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Follow the dark path or use the light

Weapon Guide

by Jerecaine


System: Xbox 360
Written by: Jerecaine (Jeremy Edwards)
Email: [email protected]
This document (c) 2010 Jeremy Edwards

Gears of War 2 (c) 2008 Epic Games, INC.


Hello, Jerecaine here and welcome to my very first FAQ! This section won't be
that long since I'm new to all this, but hopefully this guide will be a fun
experience for the reader, as it was for me.

This guide is for the purpose to help newcomers become accustomed to each of the
various weapons and their effectiveness towards the various enemies in-game.
Iíve been playing G2 for a long time, and although I donít play it like I used
to, itís still one of my top 360 games to date.

I'm sure you don't like to waste time, so let's get this started shall we?

*: You automatically start with this online
**: This is a weapon you can choose to use before an online match starts.
***: Weapon that cannot be refilled using an ammo box

Version 1.2: Added more to the last notes section, fixed some apostrophes errors
regarding MS word, and added a site hosting list.

Version 1.3: Added new site to list, fixed an error from a rough draft of the
guide, and added line breaks between each weapon section.

Controls [CNT00]

Weapons [WPN00]
      ---Snub [WPN01] *
      ---Boltok [WPN02]
      ---Gorgon [WPN03]
      ---Gnasher [WPN04] *
      ---Lancer [WPN05] **
      ---Hammerburst [WPN06] **
      ---Longshot [WPN07]
      ---Torque Bow [WPN08]
      ---Boomshot [WPN09]
      ---Scorcher [WPN10] ***
      ---Hammer of Dawn [WPN11] ***
      ---Mulcher [WPN12] ***
      ---Mortar [WPN13] ***
      ---Frag [WPN14]
      ---Ink [WPN15]
      ---Smoke [WPN16] ***
      ---Boomsheild [WPN17]

Best Weapon, Last Notes & Shameless Plug [LST00]
Site List [SIT00]

Controls [CNT00]

(Y)-Point Of Interest/Special Execution: Used whenever the game wants you to
look at something important, or if you want to finish a downed enemy with a
special execution move

(X)-Use/Curb Stomp: Used to kick open doors, pick up ammo, kick down/pick up
Boomsheilds, or if you want to show someone who=s boss: stomp a face in with a
curb stomp. HIYA!

(A)-Run/Roll/Cover/Mantle: Your one-stop-shop for moving and dodging in G2. You
can't jump (if you consider rolling jumping in a way) so rolling, roadie
running, and taking cover on a wall is your best bet to avoid getting religious
in the game.
*Hold (A) to roadie run/crouch & run
*Tap (A) near a wall to take cover. Press the (LS) to crouch
*To mantle, get to a low piece of cover thatís no higher than your chest, and
hold the (LS) Forward + Tap A
*Tap (A) while moving in either direction to roll

(B)-Melee/Lancer Chainsaw: Ah, the infamous B button =P. Anyway, you use this to
melee bad guys or to start your chainsaw. Keep in mind that if you get shot
while holding the B button for a chainsaw attack, you will get stunned for about
3-5 seconds and you won't be able to use it until then. This is also used to tag
grenades on an unlucky enemy or a wall, which is used for proximity mines

(LB)-TAC/COM: Used to find objectives and your teammates

(RB)- Reload: Used to...well, reload. Can't have a good shooter without
reloading right?
*See the little meter under the bottom of the weapon info box in the top right
of your screen? Thatís your active reload meter. Press (RB) again in the white
area to reload faster and get a damage boost. The grey area just means a faster
reload, and the black areas means a jammed gun and a longer reload which is
something you do not want, being the grubs are out for your blood

(LT) Aim: Used to aim down your gun sight and to make more accurate shots. Think
of Resident Evil 4 and 5 and this is pretty much an exact copy

(RT) Shoot/Throw grenade: Not much to say here. You see it, pull (RT), they

(LS) Move: Move your character

(RS) Move Camera/Move cursor in Aim mode: Used to actually look at something

(D-PAD) Weapon select: Up means grenades, down means pistols and Left/Right are
your 2-handed weapons. Keep in mind you can only hold one grenade type, one
pistol type, and two of your 2-handed weapons

Weapons [WPN00]

Now we're about to get down to the nitty-gritty of the guide: The Weapons.

