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Follow the dark path or use the light

Achievement Guide

by LiamMcluckie

Halo 3:ODST Achievement Guide and FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Started: 25/09/09
By LiamMcLuckie

I                 Introduction
II                Achievements
III               Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
IV                Email
V                 Legal
VI                Credits and ending

I. Introduction

Hello. This is a guide to help you get all the achievements in Halo 
3:ODST. Some of them, for example the Vidmaster challenges, are 
pretty tough. I?ll do my best to explain in detail how to get each 
and every achievement. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you 
have fun getting 1000/1000. I know I did.

I also have a review of the game on if you wish to 
read my opinion on it:

WARNING: slight spoilers, probably...

II. Achievements

There are 47 achievements in Halo 3: ODST for a total of 1000 
Gamerscore. Here are some notes:

-Unless there has to be a specific difficulty for the achievement, 
Easy difficulty is the best way to get the achievement.

-Unless I say explicitly you can?t unlock it in either solo or co-
operative, you can unlock it in either.

-?Alone or with another ODST? means that you can do it in single 
player or in multiplayer campaign. It does not mean that you?ll get 
an achievement for something your team-mate(s) do however. You have 
to actually do what?s required for the achievement yourself to unlock 

-If you get stuck, try playing with friends (or play alone if you 
already are and you?re still having troubles and you?d prefer to give 
it a try yourself). Similarly, if you think you can do any 
multiplayer achievements by yourself, just use another controller to 
be player 2.


1. Heal Up
Find the first Medical Kiosk and heal yourself.

When you first gain control of the Rookie, look around in VISR mode 
(press the X button) for a terminal on the wall with two glowing 
packs on it. It also talks, so listen out for it. Simply walk up to 
it and your health will be refilled. I got this without even knowing 
it. Even if you can?t find it straight away, there are many kiosks 
throughout the game you can use, so don?t worry.

2. Tourist 
Access and download the city map to your VISR.

You get this at the start of the game. Progress a little until you 
have to press the Back button to view the map. It will unlock then.

3. Dark Times 
Kill 5 enemies while using VISR mode.

I got this in Firefight, but it?s also possible to get in campaign. 
Just use the VISR (press the X button) and kill 5 different enemies. 
Make sure you only use the VISR mode indoors or in dark areas, using 
it in an already bright area causes the screen to burst into bright 
white light, obscuring vision.

4. Boom, Headshot 
Get 10 automag headshot kills in any level.

I got this achievement on the very first level. With the Grunt 
Birthday Party skull enabled, swap weapons when you start off with 
the Y button to equip the automag pistol. You can use another weapon 
if you prefer, but I think the automag is easiest.

Go around shooting grunts and jackals (the enemies with shields) in 
the head. It?s possible to get the achievement without the skull 
enabled, but it isn?t nearly as fun. You can zoom in using the right 
stick (just press it in) for extra accuracy. 10 headshots will unlock 
the achievement.

5. Stunning! 
Stun a vehicle with an overcharged plasma pistol and quickly killed 
the driver.

Kill a grunt and take their plasma pistol. Find an enemy riding 
around in a ghost (purple Covenant vehicle that zooms about 
everywhere) and wait till they get close. Hold the fire button (RT) 
so that the plasma beam charges, then unleash it on the ghost. It 
should temporarily break down. After it breaks down, quickly go and 
melee the driver until he dies. If you?re having difficulty killing 
the driver in time, try Easy difficulty. 
6. Ewww, Sticky 
Get 5 sticky grenade kills in any level.

Use the plasma and stick grenades (you can toggle the selected 
grenades with the LB button). When you throw (LT), make sure you 
actually hit the target so it sticks to them, otherwise it doesn?t 
count. Go for brutes because they are bigger targets. Make sure you 
get all five stick kills in one level, as the counter resets when you 
change level.

This achievement isn?t particularly difficult. I find that it?s 
easiest to stick brutes right after they throw a stick grenade; 
there?s a short time period where they pause still. Take advantage of 
this pause to stick them.
7. My Clothes! 
Plasma Pistol Overcharge and quickly kill 10 Brutes.

For this achievement, fully charge the plasma pistol then shoot a 
brute. Melee him down quickly after he?s stunned. You have to this a 
total of 10 times. You?ll probably have to use more than one plasma 
pistol, they run out of charge pretty quickly. 

Note that this also works on jackals if you can?t find any more 
brutes. You have to shoot their shield first though, not their 
bodies. When their shield breaks, that?s your chance to melee them.

8. Pink and Deadly 
Get 10 Needler supercombine kills on any covenant.

Supercombine means that they have enough needles jammed in them that 
they all explode. Find a needler (grunts and flying enemies carry 
them) and aim at an enemy so the reticule goes red. Fire a constant 
stream of needles into them until they explode, then repeat. Brutes 
are the easiest targets for this and playing on Easy difficulty helps 
you kill faster and use less ammo.
9. Trading Down 
Trade weapons with a fellow character

This is so easy. All you have to do is hold the RB button in front of 
a marine to swap weapons with him. You can do this in the Uplift 
Reserve mission. One thing to consider is that you can?t trade 
weapons if your weapon has no ammo. You also cannot trade a weapon 
for another weapon of the same kind (an assault rifle for an assault 
rifle etc).

10. Headcase 
Finish any level with at least one Skull activated.

This achievement is done in campaign. Activate any skull you wish 
(toggle them on and off in the skulls menu in the campaign lobby) and 
complete a level. Silver skulls have no negative effects, and are 
pretty funny, so try them over Gold skulls for an easy time. 
Obviously it will be easier to complete on Easy difficulty but it?s 
your choice which difficulty you play.

Campaign Achievements

You unlock the campaign achievements as you complete each level. 
There are 8 levels in total. If you are just out for the 
achievements, Normal difficulty will be your easiest bet. After 
completing the game on Normal, I recommend you play through the game 
on Legendary difficulty with three other friends. That way you will 
unlock all the campaign achievements whilst minimizing difficulty. If 
you do want a challenge, feel free to attempt Legendary solo, or with 
one friend split-screen.

You get the Campaign Complete: Normal, Campaign Complete: Heroic and 
Campaign Complete: Legendary achievements when you complete the game 
on Legendary, so you may as well not bother playing the campaign on 
Heroic difficulty. Completing any level on Easy difficulty does not 
unlock the following campaign achievements.
11. Tayari Plaza 
Complete Tayari Plaza on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a new 
Firefight character.

