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Follow the dark path or use the light

Achievement Guide

by neeker


                  XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENT GUIDE V. 1.00

       _______   ______    __       _______   _______ .__   __. 
      /  _____| /  __  \  |  |     |       \ |   ____||  \ |  | 
     |  |  __  |  |  |  | |  |     |  .--.  ||  |__   |   \|  | 
     |  | |_ | |  |  |  | |  |     |  |  |  ||   __|  |  . `  | 
     |  |__| | |  `--'  | |  `----.|  '--'  ||  |____ |  |\   | 
      \______|  \______/  |_______||_______/ |_______||__| \__| 
                       ___      ___   ___  _______ 
                      /   \     \  \ /  / |   ____|
                     /  ^  \     \  V  /  |  |__   
                    /  /_\  \     >   <   |   __|  
                   /  _____  \   /  .  \  |  |____ 
                  /__/     \__\ /__/ \__\ |_______|
                              By: neeker
                       Gamertag: Optimus Neeker


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let me know so that I can feed them to the sharks, torture their feet 
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If you can get offended by spoilers, please don't use a guide.

1.  Contact Information
2.  Introduction
3.  The Achievements
4.  Conclusion

Version history

Hi, I'm Lestor Wong. I post on by the 
username "neeker". 

Feedback for this document can be directed to lestor underscore wong 
at yahoo dot com. You may check out my other works here:

PS: Please note that my gamertag has been changed. If you're using my 
other guides and it shows another gamertag, I'm just lazy to update 
all those documents. My old gamertag was phished and I lost all my 
achievements, if you need to know why.

Golden Axe for Xbox Live Arcade was released quite some time ago, and 
it's generally regarded as a game that dishes out easy achievement 
points. The purpose of this guide is to explain how to get them.

There are 12 achievements totalling 200 points for your unlocking 

Description: Ride the cockatrice

I kinda think that the developers were having fun when they created 
this achievement, especially with the description.

Anyway, you should unlock this when you bump into the second cluster 
of enemies in Stage 1. A female enemy will attack while riding the 
cock...atrice. Knock her off the creature, and walk towards it to ride 
it. The achievement should pop up there and then.

Description: Play as every character

You do not need to complete any level with all characters to get this. 
Simply start a game with one, quit, and start with another one. The 
moment the game begins with your third character, the achievement will 

For the record, the characters are the Barbarian, the Amazon and the 
Dwarf. I do not have their real names because I'm too lazy to check.

Description: Choose any character and reach "Turtle Village" (Stage 3) 
without dying once

This game has nine stages, but technically you only play five of them. 
After each mission, there will be a sleep sequence in which you can 
beat up some thieves (old dudes clothed in blue or green robes) for 
potions and health refills. These sequences are counted towards the 
stage totals. Meaning, "Stage 3" is basically the second stage that 
requires fighting through hoardes of enemies.

Therefore, to unlock this, you'd only need to go through the first 
mission without dying. I'm not entirely sure if you can get this if 
you lose a square of health, but just to be safe, work towards not 
being hit at all.

You can make use of the unlimited saves feature to do this. Simply save 
each time you beat up an enemy without being hit, and continue playing 
from there. If you get hit, reload and try again. Should't take you 
very long to clear Stage 1 this way. 

You should also bump your Life and Energy to 5 before you start the 
game when doing this, if you're doing this en route to getting the 
"Perfect Win" achievement.

Alternatively, go online with a friend and let him/ her do all the
fighting while you watch in one corner. 

Description: Choose any character and reach "Across the Sea" (Stage 5) 
without dying once

"Across the Sea" is technically the third fighting stage. You can use 
the strategies listed in "Turtle Village" to ensure that you don't 
die before reaching this mission. 

There's no boss fight in Stage 3, but you'd need to kill a large number 
of enemies towards the end, so that may pose some problems. Save your 
magic and unleash it only towards the end of Stage 3 so as to make 
things easier. 

There's also a fire-throwing dragon (blue) that you can snatch and ride 
all the way to the end of the level for easy disposal of enemies. Use 
it if you can.

After you finish Stage 3, there'll be another sleep sequence (Stage 4). 
Beat up those thieves, grab those potions, and Stage 5 will begin. The 
achievement will unlock there and then.

Description: Perform the Level 3 magic attack with the Dwarf

Simply fill up the Dwarf's magic to the max (four potions required), 
and then unleash it. Really easy.

Description: Perform the Level 4 magic attack with the Barbarian

Fill up the Barbarian's magic to the max (six potions required), and 
then unleash it.

Description: Perform the Level 6 magic attack with the Amazon

Fill up the Amazon's magic to the max (eight potions required), and 
then unleash it. As the number of potions needed is high, you'd have 
to start saving the potions from Stage 1. By the end of Stage 3, you 
should have enough potions to perform this attack with the Amazon.

Description: Collect three potions from a thief or party of thieves

The early batches of thieves will run away after giving two potions, 
but as you progress through the game, almost every thief will stay on 
screen long enough for you to snatch three to four potions. This 
achievement will come naturally as you play.

Take note that only thieves in blue robes give potions. Those green 
thieves give you food for replenishing health.

