This feature governs the level's randomized features, such as
   where guns, ammo, zombies, SIs, and miscellaneous items spawn. Campaigns
   have some constants, however, such as map design and particular crescendo
   events to go through. Basically, the Director is meant to ensure that each
   replay is at least a little different, giving a player reason to continue

 • BOOMING: [AKA Barfing, Puking, etc.] Describes a Boomer using his vomit
   to cover survivors, automatically summoning a horde of infected to attack

 • BOOTING: [AKA Kicking] The term for when a team calls a vote to kick an
   ally in-game, or when the host removes a player(s) from the lobby before
   starting. This can be used to get rid of annoying team-killers or horrible
   greenhorns; on the flipside, it can be abused to remove people at a host's
   whim, or let a team of friends screw off and attack the odd man out. Either
   way, no one likes boot-happy people, so don't call a vote if y'don't mean
   it, eh?

 • CRESCENDO EVENT: Although this can technically apply to events like a car
   alarm triggering, it's mostly meant to describe particular instances where
   the survivors can only proceed by making loud noises, fighting off the horde
   while they wait for the door to open (bridge to lower, etc). During this
   time, 2-3 hordes will appear from the surrounding area, so it pays to have
   a gameplan before continuing.

 • HEADSHOT: Almost self-explanitory -- when a survivor's bullet hits a foe's
   head. This instantly kills normal infected, but SIs may take more than one
   to die (tanks especially), and the weapon and range may affect performance
   of this. Headshotting a witch is called crowning (or cr0wning), and in the
   hands of a skilled player, these nuisances are easily bypassed.

 • IDLING: When a player-controlled survivor doesn't press any buttons for a
   while, they go on "idle," and the computer takes over until do press some
   buttons. This is done so absent players don't screw up the mission for the
   rest of the party, and it's important to know that idling players reappear
   back at the 1st safehouse if the player doesn't intervene quickly. [This'll
   come into play if you use the Jesus Room trick, where there's lots of just
   standing around. In these cases, keep crouching, etc. to prevent idling.]

 • INCAPPED: [AKA Incapacitation] When an SI dies, they disappear from the map
   temporarily, but when a survivor's health is brought to zero, they become
   "incapped," and a bleed-out life gauge replaces their normal one. During
   an incap, a survivor cannot use their primary weapon (only pistols) and is
   unable to move from the spot where they fell. Teammates can help the person
   back up, which restores their previous function except they move slower than
   before. Survivors who bleed out, or are incapped three times without being
   healed with a healthpack, die! Any kind of damage can incap a person, so if
   you were thinking about leaping off a precipice, don't bother. :)

 • PINATA: Tongue-in-cheek term for a smoker's prey hanging off a ledge, which
   lets normal infected wail on them mercilessly. Note that if SIs try to gang
   up on the survivor, s/he may be freed from the smoker's grasp.

 • SAFEHOUSE: Describes the rooms at the level's beginning and end, which are
   (as y'may expect) a haven from enemies. Its steel door prevents SIs from
   breaking inside, and there's always guns and health pack(s). Note that foes
   can break into the safehouses if their doors are left open, which allows SIs
   to hide in the level's final one to attack stragglers, etc.

 • SMOKING: The term used to describe a Smoker ensnaring a victim, preventing
   them from escape and requiring the prey to rely on teammates' assistance.

 • SPAWNING: When an SI dies in campaign or Versus mode, they eventually
   respawn -- or appear back on the map -- after a set amount of time. This
   means vigilant teams who kill SIs quickly can proceed faster without worry
   (for awhile), so teamwork is always key. The only applicable "spawners" are
   hunter, boomer, and smoker -- often at a 2-1-1 ratio, respectively, although
   that's not necessarily the case as the game proceeds. [Witches cannot be
   played, while tanks are only playable on a random basis in certain parts
   of the maps, such as final chapters.] Survivors respawn in closets, but only
   during campaigns -- in Versus mode, if y'die, that's game over, man!

 • SPECIAL INFECTED: [AKA SIs] Describes any of the enemy characters -- the
   Boomer, Smoker, Hunter, and Tank. The Witch fits into the group as well but
   isn't playable in any capacity, so an environmental hazard (of sorts).

 • SURVIVOR: Describes any of the human characters, being Zoey, Bill, Louis,
   and Francis. This is done to distinguish them from the SI characters.

 • VOTING: This applies to games with human teammates. Someone can call a vote
   (own team only) to boot a player, return to lobby, or restart campaign. The
   situations are all governmed by "majority rules," so whatever decision is
   agreed upon by the majority, that goes for everyone. 

MENU OVERVIEW                   [MNOV]
 |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|  1: Displays primary weapon and remaining ammo,
 |                          |     as well as # of pistols (1-2) held
 |                      [1] |
 |                          |  2: Held item display. Starting at "12 o'clock"
 |                       .  |     and going clockwise: Flashlight, medkit, 
 |                      -2- |     pills, molotov/pipebomb. If an optional item
 |                       '  |     is held, it's lit up and selectable.
 |                          |
 | []--- []---3[]--- []---  |  3: Displays teammates current health. Whoever's
 |__________________________|     rightmost is the player's survivor.

ENEMIES                         [ENMY]
 Who dares step into the ring against the four survivors, with their armfuls
 of munitions and (hopefully) minds full of teamwork? The grotesque cast makes
 its appearance. [Hunters, Smokers, Boomers, and Tanks are applicable for
 multiplayer versus modes.] All special infected (SIs) can throw punches in
 addition to their normal specialized offense. Additionally, any SI eventually
 dies if set on fire, which is especially helpful against the Tank.

 The hordes were once ordinary florists, milkmen, and housewives until the
 day they turned into braindead flesh-eating murderers. They often appear in
 large groups/waves at select points of the game, and are often lounging on
 the main path the survivors follow. Their climbing skills are only equalled
 by their running skills, and they come fast and often, once spooked. In
 essence, these are the most frequently seen baddies, and they have no qualms
 about bumrushing their targets, hoping to get in a few scrapes while the
 survivors are preoccupied with reloading, etc. Naturally they're also the

 These cloaked fiends, eerily reminiscent of Altair from Assassin's Creed, are
 voracious killers. Once in a blue moon y'may see them just walking about like
 normal, but when they're crouched, they can do death-defying jumps -- over
 fences, onto roofs, etc. -- in search of fresh blood. Should the hunter find
 his mark (tackling a survivor), he'll start sloughing flesh off his prey
 until a teammate intervenes or a kill's made. The telltale sign a hunter's
 nearby is a low growl (if walking) and a hideous shrieking (if pouncing).
 Although guns work well on these brutes, if one is spotted jumping toward
 "you," meleeing them in midair can cause them to stumble, providing an easy
 opportunity to blow 'em away. [Hunters can deal additional damage if they
 land on a survivor after pouncing from great heights, what this walkthrough
 calls "momentum damage".]

 The new face of nicotine mutation, the Smoker is both a long- and close-range
 killer: first it uses its extraordinarily long tongue to latch onto targets,
 then pulls the constrained victim in closer for a beatdown. These foes aren't
 quite as strong or fast as hunters, but will nevertheless be huge annoyances
 (especially in multiplayer) since they have the longest range. The telltale
 sign they're around is coughing noises and/or green smoke emitted from its
 person. [Like hunters, there is a small window of opportunity to evade a
 damaging outcome. Supposing the ally is facing the smoker when it casts its
 tongue out, it's possible to get a few shots off at the buffoon before a
 teammate's assistance is required.]

 Slow, fat, and disgusting, the Boomer is actually a highly prized monster...
 if used right. Its main method of attack is spewing slimy bile over its foes,
 which causes no damage in itself, but summons a horde of zombies who single-
 -mindedly attack whoever was "marked." Naturally, the more targets barfed on,
 the larger the horde and damage outcome! Additionally, the bile targets have
 their vision temporarily obscured, so not only can the hordes get in more
 damage than usual, but SI teammates can capitalize on the opportunity and
 perhaps inflict more damage than usual, too. [An example would be a hunter
 pouncing on unaffected prey while the other barfed-on survivors stumble
 around without being able to quickly help.] Did I mention that, when shot,
 the boomer explodes and can cover survivors in bile? Yeah, it's a bilefest
 up in the hizzouse. When playing as survivors, it's always wise to melee the
 creature first -- creating some distance -- and then fire, so as to avoid any
 of its goopy remains. [Telltale signs: gross digestion noises, heavy groans.]

 This mutated beefcake is all brawn and no brains, which explains its rather
 slow galloping walk and high strength/health. In fact, it's the deadliest of
 all playable monsters, which its appearance is randomized (in Versus, an SI
 is chosen to be this monster). Its punch will send anyone, friend or foe, in
 its way flying, which is helpful on maps with cliffs/dropoffs; its secondary
 attack throws an earthen slab, intent on striking medium-range targets upside
 the head. Although it lacks a constraining/continuous damage attack, it more
 than makes up for its shortcomings with pure muscle. [Telltale signs:
 different 'boss' music plays, galloping sounds, unnerving screams. Many people
 wisely choose to catch it on fire and flee, letting the burning do most of
 the work.]

 Also notable is that tanks can break through scenery that normally ain't
 possible. For instance, some objects, like forklifts and cars, can be batted
 aside -- if they hit any survivors, it's an instant incapacitation. Always
 search the area for one of those, which are infinitely more useful than the
 slab-throwing attack (which is slow and easily evaded most of the time).
 BE WARNED though: hitting a car alarm vehicle disables the alarm!

 Although unplayable, the witch still manages to be an annoying opponent. In
 her natural habitat, she sits inert, crying and moaning (see: L4D opening
 sequence). When loud noises or flashlights hit near her, she turns her fury
 on the agitator -- in lower difficulties, this is an instant incapacitation,
 but in Expert it's an instakill! Her constitution is rather poor however, and
 with teammates peppering her face with lead, it's quite possible to score a
 kill without being incapped. Because the witch could really care less about
 survivors if they're not bothering her, it's always a good idea to simply
 tiptoe by (flashlights disabled, natch) and let her good cry continue.

WEAPONS                         [WPNS]
 In L4D, weapons are a man's best friend. Most weapons available early in the
 campaign can be upgraded to something better, and all the things that come
 with that: upgraded ammo, higher stopping power, faster reload times. There's
 no reason to keep an un-upgraded weapon if you can trade it in, so always be
 on the lookout for caches sitting around. [The game's AI director changes the
 locations they may be found at in campaigns, although there's a finite number
 of areas they can be placed at.]

 PISTOLS ----: A player carries one by default but can find another. Since
               pistols have infinite ammo and take up no useful space, it's
               always good a pair. Contrary to what one may think, pistols're
               rather powerful, but don't have great long-range capabilities,
               which reduces some of their usefulness. [UPGRADE: ---]

 SMG --------: The handheld SMG is a bullet-sprayin' nightmare for the enemy,
               and while each individual bullet doesn't do that much damage,
               a stream definitely will...if it hits its mark. These aren't
               that great for clearing crowds (at ground level anyway) but it
               always helps to have someone using one, since it's got decent
               range (for hitting faraway enemies, that is). [UPGRADE: Assault

 PUMP SHOTGUN: While it totes the slowest reloading time of any weapon, this
               mean single-barrel will rip apart enemies at close range. Since
               it has a spreading effect, it's great for blowing away groups
               of infected, but is bad at mid-range and horrible at long-range,
               so don't try to snipe anything with it. [UPGRADE: Auto Shotgun]

 SNIPER RIFLE: A mainstay of any shooting game, the sniper rifle is the only
               weapon with a zoom function, useful for blowing off faraway
               foes' noggins. Although you'd think it'd be horrible when the
               horde closes in, sniper slugs have infinite penetrating power,
               meaning they'll blow through the first enemy and any behind it
               with the same force. Unless you know what you're doing, it may
               be best to stick with something else, though. [UPGRADE: ---]

TIPS N' TRICKS                  [TPST]
 • UNIFIED WHOLE! Wanna know the number one cause of mission failures? Lack of
   teamwork. It's amazing how many people play this game without realizing
   that, if even one person dies, it can damn the entire team. To rectify poor
   situations: (1) keep a close proximity, for assisting incapped and damaged
   allies (2) keep the communication flowing, such as telling where molotovs
   or health packs are, or just to organize the scenario a bit (3) protecting
   allies is obviously important, especially when monsters attack from behind
   or their flank; be their guardian angel!

   Being smart knows when doing the right thing is the WRONG thing. Helping
   teammates is well and good, but if they're being devoured and you can bolt
   to the saferoom, do it. Also, boomers absolutely love allies in close
   proximity, so be vigilant. It's important to remain aware and not turn
   shoddy teamwork into a liability.

 • TACTICAL RELOADING: This is a common strategy for shooter games. Basically,
   constantly reload, even after expending only a few rounds, to have better
   preparedness for future enemies. [Switching weapons does not automatically
   reload the weapon, remember!] It only takes a few instances of reloading
   in a boomer-bile swarm or crescendo event to do this every time. Weapons
   like the pump shotgun have such horrible reload times that, without doing
   this tactic, it only brings PAIN. Practice it, use it.

 • THE SAFEST ROOM: Each mission segment involves seeking out this haven, and
   it has special properties: (1) it always starts with the door open, so you
   know if any special infected are in there, provided the door's closed (2)
   in multiplayer, enemies cannot spawn in here (3) all living survivors must
   be in the saferoom to win the map (4) monsters cannot get into the safe
   room by force!

 • MELEE MASTERY! Blowing off foes' heads is great and all, but at some point,
   you'll have to reload (exception: machine-gun emplacement). Melee with the
   L-Trigger to smack enemies away, which causes them to stumble a bit and
   miss their chance to attack. This is useful for fighting generic hordes,
   but it really leaves Hunters/Smokers open to a hot lead injection, too. As
   it's possible to melee WHILE reloading, be sure to make good use of this
   tactic! [Want to melee an oncoming baddie without taking damage? As it
   nears, approach a bit and melee while back-stepping, which make hit it with
   the weapon while maintaining distance.]
 • SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT! No, not tree-hugging -- the urban jungle! All around
   the place are things the survivors can use to their advantage. Doors can
   shut out enemies or shoot at them (through door holes) from a safe vantage.
   Those red gascans are essentially one-time molotovs, and strategically
   placing them, especially in standoff finales, is just good thinkin'. Some
   wooden bridges can be destroyed by gunfire, preventing enemies from walking
   across (although jumping across is possible usually) but simultaneously
   preventing allies easy access back. Some street cars will blare alarms if
   shot, summoning the horde to the location -- check yo' fire, son!

 • FRIENDLY FIRE BEGONE! Although a player may try his/her darndest to not
   shoot an ally in the face, it's going to happen, perhaps a lot if you're
   a disorganized bunch and love walking into each other's trajectories. The
   AI-controlled allies don't tend to do this as much, so it always helps to
   (1) communicate with other players (2) form a game plan! If you know where
   the enemies are coming from, pick a place to hole up and cover the exits,
   ensuring no one is waltzing into a bullet's path. [Allies constained or
   pinned by enemy attacks cannot be damaged by friendly fire, luckily.]

 • RE-RESPAWNING! During Versus matches, the special infected players respawn
   after 'x' amount of time (correlates to how long they're alive, how well
   they perform, how many AI-controlled allies there are). However, sometimes
   one's presence is betrayed and advancing towards the survivors can be a bad
   idea -- an example would be a boomer following a team in the final subway
   cars during No Mercy. A player has to gauge when it's best to make a quick
   attack or force a re-respawn by moving far away from the prey.

 • FREEZE! In Versus mode, when the survivors move around, the SIs see them
   through solid objects via a green aura. However, what some don't know is
   that by standing perfectly still, the enemy gradually loses sight of where
   that survivor is, which can be helpful in drawing out an SI who's been
   following the team.
  |Ż|Ż|______________________________________________/ III. CAMPAIGNS [CMPN] |_
| |_  | [) ) NO MERCY                                                    [WK01]
|___| |___/____________________________________________________________________

   I. The Apartments
  II. The Subway
 III. The Sewer
  IV. The Hospital
   V. Rooftop Finale

 A: Apartment Complex                 BILL --: Shotgun
 B: Back Alley                        LOUIS -: SMG
 C: Dead-End Street                   FRANCIS: Shotgun
 D: Discount Store                    ZOEY --: SMG
 E: Garage
 F: Subway Entrance
 G: Saferoom         ___________     _____
                   _|###########|_  |  @^ |        POSSIBILITIES LEGEND
                  | |###########| |_|_   _|____    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
                  |  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ        E_     |   x - Gun Assortment
  _______      ___|C   ______     |_____|#|  __|   * - Pills
 |       |    |###| | |$*|###|    |#######| |      $ - Medkit
 |   x   |____|###| |  __|ŻŻŻ|    |#######| |      ^ - Molotovs
 |  *[email protected]  |    |###| |D __ Ż       |#######| |__    ! - Ammo Only
 |   ^   |_  _|###| |^|__|@| |    |#####|Ż|    |   @ - Pipe Bombs
 |_ _   _|    |###| |     Ż  |     ŻŻŻŻŻ   ____|   # - Building (Can't Enter)
   |_____ B   |###| |_|______|____ F  @   |
     /   | x   ŻŻŻ    |G          | |ŻŻŻŻŻ
   A.C.   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|_|____|_|______|

A: Apartment Complex
 The apartment is a four-story complex with each floor connected by one stair,
 except at 2F, where the team has to jump through a floor hole to the bottom
 (this is one-way). Generic infected walk the halls and rooms and it's really
 not too difficult overall...although if y'dawdle around, there's a chance that
 a horde will appear to annoy everyone. But, for the most part, the small
 passages work to the team's advantage and anterooms can be avoided, generally.
 One of the 1F walls near the pit can be broken down by the horde during a
 raid, so be careful not to fall in then. Keep an eye out for the possibility

 4F - Rooftop supplies (starting point)
 3F - Pipebomb/Molotovs (bedroom)
 2F - Pills (bedroom), Molotovs/Pills (kitchen pantry)

 A cool thing about the apartment is that it's possible to hit the alley ("B")
 without doing the generic descent through the dwelling. To do this, stand on
 the roof's ledge and face the dead-end part of the alley -- there should be
 an air conditioner affixed on a building to the other side of the place. To
 reach it with minimal health loss, RUN off the edge, don't jump (by contrast
 17 HP is lost instead of 60+). Of course, the AI-controlled allies will go
 down the normal way so don't leave yourself unguarded. [The "A.C. Jump" will
 needlessly damage the player, so there's no reason to do this in normal play.]

 VERSUS: Tight corners, lots of hiding spots, dark's quite easy to
 get the jump on teams here. Teams who are incommunicado should take what they
 can get, generally -- don't let anyone proceed through without attempting an
 attack. A notable attack centers around the hole to 1F -- when three humans
 jump down, constricting the 4th from afar pulls them out of attack range,
 generally securing a kill without interference. 

B: Back Alley
 The small alley connects to the street down the way, and is a good ambush
 point if the special infected were generally missing in the apartment. Keep an
 eye out for rooftops here -- if a smoker gets someone as they're passing by
 the building's edge, chances are it gets in a few free hits before someone
 melees the ally out of its clutches. A sideroom here has a few zombies but
 nothing special, generally. A ruined car may carry a 2nd pistol, though,
 either at the start of end of the alley.

 En route to the street, by the intersection leading there, a zombie wave may
 or may not come. If it does, it comes from the street, the impassable barrier
 nearby, and probably from the apartment area behind, too.

 VERSUS: Smokers and boomers should stick to the rooftops for a bird's-eye
 view of stragglers, while hunters wait for opportune moments to pounce, either
 from the roof also or the empty 2F of the discount store the alley's adjacent
 to. A witch may spawn in the survivors' path, so keep yer fingers crossed!

C: Dead-end Street
 The cop car/bar nearby may have a 2nd pistol. A horde may come here too, but
 often depends on the timing or luck -- if one was in the alley, it probably
 won't occur. Most people wisely choose to enter the discount building nearby
 as soon as the chance arises. [If a horde spawns, it's usually from said
 building's 2F, which can't be entered by the survivors.]

 VERSUS: Mostly the same strategy as the alleyway, given the proximity.

D: Discount Store
 This place has a medkit station in an anteroom, but as the difficulty rises,
 the likelihood of only a few pill bottles does too. Luckily, by searching the
 other rooms and hallway, molotovs or extra pills may be found. The windows
 face the street so it's possible to pick off some of the unassuming horde, or
 even a Boomer if they're walking around. Either way, this place is a pitstop.

 VERSUS: The darkness lends itself well to SIs trying to stay hidden, and it's
 common for survivors to ignore certain offices if they're just passing by.
 Boomers should probably hide on the building's roof (accessible from alley)
 rather than inside to avoid wasting their talents. Since

E: Garage 
 The Garage area is out-of-the-way and ignored 99 times out of 100, at least in
 competitive, brevity-minded play. However, there may be a few pipe bombs in
 this area. Most of the garage's doors are locked and wind back around to the
 subway station anyway.

 VERSUS: No one hellbent on surviving is going to take this "longcut" to the
 subway station, so formulating a strategy isn't important. Seriously.

F: Subway Entrance
 Across the street from the discount store is the subway entrance, which leads
 to the safehouse. Getting there isn't always so cut and dry, though. A horde
 often spawns from nearby structures if a team's not quick enough in crossing,
 and there's always the mini-crescendo of the red alarmed car. Shooting this
 alerts a large horde to that location -- this can be done on purpose or with
 good intentions, like shooting enemies in front of it. Best-case scenario,
 everyone bypasses this malarkey and heads for the downstairs haven.

 VERSUS: Since this place _is_ easy to bypass, SIs should try to delay the
 team. Standing in front of the alarmed car is a classic way of sacrificing
 oneself for the greater good (bad?), as the bullets pierce through oneself
 and trigger the racket. There aren't really any good perches in this area,
 although smokers can hide in a building's window (opposite subway entrance)
 and try to ensnare prey from there. 

G: Safehouse
 The safehouse is downstairs and, for the most part, a safe haven. However,
 since it's below ground level, special infected can spawn in front of it and
 hide inside, so always check the bathroom for any nasty hunters.