Complete the Tayari Plaza level. This is the first level 
chronologically. Look for the Recon Helmet clue to begin the level. 
12. Uplift Reserve 
Complete Uplift Reserve on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a 
new Firefight character. 

Complete the Uplift Reserve level. This is the second level 
chronologically. Look for the Drone Fighter Optics clue to begin the 
13. Kizingo Boulevard 
Complete Kizingo Blvd. on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a 
new Firefight character.

Complete the Kizingo Boulevard level. This is the third level 
chronologically. Look for the Gauss Turret clue to begin the level. 
14. ONI Alpha Site 
Complete ONI Alpha Site on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a 
new Firefight mission.

Complete the ONI Alpha Site level. This is the fourth level 
chronologically. Look for the Remote Detonator clue to begin the 
15. NMPD HQ 
Complete NMPD HQ on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a new 
Firefight character.

Complete the NMPD HQ (New Mombasa Police Department Headquarters). 
This is the fifth level chronologically. Look for the Bio-Foam 
Canister clue to begin the level.

16. Kikowani Station 
Complete Kikowani Station on Normal, Heroic or Legendary. 

Complete the Kikowani Station level. This is the sixth level 

17. Data Hive 
Complete Data Hive on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a new 
Firefight mission.

Complete the Data Hive level. This is the seventh level 
18. Coastal Highway 
Complete Coastal Highway on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary to unlock a 
new Firefight mission. 

Complete the Coastal Highway level. This is the eighth and final 
level chronologically.
19. Campaign Complete: Normal 
Complete the Campaign on Normal difficulty.

For this achievement, you have to either complete the entire game on 
Normal difficulty solo OR co-op. You cannot, for instance, do the 
first three missions solo then do the rest in co-op. It must be 
consistent. Completing the game is not particularly hard solo, but if 
you really have problems, get some friends to play. It took me around 
6 hours my first go.

Oh, and just so you know, this achievement literally took about 5 
minutes to actually pop up for me after the credits. I?m pretty sure 
you can complete levels on Normal, Heroic or Legendary (but not the 
full game, seven level Normal and one Heroic for example) and that 
will count. Just make sure that every level has been completed on at 
least Normal difficulty.

20. Campaign Complete: Heroic 
Complete the Campaign on Heroic difficulty.

Although this is supposed to be ?the way Halo is meant to be played?, 
I always do a Normal playthough then a Legendary one. You get the 
Heroic achievement when you complete Legendary, so it?s pretty 
pointless really.

21. Campaign Complete: Legendary 
Complete the Campaign on Legendary to unlock a new Firefight 

This achievement is not as hard as you may think. It?s so much easier 
if you work together as a team of 4 in co-op. Make sure at least one 
of your team stays out of the fighting so people can respawn when 
they die. This is by no means as difficult as previous Halo games on 

Make sure you complete every single level co-op (or solo if you don?t 
have LIVE). You can?t have the first half finished solo and the last 
half finished co-op. Make sure that nobody quits or enters the level 
midway through, as this disrupts everything. For example, one of my 
teammates quit on the last level, then another guy joined and we 
completed the level. Even though I finished the entire level, it said 
I didn?t because we were interrupted. This achievement may take a 
while to pop up.

Clue achievements

22. Junior Detective 
Find the first clue unravelling the mystery.

Clues are the glowing yellow items you examine with the RB button to 
start a flashback mission. This achievement will unlock as soon as 
you begin the first mission (Tayari Plaza). I do believe the first 
?clue? is the recon helmet. This unlocks when you find any clue, 
regardless of the level, however.
23. Gumshoe 
Find the 3rd clue unravelling the mystery, alone or with another 

You should get this achievement at the start of Kizingo Boulevard, 
just examine the bent sniper rifle hanging on the wires in the beacon 
zone (look up!). You need to have completed Tayari Plaza and Uplift 
Reserve first. This unlocks when you find any three clues, regardless 
of the levels they are, however. 
24. Super Sleuth 
Find the final clue unravelling the mystery, alone or with another 

This unlocked for me at the beginning of Kikowani Station. To get it, 
you much find all the clues. The game tells you where to go when you 
press up on the D-pad, the ?correct? order you are supposed to 
complete the levels in is Tayari Plaza, Uplift Reserve, Kizingo 
Boulevard, ONI Alpha Site, NMPD HQ, then finally Kikowani Station. 
You can, however, complete them in any order. Do make sure, however, 
that you do these levels consecutively, and by that I mean do not 
replay any levels from the campaign lobby before you complete the 

25. Wraith Killer 
Kill all Wraiths in Uplift Reserve 

For some reason, this only worked for me if I destroyed them with the 
warthog chaingun. Anyway, there are 6 wraiths (big purple covenant 
vehicles which fire big blasts of energy). Go through the level 
destroying them, taking care not to miss any. Since the wraiths are 
pretty formidable, I recommend Easy difficulty. 

Make sure you destroy them yourself: don?t let any marines kill any 
otherwise you won?t be able to get the achievement.

26. Both Tubes 
Get 10 Rocket kills on Kizingo Boulevard. 

Once you start, find the big group of Covenant (5-7 enemies). Shoot 
one rocket then trade up with a marine for another weapon. Kill the 
marine and take the rocket launcher back. You should have 3-4 rockets 
now, more than enough for another 3-5 enemies. Just aim for large 
groups of grunts and jackals and you should be fine. You can repeat 
the trade as many times as there are marines, so if you only have one 
rocket left but need more kills, trade it to another marine, kill him 
then take it back. It should have refilled again, so ammo isn?t an 

I also got this strategy from AnimeGURU475, which works brilliantly:

?Once you have the tank and have cleared out the entire first area 
(the area you spawn in) go back to where you spawned and there should 
be 2 people who both have rockets. This might be different depending 
on what happened during the fight, but this is where they were for 
me. Anyway let them get on your tank. They'll ride around on the tank 
and anything they kill with their rockets counts toward the 
achievement! They also seem to have infinite rockets as I'm pretty 
sure mine fired over 10 rockets before dying. This makes the level 
pretty easy even on Legendary as you have your tank and double 
rockets pwning everything.?

This is a great method and I suggest you use it; it beats having to 
betray your own teammates for ammo. 
27. Laser Blaster 
Get 10 Spartan Laser kills on ONI Alpha Site.

