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Follow the dark path or use the light
I Am Alive Pack Shot

I Am Alive



by Brokaliv


                               I  A M  A L I V E


                                 Version 0.15
                                 By Brokaliv
                          Email: [email protected]
                         Date Started: March 16, 2012


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In this game you will need to move as quickly as possible in order to save the
survivors and horde as much of the items as possible for the best score. Every
time an aftershock happens you have a huge chance to find more items that fell
from rooftops and uncovered in various areas. Start a game on Normal mode and
rescue all the survivors, getting all but the last achievement in which you
need to play through Survivor Mode.


 1. Controls
 2. Walkthrough
   2.01 - Return
   2.02 - Home
   2.03 - Shelter
   2.04 - Dust
 3. Victims
 4. Items
 5. Version History
 6. Copyright

1. Controls

2. Walkthrough

In Episode 2 I found Painkillers in the alley where the men break through the
fence, but upon several other play-throughs after on the same difficulty they
were not there. If anyone can figure out what makes them appear let me know by
sending me a PM at or email me at [email protected]

In Episode 2 I had an aftershock while in the apartment the first time I played
through, however when I played several other times after on the same difficulty
it never occured again. If anyone can figure out what makes them appear let me
know by sending me a PM at or email me at [email protected]

2.01 - Return
2.02 - Home
2.03 - Shelter

2.01 - Return

1 x Painkillers

After the cut scene head straight down the road until he mentions the traffic
that he misses. Take a left to go towards the bridge since you won't find any
items heading to the right. Get on the right side of the wreckage and jump
across the gap on the metal sheeting. Head to the support beam on your right
and climb up the ladder. Curve around the right and climb the pole and then
curve once again around the right to another ladder. Quickly shimmy to the
right across the water and all the way around the next support beam past the
railing to finally climb up on to a beam.

Go across the beam and drop down along the edge to hang. Now shimmy once again
to the right and down the ladder. Curve to the left and slide down the pipe and
drop off the pipe once you hit the bottom of the pipe. Now head up the path on
the right side of the police car to go across a beam and jump over to the next
beam. Climb the arch supports and do a jump climb when you hit the gap. Curve
to the left and continue up the ladder to jump climb one more time before
reaching the top of the first beam. Head across the beam to the left and drop
down to hang to shimmy the rest of the way to the ladder. Climb up and curve to
the left and head up some more. You will now need to shimmy around zig-zagging
going up a ladder and then across to the left, then up a ladder and across to
the right. Now curve around the right corner and get across the other side to
climb one more ladder. By this time your stamina will be eaten up pretty bad so
you will have to overexert yourself to reach the top.

Head to the right and watch a cut scene. Head to the right and jump over to the
broken cable and slide down to the bottom. Drop off at the end and turn so the
military truck is on your left. Crouch down and go under the fallen beam to
find some PAINKILLERS. Head back the way you came and then jump over to the
turned over truck to go across like monkey bars. Now head up the slope to the
right and climb over to the ladder on the side of the firetruck to get down to
the lower level.

Head across the structure jumping across two gaps. Head to the left of the
police car and slide down the slope. Cross the beam and climb the post to jump
to another. Now jump to the platform ahead and enter the sewers. Go forward in
the tunnel and turn right at the intersection to find a door on the left and
finish the level.

2.02 - Home

1 x Retry
1 x Machete
3 x Bullet (1 from the elderly lady, very hard to get without using your own)
1 x Painkillers (randomly appear or maybe if you don't pick up the one in Ep:1)
1 x First Aid Kit
1 x Soda Can

Victim # 1

Aftershock (possibly in the apartment, only had it occur once in a few

Head through the sewer and you will run in to a homeless man on the left. Do
not engage him, he has a gun with ammo...and yours is empty. Back away from him
to the right and leave the sewers on the right at the next intersection. If you
made it fast enough up 

Head around the cars to the left and go all the way to the end until you hit a
blockade. Turn to the right and go down an alley and jump up on to a box to
pick up a RETRY. Climb the fence and drop on the other side. Head over to the
right to start a cut scene. A man armed with a machete will appear behind you.
Let him get a little closer and then pull out your gun. Order him to step away
until he is right up next to the pit behind you. With the gun still on him
walk up to him and shove him in the pit to get his MACHETE. Now head back to
the gate and use it on lock.

