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by oldschool312

                              Iron Man
                          Created 5-11-2008
                            Version 1.0

                          Table of Contents

               Version History.........................[VSHY]
                    Power Distribution.................[PWDS]
               General Tips............................[GNTP]
               Iron Man Suits..........................[IMST]
               Suit Configuration......................[STCF]
                    Core Systems.......................[CRSY]
                    Power Systems......................[PWSY]
                    Auxillary Weapons..................[AXSY]
                    Mobility Enhancements..............[MBEN]
                    First Flight.......................[MSN2]
                    Stark Weapons......................[MSN3]
                    Maggia Factories...................[MSN4]
                    Maggia Compound....................[MSN5]
                    Flying Fortress....................[MSN6]
                    Arctic Battle......................[MSN7]
                    Lost Destroyer.....................[MSN8]
                    On Defense.........................[MSN9]
                    Save Pepper........................[MSN10]
                    Island Meltdown....................[MSN11]
                    Space Tether.......................[MSN12]
               One Man Army............................[ONMA]

                              Introduction                            [INTD]

First I have to say the movie was awesome. The game follows some movie points
but not to the point that playing the game ruins the movie experience. This 
guide is based on the Xbox 360 version of the game. The walkthrough section
of the guide describes the actions taken too defeat each mission playing the
game on the Normal difficulty. There may be better/easier ways to move through
a level but the descriptions below do work. The game at times can be
frustratingly difficult, that is at least until you get a good grasp on the 
way to move through each level. Hopefully with the help of this guide the 
gaming experience of Iron Man will be more enjoyable.

                             Version History                          [VSHY]

Version 0.15
     -Submitted 5-11-2008
     -Format established
     -Walkthrough through first 3 missions
     -Achievement List 

Version 0.75
     -Submitted 5-18-2008
     -Walkthrough missions 4 through 11 complete
     -Suit configuration descriptions complete

Version 1.0
     -Submitted 5-26-2008
     -Final missions of walkthrough complete
     -Further updates possible if necessary    

                                Controls                              [CNTL]
Simply put this section will break down what the buttons do and provide some 
minor background on how some maneuvers are accomplished.

                                 Flight                               [FLGT]

Iron Man manuevers through the air in two primary ways: Hover and Flight. Using
the LT fully will cause Iron Man to rise from the ground and continue to rise.
Pressing the same button partially (1/2 way down) will allow him to hover at 
a constant altitude. While hovering, Iron Man can move (left stick), attack,
and/or quickly convert to flight.

Flying is accomplished by holding the LB button down. This type of aerial 
movement is considerably quicker than hover. While in flight direction is 
controlled with the left stick (movement) and the right stick (camera). 
Pressing the A button will increase the speed at which Iron Man flies. In
flight, Iron Man still has the ability to attack enemies and objectives.

                                Combat                                [CMBT]

The Iron Man suit was designed for combat. The simplest form of attack is 
melee. Pressing B causes Iron Man to punch any nearby enemy. Holding the same
button will cause a grapple action to take place and usually result in an 
instant kill.

Iron Man is not simply a bruising puncher, he also has a few toys that can come
in handy during battle. Pressing the RT will lead to an attack using Iron Man's
repulsors. This attack can be used as long as the power meter is not depleted.
The Y button fires Iron Man's auxillary weapon, usually some sort of missile/
bomb type attack. The auxillary weapon takes a certain time to reload so it 
can not be constantly used like the repulsors. The Unibeam is unleashed by
pressing RB. The longer RB is held the more powerful the blast but the more 
energy it drains as well.

                           Power Distribution                         [PWDS]

The Iron Man suit can have its power rerouted to add additional power to a 
particular system that is required at a particular time. The systems are 
Life Support (D-pad Up), Melee, (D-pad Right), Weapons (D-pad down), and 
Thrusters (D-pad Left). If you find yourself dying too quickly press up to
regenerate health quicker. Want to do more damage? Pack an extra powerful punch
by diverting the suits power to Melee attacks. Rerouting power to the weapons 
system allows Iron Man to use his fire power more efficiently. During a mission
when flight is a main component pressing left on the D-pad will cause the 
afterburners to use less power. Depending on the situation or your personal 
style The suit can be customized to your preference.

                                Summary                               [SMMY]

|          Button                  |              Action                     |
|A                                 | Dodge/Boost                             |
|B                                 | Melee/Boost                             |
|X                                 | Special Defense                         |
|Y                                 | Auxillary Weapon                        |
|LT                                | Hover                                   |
|RT                                | Primary Weapon                          |
|LB                                | Fly                                     |
|RB                                | Unibeam                                 |
|Left Stick                        | Movement                                |
|Right Stick                       | Camera                                  |
|D-Pad Up                          | Divert Power to Life Support            |
|D-Pad Down                        | Divert Power to Weapons                 |
|D-Pad Left                        | Divert Power to Thrusters               |
|D-Pad Right                       | Divert Power to Melee                   |
|Back                              | Objectives                              |
|Start                             | Pause                                   |

                              General Tips                           [GNTP]

-Do not forget the ability to reroute power to increase the effectiveness of
 one of the Iron Man suit's systems (Life, Weapons, etc.)

-When attacking most of the bosses use cover to heal. Peaking around building
 corners or objects for attacks will greatly increase your chance of survival.

-Upgrade your suit.

-A head to head fight is not always in Iron Man's best interests. Sometimes it
 is wise to fight at a distance.


                             Iron Man Suits                           [IMST]

                               Mark III

Designed for customization, the Mark III armor can be equipped with a variety
of enhancements.
     Armor  3   
     Repulors 3 
     Power Systems 3 
     Auxilary Weapons 3
     Mobility 3


Iron Man's first iconic armor debuted in Tales of Suspense #48 and underwent
several subtle cosmetic changes before finalizing its look in Tales of Suspense
#66. It was the first suit to feature the trademark palm-mounted repulsor rays.

     Armor 4     
     Repulors 5  
     Power Systems 2
     Auxilary Weapons 2
     Mobility 2


Used during major events such as Civil War, and appearing during the "Extremis"
story arc, this armor represents Iron Man's modern look. In this suit he has 
achieved new levels of power.