 VERSUS: This is the last LAST stand before finishing the stage, so any SI
 who wants to kill a straggler has to do it here -- spawn outside, hide in
 the bathroom, and wait. Remembers that the survivors don't win unless they
 lock the door _and_ have no enemies inside, so there's always a chance there!

       A: Collapsed Landing              F: Subway Wreck 3
       B: Turnstile Booths               G: Turbine Building Basement
       C: Subway Wreck 1                 H: Turbine Building (Crescendo)
       D: Subway Wreck 2                 I: Street Level
       E: Side Tunnel                    J: Pawnshop/Safehouse
            ______                  _
           |      |              |Ż|^|___       WEAPON SELECTION
          _|   _|_|           ___| | |   |      ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
         |   A    |2|   |1|  |2    |   |1|      BILL --: SMG -> Assault Rifle
         |     ___| |___| |  |_|   |C|  Ż|      LOUIS -: SMG -> Assault Rifle
         | |  |___|       |  |     ) )   |      FRANCIS: SMG -> Auto Shotgun
         | |__  __  x|_|  |  |*   ( (   ^|      ZOEY --: SMG -> Sniper Rifle
         |    ____  B _ * |   ŻŻ|   | |ŻŻ
         |_| |   @|  | |  |   __|     |__             1F Stair
           |_|  ŻŻ        | _|    /Ż)    |_                 \_____
              ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ | |   (_/D    | |   ___________  |     |  |ŻŻŻ|
POSSIBILITIES LEGEND       |               |  |____   __  |ŻŻŻŻ|  |__|   |
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ       | |__  | |  __|_|  |         |   x  |     |   |
x - Gun Upgrades           | |  |x|_| |_      | |Ż| |Ż| |_|_  _|  |__|   |_
* - Pills                  |E|          )     | |_|H|_|  *|_  _      |I    |
$ - Medkit                 | |  |    \ (      |  ___ ^  | |   |^  |  |     |
^ - Molotovs               |__    |Ż\   \     |_|_   _|_|_|___|___|__|    _|
! - Ammo Only                /    |  \ \ \        |3|         |  ____    |
@ - Pipe Bombs              (_/F/_|   \___)                   |_|  |     |
                             ( (                                   | |   |_
                        ___ _| |_                                 _|_     _|
                       | @^| | | |______                         |___ J _|
                       |          ____  |_                         |     |
                       |___|    x|        |               Saferoom-|__|__|
                           |_____|_   G   |
                                 |3|_   _ |

 The goal this time is to make it to and through the subway, then resurface
 at street level to reach the safehouse in a store. And this'll be one of the
 longer segments, although not _the_ longest (that belongs to Pt. 4 in Death

A: Collapsed Landing
 Outside of the saferoom is a collapsed landing, essentially a giant pit with
 stairs leading down to the turnstile area. Random infected loaf here, most
 underneath the landing's remaining cement platform. Although they can climb up
 if given the chance, across the pit is a small platform survivors can jump to
 -- a new vantage to pick them off at. Should any SIs appear here, it's often
 (1) on the floor above the landing, which has collapsed and often houses
 smokers and hunters waiting for people to jump down (2) underneath the
 platform, where boomers may hide.

 The main way to the turnstile booths is down the stairs -- pretty normal. A
 semi-alternate way involves going down a parallel air duct, jumping down a
 level, and blowing off the vent's grate. The latter way is a little more
 roundabout but, if there wasn't any pipebombs underneath the landing, there
 may be some in this area.

 VERSUS: Smokers choose the broken ceiling for a reason -- they can snag some
 stragglers and maybe get off scot-free if caught. Boomers, surprisingly, can
 use that same area as well; despite not falling right on the survivors, the
 humans are often in barf range, so it all works out if their backs're turned.
 Hunters can jump around between the drop-off, so they can go either way. Any
 SI can hide in the air duct's dead end if any survivor ventures forward w/o
 using the buddy system.

B: Turnstile Booths
 The area is a wide-open space, flanked by two stairs leading up to the subway
 and near a ceiling hole (in a corner) used by the invading horde. A tiny
 sideroom here may contain pipebombs and the booths may have pills, but the
 real thing to hope for is weapon upgrades at the nearby table. Either
 stairway can be taken up to the subway (listed as 1, 2 on map). If a horde
 spawns, they'll often flank from many sides, so don't stay in the middle.

 VERSUS: Not much to go on here besides stragglers, opportunistic attacks, etc.
 Many SIs don't bother too much here and instead wait on the subway stairs,
 where they can spectate this area and retreat if necessary. Don't waste your
 spawn for dumb reasons!

C: Subway Wreck 1
 At the top, a horde bumrush may play, so it helps to have a throwable weapon,
 'specially on Expert. The subway wreck is slightly off its rails, and while it
 can be entered, it's the only way to get to the other side (locally at least).
 There may or may not be a molotov inside, too. Being inside the train if a
 horde invades is a good idea, as it has few entry points and it's easy to tag-
 -team the infected (projectile special infected can make it less pleasant but
 generally passable, still). Also, one can jump on top of the train by finding
 a tipped trashcan and using it as a stepping stone.

 VERSUS: Smokers can snipe through broken windows, while boomers can aim their
 spew in the same fashion. There's a cement median halving part of the subway
 tunnel, letting one hide safely for survivors approaching the next area. And
 don't forget the power of crouching! There's often just enough clearance to
 hide out of sight by doing this, particularly alongside the broken vehicle --
 just watch for the tipped-off opposition!

D: Subway Wreck 2
 The second wreck consists of two cars, one toppled and one upright (and 
 enterable). A table alongside may have weapon upgrades, so get those when
 possible. This is really a bad place to be unless y'have a place to hole up in
 mind, since it has about 6-7 different ways for zombies to get in. Jumping on
 the toppled subway car may help...just don't get smoked in the meantime.

 VERSUS: A generally good place for coordinated attack, since a horde almost
 always spawns here or a little further up the way. There's plenty of wreckage
 to hide behind, windows to shoot through, and corners to lie in wait. Smokers
 can also use the fiery pit to mask their presence, since it obscures survivor
 vision without actually impeding one's aim. [And, it may let one escape down
 the tunnel!]

E: Side Tunnel
 Near Wreck #2 is a tunnel, half-hidden by flames, that the infected use for
 guerilla tactics. While it's not important in the least, the team can make
 their way toward the third wreck without encountering too many foes. In fact,
 that may be reason to use it in and of itself! Just beware if a tank catches
 y'in here...

 VERSUS: Both teams can use it as a reasonably safe path to the next subway
 car, but generally it's the SIs who'll use it, if anyone. [See: smoker strat

F: Subway Wreck 3
 The third wreck is a long, mostly intact subway car that leads to the exit
 landing. There'll almost certainly be random infected inside, but the
 survivors get the element of surprise. At the end, the lefthand side leads
 upwards while the righthand has a pipe alcove, maybe containing both types of
 throwable weapons. Although SIs may only appear in the stairway up, keep an
 eye out for any hunters on top of the train. If new weapons weren't available
 before, they may spawn on the bench near the exit door.

 VERSUS: Hunters can move on top of the subway car, good for getting the jump
 on stragglers who run ahead. Smokers and boomers will have to make do with
 hiding around the corner (by the closet/pipeworks) or ignoring it altogether
 and waiting to strike upstairs. However, if a tank or witch spawns around
 here, one may reconsider their strategy...

G: Turbine Building Basement
 Up the stairs is the basement of the turbine building. It's quite dark and the
 many support pillars obscure vision and give normal infected a good hiding
 spot. SIs may also be here, boomers and smokers especially. A 2nd pistol or
 weapon upgrades may be on a bench near the next stair, too. Keep your ears
 peeled for any witch moans -- she may spawn nearby or in the next area up the
 stairway. [Should a tank spawn, it's best to molotov it and backtrack, keeping
 together all the while.]

 VERSUS: Dark, lots of cover, a few corners to hide by...not too shabby. The
 real kicker to this place is if a tank spawns -- their punches can dislodge
 segments of the cement pillars, and any survivor hit by the projectile gets
 an instant incap!

H: Turbine Building (Crescendo)
 If y'hear a witch, it may be right by the entrance into the main hall, so
 try to sneak by if possible [although with the upcoming event, chances it
 remains undisturbed are slim]. When the floor's cleared of normal idiots,
 pick up some of the 100%-spawn molotovs nearby and check the medpack holder
 by the turret to see what's inside (often pills). To start the upcoming
 event, someone needs to hit the button kittie-corner to the gun. There's
 two good ways of doing this:

 1) GUN-RUNNING: While one person flips the switch, everyone else remains in
    the gun room. One person runs the gun, the other two shoot out the windows,
    and the 4th hopefully takes care of whoever climbs out of the pit
    (alternately, throw a molotov down there to temporarily curb the invaders).
    This way's good because special infected lack a great "in" to hit the team.
    It might be possible for a smoker to entangle someone from the basement and
    drag them into the pit, though, so be careful.

 2) SILLYNANNY CORNER-HIDING: To the right of the minigun is a corner by the
    door, semi-blocked by an overarching pipe. Everyone can stand here and
    hide, and face the oncoming horde without much difficulty -- even if
    everyone is vomited on, there's really only one way the others can attack.
    Molotovs help out here, as can melee stacking (i.e. one person melees
    while crouching, one while standing, and doing it at different intervals
    to keep hordes away).

 The event ends when the door opens, allowing everyone to get to 2F. There may
 or may not be a witch here; it depends on if one was found before. In the 2F
 area are some weapon upgrades although a tank may spawn here as well -- don't
 burst in without thinking! Search the remaining 2F rooms for throwables and
 pills, plus any SIs who may be wandering around.

 VERSUS: How good this part goes depends on where the survivors hole up for the
 crescendo event: if they scatter around onto the open floor, it's good, but if
 they go to the turret room, bad. It's bad for a number of reasons: (1) good
 trajectories for them (2) hiding places that only serve as cover, not for good
 attack opportunities (3) they're right by healing supplies (4) hunters can't
 jump up the floor pit by the turret! Only smokers get any chance of decent
 damage in this spot, really, and that's either by a brazen entanglement in the
 turret's range or by trying the less-successful (but ultimately more awesome)
 "pit smoking" method, where one stands in the basement and tries to grab a
 survivor, dragging them down through the pit.

 After the crescendo event, survivors move upstairs to the ammo room and often
 start searching the rooms for miscellaneous pills and throwables. Because
 there's often only one way in or out of a room, these spots aren't that great
 for damage opportunities...if the team sticks together. Remember in a boomer
 bile situation, the horde will run up the only staircase and that's easy to
 pick 'em off. Two other notes: (1) SIs can stand on the thin ledge on the
 building's exterior, by breaking a window and inching onto it -- this is a
 good hiding spot (2) in the event a street-level smoker grabs a survivor from
 the upper ledge and pulls him/her off, they don't take fall damage. Lame, I

I: Street Level
 To get here, there are two main ways: (1) the interior stairway which leads
 down casually (2) jumping from a 2F window onto the white van, and the far
 more stylish exit. It pays to snipe a few infected from 2F as sometimes one
 can get lucky and kill a boomer or other SI (even a tank, which can be
 molotov'd from above). Note that one can walk on the thin exterior ledge of
 the 2F windows for extra-awesome trajectories (don't get smoked, or the team
 may run downstairs to help instead of shooting from above!) Down below, the
 only way to go is upstreet.

 VERSUS: The trek to the pawnshop takes survivors upstreet a bit. For smoker
 placement, try the alley alongside of the building the survivors just exited,
 or one of the 2F ledges mentioned above. Hunters and boomers should generally
 be near destination building.

J: Pawnshop/Safehouse
 The pawnshop at the other end has the safehouse, and like the first level, be
 careful not to set off the parked car's alarm or it'll attract the horde
 somethin' awful. However, if y'wanna get some of the attacks out of the way,
 remember y'can climb up the grill of the nearby semi and jump across to its
 trailer for a bird's-eye view of the area. The hordes typically come from over
 the chainlink fence near the cop car and the alley right near the pawnshop. [A
 witch may be in the alley near the safehouse but one has to go out of the way
 to hit it, so just leave it be.] Attacking the parked car while everyone's on
 top of the semi can safely "disarm" a situation that'd be much more horrible
 at ground level...if y'can chance it.

 VERSUS: The semi gives good ambush cover for any SI, boomers in particular,
 while the "bait the car alarm" strategy is always viable...if it's done fast
 enough. There's no point in bothering if the survivors are inside the shop

______________    A: Warehouse Alley #1          G: Warehouse Alley #2
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ    B: Restaurant                  H: Stairway
III. THE SEWER    C: Gas Station Environs        I: Waterworks
______________    D: Ruined Aparment             J: Sewer System
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ    E: Warehouse #2                K: Hospital Drive-Up
                  F: Warehouse #3
                                               _ _    |ŻŻŻŻŻ| 
                         ________________    _|*|^|___|  _  |
  Safehouse  |ŻŻŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻ|           _   _|  | |   |  _   _| |
       \___ _|___| |    |*[email protected]   |Ż | $|   |  |  ^    |$ K    |_
       |   | |          | E  | |__|__| $ |  |_|  _|  Ż   3    |
      _|  _| | |@B*|\   |    |  _  __|___|  |^  | |        _|_|
    _|A ___  | |___| \   ŻŻŻŻ  |         |   ŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻ|_|    _________
   |*| |  _|  _____|\_\  |ŻŻŻ| | |Ż| |Ż| |                    |^ _____  |
   |@  | |_  |@^          ŻŻŻ  | |_|F|_| |                    | |_|  _| |___
 __|_| |___| |___      C |ŻŻŻ| |  _      |   ___|ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|     |  _   _   ___|1
|@          ^|  _|        ŻŻŻ  | | | |Ż| |  |_   _ Ż|Ż| |  ___| | | |_| |___
|x* _|ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|x*D^  ___________|_|_|_|_| |_   | | |3|Ż| | |*  | |_| |  J _  |
|__|         |_____|       /   |  ___ G ___|  | | |  _| | | !    ___  | |_| |_
                        Lift   | | |     |    | | |  ___|_|  _| |   |_  2_   _|
 POSSIBILITIES LEGEND          | |_______|    | | |  __   __| | |     | |_| |
 ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ          | |       |    | | | |  | |    | |     |  ___|
 x - Gun Upgrades              |H  | I |1|    | |_| |__| |    |_|     |_|
 * - Pills                     |_|__   __|    |___   ____|
 $ - Medkit                      |@*| |           | |
 ^ - Molotovs                    | 2  |           |_|
 ! - Ammo Only                    ŻŻŻŻ                      
 @ - Pipe Bombs

A: Warehouse Alley #1
 The alley outside the safehouse loops in front of the restaurant, around to a
 garage on the other side; in-between is a warehouse that may contain pills or
 throwables. Said garage may contain weapon upgrades, pipe bombs, or nothing
 (that's the AI Director for you). The real goal is the pizzeria nearby,
 though, which can easily be made by ignoring everything else. Be careful not
 too linger too long outside or a horde may spawn from the blocked alley
 adjacent to the safehouse, or from the restaurant itself.

 VERSUS: SIs love to camp on the safehouse roof for drop-in opportunities, or
 the dark warehouse, where it's easy to ambush. Smokers who want to run ahead
 a bit can use some of the taller buildings -- the sheerer the height a victim
 is smoked from, the less likely one is to be hit by survivors' attacks!

B: Restaurant
 Pick off any random infected inside and try to kill as many as y'can from this
 vantage point (shut the door to the alley to see if any SIs're trying to
 enter). Sometimes the restaurant has a pipebomb or pills near the coffee pots;
 the bathroom usually has nothing important.

 VERSUS: Not that good a position to attack from, really. Smokers by the back
 door can drag kitchen stragglers closer to them -- the bathroom isn't that
 useful in this case. SIs can use the joint's roof for surprises, but unlike
 the flat safehouse roof, this one's slanted and less useful.

C: Gas Station Environs (Crescendo)
 Outside is a fenced-off gas station parking lot of sorts, with a semi and a
 few uncoupled rigs. Said semi can be climbed (the grill is like a ladder) for
 a bird's-eye view of the surroundings...well, most anyway. The object here is
 to exit the area via a corner lift, although it can pay to check the building
 near the gas station if weapon upgrades haven't been found yet. [Destroying
 the gas pumps isn't necessary to check the building, and isn't conducive to
 anything, really, except summoning a horde (maybe).]

 After the lift starts, the crescendo event starts, summoning a huge horde of
 foes from over the tall building nearby and the fence near the fast food
 place. This is a manageable nuisance, generally, particularly if the team's
 got weapon upgrades and sticks together. 

 It's possible to skip the lift crescendo, however. Underneath the awning used
 to infiltrate the next building, there's a metal door. This is normally opened
 from the other side, but if a team sits there meleeing it for awhile, it just
 breaks -- no hassle needed! [This is especially good on higher difficulties.]

 VERSUS: This is really just a great, expansive place to do some mayhem.
 Smokers are quite useful here, being able to get on the cafe roof, the roof
 near the gas station, over the roof with the traversable awning, etc. Perhaps
 the most useful way to harness smokers is to wait for the survivors to cross
 the awning for Warehouse #2's window, and pull one down to ground level as
 s/he crosses the pipe. Smokers and boomers don't get that many good places to
 attack from once the survivors are on the lift/awning portion, but have plenty
 of locations to strike from if foes are at ground level.

D: Ruined Apartment
 If the gas station explodes, access to a side apartment's given. While totally
 extraneous, it can end up as a good idea since there's a bevy of throwables
 and maybe even weapon upgrades. Also notable, the windows are at such a height
 that someone can jump onto a camper blocking the alley and get back to the
 first warehouse's area. While unnecessary normally, if playing on harder
 difficulties, sometimes one can hazard a chance at collecting left-behind
 supplies. It's often a good idea to make for the warehouse 2F across the
 awning, as this horde can be quite...long. [Just watch out for lower smokers
 who try to drag stragglers down to the ground!]

 VERSUS: There's supplies here so the survivors may approach, but more often
 than naught, this place is devoid of good attack opportunities. One cool thing
 is that the trailer blocking the alley leads back to the first warehouse, so
 while it may be rare, it's possible to wait for some unlucky person to walk
 onto there, then be smoked back to the starting region. Maybe someday this
 pipe dream will be pipe reality...

E: Warehouse #2
 The 2nd warehouse is accessed by going in through the 2F window, and has a
 one-way drop into the floor below. Search the top area for pipebombs, then
 jump down to the ammo dump (100% spawn). It's good to not run around here as a
 tank may spawn in the small side-room. If that happens, jump  out the window
 (facing restaurant) and lead it on a wild goose chase. If no tank comes, still
 be on guard -- smokers can drag people out the window nearby!

 En route to the third warehouse, check the upper floors for molotovs and
 pills. Downstairs is often less fruitful but does have some survivor closets
 if things've gone south. Generally it's better to hole up in the 2F area in
 case a horde or tank shows up.

 VERSUS: Boomers and hunters should try to coordinate their attacks around the
 ammo room, which has the great drop-in opportunity from above. Smokers can
 try to pull survivors from the ammo room window (forcing them to go all the
 way around, or make someone unlock the metal door nearby to rescue) or wait
 in the ceiling at the far office, a place that many survivors go to jump into
 the next area.

F: Warehouse #3
 The third warehouse is the only way to reach the alley on the other side.
 There's often a special infected loafing around here, such as a boomer, and to
 make things worse, a tank may spawn below or in a 2F room adjacent. If there's
 no annoying obstacles, just breeze through the generic infected to reach the
 next alley.

 VERSUS: Nothing too useful -- shelves block a lot of the survivors' view but
 attacks are staged at ground level, so it's not that useful.

G: Warehouse Alley #2
 The alley runs by a defunct garage that has a survivor closet, but nothing too
 special. A boomer often seems to spawn around here, especially in the next
 corridor leading to the stairway.

 VERSUS: The dark garage is the only place to hide besides around the alley's
 first corner (to stairwell). Skip spawning here and go to the tank room below.

H: Stairway
 The stairway down to the gas room isn't that special, but makes a good
 standoff point for any infected that appear downstairs. If a tank spawns 
 there, one can hide underneath the stairway (crouch, wedge in there good) and
 get pretty good shots...well, as long as it stays down there. Either way, it's

 VERSUS: It's a generic stairway with no hiding spots except at the bottom
 (under stair). Any SI in here is liable to be blasted to pieces, as any smart
 survivor will strafe-descend to see what's coming up. The spot under the stair
 could be useful for boomers if no one checks, however.

I: Waterworks
 Propane tanks give cover here but also make this one-room place a little more
 mazelike than it needs to be. An anteroom here may have pipebombs and pills,
 too. Now, the next step is to enter the sewers below, and there are two ways
 (one-way drops) to go: one near the tankers, one in the anteroom.

 VERSUS: The tanks here give plenty of around-the-corner attack opportunities
 but any real efforts in stopping the survivors are done by smokers -- snag a
 straggling survivor as s/he tries to jump down the hole and no cavalry will
 be riding to the rescue!

J: Sewer System
 The sewers can be very confusing without knowing where to go, so it'll pay to
 look at the ASCII map above. When the team first enters onto a hanging pipe
 structure, the horde advances -- fend 'em off. After that, it's simply
 navigating the muck to reach the first room, which has some ammo and maybe
 pills (it's quite easy to run out of ammo if you're not sure where to go!).
 Past the first "checkpoint", navigate the enclosed storm drain -- watch out
 for boomers that appear here -- and exit back to the other half of the system.
 Basically, go uphill to the red ladder and use it to surface on the street. Of
 course, a horde often spawns here first...

 VERSUS: It stinks down here...for the survivors. With a quadrillion tiny storm
 drains to mask one's presence, it's really quite a good place to have fun with
 the survivors, 'specially if they get lost frequently. Even for a fast team,
 one can usually get a good attack off down here. Becoming a tank compounds
 the humans' problems, haha...

K: Hospital Drive-Up
 Once back on the street, the hospital's in sight. Try to make a beeline for
 it, and check the ambulance for a medkit (there's usually one there). If
 y'have time, check one of the hospital exam rooms or bathrooms for molotovs
 and pills. Just watch out -- a witch may spawn around here (even in a stall --
 Harry Potteresque, no?]