You begin this level with a Spartan laser. A very easy way to get 
this achievement is to laser the wraiths at the beginning of the 
level. Each wraith counts for three kills, so you only have to kill 1 
more enemy with two shots left. 

Kylito757 sent in this concerning the wraiths: ?The best place to 
shoot is when all the enemies drop from the phantoms. There are 
reasonably sized groups there, so zoom in and laser away at them. 
Just try and get as many kills per shot as you can.?

Banshees count for 2 kills each, too, so look out for those. Be 
careful to aim at them properly as they?re fast and may zoom out of 
your line of fire. Three wraiths and a banshee and you have it. If 
you miss some, just progress through the level and laser one more 
enemy. There are plenty of enemies dropped off by Phantoms for you to 
kill later in the level. If you are low on ammo somehow, there is 
also another Spartan laser on this level, so you only REALLY need to 
get one kill per shot (more kills will get you it faster, however).

If you run out of ammo, try these tips: 

From Sned 08: ?Just thought I'd tell you, there was, at least when I 
played, a second Spartan laser up in the tower, or another marine had 
one. I know if someone's not good enough to get doubles with every 
shot, they could at least get one with every shot.?

From Desmo: ?I found a spare Spartan Laser laying on the ground on 
the far left side of the field immediately next to the building that 
is used for the next Firefight. I am not sure if this laser is there 
every time or not, but it is worth checking out.?

From Kiyotie: ?The best way, Imo is to start out with the picking off 
the brutes/grunts as they come across the bridge, there?s a second 
laser at the top by the barricades. If you?re running up the hill it 
will be to your left laying on the ground in the back corner.  When 
the drop ships come in, target grunts, they run in groups of 3-4 and 
their methane tank explosions take out others, I did this on my 
Heroic solo play through and got the achievement with laser power to 
spare, well after completely draining one.? 
28. Dome Inspector 
Get 15 headshot kills on NMPD HQ.

You start out with a sniper rifle on this level. Zoom in (you can do 
this twice) by pressing in the right stick for extra accuracy. Try 
not to headshot brutes if you?re on higher difficulties because they 
take more than one shot. Headshot the grunts and jackals instead. If 
you run out of sniper ammo, use the automag pistol. It?s also 
probably a good idea to enable the grunt birthday party skull if you 
go for the grunts. 

29. I Like Fire 
Kill 10 enemies with the Flamethrower on Data Hive. 

The flamethrower is located in the corner of the iced area, behind 
some glass. I?m referring to the thick iced door area, not the long 
chilled corridor. The ice gets noticeably thicker, and there?s a 
locked door. From the door, search around the corners opposite and 
left of it to find it. Kill 10 enemies with it, the flying bugs go 
down easiest. Even just tapping the trigger once will kill a brute so 
ammo isn?t an issue; go crazy with it! If you can?t find it, try 
Youtube, since I?m so terrible at describing where things are, sorry!

Engineer achievements
30. Good Samaritan 
Do not kill any engineers at night in New Mombasa, alone or with 
another ODST. 

Engineers are the shielded flying creatures that don?t attack you. 
They appear now and again throughout the streets of New Mombasa. This 
achievement requires you to completely ignore them until Data Hive. 
If it explodes by itself, and no achievement progress counter (for 
Naughty Naughty) pops up, you?re fine. On the other hand, if the 
counter pops up, you can?t get the achievement on your current 
playthrough anymore. Just avoid them at all costs and try to be 
careful where you aim/throw grenades. 

31. Naughty Naughty 
Kill 10 Engineers in the city at night, alone or with another ODST.

The opposite of Good Samaritan, this achievement requires you to kill 
10 engineers. The best weapon to use is the plasma pistol (charged), 
then switching to the silenced SMG to finish them. I found plasma 
grenades to be very effective too. Be quick to kill them though, as 
they can kill themselves to prevent you from killing them. Best to be 
on Easy difficulty, the enemies in proximity to the engineers will be 
easier to kill; it?ll save some time for you.

Here is a map of their locations:
I don?t take credit for this map, I didn?t make it and it doesn?t 
belong to me.

I found that with this achievement, when backtracking to areas with 
engineers I?d already killed, they had respawned. This enabled me to 
miss one of the areas completely, as I?d already killed two new 
engineers in places I?d visited twice.

Audio Log Achievements

32. Listener 
Find the first Audio Log.

Listener is an easy achievement. All you have to do is find a glowing 
yellow outline on some buildings (usually little booths) and hold the 
RB button next to it. They are scattered across New Mombasa and you 
have to use your VISR (press the X button) to see the yellow outline. 
See Audiophile. 
33. Tuned In 
Find 3 Audio Logs, alone or with another ODST. 

This is just like Listener, but you have to find more. You should 
find them with no problems, this achievement only requires that you 
find 3 out of 30 logs. They?re common enough so just search the city 
for them. See Audiophile.
34. All Ears 
Find 15 Audio Logs, alone or with another ODST. 

You should get this halfway into the Audiophile achievement; just 
carry on finding those logs! See Audiophile.
35. Audiophile 
Find all Audio Logs, alone or with another ODST. 

This achievement requires you to find all 30 audio logs; 29 are 
located in the streets of New Mombasa and the last is located in Data 
Hive once you have all the others. It?s better off to search for them 
solo, you can use this map to help you find them without searching 
for hours and hours (it took me about 2 and half hours, and I?m very 

The map is not mine, I don?t take any credit for it.

Once you have all 29 audio logs, save and quit the game. Go to the 
campaign lobby and start the Data Hive level (confirm your campaign 
progress will be deleted but your audio logs wont). Progress until 
you drop down the second hole. Usually the guy gets eaten by flying 
bugs (lol) but this time he doesn?t. You should get to an icy door 
(near the flamethrower). When he goes inside and tells you to wait 
there, go inside and grab the final audio log. Watch out though, as 
when you grab it, the guy goes crazy and starts attacking you.

Another method of getting Audiophile is to join another person?s game 
over LIVE just before they are about to pick up their final log. You 
will also get the achievement, even if you didn?t pick up any logs 
before this one.

If you plan to try and get this achievement co-op, you need to 
collect all 29 New Mombasa logs, then complete the campaign missions 
until you can access the Data Hive level for the final log. 
Collecting all 29 then quitting and selecting Data Hive from the 
Campaign lobby doesn?t work. That?s why I suggest going for this 
achievement solo.