I will be grading each specific weapon on a scale from 1-5 based on power,
speed, range, melee power, Reload Speed and ammo capacity. I will also post my
personal opinion on the usefulness of each weapon in the various modes in G2. As
Carmine would say: LETS DO THIS!


-Snub- [WPN01] *

Faction: COG
Power: 2
Speed: 5 if you can press the (RT) fast enough
Range: 3
Accuracy: 3, 2 if you spam the (RT)
Melee Power: 3
Ammo Capacity: 4
Reload Speed: 4

The standard issue COG pistol. By default this is a single shot weapon, but if
you want to maximize the strength of this gun, rapidly tap RT to increase the
rate of fire. You start out with 72 bullets, but you can end up with a full
capacity of 132, which is always nice for kicking locust ass.

As expected from a pistol like this one, it=s the weakest weapon in the game.
Unless you're playing campaign or horde where you could pick up ammo boxes, a
lot of the time you won't get that much ammo for it online because other people
will hardly ever use it. Definitely a last resort weapon

-Boltok Revolver- [WPN02]

Faction: Locust
Power: 4
Speed: 2, 3 with an active reload
Range: 3
Accuracy: 2
Melee Power: 2
Ammo Capacity: 2
Reload Speed: 3

The handgun I like to call Ďbig poppaí, this thing could be really mean in the
right hands. Stronger than the snub but weaker than the gorgon, itís the middle
guy of the group. It only holds 6 shots per clip, but it could kill/down any
drone or player with 2-3 shots. The active on this gun makes it more powerful
AND it shoots faster

It does have faults though. 6 shots isn't a lot, and the accuracy isn't that
great because of recoil, so first time users will waste ammo a lot. It also
suffers from the same problems as all of the pistols: finding ammo online.
(Although it isn't as bad with the Boltok/Gorgon since they have weapon pickups)

-Gorgon Dual Clip- [WPN03]

Faction: Locust
Power: 5
Speed: 1
Range: 2
Accuracy: 1
Melee Power: 2
Ammo Capacity: 1
Reload Speed: 2

By far the strongest of the pistols. It can down an online player one shot!

.....that is if ALL of the bullets hit their head. =P

The accuracy and speed on this gun is terrible, plus it only holds 4 shots
before you have to reload again. Don't even bother with it online unless you
have either 3-4 guys to back you up, or if you have a Boomsheild.

For horde and campaign, it's a totally different story. The sheer power of this
thing (for a handgun at least) can really be helpful for insane mode or any
horde wave 20 and up. I would actually prefer it over the other 2.

So Whatís The Best Handgun?

Depends on your personal preference. For online play I wouldn't even bother with
the handguns, but if you MUST use one, use the Snub or Boltok. The Snub is
really quick but weak, and the Boltok is slow but powerful. The poor Gorgon is
left in the dust online, but for the other modes definitely use it instead.


[Two Handed Weapons-Basic]

-Gnasher Lever Action Shotgun- [WPN04] *

Faction: COG
Power: 4
Speed: 3
Range: 1
Accuracy: 2
Melee Power: 2
Ammo Capacity: 3
Reload Speed: 3

People came for the chainsaw, but stayed for the shotgun. This is the most used
weapon online, and for good reason too. Its fun, pretty quick, has decent ammo
capacity, and (if youíre REALLY lucky) can take out a whole team with one clip!
Expect to find a lot of ammo from dead players :D. For single player, it could
tear any locust drone to shreds (considering if you're on casual and normal).

Like any other shotgun from most games, the power of this thing is pretty much
shot if youíre far away. If youíre playing on insane in single player, getting
close is a very bad thing to do so definitely switch this out for something
else. Online it's VERY finicky. Sometimes youíll shoot someone point blank at it
wont kill them, even though they do the same to you but you die. Thatís all due
to your connection though

-Lancer Auto Rifle- [WPN05] **

Faction: COG
Power: 3
Speed: 4
Range: 3
Accuracy: 2
Melee Power: 5(instant kill)
Ammo Capacity: 5
Reload Speed: 3

The overall main weapon of the series, the Lancer is an automatic assault rifle.
A lot of the time this will be your weapon of choice in most situations.
Surprisingly the accuracy isn't as bad as you would expect it to be, and its one
of the best weapons to use against players online and any locust for 2 reasons:
Number Uno is the stopping power is great since you have bunch of bullets
hitting at once, and number 2 is the melee. Hold B to rev your chainsaw and
anything that isn't a Ticker or fatter than a Boomer enemy will instantly die. I
hope the enemy was numbed before getting cut up like that. Oh well....