WIN (35)
Description: Beat the game

Full marks for most original achievement name. 

As mentioned, the game has nine stages. The later stages are obviously 
more challenging. Good thing is, you've unlimited continues. Further-
more, continuing the game allows you to play right at where you died, 
without having to restart the game from a checkpoint or something. 

This feature makes not getting this achievement impossible. Just 
spend about 10 minutes and you should complete all the stages for an 
easy 35G.

CO-OP WIN (15)
Description: Beat the game in Local Co-op mode

Plug in a second controller and play the game from start to finish. 
This is best done together with the "Win" achievement to save the 
trouble of having to play through it multiple times. With unlimited 
continues, you should have no problems going through the missions 
even when controlling two characters. You can leave one character to 
die while playing only one character as well. Just make sure that when 
that character dies, you must press Start on that controller within 
the time limit you revive him/ her. 

As long as both characters survive when the final boss is killed, the 
achievement will unlock during the end credits.

Description: Complete an online co-op game

Note: You DO NOT need to complete the game from start to finish to get

Start an online game on "Hardcore" difficulty (one life, three energy 
slots), preferably with a friend. Once in, get your friend to watch in 
one corner while you run straight into the blades of the enemies. The 
aim here is to get yourself killed, quickly.

Once you're killed, the achievement will unlock. You've successfully 
"completed" an online co-op session according to the programmers of 
this game.

Description: Beat the game without continuing

Undoubtedly the hardest achievement in this game. To make things 
easier for you, bump up your Life and Energy to 5 before starting the 
exercise. With these settings, you've 20 squares of health to go 
through the game from start to finish.

Stage 1 and 3 should be rather easy, so you must ensure that you don't 
lose a single sqaure of life during these two stages. The challenge 
starts when skeletons start appearing from Stage 5. These creatures 
will tear down your health very quickly if not contained, especially 
when they flank you.

The number of enemies appearing on screen can increase if you walk too 
fast forward. I'd therefore suggest that you use the save-after-each-
successful-attack method to get this achievement safely. If you happen 
to walk too fast forward and get surrounded, quit and load the last 
save - you really won't want three skeletons raining on you.

Also, try your best to save your magic for boss fights. Because of this, 
I'd suggest using the Dwarf for this, simply because it takes only four 
potions to fill up his magic entirely. Obviously, his Level 3 magic 
may not cause that much hurt as the Amazon's Level 6, but each time you 
perform magic, all enemies on the screen will be hit, which allows you 
a moment of reprieve.

The most difficult part to deal with, even when using the save-as-you-
go method, would be the fight against two pink-armored dudes (sorry, 
don't know their names) in Stage 9. This happens right before the final 
boss fight against Death Adder. I heard that you can actually use dash 
to push these two morons down the ledge below, but it was pretty hard 
to pull off as far as my limited skills are concerned. 

Thankfully, I reached that part without losing a life, and wasted five 
squares of health to dispose these two. 

The fight against Adder is also tough. But just before the fight, you
will find some thieves running around. Do your best to fill up your 
magic, and then hit them anyway so that more potions will drop on the 
ground. When the fight begins. Adder does not appear. Do your best to 
fight those minions until the boss appears, and then quickly unleash 
your highest level magic. Then, go pick up any potion scattering 
around and deal the magic again. 

Note also that if you manage to kill those early sidekicks helping 
Adder, those skeletons will appear. Countrary to popular belief, these 
skeletons can be destroyed, but it'd take you a long time to do so. As 
such, I'd suggest totally ignoring them, and go for Adder's throat 
right away.

Periodically, Adder will use magic (an eletrical beam) against you. 
This attack has some range, but you should be able to avoid it quite 
easily. You may also consider running right up to him and hack away 
anyway, because if you're standing really close in front of you, the 
beam won't hit you even if he casts the spell.

Just keep repeating the attacks, and save each time you land a success-
ful hit, and you should be able to defeat him. 

Throughout the session, use dragons whenever you can. The red dragon 
is particularly useful because it actually spits a beam of fire towards 
enemies, thus allowing you to attack from range.

Of course, you can also go online and get someone to be the punching 
bag for you while you watch. But I've tried this twice, and it didn't 
work. This is because when more enemies appear on screen, both players 
will be chased by them. No player can stay idle and watch as far as my 
experience tells - unless you're playing with a really skilful friend.

I wish you the best of luck when attempting this. It takes a lot of 
patience and a little bit of luck to unlock, but it's definitely 
achievable. It took me about 30 minutes to pull it through. A more 
skilful player can definitely top that.

I consider this guide complete. Feedback and comments are welcomed as 
usual. Thanks for looking and I hope you've a fun time with this classic 

Version 1.00: Guide completed (8/20).

ASCII Generator (@

I'd like to say that I've done better than Prima/ Bradygames/ anyone 
else that publishes game guides, but I know that a text document can 
never look as appealing as a thick book with colorful pages. Neverthe-
less, if you like this guide, and would like to contribute to my 
continued existence in this world, you may send Paypal to the following

lestor underscore wong at yahoo dot com

Copyright Lestor Wong 2008-2009.