Audio file

36. Be Like Marty  
In Firefight, finish a full round without killing a single enemy. 

Get at least one friend (preferably 3) to play Firefight with you and 
DO NOT KILL ANYTHING. This is obviously easiest on Easy difficulty. 
I?m pretty sure shooting or throwing grenades doesn?t disable the 
achievement provided you don?t actually kill anything. Just wait for 
your friend(s) to get to the second round. One round is 5 waves, so 
it shouldn?t take too long.

Alternatively, you can use Jim?s method:

?I just got the Be Like Marty achievement using split screen 
multiplayer.  I signed in as a guest and did all the fighting using 
the guest.  On alpha site, I just hid my player to the corner and hit 
the back button to bring up the overhead map.  I had a constant view 
of the battlefield on the upper screen and did all my fighting with 
the lower screen.  I got the achievement in one try on easy. You can 
get the achievement without annoying your friends.?

This method works just as well, so it?s really a matter of 
preference. Of course, having three friends to help will obviously be 
easier than doing it yourself.

The name of this achievement is a play on the word martyr and a 
reference to Martin O?Donnell, who composes a lot of Bungie?s music.

Firefight Achievements

The Firefight achievements require you to reach 200,000 points on 
each level. The best way to do this is to get a party of 4 people and 
stick together. If you?re confident, you may want to try Legendary 
difficulty, if you?re not very confident at all, try Normal. Heroic 
is tough but manageable. The higher the difficulty, the faster you 
get the achievement. If you?re going solo, stick to Easy (or Normal 
if you?re good) difficulty. Good luck.


Firefight tips

Headshots earn you extra points. Always try and headshot enemies.

Try and earn as many medals as you can (assassinations, needler 
explosion kills, killing so many enemies without dying etc), as these 
increase your score.

Each level has one or more power weapons you can use, which respawn 
at the start of each new round (rocket launcher, sniper rifle, 
Spartan laser). Make use of these, and try and save them for the 
hammer/fuel rod cannon guys.

Wraiths are dropped by phantoms most rounds. Killing wraiths is a 
great way to get points. Either throw lots of grenades (sticky ones 
work best, fire has little effect), use the rocket launcher/fuel rod 
cannon/Spartan laser or you can grab onto it using RB and either 
melee it (4-5 hits) or plant a grenade, which destroys it completely.

Earn extra lives every new round and try to score the required amount 
of points in bonus rounds for even more lives. You get as many lives 
as there are players. If you are you playing with 3 other people, 
you?ll get 4 lives at the beginning of every new round, but if you?re 
only playing with 1 friend you?ll only get 2 lives etc.

Oh, and the waves work like this:

-Each bar is 1 wave
-Each circle is 1 round (5 waves)
-Each set is 3 rounds (15 waves, plus a bonus round)
-Each bonus round is only 1 wave in length, even though it?s called a 

Wave = /
Round = O
Bonus round: |

///// = O
O O O | = ///// ///// ///// |


37. Firefight: Crater 
Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Crater.
38. Firefight: Lost Platoon 
Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Lost Platoon.

39. Firefight: Rally Point 
Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Rally Point.
40. Firefight: Security Zone 
Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Security Zone.
41. Firefight: Alpha Site 
Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Alpha Site.

Don?t go for this one on purpose, just do the Endure Vidmaster 
achievement on this map and you?ll get it no problem, usually around 
2 hours into the match.

If you already have Endure on another map, or you just want to get as 
many points for Alpha Site or whatever, you can use this strategy 
sent in by darthstraka:

?I've found that saving the Rocket Launcher and Fuel Rod cannon for 
the Bonus Rounds can be a big boon to both the Endure and 200k 
achievements for this level.
All you have to do is, once the Bonus Round starts, aim for the air 
vents above the platforms on the elevator shafts.  The Grunts pour 
out of these, and you can quickly get Killionaires and several 
thousand points towards the 200k.  I got an individual bonus of over 
18,000 with just one rocket (I knew this was the case, since I had 
been going for the Be Like Marty achievement). It also thins out the 
herd of Grunts, and makes surviving their grenades much easier.? 
42. Firefight: Windward 
Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Windward.

43. Firefight: Chasm Ten 
Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Chasm Ten.
44. Firefight: Last Exit 
Score over 200,000 points in Firefight on Last Exit.
Road to Recon
45. Vidmaster Challenge: Classic 
Finish any level solo on Legendary, on LIVE, with no shots fired or 
grenades thrown.

This one is pretty difficult if you don?t know what you?re doing. 
Firstly, under no circumstances should you shoot, throw a grenade or 
use any weapons (turrets for example). Other than this, feel free to 
splatter, melee, hijack and use the warthog (gunners are fine).

Classic is easiest on the Uplift Reserve level. Grab a warthog (don?t 
beep the horn or power slide as it disables the achievement) and rush 
past the two wraiths (took me like 20 tries). After the last wraith, 
grab the ghost and zoom through the level. 

You must be connected to LIVE and you must be on Legendary 
difficulty, needless to say. I accidentally threw a grenade, then 
died and restarted from the checkpoint. I continued and beat the 
level and I still got the achievement. This means that you can still 
fire and throw grenades by accident then die on purpose to reload the 

46. Vidmaster Challenge: Endure 
In Firefight, on any mission, pass the 4th Set on 4-player Heroic 
LIVE co-op.

This achievement is very tough. It took me 4 tries to complete (and I 
stayed up till 3am adamant to get it). You?ll need three other 
teammates to help. Set it to Heroic difficulty and the best map to 
use is Alpha Site. You have to fight though 60 waves of enemies for 
this achievement, which will probably take around 3 hours. 

Check the Firefight achievements section for Firefight mechanics.

For Endure, you need to make it to the fifth set, meaning you have to 

O O O | O O O | O O O | O O O |


///// ///// ///// |
///// ///// ///// |
///// ///// ///// |
///// ///// ///// |

The random skulls are not particularly important, except for Catch, 
which turns grunts into KILLING MACHINES. Avoid grenades at all 
costs, plasma pistol (charge) the brutes, assassinate (melee from 
behind) the hammer/fuel rod cannon brutes and use Covenant weaponry 
more often than you do already. Every 5 waves completed you get a 
bonus 4 lives, which are very helpful. 