     Armor 3    
     Repulors 3  
     Power Systems 2
     Auxilary Weapons 3
     Mobility  4

                           Mark II Armor

Tony constructed the Mark II with an emphasis on exploring flight potential. As
the first suit of Iron Man armor built at Stark Industries, the Mark II armor
was soon replaced by the Mark III.

     Armor 2    
     Repulors 2   
     Power Systems 4 
     Auxilary Weapons 2 
     Mobility 5


The name says it all. This, the first version of Iron Man's Hulkbuster armor, 
appeared in Iron Man #304, and greatly boosted the hero's strength and
durability, enabling him to fight the Hulk one on one

     Armor 5     
     Repulors 4  
     Power Systems 2 
     Auxilary Weapons 3
     Mobility 1

                         Silver Centurion

Sporting new colors, Tony used this suit during his fight with Iron Monger, his
days as a West Coast Avenger, and in the first "Armor Wars" storyline.

     Armor 2     
     Repulors 4  
     Power Systems 3
     Auxilary Weapons 4
     Mobility 2

                         Classic Mark I

This first-ever Iron Man suit was built during the character's inital 
appearance in Tales of Suspense #39, and this design originates from the 
interpretation from Iron Man Vol. 4 #5.    

     Armor 4    
     Repulors 4  
     Power Systems 2 
     Auxilary Weapons 4
     Mobility 1

|Suit            | Armor   | Repulsors  |    Power   |  Auxillary |  Mobility |
|Mark III        | +++     |   +++      |     +++    |    +++     |  +++      |
|Classic         | ++++    |   +++++    |     ++     |    ++      |  ++       |
|Extremis        | +++     |   +++      |     ++     |    +++     |  ++++     |
|Mark II Armor   | ++      |   ++       |     ++++   |    ++      |  +++++    |
|Hulkbuster      | +++++   |   ++++     |     ++     |    +++     |  +        |
|Silver Centurion| ++      |   ++++     |     +++    |    ++++    |  ++       |
|Classic Mark I  | ++++    |   ++++     |     ++     |    ++++    |  +        |

                            Suit Configuration                         [STCF]

                              Core Systems                             [CRSY]

Upgrade 1 Costs $77m unlocks Improved Mark III and Striker systems
Upgrade 2 costs $117m
                              Mark III

The Mark III system offers remarkable durability without compromising mobility.
This armor was constructed as a flexible foundation form which further 
improvements can be made.

     Penetration Resistance 1
     Blast Resistance 1
     Melee 1

                       Improved Mark III System
Enhanced structural integrity and the adddition of anti-missile countermeasures
are noteworthy additoins to the Improved Mark III System

     Penetration Resistance 3
     Blast Resistance 1
     Melee 2
     Countermeasure - Chaff Missile Defense

                            Striker System

Using composites and layered superconductors, the Striker System is capable of
rerouting power to an energy-based shielding system.

     Penetration Resistance 2
     Blast Resistance 2
     Melee 2
     Countermeasure - Energy Shield 

                       Advanced Mark III System

Agile, lethal, and with significantly improved defenses, this is the most
advanced version of the Mark III System available.

      Penetration resistance 4
      Blast resistance 2
      Melee 4
      Countermeasure Chaff Missile Defense

                       Advanced Striker System

The Advanced Striker System offers increased durability and is capable of 
rerouting significantly more energy to shielding systems than previous 
incarnations of the Striker System.

      Penetration resistance 3
      Blast resistance 3
      Melee 4
      Countermeasure Energy Shield

                           Specter System

The Specter System sacrifices energy to enable optical displacement 
countermeasures, severely disrupting hostile projectile accuracy.

      Penetration resistance 2
      Blast resistance 4
      Melee 4
      Countermeasure Stealth
                             Repulsors                                [RPLS]

Upgrade 1 costs $93m and unlocks Ion Repulsor, Meson Repulsor, and Gatling 
Upgrade 2 costs $134m

                             Core Repulsor

The Repulsor is a fast, accurate weapon that is equally effective  against all

     Damage 1
     Rate of Fire 2
     Blast Radius 1
     Precision 1

                             Ion Repulsor

Ion Repulsors deliver more damage than standard Repulsors, increasing Iron 
Man's threat potential while maintaining a consistent rate of fire.

     Damage 2
     Rate of Fire 2
     Blast Radius 2
     Precision 2

                             Meson Repulsor

Meson Repulsors offer significantly improved firepower at a slower rate of fire
than standard Repulsors. This Repulsor is ideal for engaging small groups of
armored targets

     Damage 3
     Rate of Fire 2
     Blast Radius 3
     Precision 1

                             Gatling Repulsor
The Gatling Repulsor system is an extremely rapid firing light impact weapon.
It is ideal for taking on lightly armored targets.
     Damage 1
     Rate of Fire 3
     Blast Radius 1
     Precision 3

                            Advanced Ion Repulsor

The Advanced Ion Repulsor system enables a steady flow of accurate, high-damage

     Damage 3
     Rate of Fire 2 
     Blast Radius 3
     Precision 3

                            Meson Cannon Repulsor

The Meson Cannon Repulsor is the heaviest portable Repulsor system available.
It is capable of punching through hard targets, but has a slow rate of fire.

     Damage 4
     Rate of Fire 1 
     Blast Radius 4
     Precision 2

                         Multi-Phase Gatling Repulsor

Combining the firepower of the Ion Repulsor system with an increased rate of
fire, the Multi-phase Gatling Repulsor can quickly deliver damage to numerous 

     Damage 2
     Rate of Fire 4 
     Blast Radius 1
     Precision 4

                              Power Systems                           [PWSY]

Upgrade 1 costs $78m
Upgrade 2 costs $121m
                              Primary Power

This system allows vast output from a compact and stable source. It requires
upgrades to meet the power demands of other augmented systems.
     Capacity 1
     Efficiency 1
     Unibeam Power 1
                            Micro Fusion Power

The Micro Fusion power system offers improved and highly efficient power 
output. The additional power yield is also evident in the damage potential of
the Unibeam

     Capacity 2
     Efficiency 2
     Unibeam Power 2
     Special Rapid Unibeam

                           Converter Augmented

The Converter Augmented power system can covert incoming attacks into usable
energy. Energy converters provide additional power under fire but do not 
mitigate damage.

     Capacity 2
     Efficiency 2
     Unibeam Power 2
     Special Damage to Energy
                               Plasma Core

The Plasma Core outputs energy more efficientyl than any other power plant.