 VERSUS: The region surrounding the hospital! Like any opening into a larger
 area, it's easy to setup a chokepoint and smoke, pounce, or barf on upcoming
 survivors. Of course, any well-travelled player will be expecting this
 maneuver so it may not always be effective (such as when only one person comes
 up; remember pouncing a person on a ladder makes 'em drop right back down!).
 There's a lot of cars to hide behind so even if Plan A fails, it might be
 possible to get in extra damage when the horde appears. No car alarms to
 help, however.

 x - Gun Upgrades                    ! - Ammo Only 
 * - Pills                           @ - Pipe Bombs
 $ - Medkit                          % - 2nd Pistol
 ^ - Molotovs                        # - Zombie-Breakable   _
                                             |ŻŻŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻ|###    # |
                                             |___  |   |#|Ż|  _| |
                    ___        |Ż|ŻŻŻŻŻ|     |*     ___   Ż| |_| |_
                   | % |       |   |Ż| | |Ż|Ż|___| |_  |  _|  _____|
         ______    |_  |___    | | | |_| |                       | \
     ___|_     |     | | 1 |   |Ż| |___  |   |ŻŻŻ  |Ż  |Ż  | |___| Closet
    |   1 | |  |     |  ___|_  |   | 3 | |   |   | |ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻ|     |
    | |___| |ŻŻ|  ___| |     | | |  ___| |Ż|Ż|ŻŻŻ      |ŻŻŻ| |___|
    |          | |   |       | |Ż| |     |___   _| |ŻŻŻ|         |-Giant Lab
    |  ŻŻŻ|  ŻŻ| |_   _|_    | |*  |     |___   _|  ___|_________|
 ___| |   |    | |  _|     B | | | |     | @    ___  |                 ___
|^  A  ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻ  |_____|_|   | |Ż C|     |ŻŻŻ  | 3 | |    |ŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻŻŻ| |END|__
|@  | | x$|-St     |   |     | |_  |     |___|  ___|_|    |     |___|_|  _|  |
|___| |___| art    |-|       | | | |     | % |D|   |      |  |  |  _|_       |
  |_      |        |___|_    | |   |_    |___   ___|  |ŻŻŻ            | | |ŻŻ|
    |_|Ż|_|        |2        | | |  2        | |   |  | |       |Ż|Ż|___     |
                    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   Ż ŻŻŻ        |_____|  |     |Ż  |     |_| |Ż |
                                                      | |       |Ż|Ż|___     |
                                                      |_ ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻ    |_ _| |  |
       A: 1st Floor (Reception)                         | |_| |  Ż|   |@| |Ż |
       B: 2nd Floor (Cafeteria)                         |       | |   |^     |
       C: 3rd Floor (Administration)                    |  Ż|Ż   Ż|_  |_|_|__|
       D: 4th Floor (Crescendo)                         |___| |4| |___|
       E: 28th Floor (Construction)                         |  Ż  |

A: 1st Floor (Reception)
 The first floor is the easiest, with a few of the anterooms nearby maybe
 having throwables, but since the starting point has weapon upgrades and health
 packs, most would suggest just getting upstairs quickly -- this guide does the

 VERSUS: Unless the team goes around checking every room, such as the ones near
 the elevator shaft, it's usually best to spawn upstairs.

B: 2nd Floor (Cafeteria)
 Likewise, anterooms _may_ have goodies to take but it's easier to just ignore
 out-of-the-way places and keep ascending, which is really what this level's
 main strength is: (generally) easy movement to the goal.

 VERSUS: The cafeteria lobby is a fun room, since the 3F ledges are nearby and
 lend themselves well to smokers' plans. However, it's often a quick sprint to
 the 3F stair so it's not that much of a rest stop, unless the infected horde
 stops by for a visit.

C: 3rd Floor (Administration)
 This tiny "row" of administrative offices have little to snoop around for,
 and the stairway up is right there. I mean, c'mon! However, provided a tank
 doesn't spawn around here, it might be worth it to take a peek.

 VERSUS: Since the stairway to 4F is in the middle of this long hallway, a lot
 of the potential for here isn't realized (like 1F). However, some railings're
 missing so any smoker on 2F can drag victims off and at least stall things a
 bit. Like all places with small rooms/offices, it's good cover for both friend
 and foe. If a tank spawns around the stairway, then the advantage tips to the
 SIs a bit.

D: 4th Floor (Crescendo)
 The largest of the floors: the infirmary. There's often nothing special in the
 siderooms, so making a break to the elevator for the crescendo event is just
 smart tactics. For said crescendo, there's a few ways to get by:

 1) LAUNDRY ROOM CLOSET: With only one entrance in, having the entire team in
    (or around) there can drastically increase survivability. At worst, the
    player lives while the allies take most of the damage. With AI-controlled
    allies, y'can't expect them to hide in the closet. The only thing missing
    is an ammo stash a few feet away.

 2) GIANT LAB: Like before, there's only one way in and the spacious area gives
    a lot better breathing room -- no friendly fire here! Getting AI-controlled
    characters to huddle in there is often out of the question, but sometimes
    they corral in there.

 3) ANY OTHER SIDEROOM: Other siderooms can work for the same purposes as those
    above: one way in and out. The only difference is the infected horde can
    break through the ceiling in select places, making problems twofold. This
    doesn't apply to #1 or #2 above, luckily -- they all come from ground

 4) ELEVATOR LOBBY: There's a reason many people stand in the unbreakable
    corner of the lobby: the ammo is two inches away and four people should
    have no trouble fending off the horde, which comes from three directions
    (discounting the ceiling vent). Just watch out for Boomers in this
    position, since they may quickly round a corner and exacerbate the horde.

 When enough time's passed, the horde subsides and everyone can crowd into the
 elevator for the top floor.

 VERSUS: The crescendo event is the best time to attack a team, although it
 can also be the most fruitless -- a team ducking by the ammo, for instance,
 has almost all bases covered, and even if they're boomed on, it shouldn't be
 much of a problem. It's when the team fights off the horde elsewhere that
 they're more vulnerable. Because the crescendo can be generally easy on this
 end, delaying the team before they start the elevator can be useful.

E: Construction
 The twenty-eight floor is unfinished construction, making it a double-edged
 sword: shooting through loose walls ensures that the team can get infected who
 would otherwise by obscured, but there's no railings to the periphery so one
 can easily fall off the edge. In fact, since a tank may spawn up here, their
 powerful haymakers can throw someone clean off the building, which is why it
 pays to know the layout of this place. If a tank appears at the top, break a
 grate on either side of the elevator for some running room, and try to stay
 away from the ledgeless extremeties of the tier -- one good punch and a guy
 is knocked out of the level entirely!

 If no tank spawns, congrats. That doesn't make this mazelike place any more
 fun, as there's plenty of vacant antechambers with infected waiting to gut
 everyone. The above map should help in locating the saferoom, which will start
 with throwables so there's no need to seek any out here. Oh, and smokers can
 extend their reach across railless gaps, pulling victims over the edge (so
 they hang and need assistance) so always try to avoid that situation.

 VERSUS: The ledgeless periphery of this area is quite precipitous, so making
 enemies hang off (falling off due to bile blindness or smoker-dragged) or
 fall off (tank punches) is a very good idea.

_________________                  AI-CONTROLLED WEAPON SELECTION
               ___________         Bill ---- Assault Rifle (1 Pistol)
           ___/  _______  \___     Zoey ---- Hunting Rifle (2 Pistol)
          /___  |  ___  |  _  |    Louis --- Assault Rifle (1 Pistol)
 ________/ _____| | F |   |_| |    Francis - Auto Shotgun (1 Pistol)
|   ______|  E  | |___| |_____|_
|  / ___  |_____|        _____  |  LEGEND
|   /   |_              |     | |  ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
| (  C   _________      |  H  | |  A - Hallway to Elevator [Not Pictured]
| |_____| |_      | []  |_____| |  B - Roof Access
|           |  D__| []          |  C - Helipad
| |ŻŻŻŻŻ|   |___          |ŻŻŻŻŻ|  D - "Jesus Room"
| |  B  |  _______   ___    |Ż| |  E - E-Building
| |_____|  _____  | | G | |  Ż  |  F - F-Building
|_______  |_____| |  ___| | |ŻŻŻ   G - G-Building
        |__   ____|_______| |      H - Communication Center

            x - Gun Upgrades            ! - Ammo Only 
            * - Pills                   @ - Pipe Bombs
            $ - Medkit                  % - 2nd Pistol
            ^ - Molotovs

 The final map of No Mercy is rather small, but still able to throw people for
 a loop with its massive crescendo event, which starts once the team radios
 for help from the rooftop comm center. Like all finales, the event consists
 of two normal-infected floods alternating with two tank appearances; after
 the 2nd tank dies, the helicopter will arrive at the helipad ("C") to extract
 the survivors. Map overview:

 A: [Not Pictured] The No Mercy finale will have weapon upgrades, healthpacks,
    and depending on the difficulty, molotovs & pipebombs. The small hallway
    outside leads past a small section of dark rooms to an elevator shaft,
    which then leads to the roof. In campaign, rarely a tank spawns at the
    shaft, so be careful! However, it usually has trouble getting through the
    small grate opening, so use that to your advantage.

 B: The elevator ladder leads onto an isolated roof that, when jumped down
    from, can't be accessed again (except perhaps by the rare instance a tank
    punch). It commands a good view of the helipad and surrounding areas, but
    can't see to the comm station or sunken sidepaths this area has abundantly.

 C: The helipad isn't used until the very end, at which time it'll be full of
    zombies swarming in from both exits and climbing up on their own -- hectic.
    It's quite naked in the middle of the environment, which is why it can be
    so dangerous. Anyone with a pipebomb is advised to throw it a little before
    the horde arrives, which should clear a safe path to the getaway chopper.

 D: Y'may have heard about the "Jesus Room" -- it's an area not supposed to be
    accessible by the map. The door cannot be opened by survivors, but it's
    possible to trick a normal infected into doing that. Basically, stand on
    the roof and wait for a NI to move by the door; standing there should make
    it claw until it opens the place. Should it climb up, melee; if it keeps on
    doing that, kill it, run around the building once, and try to rustle up a
    few more zombies to stand there. One of 'em should work, hopefully.

    The "Jesus Room" works best if all characters are player-controlled, and
    no one goes on idle (this can screw everything up). Once inside the room,
    stand at the wall opposite the door -- after summoning a rescue, of course
    -- and basically wait out all attacks. The zombies won't be able to target
    the team because they're underneath the team, and when the tanks arrive,
    they go there too. Tanks eventually die if all control is lost, so there's
    no reason to fight them except to expedite things. When both tank events
    are done, it'll be time to get to the chopper -- go down the stairway,
    hang a left around the building, and get to the helipad ramp to exfiltrate.

 E: Just a normal building, connected to "F" by a dual-layer pipe. There's no
    real reason to go on here except if escaping a tank.

 F: There may be pipebombs, molotovs, gas tanks, propane tanks, or a combo of
    the two. These are all good to have set in place before summoning a rescue.
    This building, which connects to the comm station and E-Building. This is
    a good vantage point to be in, usually, as it gives plenty of ways to
    escape a tank, is generally isolated, and smokers can only hit stragglers
    if they go out into the open or along one of the sides (and for the latter,
    the smoker has to be on a sunken sidepath for trajectory).

 G: Like "E" building, there's usually little reason to come here besides a
    getaway route from the tank. Every so often some molotovs/pipebombs spawn
    here, however, so it pays to check before radioing the cavalry.

 H: The comm station has medkits, ammo and gun upgrades, and a closet for any
    yet-killed survivors (the only one on this level). A covered staircase
    connects to the roof, providing a good bottleneck for a close-knit team --
    zombie outbreaks can be covered with two guns on each door. The same tactic
    can be done in the closet, generally, with some crouching and some standing
    to avoid friendly fire.

 A: TREK TO ROOF: A well-communicating team can ambush the allies here, but
    there's little cover and survivors rarely get divided this early (and if
    they do, it's not hard to hide in an anteroom and just shoot anything at
    the doorway).  There are two good spots here: (1) the midlayer of the
    elevator's walkway, where a smoker can ensnare someone standing at the
    large, lower entrance and drag them to the edge -- a teammate'll be forced
    to help, if it all goes well (2) by the breakable grate, a boomer can stand
    on a bench and puke on survivors rounding the corner. Veterans may turn
    quick enough, but this ends up with a high overall success rate.

 B: HOSPITAL ROOF: Once the survivors are here, an orchestrated ambush ain't
    gonna happen, but like many things, attacking them as they come up the
    ladder can work very well. Boomer bile can force them to go back down, 
    while a good hunter pounce can drop the victim back down to the interior
    walkway (ever shoot straight down? Not awesome).

 C: HELIPAD: As said, this area is naked and any SI walking around is likely
    to be shot or at least identified. However, since there are no ledges, it
    can be quite easy to smoke someone from below, or use the plentiful ramps
    to launch one last assault before the team makes it to the heli. [A good
    boomer attack here can be crippling, close.]

 D: JESUS ROOM: If the team goes in here, they'll probably stand a high chance
    of surviving. Being a tank can flush 'em out, however.

 E: E-BUILDING: Naked like the helipad, and not really good for anything
    besides creating a pinata (a smoker-suspended survivor other zombies beat
    on) when victory's (al)most assured.

 F: F-BUILDING: This building's a lot better than its tinier brethren, as it's
    mostly ledged, high enough that smoker opportunities are minimized, often
    has molotovs, and an SI has to betray their hiding place to attack. Unless
    there's a fantastic orchestrated attack (boomer > hunter/smoker), waiting
    for the mandatory tank occurances could be the best striking time.

 G: G-BUILDING: Same as F, except there's less cover, survivors are less
    likely to come here (after radioing), and it's visible from the comm center
    window, often resulting in early identification. Pretty infertile without

 H: COMM CENTER: The radio building is mostly the same as it is in campaign,
    except the covered staircase is now bare, opening it up to extra attack
    opportunities, and there is no closet to hide in. A funny tactic is hiding
    on the roof and waiting for an ally to come upstairs; since they ascend
    relatively blind, jump over the ledge and follow behind! Also, the punches
    a tank delivers can knock survivors completely off the building -- while
    this can apply in general, the height and railless roof provides the best
    spot to do this.

| |_  | [) ) DEATH TOLL                                                  [WK02]
|___| |___/____________________________________________________________________

   I. The Turnpike
  II. The Drains
 III. The Church
  IV. The Town
   V. Boathouse Finale
                    _____       LEGEND                   _________________
      ___________  | END |_     ŻŻŻŻŻŻ                   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
     |* _      ^*| |___  | |    #: Forestry              I. THE TURNPIKE
     |  _  ^D! |@|_|_____  (    A: Roadblock (Start)     _________________
     |_  |_     Ż    E    __)   B: Broken Overpass       ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
       |  _|%|ŻŻŻ|  ŻŻŻ _/      C: Riverside Tunnel 
       ( (  Ż    | (Ż) (        D: Generator Room
        \ ŻŻ\    (  Ż  /        E: Gorge
        /  )_)    ŻŻŻŻŻ
       ( | |_
         |C|Ż       Zoey ---- Shotgun
    ___##|  Ż|      Francis - Shotgun
   |  _\#|_| |__    Louis --- Shotgun
   |  __Ż B   _ \   Bill ---- ???
   |_| # |Ż| | )_)
       #    _|      POSSIBILITIES LEGEND
       ##| |#       ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
       ##| |#       x - Gun Upgrades                    ! - Ammo Only 
       ##) (#       * - Pills                           @ - Pipe Bombs
        (!A$\       $ - Medkit                          % - 2nd Pistol
         \__/       ^ - Molotovs                        # - Zombie-Breakable

A: Roadblock
 The carwreck starting point serves as the "safehouse" for all intents and
 purposes, and has default weapons and healthpacks. It's possible to walk on
 the slanted telephone pole and get a few of the generic infected out of the
 way before advancing upstreet. Be sure to check (or perhaps blindfire) into
 the trees, as the AI Director often plants zombies out of sight there. None
 of the four cars outside the safe zone have alarms but a horde may spawn near
 the final.

 VERSUS: The forestry on either side of the road serves as a decent springboard
 into the middle, as smokers' presence can be masked and boomers can hide close
 to the advancing survivors. Near the final car, there's a particularly good
 spot where a tree masks a wall niche -- boomer paradise if y'know about it.
 Just watch out for people blindfiring into nearby trees, which is often done
 to kill normal infected but can catch SIs in the crossfire as well.

B: Broken Overpass
 The highway that spanned the ravine is broken now, forcing survivors to
 descend either side of the highway to reach the other, where the ladders serve
 as a way up. Exploring the ravine -- which is a dead end on each end -- is a
 waste of time, and may spawn a horde if one takes too long. Propane tanks may
 spawn underneath the bridge, although this is of little use in the long term.
 [Survivors are advised to not try and jump the bridge, as the fall makes one
 lose about 85+ health.]

 VERSUS: A smart party will travel together, down one side of the overpass and
 to the ladder opposite there. Less organized parties can be at the mercy of
 SIs here, though: (1) anyone who tries to jump the broken highway segment'll
 lose major health and can be incapped fairly easy after that (2) survivors
 standing on the broken highway's precipice may think they're safe, but one
 successful hunter's pounce sends all teammates reeling, and they can be forced
 off as well! (3) smokers can pull people off ladders, and hunters who jump a
 climber force them back down as well.

C: Riverside Tunnel
 Riverside Tunnel has few surprises, but with the wrecked cars, side passages,
 and dumpster niches, there's plenty of places to be ambushed from. Those same
 niches may also contain throwable weapons or even have gas canisters, so it
 pays to check 'em. Also pay attention to the numerous gaps and holes ripped in
 the ceiling, as the SIs will often use them as a drop-down point to boom or
 smoke the suvivors. A witch may spawn at the end of the tunnel, also. [None of
 the cars here are rigged with alarms.]

 VERSUS: Smokers should stick to the ceiling or follow behind the party, while
 boomers should pick a niche where throwables may spawn and anticipate someone
 coming inside.

D: Generator Room
 Down the stairs from the tunnel, a large maintenance/generator room is
 accessible by two doorways. For those willing to make a pitstop, this area can
 be quite fruitful, as pills and throwable weapons may spawn, not to mention
 the 100%-spawning ammo stash at the ground level. It really pays to search the
 nooks and crannies, which aren't too bad to hole up in if a horde spawns. The
 exit to the great outdoors is via the upper catwalk rimming the room.

 VERSUS: Well-lit and very easy to bypass completely, if everyone's sticking
 together. Smokers should try to pull their prey down into the center pit as a
 general rule, but hunters/boomers shouldn't bother to spawn unless they know
 for sure the survivors are wasting time here -- that often leaves a weak
 offense for the outdoors part, what with the SIs having to trail behind and
 play catchup.

E: Gorge
 The final stretch is a small gorge (oxymoron?) with the safehouse on the hill
 above it. This area's pretty barren supply-wise, so it helps to heal up before
 attempting to finish. SIs may be hiding in the semi-fenced-off area, while
 boomers and smokers tend to love the safehouse's rim, which provides a good
 vantage point for the survivors below. This safehouse has an explorable 2F
 (doesn't count as finishing) as well, but is mostly only of use to the enemy.

 VERSUS: The survivors have to pass the cliff's base before reaching the
 safehouse atop the gorge, which gives boomers a great drop-in opportunity on
 unsuspecting survivors. Smokers can also hide around the hill without much
 danger. As a reader may know, hunters do extra damage if they tackle a
 survivor after leaping from a huge height -- doing this from the safehouse
 roof to a survivor just exiting the maintenance room can give a crapload of
 bonus pain. [Just remember that they have to be hit in the same jump; landing
 and then tackling is business as normal.]

_________________                    Bill ---- SMG -> Assault Rifle
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                    Zoey ---- SMG -> Hunting Rifle
                   _|ŻŻŻŻŻ|_____     Louis --- SMG -> Assault Rifle
               EXIT_        E!  \    Francis - SMG -> Auto Shotgun
                    |___  |_   _ \   
                        |_|  %  ) )  POSSIBILITIES LEGEND
       _                  |_____| |  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
     _| |ŻŻŻŻŻ\______ ____| D^    |  x - Gun Upgrades    ! - Ammo Only 
    |  _  xB!  __    |  __   _____|  * - Pills           @ - Pipe Bombs
    | | \_   _/__| |*|  ____|        $ - Medkit          % - 2nd Pistol
   _| |_ _| |       Ż| |!|           ^ - Molotovs        # - Zombie-Breakable
  /_ A  \_  |^@  C     $*|           
 ( (___  ___|________|_|Ż            ANNOTATIONS
  \     /                            ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
  |Ż   Ż|                            A: Drain 1        D: Ruined Building
  | |Ż| |-Start                      B: Drain 2        E: Train Station
  |_____|                            C: Drain 3

A: Drain 1
 The starting drainage area is partially railed, and probably won't play host
 to any SIs (although a cursory glance at the elevated corner helps). Whatever
 horde is nearby can be drawn through the saferoom's bottleneck and
 systematically destroyed that way, if safety's the word. This area has two
 exits, all leading to the same place -- one culvert's leads to the next area's
 2F, the other to its bottom. [The latter is probably the safer.]

 VERSUS: Not much to work with here -- an elevated ledge has machinery smokers
 can hide by and shoot through, making it a popular hiding spot for them and
 boomers. Hunters can hide right in plain sight, using the horde and sewage
 machines to stay hidden. The culverts leading out of the room aren't that
 helpful, although the longer one (to the next area's 2F) has a climb-up spot
 that's useful for dropping in on the gang. When it comes down to boomers 
 hiding in the area, this is probably the best.

B: Drain 2
 The two-story second drainage den is a little more precipitous than the first,
 as SIs may hide above, and a tank/witch could possibly spawn here. On the
 flipside, a closet is right nearby and there's always an ammo pile, possibly
 with weapon upgrades. [A gas tank can also spawn; helpful for tanks.] It's
 often best to not spend too much time here -- if a horde didn't spawn on the
 way in, it probably proceeds now. The way to the next chamber is rather
 simple, passing by a single room (may have pills) en route. 