At the end of each set, you get a bonus round where you have to kill 
many, many grunts. The grunts (around 30 of them at least) all throw 
plasma grenades pretty much every second, so you have to be on your 
feet at all times. 12,000 points scored in this round bags you extra 
lives. I managed to get Endure without reaching 12,000 points on any 
of the bonus rounds, so they?re not necessary. Good luck! 

DO NOT QUIT until the achievement unlocks! Wait until after the bonus 
round, and the 4 in the top left corner changes to a 5.

I got emailed this absolutely brilliant strategy packed with info 
from YoukaiSlayer, so big thanks to you, man. Here it is:

?I have just gotten endure for the 6th time so I thought I?d offer 
some insight into making endure as easy as physically possible. First 
the skulls can be explained. They are not random at all.  
They are split into 3 groups by little dividers on the left of the 
screen. The top group is just the iron skull and is only on for the 
bonus rounds. The second group is tough luck, catch and blackeye. 
Each round turns one of these on and they stay on till the set is 
over and then they reset. Round one turns on tough luck and it is 
always on for the whole game. Round two turns on catch. Round three 
turns on blackeye. The last round is tilt, famine and mythic. 
These are turned on based on set and never turn off once activated. 
The first set turns on nothing. Yay! The second set turns on tilt. 
The third set turns on famine. The fourth set turns on mythic. After 
the fourth set, all skulls (except iron) are enabled permanently.


Iron: iron disables re-spawning, meaning if you die in the campaign, 
everyone resets. Within the confines of "Firefight", Iron does not 
let you respawn until the bonus round is over and is only on during 
the bonus round. 
Tough Luck: Enemies evade danger. Truthfully in my experience all 
this does is make it easier for enemies to dodge grenades easier and 
does not have much of an effect over the game. 
Catch: Easy enough, enemies throw more grenades, more accurately. 
Black Eye: By the far the most annoying when your playing with people 
who do not listen, but you must hit enemies to recover your stamina. 
(No Health is recovered) 
Tilt: Does not increase enemy shields. The effect of tilt does not 
just effect enemy shields. Shielded/armoured enemies deflect 
ballistic ammunition. Unshielded enemies deflect and are less 
affected by plasma weapons.

Alpha Site and Lost Platoon can work fairly well for this but I like 
Alpha Site better (it?s faster too). The basic strategy is to have 
two people at the top of both spawn side's stairs that connect to the 
centre square. Another way to describe it is the level is an X. you 
spawn at the bottom ends of the X. Do not cross the centre of the X 
(except to pick up stuff in between waves). 
Tips for handling enemies. A couple of hours ago I was on set 5 after 
getting endure with a group and they decided to waste all our lives 
and leave me to do wave 5 all by myself. How kind of them. Anyway 
following these tactics I managed to kill all (well almost all, I 
think one killed a grunt before jumping to his death) the enemies by 
myself and complete the set. 
Grunts - shoot them in the head. Pretty simple. With catch on don?t 
run straight at them. If you hear kung fu sounding noises it means 
one of them has gone kamikaze so watch out. 
Jackals - until set 4 these enemies are worthless. Shoot them in the 
head with the pistol or in the hand then the head if their shield is 
up. However once mythic turns on they become evil because shooting 
them in the hand no longer does enough damage to make them flinch. 
Shoot them in the head when they are running with their shields to 
the side. Run away from them or around a corner if they get close and 
they will again run with their shields down. 
Normal brutes (not chieftains or invisible brutes) - several actual 
types of brutes fit into this category but they are all dealt with 
the same way. Before set 4, sticks kill them or you can shoot them 
with a plasma weapon the switch to a headshot weapon and shoot their 
exposed head. Another easy way to kill them is to take advantage of 
their complete idiocy when you break their shields. Once their 
shields are broken they crouch all angry for like 2 seconds. This is 
plenty of time to run around behind them and assassinate them. I 
managed to kill 8 brutes with one very limited ammo plasma rifle and 
my fist this way. When no other guns where available. Also if you run 
away from jet brutes long enough they will likely fly off the edge so 
if they are all that?s left feel free to not fight them all at once. 
Thin the heard a little then take them on. 
Hunters - you have nice little trick you can use here. Have one 
person go into the elevator shoot at the hunter to get his attention. 
If you position you and him correctly he will attack the glass in 
between you and him giving 3 of your teammates time to shoot him in 
the weakspot. I would use the sniper rifle for killing since it only 
takes two or three rounds. If the hunter decides to try and attack 
someone else just have the guy in the elevator jump and shoot him. If 
all goes wrong and the hunter gets inside the elevator you can crouch 
jump over the wall and fight him normally. When dealing with one who 
is focused on you know that some of his attacks miss if you jump over 
him. If your team has plenty of sticks and spikes just have everyone 
stick him a couple times for a quick easy kill. 
Drones - AHHH!!! I hate these stupid bugs so damn bad. The SMG is 
generally the best thing to kill them with. You can kill the non-
shielded ones with headshots. It just takes some practice and luck. 
The shielded ones should be attacked with a plasma rifle first then 
headshotted or SMGed. The shotgun and mauler are fairly effective 
against these guys so if you don?t have an SMG use one of those. Also 
the carbine destroys them fairly effectively. 
Invisible brutes - they can be killed in the same way as normal 
brutes but don?t get close to them if you don?t have a plasma weapons 
since their mauler will tear you to shreds. Also make sure to not get 
hit with their firebombs as it is a one hit kill on heroic. The visor 
mode helps see them but I?d try to keep my distance from them and 
keep moving so you don?t get caught on fire. 
Fuel rod chieftains - alright these guys kill me more then anything 
else. Dealing with them one on one is fairly simple. Wait behind 
something and get his attention till he gets close enough where he 
won?t shoot a fuel rod. Then get him to melee. His melee takes longer 
then normal brute melees and you can fairly easy run around him and 
assassinate him when he does this if you stay far enough away (about 
5 feet away). If he has shields and you are in close range you can 
break his shield and run behind him for the assassination. However 
due to the fact that wave 5 brings 4 chieftains one on one isn?t 
always an option. If one comes into the centre square I usually try 
to sneak up on him to get into his melee range and either go for the 
assassination or just distract him for my team. If you do fight him 
in the middle though communication is key so your team can tell you 
to get the hell out of there when a hammer brute comes charging in. I 
usually run in with a charged plasma pistol in case he turns. That 
way I can break shields to stun him so he won?t kill me with his fuel 
rod. They are also susceptible to a ninja (described later). 
Hammer chieftains - Alright I see most people die to these guys in a 
one on one fight. They are actually quite simple to take out and with 
a little practice will seem like a joke (a fun joke though). They can 
be ninja-ed (I have no idea how to possibly spell that correctly 
since its not a word). They can attack in two ways basically. One is 
to run straight at you and try and whack you. This is what you want 
to happen. The other is he could jump and swing down on you. This 
bad. I just try and dodge this rather then attack but if you try and 
ninja this you will die. Now I will explain ninja-ing. To ninja 
someone is for them to attack you and you to jump over them, turn 
around, look down and melee, assassinating them. This is a tactic 
from halo 3 multiplayer. Incidentally a true ninja is when the enemy 
attacks you from behind and you jump backwards and melee down to 
assassinate them. Anyway if the brute runs at you and doesn?t jump 
you can jump towards him turn midair and melee down at him and their 
you go dead hammer brute all by yourself on any difficulty requiring 
no weapons (except maybe to get his attention). The timing on this is 
fairly difficult but practice makes perfect. A lot of times I?ll 
ninja but won?t quite assassinate the brute however the melee will 
lunge at him. When this happens I am usually close enough to melee 
again and assassinate him immediately. Also NEVER ninja on stairs or 
a hill. It may be possible but if it is its much more difficult. If 
you want to be a total badass turn around before you jump and time it 
correctly to perform a true ninja. 
Alright now that?s a lot to read. And here are some random tips:

-Firstly the plasma rifle and human pistol are the best things to 
have period. I?d choose it over rockets. When fighting invisible 
brutes the best method is to step back from the stairs a little (so 
they cant hit you from the side and just wait for them to throw a 
firebomb. If your not moving they will likely throw one. Then just 
side step and plasma rifle them or plasma pistol them or stick them.  
-Also I actually had to fight hunters solo. You want to run in a 
circle around them to your right (counter-clockwise) at about 10 feet 
away. Then you can hit him after almost anything he does and never 
get hit by him. I would use SMG to take him down since you should 
have plenty and its pretty effective but the shotgun probably works 
better. Also if you have a beserked brute running at you he can be 
-To avoid the hammer brutes evil jump attack wait for him get pretty 
close before you jump and make sure there is nothing in between you 
and him. If he does jump then just run sideways and he shouldn't hit 
you at all. Sidestepping I managed to kill two hammer brute who were 
trying to kill me at the same time (I failed against 2 hammers and 
fuel rod chief though). 
-The elevator stockpiling glitch is very helpful. There is an 
elevator on alpha site (its in the middle and very obvious) and any 
weapons placed in there will not ever disappear. I heavily advise 
stockpiling some plasma pistols and fuel rods and rockets early on 
when you don?t need them. I have no idea why this works but I?ve done 
it several times and its very useful. There is rocket ammo under one 
of the outside areas. In between sets there is enough time to get the 
rockets when the weapons drop and get the ammo and put them in the 
elevator. If you are quick enough you can do it in between every 
round and have over 50 rockets for the annoying 4th set. That alone 
will make the difference for a lot of people. 
-Have one person on each side be the designated grunt and jackal 
killer so you don?t waste precious pistol ammo shooting at the same 
person. The other person can kill them if they get too far or if the 
main guy is reloading. On the 4th set though you should try to kill a 
jackal any chance you get. 
-Collect ammo and grenades in between waves. You have about 15 
seconds to get stuff before you need to get back to the stairs. 
-Generally if you have 20 lives going into set 4 you can get endure. 
It is very possible with less though so don?t give up if you have 
less then that. 
-With blackeye on meleeing teammates does not give you stamina back 
so stop trying to test it on me. 
-You unlock endure when the set counter goes from 4 to 5 so don?t 
leave until then. I?d still wait like 10 more seconds to be sure. It 
should pop up in game, you don?t have to end it for it give it to 
-Collect pistol ammo whenever you can so you don?t end up wasting 
-Carrying around noob combo is generally the most effective way to 
prepare for as many things as possible. It won?t prepare you for 
drones or hunters. Noob combo is plasma pistol and human pistol. If 
you can?t get noob combo exactly carbine can be substituted for 
pistol and plasma rifle can be substituted for plasma pistol. 
-Grunt birthday party makes it easier. 
-Getting about 5 feet from a brute to get him to melee and miss is a 
great tactic. That way you can shoot him without having to take any 
damage or dodge any bullets. 
-Don?t Rambo in if you can help it. Some people seem to love running 
into groups of enemies and dieing 30 times a match and that is far 
from helpful. Yes, if you hadn?t done that everyone else might have 
died slightly more, but not nearly as many times as you did. 
-Assuming the lives don?t cap at a certain number you can get endure 
with 71 lives. 55 without bonus rounds. 
-If you are going to leave for a minute (which is usually fine) for 
god sake hide yourself in the spawn room. I?m unsure why so many 
people think that right in the open is somehow safe as long as they 
aren?t holding the controller.  
-If you get backed up into your spawn room and are getting spawn 
camped chuck all your grenades and run. Sometimes that can break you 
-If you aren?t good at ninja-ing don?t try it when you might win. 
-Firebombs can hit groups of enemies and I have heard that you can 
throw a firebomb at one of the windows during the beginning of a 
bonus round and get a killionaire (and the bonus lives almost 
certainly with it).

Hopefully this has been helpful.?

If you?re having trouble with any specific enemy, here?s a handy 
explanation by Brian H:

?Armoured Enemies include (Also Combat Notes):
=Hunters - Except the small of their backs. 
=Hammer Chieftains - The Hammer Chieftains are shielded to start then 
they are armoured so ballistics do not really work on this guy. The 
only way to remove their armour is blast them in the head with a 
Carbine or Sniper then their helmet will fly off. 
=Brute Heroes - These are the yellow guy distinguishable by their 
high horns on their helmet since they don't always appear with fuel 
rod cannons. (Note, some yellow guys are just stronger brute leaders) 
The best way to kill these guys is just like the chieftains, rocket 
or assassination. The helmet trick still works. 
-Shielded Enemies (some still considered armoured): 
=Basic Brutes and Jump Pack Brutes - Very Basic armour that 
completely shatters when blown off. Can be devastated with one 
overcharge shot. Then the become unshielded enemies. 
=Brute Leaders - Usually blue sometimes yellow, they have more 
elaborate armour and are a bit stronger then the basic brutes and 
have the same aspects. The only difference is they pose more of a 
threat in skill and they have stronger armour and shielding and 
=Spec-Op Drones - The buggers with the red armour, they are just 
annoying and can be raped just like regular buggers. The threat they 
pose is they use Brute Plasma Rifles which really hurt. 
=Spec-Op Brutes - These guys are annoying, not only do they start 
invisible the Plasma Pistol and Rifle doesn't auto target them. They 
are no stronger then a basic brute, but you do not want to get to 
close to them because they have Maulers and they toss fire bombs, 
making them especially dangerous on catch levels. 
= Engineers - Though they do not show up in many levels, they are 
shield and add a regenerating shield buff to all of their nearby 
allies. The best and should be the only way you risk killing these 
things since they explode is to tear threw them with a plasma pistol 
or rifle. 
= Any enemy near an Engineer. 
-Unshielded Enemies (Less Effected By Plasma weapons) 
=Grunts - Just Shoot them 
=Spec-Op Grunts - They just have bigger guns. 
=Drones - Easy to down with automatic ballistics. 
=Shield Jackals - Technically they are not shielded, just blab them 
in the shield hole so they curl back then blap them in the head. 
=Spec-Op Jackals - They have no shield, take a guess, the only 
downside they might carry a Beam Rifle. 
Famine: Greatly decrease ammunition from enemy weapons you pick up. 
(It is about 70% decrease not fifty) 
Mythic: Doubles enemy HP 
Brian H also contributed a handy list of weapon classifications:
Weapon Classification:
AutoMag: Ballistic, Weak, Semi-Automatic 
Scoped SMG: Ballistic, Average, Automatic 
Spiker: Ballistic, Average, Automatic, 
Mauler: Ballistic, Average, Semi-Automatic 
Shotgun: Ballistic, Strong, Semi 
Rocket: Explosive, Powerful, 2 Shot 
Sniper: Ballistic, Strong, Semi 
Beam Rifle: Plasma, Strong, Semi-2+ Shot 
Carbine: Ballistic, Average, Semi 
Brute Plasma Rifle: Plasma, Average, Automatic (Over Heat) 
Plasma Pistol: Plasma, Weak to Strong, Semi to Automatic 
Fuel Rod Cannon: Explosive, Strong, Semi 4 shot 
Spartan Laser: Explosive, Legendary, One Shot overheat 
Assault Rifle: Ballistic, Average, Automatic 
Minigun Turret: Ballistic, Strong, Automatic-Limited 
Plasma Turret: Plasma, Strong, Automatic-Limited?
47. Vidmaster Challenge: Deja Vu 
Complete Highway on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and no 
Hog or Scorpion.

This one requires 4 players, the Iron skull enabled and you are not 
allowed to enter any warthogs or scorpion tanks. Mongooses, Ghosts 
and Wraiths are fine. Once you reach the highway, go under the first 
dip tunnel and you should find four rocket launchers with, GET THIS, 
1000 rockets each. That?s more than enough for you and your team. Get 
on the two mongooses there and continue. I found it worked best if 
you speed to the end of the road you?re on, get out of the mongoose, 
blast everything to bits then await the Elephant thing with the 
engineer inside. This method works, although death is still pretty 
common (it is Legendary, after all).

If you get stuck at the part with the flying bugs, just before the 
door opens and they fly out, have everyone shoot two rockets at them 
(just as the door is opening). You might get lucky and explode them 
all. Once you get past the highway, it?s very easy with the virtually 
unlimited rocket launchers. Just blast away until the Phantom comes 
and rescues you all. This achievement may take a while to pop up.

III. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is Halo 3: ODST?
A: Halo 3: ODST (originally named Halo 3: Recon) is a first?person 
shooter, set in the year 2552. You play as ?the Rookie?, an unnamed 
member of the UNSC Marines' Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Separated 
from your teammates in the city of New Mombasa, East African 
Protectorate (formerly Kenya), it?s your mission to regroup with the 
rest of your teammates and escape the city, under control by Covenant 

The game comes with two discs. The first disc is ?Campaign?, the 
second is ?Multiplayer?. The first disc consists of the Halo 3: ODST 
campaign, an all new Firefight mode, and Theater mode for both of 
these modes. The campaign can be played in both single player and 
multiplayer, whilst Firefight is multiplayer only. Both support up to 
2 people on one Xbox console or up to 4 people over System Link and 
Xbox Live. Campaign missions are accessed by finding ?clues? in the 
streets of Mombasa, which is traversed either on foot or by vehicles 
such as Ghosts and Mongooses. According to Brian Jarrard, it's the 
largest Halo environment ever designed. 

Halo 3: ODST?s second disc includes the entire Halo 3 multiplayer, in 
addition to every single map available, totalling 24 individual maps. 
This includes the 11 original Halo 3 maps, the Heroic, Legendary and 
Cold Storage maps, and finally the Mythic maps. The Mythic maps are 
Assembly, Orbital and Sandbox (part 1) and Heretic, Citadel and 
Longshore (part 2, released with the game). The second disc is 
essentially Halo 3 with every available map, but stripped of the 

Just like Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST includes Custom Games, Forge and 
Theater modes for the Halo 3 multiplayer mode. Also included from 
Halo 3 are screenshots, film clips, file share and 
compatibility. All of your ODST stats will be saved online into a 
service record, similar to Halo 3?s. You can get every Halo 3 
multiplayer achievements from the 2nd ODST disc. You can also get the 
last set of achievements that can only be obtained on the 3 exclusive 
maps Citadel, Heretic, and Longshore.

Q: What does ODST stand for?
A: ODST stands for Orbital Drop Shock Trooper.

Q: How do you unlock/play as Sgt. Johnson?
A: Sgt. Johnson (UNSC Sergeant Avery Johnson to be proper), a 
playable character in Firefight mode, is obtained by preordering the 
game. As of January 2010, the codes have expired, so I don?t think 
it?s longer possible to unlock him.

Q: Firefight? What?s that?
A: Firefight is a new mode that allows you and up to three other 
friends to fight against waves of enemies for achievements and 
highscores etc. There is no time limit, no limited number of rounds 
and no maximum number of kills. To me, it sounds like Bungie have 
?borrowed? Gears of War 2?s Horde mode. Or Call of Duty?s Nazi 
Zombies... To be honest, I don?t really mind as it?s a lot of fun.