Sadly, itís not perfect. The chainsaw, whenever youíre shot while holding it,
will sputter and cause you to not use it for a good 3-5 seconds. This will put
you in a REALLY bad spot if your enemies are feeling aggressive. Other than that
I can't really say much else on the faults of this gun. If it does have more,
the chainsaw one overshadows all of them

*If you rev your chainsaw facing the front of another player whoís also holding
a lancer, youíll be put into whatís called a Chainsaw Duel. Both of the
characters will slam their chainsaws against each other in order to overpower
the other. Tap B as fast as possible to win. Keep in mind that other enemies can
kill you while youíre doing this though.

-Hammerburst Semi-Auto Rifle- [WPN06] **

Faction: Locust
Power: 4
Speed: 4 if you can press the (RT) fast enough
Range: 3.5
Accuracy: 3
Melee Power: 2
Ammo Capacity: 4
Reload Speed: 3

Not as fast as the Lancer, but definitely outdoes it in power and accuracy. Not
a weapon I would use much personally, but that doesn't mean it sucks. The
stopping power on this gun is incredible and it has a scope for more accurate
long distance shots. Like the snub, if you tap RT quickly you can dish out more
locust-made pain at a higher rate.

Here's also where one of its main problems comes in (and one of the main reasons
I don't use it much): the recoil is terrible. Whenever you're constantly tapping
RT you have to constantly aim down if the aiming reticule gets too high. Plus,
it lacks the Lancer's biggest strength: melee power.

So Whatís The Best Two Handed Basic Weapon?

As finicky as it is, hands down the shotgun is the best online. This is what a
ton of people use and youíre guaranteed a lot of ammo for it. Obviously you got
to get close (depending on the map), but more than likely the enemy will be
thinking the same.

For SP and Horde, the Lancer. Youíll need an all purpose weapon for any
situation, and the Lancer gives you just that.


[Two Handed Weapon-Power]

-Longshot Bolt Action Sniper Rifle- [WPN07]

Faction: COG
Power: 4
Speed: 2
Range: 5
Accuracy: 5
Melee Power: 3
Ammo Capacity: 2
Reload Speed: 1

The sniper of the game (Obviously =P), this is a highly accurate gun. It has a
longer zoom in than the handguns and is a lot more powerful. 2 body shots
(active or not) to a player or one body shot to a locust drone on casual will
kill it. For best results, aim for the head for instant high powered death. Is
that your face over there by the truck? My bad. :)

Now for the bad news: The reload speed on this gun is horrendous. Having only
one shot in the chamber, missing an active reload in close range is very bad
news for you. Then again you shouldn't even be in close range with the gun. Itís
strictly a long distance weapon only (unless youíre really godly with it).

-Torque Explosive Bow- [WPN08]

Faction: Locust
Power: 5
Speed: 1
Range: 4
Accuracy: 4
Melee Power: 4
Ammo Capacity: 2
Reload Speed: 2

Used by Theron Guards, this is an explosive mid/long distance weapon. Lacking a
scope, itís replaced by a somewhat accurate aiming sight. This weapon will
instant-kill any player or drone, no matter where it hits them. Itís also the
only weapon that can headshot a Boomer without any prior damage done to it,
being that its an active reload.

Being a bow, you have to hold RT to charge up your shot to full power before it
will penetrate an enemy. Although the wait isn't AS long as the Longshot
whenever you mess up a reload, it can still put you in a pickle if you mess up a
charged shot and you have to reload/charge again. Another thing to look out for
is donít be too close to cover when you aim. Even if the aiming reticule shows
you aiming past the wall, it's possible the bow can hit the wall beside you and
cause you to kill yourself from explosive damage. =[

-Boomshot Grenade Launcher- [WPN09]

Faction: Locust
Power: 5
Speed: 2
Range: 3
Accuracy: 2
Melee Power: 3
Ammo Capacity: 2
Reload Speed: 3

The main weapon of a Boomer. A Grenade Launcher at heart, this gun has a larger
splash damage area than the torque bow. A pretty much guaranteed kill :).