     Capacity 4
     Efficiency 4
     Unibeam Power 4
     Special Rapid Unibeam

                              Hec Augmented

The High Efficiency Conversion power system offers improved efficiency, more
power output, and an advanced collection system to convert incoming attacks
into usable energy.

     Capacity 4
     Efficiency 4
     Unibeam Power 4
     Special Damage to Energy 

                             Auxillary Weapons                         [AXSY]

Upgrade 1 costs $82m
Upgrade 2 costs $125m


The Micro-Grenade dispersal system fires numerous unguided explosives with
remarkable accuracy. Grenade systems are ideal for large targets or groups of
ground based units

     Damage 2
     Rate of fire 2
     Precision 2
     Special Unguided Grenades

                          Aegaeon Micro-Grenades

The Aegaeon Micro-Grenade system is similar to the standard Micro-Grenade 
Dispersal System but yeilds a larger and more potent grenade payload.

     Damage 3
     Rate of fire 3
     Precision 2
     Special Unguided Grenades

                             Vespid Missiles

Vespid Missiles are fired in volleys of three guided missiles which converge
on a single target. Vespid Missiles are ideal for use against fast moving air

     Damage 2
     Rate of fire 2
     Precision 4
     Special Guided Missiles

                           Gyges Micro-Grenades

                         Advanced Vespid Missiles

                             Mobility Enhancements                     [MBEN]

Upgrade 1 costs $70m
Upgrade 2 costs $103m

                              Core Thrusters

The Core Thruster system allows for high-speed flight, maneuverability and
stable hovering. These thrusters serve as a platform for further advances in
speed efficiency and maneuverability.

     Top Speed 1
     Flight Agility 1
     Dodge Speed 1
     Ram 1

                          Advanced Core Thrusters

Faster than standard thrusters Advanced Core Thrusters are primarily designed
for balanced performance

     Top Speed 2
     Flight Agility 2
     Dodge Speed 2
     Ram 2

                             Pulse Thrusters

Pulse Thrusters are focused entirely on speed, at the expense of efficiency and
     Top Speed 3
     Flight Agility 1
     Dodge Speed 1
     Ram 3

                            Agility Thrusters

Agility Thrusters greatly improve maneuverability with only moderate sacrifices
to speed and efficiency.

     Top Speed 1
     Flight Agility 3
     Dodge Speed 3
     Ram 1

                             Requo Thrusters

Requo Thrusters are tuned for the most efficient and balanced transfer of 
power to speed. They offer good performance without excessive energy 

     Top Speed 3
     Flight Agility 3
     Dodge Speed 3
     Ram 3

                           Celeritas Thrusters

Celeritas Thrusters are the fastest thruster system available. The incredible
speed offered by this thruster system comes with reduction in agility.

     Top Speed 4
     Flight Agility 2
     Dodge Speed 2
     Ram 4

                           Agilitas Thrusters

The Agilitas Thruster system was built for maximum maneuverability at moderate
sppeds. These thrusters excell at rapidly changing direction and speed.

     Top Speed 2
     Flight Agility 4
     Dodge Speed 4
     Ram 2

                               Walkthrough                            [WLKT]

Here you will find a description of the actions required to beat each one. 
Along with the description will be strategies to accomplish the required goals
(where needed). Additionally, at the beginning of each mission there will be a
synopsis of the mission and requirements for bonus objectives.

                                Escape                                [MSN1]

Cobbled together from available parts the means of your escape is finally 
complete. Find a path out of the Ten Ring's encampment and defeat your captors
as Yinsen activates your armor systems remotely.

-Primary Objective: Escape the Ten Rings Encampment $33m

-Hero Objective: Destroy all of the Stark weapons $6

-Bonus Objectives:
     Time Challenge 5:45, $4m
     Enemies to destroy: 90, $4m

-Total Assets Possible: $47m

The game begins just as you think it would, with the creation of the first 
Iron Man suit. The goal is to escape captivity, while attempting to master the
controls. I smell a tutorial level. The first tip is to hold RT to use the 
primary weapon. Head down the hill to try it out on the first wave of 
terrorists. The path is fairly linear, just continue forward burning enemies
with the flame thrower.

As you proceed a missile will whiz by your head (or hit you as the case may be)
and Yinsen will mention he has your health meter installed. Further down the
path Tony learns of the ability to melee tanks and enemies with the B button.
Holding this button also will activate a grapple move. Grappling tanks, 
turrets, and helicopters will also require repeated pressing of the B button
to make the action successful. After the second tank is destroyed move to the
immediate right for some cover. Ahead is a large number of enemies. Peak around
the corner of the building and focus some fire on the barrels. The resulting 
explosion thins the enemies quite nicely. There is also a terrorist with a 
missile launcher on the roof of the buildings on the right side.

Next up is the targeting system and the ability to use missiles for distant
enemies. Take out the fuel truck on the bridge for a big explosion. Just past 
the bridge Yinsen will activate the radar. The radar will tell Iron Man where 
enemies and important goals are located. In this mission, the yellow indicates
the presence of Stark Industry weapon caches that should be destroyed. They
are easy to find and not so heavily guarded. The missiles will help take out
the distant enemies and helicopters. Additionally, a missle and a punch or 
two missles will take out the tanks. 

Upon destruction of the weapons Iron Man should come across a cave guarded
by several terroists. Plow through them to the other side and encounter two 
tanks. Just by the tanks is the first "boss" and the end of the level. After 
the mini cutscene, the only goal that remains is to take out Raza (the big tank
that will be highlighted in orange). Taking out the large group of enemies to
the back side of the map can keep Iron Man alive longer but the primary
emphasis of the attack should be placed on Raza. The only other obstacle is a
respawning helicopter that should not present too much of a problem. If you can
stand directly in front of the tank, it will run into Iron Man and not be able
to move around. With the tank basically motionless in front of you punch it 
into submission. If the timing doesn't seem to work take advanatage of the
missiles to hit a few fuel tanks (as well as Raza) and punch when possible. The
easiest and quickest way for victory though is to stand in front of Raza and 

                              First Flight                             [MSN2]

With the full resources and technology of Stark Industries at your disposal,
you have honed the concepts behind the original Iron Man armor into a 
technological marvel. Test the Mark II armor's capabilities in the skies above
Stark Industries.