Upon entering this next area two guys will come from the left wanting to hurt
you. Let the one enemy get near you and kill him with a surprise attack
unlocking your first achievement.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED - First Machete quick kill

Upon killing him you will get a BULLET, take your gun out but do not shoot him.
Get up near him as he surrenders and knock him out quickly as two more people
will break down the fence in the back of the area. Now run back in to the
fenced area and let them in behind you. Pull out your gun, they only have
machete's. Circle around them quickly so the pit is behind the enemies. Tell
them to get back cycling between both of them quickly. Give them the order to
back up immediately and quickly kick each one of them in to the pit. Now head
back to the area you fought the two enemies at and head over to the fence the
second group broke through. Down this alley you may find some PAINKILLERS,
however upon a few other play-throughs they weren't there for me...might be
random. Head back out of the alley and over to the right around the wreckage
to find another gate to open.

Head down in to the sunken road and pick up the FIRST AID KIT, do not use it.
Now turn to the left and go up the sloped path. Take the left alley to wrap
around and grab the SODA CAN. Now leave the alley the way you came and you will
meet Victim #1. Give them the First Aid Kit to help them, then move on after
they are done talking to you...if you even want to listen. They tell you about
the earthquakes that started day after day, followed by a lot of harmful dust
in the air, and aftershocks that are still going on. You will also unlock your
second achievement.


Leave the alley and head to the left. Don't get to close to the old woman on
the left side sitting at her porch as she is armed with a gun and will unload
it on you if you get to close. You can't get in to her apartment if you do
decide to kill her so don't bother as you will just trade your bullet for hers,
gaining nothing. Wrap around to the left and cross the pit by using the pipe.
Wrap over to the left to watch a quick cut scene as you have made it to your
house. You won't find any items down any of the routes at this time, so just
head inside the apartment building.

Inside the apartment you find that no one is home. Head over to the fireplace
and read the letter left by Julie and Mary almost a year ago. Watch the cut
scene and then head towards the exit to find the kitchen with a FRUIT COCKTAIL
left on the shelf. While exploring the apartment I had an aftershock happen
which may be random....upon two other play-throughs it didn't happen again for
me. Leave the apartment and head across the street to find a lost girl in the
park. Chase after her as she runs away to the left. Climb the boxes and then
over the fence to drop down the other side.

Get out of the alley as she goes under a fence and runs off. You must then go
around an ambulance and cross the gap by going over a fallen street light. Move
forward and jump the gaps, head to the right down the alley. Climb up the box
and over the fence to get a short cut scene of three men trying to grab the
little girl. Let one man get close and quick kill him, shoot the other one with
the second gun on the left. Quickly aim the gun at the third man with the
machete and get up to him and kill him with a machete. You will have to
struggle fight him to win. Get the BULLET and watch the cut scene.

A storm is about to start up and you have to get to the shopping mall. Use the
machete to get through the gate on the opposite side. Head to the right and
climb the fence to the other side. Run straight to exit the alley and take a
left as the storm starts to kick up. You will be back at the park and apartment
area, take a left at the intersection. Head straight down the street to make it
to the Mall and finish the level.

2.03 - Shelter

3 x Piton
2 x Soda Can
2 x Painkillers
1 x Retry (1 behind padlock seems to only appear if below 5 retries)
1 x Inhaler
1 x Fruit Cocktail
1 x Jerrycan
1 x Food Can
1 x First Aid Kit

Victim # 2

Head around to the left and then go to the right as she starts to tell you the
best spots are upstairs. Head up the broken escalator and wrap around to the
left. Move through the wrecked walkway until you see a "Need Water" sign next
to an open store door. Head inside to get a PITON and then go out on the ledge
ahead to jump on the climbing wall. Do a few jump climbs until you start to
overexert yourself and then use the Piton you just picked up. Jump climb a few
more times and then shimmy across to the left to reach floor 3.

Head around to the left and leave the shop. Take the broken floor ramp up to
the fourth floor as you start to hear someone coughing. Head to the right of
the elevator shaft through the plastic and in to the safe area. Head to the
left and grab the SODA CAN and then continue to the other item to start a cut
scene. If you didn't run in to the item just before the cut scene kicked in
grab the PITON off the table. Head back out and over to the elevator. Get down
to the ledge of the elevator shaft. You need to then head to the right and
slide down the pipe to reach the floor below. Here you will find Victim # 2. He
needs an inhaler.