Keep in mind that the shot ďarcsĒ, so youíll have to aim a little higher than
your target to actually hit them. This can be a little troubling sometimes.
Although it has extra splash damage, I personally donít see any difference in
this gun and the Torque Bow in terms of effectiveness. Either one will kill on
impact the same way

-Scorcher Flamethrower- [WPN10] ***

Faction: COG
Power: 4
Speed: 2
Range: 3
Accuracy: 2
Melee Power: 3
Ammo Capacity: 3
Reload Speed: 3

Burn Sucka Burn! As it wasn't obvious enough, this is the weapon that shoots
fire. It's basically a Gnasher and a Lancer mixed since it's only really
effective at close/mid range, yet it fires continuously. It does incredible
damage to players (if you hit them head on), taking them out in at least 3-4
seconds. A popular strategy used online is to down a person, then lie in wait
until his teammate comes and revives him. 2 locusts with one stone baby!

The thing with this weapon is it's very hard to hit a mobile opponent since the
flames are extremely slow at going side to side. Plus, ammo can go quick (and in
horde you cant pick up ammo for it from an ammo drop), so you're going to have
to very selective on how you use it.

-Hammer of Dawn- [WPN11]

Faction: COG
Power: 5+
Speed: 1
Range: 4/5ish?
Accuracy: kinda hard to explain
Melee Power: 2
Ammo Capacity: Unlimited (campaign only
Reload Speed: no reload

For those who've played Unreal Championship on Xbox will probably notice this
reverts back to the T.A.G Rifle/Ion Cannon. Sucks the splash damage is nowhere
near as devastating. Anyway, this marker is basically the "pointer" for the real
weapon, which is in the atmosphere above earth (you can see it in the opening
cutscene for a little). Another charge weapon, you have to hold RT over where
you want to shoot and wait until the laser forms and blows enemies to hell. If
you keep it held down, you can add even MORE damage to that stubborn Boomer or
Kantus that didn't go down the first hit.

Alas, there are a lot of faults with this weapon. One is the laser wont hit
anyone inside a building. That's right: Outside only my dear reader! The only
way to hit them in a building is if their standing right near a door and the
splash damage from outside gets them. Fault #2 is after the first blast, you
have to wait for about 5 seconds for the lasers to recharge. The whole Ďnot
being able to pick up ammo for it' thing isn't a problem since the damage more
than makes up for it. The last one really isn't a fault, more so a complaint:
You can only use it for 1 chapter in campaign, and its right before the final
chapter. There are a lot of times on insane where it really would be helpful. At
least it has unlimited ammo :].

So Whatís The Best Two Handed Power Weapon?

This section is definitely the hardest to choose from. The Torque Bow, Longshot,
and Boomshot are all used equally online from what I've observed. The Torque Bow
and Boomshot are obvious, but the newer players tend to use the sniper more just
to look stylish and to get a lot of headshots (and fail miserably). Personally,
I like the Torque Bow because any hit on another player will kill, and you don't
have to worry about aiming for the head.

I can't really give you a good idea on horde since I alternate between all
weapons, but for single player definitely the Longshot. For insane difficulty,
distance is key, so the Double L (Lancer/Longshot) combo can really help you out
a bunch for some parts.


[Two Handed Weapon-Heavy Duty]

-Mulcher Gatling Gun- [WPN12] ***

Faction: COG
Power: 5
Speed: 4
Range: 3
Accuracy: 3
Melee Power: None
Ammo Capacity: 2
Reload Speed: no reload

People think they can outsmart me. Maybe, maybe....I've yet to meet one that can
outsmart bullet. CRY SOME MORE!


After that Team Fortress 2 flashback, this is the portable turret of the game.
You can blindfire it, but it will overheat, so constantly tap that RB button to
cool it down. The best way to use this monster is to go to low cover and hold
LT. When you want to drop it quickly, just select any weapon you're currently
holding using d-pad.

This fault goes with both heavy duty weapons: when you're holding them you walk
INCREDIBLY slowly. Unless you get surprised and have no choice, it's very dumb
to walk around the whole match while holding one of these and will get you
killed very quickly. It's worst to do it with the Mortar, and I'll explain why
in a bit. Another thing is you have to hold down RT for a second to give the
barrels time to wind up

-Mortar Launcher- [WPN13] ***

Faction: COG
Power: 5
Speed: 2
Range: 5
Accuracy: 3
Melee Power: None
Ammo Capacity: 2
Reload Speed: 1

Hands down the strongest weapon in the game. You'd think a laser beam from the
sky would be stronger, but this big mama of a weapon will pretty much demolish
anything, even a Brumak in 2 shots! Whoever this thing hits, you wonít have to
worry about him much at all anymore. How this gun works is you have to hold down
LT and RT, just like the torque bow. But unlike the torque bow you can let go
anytime and it would still hit at full force. Holding it down just measures how
far you want the shot to go out, at max 150m.