-Primary Objective: Defend Stark Industries from Maggia attack $50m

-Hero Objective: Destroy drones without civilian damage $2m

-Bonus Objectives:
     Time Challenge: 7:30, $2m
     Enemies to Destroy: 70, $2m

-Total Assets Possible: $56m

This level begins with a flying tutorial, just follow the on screen prompts.
First step is to learn to hover. Now learn to fly. After learning to fly, move
through each of the markers to complete the flight course. At the end there 
will be some battle simulations to guide Iron Man through his ability to attack
and avoid attacks while in air. Initially dodge the incoming missile with the
A button. Next grab a missile and return it to sender. Iron Man can also
grapple while in air. Grapple the Drone and destroy it by rapidly pressing B. 
Once you reroute power and try out the unibeam the training is complete and
the real action begins.

Pepper notifies Tony of an attack on Stark Industries, return to the corporate
site immediately (its the orange marker on the map). The Maggia did not 
appreciate Stark's idea to stop creating weapons so they have attacked. Defend
Stark Industries by taking out some of the ground troops. Jarvis will then 
announce more incoming troops being transported to your position. Take out
the transport vehicles indicated by orange markers. Simply, fly to their 
positions and destroy the vehicles (six or so) as desired.

The next wave of enemies come by air. Several enemy drop ships are on their way
bringing more troops. Fly to the aircraft and destroy them. Once they are 
taken out a Stark gunship is launched. The gunship is the main target now. It 
has a lot of HP and will not be easy to defeat. Follow it around and lay down
constant fire on it. Alternate between Iron Man's primary weapon and auxillary
weapon. Use the primary weapon constantly and the auxillary weapon as much as 
possible. Its kind of tricky but catching and retuning missiles will also add
to the damage. At times the gunship will move around the city and release 
drones in sets of three. Defeating these drones (indicated by yellow markers) 
quickly will net an achievement and some bonus cash at the end of the mission.
The mission can be completed even if the drones are ignored. The gunship can
not be grappled, so just focus your fire on it as you chase and as it hovers. 
An occassional unibeam couldn't hurt. The battle takes a while but constant
attacks will earn Iron Man a victory.

                               Stark Weapons                           [MSN3]

Your former captors have stockpiled a large cache of Stark weapons. Its time 
to see how they like the new armor. Destroy the stockpiles and cripple the 
military capacit of the Ten Rings.

-Primary Objective:

-Hero Objective:

-Bonus Objectives:
     Time Challenge: 9:00
     Enemies to Destroy: 100 

-Total Assets Possible: $87m

Quickly fly down the hill and engage the enemy. Fly at a high altitude then
swoop down to the battle field. Staying too low and not flying with 
afterburners can lead to a quick early death. There are some tanks and turrets 
but nothing too tricky. In each guarded area there will be weapon caches that 
need to be destroyed. They are easily found due to the orange outline 
surrounding them. In this mission there are a total of 7 warehouses that hold 
weapons for destruction. Each warehouse can be found using the radar on the 
lower right corner of the screen. Each orange dot represents a warehouse. Move
to each area take out the turrets and tanks, then hit any remaining weapon 
caches. All enemies do not have be destroyed to succeed (though it may help 
later on to clear each area as you proceed). Proceed with caution since there
will be lots of fire directed at Iron Man. Remember that standing in a place 
hidden from attacks will replinish lost health.

When the last warehouse of Stark weapons is destroyed, convoy vehicles
containing enemy reinforcements will enter the area. Use the radar to find the
location of each set of vehicles and destroy them. A nice unibeam attack works
wonders. Once the last vehicle is destroyed the Maggia Dreadnaught will be 
released from the most northern warehouse. The Dreadnaugt is a tough machine.
It is well armed and armored. A direct face to face attack will likely lead to
certain death. Instead allow the Dreadnaught to travel the length of the 
canyon. While you stay above on one of the roads. The "tank" will stop at the
point where the mission began and stay there. Move to a position above the
Dreadnaught where Iron Man can stand on the ground. Continually fire the
primary and auxillary weapons as much as possible. From an appropriate vantage
Iron Man should be able to target the vehicle and have room to duck away from
incoming attacks. Continue to peak over the edge and fire then retreat when 
health depletes too much.

Once the Dreadnaught is destroyed the cavalry arrives. Unfortunately the Air
Force is not aware that Iron Man is a super hero and they attack. Its your
choice here, you can attack the fighter jets or grab them saving the pilots.
If you choose to save the pilots hover in a central area and hold B as the 
jet approaches. A cinematic will show the pilot ejecting from the jet and 
Iron Man can then direct the plane to the ground. Saving the pilots also yields
some cash.

                             Maggia Factories                         [MSN4]

The Maggia's private military facilities host four factories used to create
weapons derived from Stark technology. Destroy these factories and shut down
the Maggia's weapons production.

-Primary Objective: Destroy the Maggia Factories $73m

-Hero Objective: Protect the warehouse workers $8m 

-Bonus Objectives:
     Time Challenge 7:00, $7m
     Enemies to Destroy 75

-Total Assets Possible: $103m

There are four control centers (indicated by orange markers on the radar) that 
should be destroyed. They surround a heavily guarded central site. Approaching 
the central site will lead to a warning from Jarvis. Each control center is 
well guarded by lots of enemies (tanks, turrets, helicopters). All the enemies
at each site do not have to be destroyed but you are Iron Man might as well 
make as many terrorist weapons go boom as possible. The sites are located on 
the outer edge of the area. 

From the beginning of the level fly northeast to the first control center. The
main target is a building that will be highlighted in orange in sight. Destroy
the building and head to each of the next three to take out all four control 
centers. Thinning out some of the forces protecting the centers can't hurt. 
Once the last control center is rubble a helicopter attack force will be headed
in Iron Man's direction. The incoming helicopters will be indicated by orange
dots on the radar and converge on the central site. There are a few ways to 
deal with them. The most life preserving way is to hover close too or stand 
on the ground and fire at the helicopters. While on/near the ground it is 
easier to take cover behind buildings. Another way is to fly up to each 
helicopter quickly and grapple it. I wouldn't advise trying to catch missiles
and redirect them at the enemy unless the ground forces have been cleared out.