 VERSUS: Not a bad place for a coordinated attack, with smokers hanging out on
 2F, boomers jumping down to barf on the survivors (who almost alway clog
 together near the ammo pile), and hunters capitalizing on the mess. If a witch
 or tank spawns here, this could be the final stop for the human team. It's 
 also possible to hide down in the sewage, using the pillars and ledges' blind
 spots as an ambush point -- it's especially good for boomers, who can hide
 right in plain sight for an upward barf!

C: Drain 3 (Crescendo)
 Drain 3's area was perhaps a treatment plant in its former life, but is now
 rancid and scummy. Listen for the witch's cries as she may spawn here (if not
 earlier), on the lower path or near the miniscule bridge to the walkway-
 -lowering button. [The green bench may also have molotovs/pipebombs, if luck's
 on yer side.] The crescendo event starts when the button's hit, and infected
 stream in from all directions. The best place to remain is near the button,
 which forces the undead to come in from fewer directions and prevents
 blindsiding. If playing with human-controlled teammates, the concentrated fire
 can be even more concentrated.

 Across the bridge is a small room with ammo and maybe pills/medkits, whose
 plentifulness depends on the difficulty. The stair into the bifurcating
 culvert is a relatively safe place, as, when staring down a branch, the
 opposite end is backlit, ensuring no one lurking within range evades sight.

 VERSUS: Since the crescendo event's here, it's often best to see who gets any
 pipebombs/molotovs and try to attack them before they can launch the weapons.
 Survivors often hole up right by the button (for reasons stated in previous
 paragraph) so smokers should try to drag the victims down and feed the eager
 horde. Overall, this place is hit-or-miss -- an organized group can minimize
 damage here pretty easily. The culverts leading to the next area aren't that
 surprising either, but as with all blind corners, excellent boomer bile
 opportunities can await.

D: Ruined Building
 Where the two culverts meet is the basement of a building above, and often
 where any SIs in the area are lurking (particularly hunters). Search this
 lower area for any molotovs/pipebombs, because a tank may spawn when the
 ladder is taken (on higher difficulties this can be a surprise visit, so it
 pays to not all go up at once -- the punches can trap everyone up there!). The
 manhole entrance to the floor above may be right beside some throwable weapons
 as well, if they weren't found below. If a witch spawns here, she's often
 easily bypassable, luckily. [Falling into the basement through the floor hole
 can be easily rectified by climbing up the makeshift ladder!] Use a ground-
 -floor window to reach nature again... [A survivor closet is located on the
 first story.]

 VERSUS: As said before, the ground-floor tier is accessible by the manhole
 ladder and makeshift ladder near the floor pit -- dragging survivors down
 isn't that much of a nuisance, unfortunately. The witch who spawns here can
 cause a bit o' trouble but unless it's on a higher difficulty (Expert: instant
 kill if startled) or the team's already hurting, it's slim pickings.

E: Train Station
 The final stop is the train station, and a possible tank spawn location
 (beware of tossable cars). Ammo refills may appear on a bench nearby, and
 searching the small room nearby could reveal a 2nd pistol on the counter. The
 station is entered by breaking through a window. Inside, it's a quick sprint
 to the safehouse train car, although if a tank's following -- particularly on
 higher difficulties -- the lower area is connected and can allow for fleeing
 or returning fire.

 VERSUS: The last chance to stonewall the survivors takes place here! With any
 luck, someone becomes a tank and starts incapping humans with cars and such,
 while the others attempt to prevent someone from bumrushing the safehouse
 inside the station. There's almost ALWAYS some player who has a molotov at
 this point, so it's up to the non-tanks to try and prevent any from being
 thrown. Tanks should try to avoid being led off towards the previous location
 -- it's an obvious way to get the threat out of the area, letting the others
 finish the stage without much difficulty. So, stay local!

_________________                ________    
_________________    (  _| C^%* |_|___   #|  Zoey ---- SMG -> Hunting Rifle
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ    |  ______________ D  |  Bill ---- SMG -> Assault Rifle
                     |          ##|###   #|  Louis --- SMG/Shotgun -> Assault R
                     |__        ##|###   #|  Francis - SMG/Shotgun -> A. Shotgn
                    _|    ) )  _ŻŻ)###   #(
                   |  _,-   | [_] |##  #_ #\
                   |  ___   |  _  |#  (Ż\  #\      LEGEND
                   | |x^$|B   |*Ax|#  )__)  #\     ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
                   | 'Ż%@  _   Ż  |ŻŻ/####   #\    A: Outbuilding
                   |      | |  ŻŻŻ|_/###*$    #\   B: Trainyard Tower
                   |_,__,_|_|START|#########)  #)  C: Trainyard Bldg
                          |#|ŻŻŻŻŻ  #######/  #/   D: Forest Outskirts
                   _______)   xE*    #####/  #/    E: Residence
          FINISH  |    /*$  | %!^ |         #/     F: Church Grounds
           _| |___|_   _     ŻŻ|ŻŻ      ####/
         _|     | |     |ŻŻŻŻŻŻ ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
        |   xF!         | x - Gun Upgrades   ^ - Molotovs      # - Forestry
        | |_____|   [ ] | * - Pills          ! - Ammo Only
        |_________)_____| $ - Medkit         % - 2nd Pistol

 Outside of the safehouse, check the building's roof for smokers and be wary
 of the surrounding area, which has a lot of hiding spots despite being a
 rather wide-open region (SI's noises really carry here). For a team just
 starting the chapter here, the tower and outbuilding should be the first
 stop, since the safehouse only had default weapons and upgrades will be a
 huge help this early. [If upgrades were gotten in last level, bots will have
 kept them.]

A: Outbuilding
 The brick building near the start may contain weapon upgrades and should be
 the first stop, since it's low to the ground and easiest checked. Pills may
 spawn here, along with explosive/gas canisters.

 VERSUS: Not much to work with here, unless someone straggler goes inside or
 it's used as a drop-in point for boomers. The silo-like structures near one of
 the exits can be used as hiding places, and are often passed by if any goodies
 (that would mean bypassing the tower) were found within.

B: Trainyard Tower
 The tower is a three-story pinnacle rising above the surrounding landscape,
 and may contain healing supplies and weapon upgrades, as well as the middle
 room having throwable weapons. With the huge possibilities, it can end up
 being a grab bag -- but it's rare that a visit produces nothing of use. The
 outer stairway isn't fully railed, so watch out for smokers trying to drag
 stragglers to the ground.

 VERSUS: The tower is actually a pretty good place to spawn, since survivors on
 the top floor, although in close proximity distance-wise, don't prevent SIs
 from spawning in the mid-level room. Either room can be used for a good
 ambush, although smokers will want to hang around the base and try to snare
 survivors on the (only partially railed) stairway -- with any luck they
 plummet to the ground! [This works best if a horde appears, as it often does
 when the tower's visited.]

C: Trainyard Building
 The railroad tracks lead to a large building, whose middle walkway acts as a
 way to bypass the fence, to the street. The lower rooms often have gas
 canisters or molotovs, while the upper rooms may have throwable weapons as
 well, or pills/2nd pistol. Also of note is an upper room with a vacant freezer
 -- hiding in here (with door closed) prevents tanks from getting through,
 while the player(s) can shoot through the door and damage it. A little sketchy
 but helpful on higher difficulties. Attacking SIs love to drop in from the
 roof, but smokers can hide in the lower forestry and drag hapless victims back
 down -- blindfire into the trees and see what's there.

 VERSUS: Overall, a good place to attack the survivors, with or without a tank
 appearance. The lower levels aren't often explored, so attack opportunities
 are few, but the upper mini-rooms are mandatory to bypass and quick stops.
 Boomers can drop in onto that mid-level walkway for barf/explosions, while any
 SI can stand on that broken awning for temporary cover. Smokers, like usual,
 should keep their distance and hide in the foliage by the fence -- this sets
 up an opportunity to drag stragglers off the platform (forcing 'em to go all
 the way around again), and in best-case scenario, kill them while their
 comrades proceed to the boxcars' other side. In any case, smokers should use
 this attack to delay the advance and that's definitely the best spot to do it

D: Forest Outskirts
 On the outskirts of the trainyard is a forest access road flanked by trees;
 this, of course, lets attacking AIs and other zombies get decent cover and
 attack on a dime. The first stop of note is a wrecked bus -- listen for
 boomers who may be hiding on the other side. The 2nd stop is a small hut that
 may contain healing supplies or, rarely, weapon upgrades, and has a window
 facing the forest (watch for smokers). A tank/witch may spawn 'round this

 VERSUS: It need not be said that the thickets, trees, and weird boulders lend
 themselves well to stealth (particularly the smokers, where their smoky skin
 is almost completely hidden). The road itself is barren, though, so sloppy,
 uncoordinated attacks don't work that well [even if a tank spawns]. The
 wrecked bus is a good place for boomers to hide, while that SI and the smoker
 can team up when the survivors stop at the medical hut (you'll never see
 anyone run past this part, guaranteed). Hunters will have to take the
 bile-soaked scraps of the others attacks unless they're able to work in

E: Residence
 Residence! This three-bedroom house has ammo and often pills, if y'want to
 search for 'em. The kitchen may have molotovs, too! Since a horde almost
 always attacks here, it pays to group together in one of the many bottlenecks
 -- the garage is a particularly good suggestion, although most any of the
 vacant quarters'll do the trick. On the other side of this place is a wrecked
 ambulance that may have healing supplies (medkits typically only on lower

 VERSUS: It's a house with many window entrances to stealthily enter or ensnare
 from, in the smoker's case. However, close-range attacks typically aren't that
 effective unless a horde's spawned/summoned. Stragglers looking for supplies
 in the bedchambers can prove an easy target, though, so it helps to not let
 this place go completely to waste.

F: Church Grounds
 Time for Mass! The last stop of the stage is traversing the graveyard to
 reach the church, where the crescendo event starts when someone tries to open
 the safehouse door. Before this point, it pays to search the area for gas
 canisters (try tool shed nearby) and place them strategically, which can cut
 down on a lot of grief when holing up. Speaking of which, a good place to
 gather is the ammo room, which covers three entrances and cuts down on
 surprise attacks. [A tank doesn't spawn here, but a witch might, if not
 encountered earlier.] When the church bells stop tolling, proceed into the
 safehouse to finish. That "guy" who prevented everyone from getting in easily
 turns out to be an SI (randomized), but most often a boomer -- watch out if
 yer tryin' to get the Stomach Upset achievement!

 An alternate way to end the level is to hide in the dead-end alley behind the
 church, which narrows the amount of places the horde can come from, but opens
 the team up to easier SI interference, not to mention drawing the players from
 the ammo stockpile. If one way doesn't work, the other will -- keep at it...

 VERSUS: The relatively level graveyard and toolshed are barren opportunity-
 -wise, so the last stand in the church is the real point of concern. The
 crescendo event usually starts with the ritualistic "lighting of the gas
 canisters," so be careful not to get caught ablaze. Excepting the sloppy
 "everyone splits up inside and just shoots at whatever" strategy the survivors
 may take, they'll often either (1) hole up in the ammunition room (2) hide in
 the outdoor alley's dead-end, rarely. The first gives employs few strategies
 besides a bumrush/smoker tactic and may not work too well, depending on how
 many entrances the team is watching; the second is a little better for
 boomers/smokers but hunters may not perform at optimum.

AI-CONTROLLED WEAPON SELECTION             _________ _____     _____________
 Bill ---- Assault Rifle         |    | |_| | |_   _|   | |Ż|  IV. THE TOWN
 Zoey ---- Hunting Rifle         |END  _   _|I _____ Ż   Ż  |  _____________
 Louis --- Assault Rifle         |____| |___| | ^   |_|Ż  |Ż   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 Francis - Auto Shotgun          ___________|_______|  Ż| |_
                                |      x H           ŻŻŻ|   |
MAP LEGEND                      |_             |ŻŻ          |
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                        |ŻŻŻŻŻ|   |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ| |Ż  |Ż    ____ ____
 A: The Church                    |  G    ^ |  _    |_|___|__ _|    ' ^  |
 B: Convenience Store             |_|  _|___|_| |___|  @  |  | |_ C_,_  _|
 C: Warehouse                      _| |_____/   |   |_  |_|__   _  ___   |
 D: Parking Lot 1              ___|  _|    (       _|        | |  B  !|  |
 E: Parking Lot 2             |@^ |   | ^@      |  _      |  | |   %| |  |
 F: Parking Lot 3             |*!Ż  F |ŻŻŻŻ| E  |^* | D |ŻŻŻŻ|  Ż  ŻŻŻ   |____
 G: Office Building           |___|   | |  | /  |_,_|   |_  _| )         '    |
 H: Thoroughfare (Crescendo)  |        Ż  Ż   __|_____   __   /     /         |
 I: Safehouse Alleyway         Ż|_|ŻŻŻŻ|_|Ż|_|        |_|  |_/ŻŻŻŻŻŻ    Ż|Ż\__|
                                                             (   A       )
POSSIBILITIES LEGEND                                         |_|Ż   Ż|__/
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                                           |START|
 x - Gun Upgrades    ^ - Molotovs   ! - Ammo Only               ŻŻŻŻŻ
 * - Pills           $ - Medkit     @ - Pipe Bombs   % - 2nd Pistol

A: The Church
 The safehouse exit is the church's 2F scaffolding, and the area around its
 base is mostly level, not to mention surrounded by a stone wall. A horde and
 SIs may spawn here, but usually only if the team lollygags. The nearby street
 is rather spartan, save for a crashed truck (check for gas tanks) and a few
 assorted cars. [A tank may spawn on the street, so don't get hit upside the
 head with a Buick or anything.]

 VERSUS: Make good use of the survivors setup time to get situated! Almost
 every SI sets up on the roof for good reason: blind corners, getting close to
 the humans, easy to ambush the longer they take. One good boomer barf on low
 ground can start this stage off with a bang, while smokers can use the
 scaffolding's height differential to get in extra hits on stragglers while the
 others find a trajectory. All SIs can get outside the normal boundries of the
 map here, which is quite good for hunters who can hide, clear the wall, and
 tackle vigilant survivors! [Survivors typically expect SIs to hide on the roof
 area, so striking from below can throw them a curve.]

B: Convenience Store
 Across the street from the sanctuary is a two-entrance convenience store,
 which provides a little refuge, plus an ammo resupply. A corpse here will have
 an auto shotgun, should anyone have second thoughts about their primary
 weapon. A 2nd pistol may spawn on the counter, and a horde can show up as well
 -- which is good, since this place good for holding off mobs. If needed
 already, there's a survivor closet, too.

 VERSUS: Two entrances and two tiny rooms for humans to hide in if an infected
 swarm arrives... Generally this place is a "take what you can get" area, with
 smokers bootstrapping snares through windows, boomers hiding on the roof or in
 the warehouse, and hunters seeking out stragglers for feastin'. Forcing the
 team to startle a witch (if she spawns) is also helpful. And of course, if a
 tank spawns down the street, then there's a few tossable cars to use for
 Survivor Bowling.

C: Warehouse
 The store's alleyway connects to a small warehouse, which is of little use
 normally, but may provide a hiding spot for SIs (boomers, particularly) and
 maybe molotovs. Oftentimes there's nothing here, not even a gascan.

 VERSUS: Good for temporary hiding, but survivors search it quickly (if at all)
 and leave. Don't plan on making a crucial play here, 'cause it ain't

D: Parking Lot 1
 The store's street leads past a small corner office, to a local mall parking
 lot (the first of three in this level). There are a few small garages to
 explore here, which could contain throwable weapons...but most of the time,
 nothing useful in the long term. One gutted building leads to the opposite

 VERSUS: Fast teams will blow through this place, leaving SIs little time to
 strike...that solidarity isn't very helpful! However, survivors who leapfrog
 from garage to garage, searching for miscellaneous items, can backfire in the
 grand scheme of things -- it gives SIs more time to set up and can even spawn
 a horde. Boomers should anticipate the team's speed and try to hinder progress
 by waiting in the mandatory garage.

E: Parking Lot 2
 Second parking lot! It's much the same as the first, except there's fewer side
 locations to explore and a horde probably swamps the team here. Pay attention
 for sobbing, as a witch may be nearby! Check the storage room across the way
 and the outside dumpster pen for any usables before going forth.

 VERSUS: Similar to the first lot, except there's less to explore and a few
 more places to hide -- smokers can use the building ledges, while hunters and
 boomers can use the dumpster & truck as cover for ambushing. This is also a
 possible witch spawn location, so baiting survivors into hitting her is always
 a delay tactic.

F: Parking Lot 3
 The final parking lot! If a mob or witch hasn't spawned yet, they probably
 will here. The building the zombies bust out of also contains some ammo and,
 perhaps, throwable weapons/pills for the road ahead. Leaving this area is done
 by using a van to reach a higher ledge, then getting onto a balcony to cut
 through the next structure. 

 VERSUS: Similar to the 2nd lot, except the visit's shorter (nothing to explore
 except ammo house) and a little more dangerous: a horde almost always spawns
 here, and when the office building's entered, someone could become a tank.
 Since the mandatory exit to this area is on an upper ledge, it's prudent to
 attack whoever has a molotov(s), giving more longevity to the tank. Play your
 cards right and this could be "the spot" to nix the survivors' flight outta
 this city.

G: Office Building
 Time to work late! Not usually important or helpful, besides a few molotovs
 in the meeting room, but this IS one of the few places a tank can spawn (when
 entering). On higher difficulties, it can be a dreaded "surprise spawn," where
 there's no accompanying music to herald its arrival, and the entire team is
 endangered. The aforementioned meeting room leads out to the adjacent street
 via awning. [This building has a "closet" bathroom for rescuing fallen

 VERSUS: As said, a tank can spawn here, but there's little else to help (don't
 put on your party hat yet!). The meeting room that leads down to the
 thoroughfare isn't one-way, and there's usually at least one molotov that
 spawns here... Meh.

H: Thoroughfare (Crescendo)
 The thoroughfare here contains the zombie-summoning crescendo event, which
 starts when a forklift if activated. [If a witch spawns here, take her out
 first!] It's easy to fight off the horde on lower difficulties, but those who
 can't risk it on higher ones should retreat to the previous office building
 to minimize damage -- after all, climbing zombies are harmless zombies!
 [Molotovs help too, natch.] After 2-3 waves, the excitement ends. The rest of
 the path is straightforward and uneventful, usually, except for maybe a
 boomer coming late to the party.

 VERSUS: SIs can climb on the buildings here, and should capitalize on the
 crescendo event's chaos, which is easiest if survivors don't run away and hide
 somewhere (office building, storefront ledge, etc.) If a witch hasn't spawned
 yet, she probably will here -- but no team with two brain cells to rub
 together is going to start the crescendo before killing her, so no stalling

I: Safehouse Alleyway
 The final stretch is the safehouse alleyway, which starts at the laundromat
 (an AI-controlled survivor calls it a saferoom, despite it generally having
 nothing useful there) and the actual saferoom. To reach the destination, one
 has to go through the alley, use a sidestair to reach a roof, cross the alley
 via planks, then use the opposite side's roofs to bypass the fence. It's
 pretty cut-and-dry, but those interested in playing it safe can search the
 rooms to find pipebombs/molotovs, useful if a horde spawns at an inopportune
 moment. SI-wise, there's little danger for close-knit teams, except for a
 smoker pulling someone off a roof -- at best it's a minor inconvenience; at
 worst, the teammates jumped the fence and can't save the straggler.

 VERSUS: This two-story area may not be perfect, but can work for ambushes just
 fine. Boomers should try to drop in on the survivors' pack as they proceed,
 splashing at least two people -- this lets the smoker and hunter(s) attack the
 unaffected and hopefully put the kibosh on the chances of finishing. If that
 doesn't work, there's still hiding places to harness, such as the stairway
 building's basement. Smokers can also pull survivors back down into the alley
 if they're crossing the roof plank, and (by snaring) keep them on the fence
 overlook point, preventing them from jumping and stopping anyone who already
 jumped from helping. Sometimes survivors will try to play hero and dawdle
 (helping incapped, healing up, going back for stragglers) or cut the
 deadweight and run -- both situations can tip the odds in the SIs favor. Note
 that the between-building planks can be broken by SIs so someone who spawns
 ahead of the survivors can get to work on that.

                    END         ___________________  AI-CONTROLLED WEAPONS
   ___/Ż\__|  *@ |__| |___/ )   V. BOATHOUSE FINALE  Zoey ---- Hunting Rifle
  )   _    | $G^ |          |   ___________________  Bill ---- Assault Rifle
  |  |F    |_ ! _|  ####### |   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  Louis --- Assault Rifle
  )# [$*]           ######  )                        Francis - Auto Shotgun
 ( ###ŻŻ  ###  |  ] #####  /  POSSIBILITIES LEGEND
 |############ [  | ##  ,-'   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 ) _________________,~-'      x - Gun Upgrades       ! - Ammo Only 
( (####|__ #######            * - Pills              @ - Pipe Bombs
 \ \_ ####|____               $ - Medkit             % - 2nd Pistol
  \_ E    ___  |              ^ - Molotovs           # - Forestry (Cover)
  /      | *$| |_____
 /   | |  D Ż        |        LEGEND
(                   _)        ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 |ŻŻŻŻŻ  |Ż   ŻŻŻŻŻ|          A: Safehouse Garage
 |       |         |          B: Blocked-Off Street
 |_|ŻŻŻ|_|_|Ż   Ż|_|          C: Residence
           |*%C$!|            D: Riverside Park Entrance
        ___|_   _|______      E: Park Trail
       |        B       |     F: Hunter's Cabin
       |_______      ^  |     G: Riverside House
           | * |  Ż|ŻŻŻŻ
           |Ż   A| |
           |_|_   _|  The final chapter in Death Toll brings the survivors
             |   __|  through the town outskirts, to Riverside Park, where a
             |     |  houseboat can be radioed for extraction. Although this
             |     |  is a rather large map on the whole, most of it isn't (or
             |_____|  shouldn't, rather) be explored, since it's a time waste.