Shoot the lock with your final bullet on the gate just to the left of the
victim and open the gate. Inside you will find PAINKILLERS amd a RETRY, the
retry seems to only appear if you are below 5 retries. If the retry is not
visible on the left side of the room or if you know you won't really need it;
it is best to save the bullet. Now head over to the other elevator shaft that
you didn't come from and drop to hang. Shimmy to the left and climb the bars.
Shimmy to the left and climb the pole to shimmy to the right past the closed
elevator door. Climb the pole past the first section and when you reach the
fifth floor shimmy to the left to climb in the elevator door.

Get around the rubbage to enter a shop that contains the INHALER you need to
give to Victim # 2. Get out of the store and go left heading north according to
the map. Straight ahead you will find a FRUIT COCKTAIL. Now go across the
walkway to the other side and you will find a SODA CAN. Head back to the
elevator and climb back down the elevator shaft by using the pipes and shimmy
around the sides to reach the bottom. Get back to the victim and hand over the
Inhaler. Now go over to the first elevator shaft and climb up to the floor
where the little girl is resting. Save up your stamina and then get back in the
shaft to head up. Shimmy to the left and up the pipe and up the fuse boxes.
Shimmy around the pipe and climb up the bars in the wall. You will have to use
your Piton soon around when you jump climb over to the left. Jump climb a
little more and swing around to the left to finally climb to the top.

At the top you will find another PITON to replace the one you just lost. Head
to the edge of the walkway and drop to the ledge, then climb down the bars and
drop to the ledge below so you can carefully cross on foot to what used to be a
balcony. Either go inside and through the hall to the other balcony or you can
also continue to carefully walk the small ledge to the same spot. Head in to
the restaraunt area and go around the counter on the left side to find
PAINKILLERS behind it. Head over to the window washer lift and collect the
JERRYCAN. Skip the Lookout point for right now and go across the sitting area
to reach the east side of the mall. Climb up the ledge to the other side.




Head straight ahead to get a FOOD CAN by crawling under the beam ahead. Now
before you drop back down to the restaraunt you will want to walk to your left
as you face the sitting area. Hang off the yellow ledge and shimmy across to
the right. Once you get around the rubble you can safely climb up the ledge to
carefully walk the rest of the way along the thin ledge. In this area you will
find a FIRST AID KIT. Now head back the way you came to look through the
telescope now for a cut scene. Now head over to the Window Washer's Cart and
activate it to use the Jerrycan and finish the level.

2.04 - Dust

3. Items

Victim # 1 - In Episode 2, you will find a First Aid Kit, don't use it. Instead
             give it to the wounded guy and his mom on the bench as you pass by

Victim # 2 - In Episode 3, after you drop off the little girl at the safe zone
             head down the elevator shaft and back up the other elevator shaft
             to reach the fifth floor. Head in to the shop on this side of the
             mall to find the inhaler to give him

4. Items

First Aid Kit - Stamina
                Stamina Capacity
                Health           +++
Food Can - Stamina
           Stamina Capacity ++
           Health           ++
Fruit Cocktail - Stamina          ++
                 Stamina Capacity ++
Handgun - Requires Bullets to use
          Automatically have it but it is empty
Jerrycan - Holds Liquids, such as gasoline, oil, or water
Machete - Used to open doors
          Used for surprise quick kills
          Found along your normal route when the first enemy attacks
Painkillers - Stamina
              Stamina Capacity
              Health           +
Piton - Used while climbing to create a resting spot
        First one found along your normal route through the mall
Soda Can - Stamina          +
           Stamina Capacity
Water Bottle - Stamina          +
               Stamina Capacity +

5. Version History

Version 0.15 - Finished Episode 3
               Added Items to Item Section
               Added Victim # 2 to Victims Section

Version 0.10 - Finised Episode 2
               Added Items to the Item Section
               Added Victim # 1 to Victims Section

Version 0.05 - Finished Episode 1
               Added some Items to the Item section

6. Copyright 2012

This document is the hard work of me Alan Stupak (Brokaliv). And I don't want
anyone to take this guide and rip it off. This document cannot be changed or
altered in any way, shape or form. You are welcome to ask permission if you
would like this guide posted on your website. This document is for private use
only. You are free to print it out but you don't have permission to sell it for
profit. This document is not to be published in any form of media publication
unless you have the permission of me before hand. The websites listed below
have permission to have this guide published on their sites. Use of this guide
on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright. That is all, thank you.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2012 Alan Stupak

If you would like to donate some money to help pay for my college funds please
send some money to me through at [email protected]

Thanks for the support.

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