Once the helicopters are destroyed reinforcements approach. Take out the 
enemies indicated with orange markers. The factories also need to be destroyed.
There is a fuel tank at each site that will aid in the destruction. The enemy
reinforcements are trying to destroy civilian buildings at the central site.
Protecting the civilians is a hero objective. In order to meet the objective
focus on the targets surrounding the central compound first, then as they are
thinned out move to the near by factories and destroy them. 

When the factories are turned to rubble and the reinforcements are pulverized.
Enemy dropships will be in bound. Take out a few and wait for the dialog to 
end. The next goal is to defeat Whiplash. He is hanging out at the central site
and is waiting to greet you. Fly down to his position and land. Keep a steady
stream of repulsor fire directed at Whiplash while mixing in some of the 
auxillary weapon as well. Whiplash does not pose much of a threat. The main 
force for the enemy is the helicopters hovering above. Keep the focus on 
Whiplash and its unlikely Iron Man will be defeated. When low on health or 
in danger duck in behind some buildings for some relief.

                             Maggia Compound                          [MSN5]

The Maggia's production facilities have been destroyed with most remaining 
weapons located at their fortress-like headquarters with military-grade 
defenses. The Maggia saw fit to attack Stark Industries - it's time to return
the favor

-Primary Objective: Destroy the Maggia compound $83m

-Hero Objective: Destroy the Prometheus missiles

-Bonus Objectives:
     Time Challenge: 4:30
     Enemies to destroy: 66

-Total Assets Possible: $117m

Even though Jarvis suggests avoiding this level altogether, I doubt that will
allow you  to beat the game. Against his advice fly toward the center of the 
area. As you approach the compound all hell breaks loose on the radar. The 
orange dots indicate perimeter defenses that need to be destroyed. Ten such
weapons exit. Unfortunately, these 10 are not the only enemies Iron Man must
contend with. There will be attacks coming from everywhere. Just focus on 
destroying as many of the required defenses as quickly as possible. 

Early on as you take out the compound's defenses, dialogue will indicated that
a Prometheus missile is being launched. Destruction of these 3 missiles will
lead to a Hero objective being met and net a few achievements. The Prometheus
missiles will be indicated by yellow markers on the radar. Their destruction
is completely optional. You may want to wait and replay the mission later to
attempt this objective. If you decide to go for it fly to the first missile 
site as quickly as possible. The missiles are difficult to destroy. They are 
well guarded and require Iron Man to unleash as much fire as possible to take
out before launch. While destroying the missiles do not be surprised if you 
lose a life. There is that much action at the launch pads. It is kind of a toss
up between diverting power to life or weapons when destroying them. For each
missile fly to its location as quickly as possible. When near enough to target
the missile, release the afterburner and start firing. Land and circle the 
missile while constantly firing on the move. With a little luck Iron Man can
destroy them and save numerous civilians.

In between each potential missile launch take out the remaining perimeter 
defenses. Once the defenses are destroyed Jarvis will mention air burst fire
and by all indications staying low is the best route. Fly toward the very 
heavily guarded power core and destroy it. The core is located in a valley and 
will have numerous tanks and turrets near its location. Stay back and attack 
from a distance. As the enemies thin approach the core and fire a way. If Iron
Man still has a reboot remaining, you can be a little more carefree and go in
repulsors a blazin'.

                             Flying Fortress                          [MSN6]

You've identified the Maggia's last remaining stronghold a flying fortress that
serves as an airborne military staging area. Destroy it and end the Maggia's
villainy for good

-Primary Objective: Destroy the flying fortress $88m

-Hero Objective: Avoid civilian casualties $19m

-Bonus Objectives:
      Time Challenge: 7:00, $9m
      Enemies to destroy: 58, $9m

-Total Assets Possible: $125m

Approaching the large Maggia Flying Fortress is no small task. Air burst fire
will be going off all around you. Shift power to thrusters and do not fly in
a straight-line path. Move toward one side of the ship or the other to begin
taking out the 10 anti-aircraft defenses indicated by orange markers on the 
radar. Some of the targets are on the surface of the ship while a few are on
the underside of the fortress. Before focusing on the anti-aircraft defenses,
go to the back side of the craft and take out the two helipads (one is on the
left portion of the fortress and the other is on the right). The helipads are
heavily guarded. While the helipads are not part of the mission it will make 
things much, much easier. If the helipads remain intact there will be an
endless barrage of helicopters to deal with. 

While flying around the fortress it is better to fly than hover. Since the ship
is also on the move hovering will only cause it to move away from you. This is
especially true while trying to destroy the anti-aircraft defenses on the 
underside of the fortress. 

After 10 of the turrets are destroyed, Jarvis mentions that the doors of 
some hangars are opening. These are located on the top side of the ship toward
(what I believe is) the rear. There are four hangars. The one to the East seems
to open first. Fly to its location (orange marker) and destroy the fuel tank
inside to destroy the hangar. Proceed to the next and continue the process
until all four are destroyed. The hangers are evenly spaced (two on the eastern
side and 2 on the western side). Firing the auxillary weapon takes the hangars
out quickly. 

Move below the upper surface and above the underside of the fortress to an
open area on the wings. There are two cooling structures on each wing that 
need some repulsor fire directed at them. Find all four cooling units and 
destroy them. Upon destruction of the last tank fly out to the front of the 
ship. In the center there will now be an open gate that Iron Man can fly into.
Inside are four cooling tanks that need to be blown up. There are several 
turrets inside. Land on the outskirts of the area and take out the initial 
two tanks and some turrets. Move further inside. Use the destroyed tanks for
some cover while attacking the final two cooling tanks and any turrets deemed

The final step is to take out the reactor. The reactor is located on the top
side of the fortress toward the rear of the ship. A gate will open and within
the opening is the reactor and more gunfire than you can shake a unibeam at.
Simply land (preferably to the back side of the ship) and fire non stop at the
reactor until it is destroyed. Hopefully, if all went well you will still
have a life or two that can be wasted though its not difficult to reach and 
defeat the end portion of the mission without a death. 

                             Arctic Battle                             [MSN7]

Advanced Idea Mechanics has been linked to the takeover of a remote Arctic
nuclear facility. Investigate why Stark Industries' top buyer is involved in
military seizing a Russian power plant.