A: Safehouse Garage
 The safehouse garage is the nearest stop, and may have some pills in the
 small closet/booth area. A horde may spawn (from front door) if the team
 takes too long in exiting, but generally this area sees little action (at
 least in campaign).

 VERSUS: Despite the close quarters, it's possible to spawn in a sideroom,
 which is particularly good for boomers who don't want to wait on the roof.
 Survivors can hold off summoned hordes rather easily here (only one way in)
 but that chaos can help the other SIs out some, too.

B: Blocked-Off Street
 Outside is a barricaded street, so only a few of the suburb's houses are
 accessible. To the "right" of where one exits, there may be molotovs 'neath a
 lamppost, so always check there! SIs typically show up around here, most often
 from across the street; rarely, one may be atop the roof of the building just
 to the left. A horde spawns here if a team takes too long in visiting the
 lit-up house.

 VERSUS: This suburban street can be a useful staging area for  attack: (1)
 smokers can hide behind one of the street-end barricades and snag prey, which
 is particularly helpful for those who look for molotovs (2) any SI can climb
 onto the safehouse roof and drop down suddenly, so boomers don't have to use
 the sidewalk for a good shot (3) the foliage & exterior corners of the houses
 can be good refuge for smokers.

C: Residence
 Only one house is accessible to enter here. It always has ammo and maybe a 2nd
 pistol (bedroom) and medkit/pills (bathroom). Be wary of boomers who may spawn
 in close quarters -- summoned hordes arrive from both exits of the house! 
 Luckily, it's quite easy to hole up in a small section of this place and fight
 them off. The backyard gives less protection, with SIs able to wait on the
 roof, around the fenced-off corner, and in hunters' cases, leap the fences
 entirely for spectacular pounces. [The backyard next-door is of no importance]

 VERSUS: Similar to the previous garage, although there's not much room here,
 SIs can spawn inside if the survivors are concentrated in the kitchen areas.
 Boomers, like usual, can use this attempt to get close-range booms; survivors
 will be listening for their telltale grunts, however. Smokers can get a few
 shots through windows, but shouldn't bother, generally, unless the humans are
 playing shoddily. Hunters wisely choose to wait roof-side for those entering
 the backyard -- their best place to attack -- and can even leap over fences
 to find their prey.

D: Riverside Park Entrance
 This place may've been a scenic area for picnickers, but now serves as a
 zombie hunting ground! [A witch/tank may spawn here, so stay away from cars in
 the latter's case.] The small entrance booth may have some goodies, especially
 those of the healing variety, so always check there. Additionally, a gas tank
 often spawns around back, if y'want one.

 VERSUS: This wide-open parking lot has a lot of forestry and places to hide
 (by vehicles, around shed, etc.), so spawning typically isn't a problem. A
 popular spot for an early attack is the burning barrel by the backyard fence,
 where SIs (smokers/boomers particularly) can hide. It's surprising how many
 people don't immediately look that way when leaving the residence's area! [A
 tank spawning here can use the vehicles as projectiles, too, remember.]

E: Park Trail
 Riverside Park's footpath winds underneath a tree-filled cliff before cutting
 through the forest to a small waterside house & sitting area. There'll be tons
 of infected to stave off here, most of which can hide in the trees' loving
 boughs, so be prepared. SIs may spawn at trail level, but it always helps to
 glance along the cliff's skyline (from afar) or have an ally keep watch (if
 human-controlled) since any SI who jumps down from the cliff has an easy
 drop-in on an oblivious team.

 VERSUS: The trail winds up a small hill before going towards a sitting area,
 itself near the radio hut. SIs are advised to use the cliff overlook as a
 springboard to attack lower survivors, particularly those that need the
 element of surprise (read: boomers). The massive amount of brush and trees
 gives good all-around cover, so this place is ripe with chances, but the cliff
 is probably the best. [Just beware whip-smart survivors who toss molotovs up
 there to pre-empt SI spawning!]

F: Hunter's Cabin
 Nestled in the woods, a small hunter's cabin can provide healing supplies and
 refuge from the zombies. While a possible location to fight off the main force
 of infected (during rescue), almost all walls are windowed, the cabin has 2
 entrances, and the woods aren't a good place to hide during a tank's
 appearance (for obvious reasons). Thus, a team bent on surviving should shack
 up in the main building nearby.

 VERSUS: Most of the time this place won't be visited, but hurt survivors may
 try to come here for its meager supplies. In that case, the many windows (on 3
 of the 4 sides) and two doors provide easy access for the SIs, not to mention
 the hiding places nearby.

G: Riverside House
 The largest building in Riverside Park is right on the water's edge, and
 provides guns/ammo/healing supplies downstairs, and perhaps throwable weapons
 upstairs. The rescue radio is also here, which makes this the best place to
 fight off the chapter's final enemies. The main way to proceed is to find
 somewhere to stay during the horde bumrush -- such as the upstairs portion,
 which is more dangerous, or the ground-floor closet, which is less so -- and
 exit outside when the tank comes. Light him on fire, run around a bit, use the
 turret if y'can, then repeat when he's dead. As usual, the progress is always
 horde -> tank -> horde -> tank. When the 2nd tank dies, immediately run to the
 dock and wait for the boat to arrive. Molotov (or use a gastank nearby, if it
 spawns) to prevent normal infected from getting nearby, and finish off by
 watching for smokers.

 VERSUS: The final stop to the level, and the most commonly used by survivors,
 this is where SIs make their final stand. At worst, a team hides in the
 upstairs portion, each one in a corner, covering all vantage points. A wall
 and roof portion can be broken (latter good for smokers & boomers) but it's
 the tank parts, where the survivors are forced to exit, where real chaos
 begins. Divide and conquer is the key. Note that SIs can enter the water -- a
 good hiding spot -- but mostly only smokers can use it to its full advantage.
 Whoever becomes the tank should remember that going into the water
 EXTINGUISHES fire, so when someone has a molotov on-hand, keep that in mind.

| |_  | [) ) DEAD AIR                                                    [WK03]
|___| |___/____________________________________________________________________

   I. The Greenhouse
  II. The Crane
 III. The Construction Site
  IV. The Terminal
   V. Runway Finale

___________________                         AI-CONTROLLED WEAPON SELECTION
 I. THE GREENHOUSE                          Zoey ---- SMG
___________________                         Bill ---- SMG
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                         Louis --- SMG
                   ___ _ _____              Francis - SMG
                  | * | |     |_
        |ŻŻŻŻŻ|___|_   _|_|_  | |___        POSSIBILITIES LEGEND
        |  D        |  E ___   _|_  |       ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
        |_   _|___| |    _|  %  |   |       x - Gun Upgrades   ! - Ammo Only 
        |^      ^*|   @ |___   _|_| |__     * - Pills          @ - Pipe Bombs
        |_    | % |ŻŻŻŻŻ|@^ ) )        |    $ - Medkit         % - 2nd Pistol
          |_|Ż|Ż| |     | * ( ( F      |    ^ - Molotovs
            |  C  |     |              |
   _______  |_  | |     |___,-   -.____|     LEGEND
  |___    | |     |        _|  G  |_        ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
  |*  |   |_|  _  |       |_      __|       A: Greenhouse
  |   B    _  [_] |         |_|     |       B: Rooftop 1 & 2
  | |_|  _| |_____|           | END |       C: Apartment Complex 1
  |     |                     |_____|       D: Rooftop 3
  |  A  |                                   E: Apartment Complex 2
  |___  |                                   F: Side Street
  |   | |                                   G: Hotel/Safehouse
  | @ ^ |  
  |START|  This level has basically no ammo pickups, so people using the SMG
   ŻŻŻŻŻ   should try to conserve some of their munitions!

A: Greenhouse
 The greenhouse is the starting point for this level, and has default weapons
 and molotovs/pipebombs, which should appear even on higher difficulties (but
 not in versus, to wit). Only normal infected appear in the wide greenhouse
 floor, which has planter tables interspersed through the area. Survivors can
 walk on the beams overhead for a bird's-eye view of the place, rather than
 jumping into the thick of things. Pills may spawn on a table opposite the
 starting location. Generally, SIs don't bother to enter this region unless
 the survivors are slow as molassas in proceeding.

 VERSUS: Sorry to say, but the survivors really get the natural upper hand
 here -- wide-open spaces, few hiding places besides tables, and it's right by
 the start, so little time to set up. Any SI (or SI team) should use the
 survivors' time here to setup on the rooftops.

B: Rooftop 1 & 2
 Outside, the way forward requires rooftop-crossing, done by a wooden plank
 stretched between the two. The roofs have tiny rails so smokers can't pull
 people off, but that doesn't apply when on the wooden plank! Watch out for
 smokers on the apartment roof (popular place in versus) and one's own
 carelessness -- falling to the side doesn't take any health off, but it's
 still embarrassing. As long as y'watch for smokers here, it's not that
 annoying to cross.

 VERSUS: The first good place to attack has many options. The greenhouse
 rooftop can be climbed, so smokers can use the broken ceiling tiles to catch
 their lunch, while the 2nd rooftop has a large maintenance entrance (can't be
 accessed normally) that takes up half the space, and is a good hiding spot for
 hunters. Boomers can use either of these spots as well. But perhaps the best
 tactic here is standing on the 1st apartment's roof and smoking a survivor
 who walks across the gangplank between roofs. Since it's railless, any caught
 survivor will be forced to hang off the edge! [Although since this is a
 popular strategem, well-travelled players may be anticipating this, so be

C: Apartment Complex 1
 Rooftop #2 connects to the top half of an apartment building, which has a
 kitchenette, a hero closet, and a few other anterooms of no importance. Some
 goodies may spawn here (molotov, pills, 2nd pistol, etc.) but it's up to
 chance, like most things. Survivors are often in close proximity by the nature
 of this place, so it's not that good for ambushes -- still, smokers can pull
 stragglers back towards the roof, and boomers can hide nearby for quick booms
 (which helps hunters out, too). [A horde often spawns here.]

 VERSUS: A short building tier with little to aid SIs, besides blind corners,
 a few (bypassed) rooms, and the kitchenette where survivors'll typically hole
 up by as they attack the next area's infected. Being close together and all,
 boomers can get the best opportunity here, especially if they spawn ahead of
 the prey (in a closet or something) and wait for a good ambush opportunity.
 Additionally, any SI can wait on the apartment's roof and drop down in front
 of the exit windows, giving a good surprise to the humans. [And since they're
 probably firing guns, boomers can kamikaze and hope for a good splash!]

D: Rooftop 3
 Rooftop #3 is rather small and plays host to a few normal infected. A ladder
 nearby lets one get toward the next-door apartment complex, which is rather
 easily accessed. If there's any problem crossing here, it'll be because of
 smokers -- the lower roof looks down by an alley, and the SI in question can
 drag survivors to the edge (even off the ladder), forcing 'em to hang off the
 edge. Similarly, once up the ladder, a smoker can ensnare a straggler,
 separating him/her from the rest of the party (if they jumped down already),
 perhaps setting up an easy kill. [Try to see if any SIs are atop the first
 apartment building before even going onto the roofs -- the sheer wall gives
 boomers a good chance to explode one everyone.]

 VERSUS: This area has a short, lower roof connecting to a higher one by
 ladder. As mentioned in the normal procedures above, there's basically two
 good strategies here and the smoker gets 'em all: (1) standing on a far roof,
 opposite Apartment 1's exit window, so ensnared survivors trying to climb the
 ladder are pulled off the edge and hang into the alley (2) catching a
 straggler jumping from the high roof towards the 2nd apartment, which is a
 one-way drop and seals one's fate if they're caught. Naturally hunters and
 boomers can use these drop-in opportunities to their advantage as well, but as
 far as delays go, smokers win hands-down. [They can also use apartment 1's
 topside, which overlooks these roofs, for a good smoke opportunity too, not
 unlike #2 above. If a team has a bunch of shotguns, it can usually let one
 get away scot-free!]

E: Apartment Complex 2
 The 2nd and final apartment building is of similar layout to the previous,
 but a little smaller. Generally a close-knit party should have no trouble
 getting through here! Just watch out for smokers coming up from behind, trying
 to drag smokers back towards the stairway, and anyone hiding in the downstairs
 room whose ceiling is blown off -- SIs can hide on the level above. [The exit
 window also provides a good sniping point on streetside enemies.] Pills 
 (upstairs bedroom) and a 2nd pistol (kitchen) may also spawn here.

 VERSUS: A few rooms above connecting to a few below, where the street exit
 lies. It need not be said that anterooms give good ambush chances, although
 one should pay attention to a downstairs room, where the ceiling is busted --
 SIs can hide above and bushwhack any stragglers stupid enough to come in. 
 Also, smokers with the devil's luck can stand street-side and try to ensnare
 victims through windows -- this is particularly good versus survivors by the
 kitchen's, although it can apply to the upstairs window as well.

F: Side Street
 To reach sidewalk level, the team must descend via a semi trailer's roof. The
 blocked-off road is, expectedly, filled with normal infected, so it's not a
 bad idea to snipe some from the apartment window before crossing. [Although it
 may not matter since a horde often spawns here.] Be careful not to shoot/melee
 the red car in front of the semi as its hair-trigger alarm is like a 
 lighthouse beacon for another horde! It's possible to hole up in the ground-
 -level hotel the semi crashed into, but there's typically nothing there
 (molotovs maybe), and the safehouse is right across the way.

 VERSUS: In typical gameplay circumstances, the survivors beeline for the
 safehouse across the street -- the nooks and crannies around here are lost on
 'em! However, SIs can still use these places to their advantage. The semi
 wrecked into a small hotel which can be used as a waiting place for survivors
 as they cross the vehicle (smokers can suck enemies down). Additionally, SIs
 can hide UNDER the semi, so that they're completely concealed from eyes above
 -- this is particularly good for boomers. And finally, the old "alarm bait"
 trick still applies, where an SI stands by the red car out front and forces a
 survivor to shoot at, and through, them to trigger the loud noise. This may
 not work too well from far, far away so only attempt if the survivors are on
 the semi already! [And if y'didn't figure it out yet, SIs can hide behind the
 chain-link barricade, if it comes to that.] On the flipside, a survivor can
 trigger the alarm from the semi, then run back to Apartment 2 and fight
 everyone off there -- this robs SIs of their underhanded ambush and minimizes
 the entrances the horde arrives from.

G: Hotel/Safehouse
 Once the survivors make it to the hotel, the stage is pretty much complete.
 However, SIs can drop in from the 2F interior balcony and try to cause a
 little riot, so expedience is key -- rush right in when the coast is clear and
 lock that door!

 VERSUS: Chances are, if the survivors are already here, they've sealed the
 deal, winning the match. However, SIs can still hide in the upper balcony for
 one last hurrah...although if you're staging an attack here, why didn't you
 do it on the street? Hurrrrrr... :)

___________________                    MAP LEGEND
   II. THE CRANE                       A: Safehouse Garage
___________________                    B: Back-alley Dump
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ                    C: Apartment 1
 Zoey ---- SMG -> Hunting Rifle        D: Apartment 2
 Bill ---- SMG -> Assault Rifle        E: Crane (Crescendo)
 Louis --- SMG -> Assault Rifle        F: Rooftops
 Francis - SMG -> Auto Shotgun         G: Merrill Law Office
                                       H: Safehouse Sidestreet
          __|     |_|ŻŻŻŻŻ|            POSSIBILITIES LEGEND
    _____|  |      _  %^@ |            ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
   |     |  |     | |    _|_           x - Gun Upgrades     ! - Ammo Only
   | END |    %^x   |_| | | |          * - Pills            @ - Pipe Bombs
   |  ___|  | @!* | |_ G    |          $ - Medkit           % - 2nd Pistol
   |  _  |  |_____|   | |Ż  |          ^ - Molotovs
   | ^ |  H     @   | | |Ż  |
   |_____|__|Ż|ŻŻŻŻŻ|_|  Ż  |          ,-------------------------------.
              |   |___   _  |          |                      _______  |
              |_   _| | |_| |          |                     |      _|-'
               _|F|_  |_____|          |                     |___| |___ _
              |     |_|ŻŻŻŻŻ|          |                     |   | |   | |
              |      _      |          |   _____ _______     |  _   _____|
              |_____|_|  E  |          |  |     |   A  _|    |___| |   |_
                    |_      |          |  |  B     _   _|    |   | |   | |
                      |_   _|___ ___   |  |_   _|_|     |    |___   _____|
                        |_ D x  |_  |--'  |___   _|START|    |   | |
                        |  ) ^|  ___|         | | |_____|   _|_    |ŻŻŻ|
                        |@   _| | | |         | |  _|------|__ |_| |   |_
                         ŻŻ|__|    @|         |___|          ( Cx      | |
                              |_|___|                         \__|_|_____|

A: Safehouse Garage
 The small garage adjacent to the safehouse is the first stop in campaign, and,
 unlike in Versus, sees little action -- a few infected here and there but no
 spawning SIs (well, unless you wait a heckuva long time). No reason to dawdle,
 in any case.

 VERSUS: It's possible to spawn just outside the safehouse, in the metal
 storage locker (good for boomers) or the shelves around the corner. It pays to
 not spawn prematurely as these spots may not be useful for fast teams. When
 playing as survivors, it pays to stand in sight of possible spawnpoints until
 everyone's ready to leave -- this prevents the SIs from drawing first blood.

B: Back-alley Dump
 Out back, the way forward is by jumping the fence-side dumpster, climbing up a
 truck's box stack, and ascending the apartment's fire escape. While some
 normal infected are here, there may not be any SIs -- still, it's good to
 scan the rooftops, the apartment window high above the garage entrance
 (smokers sometimes go there), and the open-windowed building opposite the
 dumpster. [A witch may spawn in this area; hopefully it's not at the bottom of
 the fire escape ladder, especially on higher difficulties...]

 VERSUS: There's only a couple good spots to attack from here: (1) when 3
 survivors have jumped the fence, someone attacks a straggler to get a few
 extra shots in; or, best-case scenario, they kill 'em. Remember that jump's
 one-way! (2) a smoker uses the rooftop for a quick pull, or the apartment
 window that overlooks the fire escape -- survivors can be snared and pulled
 back down to the base, which is a good delay tactic.

C: Apartment 1
 The lower tier of the many-roomed apartment building is actually easy going,
 although thorough players may be tempted to search the flats for goodies. That
 nearest the fire escape may have weapon upgrades, but the rest typically
 aren't that fruitful -- besides, a tank can spawn in one of them around here!
 As we all know, close-quarters tankdom ain't welcome 'round these parts! A
 stairway at the hall's end leads up to...

 VERSUS: Y'gotta take what y'can get here -- a fast team will ignore anterooms
 and head upstairs, while meticulous gamers can be preyed upon a  bit more.
 Observe the survivors and see if it's worth spawning around here.

D: Apartment 2
 Upstairs are the rest of the apartments. There's considerably fewer here, and
 only two are accessible. One is isolated and usually has nothing important,
 although a throwable weapon may spawn there. The larger suite may contain
 weapon upgrades, but also check for molotovs and pipebombs -- they spawn by
 the kitchenette. A low window leads out into the next area.

 VERSUS: The suite adjacent to the crane rooftop is a pretty decent attack
 location, and one of the walls, unbreakable in campaign, can be smashed down.
 This part itself isn't THAT good for attacking normally, but is a good place
 for smokers (etc.) to wait while the survivors run outside for the next
 section. It's possible to smoke targets through windows here, so always be on
 the lookout.

E: Crane (Crescendo)
 Overhead, the crane looms large, and around its base are a few gascans and a
 fenced area. Unlike in Versus mode, it's quite easy to do this crescendo event
 -- start the lift, light the canisters by the fence's opening, and pick off
 the rest. The AI-controlled survivors may get a little singed but that stops
 about 90% of the horde in their tracks. Most SIs stay away here, but look for
 smokers in the just-left suite -- they like to snare from the windowsill. 

 VERSUS: The crescendo event is a bit harder than in campaign, technically --
 there's no fence to impede the horde, and there's a maintenance entrance
 taking up part of the roof, so SIs can draw closer than would be possible
 normally. Survivors will typically still hide on or around the crane, so it
 helps to pick off stragglers, making the others leave their safety perch to

F: Rooftops
 The crane lowers a dumpster to the rest of the rooftops when all's said and
 done, so that's the way to continue -- it's rather uneventful. Still, parts of
 the roofs aren't ledged so smokers can drag their vigilance-less prey off
 without warning -- although sometimes AI-controlled survivors fall off anyway.
 [They're dumb like that.] The final rooftop leads into a law building.

 VERSUS: Three areas are wide-open and have scarce cover, so besides surprise
 attacks, this area's good for delaying survivors. Well-aimed smoking can drag
 survivors off the edge of the roof, where most isn't ledged. [Example of this
 is on 2nd rooftop from crane -- stand on first and drag survivor off as they
 try to cross wooden plank.]

G: Merrill Law Offices
 This haven for corporate raiders is now decrepit and zombie-filled, and is the
 most time-consuming part of this stage -- it's about 5 floors of trudging
 through a sea of cubicles. To start with, a tank can spawn right after
 entering this building, near where "Merrill Law Office" is written. Beyond,
 and perhaps symbolically, a desk may have a pistol and booze (molotov) to take
 before crossing a plank into the adjacent building. By the bathrooms is a
 lobby where ammo, weapon upgrades, and some healing supplies can spawn -- as
 well as a tank if one hasn't been encountered yet. The most expedient path
 through the lower floors is ignoring anterooms and just cutting through the
 cubicles to the stairway (this is especially good for avoiding witches).
 Various goodies are hidden throughout the chambers though, if y'want to waste
 time looking for 'em. Another good thing about the cubicles is that they're
 low to the ground; standing on one lets a player see throughout the entire
 floor, useful for locating the taller SIs.

 VERSUS: A massive multi-story descent isn't that hard on its own, but with
 tons of normal infected to sort through, and perhaps a witch/tank spawning
 somewhere, even guerilla tactics can take their toll. Thorough room-checkers
 may find that compulsion works against them here, as most offices are empty
 and pills may not even spawn.