Here?s Bungie?s description: "Drop feet first into a new way to play 
Halo with the cooperative campaign mode, Firefight. Form a squad of 
your friends over System Link or Xbox LIVE and put your skills to the 
ultimate test against the invading Covenant war machine for glory, 
high scores, and achievements. Do battle in multiple environments, on 
foot or in vehicles, and against increasingly difficult waves of 
Covenant attackers while Halo 3's skull modifiers progressively 
activate to up the ante. After the Firefight, relive and review every 
last kill you earned and see how your high scores and stats stack up 
against your friends' and the community overall using's 
persistent online stats and Firefight leaderboards."

It?s very fun, especially when things get hectic and you have 
multiple chieftains with hammers and fuel rod cannons all over the 
place. The bonus rounds are also pretty cool, you have to kill a load 
of grunts that all throw plasma grenades at you. There?s like 5 
explosions every second!

Q: So... Where?s Master Chief? Are there any elites?
A: Master Chief does not appear in this game. As for the elites, you 
can?t fight them but there are some dead ones in some levels. It?s a 
shame you can?t fight any though. For a Halo game without Master 
Chief AND elites, it?s pretty good.

Q: When was this game released?
A: Release date (DD/MM/YYYY):
 - 24/09/2009 JP
 - 22/09/2009 AU 
 - 22/09/2009 EU 
 - 22/09/2009 US
Poor Japan. France also got some copies early, and I?m not too sure 
what happened but some copies were legitimate and some weren?t, which 
led to some players getting banned from xbox live. I don?t think that 
anyone who bought or imported the game legitimately got banned 

Q: Can I has Recon?
A: Yes! You actually can has Recon now! You need to unlock every 
Vidmaster achievement, of which there are 3 in Halo 3:ODST and 4 in 
Halo 3. The Vidmaster achievements required to unlock Recon armour 

Halo 3
-7 on 7

Halo 3:ODST
-Deja Vu

You must then visit with your linked Gamertag with all the 
Vidmaster achievements ?achieved? and unlock the armour by clicking 
?unlock recon?. You can then use the Recon armour permutation in Halo 
3 multiplayer.

Q: How many different editions are there, and what are the 
differences between them? Does the special edition cost extra?
A: There is a standard edition, and a collector?s edition, which, 
whilst being slightly more expensive, comes bundled with a special 
edition wireless Halo 3: ODST Xbox 360 controller. The standard 
edition is roughly 30, and the special edition is around 50. Or, of 
course, $60/$100. I have to say, the controller is pretty badass.

Q: Will there be any DLC (Downloadable Content) for Halo 3: ODST?
A: No, there are no plans for any DLC.

Q: What?s the Halo: Reach beta?
A: Owners of Halo 3: ODST will receive an invitation to participate 
in the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, which should be released 
sometime soon. It can be accessed in the disc 1 extras menu. It?ll be 
Bungie?s last Halo game apparently. It?s a FPS with a new graphics 
engine. It?s a prequel to the first Halo game, Halo: Combat Evolved. 
I can?t wait! The game itself is due in 2010, most likely in 

Q: So when does this take place in the Halo universe chronology?
A: The events that take place during Halo 3: ODST occur around two 
weeks before the events of Halo 3, beginning during the story of Halo 
2, during the First Battle of Earth in New Mombasa. 

The overall series chronology goes like this: 

Halo Wars
Halo: Reach 
Halo: Combat Evolved
Halo 2 
Halo 3: ODST
Halo 3

Q: What does installing disc 1/2 on the harddrive do?
A: Disc 1 will run slightly faster (loading screen time will be 
reduced etc), but disc 2 will actually take longer to load. So feel 
free to install disc 1 (Campaign), but it?s not a good idea to 
install disc 2 (Multiplayer).

Q: How do I unlock <Firefight character>?
A: Complete the following campaign levels:

Buck: Complete the Tayari Plaza level on Normal, Heroic or Legendary 

Dare: Complete the entire campaign on Legendary difficulty (either 
solo OR co-op).

Dutch: Complete the Uplift Reserve level on Normal, Heroic or 
Legendary difficulty.

Micky: Complete the Kizingo Boulevard level on Normal, Heroic or 
Legendary difficulty.

Romeo: Complete the NMPD HQ level on Normal, Heroic or Legendary 

Q: How do I unlock <Firefight map>?
A: Complete the following campaign levels:

Alpha Site: Complete the ONI Alpha Site level on Normal, Heroic or 
Legendary difficulty.

Chasm Ten: Complete the Data Hive level on Normal, Heroic or 
Legendary difficulty.

Last Exit: Complete the Coastal Highway level on Normal, Heroic or 
Legendary difficulty.

Lost Platoon: Complete the Uplift Reserve level on Normal, Heroic or 
Legendary difficulty.

Q: What are the Supply Caches?
A: Supply Caches are little rooms that open as you progress through 
the game and collect Audio Logs. Although the contents vary depending 
on which type of cache it is, they all contain Silenced SMGs, 
Automags and frags. They?re very useful for travelling around New 
Mombasa, especially when searching for Audio Logs or Engineers. They 
appear as circles on the map. They only open when there are no 
enemies around.

Sniper rifle supply caches: collect 4 Audio Logs

Mongoose supply caches: collect 8 Audio Logs

Rocket Launcher supply caches: collect 16 Audio Logs


Please send in any questions you have or you feel are not adequately 
answered in this guide. I?ll try and answer them (and put them here, 
with credit to you) as long as they follow my guidelines.

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To everyone who has contributed, thank you very much!

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VI. Credits and thanks

You, dear reader, I value any and all of my readers and I hope that I 
helped you guys out, you?re who I?m writing for, man! Thank you for 

Bungie, for creating this awesome game.

GameFAQs, (CjayC and SBAllen too) for being an awesome site that I 
can come to for virtually any game and contribute to. I love you!

skiergamer23 (and subsequently Vegechan61), for the stickies of 

AnimeGURU475 and Xtra Tasty for the Both Tubes strategy

Roknarsongor and Jim for Be Like Marty info

YoukaiSlayer for the awesome Endure strategy and info

Sned 08, Zasheral, Kylito757, Andrew Fower, Mixx, Dave of Doom 94 and 
Kiyotie for the Laser Blaster info

Swiftelf for supply cache info

Darthstraka for the Alpha Site Firefight map points strategy

Brian H for the Endure skull, enemy and weapon info

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Desaima, for the Laser Blaster info

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