-Primary Objective: Defeat Titanium Man $91m

-Hero Objective: Protect the Nuclear facility $20m

-Bonus Objectives: 
      Time Challenge: 12:00, $9m 
      Enemies to destroy: 72, $9m

-Total Assets Possible: $129m

Fly directly ahead in this winter wonderland. As Iron Man moves forward, the
position of anti-aircraft defense weapons are noted. Destroy at least 10 such
weapons to proceed to the next portion of the mission. While destroying the 
10 required, might as well destroy anything else in the way.

The defenses are weakened. Its time to face Bullski (who seems to have some 
sort of Titanium armor). This guy with the Titanium armor (whatever his name
is) seems to have a giant laser at his disposal he affectionately named 
Tatyana. Iron Man could destroy it but there is a force field protecting it. 
Move to the power centers and destroy them to weaken the force field. The power
centers are located at the bases at which Iron Man was taking out the 
anti-aircraft defenses. At each site one building will have a domed top. When 
Tatyana is powering up the dome opens and a device raises. Attack this source
of power as the laser is getting its juice. I found it best to position Iron
Man so that the building is in between him and the laser. Stand on the ground
near the building and as it is powering the laser hover up attack, then move
back to the ground before the laser fires. This way the building will block
the powerful beam from doing any harm to Iron Man. In between opportunites to 
attack the power source it would be wise to clear out as many of the 
reinforcements as possible. Once the last power center is destroyed the laser 
is exposed and ready for destruction.

Head back to the laser. It is well guarded as well. If you have been careful
and avoided a big hit while attacking the power centers then Iron Man should 
still have the majority of his reboots available. It is likely you may use one
here. Keep constant fire on the laser. Iron Man has 1 minute to destroy it 
before it makes the nuclear facility go boom. Stay to the rear of the laser 
and fire everything you have while constantly moving. Once its destroyed the
man in the titanium suit is not very happy. 

There is a mound of snow below the laser and before you reach the nuclear
facility Titanium man is found in. You can use this mound of snow as cover
when in danger. From a distance fire at Titanium Man and when it trouble
sneak behind the snow for protection. There are a couple of hovering missile
turrets around the nuclear facility that can create a problem. Take them
out but keep an eye on Titanium Man at all times. His green laser and grapple
attacks can take a good portion of health away. Basically, keep your distance,
fire at all times, and use cover to heal.

                             Lost Destroyer                           [MSN8]

The military has lost communication with a prototype destroyer. All signs 
suggest the involvement of AIM - and with it the use of Stark Industries 
weapons. Recover the ship, save the crew and eliminate any AIM threats.

-Primary Objective: Defeat AIM and secure the destroyer $94m

-Hero Objective: Avoid harming the destroyer and its crew, $22m

-Bonus Objectives:
     Time Challenge: 14:00, $9m
     Enemies to destroy: 108, $9m

-Total Assets Possible: $134m

There are four bases that need to be taken out. Each base is surrounded by a 
force field, so Iron Man will have to stay out of the immediate area of the 
base. There is a controller device located at each base that when taken out
will power down the force field. The first base "Icebreaker" is just ahead.
The controller drone is just behind the building next to the ship. Destroy
enemies until Jarvis says the base is defeated. 

The bases can be defeated any any order. The next one I saw was the research
facility. The controller drone for this area is in between the two large tanks
next to the mountain and the building in front of the tanks. You will also
come across a US ship that is under the control of a drone. The drone is toward
the center of the ship. Focus repulsor fire on it to destroy the drone, get
an achievement and complete a hero objective. If you take out one of the 
turrets on purpose or accidently no achievement. The Destroy can be identified
because Rhodey will mention that it is U.S. soldiers on board.

The location of the controller device at the fuel station is next to the 
second building Iron Man flies over when moving from the direction of the
Destroyer. The final controller device is located in the center of the docks.
The dock makes a U-shape. The device is located at what would be the curved 
portion of the U. Once all the controller devices and enemies are defeated.
Attack the submarine that lowers into the water and raises in a couple spots.
Focus all the attack on the orange target in the center. When the ship
submerges it heals. The turret does not seem to do alot of damage to Iron Man.
As long as their is just a single turret firing Iron Man can withstand its 
attacks during the duration of the submarine being above water. Just constantly
fire on the controller device until the sub is destroyed. 
                              On Defense                               [MSN9]

You return to Stark Industries searching for answers. Why is AIM willing to go
to such great lengths to acquire power sources? What are they trying to 

-Primary Objective: Defeat Titanium Man $98m

-Hero Objective: Avoid disrupting the city's power supply $18m

-Bonus Objectives:
     Time Challenge: 11:00, $10m
     Enemies to destroy: 35, $16m

-Total Assets Possible: $142m 

Titanium Man took the last fight a little too personal. He is out to destroy 
Iron Man. Just as before fight him at a distance. Continue firing the repulsors
constantly and add the auxillary weapon in occasionally. After Titanium Man's
health has been depleted he will attempt to recharge his suit by using one 
of four large power supplies in the city. The easiest way to defeat Titanium
Man is to move to each of the four power supplies (indicated in yellow) and 
destroy them before he ever has a chance to reenergize his suit. This action
however will result in the loss of a hero objective and an achievement. You can
always replay the mission later and try to preserve the power supply to the 
city while fighting Titanium Man. There is no trick or real strategy to the 
fight just unload on the enemy until he crashes to the ground.

                              Save Pepper                              [MSN10]

AIM has kidnapped Pepper and holds her hostage at a research facility. You 
recognize the obvious trap, but only one option exists: Save Pepper.

-Primary Objective: Prevent reactor destruction while Pepper is inside $103m

-Hero Objective: Protect the outlying occupied building

-Bonus Objectives:
      Time Challenge: 25:00, $10m
      Enemies to destroy: 85, $10m

-Total Assets Possible: 

Take a deep breath before starting this one because the action is non-stop.
During the entire mission Iron Man will have enemies to shoot and objectives
to attempt. First, lets look at the basic set up of the mission. There is a 
large facility in the center of the map. This facility is the primary target
for enemy attacks. It is also the building that is currently housing Pepper 
Potts. Judging by the name of the mission you should be able to imply what the
primary objective is. Iron Man can survive the entire mission but if the damage
to the research facility reaches 100% the mission is over and you restart from
the begining. Jarvis will keep Iron Man up to date on the stability of the 

Surrounding the central facility are a series of large rings. Take note of 
these rings before the chaos begins. Flying through the center of one of the
rings will provide a shield to the research facility. The shield does not 
prevent attacks fully, it just strenghtens the facility and minimizes the 
damage from incoming enemy fire. Jarvis will tell you when the shield is active
and when it has ran down. When active he will mention overload. Once the shield
runs out Jarvis will say it has stabilized. Each time the shield runs out it
can be useful to fly through a ring again. All you have to do is make it
through a single ring. Flying through more than one does not seem to improve or
strengthen the shield. The hero objective is to save some outlying buildings.
This is of little concern except for achievement and cash purposes.