H: Safehouse Sidestreet
 Once the law firm's traversed, the team ends up on the street -- and like
 other stages' finales, the usual tactics apply: (1) stick together (2) don't
 shoot the red alarmed car (3) be vigilant. There's a back alley that connects
 to the ground floor of the law firm, plus a garage, if y'want to bother to
 look (sometimes a pipebomb spawns or somethin'). Across the street's the
 storage-cum-safehouse, and the final destination in this part. [If SIs attack,
 it's usually from the law firm's entrance or by the fence near the safehouse.]

 VERSUS: The final destination is kitty-corner to the law firm's exit, so it's
 not exactly a hard spot to reach. While a horde normally spawns around here
 anyway, it pays to hedge yer bets and bait a car alarm (y'know, stand by red
 alarmed car and let survivor shoot at it -- boom!) to summon even more masses.
 After such a long stretch arriving here, it's not unheard of for survivors to
 lose, picked clean by the ravages of zombie anger!
                          ____________________     __________________________
 x - Gun Upgrades        |_    |__  _/  _  _  )    __________________________
 * - Pills            TO | G%  |_  _  F       |    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 $ - Medkit          END-| *^@ | *% |_____|   | 
 ^ - Molotovs            |_____|____|         | Zoey ---- Shotgun > Hunting R.
 ! - Ammo Only               |@x*^!   x^  |@| | Bill ---- Shotgun > Assault R.
 @ - Pipe Bombs              |___ E_|_____|Ż Ż  Louis --- Shotgun > Assault R.
 % - 2nd Pistol              | |    |_ @  |     Francis - Shotgun > Auto Shotty
                       _ ____|   ^@ |*^%| |     
LEGEND                | |    | |____|Ż _ Ż|__                     _________
ŻŻŻŻŻŻ                |        |    | | | |  |      _            |% __ _   |
 A: Safehouse Alley   | |_  _|       D    |^ |_____| |_          | |  |  | |
 B: Construction      |        |_  _| |_| *xC ___   %*!|___ _____| |__|__| |
 C: Deserted Street   |_______________| | |@   * |ŻŻŻ|   ^@|    ___ A _____|
 D: Power Station                     |  _|  |_,_|Ż    |___|_| |   |     |
 E: Power Station Garage              |___|  |   |*  | |     | |   |     |
 F: Metro Int'l Parking Lot               | _|    ŻŻŻ|    %  | |   |_____|
 G: Carpark to Safehouse                  |  |       | |  ___| |
                                           ŻŻ        |<| |< _| |
                                                     |Ż|x[    _|
                                                     | |^@ B |
                                                     |  ŻŻ   |
A: Safehouse Alley                                    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
 The alley runs perpendicular to the safehouse, with one end looping around a
 garage (opens from other side) before heading towards the construction zone.
 The main spots to check for SI activity are on the garage roof and around
 the far corner, leading towards the construction project. [Possible horde
 spawn location.]
 VERSUS: Besides the two aforementioned hiding places, SIs have a climb-up spot
 right alongside the safehouse door, from which they can simply wait and drop
 in, or jump from the summit onto a fire escape -- a good place for smokers to
 lie in wait. Survivors typically stick to the main path here.

B: Construction Site (Crescendo)
 This area consists of much scaffolding and a building's half-completed husk,
 not to mention an early crescendo -- shooting a special gas canister bundle
 near a lower barricade causes it to slowly burn down. But before that, it's
 helpful to scope out the area for throwables, gas canisters of your own, and
 the hero closet (ground level) if y'need it already. To prepare for the
 crescendo, it helps to break the wooden plank connecting the scaffolding to
 the large building, preventing the horde from just walking across, and just
 holing up on said structure's 2F -- keep overwatch on the pit ladder, since
 that's really the only place enemies will climb up from. [A gascan/molotov
 in that pit is quite helpful.] Any SI attacks will typically come from that
 pit, where the gascans spawned, or in the hunters' case, a surprise jump up
 from ground floor. The pit isn't ledged so y'gotta be vigilant. [Similar to
 the car alarm bait trick, crouching by where the gascans spawn can sacrifice
 oneself to destroy all of them.]

 The alleyway to the street typically isn't precipitous unless a tank spawns,
 in which case, RETREAT back to the construction site and fight it off there.
 The reason for this is the alley is quite cramped and there are plenty of
 dumpsters (i.e. instant incap projectiles) to hit multiple people with...

 VERSUS: This place is chock full of good attack spots. Smokers should probably
 stick to ground floor (for the cover), while attempting to pull survivors off
 2F ledges. There are a few places where this can be hilariously awesome, the
 best of which is probably pulling a foe into the 1st alleyway from the husk's
 scaffolding -- it requires a survivor going to a certain spot, but it's very
 annoying (for them) if it works. Don't forget that survivors aren't the only
 ones who can break that wooden plank between buildings -- doing so doesn't
 stop them from jumping the gap, but failing to do so is always an option.
 The alley to the street isn't that bad a place to launch attacks either, with
 a few anterooms to hide in, smokers being able to hide on the roof overlooking
 the entire route, and a tank spawn possibly happening there. [Try to hit foes
 with a dumpster for major hilarity.]

C: Deserted Street
 This lonely stretch of road consists of two accessible buildings (each across
 from the other), a large crater in the road, and a fenced-off power station
 en route to the next area. There may be throwables near the cop car, pills or
 a 2nd pistol in on one building, and always a hero closet in another. This is
 a possible witch/tank spawn location, so exercise caution... A garage past
 this area may have assorted spoils, but the witch can spawn here as well.

 VERSUS: If the survivors hole up in a building, it's a good idea to hide on
 the roof and ambush 'em as they stream out. Smokers can use the fenced-off
 portion for cover and easier hidability at long distances. Despite not having
 a lot to find, people still search the anterooms, so boomers should anticipate
 where some are going and strike from there.

D: Power Station
 The fenced-off blocks of generators can shelter lots of normal zombies and
 SIs, so systematically cleaning them helps before proceeding. Besides that,
 this place is generally wide-open and should allow most survivors to see who's
 coming long before they're in attack range. [Possible witch/tank location.]
 Horde zombies typically come from over the fence boundary, too. The grassy
 lawn leads to a garage nearby.

 VERSUS: Besides the fenced-off areas providing decent cover for SIs, smokers
 can use the roofs around here to strangle stragglers -- this is particularly
 helpful against shotgun-carrying teams. If a tank spawns, survivors typically
 stay in the area rather than retreating, which should be good news for any
 slower SI -- no anticipating their next move! 

E: Power Station Garage
 There's usually some goodies here to take -- healing supplies and throwables
 -- plus an ammo pile or weapon upgrades. The garage adjacent may have molotovs
 and the small corridor leads out into the airport parking lot. This area's
 generally pretty safe to travel through, with any SIs getting their attacks
 in at ground level (although there are a few spots of elevation, such as over
 a door frame). A horde may spawn around this area.

 VERSUS: Not much to go with besides peekaboo tactics -- if y'can, spawn in
 the next area instead. Of course, if the team's already weak, keep up the

F: Metrol Int'l Parking Lot
 Once it housed cars of all degrees, but now it plays hosts to rubble and
 burning debris. A small office near the start may contain pills/2nd pistol,
 but the real destination is navigating the junk to reach the carpark. A horde
 often spawns near the end of this walk, and a witch/tank sighting is also a
 possibility, 'specially if one hasn't been encountered yet.

 VERSUS: Besides the junk mounds one can hide behind, there's only generic
 opportunities at ground level. Smokers can hide on some of the overhanging
 roofs, giving them a better chance at survival, and, of course, the chance of
 a tank spawning is always there. This area gives a wide berth to tanks, so
 try not to get molotov'd on if at all possible!

G: Carpark to Safehouse
 The carpark is a dark and dreary 3-story building, with each floor connected
 to the next-highest by a ramp or stairway. [A tank/witch may spawn here if
 not seen so far.] 1F only needs to be half-explored since the ramp's halfway
 through; still, make sure to look for any goodies in the lit-up portions
 before continuing. 2F is square-shaped, and "right" of the stairwell a bit
 is often a throwable weapon cache. The final floor is a skybridge to the
 safehouse and a generally safe haven, with any infected having one way to
 get in (from carpark stairway). Still, beware any SIs who spawn near the end.
 None of the cars are alarmed, by the way.

 VERSUS: For tanks, the carpark is like Disneyland -- loads of fun, not too
 much wiggle room, and plenty of vehicles to incap people with. The other SIs
 will have to attack at normal level, greatly reducing their effectiveness in
 the final stretch -- the best way to proceed is using a tank's appearance to
 boom on everyone, which can easily seal everyone's fate. Alternately, spawn
 near the safehouse and hide inside (or the tiny corridor branching off there)
 and try to get stragglers. Killing all SIs makes the skybridge portion very
 easy, so don't put all yer eggs in one basket.

____________________           x - Gun Upgrades          A: Safehouse Corridor
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ           * - Pills                 B: Office Block
 Zoey ---- Hunting Rifle       $ - Medkit                C: Airport Concourse
 Bill ---- Assault Rifle       ^ - Molotovs              D: Baggage Handling
 Louis --- Assault Rifle       ! - Ammo Only             E: Airport Security
 Francis - Auto Shotgun        @ - Pipe Bombs            F: Terminal Lobby
 ___ ____ ___ ___ _____        % - 2nd Pistol
(   |  ^ |   |   |     |
 \  |___     ____      |                        END
  )  ___     ___   | @ |              __________| |____________
  | |    | | ^@* |B    |             |                 @F      |_______
  | |____|_|_____| |___|  _________  |_______  |_   _|          _____  |___
 _|  * |  _   _|___^ |_  |        _|     | ^*  |     |^@  |ŻŻ__|_   _| |   |
|^   ŻŻ|@| | |     |A _|_|_| |_| |______  ŻŻŻŻŻ ŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻŻŻ| ^  |        _|*|
|_| %ŻŻ|^| | |     |_   _|  _____|  __  |          | |   _|ŻŻŻŻ _______| |_|
|*|  ŻŻ| |         |     |D _____   __| |          | |      ^@!(____ _ _______
|_   ŻŻ  |     .   |START| |___  |____| |           Ż|    |         |*|  *    |
|   |ŻŻ| |    /   @|_____|__  _|     #__|             ŻŻŻŻ|  | | |  | | |_| |@|
|___|  | |__      ^|_ * _| *x! |_    #                    |__   ____|  ___  | |
       |  __  C     _       %    |   #                    |   E           |___|
       |___________|   |       |Ż    #                    | Ż   ŻŻ  |ŻŻŻŻ#
                    ŻŻŻ ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ      #                     ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ     #
A: Safehouse Corridor
 Small area before the offices, and the first chance at being attacked. It's
 only a short distance to the next part, so this corridor's not that annoying
 in campaign mode. Hear a crying witch? Don't worry, it's probably spawned
 over the railing in the concourse area, and can be neutralized easier from
 there. [And, unlike in the first stage of No Mercy, there's no quick shortcut
 by jumping over the fact, y'can't jump it despite it being normal

 VERSUS: There'll now be a ceiling hole for SIs to wait in, before the office
 section, in addition to the normal hiding spot (corridor blocked by baggage).

B: Office Block
 This corridor is lined with conference rooms and offices, so the normal strat
 of searching all places or the quicker "just shut all doors" method should be
 employed. For the curious, there's often goodies -- throwables, pills, etc. --
 to find here, so it's not a complete waste of time (like in The Crane's law
 firm area). [Possible horde/witch spawn point.]

 VERSUS: A diligent survivor team will close all the doors and force SIs to
 betray their position, so if y'absolutely want to ambush here, spawn ahead
 of the others. The corridor's quite well-lit compared to other portions, so
 comin' up behind may not be as great an idea.

C: Airport Concourse (Crescendo)
 This giant lobby is the source of many hiding spots -- under the walkways,
 in the lower bathrooms, the hidey-holes in the ceiling, upper ledges acting
 as smoker hangouts, etc. -- as well as being the stage's crescendo location.
 When the downstairs van's ignition is turned on, it bowls over a cordoned-off
 section of the airport, and the hordes stream in from all sides. The best
 place to fight them off is a desk near the blocked-off part, which often has
 a huge supply of throwable weapons -- since most enemies come from where the
 allies just left, burning the escalator path (etc.) cuts down on wasted ammo.

 For those who want the "Witch Hunter" achievement, this is one of the easiest
 places to do it on (it helps to be on Easy or Normal difficulty). Basically,
 before starting the crescendo, scan around for a witch, if she's spawned. The
 object is to toss a molotov at her (like an ICBM!) and force her to run
 around a lot on fire. Say she spawns by the molotov desk mentioned above and
 y'burn her from the upper balcony -- she'll either run all the way up the
 escalators or take the baggage machine's shortcut; either way, plenty of time
 to flee. [Of course, killing other zombies around helps, too.]

 VERSUS: All the good spots are mentioned above -- hiding in ceiling holes,
 using upper ledges to smoke stragglers, using the crescendo as an ambush
 point. If there's one downside to attacking here it's that there's a lot of
 molotovs & gascans lying around, and a quick-thinking human can nix chances
 of pulling off kills. Before spawning, it's a good idea to pay attention to
 who has which throwable and prioritize. [Sometimes the molotovs don't spawn
 though, and that can tip the scales a bit.]

D: Baggage Handling Center
 Once the crescendo ends, the team is free to move down the area to here, a
 defunct conveyor-belt chain where the luggage used to go. It's prefaced by
 an ammo dump (or weapon upgrades) and maybe even some extras, so don't pass
 it by blindly. The rest of the conveyors are often parallel or underneath
 stairways, so this place can be kinda hectic -- it provides zombies with
 sheltered ways to flank the party. [It doesn't help that this is a tank/witch
 spawn location.] Take it slow and do it thoroughly, or things can get back
 right quick. 

 VERSUS: The time to strike is when the survivors enter the conveyor network,
 which hampers movement a lot. Tanks really clean up here, although with tiny
 stairways and work-arounds to the tank's path, he may spend a lot of time
 running around getting shot, rather than giving concussions with his fists.
 Normal SIs (oxymoron?) should practice a little self-sacrifice and ensnare
 their prey for the tank to beat on. 

E: Airport Security
 This place is vacant and easy to get through, despite explorable anterooms
 (that usually have nothing). There's basically only one rule when playing
 this area: don't walk through the metal detectors! They look like the metal
 doorframes with a red light on top. Going through one of these starts a
 mini-crescendo and who wants to waste resources on that? It's not recommended
 to waste time in the darker places unless everyone's hurting -- pills spawn
 occasionally and that can be the pick-me-up to make all 4 allies finish.

 VERSUS: The airport mall lobby behind the security station is quite bright,
 and there's not too many places to hide outside the ruined storefronts. One
 hilariously awesome tip is that smokers can drag survivors through metal
 detectors to set them off, similar to the car alarm baiting technique used
 earlier. Should anyone become a tank around here, make sure to destroy the
 Atlas statue, as the tumbling globe can incap survivors.

F: Terminal Lobby
 The final stretch is a long terminal corridor perpendicular to the safehouse,
 which is quite far from the security station. Businesses on the left-hand
 side can generally be ignored, as SIs seem to hide nearer to the sitting
 areas -- behind pillars, obscured by debris, that sort of thing. Because of
 this, many teams simply beeline for the safe haven, following the windowed
 wall to safety. Unless there's a reason to explore, don't threaten everyone's
 safety. [Possible tank location.]

 VERSUS: Like much of the previous level, the stage's last corridor is quite
 barren and there's not many hiding spots to attack from, at least without
 simply walking into the open. There's at least one debris pile where a smoker
 can shoot through an opening, but boomers and hunters will have to use the
 pillars and low-standing desks to get close. A tank can spawn around here on
 occasion, so don't waste the attack opportunity. Too bad there's no instant-
 -incap throwables around.

 _____ ______________       ____________________
|_____|   A        |  \__   ____________________     Zoey ---- Hunting Rifle
      |      ___       _ \  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ     Bill ---- Assault Rifle
      |     | __|_/   (_) \____                      Louis --- Assault Rifle
      |     /Ż) ___/      _    \______               Francis - Auto Shotgun
      | \Ż\ ŻŻ B         (_) __       \
      |  ) Ż(     _      _  /_/        )  POSSIBILITIES LEGEND LEGEND
     _| (_(\_\ _ \_\    /_/   _        |  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    |         (_) ######     / \       |   x - Gun Upgrades    A: Deboard Wlkwy
   _|      /\  _  #$xD #    (   )      |   * - Pills           B: Old Tower
  | |     (_( \_\ /'-._   __|   |__    |   $ - Medkit          C: Tiny Nook
  |C           _  '-._/  /___   ___\   |   ^ - Molotovs        D: Pit Area
  |_|    /\  _/ /    _       ) (       |   ! - Ammo Only       E: Plane Hill
    |   / / /  /_   /_/  _  /___\   E  )   @ - Pipe Bombs
    |   \/,'  //_/      (_)         _,'    % - 2nd Pistol
    |____/   (___________________,-'       # - Flaming Pit

A: Deboarding Walkway
 The corridor used to lead passengers to their plane, but in its current state,
 it can only drop the survivors off on the periphery of the decayed tarmac, far
 from getaway plane. Luckily, there's no labyrinthine passages to navigate in
 getting anywhere -- this is a dark, albeit quite expansive, final level. Be
 sure to stick close and watch for SIs underneath the walkway, or even above
 the exit doorway.

 VERSUS: By climbing up the pillar at the deboarding corridor's end, then
 walking along the broken wall, SIs can get above the safehouse exit's door
 frame -- this is especially good for boomers, who can spew and have survivors
 just run into the stream. Debris around the drop-down point's base, such as
 the broken fusilage, splintered metal pieces, baggage piles, etc. -- can give
 good cover for those attacking at ground level.

B: Old Tower
C: Tiny Nook
 Not that important in play, but it's worth mentioning as a hiding place for
 fending off the horde. While there's 1 way in (tower has 2), if all the
 survivors huddle inside (two crouch, two stand; this avoids friendly fire)
 then the chances of anything getting through are quite slim. Obviously not
 helpful in fighting tanks.

 VERSUS: Any survivors hiding in the dead-end portion of this place are quite
 well-fortified, so rather than kamikaze attacks, it's best to wait until a
 tank spawns, flushing them from their hiding spot.

D: Pit Area
 Near the grounded getaway plane, most of the action will take place. The
 fueling truck is flanked by medkits, weapon upgrades, a turret emplacement,
 and nearby vehicles with explosive canisters -- all are helpful for the final
 crescendo. Like usual, radioing the pilot once alerts him to everyone's
 presence, and flipping the fuel valve starts the crescendo properly. There's
 a few good ways to fend everything off:

 #1: The hill by the getaway plane overlooks a lot of the area, letting one
     see approaching zombies from yards away, while simultaneously forcing
     SIs (except perhaps smoker) out into the open if they want to strike.
     It's not a bad place for the horde segments since most spawn away from
     the area, not blindsiding by climbing over the hill fence. Tanks may or
     may not spawn from behind said fence though, perhaps the only chink in
     the strategy's armor.

 #2: The tiny nook ("C") and tower ("B") are all good for fighting off foolish
     hordes, since there's only one way in -- the more survivors that stay in
     a place, the more concentrated the firepower is. SIs' attack opportunities
     redline here, too. The downside is that they're not right near ammo or
     supplies, and if a tank somehow catches anyone in the close quarters, it
     won't bode well...

 Tips for fending off the tanks?

 #1: Keep mobile. The tarmac is wide open, and if y'have to bootstrap the
     situation by running around the getaway plane, do so. It helps to catch
     the brute on fire first, of course, but that's not always a possibility.
     Explosive canisters can momentarily stun the tank, though, remember.

 #2: Assuming the plane is facing north, hug the eastern side of the plane,
     near the propeller and window. If a tank spawns in the pit area, and the
     team is fast enough in getting to this spot, it gets caught on the west
     side of the plane. Basically, it allows a team to shoot underneath the
     vehicle and dispatch the tank without much effort. Kinda cheap, but on
     higher difficulties, who's complaining? 

E: Plane Hill
 As said, the hill aft of the plane is quite good for staving off the horde --
 long lines of sight, spawnpoints are to the sides of the area, SIs get fewer
 attack chances. Tanks can climb the fence behind this area, but it's not too
 often that happens. There are certainly worse places to fend off the horde,
 such as near the turret (zombies can swarm in from all sides), etc.

 VERSUS: This section is an SI's nightmare, giving them a heavy disadvantage.
 The best bet is to pick a way at the close-knit survivors until a tank spawns,
 forcing them to get mobile. While this level totally sucks for boomers, they
 are quite important in delaying survivors, as oftentimes a veteran team can
 simply run around various debris while whittling down the tank's health at
 long range. It takes a real team effort to stop the humans here.

| |_  | [) ) BLOOD HARVEST                                               [WK04]
|___| |___/____________________________________________________________________

   I. The Woods
  II. The Tunnel
 III. The Bridge
  IV. The Train Station
   V. Farmhouse Finale

      ___________________      |ŻŻŻŻŻ|    AI-CONTROLLED WEAPON SELECTION
         I. THE WOODS         _|  ___|     Zoey ---- SMG
      ___________________    |_  |___      Bill ---- SMG
      ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ      |D  ##|     Louis --- SMG
                               |     |     Francis - SMG
                               |   ##|
            ___________________|   ##|  POSSIBILITIES LEGEND   MAP LEGEND
           /###### % #| | ^ #####  ##|  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
   _______/#      C  -| |->        ##)  x - Gun Upgrades       A: Trail 1
 _|###  ###  #########| |#####     #(   * - Pills              B: Rest Stop
|@ Ż    #   #/ŻŻŻŻŻ\##| |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ    $ - Medkit             C: Trail 2
|^! | B    #/       ŻŻ|_|               ^ - Molotovs           D: Safehouse
|___|    ##/          /                 ! - Ammo Only
  | ^#   #(       Bridge                @ - Pipe Bombs
   ŻŻŻ| |Ż                              % - 2nd Pistol
     _| |_______                        # - Forestry
    |#   #######|
    |#   #### @#|     A: Blood Harvest is a whole 'nother ballgame compared to
    (#    @^    |        previous stages, mostly because of the vast amounts
     \## ###   #|        of forestry to camouflage enemies in. This means
      ŻŻŻŻ)#   #|        blindfiring into trees to kill hiding foes and never
          |*   #|        getting too far away -- divided we fall, etc. Having
          |##  #(        the main path flanked by shrubbery requires a team to
          (#   ##\       be highly attentive. The left-hand side of the path
          |#  ####)      may have items in the brush, while the picnic area
          (#   ###|      prefacing the bridge often has throwables.
           )#    #(
           |## A   )   VERSUS: Smokers should stick to the really thick parts
           (##   ##|   of the treeline, particularly uphill parts -- survivors
            (#   ##|   trying to rescue teammates can get stuck on the way up,
             \START)   letting one get more time in. Boomers and hunters have
              \___/    plenty to work with as well, in the same vein.