Like I mentioned above, don't be ridiculous and carry this around the whole
match. The blindfire on this gun is terrible, and after shooting off a load in
the sky (lol) while standing out in the open, you'll get stuck in the reload
animation and...well...goodbye to you. Oh, and like the Hammer of Dawn, this is
an outside only weapon.

So Whatís The Best Two Handed Heavy Duty Weapon?

The Mulcher. Both guns have pretty big weak points that really hurt them, just
that the Mortar sticks out more. The sheer destruction of it makes it for it...a
little bit at least.


[Grenades and the Boomsheild]

-Fragmentation Bolo Grenade- [WPN14]

Faction: COG
Power: 5
Speed: 2
Range: 4
Accuracy: 4
Melee Power: 5
Ammo Capacity: 2
Reload Speed: No reload

Your own personal handheld explosive device. Luckily, Epic Games was kind enough
to give you a aiming sight (sort of) for accurate grenade throwing. Chuck that
sucker behind an online camper, and laugh at his attempts to get away before he
explodes. Laugh even more if you manage to melee him with it

...until he can follow you and catch you in the resulting explosion. It can be
very easy to kill yourself with this so watch yourself out there Gear!

-Kantus Ink grenade- [WPN15]

Faction: Locust
Power: 4+
Speed: 2
Range: 4
Accuracy: 4
Melee Power: 5
Ammo Capacity: 1
Reload Speed: No reload

Think of this as ĎFire in a can', you have the basic idea of an ink grenade.
While not of the same element, the burning damage can add up to be really

Not many things at all to say except that people obviously can escape it since
the "gas cloud" doesn't follow you (except if you get tagged with it).

-Smoke Grenade- [WPN16] ***

Faction: None
Power: None
Speed: 2
Range: 4
Accuracy: 4
Melee Power: None
Ammo Capacity: 1
Reload Speed: No reload

This multiplayer only grenade is only a distraction, nothing else. All it does
is blind your opponent or provides a quick getaway.

* Depending on if you're connected to XBL or not, the smoke grenade has
different effects. If you don't have a broadband connection at all, the smoke
grenade is also a stun grenade, and can knock anyone on their ass even though it
doesn't do damage.
----- -----

-Boomsheild- [WPN17]

Faction: Locust
Power: None
Speed: None
Range: None
Accuracy: None
Melee Power: None
Ammo Capacity: None
Reload Speed: No reload

Like the smoke grenade, this is only used to make your life easier and to not do
damage to enemies. For a piece of portable cover, it can take on any hit, even a
direct Boomshot...shot!

You can only use handguns with it though, but once you get this and a gorgon
you'll own horde :).

So what's The Best Grenade?

Another hard one to decide. The Frag causes instant death to your opponent if
they get caught in it, yet the Ink can continuously cause damage if your
opponent is being fired on. It's also a good way to keep aggressive players away
from you (the normal A.I. enemies will walk right through it). The thing is
though: Let's say your opponent goes down. You can't get to him until the Ink
cloud goes down, and those precious seconds is enough time for another player on
the other team to revive his buddy.

Best Weapon, Last Notes & Shameless Plug [LST00]

Well, we've reached the end of this little ride, so GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!

But seriously, I hope the reader of this will find this helpful and somewhat
informative. For best weapon, I would personally say *drum roll* the Lancer.
Sure it has faults (what gun doesnít), but the Lancer is very versatile for any
situation Gears of War 2 throws at you. Keep in mind that you donít HAVE to use
my recommended weapon for each section. If you feel the Hammerburst is more
useful than the Lancer, then use it if you want. As long as you score high and
you can get by on insane :)

I'd like to give thanks to Gamefaqs for being the first to host this guide,
Gamefaqs member Berserker Kev for giving helpful advice, and any other site that
uploads this FAQ.

Time for the shameless plug: Being a big Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries fan, if
you're interested in possibly high scoring in that mode or if you're a RE fan in
general, go to You'll meet great players
and strategies for both systems.

Site List [SIT00]



Super Cheats:

----- -----
System: Xbox 360
Written by: Jerecaine (Jeremy Edwards)
Email: [email protected]
This document (c) 2010 Jeremy Edwards

Gears of War 2 (c) 2008 Epic Games, INC.