Initially fly up to the facility and take out all of the enemies indicated by
orange markers. Iron Man will take a lot of damage and may need a reboot. Once
the initial few enemies flying around the facility are gone the craziness
begins. Missiles will be fired from all directions. Hover slightly above the
building and watch the radar for red objects coming your way. The red on the 
radar are incoming missiles. Fire the repulsors at the missiles. The auto-aim/
targeting feature that appears against other enemies does not work against
the incoming missiles. Iron Man just needs to aim the old fashion way and hit
as many as possible. Remember you do not have to keep the building from being
hit just make sure it survives until the end of the level. 

Dropships will fly in more enemies that will attack the rings and nearby 
buildings. Ignore them if you just want to complete the level. The main 
emphasis should be placed on a balance between moving through the rings to
activate some shielding and preventing missiles/enemies from hitting the
facility. Good flying skills and accurate repulsor firing are very important.
It may take a few tries but the level can be beaten.

                             Island Meltdown                           [MSN11]

You know Stane must be stopped, but AIM poses a much more immediate threat. In
its desperate state, AIM is capable of anything - including the use of a 
powerful island-based cannon against civilians. Don't let it happen.

-Primary Objective: Destroy the proton cannon

-Hero Objective: Prevent cannon attacks on cilvilian targets

-Bonus Objectives:
      Time Challenge: 12:00
      Enemies to destroy: 80

-Total Assets Possible:

There are four power couplings that need some repulsor action as soon as 
possible. The first one is the East power coupling and it is straight ahead.
Each one is well guarded, so use the techniques that have helped Iron Man 
thus far. Attack from positions that provide cover to eliminate hostiles. Then
attack the coupling. 

Moving to the East coupling go to the back side of building and use it for 
cover. Attack the enemy forces clearing the area for a head on attack of the 
coupling. This power source should be destroyed without losing a reboot. Move
to the Southern coupling, its to the left as if you were at the starting 
position. Use the rock formation below the coupling to provide cover. From this
vantage point Iron Man can attack the power source out of harm's way. Move on
to the North and West Power couplings and destroy them as well. These couplings
are easily destroyed by moving directly under the coupling and attacking. For
some reason it seems the attacks from the enemies are weaker or shielded while
under the couplings.

When Jarvis mentions reinforcements are located at a particular site then the
coupling is being repaired. The mission will not proceed until all four 
couplings are destroyed at the same time. So if the first one is repaired 
before the last one is destroyed, Iron Man will need to move to the first one
and destroy it again.

Once all four are destroyed, we find that AIM has a large proton cannon that
they would like to introduce the world to. We will do our best to prevent that
introduction as well as defeating an enemy (Horgan) as well. If you are 
interested in taking out the cannon then the first thing to do is take out some
of the accessory enemies at the central site. Next focus some fire on Horgan.
He has a big weapon and will attack with it. When Horgan moves to the nearby
platforms position yourself between him and the cannon. When he fires dodge the
blast and he will damgage the AIM weapon considerably. After a few hits it will
be of no use to any super-villain criminal orginization. While Horgan is moving
from platform to platform, Iron Man should occupy his time by either attacking
the cannon with his own weapons system or thinning out more of the accessory
enemies that are near the cannon.

                               Space Tether                            [MSN12]

You have identified AIM's answer to its power-source problem: The group has 
launched a tethered satellite and is transmitting power from space. Destroy
AIM's massive tethter to disrupt the satellite's orbit and deliver a crippling

-Primary Objective: Disable the space tether

-Hero Objective: Sever the tether before the satellite overloads

-Bonus Objectives:
      Time Challenge: 10:00
      Enemies to destroy: 55

-Total Assets Possible: $162m

Fly directly ahead. As Iron Man approaches the canyon, Jarvis will alert him
to the location of several MASER accumulators that are powering the outer
tether defenses. The accumulators are indicated by orange markers and are 
scattered around the central tether. The accumulators are structures with 
multiple spheres on the under side of a tower. There are four total and can 
be destroyed while near or on the ground.

Now that the outer tether defenses are diabled, it should come as no surprise
that there are inner tether defenses that will attempt to prohibit Iron Man 
from completing objectives. Seek and destroy the control centers to disable 
the inner tether defenses. The control centers are simply antennae that are 
surrounding the tethter. Iron Man should be able to fly by the antennae while
firing his weapons and destroy the control centers without landing. 

The mission is not complete yet because we have to disable the tether
completely. Unfortunately, AIM is not as stupid as Iron Man would prefer and 
has encased the power coupling in a shield of its own. On the bottom side of 
the large central tower there are several power centers that provide energy
for the force field. Destroy the power centers to access the coupling. As an 
added stress inducer, a 4 minute clock is counting down. When the power centers
are disabled fly to the very top of the tether and release it before the 
satellite detonates. Strafe around the central point and fire constantly at
the yellow indicators. Once the "clamps" holding the tether are destroyed the
missin is over.

                                 Showdown                             [MSN13]

Now mobile - yet cornered - in his mechanized suit, a dangerously armored 
Obadiah Stane threatens Pepper and the rest of the city. Return to Stark 
Industries and stop the desperation of this Iron Monger.