 B: The rest stop house is basically a one-room lounge with a bathroom, and
    there's often throwables (plus an ammo stockpile) to be had. This area's
    rather secure except for a broken window, right by a tree boomers love to
    barf from. 

    VERSUS: No survivor team ever leaves this area without checking the house,
    so there's always time to setup on the roof. Boomers who don't want to
    use ground-level cover and can simply fall onto the doorstep, while smokers
    can wait for foes to leave. Alternately, hide a bit ahead or to the side
    to keep survivors guessing.

 C: The remaining part of the trail is similar to the first, passing underneath
    a railroad bridge, past a tiny utility shack, and en route to the safehouse
    nearby. It's really rather easy to get past, especially if a team sticks to
    the fence sidewalk. A witch often spawns on the main path, so watch out for

    VERSUS: Smokers' best spot is on the railroad bridge (requires climbing up
    a hill some), giving a good view of the area on both sides. Boomers can use
    this place too for drop-in visits. Hunters get stuck with the leftovers
    like usual, but a clever player will note that the fences have gaps in
    'em -- similar to Death Toll's first level, pouncing on a survivor near
    said gaps makes teammates nearby reel, possibly shoving them over the
    edge. [Although that's not often viable. Major pounces from the railroad
    bridge can rack up momentum damage, so that's a good alternative.]

 D: The safehouse entrance is prefaced by a tiny pantry-like nook, which can
    actually be used by hiding SIs. Other than that, though, survivors just
    have to make a break for it.

    VERSUS: The options are to either wait on the roof and attack survivors
    approaching the entrance (smoker/boomer) or hiding in the safehouse room
    after spawning (any SI). Which tactic is best often depends on how the
    other team fared -- if people have been picked off, then it's easy enough
    to blitzkreig the remaining ones and kill 'em at the finish line.

      ____    __________________
   __|__  |     II. THE TUNNEL
  |  @  | |   __________________
  |ŻŻŻŻŻ| |   Zoey ---- SMG
  |START A|   Bill ---- SMG
  |_____| |   Louis --- SMG        POSSIBILITIES LEGEND   MAP LEGEND
    |  ___|   Francis - Shotgun    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    | |                             x - Gun Upgrades       A: Safehouse Hall
    | |  ###############            * - Pills              B: Warehouse 2F
    |  ŻŻŻ|            #            $ - Medkit             C: Old Warehouse
     ŻŻŻŻŻ             #            ^ - Molotovs           D: Room (Crescendo)
    |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ| #            ! - Ammo Only          E: Generator Plant
    |         * ___| | #            @ - Pipe Bombs         F: Railroad Granary
    |   C    | B     | #            % - 2nd Pistol         G: Railroad Tunnels
 ___|x!  ____   ___|_|##
|   |ŻD |    |_  |
|_  |_$*|    |___|ŻŻŻŻŻ|
  |   |      |_ _|     |                          |ŻŻŻŻŻ|
  | |     E   _ _      |           ___            | END |
  |__________|   |     |__________|  _|______   __|_   _|
  |           ŻŻŻ Ż|_|  x____ \ _______ G __ '-{^ %  ___|
  |                 F                    |  '-. Ż  Ż|

A: Safehouse Hallway
 Outside of the saferoom door, a corridor leads to a few anterooms (may have
 throwables or pills inside); on the opposite end, a stairwell is accessed,
 taking everyone to the lower section. A horde may spawn around here if the
 team exits but doesn't leave the area for awhile.

 VERSUS: SIs can attack right out of the gate, and this tiny corridor isn't
 that bad a place to do so -- summoned hordes flank a party, which is good
 for boomers since they can get in more damage and, due to close quarters,
 probably get a team to commit friendly fire. Another spot of interest is the
 dark corner underneath the stairwell, where SIs can spawn right below the
 survivors if they waste time above.

B: Warehouse 2F
 The stairwell leads to a series of two rooms, one of which may have throwable
 weapons, the other weapon upgrades (perhaps). Survivors can enter either from
 the corridor, or through a wall if the SIs/zombies break it down. One side
 of this place overlooks the warehouse floor.

 VERSUS: Only one of the main rooms is well-lit, and SIs can use the other,
 darker room for ambush attempts (or the tiny storage room on the opposite
 side). Smokers should either spawn behind the party, attempting to catch a
 straggler as s/he enters the factory, or spawning on the factory's ground
 floor, attempting to pull a survivor through a broken window.

C: Old Warehouse
 This place is a two-floor affair, with the highest being catwalks and beams,
 and the lower being more wide-open but has plenty of shelf obstacles. There's
 also a series of rooms underneath the ones right above it (just checked), and
 in the same layout -- goodies such as pills may spawn there. Normally it's
 best to enter this place from the beams because if a tank spawns (1) it'll be
 easier to identify (2) a team can split off easier, compared to starting low
 and using the only method of ascending. There's typically an ammo pile in the
 far corner of this place, and perhaps weapon upgrades if they haven't been
 found yet. [Possible tank spawn location.]

 VERSUS: The beam/catwalks aren't ledged, so smokers can easily use obstacles
 to drag prey down. On the flipside, hunters are able to start low and crouch-
 -jump up to the catwalks, which can keep survivors guessing. Boomers shouldn't
 bother wandering around too much, as the eagle-eyed opposition will plow 'em
 from afar. Instead, find a good place to hide (such as the next area), use
 the lower shelves as a shield, or save the spawn for the crescendo.

D: Room (Crescendo)
 In the small maintenance room with a medkit box, opening the emergency door
 will summon a horde to the area. There's a few ways to attempt this:

 #1: HIDE IN SAME ROOM -- Survivors can crouch on the crate stack and pick off
     the horde as they stream in from either exit. That part isn't too hard
     generally. SIs typically arrive at ground level, although it's not
     unheard of for a boomer to drop in through the ceiling grate, complicating
     things a bit. Still, given its small size, there could be worse places.

 #2: HIDE IN WAREHOUSE: After triggering the alarm, a team can retreat back to
     here, preferably the 2F beams, and fight off the horde. Since it was just
     cleansed of undead and a large height differential (climbing zombies are
     ineffective zombies!) it's a shoo-in.

 #3: HIDE IN GENERATOR PLANT: This is the area the emergency door opens into.
     It's similar to the warehouse strategy, where a team can use the higher
     ledges and pick off zombies as they scramble up the staircase. The only
     problem is that zombies will be outside the emergency door, and a horde
     comes soon after, so instead of a quick escape, everyone can get bogged
     down (and immediately following, clobbered by the aft horde). So, this
     way can be a semi-gamble but functions basically the same as the warehouse

 VERSUS: Depending on how quick the team was in navigating the warehouse, one
         should gauge if spawning then or saving it for the crescendo is worth
         it. Basically, if a team breezes through, they're probably going to
         make a run for it when the crescendo starts -- i.e. spawn and head
         'em off -- while a slower team probably holes up in the pillbox room.
         For the latter method, boomers draw the long straw, and can drop down
         from the ceiling vent and explode on everyone (yes, all 4 people most
         of the time). Hunters are liable to get shot up by concentrated fire
         if they waltz into the room, so they should hold off until someone's
         boomed on. Smokers' best chances of inflicting damage are pulling
         survivors out of the room itself, although they can snipe through the
         ceiling vent (any good team will melee it off within a few damage

E: Generator Plant
 A cousin to the warehouse, this place is another two-floor area. The upper
 parts run along a catwalk, past two small generator rooms, and to a breakable
 window leading to a railroad track outlook. The lower ones are much the same,
 except one entrance leads out to the tracks (ground floor) and one leads up
 to the higher. There's not usually any goodies worth seeking out here.

 VERSUS: Smokers can snipe down from the higher ledges and probably get away
 scot-free, thanks to the large getaway windows. On the flipside, breaking
 the windows ahead of time lets a player drag survivors down to the train
 tracks (next area), separating them from the party a bit. Boomers and hunters
 have their usual chances, but if a tank HASN'T spawned yet, it probably will
 in the next section...hold off on spawning 'til then.

F: Railroad Granary
 The exterior of the factory has two parallel railroad track tunnels leading
 toward the safehouse, or towards a dead-end fence, depending on which way
 y'look. A 2F metal awning is the popular exit point, which lets one get a
 jump on any tank coming up (if it spawns), identify SIs earlier, and even
 keep moving immediately by jumping to the nearby freight car. Speaking of
 which, all the area's freight cars have a ladder to climb up.

 VERSUS: Smokers' get two great spots here, in the form of the high ledge
 above the tunnels (visited in 1st level) and the ledge kitty-corner, which
 has forestry to hide in. Boomers can often spawn behind the party and barf
 when their attention is drawn elsewhere (i.e. tank, horde), or even appear
 underneath and spew upwards. Hunters can hide in multiple places but may want
 to take the high ground, since a successful pounce from there deals additional
 damage on impact.

G: Railroad Tunnels
 For the final stretch, survivors must navigate the two parallel train tunnels
 and reach the safehouse. Along the way, they'll encounter abandoned freight
 cars, both as obstacles and climb-up spots to survey the area, and cave-ins,
 which force 'em to take a certain path. It's quite linear for the most part,
 but plenty of nooks & crannies can be used by the opposition. [Possible tank
 or witch spawn location.]

 VERSUS: Given the freight cars and dark corners, boomers can easily anticipate
 survivors' movements and force them into a barf stream. Hunters can use the
 same methods, which work best when following a good boom, of course. Smokers
 can really put the final nail in a coffin here -- when a person/team takes the
 high ground, smoking a straggler while the rest jump down can spell death for
 that unlucky chap. [If done from far enough, survivors won't be able to shoot
 y'from afar.] In fact, smokers can be a large nuisance all throughout the
 later parts of the tunnels too, dragging people down from high ground or off
 ladders. The high ground can work against the SIs if a tank spawns, though,
 so be ready to assist!

___________________       x - Gun Upgrades       ! - Ammo Only
ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ       * - Pills              @ - Pipe Bombs
                          $ - Medkit             % - 2nd Pistol
                          ^ - Molotovs           # - Forestry

                    Railroad Bridge                A: Safehouse Tunnels
                            |            __        B: Outdoor Footpath
         __________________|Ż|_________,'_,'Ż\     C: Bunker Tunnels
        /############| ^ |#| |  ####### (^x! /__   D: Outdoor Tracks Start
       //ŻŻŻŻ|  ___   ŻŻŻ<-| |- ________  * /###)  E: Train Bridge Area
      ((_/ŻŻŻ  |___|  E    | | |________) \/###(__________
       \ #########  | (ŻŻ| | |  _         ______ D ____   |   _   _
        \  ######## |*!    | | | |       |______| |____|  |  |^|_| |_____
         \ #########|_ )_| ) ( |_| ## |#######| %x   __|__|  |  _  |_$ * |
         (,-'ŻŻŻŻ)-._______/  \   ### |#####/Ż ŻŻŻ| |^@|^ |  | | | |_   _|_
        ,'        #########   /ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ ŻŻŻŻŻ      | |_*|_ | _| | |  _____ *|
       (  _   ___|___________/                    |[email protected]_____|/*\ ( | |_____| |
       |_|     |                                  |x|_____/^x/  \)___ A ___|
         | END |  AI-CONTROLLED WEAPON SELECTION  |__ @* (  ( B   ^|     |
         |_____|  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  |*#   Ż   (   ,-.|START|
                  Zoey --: SMG -> Hunting Rifle   (   ######/  /   |_____|
                  Bill --: SMG -> Assault Rifle  _/  \####,' ,'
                  Louis  : SMG -> Assault Rifle ( #   ŻŻŻŻ  /
                  Francis: Shotgun -> A.Shotgun  ) # ,-----'
                                                 (  @)
A: Safehouse Tunnels                              ŻŻŻ
 Before ending up outside, survivors must navigate a small network of concrete
 tunnels. It's quite simple, although snooping around can reveal a few goodies
 here and there, such as pills or molotovs. Towards the exit, gascans and
 explosive tanks may spawn. [Possible tank spawn.]

 VERSUS: Surprisingly, this can be a great place to attack slipshod teams,
 since they often split up to search the area. It's quite fun to let someone
 think they've searched the area thoroughly, then spawn behind 'em when they
 turn the corner. Although there's not any real edge here for the SIs, besides
 darkness and human error, a coordinated attack can be quite damaging -- and if
 an early tank spawn occurs, probably life-threatening.

B: Outdoor Footpath
 Outdoors, be prepared to fight off a small horde -- staying in the tunnel's
 entrance and blowing them up/setting them alight often works. The path to the
 hilltop bunker is flanked by foliage, so there's going to be zombies crawling
 out of the leafy woodwork to stall everyone. Attentive survivors can probably
 find the cache spawns (pills, medkits, molotovs) in the out-of-the-way parts
 of the trail, although these are listed on the above map as well. One of the
 small hill's campsites may have weapon upgrades, so always check it. [Possible
 tank spawn.]

 VERSUS: Smokers get a few good spots to shoot from, being the ledge above the
 tunnel entrance and the leafy hilltop, which often lets one walk away if the
 survivors are packing shotguns. Boomers can use the foliage to their
 advantage, hiding in plain sight...just watch for blindfirers, which is about
 the only way to combat such devilish camouflage! Hunters should try to get in
 some extra damage by pouncing from ahigh -- there's plenty of spots to do
 that from. And, should a tank spawn, this place can be a killing zone. Try to
 keep survivors around the tunnel entrance's area, where there's some movable
 debris, including an instant incap log.

C: Bunker Tunnels
 The bunker is good for minimizing SI threats, as well as finding throwable
 weapons or pills (check underneath or beside the stairs, or in anterooms).
 There's really nothing exceptionally good defensive- or offensive-wise here,
 however. [Possible tank spawn.]

 VERSUS: Unless the survivors are hurting, this spot isn't really that great
 for spawning. It helps to see if a tank spawns in the next area, since that
 can often drive them back into this one...and the entrapment begins.

D: Outdoor Tracks Start
 The first section of the train tracks start at the railroad tunnel's exit,
 picking up from the last stage's section. The tracks lead by foliage-laden
 ditches, a warehouse with possible goodies and explosives, and abandoned
 boxcars, to reach the bridge overhead. There's a metric ton of baddies just
 hiding around here, so even the odds a smidge by climbing the boxcars and
 getting a good look at the area. Much of this area is fenced-off shrubbery
 and can be ignored; going inside just invites extra damage. [Possible tank
 spawn location.]

 VERSUS: The railroad tunnel's boxcars is often a good staging area, since
 survivors often find weapon upgrades here, and expect SIs to be around the
 corner, not looking down on them. [Smokers/boomers can make the most use of
 this place.] When the warehouse is visited, SIs are advised to drop in from
 the roof! Finally, any special infected can use the footbridge further down
 the tracks to get the jump on hapless survivors. Tanks can really use the
 narrow corridors to corner survivors, but beware of explosive canisters and
 molotov-throwers -- the former can temporarily stun a tank, while the other
 just spells a tank's demise. Basically, don't rush in blindly expecting to
 immediately overpower the humans because that hastiness can be one's downfall
 in such close quarters (ironic as it is).

E: Train Bridge Area (Crescendo)
 Near the bridge, there's a few boxcars to climb up and an abandoned house
 with ammunition (and possibly a witch). The crescendo begins when a freight
 car at the end of the tracks is uncoupled, sending it crashing down the slope
 into the bridge's struts, toppling it and making a path to the hilltop. This
 starts a crescendo event, although unlike some others, there's no mandatory
 waiting period to leave. Thus, the way to fend it off are:

 #1: MAKE A RUN FOR IT: If anyone has a pipebomb or molotov, simply toss one
     in the direction of where the nearest horde(s) are coming from and go up
     the slanted bridge half. This lets one either bolt for the safehouse down
     the cliff or fend off the hordes from advantageous high ground. [A team
     hurting badly should probably not consider this method, as it may draw
     unnecessary damage.]

 #2: MAKE A STAND BELOW: There's a few places to really fight off the hordes,
     but perhaps the best is the boxcar near the bridge, where a bunch of
     molotovs often spawn. This is often a better choice than the residence
     since (1) it's easily accessible after uncoupling the car (2) hordes are
     picked off easier from higher ground (3) the house has multiple entrances
     and survivors often get swarmed. With much of the ground set ablaze, any
     SI foolish enough to approach the team will probably meet a fiery end.

 But either way, once the ridge is crested, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump
 to the safehouse, with only light resistance.

 VERSUS: The footbridge can be a good springboard onto lower enemies, at least
 until it's destroyed during the crescendo. SIs can use boxcars, the abandoned
 house's roof, and the lovely autumn thickets to lie in wait. Attacking during
 the crescendo usually comes in two varieties: (1) picking off survivors as
 they take the popular route of running for the safehouse (2) trying to get a
 shot in when they hole up somewhere, often the house nearby. The house has
 numerous entrances for boomers and smokers to grind at the survivors' health,
 and the longer they're pinned down there, the better the SIs' chances of
               _____   _____________________
              |_   _|  _____________________   Zoey ---- Hunting Rifle
                | |    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   Bill ---- Assault Rifle
                | |-Train Bridge               Louis --- Assault Rifle
              __| |___                         Francis - Auto Shotgun
             | -|G|-> \______
             |     ŻŻ|       \   
             (  \_)  Ż| *@^% ) )    ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
              \/ŻŻŻŻŻŻ|___ F | |     x - Gun Upgrades      A: Safehouse Forest
              / /ŻŻŻŻŻ___      |     * - Pills             B: Abandoned Barn
             ( (__    ###| |ŻŻŻ|     $ - Medkit            C: Depot Tracks
             /\___|    ########|     ^ - Molotovs          D: Depot Area
   Trainwreck   |      __######|     ! - Ammo Only         E: Trackside Cabin 1
                | |Ż| |_  _|###|     @ - Pipe Bombs        F: Trackside Cabin 2
                ) | | |[email protected] |###|     % - 2nd Pistol        G: Railroad Bridge
               (  | |E ____|###|     # - Forestry
                ) | |  ########|
                | | |  ########|  A: Safehouse Forest
                | |_|  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ\|  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
                |         |Ż|* )  An overgrown trail leads from the safehouse
                |   |ŻŻŻ  |_|  |  to the nearby barn. Like usual, the forest
                |   |   |      |  hides many infected so it helps to blindfire
            ____|   |@ Ż|Ż  |# |  into the boughs and hope to hit something
           )####|   |Ż  |   | #|  before it bogs y'down. The quicker one gets
    _____,'##### C     D ___|  |  to the next pitstop, the less likely any SIs
   |##########   _  |   | ##  #|  spawn near the start -- a good thing.
   )          _,| | |   |  #   |
   ||ŻŻŻŻŻ|  /  |_| |   |     #|  VERSUS: Smokers tend to frequent the leafy
   ||^@%B   #)  |   |___|##   #)  hillstop "right" of the safehouse entrance,
   ||_   _| #|  |  _     ##  #/   while boomers can attack from anywhere
   )         )  | ( \######  /    really, but they might have a hard time
  (#   #####(   |  \/###    /     spawning if the survivors are too close, so
  |##  ######\   ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  it's not a bad idea to be nearer to the barn
  )#  A#######)  (which may be a more productive attack zone in the long run).
 /       ###_,'  Hunters are in the same boat as boomers, but can jump around,
(_|Ż   Ż|_,'     even on the safehouse roof if they choose. A good coordinated
  |START|        attack here can tenderize the survivors for a tank spawn, too
  |_____|        (whoever plays 2nd on this map already knows the tank spawns!)

B: Abandoned Barn
 The barn is a two-story structure, with a few entrances at ground level and
 an interior ladder into the 2F loft, where most spawning goodies are. The
 roof can be accessed from said loft, or by using the junked car alongside the
 lower exterior. It helps to know the layout to this place in case a tank
 spawns; if no molotovs are on-hand, try to use gas cans in places the brute
 is likely to come up, such as the loft ladder.

 VERSUS: The high, slanted roof gives smokers a lot of pull here (no pun
 intended), while giving great cover if they manage to start fleeing from a
 lower target. Additionally, some of the lower barn walls are holey, and they
 can provide precision smoker pulls if things go right. SIs should especially
 use the exterior roof entrance, a method particularly good for boomers who
 are hiding at ground level (speaking of which, the small alley between the
 barn and fence is a good way to get around). As with all climbable structures,
 if a tank comes, survivors can really lead it on a wild goose chase -- be
 prepared to ensnare a few so the tank can chew 'em up. [Tank throw objects are
 found around ground level, also.]

C: Depot Tracks
 Past the barn, a leafy path leads to a small overlook to the train tracks
 below. Since it's a possible witch spawn, be prepared to either bypass her
 (if high) or leap over her to the depot's 2F awning (if low). Spawning hordes
 typically come from train-level, so the high ground is useful in fighting 'em

 VERSUS: As with most high drop-offs, smokers can pull stragglers away from
 the cliff's cusp, and increase their chances of incapping a target; however,
 the leap to the depot grounds isn't one-way so it may not always work as
 planned. If a witch spawns, there's almost always some dummy who spooks it --
 the boomer should stick around the depot's landing area, ready to explode on
 whoever the incapped and incapped-helper (and perhaps more!)

D: Depot Area
 The building consists of a large sitting area, a few tiny offices, and a
 garage warehouse. Outdoors, the grounds (besides the track area) consist
 mostly of forestry, wrecked boxcars, and a relatively barren loading area by
 the garage. While it's always good to check around for goodies, which often
 spawn in any number of rooms here, try to avoid the alarmed car near the
 parked semi.