-Primary Objective: Defeat Iron Monger

-Hero Objective: Destroy the power regulators

-Bonus Objectives: None

-Total Assets Possible: $200m

Stane has created his own suit and it slightly larger than Stark's creation.
Keep your distance from Iron Monger. The closer you get the more difficult the
fight. Iron Monger has a very capable weapons system. There is a rapid fire
weapon, missiles, and a unibeam type attack. He can fly and hover just as 
Iron Man can. The fight can be won either on the ground or in the air but the 
key is to keep a safe distance away and always have a building/building corner
that you can take cover behind. When you hear a noise that sounds like a
charging weapon be prepared to dodge or duck behind cover. Stane is preparing
his unibeam and if it connects it does a fair amount of damage. Keep the orange
target circle on Iron Monger at all times and keep constant fire on him. By the
end of the level your right index finger should be begging for a rest. Iron Man
will have to deplete Iron Monger's health several times (4 or 5). After each
depletion Stane will begin some dialogue and fly away. Do not stop firing. 
While he is talking and moving away there is little to no return fire directed
at Iron Man, so keep the enemy in range and continue attacking. 

After his last bar of health has been brought to zero, Jarvis mentions its 
time for a close attack. This can be tricky. The best advise is to charge 
Iron Monger with the after burners activated with the A button. Once you are
close press and hold B to activate a grapple sequence. Repeatedly press B until
you disable Iron Monger's suit. Upon approaching Stane, he will likely unleash
lots of fire at Iron Man. Do not be surprised if you have to use a reboot to
gain access to him. Iron Monger disappears and the fight is over, with one 
minor exception, Iron Man must destroy four power regulators to unleash the 
full power of the arc reactor and take out Iron Monger for good. Fly to the 
top of the building and attack the power regulators indicated in yellow with
all you have. Upon the destruction of the final (of four) regulators a cut 
scene ends the mission and the game.

                               One Man Army                           [ONMA]

The One Man Army missions are exercises in destruction. The only goal is to
destroy as many enemies in a 10 minute window as possible. Once 80 kills are
obtained the mission is over and you are rewarded with a new Iron Man suit that
can be used during missions. The suits you unlock will carry over to a new 
save in which you try a harder difficulty. So if you play on easy, defeat all
the One Man Army missions, you can use (for example) the Extremis suit during
each mission of a normal difficulty play through.

One Man Army vs. Ten Rings

Stand as a one man army against the Ten Rings. Defeat 80 enemies within 10 
minutes to unlock the Mark II Suit.

One Man Army vs. Maggia

Stand as a one man army against the Ten Rings. Defeat 80 enemies within 10 
minutes to unlock the Extremis Suit.

One Man Army vs. Mercs

Stand as a one man army against the Ten Rings. Defeat 80 enemies within 10 
minutes to unlock the Classic Suit

One Man Army vs. AIM

Stand as a one man army against the Ten Rings. Defeat 80 enemies within 10 
minutes to unlock the Classic Mark I Suit.

One Man Army vs. AIM-X

Stand as a one man army against the Ten Rings. Defeat 80 enemies within 10 
minutes to unlock the Hulkbuster Suit.

                              Achievements                              [ACVS]

1. Eject (25)
     -Spare the US fighter pilots in the Star Weapons mission

2. Grounded (15)
     -Successfully grapple and throw a plane

3. Your own Medicine (15)
     -Damage or destroy another enemy while grappling a SAM launcher

4. Air Superiority (15)
     -Destroy all dropships before the Stark Gunship is stolen in the First 
      Flight mission

5. Overkill (15)
     -Defeat a soldier using the Unibeam

6. Disarmed (25)
     -Destroy stockpiled Stark weapons in the Escape mission

7. Sidekick (75)
     -Complete all missions on Easy difficulty (or harder)

8. Hero (75)
     -Complete all missions on Normal difficulty (or harder)

9. Super Hero (75)
     -Complete all missions on Formidable difficulty

10. City Protector (25)
     -Destroy drones without civilian damage in the First Flight Mission

11. Decommissioner (25)
     -Destroy all Prometheus missiles in the Maggia Compound mission

12. In the Drink (25)
     -Avoid civilian casualties in the Flying Fortress mission

13. Tatyana, Interrupted (25)
     -Protect the nuclear facility in the Arctic Battle Mission

14. Not a Scratch (25)
     -Avoid harming the destroyer and its crew in the Lost Destroyer mission

15. Power Saver (25)
     -Avoid disrupting the city's power supply in the On Defense mission

16. Shocking (25)
     -Protect outlying occupied buildings in the Save Pepper mission

17. Proton Shut Out (25)
     -Prevent cannon attacks on civilian targets in the Island Meltdown mission

18. Escape Velocity (25)
     -Sever the tether before the satellite overloads in the Space Tether

19. You're Fired (25)
     -Destroy the power regulators in the Iron Monger mission

20. Excelsior (70)
     -Complete Hero Objectives for all missions

21. Ten Rings Obsoleted (25)
     -Complete the One Man Army vs. Ten Rings challenge without an armor breech

22. Maggia Obsoleted (25)
     -Complete the One Man Army vs. Maggia challenge without an armor breech

23. Mercs Obsoleted (25)
     -Complete the One Man Army vs. Mercs challenge without an armor breech

24. AIM Obsoleted (25)
     -Complete the One Man Army vs. AIM challenge without an armor breech

25. AIM-X Obsoleted (25)
     -Complete the One Man Army vs. AIM-X challenge without an armor breech

26. Road King (15)
      -Destroy all convoy vehichles in less than 2 minutes in the Stark Weapons

27. Launch Aborted (15)
      -Destroy all Prometheus missiles within 10 minutes in the Maggia Compound

28. Collateral Damage (15)
      -Destroy a Prometheus missile by destroying a fuel truck in the Maggia
       compound mission

29. Personnel Vendetta (15)
      -Defeat 20 soldiers in the Arctic Battle Mission

30. Smack Down (15)
      -Defeat Titanium Man before his second recharge in the On Defense Mission

31. Impenetrable (15)
      -Complete a mission (other than Escape or First Flight) withou an armor

32. An Object in Motion (15)
      -Destroy any target using a ramming attack

33. Long Shot (15)
      -Damage or destroy another enemy while grappling a howitzer

34. Hulk Smash (15)
      -Successfully grapple an opponent in the Hulkbuster armor

35. Ground Pound (15)
      -Defat an opponent using the ground pound in the Extremis armor

36. Classic Confrontation (15)
      -Defeat Titanium Man using the Classic Armor

37. Old School (15)
      -Defeat Iron Monger using the Silver Centurion armor

38. Pugilist (15)
      -Complete any mission other than Esacpe without using weapons system

39. Guardian (25)
      -Protect warehouse workers in the Maggia Factories mission

                                Legalities                            [LGLS]

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