 VERSUS: The massive depot is a playground for hunters, who can climb around
 the roof, crouch to hide in plain sight (behind the sitting area's small
 fertilizer stacks, to name one) and get around quickly -- which is important
 since there's so many exits to this place. Boomers should typically avoid
 spawning inside if they can help it...too little cover and a high chance of
 dyin'. Smokers can use the roof's height for pinpoint ensnaring, although
 they're just as adept at ground level -- the forest masks their smoky vapor,
 remember. Teams that search for goodies often exit from the garage loading
 bay, so be prepared to pull a "alarm car bait" trick to delay them further.

E: Trackside Cabin 1
 This cabin is built on an escarpment, meaning it's level at trackside but has
 stilts holding up half the foundation. Ammo and weapon upgrades may spawn
 here, but if a witch hasn't, she may cameo here. It's really a quick pitstop
 though there are worse places to camp if a horde floods in.

 VERSUS: Best-case scenario, the survivor team is inside the place. This means
 dropping in from the roof (boomer) is fair game, and smokers can ensnare prey
 from the escarpment's base, by aiming through the window. Hunters don't get
 much to work with but can wait on the roof anyway. It's worth mentioning that
 if a hunter doesn't have anything to do, jumping around -- which emits the
 creeper's loud scream -- can unnerve the survivors, effectively delaying 'em
 some without doing anything. They'll be watching their backs alright!

F: Trackside Cabin 2
 This cabin is a three-story house: its basement is accessible from the
 escarpment's base, its mid-story is at normal height, and its 2F looks out
 onto the trainwreck nearby. Searching this place thoroughly can often give
 throwables and pills, maybe another pistol... It's worth mentioning that, if
 a tank spawns, one can take a "long cut" to reach the suspension bridge. To
 find it, stand on the lower (exterior) stairway and jump over the chain-link
 fence -- a precipitous ledge winds around the house's base, before coming up
 and under the bridge. There are no railings here, though, so be extra wary!
 [Going this "long cut" route may skip the cabin's events, including a tank

 VERSUS: Plenty of the house's rooms are around the corner from the stairway,
 meaning ambush opportunities are always an option. The 2F exit to the wrecked
 boxcars is a one-way drop, so slippery smokers can drag stragglers back inside
 while their allies can't help (outside of careful molotoving, but when does
 that ever happen?). A tank may spawn around the wreck's base, so a team who
 encounters one has a few options: (1) make a run for the safehouse, which is
 often possible, albeit with a few casualties (2) retreat through the house
 and pick him off from there, perhaps with molotovs/gascans. Whatever the way,
 survivors shouldn't split up. Tanks who know about the "long cut" should keep
 in mind that survivors can't backtrack out of there, and without the ledges,
 one punch sends 'em off into the abyss. [Sometimes the humans take this way
 to dodge the tank, but tank knows best...haha.]

G: Railroad Bridge
 The bridge is long and barren, so survivors are often home free when they
 reach this place (health issues nonwithstanding). A prudent option is to
 molotov/gascan a section of the narrow structure, which prevents any normal
 SIs or hordes from following. If a tank spawns right at the end, bolting for
 the safehouse is often a good bet; at least one person can usually make it
 there. However, if there've been casualties along the way, a more tactical
 approach is required: backtrack through the cabin or get someone to draw the
 tank's attention while the other(s) reach the safehouse. There's numerous
 exits to this place, so jump out a window if things get too hairy. 

 VERSUS: If a tank doesn't spawn, normal SIs have to make do and try to either
 delay the team at the cabin, or go all the way to the safehouse and plan to
 attack there. [A fiery bridge means SIs have to fall off the cliff and climb
 up the other side, which is far too time-wasting to be viable.] If a tank
 DOES spawn, it's important to head off survivors at the bridge and stall them
 at the trainwreck area -- don't let any past! SI teammates have to help for
 this portion too, of course. The "long cut" mentioned above works to the
 survivors' advantage as an effective isolation tactic -- if a tank somehow
 follows someone down, that buys enough time to reach the safehouse.

  ___________________    /       B| |     Zoey ---- Hunting Rifle
  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ   ( (ŻŻŻ|Ż    |     Bill ---- Assault Rifle
  ____________________ _| |_  | )Ż) |     Louis --- Assault Rifle
 /      #(Ż)(Ż)/######|#### \/# | | |     Francis - Auto Shotgun
(##     ##Ż  Ż #######|##### \  ) ) (
|##      [Ż    ####|##|##C### \/ /   \  POSSIBILITIES LEGEND  MAP LEGEND
| #       Ż    ####)##)####### \/  __ ) ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ  ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
|     |ŻŻŻŻŻ|  ########/\###### )  \_\|  x - Gun Upgrades     A: Safehouse Area
|      *$Ex    ########\/##### (    ##|  * - Pills            B: Trainwreck
(##   |  @  |  #################)  ###|  $ - Medkit           C: Corn Field
 \##   ŻŻŻŻŻ        ___   ŻŻŻ##/ A ###|  ^ - Molotovs         D: Abandoned Barn
  \###  |ŻŻŻ| #### |   |     ,(_| |###|  ! - Ammo Only        E: Farmstead
   \##   *D!  #### |___|    /   | |ŻŻŻ   @ - Pipe Bombs
    \## |___| #########   ,'    |_|      % - 2nd Pistol
     \#                ,-'     START     # - Forestry

A: Safehouse Area
 The last traincar opens out across the suspension bridge, into an abandoned
 stretch of track flanked by forestry. There's a cliff nearby that survivors
 should stay away from, either by falling off (foolish!) or being dragged off
 by a smoker atop the traincar (lame!). The area may be a little light on
 hordes, although if any spawn, they'll probably come from the beginning more
 than the trainwreck ahead. If a tank spawns, look around for gascans and try
 to use the car transport trailer's height to get potshots off.

 VERSUS: SIs can hide on top of the safehouse traincar and wait for survivors
 to leave, while smokers can shoot through the tiny upper windows and smoke
 those inside, if they haven't left. [Although they can shoot through there
 too...] Boomers' alternative spawnpoint should be near the car trailer, the
 side facing away from the safehouse -- it's usually pretty fruitful. And of
 course, the foliage around the area helps mask most SIs presence.

B: Trainwreck Area
 Where the railroad tracks end, a caved-in tunnel and trainwreck signal the
 end of the line. Leaving the area is as simple as climbing a boxcar and
 moseying on past a cliff. [Possible tank/witch spawn.]

 VERSUS: This is actually a pretty good area to spawn at. Boomers can spawn
 on the opposite side of the wreck from where the survivors walk, then climb
 up and drop in on 'em. Smokers can use nearby trees to pull the human off
 their higher perches, such as boxcars, or spawn at the exit cliff and hope
 to ensnare the last person before s/he jumps in the cornfield. An early
 death there can spell trouble -- this is one of the harder finales in the
 game, and being short-handed ain't helping...well, the survivors anyway. :D

C: Corn Field
 One of the most annoying places in any map, the cornfield is like flying
 blind, survivors only able to see clearly a few feet in front of their face.
 Landmarks in this area are the tractor (good place to stand on if a horde
 comes), the toppled irrigation system which acts more as a barrier than
 anything else, and some fallen implements to stand on for a bird's-eye(ish)
 view of the area. Needless to say that this is not a place survivors want to
 linger, or revisit to help survivors, so get through quick!

 VERSUS: This massive area is an SI's paradise, and all types get pretty good
 camouflage thanks to nightfall. Stay away from the swathed parts of the field
 and the headlights, basically, and try to get a good coordinated attack while
 the survivors are disoriented. There's no real "awesome" places here -- being
 on top of the tractor is bad, for instance -- but that's okay. It's notable
 that a spawned SI can duck behind and under the tractor a bit, so it's a good
 way to hide in plain sight...for awhile anyway.

D: Abandoned Barn
 The barn is a two-story structure with a roof hole, not unlike the one found
 in this campaign's previous stage (Train Station). The same things apply:
 multiple lower entrances, possible ammo and throwables to find, not a bad
 place to hole up if survivors congregate to watch the entrances. This is an
 alternative location to fend off the crescendo event, and given its ammo and
 simpler structure (compared to the farmstead), it's not that bad in most
 cases. [Survivors cannot get onto the steep roof, however.]

 VERSUS: Chances are this place won't be visited, but sometimes survivors
 escaping the cornfield end up near the haybales, then stop here. Boomers
 can get access to the interior loft easily, so it's a good idea to barf on
 survivors when they're helplessly climbing a ladder, etc. Smokers can once
 again use their talents to drag survivors out of the loft window, off the
 roof, and so forth, so the place is ripe for them, too.

E: Farmstead (Crescendo)
 The repurposed farmhouse is now an evacuation shelter, and has all the
 amenities one would expect for a finale: medkits, weapon upgrades, ammo, and
 assorted throwables/pills in the anterooms. Radioing the rescue vehicle twice
 starts the crescendo, during which time a team should think about how they're
 going to approach the place. There's a couple good ways to do this:

 #1: FARMSTEAD (1F) - A common place to fight off the generic horde is right
     near the weapons cabinet. One person crouches, one person stands -- this
     covers the staircase entrance and kitchen -- while one covers the adjacent
     window and the other picks up the slack (such a standing on ammo table).
     It's important to not be in each others' crossfire.

 #2: FARMSTEAD (2F) - Although there's plenty of one-entrance rooms to hide
     in, many people use the upstairs nursery closet for the purpose of horde-
     -killing. Basically, all four survivors hide in the washing machine's
     nook, two on the dryer and two crouching below, and dominate the horde
     with concentrated firepower. It's really quite effective, but separates
     one from the ammo. For this reason, it's important that one replenish the
     supply before each tank comes and/or whoever has a shotgun switches out
     for an assault rifle (a shotgunner can be the person crouching below too,
     which works fine).

 #3: BARN - The barn loft is actually a decent alternative to the farmstead,
     only lacking medkits and a weapon assortment. Due to its simplistic design
     the only ways in are from the roof hole or ladder, both of which can be
     easily covered by a 4-person survivor party. Additionally, after the 2nd
     tank is defeated, the rescue vehicle stops right outside the loft window,
     so there's little run-around to deal with.

 Of course, when a tank comes, everyone should run outside into the wider
 space, preferably away from foliage and tank-throwable objects (such as the
 driveway near the farmstead's staircase entrance). A funny "glitch" is that,
 if a tank spawns while everyone is doing the upstairs washing machine method,
 exiting onto the 2F roof may reveal the tank stuck on a window across the way
 (garage side)...of course, it can just be gunned down easily. This is mostly
 helpful on higher difficulties, of course. Either way, when a tank's done,
 rinse and repeat. The rescue vehicle arrives near the barn.

 VERSUS: This place is chock full of great places. Hunters can jump onto the
 farmstead's high roof, and deal momentum damage for sky-high pounces -- this
 is particularly helpful when the survivors are approaching from the cornfield.
 Smokers can use the 2F roof and lower windows to snipe enemies from cover, a
 good tactic for staying alive since most teams (at least those with mics)
 group together. Like smokers, boomers can use their short-range vomit in the
 same method, such as the window near the ammo table, or from the 2F roof when
 the foes go outside. Ambush opportunities are ripe upstairs, especially since
 SIs can climb up the gutter and get in guerrila-tactic barfs, smokes, and
 pounces. [Tanks should avoid going inside if they don't have the element of
 surprise, and try to use instant-incap objects outside to their advantage.]

IV. ACHIEVEMENTS                                                         [ACHV]
 Achivements are feats of excellence that one can do in-game, which then gives
 a reward of gamer points. I've organized the achivements by offline/online,
 but know that one can always check the real listing order by pressing the
 XBOX-button on the controller and navigating from there. [AD] stands for any
 difficulty, and [S.I.] stands for special infected. Since y'can only play as
 a special infected in multiplayer, those types of achievements can't be done
 in campaign mode.

 The game keeps track of some achievement-related stats, also, so if y'wonder
 how many burn victims you've made in pursuit of the "101 Cremations" feat,
 you can look it up on the in-game achievements counter and see what's what.
 A number will look like, for instance, [79/101] -- i.e. 79 so far. What's
 that? Everyone knows how to read a fraction? Well excuuuUUUuuse me, princess!
 [Sometimes the in-game achievement
 _______________________________ ____ ________________________________________
| ACHIEVEMENT                   | PT | OBTAIN                                 |
| 101 Cremations                | 20 | Set 101 infected alight                |
| Akimbo Assassin               | 30 | Finish a campaign using only pistols   |
| All 4 Dead                    | 30 | Tank: kill/incap all 4 survivors       |
| Back 2 Help                   | 20 | Leave saferoom to get incapped ally,   |
|                               |    | then bring 'em back                    |
| Barf Bagged                   | 20 | Boomer: vomit on all survivors at once |
| Big Drag                      | 20 | Smoker: drag a victim 100 feet         |
| Blind Luck                    | 20 | After being vomited on, take no damage |
| Brain Salad                   | 15 | Kill 100 infected via headshot         |
| Burn the Witch                | 10 | Hit a witch with a molotov             |
| Chain Smoker                  | 20 | Smoker: capture 2 targets in one life  |
| Clean Kill                    | 10 | Shove & kill Boomer + no one's blinded |
| Cr0wnd                        | 30 | Kill a witch with one headshot         |
| Dead Baron                    | 15 | Finish the Dead Air campaign [AD]      |
| Dead Giveaway                 | 10 | Heal ally when own health is below 10  |
| Dead Stop                     | 10 | Melee a hunter mid-pounce              |
| Dead Wreckoning               | 20 | As an S.I., score 5000 survivor damage |
| Do Not Disturb                | 20 | Any campaign: sneak past all witches   |
| Double Jump                   | 20 | Hunter: pin two targets in same life   |
| Drag and Drop                 | 20 | Rescue ally from Smoker before damage  |
| Field Medic                   | 20 | Heal 20 allies (with health kit)       |
| Grim Reaper                   | 15 | Finish the Blood Harvest campaign [AD] |
| Ground Cover                  | 30 | While on ground, save ally from a S.I. |
| Helping Hand                  | 20 | Revive fifty (50) incapped allies      |
| Hero Closet                   | 10 | Any campaign: rescue ally from closet  |
| Hunter Punter                 | 10 | Melee a Hunter who's pinned a survivor |
| Jump Shot                     | 20 | Headshot-kill a pouncing Hunter        |
| Lamb 2 Slaughter              | 20 | S.I.: drag foe from saferoom & incap   |
| Man vs. Tank                  | 30 | Single-handedly kill a tank            |
| Mercy Killer                  | 15 | Finish the No Mercy campaign [AD]      |
| My Bodyguard                  | 15 | Protect allies fifty (50) times        |
| No Smoking Section            | 15 | Kill 15 smokers as they pull victims   |
| No-one Left Behind            | 20 | Beat a campaign with all allies alive  |
| Nothing Special               | 30 | Beat a campaign w/o taking S.I. damage |
| Pharm-assist                  | 20 | Give allies pain pills ten (10) times  |
| Pyrotechnician                | 20 | Kill 20 infected with one pipebomb     |
| Red Mist                      | 20 | Kill 1000 infected with an emplacement |
| Safety First                  | 30 | Beat a campaign w/o friendly fire DMG  |
| Spinal Tap                    | 10 | Kill an infected w/ 1 shot from behind |
| Stand Tall                    | 20 | Beat a campaign w/o being incapped     |
| Stomach Upset                 | 20 | Beat a campaign w/o being vomited on   |
| Tankbusters                   | 20 | Kill a tank w/o anyone taking damage   |
| Toll Collector                | 15 | Finish the Death Toll campaign [AD]    |
| Tongue Twister                | 20 | Kill a Smoker who's entangling you     |
| Towering Inferno              | 10 | Hit a Tank with a molotov              |
| Unbreakable                   | 30 | Finish a campaign w/o having healed    |
| Untouchables                  | 30 | No one damaged after contacting rescue |
| What Are You Trying to Prove? | 35 | Finish all campaigns on Expert         |
| Witch Hunter                  | 20 | Kill a witch w/o anyone taking damage  |
| Zombidical Maniac             | 30 | Finish any campaign on Expert          |
| Zombie Genocidist             | 20 | Kill 53,595 Infected                   |

 Additionally, there are ten achievements only accessible by installing the
 Crash Course pack DLC.
 _______________________________ ____ ________________________________________
| ACHIEVEMENT                   | PT | OBTAIN                                 |
| 20-Car Pileup                 | 20 | As tank, hit 20 survivors with cars    |
| Crash-Proof                   | 15 | Survive the Crash Course campaign      |
| Jumpin' Jack Smash            | 25 | Pounce a survivor for 25 damage        |
| Quick Power                   | 25 | Crash Course: restart generator in 30s |
| Slippery Pull                 | 25 | Smoker-pull a bile-covered survivor    |
| Smash Hit                     | 25 | Win a Versus match in Crash Course     |
| Tank Stumble                  | 20 | Stun a tank with an explosion          |
| The Littlest Genocide         | 25 | Kill 5,359 zombies                     |
| Truck Stop                    | 35 | Incap all survivors once vehicle shows |
| Wipefest                      | 35 | Incap 3 survivors within 5s (Cra.Cou.) | 

 • For campaign-finishing achievements such as "Grim Reaper," it's easiest to
   play on...well, Easy. If you just want the gamer points, there's no reason
   to suffer through undue annoyances, right? Also, to beat a campaign, only
   one person has to escape on the rescue vehicle -- this (luckily) applies to
   achievements like Zombicidal Maniac.

 • For items where you have to heal allies or give pills, this can be done by
   selecting the item with the d-pad and pressing L-Trigger while pointed at
   a person. Pills are given immediately but healing takes as long as normal.
   Also, giving pills only counts toward achievements if the target uses 'em.

 • AKIMBO ASSASSIN: A player can use any throwable (pipebomb, molotov) or
   environmental weapon (gascan, propane tank, etc.) in order to survive, plus
   melee attacks and healing methods. Using any other firearm prevents the
   achievement from being unlocked! Basically, pick up no other weapon besides
   the pistols, and don't use the turret emplacements if y'find 'em. Meleeing
   with the pistols is fine, too.

 • DEAD STOP: Apparently the achievement can only be gotten by successfully
   meleeing a hunter targeting YOURSELF, i.e. the melee thwarts the pounce.
   Some people have trouble with this, so it may be best to set up certain
   circumstances (kill AI-players on an easy level) to tip 'em in one's favor.

 • ZOMBIE GENOCIDIST: All kills, campaign or versus, count toward this.

 • SAFETY FIRST: You'll quickly find that stopping friendly fire ain't as
   easy as y'think, since AI-controlled teammates can still screw it up. The
   best way to go about it is to play No Mercy on Easy with four human allies,
   then use the "Jesus Room" in the finale to secure the victory. Kinda lame,
   but also the most viable (stumble into this achievement? Doubtful.)

 • SLIPPERY PULL: This only works if the smoker ensnares the survivor, then
   drags them close enough that he can start clawing them.

 • UNBREAKABLE : This can be done on easy, and is really the only way to get
   it without wanting to rip your hair out. Note that, although they provide
   temporary health, pills CAN be used at your leisure. Also, if you're idle
   long enough, the computer will take over and heal you -- this cheapo way
   of healing does NOT count against you. Thirdly, dying and being let out of
   a closet does NOT count as healing, so that's fine, too.

 • UNTOUCHABLES: Easiest done on No Mercy (Easy) by using the "Jesus Room."
   Then, hightail it to the helipad and melee everyone. Sometimes it's gotten
   easily, sometimes it ain't -- that's the horde for you.

 • WITCH HUNTER: Although an easy strategy is burning the witch and fleeing,
   while the other teammates (with weapon upgrades) beat the crap out of her,
   incapping the targeted ally can buy some time and not count against the
   achievement. The witch pauses a 3-4 seconds before continuing the attack,
   which is often enough time to be blown apart. [This part's easiest done on
   Expert, where spot-on friendly fire's basically an instant incap.]

V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]
 [Q] - How come I can't save my campaign progress?
 [A] - L4D is modelled after the select-a-level arcade shooters, not typical
       story-driven FPS ones. Y'gotta play through an entire campaign in one
       sitting for achievements, thus.

 [Q] - What does it mean to rescue someone from a closet?
 [A] - This only applies to campaigns. When an ally dies, it would be pretty
       lame to prevent them from continuing for the WHOLE campaign. Instead,
       fallen survivors may respawn in "closets" -- tiny locked rooms of any
       kind -- around the map. This usually applies to the nearest "closet,"
       but it's possible to backtrack and have him/her respawn there.

 [Q] - What's different about the Game of the Year (GOTY) version?
 [A] - A new loading screen and Survival mode comes free with the purchase,
       but little else is changed from the standard version. Yeah, it's kinda
       cheap to not include the Crash Course levels, but oh well...

 [Q] - Why do I automatically spawn in a place? I can't choose!
 [A] - This only happens in a finale, after the survivors have radioed for
       help. The AI director randomly chooses a spot for the Special Infected,
       which can be a good one or a very poor one.

 [Q] - My Crash Course achievements won't unlock?
 [A] - They're glitched apparently, and may or may not unlock when their task
       is fulfilled (or if it isn't, in some wonky cases). Playing Versus on
       local servers -- that is, there's a 5-second countdown to start the
       game -- seem to work just fine, though.

 [A] - My achievements don't display right when viewed in-game!
 [A] - This is another common problem, perhaps attributable to the Survival
       pack (at least it started when I did it). Basically, when the option
       is viewed in the main menu, achievements obtained are either listed as
       unachieved or not all are displayed. However, they ARE displayed right
       when viewed from the main achievements menu on the Xbox button. [DLing
       the Crash Course campaign seems to correct this problem.]

VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
 09-25-09 ---------------------------------+ Started walkthrough
 02-18-09 ---------------------------------+ Finished walkthrough

 • Sailor/Ceej, for hostin' my stuff
 • The L4D Board, just for being awesome

 • DLC Content
 • Survival mode (maybe)

 Readers who have sweet section-specific strategies should send 'em my way,
 and I'll put 'em in. Don't be shy, sweetums!

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